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C OAL ! 

If'c inrite the attention of families trho icish to burn Pure Coal, to the fol- 
lowing varieties irhich tee hare in Stock: 

Genuine Lykens Valley Franklin, 

Old Companies Lehigh, 

Draper, Kohinoor, Excelsior, 
Eaven Run, Locust Mountain, Shenandoah, 
Philadelphia & Reading Coal & Iron Company's 

Hard and Free Burning Coals. 

Purchasers may rely on having their Coal screened clean, and prompt delivery. 

L. G. BURNHAM <fc CO., 

Office, 75 "State Street, Boston, Mass. 

221 Bridge Street, E. Cambridge. 132 Charles St., Boston. 

East Chester Park, and 13 3It. Washington Ay., Boston. 

E. S. HAMLIN & CO., 

Successors to Bosicorth S>' Hamlin, 



Wharves Nos. 254 & 256 Federal St., BOSTON. 







Office in Boston, TO State St. Hoars from 13 to 1. Order box at Kidder, 
JPeabody SC CoSs, 113 Betonshire St., Boston. 

Wm. A. Ilunneicell, David Proudfoot. 

Connected by Telephone. 



Watches, Clocks & Jewelry, 

Silver Ware, Spectacles and Eye Glasses, 


Fine Watch and French Clock Repairing:. 




430 Cambridge Street, corner Norfolk, 



? Artistic Floral Decorator. 

v Wreaths, Crosses & Floral Designs, 

t^y9U A Specialty. 

vV/ "> Cut Flowers and Stnilax at Wholesale and Retail 
at Greenhouses. 

Q 329 & 331 North av-, near Cambridge R. R. 




(Successor to \V. AV. Seavcr & Co.), 


Of Every Description. 

Special attention given to Wed- 
ding Cake «nfl Fancy 

Orders from Warties and I*ienics 




Steam Boilers, Gasometers, Ships' Tanks, 


Stationary Marine and Mining Engines, Portable Hoisting En- 
gines and General Machinery. 




•llaimfaetiirer of 

Bank Vaults, Doors, &c, 



Established .f . MP. 1844. Incorporated 1883. 



Boxes and Packing Gases, 



,'i to 13 Hampshire Street, near BroadAvay, 

Wesley L. Page. President. 
('. L. Page, Treasurer. 

C. L. Pike, SuperinrtMiilent. 

c. i.. v,„. Tourer, CAMBRIDGEPORT, MASS. 





13-14 Chatham and 39-40 South Market Sts., BOSTON, MASS. 

Telephone No. 555. 


Highest Prices Paid for Hotel and Restaurant Grease. 



Rob't. D. Evans. Pits. & den. Man. incorporated 1ST*. Oscar W. Paine. Tress. 


Manufacturers of RUBBER GOODS. 








220 Devonshire St., Boston, Mass. 



Andrews, Barker, & Bimtoii, 




Nos, 5 & 7 Commercial & 8 Commerce Sts., BOSTON. 

John A. Andrews. Thos. E. Barker. Win. A. Bunton. 


(Successors to BOYD & McCLURE), 
Importers and Dealers in 



A full assortment of IRON and STEEL, for Carriage Makers. 


Lowell T. Field. J 3 ^'^ -■- *->* -^ • 

W. PORTER <fc CO., 



Insurance effected in all First Class Companies. 
C. II. Porter, Residence Quincy, Mass, 

19'. I*. Buffer, 10 Arlington, St., Cambridge, 


— "Wholesale and Retail Dealers in— 

Paper Hangings, 





Wholesale and Retail L)t i 

9 iwiw i ■ » 



- b gk^^ 232 & 234 Friend SL.n. E.R.B. Depot, Boston. 

^==£§J^5J3=Ei-~ *■ Doors of every quality at the lowest cash 

Benj. F. Pauker. 


D. W. GAGE, 

Opp. Porter's Station. 


And Kitchen Furnishing: Goods 

at le*s than Boston Prices. Tin-Platei 

Sheet Iron and Copper Worker: also, 

Plumbing, Tin Roofing and Gas 

Kitting. All kinds of Jobbing 

promptly done. 

Agent for North Cambridge 
for MAGEB goods. 




Shade Rollers, Window Shades, 
Hollands, & Upholsterers' Hardware. 




Facto i-f/ . IMS to .UiS .TJ.f JT.V STREET, C.t.lIBRtnGEPORT, .11.1 SS. 


TO H.OA.1V. 

On Personal Property, Fianos, Etr., at 


J. J^. BAILEY <fc SONS, 

House Furnishing Emporium. 

Goods sold on our liberal installment plan at BOTTOM PRICES. ;e^-Please give us a Call. 





Upholstery Goods, Window Shades, Draperies, &c. 

23 & 25 Brattle Square, - - CAMBRIDGE. 


Paper Hanginis, Window Snades, 


After March 1st. at 19 WEST ST., BOSTON. 

Eslnblislied 1780. 



Manufacturers and Wholesale Dealers in • 

Fine anil Meiini Parlor Furniture, 

Cliwrcli unci T^odge Furnituve Made to Order. 
Salesrooms, 2 7 Sudbury, and Oi> and 71 Portland Streets. 
F.tcTOis*; hb:b in, i sap., e*mst c#.?jxms#j»«?j£. 

A. B. Shaw. Sumner ArrLiN. 





409 Jftain Street, Cambridgeport. Order Boxes 509 Main, and 8 Douglass StS. 

.T. II. COON Ac CO., 

Masons, Contractors and Builders, 





Notary Pile, Justice of the Peace, 



MONEY LOANED OX MORTGAGES of Real Estate and Personal Property. 


Stock Broker, 

NO. 70 Devonshire Street, 


Mutual Fire Ids. Co., 

28 State Street, Room No. 15, BOSTON. 

CASH CAPITAL, $200,000. 

Insurance of Dwellings & Household Furniture only, 

(.is gr «# i »#/*#;. v»> to policy inn i>§ i:s 

CHAS. B. CUMINGS, President. JOHN M. COEBETT, Secretary 

CHAJB. W. SEVER, Agent, 464 Harvard Street, CAMBRIDGE. 



ii Licensed by Police Contntissionei-a." 

Simmons Building, 40 Water St., Room 56, 

S: P w D ^,'55;; Managers. BOSTON. 



Blank Book Manufacturers. 


Booksellers & Newsdealers. 


Note, Invitation Note, Lettee Paper, 
Correspondence, Visiting and Playing Cards, 




Photograph and Autograph Alliums, 



Ink, Ink Stands, Sponge Cups, Paper Weights, Pa- 
per Cutters, Pens and Penholders. Stylographic 
Pens, Newspapers, Magazines, Seaside and 
Franklin Square Libraries, and 




Orders for Sleet Music Promptly Filled. 

Monogram, Card, and Crest Engraving, 









lS T o. XXXIII. 

W. A. GfiBBNOUGH & CO., 


5 HARVARD SQUARE, Cambridge. 


AMEE BROS., 5 Harvard Square, CAMBRIDGE, 


- $2.50 

Entered according to Act of Congress 

in the year 1854, bv W. A . Gre kxotjgh 

& Co., in the Office of the Librarian of 

Congress at Washington, 




1 Eneineer. Solicitor oi 



Hartwell & Richardson, 


68 Devonshire Street, 






557 Main Street, Cambridgeport. 



Constantly on Hand full lines of 



Win. RIDLON, Piano-Forte and Furniture Mover, 

Office. 11 LaGrange St., Boston. Residence, 42 Pearl St., Somerville. 
Particular attention paid to moving 1 Piano-fortes in and out of windows, and Furniture out of town. 
Also, to Packing in the best manner for transportation. Packing Boxes for sale. Ridlon is employed 

by the principal Piano Dealers in Boston and vicbiity. 


With the commencement of the new year we again present to 
the citizens of Cambridge the thirty-third volume of the Direc- 
tory with the hope that it will fully sustain if not surpass its 
former reputation. 

Of its welcome reception by our former patrons and the general 
public, we have the fullest confidence. 

The unprecedented demand for the work of 1883 completely 
exhausted the edition in less than thirty days after its publication ; 
the general favor with which it was received was gratifying to the 
publishers which they fully appreciate 

We have tried to make the Directory reliable in every respect, 
but errors will creep in, and our experience tells us that it is im- 
possible to make a Directory thoroughly correct. 

Orders for our directories come to us from distant parts of this 
and foreign countries, showing that their circulation is not con- 
fined to the location they represent. 

A full directory of Harvard College Professors and Students 
will be found on page 388. 

For the support we receive from the business men of Camb- 
ridge, as well as the citizens who do business in Boston, we are 
under many obligations ; also to the officers of the various 
societies and institutions for information furnished us, we present 
our thanks. 

The following shows the increase in names over last year : 

Names in Directory, 1884 .... 23,066 
" " " 1883 .... 21,266 

Increase , 1,800 

We remain, very respectfully. 

Boston, Jan. 1884. Compilers, Printers and Publishers. 





Stoves, Hanges & Furnaces lined and repaired. 

525 Main Street, Cambridgeport, Mass. 

All Goods Warranted, and Sold for Cash or Installments. 





Near the Junction of Harvard and Main Sti., CamMiiport, Mass. 


Tin and Sheet Iron Worker. 

TIN ROOFING. Stove Linings and Grates. PARLOR & COOK 

House Furnishing- Goods. 


Horse Shoeing Establishment, 

No. 436 Main Street, 
Opp. Austin St., Cambridgeport. 

Owners directions 
strictly followed. 
Hi- OCT The workmen 
" are the most skillful 
in the country, and 
all work under the personal supervision of the subscriber. 

Suitable treatment for Stumbling, Interfering, Over-reaching, 

Speed-Cutting, Corns, Quarter-Crack, and other CLARK'S PATENT SHOE: 

defects of the feet. 



Abbreviations 43 

American Legion of Honor . 377 
Ancient Order of Hibernians 377 

A. O. U. W 377 

Banks 370, 371, 372 

Bat State Fraternity 377 

Bridges 39 

Business Directory 321 

Business Directory of Pat- 
rons in other Cities 22 

Calendar 29 

Cambridge Public Library.. 362 

Cambridge Water Board 360 

Cemeteries 39 

Census of Massachusetts... 401 

Churches 365 

City Government 359 

College Buildings 38 

Corporations 369 

County Officers and Courts 399 
Episcopal Theological 

School 396 

Fire Alarm Telegraph 361 

Fire Department 361 

General Directory 43 

Grand Army of the Republic 377 

Halls, Buildings, etc 37 

Harvard College 386 

Harvard College Directory 388 

Harugari 378 

Home Circle 378 

Independent Order of For- 
esters 378 

Index to Advertisments 19, 20-1-2 

Insurance Company 369 

Introductory 14 

Justices of the Peace 399 

Kindergarten Schools 364 

Knights of Honor 379 

Knights of St. John and 

Malta 379 

Knights and Ladies of Hon- 
or 378 

Map opposite title page 

Masonic 375 

Massachusetts Catholic Or- 

of Foresters 379 

Military Organizations 379 

National American Associa- 
tion 380 

Notaries Public 348, 400 

Number of Families, Dwel- 
lings, Etc., in the United 

States 400 

Odd Fellows 375 

Order of Iron Hall 380 

Order of Iron Hall (Cor- 
poration) 380 

Order of United Fellowship 380 
Order of United Friends... 380 

Police Department 360 

Post-offices 396 

Public Schools 363 

Railroad Stations 398 

Royal Arcanum 380 

Savings Banks 355, 371, 372 

Societies 383 

Society for the Collegiate 

Instruction of Women 396 

State Aggregate of Polls, 

Property, etc 364 

St. Mary's Parochial School 364 
St. Thomas Aquinas College. 364 
Streets, Courts, Avenues, 

etc 31 

Temperance Organizations . . 381 

Third District Court 361 

United Order of Golden 

Cross 382 

United Order of Pilgrim 

Fathers 382 

Ward Boundaries 39 

Ward Officers 360 

Wharves 39 


Boston Lead Manufacturing Co., 



SAMUEL LITTLE, President. WM. J. BRIDE, Treasurer. 





Etead iFip© and !!&>©©% SUeadU 




SOLDER, &c. 

Our Pure White Lead both dry and ground in oil, we warrant 
to be strictly pure, and guarantee that for Fineness, Body and 
Durability, it is not surpassed by any Lead in the market. 

We warrant our Red Lead and Litharge to be strictly pure and 
of the finest quality. 

Gold Medal Awarded by the Mass. Charitable Mechanic Association. 1881 



Index To Cambridge Advertisements. 


Albee Sumner, lawyer 451 

Alger Alphcus B., lawyer 452 

Alger Edwin A. lawyer 452 

Alghieri Simon, soup mnfr 429 

Amee Bros., stationers 12 

American Rubber Co., rubber goods 7 

Anderson Alfred, carpenter 433 

Applegate A. J., watches, jewelry, etc.. 4 

Appleton John II., lawyer 452 

Atkins Charles, fpaper. hanger 416 

Bailey J. L. & Sons, house furnishing 

goods 9 

Bancroft W. A., lawyer 452 

Barnes James, prop. Inman Sq. Hotel. ..437 

Baumeister A., plumber 30 

Beane Enoch, provisions and fish 42 

Bent George C, lawyer 452 

Bent George H., coal and wood 16 

Berry Casper, bottler 427 

Bertsch Win. A., marble and granite 
works 434 

Bird H. & Co. , insurance agents 2 

Blevins J. J., slater front cover 

Bock Win. A. florist 4 

Bolger James, hof se shoer 441 

Boston Woven Hose Co 7 

Bowker E. F., civil engineer and sur- 
veyor . .444 

Brattle Square Hotel, Geo. W. Brigham, 

propr opp. 277 

Brigham George W-> Brattle Square 

Hotel opp. 277 

Brock Bros., stoves, etc 427 

Brown & Alger, lawyers 452 

Buckley D. A., prop. Cambridge News 430 

Burnham Edward, insurance 11 

Burnham L. G. & Co., coal 3 

Burrage F. E , real estate agent 427 

Cambridge Chronicle, Linn B. Porter 

proprietor 431 

Cambridge Employment Bureau, Eu- 
gene B. Price, agent 440 

Cambridge Ice Co., Kimball & Child, 

proprietors 443 

Cambridge Laundry 429 

Cambridge Mutual Fire Ins. Co 77 

Cambridge National Bank 370 

Cambridge News, D. A. Buckley, prop. .430 

Cambridge Press, Jas. Cox., prop 430 

Cambridge Rolling Mills, Gilmore & 

Eustis, lessees back cover 

Cambridge Savings B ank. 371 

Cambridge Tribune, D. Gilbert Dexter, 

editor and manager 431 

Cambridgeport National Bank 372 

Cambridge Vinegar Works, Herbert Der- 
by, propr 25 

Campbell Wm. & Co., boiler makers 435 

Charles River Iron Works, Kendall & 

Roberts, steam boilers 5 

Charles River National Bank of Cam- 
bridge 370 

Citizens Ice Co., Samuel E Willey, 

prop 443 

Citizens Mutual Insurance Co 2 

Claiy John, lumber 434 

Cochrane Chemical Co.. chemical mnfrs.446 
Coleman John & Sons, coal and wood. . .438 

Conlan John, lawyer 453 

Comee Dennis F., barrel dealer 461 


Cox James, prop. Cambridge Press, . . . .430 

Crane George I., baker 4 

Crocker J. W., stucco worker 440 

Cu8hman Bros. & Co., shade roller mnfrs 9 

Damon George L., safe manufacturer 5 

Danforth H. M., furniture mover 438 

Davis Curtis & Co., soap mnfrs 28 

Davis Hervey, grain, meal, etc 435 

Dee Bros., florists front cover 

Derby Herbert, prop., Cambridge Vinegar 

Works 25 

Dexter D. Gilbert, editor Cambridge 

Tribune 431 

Dickson William, notary public 452 

Dinsmore W. J., florist back cover 

Dudle} r & Dudley, lawyers 450 

Dugan & Rutherford, marble workers ..426 
Dupee Caroline C. Mrs., art ernbroidery427 

Durant William B., lawyer 453 

Ecker Joseph L., teacher piano and 

organ 429 

Edwards W. J., painter 426 

Feeley M. A., painter 425 

First National Bank of Cambridge 370 

Ford John & Son, printers back cover 

Foster C. II., grain, hay, ete 443 

Fra-er & Murray, carriage and wagon 

builders 425 

GageD. W., plumber 9 

Gale Geo. W., lumber front cover 

Gilcreas D. A., carpenter and builder. . .433 

GillJohn, watches, clocks, etc 427 

Gilmore & Eustis, Cambridge Rolling 

Mills back cover 

Goepper Bros., barrel mnfrs 461 

Greenleaf Albert P., mason and paper 

hangings 10 

Halberg Nicholas, coachmaker 441 

Hall Jackson E., painter 461 

Hammond & Pope, lawyers 450 

Hancock Charles, real estate 432 

Hancock John, harness maker 428 

Hannum L. M., real estate agent, and 

grocer 441 

Harris J. Watson, India shawls 425 

Hastings W. B. & Co., insurance agents 30 

Hawes G. H., provisions 429 

Ilawkes Levi & Co., plumbers 30 

Hayes Wm. A. 2d. , lawyer 452 

Hazen D. M., confectionery mnfr 457 

Henderson & Son, metals 441 

Heron Wm. J., plasterer 425 

Higgins S. C, stoves, furnaces, etc. ,....439 

Higgins W. II., carpenter 444 

Holmberg John F., flour and grain 435 

Holmes J. A. & Co.. grocers 442 

Holt W. B., painter and glazier 425 

Holt & Busjbee, lumber 172 

Hovey & Co., florists 429 

Howe A. M.,lawver 451 

Howe Spring Bed Co. 432 

Howe & Putney, bacon works 437 

Hunnewell Wm. A- & Co., coal and 

wood 3 

Hunt Edgar F. & Co., booksellers 171 

Hunt Samuel F., undertaker 171 

Hyde Dana W. & Co., dry goods 432 

Inman Square Hotel, James Barnes, 

prop 437 

Ivers & Tucker, carriage mnfrs .439 




James John K., plumber front cover 

Jouett M. R. & Co., groceries 442 

Kelley J. J., undertaker and cabinet 

make r 444 

Kemp Lysander & Sons, soap mnfrs 28 

Kendall Joshua, day and family school.. 432 
Kendall & Roberts, steam boiler mnfrs.. 5 
Kennedy Frank A. & Co., cracker 

bakers foot lines in general directory 

Kimball & Child, Cambridge Ice Co 443 

Kirchner & Keefe, bottlers lager beer. . . 4 
Knights S. R. & Co. auctioneers. back cover 

Lalley Thomas G. , grocer 443 

Landman B. H., confectionery 439 

Leach H. W., mason, contractor and 

builder 456 

Lechmere National Bank 371 

Leverett Geo. V., lawyer 453 

Lewis D. W., drain pipe 455 

Libbey Wm. L. & Sons,props.,New Eng- 
land Glass Works 434 

Lockhart Wm. L., undertaker 436 

Lombard Herbert E., printer 428 

Long John J., plumber and gas-fitter 428 

Low H. G., dry goods 429 

Lunt & Hardy, provisions 442 

Mairland James, ship and carriage smith 426 
Marshea James W., watch and clock 

maker 425 

Mass. Mutual Eire Ins. Co., C. W. 

Sever, agent 11 

McCulloch Samuel, drain and cess-pool 

builder 455 

McDaniel Samuel W., lawyer 453 

McFarland Bros., groceries and provis- 
ions 439 

McHugh Frank, marble worker 440 

Mclntire Chas. J., counsellor at law 454 

MeXamee John, wines, etc 29 

Messer Wm. A., express 426 

Middlesex Mutual Fire Ins. Co., J. S. 

Sawyer, agent front cover 

Miller Bros., watches, etc 427 

Moore C. A. & Co., confectioner}- mnfrs 426 

Moore Chas. & Co., bard ware, etc, 435 

National City Bank of Cambridge 371 

New England Glass Works, glass ware 434 

Norris Albert & Co.. carpenters 433 

O'Brien P. & Son, florists, 

foot lines general director}' 

O'Leary H., custom tailor 439 

Oliver & Rowe, stoves, etc 16 

Olsson John F., picture frames 436 

Osborn J. II., pictures, etc 426 

Pach Bros., photographers, 

foot lines in general directory 

Page George G. Box Co., box nmfrs 5 

Parker Horatio G., lawyer 451 

Peak Howard F., roofer 455 

Perkins George A., lawyer 454 

Pei ry D. II., carriage builder 439 

Pevey G. A. A., lawyer 453 

Pike J. S., stable 432 

Porter Linn B., proprietor Cambridge 

Chronicle 431 

Pratt A. B., ventilating tunnel 439 


Price Eugene B., agent, Cambridge Em- 
ployment Bureau 440 

Read Charles Coolidge, lawyer 450 

Reed Clarence G. & Co., plasterers 42 

Richardson & Hale, lawyers 450 

Ricker George F. & Co., bedding, ma- 
chine carpet beaters, etc 42 

Rideout M. E. & Co., planing and mould- 
ing mill 434 

Rnssell C. T. & T. H., lawyers 451 

Ryder & Davis, grocers 438 

Sawin's Cambridge & Boston Express .. 26 

Sawyer Charles A., painter front cover 

SaAvyer E. D. & Co., lumber 434 

Sawyer Howard M., oil clothing 438 

Sawyer J. S., gravel roofing front cover 

Scranton II. A., wood turning 432 

Sever Chas. W., agent Mass. Mutual 

Fire Ins- Co 11 

Shaw, Applin & Co., furniture mnfrs. .. 10 

Smart D. C., clothes dryers 26 

Smith M. L. & Son, coal and wood 438 

Smith Thomas, horseshoer 16 

Squire John P. & Co., pork, lard, and 

hams : 437 

Stacey Bros., brick moulds and wheel- 
barrow manufacturers 428 

Standard Turning Works (formerly Ela 

Bros.) back cover 

Stearns A. W., carpenter 433 

Stickney N. N. lumber 440 

Thorp O., furniture 441 

Thurston & Hall Biscuit Co., cracker 

bakers 433 

Tribune Publishing Co., D. Gilbert Dex- 
ter, manager 431 

Valentine, Ellis, & Co., coal and wood.. 438 

Wall Joseph E., ales, wines, etc 427 

Wanless David, fruits, confeetionery, etc. 438 

Warren Wm. T., confectionery 435 

Watriss A. Whiting, hardware 16 

Waugh W. A., carriage manufacturer. . .441 
Webster W. F., cement manufacturer. . .436 

Weitze Paul, provisions 442 

Weitze Robert, sausage manufacturer... 442 

Wellington Austin C, Coal Co 456 

Wellington Horatio & Co., coal and wood 

front cover 

Wellington J. A. & Co back cover 

Wells Henry J., lawyer .452 

West End Roofing Co 455 

Wheeler Wm. H., printer 428 

White M. P., lawyer 453 

Whitney Jos. A. P., furnaces, stoves, etc.428 

Whitney & Son, photograper 26 

Whittemore Joseph, insurance agent. ... 28 

Wilder CD., boots, shoes, etc 14 

Willard Chas. E., coal and wood, .back cov. 

Willey Samuel E., Citizens Ice Co 443 

Winnett J. & Co., real estate back cover 

Wood Alfred, grocer 443 

Wood Wm. H. & Co., lumber . . .back cover 
Worcester Bros., furniture, carpets, etc. 10 
Wright George G., flour, etc. . . .front cover 

Wyman J. P. jr., lawyer 453 

Zittel P., bread, cake, etc 441 



Index To Boston Advertisements. 


Adams Charles Hall, commissioner of 

deeds 453 

Adams F. S., propr. Union Carpet Clean- 
ing Co 172 

Albee Sumner, lawyer 451 

Alger Alpheus B., "lawyer 452 

American Rubber Co., rubber goods, ... 7 
Andrews Barker Oc Bunton, wholesale 

grocers 8 

Appleton John H., lawyer 452 

A ustin & Fellows, brush mnf.s 461 

Bancroft William A ., lawyer 452 

Beacon Oil Co., illuminating oil 457 

Bent George C, lawyer 452 

Black J. W. & Co., photographers 460 

B<ston Lead Mnfg. Co., "Wm. J., Bride 

treat 18 

Boston Type Foundry 449 

Boston Woven House Co 7 

Bride Wm. J., treas. Boston Lead Mnfg. 

Co 18 

Brigham Geo. W., ales and porters, opp.277 

Brooks W. P. B., furniture 457 

Brown Seth E., broker 446 

Brown W. F. & Co., printers 447 

Brown A Alger, lawyers 452 

Burditt & Williams, hardware, 

foot Hues in general directory 

Burnham L. G. & Co., coal 3 

Butler. Dana & Dickson, lawyers 452 

Cambridge Chronicle, Linn B. Porter, 

editor and proprietor 431 

Cambridge Vinegar Works, Herbert Der- 
by, propr 25 

Carter Josiah II., negotiator of mort- 
gages 446 

Chandler E. K., hatter 26 

Chapin G. T., produce 30 

Charlestown Five Cents Savings Bank 

Charlcstown 372 

Citizens Mutual Insurance Co 2 

Clapp David & Son. printers 447 

Clark J. W., wash stands, cabinet work, 

etc 448 

Cobb, Bates & Yerxa, grocers. . .back cover 

Cochrane Chemical Co 446 

Comstock, Gove & Co., soda, mineral 

water, etc 454 

Conlan John, lawyer 453 

Coon J. EL & Co.", masons 10 

Corse Wm. A., paper-hangings, etc., 

foot lines on business directory 
Crafts Samuel D., mortgages,. . .back cover 

Crutchley F. , guns 27 

Cunningham Co., bicycles and tricycles, 

opp..^ 276 

Cushman Bros. & Co., shade roller mnfrs 9 
Cutter & Parker, doors, sashes and blinds 9 

Damon George L., safe mnfrs 5 

Davis Curtis & Co., soap mnfrs 28 

Dearborn & Chapman, detective agency. 11 

Dee Bros., florists front cover 

Denuison Mnfg. Co., tags and labels, 

back of book and 445 

Derby Herbert, propr. Cambridge Vinegar 

Works 25 

Devereaux & Lindsey, tailors 172 

Dow John C, tallow, grease, etc 5 

Dow J. E., The Richard Smart Carpet 

Beating Co 78 

Dudley £ Dudley, lawyers 450 

Durant William B., lawyer 453 

Dyer, Taylor & Co., hats and caps.. on map 

Ela Alfred, insurance back cover 

Elliot Cbarles E. & Co., tailors 26 

Fairbanks &. Neale, miueral waters. on map 

Fuller Seth W., bell-hanger 457 

Garrison W. D., manager, Grand Union 

Hotel 6 

Garvin E. E. & Co., machines, drill 
presses, etc., New York 444 


Grand Union Hotel, W. D. Garrison 

manager, N.Y 6 

Greenough W. A. £ Co., publishers 41 

Hale Geo. H. rubber goods, opp 277 

Hall Charles E. & Co., marble workers.. 459 

Hamlin E. S. & Co., coal and wood 3 

Hammond & Pope, lawyers 450 

Hartwell & Richardson^ architects 14 

Hastings W. B. & Co., ins. agents 30 

Hawkes Levi & Co., plumbers 30 

Hayes Alexander L., solicitor of patents 206 

Hayes Wm. A. 2nd. lawyer 452 

Holt A. & Co., steam heating opp 277 

Holt & Bugbee, lumber 172 

Hovey & Co., florists and seedsmen 429 

Howe" Archibald M., lawyer 451 

Howe & Putney, bacon curers 437 

Hunnewell Wm. A. & Co. , coal 3 

Kakas E., furs 206 

Knights S.R. & Co.. auctioneers. back cover 
Lainkin G. & Co., boots, shoes & rubbers460 
Leach H. W., mason, contractor and 

builder 456 

Leverett Geo. V., lawyer 453 

Lewis D. W., drain pipe 455 

Libbev Wm. & Son, props., N. E. Glass 

Works 434 

Lombard X. C, mechanical engineer 14 

Martin James & Son, tents, flags and 

awnings 205 

Massachusetts Mutual Fire Ins. Co 11 

McClure & Field, iron and steel 8 

McDaniel Samuel W 453 

Mclntire Charles J., lawyer 454 

Messcrs Express 426 

Mills Alexander, crockery ware etc 454 

Moore C. A. & Co., confectiouerv 426 

Moseley T. E & Co.. hoofs and shoes 460 

Mutual" Protection Fire Insurance Co., 

Charlestown 372 

New England Glass Works 434 

North Charles H. & Co., provisions 437 

Norman James, photographer 460 

Paine J. S., furniture, .front margin of book 

and 499 

Parker Horatio G , lawver 451 

Pevey G. A. A., lawyer 453 

Perkins George A ., lawyer 454 

Porter W. & Co., insurance agents 8 

Rand O. J. & Co., bookbinders 446 

Head Charles Coolidge, lawyer 450 

Read Win. & Sons guns and pistols 448 

Rice, Kendall & Co., paper dealers 27 

Richard Smart Carpet Beating Co 78 

Richardson «£ Hale, lawyers 450 

Ridlon Win. & Co., piano forte movers.. 14 

Roberts James H. & Co., machinery 206 

Robinson Aaron, provisions ." 454 

Robinson Charles W., paper hangings. . . 2 

Robinson Warren J., printer .' 447 

Rockwell & Churchill, printers 454 

Russ W. II., bookbinder 446 

Russell C. T. &T. 11., lawers 451 

Sawin*8 Cambridge and Boston Express 26 

Sawyer Howard M., oil clothing 438 

Schaefer W. R. & Sons, guns and pistols 27 

Schaffer C, furs 459 

Shaw, Applin & Co., furniture mnfrs 10 

Shourds Charles F. JcCo., feather duster 

mnfrs 461 

Smith Edwin B. & Co.. paper hangings, 

etc 10 

Squire John P. & Co., pork, lard and 

hams 437 

Standard Turning Works (formerly Ela 

Bros.) back cover 

Stewart S. A. & Co., carriages 21 

Story & Wilbur, roofing slates 455 

Taunton Iron Works Co., furnaces, 

ranges, etc 171 

Thurston & Hall Biscuit Co 433 




Trowbridge Stephen W., lawyer 454 

Union Carpet Cleaning Co.,"F. S, Ad- 
ams, prop'r 172 

Vaupel Louis H. W., accent, pork, lard 

ete 454 

"Walker Geo. H. & Co., lithographers, 

on map 

Ward & Waldron, paper hangings 8 

Warren Institution for Savings, Chas'n. .872 
Washborn ft Moea Mnfg. Co., "Worces- 
ter, iron and steel wire 45S 

Watson John C, stock broker 11 

"Wellington Austin C. Coal Co 456 

"Wellington lloratio & Co., wood and 
coal front cover 


Wellington J. A. & Co., coal and wood 

back cover 

Wells Henrv J., lawver 452 

"West End Roofing Co 455 

White M. P., lawyer 453 

"Whittemorc Joseph, insurance agent 28 

"Widruer T. G., furs front cover 

"Winuett J. & Co., real estate agents 

back cover 
Worcester A. & Sons, brushes and 

feather dusters 461 

Wright & Potter Printing Co 447 

Wyman J. P., jr., lawyer 453 



Fine Carriages, 


Salesrooms, 118 and 120 Sudbury Street, and 13 Green 
Street, near Bowdoin Sq. Factory, 45 Pitts St. 


Business Directory of Patrons in Boston and Vicinity. 

Ale, Porter, etc. 

Brigham George W., 12 & 12-1-2 Chardon, 

Boston (see insert opp. 277) 
Comstock, Gove & Co. 30 Canal, Boston 

(see page 448) 
Fairbanks & Neale, Howard, Boston (see 

advt. on map) 


Fuller Seth W., 22 Milk, Boston (see p. 457) 

Hartwell & Richardson, 63 Devonshire, 
Boston, (see page 14) 


Carter Josiah H., 31 State, room 5, Boston 
(see page 446) 

Knights S. R. & Co., 226 Wnshington, Bos- 
ton (see back cover) 

Winnett J. & Co., 5 Tremont, Boston (see 
back cover) 


Martin James & Son, 110, 112. and 114 Com- 
mercial, Boston (see page 205) 

Bacon Curers. 

Howe & Putney, 2S F. H. market, Boston 
(see page 437) 


North Charles H. & Co., 27 and 29 F. H. 
market store 33 & 34 North Market, Bos- 
ton, (see page 437) 

Squire John P. & Co., 21 to 25 F. H. market 
Boston (see page 437) 


Thurston & Hall Biscuit Co., 3 Chatham 
row, Boston (see page 433) 

Bale Ties. 

Washburn & Moen Mnfg. Co., Worcester, 
Mass. (see page 458) 

Barb Fencing. 

Washburn & Moen Mnfg. Co., Worcester, 
Mass. (see page 458) 

Bell Hanger. 

Fuller Seth W., 22 Milk, Boston (seep. 457) 


Crutchley F., 21 & 22 Dock square, Boston, 

(see page 27) 
The Cunningham Co., Odd Fellows' Hall, 

Boston (see insert, opp. 276) 

Boiler Setter. 

Leach H. W., 7 Oliver, Boston (see p. 456) 


Rand O. J. & Co., 96 Milk, Boston (see p. 

Russ W. H., 4 Alden, Boston (seep. 446) 

Boots and Shoes. 

Lamkin G. & Co., 28 Tremont row, Boston 
(see page 460) 

Moseley T. E. & Co., 469 Washington, Bos- 
ton (see page 460) 


Comstock, Gove & Co., 30 Canal, Boston 

(see page 454) 
Fairbanks & Neale, Howard, Boston (see 

advt. on map) 

Box Makers. 

Standard Turning Works (ftmnerly Ela 
Bros.) (turned wood), 70 Sudbury, Bos- 
ton (see back cover) 

Braziers' Bods. 

Washburn & Moen Mnfg. Co., Worcester, 
Mass, (see page 458) 

Broker (Mortgage). 

Brown Serb E., 209 Washington, room 29, 
Boston (see page 446) 

Broker (Beal Estate). 

Carter Josiah H., 31 State, room 5 (see page 

Broker (Stock ) 

Watson John C, 70 Devonshire, Boston, 
(see page 11) 

Broom Wire. 
Washburn & Moen Mnfg. Co., Worces- 
ter, Mass. (see page 458) 

Brush Manufacturers. 

Austin & Fellows, 96 High., Boston (see 

page 461 ) 

oreester A. & Son, 27 and 29 Exchange, 
Boston (see page 461) 


Standard Turning Works (formerly Ela 
Bros.) 70 Sudbuiy, Boston (see back 

Burglar Alarms. 

Fuller Seth W., 22 Milk, Boston (see page 

Butter, Cheese and Eggs. 
Chapin George T., 12 & 13 Blackstone mar- 
ket Boston (see page 30) 

Cabinet Maker. 

Clark John W., 21 Haverhill, Boston (see 
page 448) 

Card Wire. 

Washburn & Moen Mnfg. Co., Worcester, 
Mass, (see page 458) 

Carpet Cleaning. 

Richard Smart, Carpet Beating Co., 6 
Brighton av. junct. Beacon, Boston (see 
page 78)* 

Union Carpet Cleaning Co., F. S. Adams, 
propr. 228 Cambridge, Boston (see p. 172) 


Brooks W. P. B., 9 Marshall, 114 Blackstone 
and 151 Hanover, Boston (see page 457) 

Carriage Manufacturers. 

The Cunningham Company, Odd Fellows' 
Hall, Boston (see insert opp. 276) 

Cement Elastic. 

Story & Wilbur, 529 Commercial, Boston 
(see page 455) 

Chemical Manufacturers. 

Cochrane Chemical Co., 55 Kilby, Boston 
(see page 446) 

Clothes Eine Wire. 

Washburn & Moen Mnfg. Co., Worcester, 
Mass, (see page 458) 

Coal and Wood. 

Burnham L. G. & Co., 132 Charles East 

Chester Park and 13 Mt. Washington av. 

office. 75 State, Boston (see page 3) 
Hamlin E. S. & Co., 256 Federal, Boston 

(see page 3) 
Hunnewell Wm. A. & Co., 79 State, order 

box, 113 Devonshire, Boston (see page 3) 
Wellington Austin C, Coal Co., 17 Congress 

and 438 Federal, Boston (see page 456) 
Wellington Horatio & Co., 11 Kilby, Boston 

(see front cover) 
Wellington J. A. & Co., 68 Water, Boston 

(see back cover) 

Commissioners of Deeds. 

Adams Charles Hall, 5 Court, Boston (see 

page 453) 
Albee Sumner, 30 Court, Boston (see p. 451) 
Brown & Alger, 23 Court, Boston (see p. 452) 


Moore C. A. & Co., 37 Union, Boston (see 
page 426) 


Coon J. H. & Co., 17 Pemberton sq., Boston 

(see page 10) 
Leach H. W., 7 Oliver, Boston (see p. 456) 


Carter Josiah II., 31 State, room 5 (see 
page 446) 

Corset Wire. 

Washburn & Moen Mnfg. Co., Worcester, 
Mass, (see page 458) 


Cotton (Absorbent). 

Dennison Mnfg. Co., 21 Milk, Boston (see 
back of book and page 445) 

Cotton Duck. 

Martin James & Son, 110, 112, and 114 Com- 
mercial, Boston (see page 205) 

Decorations (Ceiling). 

Corse W. A., 181 Washington, Boston (see 
foot lines in business directory) 

Dog Biscuit. 

Schaefer William R. & Son, 61 Elm, Boston 
(see page 27) 

Crinoline "Wire. 

Washburn & Moen Mnfg- Co., Worcester, 
Mass. (see page 458) 

Crockery, China and Glass Ware. 

Mills Alexander, 25 Union, Boston (see p. 

Detective Agency. 

Dearborn & Chapman, 40 Water, room 56, 
Boston (see page 11) 

Directory Publishers. 

Greenough W. A. & Co., 31 Milk, room 39, 
Boston (see page 41) 

Doors, Sashes and Blinds. 

Cutter & Parker, 71 and 73 Portland, Bos- 
ton (see page 9) 


Standard Turning Works (formerly Ela 
Bros.) 70 Sudbury, Boston (see back 

Drain Pipe. 

Lewis David W., 80 Water, Boston (see 
page 455) 


Smith Edwin B. & Co., 19 West, Boston 
(see page 10) 


Lombard N. C, 40 State, Boston (see p. 14) 

Drill Presses (Gang.) 
Garvin E. E. & Co., 139 and 143 Centre, N. 
York (see page 10) 

Druggists' Sundries. 

Standard Turning Works (formerly Ela 
Bros.) 70 Sudbury, Boston (see back 

Enamelled Goods. 

Standard Turning Works (formerly Ela 
Bros.), 70 Sudbury. Boston (see back 


Messer's East Cambridge and Cambridge- 
port Express, 10 Faneuil Hall square, 
Boston (see page 426) 

Sawin Moses M., 34 Court sq., 174 Washing- 
ton, 75 Kilby, 105 Arch and 48 Kingston, 
Boston (see page 26) 

Feather Dusters. 

Shourds Charles F. & Co., 20 Union, Bos- 
ton (see page 461) 

Worcester A. & Son, 27 and 29 Sudbury, 
Boston (see page 461) 

Feltings, Rosin-sized, Dry and 

Story & Wilbur, 529 Commercial, Boston 
(seepage 455) 

Fence Wire. 

Washburn & Moen Mnfg. Co.. Worcester, 
Mass. (see page 458) 


Dow John C, 13 and 14 Chatham, Boston 

(see page 5) 
North Charles H. & Co., stalls 27 and 29 F. 

H. market, store 33 and 34 North Market, 

Boston (see page 437) 
Squire John P. & Co, .stalls 21, 23 & 25 F.H. 

market, and 39 North Market, Boston 

(see page 437) 

Fire Bricks. 

Lewis David W., 80 Water, Boston (see 
page 455) 

Fishing Bods and Tackle. 

Bead Wm. & Sons, 107 Washington, Boston 
(see page 448) 


Martin James & Son, 110, 112 and 114 Com- 
mercial, Boston (see page 205) 

Florists and Seedsmen. 

Dee Bros., 104 Tremont, Boston (see front 

Hovey & Co., 16 South Market, Boston (see 

page 429) 

Fur Skins. 

Schaffer C, 14 Bromfield, Boston (see page 

Furnaces, Ranges, etc. 

Taunton Iron Works Co., 87 and 89 Black- 
stone, Boston (see page 171) 


Brooks W. P. B., 9 Marshall, 151 Hanover 
and 114 Blackstone, Bostou (see p. 457) 

Paine J. S., 48 Canal, Boston (see outside 
margin of book and page 459) 

Shaw, Applin & Co., 27 Sudbury, and 69 
and 71 Portland, Boston (see page 10) 

Furniture Moving. 

Ridlon William, 11 Lagrange, Boston (see 
page 14) 

Furniture Spring Wire. 

Washburn & Moen Mnfg. Co., Worcester, 
Mass. (see page 458) 


Kakas E., 404 Washington, Boston (see 

page 206) 
Schaffer C, 14 Bromfield, Boston (see page 

Widmer T. G., 488 Washington, Boston 

(see front cover) 

Galvanized Wire. 

Washburn & Moen Mnfg. Co., Worcester, 
Mass. (see page 458) 

Gas Lighting. 

Fuller Seth W., 22 Milk, Boston (see p- 

Gear Cutting and Milling. 

Garvin E. E. & Co., 139 & 143 Centre, New 
York (see page 444) 


Glass Manufacturers. 

New England Glass Works, 67 Federal, 
Boston (see page 434) 


Dee Bros., 104 Tremont, Boston (see front 

Hovey & Co., 16 South Market, Boston (see 

page 429) 


Andrew, Barker & Bunton, 5 and 7 Com- 
mercial. Boston (see page 8) 

Cobb, Bates & Yerxa, 686" to 692 "Washing- 
ton and 3 Bowdoin square, Boston (see 
back cover) 

Guns and Pistols. 

CrutchleyF.,21&22Dock square, Boston 

(see page 27) 
Read win. & Sons, 107 Washington, Boston 

(see page 448) 
Schaefer W. R. & Sou, 61 Elm, Boston (see 

page 27) 


Standard Turning Works (formerly Ela 
Bros.) 70 Sudbury, Boston (see " back 

Hardware and Cutlery. 

Burditt & Williams, 20 Dock sq., Boston 
(see foot lines in general directory) 

Hat Manufacturer. 

Chandler E. R., 9 llollis, Boston (see p. 26) 

Hats, Caps, &c. 
Dyer, Taylor & Co., 30 to 40 Chauncy, Bos- 
ton (see advt. on map) 

Hats, Caps and Furs (Fur). 

Schaffer C, 14 Bromfield, Boston (see pasre 

Hay Bale Ties. 

Washburn & Moen Mufg. Co., Worcester, 
Mass. (see page 4 

Hay and Straw. 

Burnham L G. A Co., 132 Charles and Ea*t 
Chester Park, office 75 State, Boston (see 
page 3) 

Hogs, Live and Dressed. 

North Charles H. & Co ., 27 and 29 F. H. 

market, store Nos. 33 and 34 No. Market 

Boston (see page 437) 
Squire John P. & Co., 21,23 and 25 F. H. 

market and 39 North Market, Boston (see 

page 437) 

Holly Goods. 

Standard Turning Works (formerly Ela 
Bros.). 70 Sudbury, Boston (see back 

Horse and Wagon Covers. 
Sawyer Howard M., 153 Milk, Boston (see 
page 438) 

Hose (Cotton Rubber Lined.) 

Boston Woven Hose Co., 220 Devonshire, 
Boston (see page 7) 


Grand Union Hotel, W. D. Garrison, man- 
ager, opp. Grand Central depot,N. Y. (see 
page 6) 

Insurance Agents. 

Carter Josiah H., 31 State, room 5, Boston 
(see page 446) 

Crafts Samuel D., 17 Exchange place Boston 
(see back cover) 

Ela Alfred, 27 Congress, Boston (see back 

Hastings W. B. & Co., 7 Exchange place, 
Boston (see page 30) 

Porter W. & Co., 27 State, Boston (see p. 8) 

Whittemore Joseph, 173 Washington, Bos- 
ton (see page 28) 

Winnett J. ft Co., 5 Tremont, Boston (see 
back cover) 

Insurance Companies. 

Citizens Mutual Insurance Co., 8 Exchange 

place, Boston (see page 2) 
Massachusetts Mutual Fire Insurance Ce., 

28 State, Boston (see page 11) 
Mutual Protection Fire Insurance Co., 

Thompson square, Charlestown (see page 


Iron Wire. 

Washburn & Moen Mnfg. Co., Worcester, 
Mass. (see page 458) 

Iron and Steel. 

McClure & Field, 5 and 7 Custom House 
St., Boston (see page 8) 

Italian Awnings. 

Martin James & Son, 110, 112 and 114 Com- 
mercial, Boston (see page 205) 

Ivory Turning. 

Standard Turning Works (formerly Ela 
Bros.), 70 Sudbury, Boston (see back 

Jewelers' and Druggists' Boxes. 

Dennison Mnfg. Co., 21 Milk, Boston (see 
page 445) 

Lard Oil. 

North Charles H. & Co., stalls 27 and 29 
F. H. market, store 33 and 34 North Mar- 
ket, Boston (see page 437) 

Squire John P. & Co., 21, 23 and 25 F. H. 
market and 39 North Market, Boston (see 
page 437) 


Albee Sumner, 30 Court, Boston (see page 

Alger Alpheus B., 23 Court, Boston (see 

page 452) 
Appleton John H., 23 Court, Boston (see 

page 452) 
Bancroft Wm. A., 15 Pemberton sq. Boston, 

(see page 452) 
Bent George C, 15 Pemberton sq., Boston 

(see page 452) 
Brown «& Alger, 23 Court, Boston (see page 

Butler, Dana & Dickson, 194 Washington, 

Boston (see page 452) 
Conlan John, 33 School, Boston (see p. 453) 
Dudley & Dudley, 95 Milk, Boston (see 

page 450) 
Duraut William B., 19 Congress, Boston 

(see page 453) 
Hammond & Pope, 27 Tremont row, Boston 

(see page 450) 
Hayes Win. A. 2d., 41 Sears' building, Bos- 
ton (see page 452) 
Howe Archibald M, 25 Congress, Boston 

(see page 451) 
Leverett George V., 53 Devonshire, Boston 

(see page 453) 


McDaniel Samuel W., 61 Court, Boston 

(see page 453) 
Mclntire Charles J., 75 State. Boston (see 

page 454) 
Parker Horatio G., 44 Sears' bldg., Boston 

(see page 451) 
Perkins George A., 75 State, Boston (see 

page 454) 
Pevey G. A. A., 27 Tremont row, room 7, 

Boston (see page 453) 
Read Charles Coolidge, 27 State, Boston 

(see page 450) 
Richardson & Hale, 209 Washington, Bos- 
ton (see page 450) 
Russell C. T. & T. H., 27 State, Boston (see 

page 451) 
Trowbridge S. W., 5 Court, Boston (see p. 

Wells Henry J., 15 Pemberton sq., Boston 

(see page 452) 
White M. P., 47 Devonshire, Boston (see 

page 453) 
Wyman J. P. jr., 30 Court, Boston (see page 


Lead Pipe and Sheet Lead 

Bo«ton Lead Manufacturing Co., Wm J. 
Bride, treas., 24 & 26 Oliver, Boston (see 
page 18) 

Lead Wire and Lead Window 

Boston Lead Manufacturing Co., Wm. J. 
Bride, treas., 24 & 26 Oliver, Boston (see 
page 18) 

Lime, Hair and Cement. 

Burnham L. G. & Co.. 132 Charles and 
East Chester Park, office 75 State, Boston 
(see page 3) 

Wellington Austin C. Coal Co., 438 Federal, 
and 17 Congress, Boston (see page 456) 


Walker Geo. H. & Co., 160 Tremont, Bos- 
ton (see advt. on map) 

Holt & Bugbee, 173 Friend, Boston (see 
page 172) 


Roberts James H. & Co., 118 Merrimac, 
Boston (see page 206) 

Machinery Wire. 

Washburn & Moen Mnfg. Co., Worcester, 
Mass. (see page 458) 

Machinery & Tools. 

Garvin E. E. & Co., 139 & 143 Centre, New 
York (see page 444) 

Manufacturing Companies. 

American Rubber Co., 59 and 61 Franklin, 

Boston (see page 7) 
Boston Woven Hose Co., 220 Devonshire. 

Boston (see page 7) 
Cochrane Chemical Co., 55 Kilby, Boston 

(see page 446) 
.The Cunningham Company, Odd Fellows' 

Hall, Boston (see insert opp. 276) 
Washburn & Moen Mnfg. Co,, Worcester 

Mass. (see page 458) 

Marble Works. 

Hall Charles E. & Co., 69 Charlestown and 
101 Haverhill, Boston (see page 459) 

Market Wire. 

Washburn & Moen Mnfg. Co., Worcester, 
Mass. (see page 458) 

Masons and Builders. 

Coon J. H. & Co., 17 Pemberton square, 

Boston (see page 10) 
Leach H. W., 7 Oliver, Boston (see p. 456) 

Mechanical Engineer. 

Lombard N. C, 40 State, Boston (see p. 14) 
Merchandise Tags and Labels. 

Dennison Mnfg. Co., 21 Milk, Boston (see 
page 445) 

Milling Machines. 

Garvin E. E. & Co,, 139 & 143 Centre, New 
York (see page 444) 

Mineral Water. 

Comstock, Gove & Co., 30 Canal, Boston 

(see page 448) 
Fairbanks & Neale, Howard, Boston (see 

advt. on map) 


Crafts Samuel D., 17 Exchange place, Bos- 
ton (see back cover) 

Mouldings (Room). 

Corse W. A., 181 Washington, Boston (see 
foot lines in business directory) 

Musical Merchandise. 

Standard Turning Works (formerly Ela 
Bros.), 70 Sudbury, Boston (see" back 

Music Wire. 

Washburn & Moen Mnfg. Co., Worcester, 
Mass. (see page 458) 

Needle Wire. 

Washburn & Moen Mnfg. Co,, Worcester, 
Mass. (see page 458) 

Cambridge Chronicle, Linn B. Porter, edi- 
tor and prop., 150 Tremont, Boston (see 
page 431) 

Notaries Public. 

Adams Chas. Hall, 5 Court. Boston, (see 

page 453) 

Bancroft Wm. A., 15 Pembeton square, 

Boston (see page 452) 
Dickson Wiliam, 194 Washington, Boston 

(see page 452) 
Howe Archibald M., 25 Congress, Boston 

(see page 451) 
McDaniel Samuel W., 61 Court, Boston 

(see page 453) 
Pevey G. A. A., 27 Tremont row, Boston 

(see page 453) 
Read Charles Coolidge, 27 State, Boston (see 

page 450) 
White M. P., 47 Devonshire, Boston (see 

Court, Boston (see 

page 453) 

•man J. P. jr. 
page 453) 

Oil Clothing Mnfr. 
Sawyer Howard M., 153 Milk, Boston (see 
page 438) 

Oiled Hats. 

Sawyer Howard M., 153 Milk, Boston (aee 
page 438) 

Oils (Illuminating.) 

Beacon Oil Co., 42 India, Boston (see page 

Organ Stop Mnfrs. 

Standard Turning Works (formerly Ela 
Bros.), 70 Sudbury, Boston ( see back 




Corse W. A., 181 Washington, Boston (see 
foot lines in business directory) 

Paper Boxes. 

Dennison Mnfg. Co., 21 Milk, Boston (see 
back of book and page 445) 

Paper Dealers. 

Rice, Kendall & Co., 91 Federal, Boston 
(see page 27) 


Corse Wm. A., 181 Washington, Boston (see 
foot lines in business directory) 

Smith Edwin B. & Co., 19 West, Boston 
(see page 10) 

Robinson Charles W., 406 Washington, Bos- 
ton (see page 2) 

Ward & Waldron, 53 Union, Boston (see 
page 8) 

Passport Agent. 

Adams Chas. Hall, 5 Court, Boston, (see 
page 453) 

(Expert in Patent Causes.) 

Lombard N. C, 49 State, Boston (see page 

Patents (Solicitors). 

Hayes Alexander L., 95 Milk, room 67 Bos- 
ton (see page 206) 

Lombard N. C., 40 State, Boston (see page 


Black J. W. & Co., 333 Washington, Boston 

(see page 460) 
Notman James, 99 Boylston, Boston (see 

page 460) 

Piano Forte Mover. 
Ridlon William, 11 LaGrauge, Boston (see 

page 14) 

Piano Material (Wood). 
Standard Turning Works (formerly Ela 

Bros.), 70 Sudbury, B. (see back cover) 


Hovey & Co., 16 South Market, Boston (see 

page 429) 
Dee Bros., 104 Tremont, Boston (see front 


Hawkes Levi & Co., 50 Howard, Boston 

(see page 30) 

Polishing Powder (Silver White). 

Dennison Mnfg. Co., 21 Milk, Boston (see 
back of book and page 445) 

Pork, Lard and Hams. 

North Charles II. & Co., stalls 27 and 29 F. 
H. market, store 33 and 34 North Market, 
Boston (see page 437) 

Squire John P. & Co., 21, 23 and 25 F. II. 
market, 39 No. Market, B. (see page 437) 

Vaupel Louis H. W., agt., 33 North, Bos- 
ton (see page 448) 

Pork Packers. 

North Charles H & Co., stalls 27 and 29 
F. II. market, store 33 and 34 North Mar- 
ket, Boston (see page 437) 

Squire John P. & Co , 21, 23 and 25 F. H. 
market and 39 North Market Boston (see 
page 437) 


Brown W. F. & Co., 218 Franklin, Boston 
(see page 447) 

Clapp David & Son, 35 Bedford, Boston 
(see page 447) 

Robinson V\ arren J. & Co., 91 Oliver, Bos- 
ton (see page 447) 

Rockwell & Churchill, 39 Arch, Boston (see 
page 454) 

Wright & Potter Printing Co., 18 P. O. sq., 
Boston (see page 447) 


Chapin Geo, T., 12 & 13 Blackstone mar- 
ket, Boston (see page 30) 


North Charles H. & Co., 27 and 29 F. H. 
market, stores Nos. 33 and 34 North Mar- 
ket, Boston (see page 437) 

Robinson A., 72 Causeway, Boston (see 
page 448) 

Squire John P. & Co.. 21, 23 and 25 F. H. 
market, and 39 North Market, Boston (see 
page 437) 

Vaupel Louis H. W., agent, 33 North, Bos- 
ton (see page 448) 


Greenough W. A. & Co., 31 Milk, room 39, 
Boston (see page 41) 

Pumps, (Copper and Iron). 

Boston Lead Mnfg Co., Wm. J. Bride, 
treas., 24 & 26 Oliver, Boston (see p. 18) 

Real Estate and Mortgages. 

Brown Seth E., 209 Washington room 29, 
Boston (see page 446) 

Carter Josiah H., 31 State, room 5, Boston 
(see page 446) 

Knights S. R. & Co., 226 Washington, Bos- 
ton (see back cover) 

Winnett J. & Co., 5 Tremont, Boston (see 
back cover) 

Red Lead and Litharge. 

Boston Lead Mnfg. Co., Wm. S. Bride, 
treas., 24 and 26 Oliver, Boston (see 
page 18) 

New England Glass Works, 67 Federal, 
Boston (see page 434) 

Rivet Wire. 

Washburn & Moen Mnfg. Co., Worcester, 
Mass. (see page 458) 

Rolling Mills. 

Washburn & Moen Mnfg. Co., Worcester, 
Mass. (see page 458) 


West End Roofing Co., 232 Cambridge and 
10 Canal, Boston (see page 455) 

Roofing (Slate). 
Story & Wilbur, 529 Commercial, Boston 
(see page 455) 

Round Iron. 

Washburn & Moen Mnfg. Co., Worcester, 
Mass. (see page 458) 

Rubber Goods. 

American Rubber Co., 59 & 61 Franklin, 

Boston (see page 7) 
Hale George II., 20 Cornhill, Boston (see 

insert opp. 277) 

Safe Manufacturer. 

Damon George L , 108 and 110 Sudbury, 
Boston (see page 5) 



Savings Banks. 

Charlestown Five Cents Savings Bank, 
Thompson square, Charlestown (see page 

Warren Institution for Savings, 25 Main, 
Charlestown (see page 372) 

Ilovey & Co., 16 South Market, Boston 
(see page 429) 

Shade Rollers. 
Cushman Bros. & Co., 82 to 86 Hawley 
Boston (see page 9) 

Shafting, Hangers and Pulleys. 

Roberts James H. & Co., 118 Merrimac, 
Boston (see page 206) 

Shipping and Merchandise Tags. 

Dennison Mnfg. Co., 21 Milk, Boston, (see 
back of book and page 445) 

Slate Dealers. 

Story & Wilbur, 529 Commercial, Boston 
(see page 455) 

Slate Dressing and Punching 

Story & Wilbur, 529 Commercial, Boston 
(see page 455) 

Slating Tools and Nails. 

Story & Wilbur, 529 Commercial, Boston 
(see page 455) 

Soap Manufacturers. 

Davis Curtis & Co., 136 State, Boston (see 

page 28) 
Dow John C, 13 & 14 Chatham, Boston 

(see page 5) 


Boston Lead Mnfg. Co.,Wm. J. Bride, treas. 
24 and 26 Oliver, Boston (see page 18) 

Special Tools and Machinery. 

Garvin E. E. & Co., 139 and 143 Centre, N. 
York (see page 444) 

Spring Wire. 

Washburn & Moen Mnfg. Co., Worcester, 
Mass. (see page 458) 

Stationers' Specialties. 

Dennison Mnfg. Co., 21 Milk, Boston (see 
page 445) 

Steam Heating. 

Holt A. & Co., 38 Beach, Boston (see insert 
opp. 277) 

SteePBarb Fencing. 

Washburn & Moen Mnfg. Co., Worcester, 
Mass. (see page 458) 

Steel Drill Wire. 

Washburn & Moen Mnfg. Co., Worcester, 
Mass. (see page 458) 

Steel Wire. 

Washburn & Moen Mnfg. Co., Worcester, 
Mass. (see page 458) 

Stone Wire. 

Washburn & Moen Mnfg. Co., Worcester, 
Mass. (see page 458) 


Brooks W. P. B., 9 Marshall, 114 Black- 
stone and 161 Hanover, Boston (see p. 457) 

Taunton Iron Works Co., 87 and 89 Black- 
stone, Boston (see page 171) 


Dennison Mnfg. Co., 21 Milk, Boston (see 
back of book and page 445; 


Devereaux & Lindsey, 367 Washington, 
Boston (see page 172) 

Elliot Chas. E. & Co., 419 Washington, Bos- 
ton (see page 26) 

Tallow and Grease. 

Dow John C, 13 and 14 Chatham, Boston 
(see page 5) 

Targets for Bine Practice. 

Dennison Mnfg. Co., 21 Milk, Boston (see 
back of book and page 445) 

Telegraph and Telephone Wire. 

Washburn & Moen Mnfg. Co., Worcester, 
Mass. (see page 458) 

Tents and Flags. 

Martin James & Son, 110, 112 and 114 Com- 
mercial, Boston (see page 205) 

Tinned Wire. 

Washburn & Moen Mnfg. Co., Worcester, 
Mass. (see page 458) 

Tin, Zinc, Solder, &c. 

Story & Wilbur, 529 Commercial, Boston 
(see page 455) 

Tissue Papers. 

Dennison Mnfg. Co., 21 Milk, Boston (see 
back of book and page 445) 


Standard Turning Works (formerly Ela 
Bros.), 70 Sudbury (see back cover) 


Crutchley F., 21 and 22 Dock square, Boston 

(see page 27) 
The Cunningham Company, Odd Fellows' 

Hall, Boston (see insert opp. 276) 

Turning and Jig Sawing. 

Standard Turning Works (formerly Ela 
Bros.), 70 Sudbury (see back cover). 

Type Foundry. 

Boston Type Foundry, 104 Milk, Boston 
(see page 449) 

Upholsterers' Hardware. 

Cushman Bros. & Co., 82 to 86 Hawley, 
Boston (see page 9) 

Upholstery Goods. 

Corse Wm. A., 181 Washington, Boston (see 
foot lines on Business Directory) 

Smith Edwin B. & Co., 19 West, Boston (see 
page 10) 


Cambridge Vinegar Works, Herbert Derby, 
prop., 24 So. Market, Boston (see page 25) 

Wagon Covers. 

Martin James & Son, 110, 112 and 114 Com 
mercial, Boston (see page 205) 

Wash Stands (Stationery). 

Clark John W., 21 Haverhill, Boston (see 
page 448) 

Watch Springs. 

Washburn & Moen Mnfg. Co., Worcester, 
Mass. (see page 458) 



Water Proof Clothing and Hats. 
Sawyer Howard M., 153 Milk, Boston, (see 
page 438) 

"Weaving Wire. 

Washburn & Moen Mnfg., Worcester, 
Mass. (see page 458) 

White Lead and Zinc. 

Boston Lead Mnfg. Co., Wm. J. Bride, 
treas. 24 and 26 Oliver, Boston (see page 18) 

Window Shades and Curtain 

Corse Wm. A., 181 Washington, Boston 
(see foot lines in business director}-) 

Cushman Bros. & Co., 82 to 86 Hawley, Bos- 
ton (see page 9) 

Smith Edwin B. & Co., 19 West, Boston 
(see page 10) 


Washburn & Moen Mnfg. Co., Worcester, 
Mass. (see page 458) 

Wood and Ivory Turning. 

Standard Turning Works (formerly Ela 
Bros.) 70 Sudbury, Boston (see* back 



No. 32 Hawley Street, Boston. 

Orders addressed Benj. Conant, Cambridgeport, JtTass., wilt receive 

prompt attention. 




Every barrel of Vinegar sold from these works is WARRANTED to be free from 
all poisonous acids or impurities of any kind. 

Boston Office, 34= ©OTitli Market Street. 




Pictures of children by instantaneous process a specialty. By this process we make negatives as 
well in cloudy as in fair weather. Telephone No. 7092. 



Folding Clothes Horses, Ladders, 


Cambridge & Boston Express. 

OFFICES IN BOSTON, , i iJI . , JlffxH II '~- « 

34 Court Square, 174 Washington, 105 --~-^.&r§~ .' 

Arch, 75 Kilby and 76 Kingston St. -jg^f""'"' ^Li^ 




For the ensuing season, which we offer at the rery Lowest Prices, with a Liberal Discount 

for Cash Paytnents. 



Chambers, 419 Washington Street, 

Chas. E. Elliot. E. E. Kkgslet. 

C I [^:> I>LEFJ^ 



9 Hollis Street, ISOSTOIX. 

Silk Hats made over. Soft and Stiff Hats Renovated. New Hate made 
to order, Latest Styles. 




rice, kendall & co., 
P aper D ealers , 

And Importers of 


Agents for the 

mmioM "BxcBLSion" felts 


Chromo, Lithographic and Superfine Papers. 

Sole .Veir England .Igents for the Sale of J.IF.t^'ESE J*\*M*M£J.YS 

**jrn //./.vw/ij;«f///f7>. 



W. 0. Scott & Sons. W. W. Greener, and P. Wehley & Sons, of London. 

.IFannfactnrer of 




Every Description of repairing neatly executed at the Shortest Notice. 


Manufacturers to Order of 

Fine Breech Loading Shot Guns. 

Agents for Daly's Breech Loading Shot 
Guns and the newly improved Ballard and 
Winchester Rifles, for long or short range. 

A full line of sporting equipments of every 
variety kept constantly on hand. Loose and 
fixed ammunition, Hunting Suits, Glass Balls 
and Traps, Spratt's Dojr Biscuits, etc. All 
kinds ol Gun work executed in the most skill- 
ful manner. Guns bored to shoot close, hard 
and evenly. Stocks bent or straightened and 
warranted to stay. 









*lTaiinfacturers of 


Factory, corner of Broadway and Davis Street, 

Cambridgeport, Mass. 

All orders by mail or otherwise promptly attended to. 
Ej. lit in/,. Horace G. Kemp. James It. Hemp. 

CURTIS DAVIS. Established 1835. JAMES MELLEN. 


Standard Soaps. 



No. 136 State Street, BOSTON, MASS. 

.llannfactory, 188, 190, 192 A* 194 Broaduray, Cambridgeport, .lias*. 




Received direct from the Vineyards, by 




Wines, Liprs, Ales, Porter ai Cigars, 


CIGARS and TOBACCO at Wholesale. All Goods of the 
Best Quality, and sent by Express to any part of the City. 









Mo Tu 














Tu| W !Th| Fr| Sa 

















2 3 4 

5 6 

















9 10 11 

12 13 
















16 17 



















23 24 


26 27 

















30 - 

- : - 


— ■ — 











Sa | 













































1 5 


7 8 




















14 15 







































28 29 























































































































24 25 26 


















Mo Tu 

W Th 












Tu | W 


















2 3 




















































18 19 






22 23 24 



27 j 

















i — 

29 30 31 






: The Old and Reliable 
Insurance Agency." 



No, 89 Cambridge Street, East Cambridge. 






Special Attention to Drainage * 

and Ventilation. 

599 1-2 Main Street, Cambridgeport. 


Also, 50 Howard St., Boston. 


Wholesale and Retail Dealer in 


12 & 13 Blackstone Market, Blackstone Street, BOSTON. 



Sanitary Engineer, 

And Licensed 

Also, Ventilation in all its branches a specialty. 

Palmer St., near Brattle, 


Residence, 13 Sumner Street. 


Streets in ward 1 are in Cambridge (proper), wards 2 and 4 Cambridgeport, ward 3 East Cambridge' 

ward 5 Xorth Cambridge. 

Acacia, from 13 Ash to HaAvthorn, wd. 1 
Acorn, from Putnam av. to Chestnut, wd. 4 
Adams, from Concord avenue, opposite 
Wellington, to Washington at Belmont 
line, ward 1 
Albany, from Main, opposite Portland, to 

Fort Washington, ward 4 
Albro, from Western avenue to Black- 
stone, ward 4 
Allen, from 178 North avenue, to 8 Or- 
chard, ward .") 
Allston, from 114 Magazine to Waverly. 

east to Fort Washington, ward 4 
Allston court, from 100 Allston, ward 4 
Amory. from 329 Broadway, to 190 Hamp- 
shire, ward 2 
Amory place from 11 Amory. west. wd. 2 
Andrew, from 42 Fairmont to Somerset, 

ward 4 
Antrim, from 353 Broadway to 532 Cam- 
bridge, Inman square, ward 2 
Appian-way. from 63 Brattle to 3 Garden, 

ward 1 
Appleton, from 155 Brattle to Concord 

avenue, ward 1 
Arlington, froyi 131 Xorth avenue to Wash- 
ington avenue, ward 5 
Arrow, from 866 Main to 13 Bow, ward 1 
Arsenal square, junction of Garden, Con- 
cord avenue, and Chauncy. ward 1 
Ash, from 84 Brattle, south to the Charles 

river, ward 1 
Ash street place, from 12 Ash, east. wd. 1 
Ashburton place, from 26 Essex, ward 2 
Athens, from 22 Mount Auburn, south, 

ward 1 
Auburn, from 20 Western avenue to Sid- 
ney, ward 4 
Auburn place, from Mount Auburn, near 

P.P. bridge, ward 1 
Austin, from 439 Main to 10 Inman. wards 

4 and 2 
Austin place, from 86 Austin, south, wd. 2 
Avon, from 25 Shepard to 40 Linngean, 

ward 5. 
Avon Hill street, continuation of Avon, 

ward 5 
Avon place, from Avon Hill, near Lin- 

nsean, ward 5 
Bailey place, from 118 Magazine, ward 4 
Baldwin, from 661 Cambridge to 78 Kirk- 
land, ward 1 
Baldwin court, from 26 Baldwin, east, 

ward 1 
Baldwin place, from 97 Main, ward 2 
Ballord place, from 94 Putnam av.. wd. 4 
Banks, from 10 Mount Auburn to Western 

avenue, ward 1 
Bath, from 158 Mt. Auburn, south, ward 1 
Bay, from 776 Main to 288 Kinnaird, wd. 4 
Beacon, from Cambridge, at Inman square, 

west, to Somerville line, ward 2 
Beaver, from 10 Cowperthwaite to 19 
Flagg, ward 1 


Beck park, Harvard, junc. Main, ward 1 

Bedford, from 13 Porter, to Somerville 
line, ward 2 

Beech, from 190 Xorth avenue to Somer- 
ville line, ward 5 

Bell, from 17 Allston. ward 4 

Belmont, from Mount Auburn, at R. R. 
bridge, to Belmont line, ward 1. 

Bennett, from junction Murray and Eliot, 
west, ward 1 

Bent, from Third to Ninth, ward 3 

Berkeley, from 9 Phillips place to 8 Crai- 
gie, ward 1 

Berkshire, from Bristol, north, ward 2 

Berkshire place, from Berkshire to Port- 
land, ward 2 

Bigelow, from 691 Main to 282 Harvard, 
ward 2 

Binney. from Third to Xinth. ward 3 

Blackstone, from 129 River to Western 
avenue, ward 4 

Blair place, from 72 Bolton, Avard 5 

Blanche, from 16 Front, south, ward 4 

Boardman. from 183 Harvard to 254 Broad- 
way, ward 2 

Boardman place, from 13 Boardman. wd. 2 

Bolton, from 111 Dublin, west and east, 
ward 5 

Bond, from 43 Concord avenue to 58 Gar- 
den, ward 1 

Bow, from 902 Main to 59 Mount Auburn, 
ward 1. 

Bowdoin. from Hudson to 24 Linnasan, 
ward 5 

Boy N ton, from 9 Harvard square to Brigh- 
ton bridge. Brighton line, ward 1 

Brattle, from 9 Harvard square to Mount 
Auburn, at Fresh Pond lane, ward 1 

Brattle square, from 34 Brattle, to 99 Mt. 
Auburn, ward 1 

Brewer, from 146 Mount Auburn, south, 
ward 1 

Brewery, from 166 Broadway to Main, 
wards 2 and 4 

Brewster plrce, from 61 Sparks, ward 1 

Bridge, from Craigie's bridge, East Cam- 
bridge, to Somerville line, ward 3 

Brimmer place, from Brewery to Munson, 
ward 2 

Bristol, from 17 Market to Portland, wd. 2 

Broadway, from 99 Main, Avard 2, to Cam- 
bridge, at the college grounds, wards 2 
and 1. 

Broadway park, junction Broadway. Nor- 
folk, and Prospect, ward 2 

Brookline, from 520 Main to the Charles 
river, ward 4 

Brooks, from 361 Main to 34 School, wd. 4 

Brooks place, from Moore to Clark, wd. 4 

Brown, from 124 Brattle to 13 Foster, wd. 1 

Buckingham, from 25 Craigie to 54 Con- 
cord avenue, ward 1 

Burns court, from Foster, opposite Brown, 
ward 1 



Cambridge, from 96 Bridge to 8 Kirkland, 

wards 3 and 1 
Camden place, from 245 Mt. Auburn, wd. 1 

Cameron, from North avenue, near C. M. 
R.R. crossing, to Somerville line, ward 5 

Cam]), from John to Lerned, ward 5 

Carson, from 180 Gore, to 239 Cambridge, 
ward ."> 

Carver, from 70 Sacramento to Hammond, 
ward 1 

Cedar, from 339 North avenue to 59 Spruce, 
ward 5 

Cedar square, from 37 Cedar to Dudley. 
ward 5 

Central place, from 21 Western avenue, 
north, ward 4 

Central square, junction 622 Main, River, 
Magazine and Western avenue, ward 4 

Centre, from 85 Hancock to 8 Dana. wd. 2 

Channing, from 168 Brattle to Mount Au- 
burn, opposite Hosphal grounds, ward 1 

Chapman place, from 13 Gerry to 14 
Brewer, ward 1 

Charles, from 121 Third, west, ward 3 

Charles River, from 52 Mount Auburn to 
11 Dyke, ward 1 

Chatham, from 145 Hancock, to 36 Dana, 
ward 2 

Chauncy, from 31 North avenue to 15 Con- 
cord avenue, ward 1 

Cherry, from 421 Main to 170 Harvard, 
wards 4 and 2 

Cherry court, from 22 Cherry, ward 4 

Chester, from 2f>») North avenue to Som- 
erville line, ward 5 

Chestnut, from 168 Pleasant to Waverly, 
ward 4 

Chestnut Park, from 23 to 31 Charles, run- 
ning north, ward 3 

Church, from 13 Harvard row to 45 Brattle, 
ward 1 

Church place, from 98 Cambridge, ward 3 

Clarendon avenue, from 372 North ave- 
nue to Somerville line, ward 5 

Clark, from 387 Main to 20 Webster ave- 
nue, wards 4 and 2 

Clary, from Prospect, n. Houghton, wd. 2 

Clay, from 93 Spruce to lo Harvey, ward 5 

Clifton, from 117 Spruce, to (!4 Harvey, 
ward 5 

Clinton, from 707 Main, to 200 Harvard 
ward 2 

Cogswell avenue, from 237 North avenue, 
to Fitchburg R.R., ward 5 

Cogswell place, from 11 Mead to Cogswell 
avenue, ward 5 

Columbia, from -17."> Main to Somerville 
line, wards 4 and 2 

Columbus avenue, from North avenue, near 
Arlington line, to Kimball, ward 5. 

Concord avenue, from 3 Waterhouse to 
Wellington and Adams, Belmont line, 
wards 1 and 5 

Conlon's court, from 152 Third, east, wd. 3 

Coolidge avenue, from Mount Auburn to 
WatertowD line, ward 1 

Corliss place, rear 13 Antrim, ward 2 

Cottage, from 103 Tearl to 44 Pleasant, 
ward 4 

Cottage court, from 8 Cottage, south, wd. 4 

Cowperthwaite, from 25 Banks to lis De- 
Wolf, ward 1 

Craigie, from 28 Concord avenue to 141 
Brattle, ward 1 

Creighton, from North avenue, near Wal- 
den, to Richdale avenue, ward 5 

Crescent, from 96 Oxford to (il Sacramen- 
to, ward 5 

Crescent avenue, from 31) Walden to Ray- 
mond, ward 5 

Crossland. from 77 Clark to Bristol, ward 2 

Curve place, from 57 Kirkland. north, 
ward 1 

Cushing, from Belmont, beyond R. R. 
bridge, to Belmont line, ward 1 

Cushing's court, from Cushing. at residence 
of John Clark, ward 1 

Dailey's alley, from 47 Cambridge to Gore, 
ward ."> 

Dana, from 787 Main to 684 Cambridge, 
wards 1 and 2 

Dana square, Magazine, from Lawrence 
to Lake and Niagara, ward 4 

Daniels' court, from 15 Hilliard. west. wd. 1 

Davenport, from Elm, to Orchard, near 
Somerville line, south, ward 5 

Davis, from 125 Harvard to 42 Hampshire, 
ward 2 

Day. from 274 North avenue, to Somerville 
line, ward 5 

Daye court, from 10 Blackstone, west, 
ward 4 

Deacon, from 180 Main to foot of Pioneer, 
ward 2 

Decatur, from 81 Brookline to 13G Pearl, 
ward 4 

Decatur court, from 14 Decatur, south, 
ward 4 

Derby lane, from 302 Broadway to West, 
ward 2 

DeWolf, from 38 Mount Auburn, to ITagg. 
ward 1 

DeWolf place, from 11 DeWolf. west. wd. 1 

Dickinson, from Broadway to Davis, wd. 2 

Dinsmore court, from 33 Willard, west, 
ward 1 

Distillhouse, from 365 Cambridge to Som- 
erville line, ward 2 

Divinity avenue, from 27 Kirkland. north, 
ward 1 

Donnell, from 99 Concord avenue, to 140 
Garden, ward 5 

Douglass, from 513 Main to 50 Austin, 
ward 4 

Douglass court, from 5 Douglass, near 
Main, ward 4 

Dover, from 282 North avenue to Somer- 
ville line, ward 5 

Dublin, from 109 Garden to 74 Spruce, 
ward 5 

Dudley, from 321 North avenue to Jack- 
son, ward 5 



Dunster. from 1 Harvard square to College 
wharf, ward 1 

Dyke, from 27 DeWolf to Holyoke, ward 1 

East, from 113 Bridge, oast, to Hall's 
wharf, ward 3 

Eaton, from 23 Cherry, to 12 Pino, ward 4 

Eighth, from 214 Cambridge, south, wd. 3 

Eliot, from 104 Mt. Auburn to opp. 68 
Boy Is ton, ward 1 

Eliot square. Eliot, junction Mt. Auburn, 
ward 2 

Ellery, from 811 Main to 654 Cambridge, 
ward 1 

Ellsworth avenue, from 403 Broadway to 
(!12 Cambridge, ward 2 

Elm, from 2] 3 Harvard, to Somerville line, 
ward 2 

Elm, from White to Russell, ward 5 

Elmer, from Sands, north, ward 1 

Elmwood avenue, from 182 Brattle to Mt. 
Auburn, near Coolidge avenue, ward 1 

Emmons place, from 35 Baldwin, west, 
ward 1 

Ericsson court, fin. 91 Green, north, wd. 4 

Erie, from 120 Brookline to 84 Magazine, 
ward 4 

Essex, fm. 591 Main to 23S Harvard, wd. 2 

Essex court, from 51 Essex ward 2 

Eustis court, from 112 Oxford east to 
Somerville line, ward 5 

Everett, from 42 North avenue to 45 Ox- 
ford, ward 1 

Fairfield, from opp. 7 Spruce, near North 
avenue to Pemberton, ward 5 

Fairmont, from 99 Magazine to 100 River, 
ward 4 

Fairmont avenue, from 54 Fairmont to 

Earweil place, from 53 Brattle, ward 1 

Fayerweather, from 181 Brattle to Vassal 
fine, ward 1 

Fayette, from 3G9 Broadway to 504 Cam- 
bridge, ward 2 

Felton, from 4(19 Broadway to 728 Cam- 
bridge, ward 1 

Fifth, from 68 Winter to 75 Charles, wd. 3 

First, from 32 Cambridge to Thorndike, 
ward 3 

Flagg, from opp. 34 Putnam avenue, to 
Do Wolf, ward 1 

Flagg street court, from Flagg, below 
Banks, ward 1 

Florence, from foot of Magazine to Pleas- 
ant, ward 4 

Florence place, from 31 Norfolk, ward 4 

Follen, from 9 Concord avenue to 13 Water- 
house, ward 1 

Eorest, from 110 North avenue to Somer- 
ville line, ward 5 

Port Putnam, junction of Fourth and 
Otis, ward ."> 

Port Washington, Washington square, 
from Waver! v. foot of AlLston, to G. J. 
R. R., ward 4 

Foster, from 21 Willard to 14 Lowell, wd. 1 

Poster place, from Poster, ward 1 

j Pourth, from 244 Bridge to 43 Charles, 

ward 3 
' Pourth st. place, from 101 Fourth, ward 3 
Foxcroft, from Washington avenue "to 

Avon Hill, ward 5 
Francis avenue, fm. 43 Kirkland, north, wd 1 
Frank, from 320 North avenue to Somer- 
ville line, ward 5 
Franklin, from 29 Sidney to 22 Putnam 

avenue, ward 4 
Fresh Pond avenue, from Concord avenue 

to Vassal lane, ward 1 
Fr< sh Pond lane, from 253 Brattle to Fresh 

Pond, ward 1 
Frisbie place, from 23 Kirkland, north, wd. 1 
Front, from 484 Main to 9 Village, ward 4 
Front street court, from 14 Front, south, 

ward 4 
Frost, from 12 Roseland to Harris, ward 5 
Garden, from North avenue, at the colleges, 

to Walden, wards 1 and 5 
Garden court, from Garden, across Dublin, 

east, ward 5 
Garden street place, from 37 Garden, wd. 1 
Gardner, from 31 Tremont to 110 Prospect, 

ward 2 
Garfield, from North avenue to 111 Oxford, 

ward 5 
George, from Montgomery to Clay, wd. 5 
Gerry, from 138 Mt Auburn, south, wd. 1 
Glenwood, from Magazine, near Florence 

to Pearl, ward 4 
Gordon place, from 8 Florence, ward 4 
Gore, from 152 Bridge to Somerville line, 

ward 3 
Gore place, from 132 Gore, ward 3 
Gorham, from Wendell to Hammond, wd. 1 
Granite, from near foot of Magazine to 

Pearl, ward 4 
Grant, from 24 DeWolf to 17 Banks, wd. 1 
Gray place, from 91 Harvard, ward 2 
Green, from 13 Sidney to 10 Putnam ave- 
nue, ward 4 
Greenough avenue, from Highland avenue 

to Ellsworth avenue, ward 2 
Grigg, from Putnam av. to Howard, wd. 2 
Grotto place, from Moore, n. School, wd. 2 
Groveland, from 20 Spruce, south, to 

Fitchburg railroad wharf, ward 5 
Gypsey place, from Moore, near School, 

ward 2 
Hadley piace, from 214 North av., ward 5 
Hamilton, from 98 Magazine to Waverly, 

ward 4 
Hammond, from G2 Oxford to Carver, 

ward 1 
Hampshire, from 179 Broadway, to Inman 

square, Somerville line, ward 2 
Hancock, from Franklin to 386 Broadwav, 

ward 2 
Hancock place, from 110 Hancock, ward 2 
Harding, from 321 Cambridge to Somer- 
ville line, ward 2 
Harris, from foot of Frost to Beacon, Som- 
erville line, ward 5 [ward 2 
Harrison, from 349 Main to 68 Washington, 



Harrison avenue, from Columbus avenue to 
Whittemore, ward 5 

Harvard, from 201 Main, L. P., to 1 Har- 
vard square, wards 2 and 1 

Harvard row, from Lyceum building, Har- 
vard square, to Church, ward 1 

Harvard square, junction of 472 Harvard, 
Brattle and North avenue, ward 1 

Harvey, from 7 Cedar, west, ward 5 

Hastings, from G. J. R.R. to 56 Moore, 
ward 2 

Hastings, from Phillips place, near Berke- 
ley, ward 1 

Hastings square, Brookline, bet. Chestnut 
and Henry, ward 4 

Hawthorn, i'rom 96 Brattle to Mt. Auburn, 
ward 1 

Hawthorn avenue, from 222 Brattle to be- 
yond Huron, ward 1 

Hayes, from 42 Putnam avenue, east, wd. 4 

Healey, from Parker to Buckingham, wd. 1 

Henderson court, from 10 Hay, east, near 
Somerville line, ward 5 

Henry, from Waverly to 280 Pearl, ward 4 

Hewes, from Grigg to Western avenue, 
ward 4 

Highland, from Appleton to Reservoir, 
ward 1 

Highland avenue, from 393 Broadway to 
588 Cambridge, ward 2 

Hilliard, from 60 Brattle to 133 Mt. Auburn, 
ward 1 

Hollis, from 285 North avenue to 37 Spruce, 
ward 5 

Holly, from Clark to Brooks, ward 4 

Holly av., from Madison to Wyeth, wd. 5 

Holmes place, from 2 North avenue to 
Kirkland, ward 1 

Holworthy, from Belmont, at Mt. Auburn 
station F. R.R., ward 1 

Holworthy place, from Holworthy, to F. 
R.R.,ward 1 

Holyoke, from 448 Harvard to Dyke, wd. 1 

Holyoke place, from 64 Mt. Auburn to 30 
Holyoke, Avard 1 

Houghton, from 171 Prospect to Somerville 
line, ward 2 

Howard, from 71 River to Kinnaird, wd. 4 

Hubbard avenue, from 45 Walden to Ray- 
mond, ward 5 

Hudson, from 71 North avenue to Hudson 
place, ward 5 

Hudson place, from 35 Hudson, ward 5 

Hunting, from 329 Cambridge to Somer- 
ville line, ward 2 

Hurlbut, from Linnasan to Martin, ward 5 

Huron, from Hawthorn avenue to east of 
Lake View avenue, ward 1 

Inman, from 677 Main to 214 Hampshire, 
ward 2 

Inman place, from 57 Inman to Derby 
lane, ward 2 

Inman square, junction Inman, Hampshire. 
Cambridge. Springfield, Beacon and 
Antrim, ward 2 [ward 1 

Irving, from 456 Broadway to 52 Kirkland, 

Jackson, from 103 Spruce to 52 Harvey, 

ward 5 
James, from 81 Brattle to 12 Mason, wd. 1 
Jarvis, from 24 North avenue, to 31 Ox- 
ford, ward 1 
Jay, from 59 River to Kinnaird, ward 4 
Jay street place, from 28 Jay, ward 4 
Jefferson, from Warren to 22 Harding, 

ward 4 
Jennings court, from 2 Eront, south, wd. 4 
John, from Cameron, Avest, Avard 5 
Jones Alley, from 348 BroadAvay," to 13 

West, ward 2. 
Jordan place, from 134 BroadAvay. Avard 2 
Kendall square, junciton Main,' BroadAvay 

and Third, Avard 2 
Kent, east of Carver, parallel with Ham- 
mond, ward 1 
Kimball, from Columbus avenue to Whitte- 
more, ward 5 
King place, from 15 Amory, west' Avard 2 
Kinnaird, from 45 River to 30 Putnam ave- 
nue, ward 4 
Kirkland, from North avenue, near the 

common, to Somerville line, Avard 1 
Kirkland place, from 35 Kirkland, north, 

ward 1 
Lafayette square, Main, junction Columbia 

and State, ward 4 
Lake, from 169 Pearl to 76 Magazine, Avd. 4 
Lake VieAv avenue, from 189 Brattle to 

Concord avenue, AA*ard 1 
Lambert avenue, from 145 North avenue, 

to Mount Pleasant, Avard 5 
Lamson place, from 42 Essex, Avard 2 
Lancaster, from 127 North avenue to Lin- 

nsean, ward 5 
Langdon, from 49 North avenue to 11 

Chauncy, ward 1 
Larch, from Mt. Auburn, east, next beyond 

HaAvthorne ave., Avard 1 
Laurel, from 75 Pleasant to 78 River, Avd. 4 
Lawn, from Cnshing, at Cushing street 

schoolhouse, Avard 1 
LaAvrence, from opposite 152 Pearl to 66 

Magazine, ward 2 
Lechmere place, from 48 North, Avest, to 

Boston and LoavcII railroad, Avard 3 
Lechmere square, Bridge, junction Cam- 
bridge, ward 3 
Lee, from 721 Main to 372 BroadAvay, Avd. 2 
Leighton court, from 26 East, north, wd. 3 
Lerned, from Cameron, near Somerville 

line, Avest, ward 5 
Leverett, from foot of Magazine to Brook- 
line bridge, Avard 4 
Lexington avenue, from 197 Brattle to 

Vassal lane. ward 1 
Lexington avenue, from 401 North avenue,- 

to Whittemore, ward •"> 
Lilac court, from Portland, Avest, near 
Hampshire, ward 2 [ward 2 

Lincoln, from Webster avenue to 90 Elm, 
Lincoln place, fm. 7 Lincoln, north, wd. 2 
Linden, from 424 Harvard to 61 Mount 
xVuburn, Avard 1 



Linnrean, from 111 North avenue to 69 
Garden, ward 5 

Locust, from dishing, opposite Gushing 
schoolhouse, to Holworthy, ward 1 

Lopez, from 65 Brookline to 116 Pearl, 
ward 4 

Loughrey avenue, from Pioneer to Pel- 
ham, ward 2 

Lowell, from 156 Brattle to 271 Mount Au- 
burn, ward 1 

Lowland av.. from 40 Spring, south, wd. 3 

Lyman, from Murray, west, ward 1 

Lynde. from 559 Cambridge to 90 Kirkland, 
wards 2 and 1 

Madison, from 63 Concord avenue to 90 
Garden, ward 5 

Madison avenue, from Columbus avenue to 
Whittemore, ward 5 

Magazine, from 610 Main to Captain's Is- 
land. Charles River, ward 4 

Magazine court, from 117 Magazine to 12 
Walnut court, ward 4 

Magee, from 54 Putnam avenue to Grigg, 
ward 4 

Main, from West Boston bridge to 400 
Harvard, wards 2. 4. 2 and 1 

Maple avenue, from 381 Broadway to 564 
Cambridge, ward 2 

Market, from 207 Broadway to 32 Elm, 
ward 2 

Marsh court, from 209 Mt. Auburn, wd. 1 

Martin, from North avenue to 25 Bowdoin 

Marvin place, from 58 Columbia, ward 4 

Mason, from 85 Brattle to 11 Garden, wd. 1 

May. from Lawn, ward 1 

Maynard place, fm. 261 Mt. Auburn, wd. 1 

McCabe, from 277 Cambridge to 10 Jeffer- 
son, ward 2 

McDonald, from Mt. Auburn, nearly opp. 
cemetery gate, northerly to E.K., wd. 1 

McLean place, from 41 Cedar, to Reed, 
ward 5 

Meacham, from 294 North avenue to Som- 
erville line, ward 5 

Mead, from 23 Walden to Coggswell ave- 
nue ward 5 

Mechanic square, junction Broadway, 
Hampshire. Webster avenue and Portland 
streetB, ward 2 

Mullen, from 50 North avenue to oo Ox- 
ford, ward 1 

Mill, from 25 DeWolf to 50 Holyoke, wd. 1 

Montgomery, from 77 Spruce to 28 Har- 
vey, ward 5 

Moore, from 357 Main to 212 Broadway, 

ward 2 
Mount Auburn, from 842 Main to Belmont 

line, ward 1 
Mount Auburn place, from 132 Mount 

Auburn, south, ward 1 
Mount Pleasant, from Walden to Lambert, 

avenue, ward 5 
Mount Vernon' from 139 North avenue to 

Lambert avenue, ward 5 
Mullin's court, from 40 Winter, ward 3 
Munroe, from Third, west to Sixth, wd. 3 

Munson. fm. Washiugton to Harvard, wd. 2 

Murdock, from 162 Hampshire to 9 Gard- 
ner, ward 2 

Murray, from junction Eliot and Bennet 
to the Charles river, ward 1 

Myrtle place, from 31 Moore, between 
Washington and School, ward 4 

}\e\v, from Concord avenue next F. R. P., 
ward 5 

Newton, from Chestnut to Putnam avenue, 
between Pearl and Magazine, ward 4 

Niagara, from 10 Lawrence to 17 Lake, 
ward 4 

Nichols place, from 21 Baldwin, west, wd. 1 

Ninth, fm. 23* Cambridge to Potter, wd. 3 

Norfolk, from 549 Main to Somerville line, 
wards 4 and 2 

Norfolk court, from 78 Norfolk, between 
Broadway and Harvard, ward 2 

Norris, from 307 North avenue, to 50 Ce- 
dar, ward 5 

North, from 13 Water to 16 East, ward 3 

North avenue, from Harvard square to 
Arlington line, wards 1 and 5 

Norton, from 25 Bowdoin to 10 Avon, wd. 5 

Norton place, from 12 Norton, ward 5 

Nutting place, from 128 Mount Auburn, 
south, ward 1 

Oak, from 509 Cambridge to Somerville 
line, ward 2 

Orchard, from 9 Davenport to Somerville 
line, ward 5 

Osborn, from 368 Main, south, to State, 
ward 4 

Otis, from Eirst to Ninth, ward 3 

Otter, from 24 Cowperthwaite to 21 De- 
Wolf, ward 1 

Oxford, from 13 Kirkland, to Somerville 
line, wards 1 and 5 

Pacific, from Brookline, east to Albany, 
ward 4 

Palmer, from 8 Brattle to 16 Church, wd. 1 

Park, from 81 Magazine to 80 Pleasant, 
ward 4 

Parker, from 40 Concord avenue to Buck- 
ingham, ward 1 

Pearl, from 568 Main to the Charles river, 
ward 4 

Pelhain, from 70 Broadway to 197 Main, 
ward 2 

Pemberton, from Spruce, near 257 North 
avenue, to Fairfield, ward 5 

Percy place, from 40 Essex, ward 2 

Perry, fm. 127 Pearl to 54 Magazine, wd. 4 

Pettingill court, fm. 58 Second, east, wd. 3 

Phillips place, £iom 9 Mason to 18 Garden, 
ward 1 

Pilgrim, from 54 Brookline, east to Al- 
bany, ward 4 
Pine, from 87 School to 190 Harvard, 

wards 4 and 2 
Pioneer, from 52 Broadway, across Main, 

to Deacon, ward 2 
Pioneer avenue, from 32 Broadway to 5 

Pelham. ward 2 
Pleasant, from 672 Main to Florence, wd. 4 



Pleasant place, from 48 Pleasant, ward 4 

Plymouth, from 91 Hampshire to Portland, 
ward 2 

Plympton. from 404 Harvard to Bow. wd. 1 

Pond place, from 100 Putnam avenue, 
east, ward 4 

Porter, from 37 Warren to 39 Harding, wd. 2 

Portland, from 333 Main to Cambridge, 
wards 4 and 2 

Potter, from Third to Ninth, ward 3 

Potter Park, from opp. 7 Linnaen, wd. 5 

Present, from 391 Harvard to 472 Broad- 
way, ward 1 

Prince, from 105 Magazine to 112 Pleas- 
ant, ward 4 

Prison point, from Bridge, near Craigie's 
bridge, to Charlestown line, wd. 8 

Prospect, from 617 Main to Somerville line, 
ward 2 

Putnam avenue, from 1 Mount Auburn to 
Waverly, wards 4. 1 and 4 [ward 1 

Quiney. from Quincy square to 28 Kirkland. 

Quincy square, junction Main, Harvard 
and Quincy, at Beck Hall, ward 1 

Railroad, from opposite 149 Dublin to 
Fitchburg P.P.. ward 5 

Raymond, from 51 Linnaean to Fitchburg 
P.P.. ward 5 

Raymond court, from Raymond, opposite 
Prof. Edward J. Young's estate, ward 5 

Reardon, from Waverly to G. J. P.P.. wd. 4 

Reed, from (17 Spruce to 16 Harvey, wd. 5 

Regent, from 197 North avenue to F. R.R., 
ward 5 

Remington, from 857 Main to 380 Harvard, 
ward 1 

Reservoir, from 7 Fayerweather to 114 
Concord avenue, ward 1 

Revere place, from 134 Mount Auburn, 
ward 1 

Rice, from 2!)!) North av. to Spruce, wd. 5 

Richdale avenue, from Walden, east, to 
near Lambert avenue, ward 5 

Richdale court, from Richdale av.. opposite 
Regent, ward 5 

River, from 620 Main to Brighton line, 
ward 4 

Riverside place, from Western avenue, op- 
posite Blacks tone, ward 1 

Rockwell, from 85 Pleasant to 86 River, 
ward 4 

Rogers, from Third to Ninth, ward 3 [wd.2 

Rogers' court, from Brewery to 12 Portland 

Rollins court, from 8 Watson, south, wd. 4 
Ltoseland, from PiS North avenue to Som- 
erville line, ward 5 

Russell, from 242 North avenue to Somer- 
ville line, ward 5 
Sacramento, from 70 North avenue to Som- 
erville line, wards 5 and 1 
Sacramento place, from 25 Sacramento. 

north, ward 5 
Salem, from 62 Auburn to opposite 24 Wat- 
son, ward 4 
Sands, from Putnam avenue to the Charles 
river, ward 1 

Sargent, from 70 Spruce to Railroad, wd. 5 
Saville, from 205 Appleton to Peservoir, 

ward 1 
Sceva place, from 14 Green, ward 4 
School, from 0:11 .Main to 23 Austin, wd. 4 
School street court, from 35 School, wd. 4 
Seckel. from 54 Webster avenue to 110 

Winsor, ward 2 
Second, from 24 Gore to 28 Spring, wd. 3 
Second street court, from 64 Second, wd. 3 
Seventh, from 153 Gore to south of Thorn- 
dike, ward 3 
Shawmut avenue, from Lambert av., to 

Arlington, ward 5 
Shepard, from 63 North avenue to 47 Gar- 
den, wards 5 and 1 
Short, from 145 Bridge, to 42 North, wd. 3 
Sibley court, from 19 Sparks, west. wd. 1 
Sidney, from 8 Front to Auburn, and from 

Henry to Hamilton, ward 4 
Sixth, from 144 Gore to Harvard, junction 

Main, wards 3 and 2 
Smart, fr. State to the marsh, ward 4 
Snow alley, from Cherry, near Main, west- 
erly, ward 4 
Soden, from 2!) Western avenue to 150 

Franklin, ward 4 
Soden place, from 14 Soden. ward 4 
Somerset, from Putnam avenue to Walnut 

court, ward 4 
Somerville avenue, from 150 North ave- 
nue, Union sq., to Somerville line, wd. 5 
South, from 41 Holyoke to 04 Boylston, wd. 1 
Sparks, from 237 Mount Auburn to 80 

Concord avenue, ward 1 
Sparks street court, from 70 Concord ave- 
nue to 104 Sparks, ward 1 
Spring, from 72 Second to Ninth, ward 3 ■ 
Springfield, from 527 Cambridge to Somer- 
ville line ward 2 
Spring place, from rear 120 Spring to rear 

140 do., ward 3 
Spruce, f.iom 257 North avenue to the 

meadows, ward 5 
Squire's court, from 104 Gore, south, wd. 3 
State, from 13 Front to Osborn, ward 4 
Stevens court, from 11 Fourth, west, wd. 3 
Stinson court, from 36 Somerset, ward 4 
Story, from 48 Brattle, to 125 Mount Au- 
burn, ward 1 
Suffolk, from 40 Columbia to 40 Norfolk, 

ward 2 
Summer, fm. 105 Prospect to Inman, wd. 2 
Sumner, from 735 Cambridge, to 38 Kirk- 
land. ward 1 
Talbot, from Waverly. at Fort Washington. 

to G. J. P.P.. ward 4 
Tannery, from 382 North avenue to the 

almshouse, ward 5 
Temple, fm. 041 Main to 134 Austin, wd. 2 
Tenney, from 35 Orchard to Elm, Somer- 
ville line, ward 5 
Third, from Boston & Lowell railroad, F. 

Cambridge to 27 Main, wards and 2 
Thorndike, from First to Ninth, ward 3 



Tremont, from 393 Broadway to Somerville 

line, ward 2 
Trowbridge, from 839 Main to Kirkland, 

ward 1 
Tufts from Magazine to Pearl, south of 

Chestnut, ward 4 
Tuttle, from 8 Donnell to 9 Wyeth, ward 5 
Union, from 37 Market to 8 Lincoln, wd. 2 
Union square, junction 1G0 North avenue 

with Somerville av.muc. ward 5 
Upton, from 55 Magazine to 56 Pleasant. 

ward 4 
Valentine, from 95 BrookHne to 168 Pearl, 

ward 5 
Vassal lane, from 85 Sparks to Lake View 

avenue, ward 1 
Vernon, from 700 Main to 12!) Green, wd. 4 
Village, from 18 State to 35 Front, ward 4 
Vine, from 99 South Third to Ninth, wd. 3 
Vineyard, from Cushing to May, ward 1 
Walden, from 225 North avenue to oppo- 
site 114 Concord avenue, wards 5 and 1 
Walker, from Shepard, opposite Wallace to 

Linnsean, ward 5 
Walker court, from Flag*?, near Putnam 

avenue, ward 1 
Walker place, from 130 Third, east. wd. 3 
Wallace, from 41 Garden to 38 Shepard. 

ward 1 
Walnut avenue, from 23 Arlington to Lam- 
bert avenue, ward 5 
Walnut court, from 174 Futnuin av.. wd. 4 
Ware, from 385 Harvard to 462 Broadway. 

ward 1 
Warland, from 71 Magazine to 70 Pleasant. 

ward 4 
Warren, from 233 Cambridge to Somerville 

line, ward 2 
Washington, from 375 Main to 32 Norfolk, 

ward 2 
Washington avenue, from Lambert avenue 

to Foxcroft. ward 5 
Washington square (see Fort Washington), 

ward 4 
Water, from 18.") Bridge ward 3 
Waterhouse. from 17 Garden, to 11 North 

avenue, ward 1 [ward 4 

Watson, from 49 Brookline, to 94 Pearl, 

Waverly. from Henry to Hamilton, wd. 4 
Webster avenue, from 49 Hampshire to 

Somerville line, ward 2 
Weitze court, from 17 Seventh, ward 3 
Wellington, from Concord avenue, opposite 

Adams, to Wellington brook, Belmont 

line, ward 5 
Wendell, from 58 North avenue to Carver, 

ward 1 
West, from 53 Inman to Lee. ward 2 
Westacott court, from 224 Putnam avenue, 

ward 4 
Western avenue, from 322 Main, Central 

square to Brighton line, ward 4 
White, from Union square to Elm in Som- 
erville. ward 5 
Whitney avenue, from Putnam avenue to 

Chestnut, ward 4 
Whitney's court, from 8 Essex, ward 2 
Whittemore, from Lexington avenue, west, 

ward 5 
Willard, from 114 Brattle to 185 Mount 

Auburn, ward 1 
Willard court, from 19 Foster, ward 1 
Willard street court, from 18 Willard, wd. 1 
William, from 87 Pearl to 23 Liver, wd. 4 
Willow, from 345 Cambridge, to Somerville 

line, ward 2 
Willis court, from Mount Auburn, opposite 

Elmwood avenue, ward 1 
Winsor, from 403 Main to Somerville line, 

wards 4 and 2 
Winter, from 203 Bridge, to 4 Fifth, wd. 3 
Winthrop, from 33 Holyoke to 8 Eliot, wd. 1 
Winthrop square, junction Mount Auburn, 

Boylston and Winthrop, ward 1 
Woodlawn avenue, from Cushing. near 

Vineyard, to Cushing, near Belmont line, 

ward 1 
Worcester, from 59 Columbia, to 54 Nor- 
folk, ward 2 
Worthington, from Lake View avenue to 

Lexington avenue, front of pumping 

station, ward 1 
Wright, from 33 Hudson to 8 Norton, wd. 5 
Wyeth, from 79 Concord avenue to 106 

Garden, ward 5 


Allen's block, 171 to 181 Ilarvrd 

Almshouse, Tannery, ward 5 

Armory Hall. Brattle square, ward 1 

Austin Hall. Temple, ward 2 

Baldwin block, rear 95 Main, near West 

Boston bridge, ward 2 
Beck Hall. Quincy square, junction Main. 

Quincy and Harvard, ward 1 
Boyle's block, from 34 Charles, ward 3 
Brewer's block. Brattle square, ward 1 
Broadway block. Broadway, between Fifth 

and Main 
Brooks' building, 3G1 Main 

Buck's block, Seventh, corner Gore 

Buckley's Hall. 547 Main 

Burrage block. Bristol, between Hampshire 

and Webster avenue 
Butler's block, r. 10 Charles Liver, wd. 1 
Central square building. Green, ward 4 
Chronicle Building, 573 Main. opp. Pearl 
City building. Brattle square, ward 1 
City Hall. 330 Main, ward 4 
Clark's block. 497 Main 
Concordia Hall, 200 Cambridge 
Conservatory Hall, 4 Lee, corner Main 
Court House, Third, corner Otis, E. C 



Douglass block. Main, corner Essex 

Emerson's block, foot of Crescent av., wd. 5 

Eelton building, Trowbridge, c. Cambridge 

Fiske's block, 423 to 439 Main 

Forester's Hall, 230 Cambridge 

Foster's block. 87 Main 

Goldsmith's Hall, 89 Cambridge 

Good Templars' Hall, 149 North avenue 

Gothic Hall, Orchard, cor. Allen, ward 5 

Grant building, 623 Main 

G. A. R. Half (post 30), 573 Main 

G. A. R. Hall (post 56), Palmer, c. Brattle 

G. A. R. Hall (post 57), 115* Cambridge. 

Hannum block. 114 Broadway, n. G. J. R.R. 

Harugari Hall, Sixth, corner Spring 

Harvard or little's block, 466 Harvard. 

corner Dunster 
Hawkins block, Charles, east of Third 
Henderson hlock. North av.. opp. YValden 
Hilton block. 42-1 Harvard, cor. Linden, 

and 448 Harvard, cor. Holyoke 
Hixon's hlock. 57 & 59 Portland 
House of Correction, Thorndike, near 

Third, East Cambridge 
Hovey's block. 402 Main 
Hyde's block. Main. Central square 
Independence Hall, rear 55 Norfolk 
Inman building, Cambridge, between Bea- 
con and Springfield 
Institute Hall, 107 Cambridge 
Jordan's block, rear 12 Broadway 
Kernan block, rear 13 to 17 Charles River 
Knights of Honor Hall, 89 Cambridge 
Lechmere bank building, Cambridge, cor- 
ner Second 
Lechmere block, Bridge, junc. Cambridge 
Lechmere bldg., Cambridge, junc. Bridge 
Linehan, block, Third, near Winter 
Lyceum building. Harvard sq.. c. Brattle 
Lyceum Hall. Lyceum bldg.. Harvard sq. 
Lyceum Hall. Henderson block. North ave. 
Main block, Main, corner Pearl 
Masonic block. Main, near Temple 
Masonic Hall, 89 Cambridge. E. Cambridge 
Masonic Hall. 633 Main. Cambridgeport 
Melledge's block. Main, cor. Norfolk 
Moore's block, Mt. Auburn, cor. Charles 
Liver and Main, corner Trowbridge 

Moore's building. 6 and 8 Brattle 

Odd Fellows' Hall. 15 Brattle Cambridge 

Odd Fellows' Hall. 83 Cambridge, E. C. 

Odd Fellows' Hall, 240 North avenue, 
North Cambridge 

Odd Fellows' Hall. 583 Main, Cambridgep't 

Odd Fellows' Hall. 539 Main. Cambrideport 

Pelham Hall. 603 Main 

Phi Beta Kappa Hall. 15 Brattle 

Porter's Hall. Porter's Hotel 

Potter's block. 1ST to 199 North avenue 

Pythian Hall. Hyde's block, 603 Main 

Ramsay's building, 1 Brattle 

Bobbins' block, 1 to 10 Prospect 

Boberts' block, 15 Brattle 

Roberts' Hall. 15 Brattle 

Rogers' block, junction Main and Washing- 
ton and Brewery 

Boiling Mill block, Bristol, between Berk- 
shire and Portland 

Saunders' block, 38 and 42 North avenue 

Shea's block, 151 to 155 Bridge 

Shepherd's block, 9 Charles River 

Smart's building, rear 380 Main 

Social Union Hall. 15 Brattle 

Sons of Temperance Hall, Lechmere bank 
building, Cambridge. East Cambridge 

Sovereign's Hall, 573 Main 

Squire's block, Squire's ct., from 164 Gore 

State Arsenal. Chauncy. cor. Concord av. 

Stratton's block, Cambridge, near Fifth 

Swinev's block, Gore, near Fifth 

Symond's block. 24 DeWolf 

Temperance Hall, Union square, North 

Templars' Hall, 548 Main 

Temple block, Main, corner Temple 

Temple Hall. (J31 Main 

Union Hall, 631 Main, corner Temple 

Watson block. 560 Main 

Welch's block, North, opp. N. E. Glass 

Wellington Hall, Pearl 

Wheatiand's blk., Cambridge, junc. Bridge 

Whitney's block. 465 Main 

Whitney's building, Brattle square 

Woodbury's building, Otis 


Alumni Hall, junction Kirkland, Quincy 

and Cambridge. 1874 
Appleton Chapel, College yard. 1856 
Astronomical Observatory, Garden, oppo- 
site Linnaean 1846 
Austin Hall. Holmes place. 1882 
Botanic Garden. Garden, c. Linnsean, 1805 
Boylston Hall. College yard, 1857 
Burnham Hall (Ep.Theo. Sem. Brattle. L879 
College House. 1 to 13 Harvard row, 1846 
Dane Hall. College yard. 1832 
Divinity Hall. Divinity avenue, 1726 
Gore Hall. College yard, 1838 

Gray's Hall, College yard, 1863 
Harvard Hall. College yard, 1766 
Hemenway Gymnasium, junction Kirkland 

and Holmes place, 1878 
Holden Chapel. College yard 1724 
Hollis Hall. College yard, 1763 
Holworthy Hall. College yard, 1812 
Holyoke House, 450 to 458 Harvard. 1871 
Lawrence Hall. Brattle, near Mason. 1873 
Lawrence Scientific School. Kirkland, 

corner Holmes place, 1848 
Massachusetts Hall, College yard, 1720 
Matthews Hall, College yard, 1870 



Museum of Comparative Zoology, Divinity 

avenue and Oxford, 1859 
Peabody Museum of Archaeology, Divinity 

avenue, 1877 
Sever Hall, College yard, 1878 

Stoughton Hall, College yard, 1805 
Thayer Hall, College yard, 1869 
University Hall, College yard, 1812 
Wadsworth House, College yard, 1726 
Weld Hall, College yard, 1871 


Bent's George H., 168 Main 

Boynton's, 48 Bridge, East Cambridge 

Brooks, 221 Bridge 

City, 18-1 Main 

College, foot of Dunster 

Day M., 132 Main, Lower Port 

Gale G. W., 69 Main 

Gas House, foot of Bath, -ward 1 

Gas House, Third, near Broad canal 

Gore, Third, next gas-house 

Hall's foot of East street, E. Cambridge 

Hastings', East, near Bridge, E. Cambridge 

Holmes & Rugg's, 166 River 

Holt's, East, near Bridge, E. Cambridge 
N. E. Glass House, foot of Nortli 
Revore Sugar Refinery, foot of Water 
Sanborn's, 68 Bridge, East Cambridge 
Sargent's, foot of Charles River 
Smith's, 180 Main 
Towers, rear 139 Broadway 
Warren, Bridge St., next to Craigie bridge 
Wellington Austin C, 5 Broadway 
Wellington H. & Co., 28 Bridge 
Winthrop, foot of DeWolf 
Wood William H. & Co. , 13 Broadway 
Wyman's, 84 Bridge 


Cambridge, Coolidge av..n. Watertown line 
Catholic, Spruce, opposite Jackson 
Mount Auburn, Mount Auburn street, 
near Watertown line 

Old Burying Ground, ward 1, North ave- 
nue, opposite College Grounds, B. F. 
Wyeth, superintendent 


Brookline street, from foot Brookline, 
Cambridgeport, to Boston 

Cambridge street, from River street, Cam- 
bridgeport, to Brighton District 

Canal or Craigie, from Cambridge street, 
East Cambridge, to Boston 

North Harvard street, from Boylston 

street, Cambridge, to Brighton district 
Prison Point, from Prison Point road, East 

Cambridge, to Charlestown 
West Boston, from Main street, Cambridge- 
port, to Boston 
Western avenue, from Western avenue, 
Cambridgeport, to Brighton district 


WARD 1. Beginning at the boundary 
line, between Cambridge and Belmont, on 
Concord avenue, thence by the centre of 
Concord avenue to Bond street, thence by 
the centre of Bond street to Garden street, 
thence by the centre of Garden street to 
Shepard ' street, thence by the centre of 
Shepard street to North avenue, thence 
by the centre of North avenue to Sacra- 
mento staeet, thence by the centre of Sac- 
ramento street to the boundary line be- 
tween Cambridge and Somerville, thence 
by said boundary line to a point which 
would be struck by the central line of 
Dana street, if extended northerly to said 
boundarv line, thence by a line to Dana 


street, and by the centre of Dana street to 
Main street, thence by the centre of Main 
street to Mount Auburn street, thence by 

the centre of Mount Auburn street to Put- 
nam avenue, thence by the centre of Put- 
nam avenue, to Western avenue, thence by 
the centre of Western avenue to the bound- 
ary line between Cambridge and Brighton, 
thence by said boundary line to the bound- 
ary line between Cambridge and Water- 
town, thence by the last-mentioned bound- 
ary line to the boundary line between 
Cambridge and Belmont, thence by the 
last mentioned boundary line to the point 
begun at. 



WARD 2. Beginning at the boundary 
line between Cambridge and Somerville, 
at a point which would be struck by the 
central line of Dana street, if extended 
northerly to said boundary line, thence by 
a line to Dana street, and by the centre of 
Dana .street to Main street, thence through 
tho centre of Main street to Norfolk street, 
thence by the centre of Norfolk street to 
Washington street, thence by the centre 
of Washington street, to the junction of 
Washington and Main streets, thence by 
a line at a right angle, southerly, to the 
water, thence by the water to the mouth 
of Broad canal, thence by the centre of 
Broad canal to North canal, thence by 
the centre of North canal, and northerly, 
in a line continued therefrom, to the bound- 
ary line between Cambridge and Somerville, 
thence by said boundary line to the point 
begun at 

WARD 8. Beginning at the mouth of 
Broad Canal thence by the centre of Broad 
canal to North Canal, thence by the centre 
of North canal, and northerly, in a line 
continued therefrom, to the boundary 
line between Cambridge and Somerville, 
thence by said boundary line to the 
waters of Charles river, thence by the 
water to the point begun at. 

WARD 4- Beginning at the boundary 
line between Cambridge and Brighton, on 
Western avenue thence through the cen- 
tre of Western avenue to Putnam avenue, 
thence through the centre of Putnam ave- 
nue to Mount Auburn street, thence 
through the centre of Mount Auburn 
street to Main street, thence through the 
centre of Main street to Norfolk street, 
to Washington street, thence through the 
centre of Washington street to the junc- 
tion of Washington and Main streets, 
thence by a line at a right angle, southerly, 
to the water, thence by the water to the 
point begun at. 

WARD 5. Beginning at the boundary 
line between Cambridge and Belmont, on 
Concord avenue, thence by the centre of 
Concord avenue to Bond street, thence by 
the centre of Bond street to Garden street, 
thence by the centre of Garden street to 
Shepard street, thence by the centre of 
Shepard street to North avenue, thence 
by the centre of North avenue to Sacra- 
mento street, thence by the centre of Sac- 
ramento street to the boundary line be- 
tween Cambridge and Somerville, thence 
by said boundary line to the boundary 
line between Cambridge and Arlington, 
thence by the said last-mentioned boundary 
line to the peint begun at. 

W, A, Greenough & Co,, 



31 Mi Street, 







American Railway Manual and Supply Directory $+.00 

Augusta, Hallo-well and Gardiner Directory 2.00 

Bangor City Directory 1 .50 

Bath. Brunswick and Richmond Directory 1.50 

Biddeford and Saco Directory 1 .50 

Boston Business Directory (annually) 1.50 

Boston & Maine Railroad Business Directory 2.50 

Boston and Providence Railroad Directory 2.50 

Brockton and Bridgewaters Director}' 2.00 

Brookline Directory 1 .50 

Cambridge City Directory (annually) . . . 2.50 

Concord City Directory 1.50 

Eastern and Maine Central Railroads Business Directory 2.50 

Haverhill City Directory 2.00 

Lewiston and Auburn Directory 2.00 

Maiden and Everett Directory . . 2.00 

Massachusetts Cities Business Director}- 2.50 

Merrimack River Directory 2.00 

Milford Directory 1.50 

Kashas City Directory 2.00 

Natick Directory 1.50 

New Bedford City Directory 2.00 

Portland Director}' (annually) in company with B. Thurston & Co.. Portland. 2.00 

Portsmouth City Directory 1 .50 

Rockland, Belfast, and Camden Directory 2.00 

Somerville City Directory 2.00 

United States Iron, Hardware, and Metal Trades Directory 5.00 

Waltham and Watertown Directory 1.50 

Boston Street and Avenue Director}- 10 


Bowdoin Building. 31 Milk Street, Room 39, Boston. 

Use the Elevator. 

W. A. GKEENOUGH & CO. Editors and Publishers. 



J. A. HOLMES & CO., 


Cor. Main & Magazine Sts., Cambridgeport. 

Superior Family Flour Milled from Choicest Selections of Wheat. 

Best New Formosa, Japan & English Breakfast Teas. 


Steam Machine Carpel Cleaners, 


Mattresses, Feather Beds, Etc., Re-made and Steam Renovated. 

61 3 Main St., next door to Post Office, Cambridgeport, Mass. 

Orders by Mail Promptly Attended to. Telephone 7136. 


Kalsomining, Whitening <(• Tinting without moving Carpets 
or Furniture, 

Keene, Portland and Common Cementing. All Kinds of Jobbing Promptly Attended to. 


ORDER BOXES : 153 North Avenue, No. Cambridge, Fred L. Drew's. Union Square, Somer- 

ville, H. W. Raymond's. 
LETTER BOX: 22, Sawin's Express Office, Harvard Square, Cambridge. 

336 Beacon Street, SOMERVILLE. 




SYsters. ' r ^ * 

908 Main St. 





Ab., above: as:t., agent; B88t., assistant; av.. avenue; b. or bds., boards: bet., between; bide., building; 
blk., block; (B.), Boston; B & L. R. R., Boston & Lowell Railroad; Cambridge R. R. Co., 
Cambridge Railroad Co.; Charles R. R. Co., Charles River Railway Co.; com. mer., commission mer- 
chant ; cor cor., corner; tit., court; C. W. W., Cambridge Wafer" Works; Ep. Theo. School, Episco- 
pal Theological School; h. house 1 ; II. U., Harvard University; lab., laborer; L. P. Lower Poi-t; mkr., 
maker; nmlr., manufacturer; n.,near; opp., opposite; pi., place; P. O., Post Office; pre?., president; 
rd., road; Rev., Reverend; r., rear; st., street; sec, secretary; sq., square; supt., superintendent; 
(areas., treasurer^ U. E. S. Co., Union Electric Signal Co.: U. S. A., United States Army; U. S. X., 
United States Navy; whf., wharf; whol.. wholesale; wid., widow. Where the name of a "corporation, 
factory or firm appear* immediately alter the name, it indicates the place of business. Alter the name 
of the street, the word street is omitted. 




AARON LEWIS (Aaron & Parker), cigar 

maker. 513 Main, house 40 Winsor 
Aaron Mary J., nurse, house 25 Mt. Auburn 
Aaron Moss, cigar maker, h. 10 Harrison 
Aaron & Parker (Lewis Aaron and Frederic 
C. Parker), cigars and tobacco, 513 
Main [block. Main 

Aaronson Fred, coppersmith, h. 1 Rogers' 
Abajian Jacob, lumper, 1G2 Broadway, h. 

1 10 Auburn 
Abbot Anne W. Miss, bds. 23 Berkeley 
Abbot Ezra, Bussey Prof, of New Testa- 
ment Criticism and Interpretation H. 
U.. house 23 Berkolev 
Abbot Francis E.. teacher, h. 6 Larch 
Abbot George AV., tobacco com. mer. (21 

Central wharf, B.), h. 294 Harvard 
Abbot Sophia L. Mrs., h. 294 Harvard 
Abbott Adeline Mrs., h. 25 Sparks-st., ct. 
Abbott Albion F., polisher, h. 4£ Essex 
Abbott Brazilian C, coffin maker, 203 

Bridge, house at South Boston 
Abbott Chas. H.. clerk, 148 North ave., 

bds. Porter's Hotel 
Abbott Charles L., counsellor-at-law (48 
Congress, room 22 B.), bds. 28G Pearl 
Abbott Edward Rev., pastor St. James 
church, house 11 Dana 

Abbott Edward M. Mrs., h. 7 Chauncy 
Abbott Elizabeth C., wid. of Jesse B., h. 

rear 49 Clark 
Abbott Ezra, building mover, h. 31 Winsor 
Abbott Frank E., express driver Adams 

Express (40 Court B.), bds. 31 Winsor 
Abbott Horatio X.. engineer, 203 Bridge, 

house 154 Cambridge 
Abbott John K., real estate (22 Tremont 

Row, B.), h. 8 Fairmont avenue 
Abbott John P., printer (Water. B.), house 

431 Cambridge [169 Norfolk 

Abbott John W., foreman 573 Main, house 
Abbott Levi, machinist, h. 280 Pearl 
Abbott Lucy K. Mrs., boarding-house, 5 

Dickinson [Winsor 

Abbott S. Elizabeth, wid. of Chas. S., h. 32 
Abbott Warren, at 203 Bridge, bds. 154 

Abele Joseph, hairdresser, 337 Main, b. do. 
Abercrombie Boiling G. salesman, (Provi- 
dence, R. I.), bds. 26 Brattle 
Abercrombie Sarah G., widow of Milo B., 

house 26 Brattle 
Abercrombie Talulah G. Miss, teacher 

Lowell-st. primary school, b. 26 Brattle 
Abercrombie Winona Miss, teacher Cush- 

ing street primary school, boards 26 







Aberle F., currier Miiller Bros., boards. 440 
North are. 

Aberle Henry, salesman, (88 North. B.), 
boards Mrs. Jacob Aberle's, off Eighth 

Aberle Jacob Mrs., house off Eighth, near 
Spring [Spring 

Aberle Jacob jr., cooper, h. Eighth, corner 

Aberle John, cooper, boards Mrs. Jacob 
Aberle's, Eighth [Eighth 

Aberle Philip, boards Mrs. Jacob Aberle's, 

Abrahams Henry, cigar maker, h. 6 Decatur 

Abroe Mary A., widow of Francis, house 
171 Franklin 

Achenback Charles, shade painter, 15 
Blanche, bds. 117 Harvard 

Acheson Henry, laborer, h. 22 Pioneer ave. 

Ackman Arthur, molder, 356 Main 

Ackman Otto, molder. 356 Main 

Ackers Charles II., bookbinder. 7 Brattle, 
boards 16 Jay [16 Jay 

Ackers John L. P.. painter -100 Main, h. 

Adams Adelbert A., trav. salesman (21 
Lincoln, B.), house 288£ Broadway 

Adams Asbury, molder. II. M. Bird, Pel- 
ham, bds.' 1 (50 Main 

Adams Caroline M., widow of Reuben A. 
boards Porter's Hotel [Cambridge 

Adams Charles E., key finisher, house 110 

Adams diaries J., deputy jailer and master 
House of Correction, Thorndike, cor. 
Third, house do. 

Adams Charles O., fireman (P. O. Boston), 
house 58 Auburn [Charlestown 

Adams Chas. P., painter, B. & L. R.R., b. at 

Adams Charles W., bookkeeper W. P. Sar- 
gent & Co. (14 Sudbury, Boston), 
house -112 Broadwav 

Adams Ella M. Mrs., house 1 Pine 

Adams Edward F., bookkeeper (39 Frank- 
lin, B.), house 80 Thorndike 

Adams Ellen A., widow, house 51 Green 

Adams Fred'k, at Riverside Press office, 
rooms 22 Lake 

Carpet Beating Co. (228 Cambridge, 

B.), house 32 Tremont 
Adams F. W., driver Cambridge R.R. Co. 
Adams George B., solar printer, (Hay ward 

pi. B.), boards 10 Shepard 

house 154 Cambridge 
Adams Georgianna, stenographer, 502 Main, 

house at Boston Highlands 
Adams Harry B., broker, (9 Milk, B), bds. 

2 Walnut ave. 
Adams James, laborer, h. 54£ Winter 
Adams Jas. II., teamster, h. 101 Broadway 
Adams John P.. gas fixtures, 12 Harvard 

row, house 10 Shepard 
Adams John T., laborer, h. 50 Portland 
Adams Joseph M., whalebone-worker (24 

Lincoln, B.), house 4 Tufts 
Adams J. Gedney, bookkeeper. (65 Black- 
stone, B.), house 8 Wallace 
Adams Lizzie Mrs., house end of Bennett 

Adams Lizzie A. Miss, h. 17 Winthrop 
Adams Mary A., widow of James Q., 

boarding-house 42 River 
Adams Maurice H., machinist, house rear 

152 Cambridge 
Adams Peter, printer, University Press, 

house 1 Snow place 
Adams Sophia, house 9 Day 
Adams Theodore P., teacher High school, 

house at Boston 
Adams Walter H. , hairdresser, (Revere ' 

House. B.), house 124 Pearl 
Adams William, cutter, (28 Summer, B.) 

house 46 Prospect 
Adams William R. (Adams & Lincoln), 

dry goods, 98 Cambridge, h. 133 do. 
Adams & Lincoln (William R. Adams and 

Alfred Lincoln), dry goods, 98 Camb. 
A. D. Club. 14 Dunster 
Adelstine John G. , cigar maker, 35 Pearl, 

house 12 Suffolk 
Adler George, tailor, opp. 415 Broadway, 

house Spring, near Second 
Agassiz Alexander, curator Museum of 

Comparative Zoology II. U., and (19 

Pemberton sq., B.), house 3G Quincy 
Agassiz Elizabeth C, widow of Louis,. 

house 36 Quincy 
Agassiz George R., student II. U., rooms 

39 Matthews Hall [bridge 

Agnew Laurence, polisher, h. 39l| Cam- 
Ahearn Bridget, widow, h. 169 Norfolk 
Ahearn David, house 29 Cambridge 
Ahearn Dennis, baker, 502 Main, house 

45 Amory 
Ahearn Dennis, laborer, bds. 29 Cambridge 
Ahearn Jeremiah, periodicals, etc., 34 

River, house at Boston 
Ahearn Jeremiah C, marble-cutter, h. 18 

Railroad 1 do 

Ahearn Maggie E. Miss, clerk, 3 Austin, b. 
Ahearn Marv, widow of Dennis, house 200 

Ahearn Maurice, laborer, house 149 Dublin 
Ahearn Maurice, laborer, h. r. 36 Harvard 
Ahearn Maurice J., house Hotel Went- 

worth, 9 Essex 
Ahearn Michael, laborer, b. 29 Cambridge 
Ahearn Richard A., horse shoer, boards 200 

Dublin [Jefferson 

Ahearn Thomas, marble worker, house 41 
Ahearn Timothy, baker, h. 170 Franklin 
Ahearn, see "Hearn 
Ahern Dennis G., brick layer, house 3 

Shepherd's block, Charles River 
Ahern Michael, brick layer, housa 2 Em- 
mons place 
Ahern, see Ahearn, also O'Hearn 
Ah Hong, laundryman, 523 Main, h. do. 
Aigin L. cabinet maker, 44 Cambridge 
Aigin Michael, junk dealer, h. 88 Fifth 
Aigin, see Eagan. also Egan 
Aiken Charles H., clerk, 360 Cambridge, 

boards 152 Spring 


Wholesale and Retail. 





Aiken Fred J. milk dealer, b. 152 Spring 
Aiken Hannah Mrs., house 39 Fourth 
Aiken Joseph M. (Aiken & Woodard), 360 

Cambridge, house 152 Spring 
Aiken & Woodard (Joseph M. Aiken and 

Jonas Woodard), charcoal, hay, etc., 

3G0 Cambridge 
Aikens Anthony, coachman, h. 60 Hastings 
Ainslee J., molder, H. M. Bird, Pelham 
Akarman John X., supt. Charles River 

Railway Co., 484 Main, house Foster, 

cor. Tennyson, Somerville 
Akerly Edward, teamster, b. 32 Orchard 
Akerman George, machinist. 2 Albany, h. 

59 Pearl 
Akerman M. Louise Miss, teacher Riverside 

primary school, boards !• Sumner 
Alary Louis, hairdresser, 427 Main, house 

186 Green 

AL.BEE SllIXEB, overseer of the 
poor and attorney-at-law. (30 Court, 

rooms 13 and 14. B.), house 30 Essex 
Albert Chas. <r.. safe maker. 17 Main 
Alberts Albert, laborer, house 131 Third 
Alberts Clement P.. house 86 Fifth 
Alberts Frank, laborer, boards 131 Third 
Alby Andrew, eook. h. rear 64 Charles 
Alden Charles A.. (North, cor. Blackstone, 

B.), boards 78 Hancock 
Alden George A., commission merchant, 

rubber and gutta percha (167 Congress, 

B.), house :517 Harvard 
Alden George L., mason, h. 29 Pleasant 
Alden Geo. W. A. (W. R. Alden & Son), 

plasterer, boards 19 Hen 
Alden G. Edwin, clerk (167 Congress, B.), 

boards :i 1 7 Harvard 
Alden Louisa, M. Mrs., dressmaker, 471 

Main, house do. 
Alden Oliver, painter, Camb. R.R. Co., 

house Dudley, near North ave. 
Alden Sophia 1).. widow of Elbridge G., 

house 78 Hancock 
Alden Thomas, bookbinder, h. 52 Elm 
Alden Wm. F., fly finisher, 162 Broadway, 

house 21 Essex 
Alden Wm. R. ( W. R. Alden & Son), plas- 
terer, house 19 Hewes 
Alden W. R. & Son (Wm. R. and Geo. W. 

A. Alden), plasterers and brick-la\er>. 

l'J Hewes [47 Clark 

Alderson Sarah P., widow of Andrew, h. 
Aldrich Ambrose, produce com. mer. (5 

Merchants* row. B.), house 6 Day 
Aldrich Ambrose D., salesman (5 Merchants' 

row. B.), boards 6 Day 
Aldrich Edwin H.. bookkeeper, 243 Broad- 
way, house 120 Austin 
Aldrich Eliza, widow of Thomas S., boards 

16£ Clark 
Aldrich Frank, starch, etc. (58 Kilby, B.), 

house Washington avenue, corner 

Arlington [119 Green 

Aldrich Henry C, bookbinder (B.), boards 

Aldrich Isam, wood turner, 131 Broadwav, 

boards 122 do. [Green 

Aldrich Sybil B.. widow of Paul F., h. 75 
Alexander Abram, crockery and groceries, 

('44 Main, house 112 Green 
Alexander Aroline Mrs., h. 141 Mt. Auburn 
Alexander Daniel, laborer, house 93 Elm 
Alexander Geo. E.. trimmer, 162 Broadway, 

house at Maiden 
Alexander Giles R., carpenter, house 3 

Rogers' block. Main [96 Columbia 

Alexander John, machinist, 17 Main, house 
Alexander Joseph, machinist, 72 Main 

boards 9 Broadway [Main 

Alexander J. Scott, police station 2, h. 520 
Alexander Lvdia, widow of James, h. rear 

69 B rattle 
Alexander Margaret, widow of John, dress- 
maker, house 97 Western avenue 
Alexander Mary. wid. of Hugh. h. 3 Green 
Alexander Ruth A., widow of George, h. 

4 Roger*' block. Main 
Alexander Thomas Mrs., music teacher, 

house 10 Wendell 
Alexander Thomas, printer. University 

Press, house 10 Wendell 
Alexandrian P.. machinist. 72 Main 

A I,C> 1-: It ALPHEl'S B., lawyer 
and bail commissioner (23 Court, B.), 
1). E. A. Alger's. Mt. Vernon 
Alger Amanda M., teacher Riverside prim- 
ary M-liool, boards E. A. Alger's, 
Mount Vernon 
UGER EDWIN A., lawyer (23 
j\. Court, B.), 'house Mount Vernon 
Alger Morton, house 33 Sacramento 
Alger Stanley D., fireman P. R.R., boards 

AM. llilTIta SmOX, soup mnfr., 
Main. opp. Portland, house oG Norfolk 

Alkern Robert, boot and shoe maker, 
Spring, cor. Fourth, house do. 

Allan Thomas, machinist, 356 Main, house 
rear 28 Front 

Allan, see Allen, also Allyn 

Allard Alonzo, carpenter, h. 119 Harvard 

Allard Chas. X.. laborer, h. 128 Harvard 

Allard D. A., driver Camb. R.R. Co. 

Allard F. E., conductor, Camb. R.R. Co. 

Allen Albert F. (Morrill & Allen), steam 
engines, etc., 'doij Main, house 250 

Allen Alexander V. G.. professor Eccle- 
siastical History. Episcopal Theological 
School, house 2 Phillips place 

Allen Ann. widow, house 11 Fifth 

Allen Caleb C. office 356 Main, honse 26 

Allen Catherine, 

Allen Charles G 
69 Brattle 

, clerk, 

house 155 Pearl 
(112 State, B.), b. 
[bds. 24 Holyoke 
Allen Dana, driver. Cambridge R.R. Co., 
Allen Daniel, boiler maker. 92 Main, bds. 
175 Main 




Allen Edgar H., machinist, 72 Main, house 

10 Tufts 
Allen Edmund J., painter, h. 33 Market 
Allen Elizabeth, widow of George S., house 

Lambert avenue, 6th on right 
Allen Elizabeth Miss, bds. 29 Everett 
Allen Fannie Miss, teacher Otis primary 

school, boards 11 Fifth 
Allen Frank A., Oriental Tea Co. (85 

Court, B.), house 263 Harvard 
Allen Fred D., prof. H. U.,h. 18 Sumner 
Allen Frederick, machinist (B.), h. 2-1 Vine 
Allen George, foreman (18 P. 0. sq., B.), 

house 4 Charles River 
Allen George, trav. agt., house 109 Otis 
Allen George, provisions, 157 Harvard, h. 

at Boston [Donald, b. 10 Brewer 

Allen George A., marble cutter A. Mc- 
Allen George W., expressman Lyceum 

building, Harvard row, house 25 Cow- 

Allen Henry, butcher, bds. 198 Cambridge 
Allen Henry G. Mrs., house 14 Ware 
Allen Henry AV., wines, liquors, etc. (27 

No. Market, B.), house 29 Suffolk 
Allen Herbert D., stock clerk, 162 Broad- 

Avay. house 155 Brookline 
Allen James, clerk, 6 Gore, bds. do. 
Allen James, laborer, house 2 Hastings 
Allen James, waiter, bds. 42 Hastings 
Allen James H. Mrs., bds. 108 Prospect 
Allen Jane M., widow of Wilkes, house 

69 Brattle 
Allen Jeremiah, junk, house 2 Willow 
Allen Joel A. , asst. in Ornitfiology Museum 

of Comparative Zoology, H. U., house 

Allen Joseph, teamster, bds. 180 Main 
Allen Joseph H. , clergyman, h. 5 Garden 
Allen J., carver, 54 Bridge 
Allen J. Addison, house 259 Broadway 
Allen Kate A., widow of John C, house 

155 Pearl [6 River 

Allen Lavinna T. , widow of Webster, house 
Allen Lydia A., widow of Avery T., house 

56 Austin 
Allen Mary, widow of James, h. 174 Green 
Allen Mary, widow of Jonathan, house 7 

Allen Matthew, laborer, house 178 Green 
Allen Nathan L., apothecary, 155 North 

avenue, house Lambert avenue, 6th 

on right 

AEEEN OSCAR F., bookkeeper, 
Cambridge Savings Bank, 2 Harvard 
row, house 42 Hamilton 
Allen Richard B., house 53 Oxford 
Allen Robert, glass-cutter, bds. 11 Fifth 
Allen Simon, engineer, house 20 Willow 
Allen Simon, lumper, 162 Broadway, house 

30 Davis 
Allen Susan C. Miss, h. 56 Austin 
Allen Thomas, laborer, house rear 1 Nor- 
folk court 

Allen Thomas, Mrs., house 177£ Harvard 
Allen William H. B., house 13 Market 
Allen William M., paper ruler (31 Milk, 

room 38, B.), house 189 Cambridge 
Allen Win. T., clerk, bds. 1774 Harvard 
Allen, see Allan, also Allyn [Thorndike 
Alley Elliot E., upholsterer, house 73 
Alley W. Frank, traveling salesman, 503 

Main, boards 7 Upton 
Allison George A., flour, (3 Commercial, 

B.), house 35 Cogswell avenue 
Allison William, box maker, h. r. 27 Gore 
Allnut Frederick G., dining-room, 13 

Brattle, house 13 Mellen 
Allyn Horace A., supt. of Cambridge Gas 

Light Co.'s Works, Third, house 471 

Broadway [471 Broadway 

Allyn Jane, widow of Edwin G., house 
Allyn Rebecca P. Mrs., h. 5 Berkeley 
Allyn William W., surveyor Cummings, 

Kenney & Co., house 104 Inman 
Almgren Lena, widow of Alexander, house 

2 Rogers' block, Washington 
Almorth Gustaf, telescope maker (B.), 

house 101 Brookline 
Almy Charles jr., asst. U. S., attorney, 

U. S. Court House (140 Tremont, B.), 

h. 17 Follen 
Almy Frederick, student H. U., boards 

17 Follen [68 Brookline 

Alphen Garrett, grease collector, house 
Alphen James, laborer William Reardon, 

house 7 Valentine 
Altimas John, baker Almshouse, house 

Tannery, 5th on left 
Altmiller August, tinsmith, h. 83 Sixth 
Ambos Leonard, wood-worker, 382 Main, 

bds. 22Peail 
Ambrose John L., first asst. clerk of courts, 

Court House, East Cambridge, house at 

Ambush Ann, widow, house 58 Washington 
Ambush Chas. S., porter, h. 58 Washington 
Amee Albert F., clerk, 5 Harvard sq., bds. 

894 Main 
IX Amee). stationery, etc., 5 Harvard sq. 
Amee Ellen, widow of John, h. 894 Main 
Amee John, clerk, 5 Harvard square, bds. 

894 Main [894 Main 

Amee Lucy A., widow of Jacob, house 
Amee William A. (Amee Bros.), station- 
ery, etc., 5 Harvard sq. , bds. 894 Main 
American Net and Twine Co., nets, seines 

and twines, Third, office (43 Commer- 
cial, Boston) 
American Rubber Company, Potter, and 

(59 Franklin B.) 

L. Damon, prop., 17 Main 
Ames Henry G. , action maker, 139 Broad- 
way, boards 23 Front 

PACH BROTHERS, ^xTbISPh^. photocraphers 




Ames James Barr, Bussey Prof, of Law, H. 

U.. house 9 Frisbie place 
Ames John G., carpenter, house 23 Front 
Ames Simon. 139 Broadway, b. 23 Front 
Ammidon Alfred P., bds. 62 Buckingham 
Ammidon Philip K.. 31 Milk room 35, (B.) 

house 02 Buckingham 
Ammidon Russell P.. salesman (169 Wash- 
ington, B.), boards 62 Buckingham 
Anderson Abby, widow of Mathew, house 
43 Bovlston 

ANDERSON ALFRED, carpenter, 
IB Soden, house 60 River 

Anderson Alice A., widow of J. F. house 
16 Centre 

Anderson Archibald, box maker Hazlett & 
Co.. house 56 Winter 

Anderson August, at 17 Main, house 6 Fos- 
ter's block, Baldwin place 

Anderson Charles, safe maker. 17 Main, h. 
5 Foster's block, rear 93 Main 

Anderson Charles, teamster, h. 6 South 

Anderson Charles A., piano maker. Ivers & 
Pond Piano Co., Albany, house at 
West Roxbury 

Anderson Charles E., safe maker, 17 Main, 
house 3 Baldwin place 

Anderson Charles E., clerk, 8£ Mount Au- 
burn, house 50 Trowbridge 

Anderson Edward C, clerk, 25 Bovlston, 
boards 48 do. [boards do. 

Anderson Elise, gardener, 11 Fayerweather, 

Anderson Elizabeth, widow of Benjamin, 
house 9 Seventh [10 Mt. Auburn 

Anderson Ellzaheth, widow of Charles, h. 

Anderson Ernest S., clerk, (B.), house 
47 Norfolk 

Anderson Frank, carpenter, h. r. 59 Winter 

Anderson Frank, at 17 Main, h. 3 Broadway 

Anderson Gustavea Mrs., boards .">7 Winsor 

Anderson Gustof, safe maker, 17 Main 

Anderson G., cabinet maker at A. H. Daven- 
port's, 44 Cambridge 

Anderson G. Frederick, boiler maker, 
Broadway, cor. Sixth, bds. at Boston 

Anderson Hans, helper, 17 Main, rooms 
193 do. [20 Flagg 

Anderson Harry, hairdresser, 4 Brattle, h. 

Anderson Ivan, cabinet maker, 44 Cambridge 

Anderson James, machinist, 72 Main, bds. 
11 Winsor 

Anderson James, boot maker, h.^6 Foster pi. 

Anderson James, carpenter, Palmer, near 
Church, house 15 Brewer 

Anderson James jr., carpenter, h. 12 Brewer 

Anderson James jr., teamster. W. T. Rich- 
ardson & Co., house 5 Otter 

Anderson Jas., laborer, h. 32 Charles River 

Anderson John, cabinet maker, house 62 
Broadway [h. 11 Revere 

Anderson John, clerk, 5 and 6 Harvard row, 

Anderson John, safe maker, 17 Main, h. 
04 Broadway [18 Harvard 

Anderson John C., safe maker, 17 Main, h. 

Anderson John L., safe maker, 17 Main, 

house 4 Washington 
Anderson M.. cabinet maker A. H. Daven- 
port, 44 Cambridge 
Anderson Nils, at 17 Main, house 161 do. 
Anderson Ole. cabinet maker, house 60 

Webster avenue 
Anderson Otto, piano action maker Albany, 

house 71 Washington 
Anderson Peter, carpenter, 153 Putnam 

avenue, house 164 Pleasant 
Anderson Pierre, ease makerTvera & Pond, 

Piano Co.. Albany, h. 62 Broadway 
Anderson Robert (Anderson & Belcher), 

fruit dealer, house 7 Gerry 
Anderson Samuel, safemaker. 17 Main 
Anderson Stephen, brass moulder (33 Haw- 
kins, B.), house 72 Spring 
Anderson Stephen jr., brass moulder (33 

Hawkins. B.), boards 72 Spring 
Anderson William, glass cutter, X. E. 

Glass Works, North, h. 114 Spring 
Anderson William. teamster, College 

wharf, house 16 Beaver 
Anderson William, printer (18 P. O. sq., 

B.), house Garden st. place 
Anderson William, safe maker. 17 Main 
Anderson William B., foreman, 17 Main, 

house at Melrose 
Anderson William L.. safe maker, 17 Main 
Anderson & Belcher (Robert Anderson and 

John E. Belcher), fruit dealers, 137 

Mount Auburn 
Andrews Ardelia A., widow of William H., 

house 7 Day 
Andrews D. Herbert, wrought iron bridges, 

Sixth, cor. Rogers (13 Pemb. sq. B.), 

house at Chelsea 
Andrews Forest H., driver Cambridge R.R. 

Co., rooms 14 Eliot 
Andrews George E., clerk (67 Summer, 

B.), boards 233£ Broadway 
Andrews John D., case maker, 262 Broad- 
way, house 233£ do. 
Andrews Launeelot W. , analytical chemist, 

house 419 Broadway 
.Andrews Mary E., teacher private school, 

29 Everett, boards do. 
' Andrews Mary E.. widow, h. 171 Winsor 
Andrews Robert M., painter, h. 20 Dunster 
Andrews Robert R., dentist, 432 Harvard, 

house 834 Main [Cushing 

Andrews William, gardener, h. Lawn. n. 
Andrews William A., piano action maker, 

113 Broadway, house Hotel Brooks 
Andros Henry S., apothecary, 641 Main 

house 11 Temple 
I Angell Stephen, boiler maker, 72 Main, 

house 161 Broadway 
Anglin Jas., laborer gas works, h. 34 Banks 
i Anglin John, laborer, house 4 Foster's blk,, 

87 Main 
Anglin Michael, laborer, gas works, house 

24 Flagg 




Anglin Sarah, widow, h. 26 Washington, 
corner Brewery [bds, 24 Inman 

Amiable John F., coffees (38 Broad, B.), 

Ansell Stephen H., painter, house 6 Rogers' 
block. Washington 

Anshelm John H., shoemaker, 158 Har- 
vard, house do. 

Anshelm Louis J., wood printer, 3 Hamp- 
sliire, house 189 Broadway 

Ansley John D., molder H. M. Bird, Pel- 
ham, house 46 do [at Charlestown 

Anstey Harry <T., granite cutter, 43 Main, h. 

Anthony Peter, clerk, 242 North avenue, 
boards 2 Mead [860 Main 

Anthony William A. (69 Purchase B.), h. 

Apel Frederick, currier, house 25 Sixth 

Appleby George A., action maker, 137 
Broadway, boards 21 School 

Appleby Mark H. , laborer, house 21 School 

eler, 571 Main. h. 178 Putnam av. 
Applegate Chas. H., salesman (450 Wash- 
ington. B.), boards 178 Putnam av. 
Appleton Charles T. P., shoes (13 Court, 

B), house 57 Dana 
Appleton C. Frank, boots and shoes (13 
Court B.). house 3 Ellsworth avenue 

APPLETON JOHN H., counselor- 
at-law (23 Court, B.), h. 361 Harvard 
Appleton Warren J., sign painter (292 

Washington, B.), house 12 Cottage 
Applin Clarence S., salesman (27 Sudbury, 

B.) house 131 North avenue 
Applin Delia Miss, house 7 Dover 

APPL.IN SUMNER (Shaw, Applin 
& Co.). furniture mnfr., 54 Bridge and 

(27 Sudbury, B.), h. 131 North avenue 
Apsey William S. Rev., pastor North Cam- 
bridge Baptist Society, house 11 

Cogswell avenue 
Apthorp Harrison O., h. 17 Putnam av. 
Apthorp Helen, Avidow of Harrison 0., h. 

17 Putnam avenue 
Apts W. W., safe maker, 17 Main 
Arakelyan Jacob J. , printer (226 Franklin, 

house 9 Park 
Archambeau Alfred, house 87 Wendell 
Archdale William C, express messenger, 

house 513 Main 
Archibald Robert, machinist, h. 179 Main 
Archibald William D., photographer, house 

120 Spring 
Arenstrup A. , cabinet maker, 384 Main 
Arentzen James W., piano maker Ivers & 

Pond, Piano Co., Albany, house at 

Hyde Park 
Arey Reuben, leather (39 High, B.), house 

Washington avenue, near Arlington 
Arkerson Francis, rope maker, house 88 

Webster avenue 
Arkerson George W., bookkeeper (53 Dev- 
onshire, room 4, B.), h. 85 River 
Arkerson Leonard, rope mnfr. (Western 

avenue, Brighton), h. 85 River 

Arkerson Rocelia C. Mrs., variety store, 77 

Pleasant, house 67 Washington 
Arkerson Win. H., rope maker, house 67 

AVestern avenue 
Arms Jennie M., teacher (B.), bds. 73 Otis 
Armstead Chaney, wid. h. r. 358 Broadway 
Armstrong Arthur, livery stable, 106 Oxford, 
Armstrong Charles (Armstrong & Co.), 

lithographer, Riverside Press, house 

at Allston [Spring 

Armstrong Frank, organ maker, b. 146 
Armstrong Henrietta A., widow of John, 

house 464 Main 
Armstrong Irwin, janitor Riverside school, 

house 16 Hayes court' 
Armstrong Jane, wid. of James, h. 25 Mill 
Armstrong Janet I. , wid. of Richard, h. 10 

Armstrong Jas., laborer, h. 21 Valentine 
Armstrong James, tinsmith, h. 286 Pearl 
Armstrong J., feeder, Cambridge R.R. Co. 
Armstrong Osman S., bookbinder Riverside 

Press, house 56 Trowbridge 
Armstrong Thomas, spar maker, h. 71 Third 
Armstrong William, marble worker, house 

Chestnut Park 
Armstrong & Co. (Charles Armstrong), 

lithographers Riverside Press 
Arnaud Wm. S., superintendent P. O., 

611 Main, house 41 Hamilton 
Arno John, grocer, 46 Auburn, house 

31 Brookline [210 Cambridge 

Arnold Annie E., widow of Charles H., h. 
Arnold Edward L. , leather com. merchant, 

(65 High, B.), bds. 741 Main 
Arnold Elbridge W. , bookkeeper, 120 Port- 
land, house r. 152 Prospect 
Arnold Erban E., clerk (32 Bedford, B.), 

boards 5 Park 
Arnold George, nurse, house 46 North av. 
Arnold George A., asst. librarian Law 

School, H. U., house 713 Cambridge 
Arnold George F., asst. in library, H. U., 

house 3 James 
Arnold G., hostler, Cambridge R-R. Co. 
Arnold James L., elk., 337 Main, b. 1 State 
Arnold Jane Miss, dressmaker, house 94 

Auburn [U. , h. 10 Frisbie pi 

Arnold John H. , librarian Law School H. 
Arnold John L., boards 3 State [State 

Arnold Joseph O. sawyer, 386 Main, bds. 3 
Arnold Joseph W., salesman (123 Pearl, 

Boston), house 5 Park 
Arnold Samuel S., leather (14 Matthews, 

Boston), house 741 Main 
Arnold Thomas, carpenter, house 3 State 
Artesani Alfred, shoemaker, 7 Harvard 

square, house 8 Hayes court 
Arthur George S., laborer, h. 57 Hastings 
Ash Francis, carpenter, house 58 Sixth 
Ash James, plasterer, b. 127 Webster av. 
Ash Mary, widow of James, house 127 
Webster avenue [at Chelsea 

Ash Richard, fly finisher, 162 Broadway, h. 


All kinds of HARDWARE GOODS at 
Lowest Prices. XO Dock Square. 



Ash Samuel T., molder, 162 Broadway, 

boards 58 Sixth 
Ashbee Alonzo H., action maker, 162 

Broadway, house at Woburn 
Ashbee Walter I., reed maker, 162 Broad- 
way, house at Woburn 
Ashburner Anne Miss, house 71 Kirkland 
Ashcroft Mary, widow of Joseph, house 

27 Sidney 
Ashman Peter, laborer, house Vassal lane 
Asp Gustave, laborer, house 6 McCabe 
Astor John J. jr., student, boards 18 

Appian Way [39 Essex 

Athearn Lydia R., widow of James F., h. 
Athearn Susan F., teacher Harvard gram- 
mar school, boards 39 Essex 
Atherton Adams H., cooper, house rear 

166 Cambridge 
Atherton Charles H., book-finisher River- 
side bindery, boards 56 Fairmont 
Atherton J. N., conductor, Camb. R.R. Co. 
Atherton Lewis B., painter, h. 12-4 Spring 
Atherton Mary J., widow of Charles, h. 

56 Fairmont 
Atkins Charles, paper-hanger, 453£ Main, 

house 30 Upton 
Atkins Edward, house 176 Green 
Atkins Frank, cigar maker, 513 Main, 

house 4 Upton 
Atkins John, laborer, house 176 Green 
Atkins Nathan K., grocer, Gore, corner 

Fourth, house at Lynn 
Atkins Rotie C. Mrs., house 471 Main 
Atkins Walter D., dry-pressman Riverside 

Press, house 46 DeWolf 
Atkins William, carpenter, house 85 Gore 
Atkinson Andrew, coal and wood, 7 Western 

avenue, house 1 Inman place 
Atkinson Catherine Mrs., h. 10 Foster place 
Atkinson John S., foreman (222 Devonshire, 

B.), house 36£ Tremont 
Atkinson Kinsman, clergyman, house 10 

Appian Way 
Atkinson Leonard W., medical student, 

boards 10 Appian Way 
Atkinson Thomas, house 17 Sacramento 
Atkinson William, laborer, 162 Broadway, 

house rear 339 Cambridge 
Attner Thomas G. , tailor (28 Temple pi. , 

B.), house 4 Sidney 
Attridge John, teamster, 113 Bridge, boards 

11 Leighton court 
Atwill Richard L, U. S., storekeeper (P. O. 

building, room 39, B.), bds. 6 Hamilton 
Atwood Benjamin F., bookkeeper (67 Sum- 
mer, B.), house 5 Chester 
Atwood Charles H., ticket master B. & L. 

R.R. (Causeway, B.), house 133 Otis 
Atwood David, oysters (32Faneuil Hall sq., 

B.), house 74 Allston 
Atwood Ephraim, house 25 Clinton 
Atwood Mariah, wid. of James, h. 15 Grant 
Auger Edward P., varnisher, rooms 149 

Auld W. F., conductor Cambridge R.R. Co. 

Austin Bridget, widow of James, house 

Chestnut Park 
Austin Charles A., brush manufacturer, 

(96 High, B.), house 24 Sixth 
Austin Charles H., brush finisher (96 High, 

B.), boards 24 Sixth 
Austin George L. Dr. editor Lee & Shep- 

ard (47 Franklin, B.), h. 9 Wendell 
Austin George M., bookkeeper (108 F. H. 

market, B.), boards 196 Pearl 
Austin Julia, widow of Alexander, house 

30 Winter 
Austin J., driver, Cambridge R.R Co. 
Austin Nathan N., foreman John Reardon 

& Sons, Waverly, house 196 Pearl 
Austin Susan, widow of Richard T., house 

21 Linnaean 
Austin Robert, book agent, bds. 97 Austin 
Austin Thomas, laborer, house 61 Spring 
Authier Azarie, billiard hall and hair- 
dresser, 643 Main and 193 North av., 

house at Somerville 
Averell Leonard M., whiting, etc. (64 

Broad, B.), house 23 Prince 
Averill Gerry C, car builder, h. 99 River 
Averill John, laborer, h. 93 Tremont 
Averill Lucy J. , widow, house 63 Inman 
Avery Charles H., laborer, 131 Broadway, 

boards Main, cor. Osborn 
Avery Ella Mrs., teacher Lasell primary 

school, boards 3 Sixth 
Avery John, gate tender J. P. Squire & 

Co., house 32 Broadway 
Avery Joseph, rubber worker, b. 110 Third 
Avery J. A., driver Cambridge R.R. Co. 
Avery J. Wallace, produce, house 6 Salem 
Avery Nicholas F., rubber-worker Ameri- 
can Rubber Co., house 110 Third 
Avery William rubber worker, b. 110 Third 
Avrill Joseph, carpenter, h. 114 Norfolk 
Axtell Edward, porter, h. 33 Baldwin 
Axtman John, brass-finisher, house rear 46 

Spring [h. 77 Third 

Axtman John L. , woodturner, 44 Cambridge, 
Ayer Olive, widow of Henry, h. 7 Dover 
Ayers Andrew J., carpenter, house 141 

Ayers Ann, widow of Wm., h. 106 Otis 
Ayers Catherine, widow, h. 65 Elm 
Ayers George, shoemaker, 37 Pearl, near 

Franklin, house do. [65 Elm 

Ayers John, laborer, 184 Broadway, boards 
Ayers Theresa Mrs., house 13 Fourth 
Ayers Thomas, carver, house rear 50 Fifth 
Ayers Wm. F. , cabinet maker, h. 106 Otis 
Aylward James, liquors, 6 Gore, h. do. 
Aylward James P., student (B.), b. 6 Gore 
Aylward Richard, teamster, h. 449£ Camb. 
Aylward Richard, boards 6 Gore 
Aylward Wm. J., carpenter, h. 39 Harvey 
Ayres Frank H., clerk, 904 Main, boards 

902 do. [902 do. 

Ayres Isaac H., livery stable, 904 Main, h. 
Ayres Isaac H. jr., commercial traveler 

(400 Washington, B.), h. 13 State 




BABBITT ALBERT, bronzer (791 Tre- 
mont, B.) house, 105 Prospect 

Babbitt Charles A., turner, 131 Broadway, 
house <)2 Cherry 

Babbitt Edward A., wood-turner, 137 
Broadway, boards 62 Cherry 

Babcock Erank H. , varnish mnfr. , (West- 
ern avenue, Allston), house 53 Green 

Babcock Georgiana Mrs., dressmaker, 20 
Pearl, house do. 

Babcock Hiram, rooms 20 Flagg 

Babcock John, copal varnish manufacturer 
(2 Liberty sq., B.), h. 19 Inman 

Babcock Lysander F., varnish mnfr., (2 
Liberty sq., B.), house 132 Austin 

Babcock Melvin. teamster, 3 Hampshire 

Bach Edward, carpenter, boards 136 Brook- 

Bachelder Kate, widow of Stephen, pea- 
nut stand Harvard square, house 40 

Bachelder, see Batchelder 

Bacheller William H., cigar maker, boards 
177 Main 

Bachler Aaron A., carpenter, bds. 2 Moore 

Bachman Hermann, lager beer, 56 Cam- 
bridge, house do. [Vine 

Bachmann John, at 139 Broadway, h. 26 

Bachoff John, currier, h. Clifton, n. Har- 

Backus Edward F. , electrician (48 India, 
dia, B.), house 37 Ash 

Bacon Fred. H. organ tuner, 162 Broad- 
way, h. at S. Boston 

Bacon Hattie widow, bds. 106 Austin 

Bacon Henrv A., Mrs., h. 116 Thorndike 

BACON JAMES P., reporter Boston 
Daily Advertiser, (248 Washington, 
B.), house 92 Inman 

Bacon James S., porter B. & A. R. R., 
(Kneeland, B.), house 2 Essex court 

Bacon John D., foreman tailors (30 Sum- 
mer, B.), house 20 Elm 

Bacon John F., Avatchmaker, 9 Harvard 
row, boards at Somerville 

Bacon John G., carriage painter, Church, 
corner Palmer, house 19 Wallace 

Bacon Leonard R., weigher, W. T. Rich- 
ardson & Co., foot Dunster, house Or- 
chard, near Chester, West Somerville 

Bacon Lucy A., wid. of Warren, h. 17 Lee 

Bacon Maria J. Miss, teacher Gore primary 
school, boards 116 Thorndike 

Bacon M. Clinton, (W. T. Richardson & 
Co.), College wharf, foot Dunster, h. 
Orchard, near Chester, West Somervil& 

Bacon Walter F., house 17 Lee 

Badger Augusta Miss, housekeeper, 113 

Badger Henry C. Rev., bds. 68 Mt. Auburn 

Badger AValter F., janitor (160 Tremont, 
B.) house 61 Hastings 

Badger YVm. C.H., (Daniels, Badger & Co.), 
furniture mnfr., Woodbury building, 
Otis, house at Boston 

Baer John, boarding-house, 117 Harvard 
Laer John, organ-finisher, bds. Mansion 

House, Gore 
Baermann Carl, pianist (B.\ h. 16Prescott 
Bagley Bridget A., house 22 Brewer 
Bagley Cornelius, laborer, house 45 Reed, 

corner Belmont 
Bagley Eugene J., pressman, University 

Press, boards 22 Brewer 
Bagley Joanna, wid. of Owen, h. 22 Brewer 
Bagley John, teamster, boards 49 Reed 
Bagley John A., clerk, bds. 13 Mill 
Bagley Mary, widow, house 158 Green 
Bagley Mary A., widow of John, house 133 

Webster avenue 
Bagley Michael, dry pressman, University 

Press, boards 22 Brewer 
Bagley, see Begley 
Bahen Dennis, brass worker, Draper & Co., 

Otis y 

Bailey Albert D., engineer B. & L. R. R., 

house 93 Thorndike 
Bailey Alfred, mason, house Waverlv, east 

of Fort Washington 
Bailey Alfred J., letter carrier P. O., (B.), 

house 66 Fairmont 
Bailey Catherine Miss, house 23 Sixth 
Bailey Edward R., hostler, 151 Bridge, 

house 57 Winter 
Bailey Frank E., clerk, 180 Main, boards 9 

Mt. Auburn 
Bailey Henry, painter (140 Tremont, B.), 

house 31 Front 
Bailey Isaiah, mason, house Waverly, 

next corner Putnam avenue 
Bailey Jacob L. , (J. L. Bailey & Son) , 

stoves, furniture, etc., 67 Cambridge, 

house 39 Second 
Bailey James, house 23 Sixth 

BAIL.EY J. L,. & SON, (Jacob L. 
& Samuel W. Bailey), stoves, furnitnre, 

etc., 67 Cambridge 
Bailey Liberty H., assistant at Botanical 

Garden, house 860 Main 
Bailey Maria, wid. of Lewis, h. 5 Elmer 
Bailey Martha, widow of John, house 3 

Foster block, 87 Main 
Bailey Oakley H., (Oakley H. Bailey & 

Co.), publisher, 83 Inman, house do 
Bailey Riston T., inner sole mnfr., (370 

Atlantic avenue, B. ), h. 320 North av. 
Bailey Samuel W., (J. L. Bailey & Son), 

house furnishing goods, 67 Cambridge, 

house 39 Second 
Bailey Theodore A., tinman, h. 64 Waverly 
Bailey Thomas B., Am. Bell Telephone 

Co., (95 Milk, room 52, B.) rooms 17 

Bailey Walter B., (Citizens' Ice Co.), 119 

Columbia, house 208 Harvard 
Bailey William, watchman B. & L. R. 

R., house 5 Leighton court 
Bailey William Silas, com. merchant (40 

North B.), house 104 Cambridge 


H. Wm. TuDDer. Manager. 




Bailey, see Bayley 

Baird James, laborer, house 48 Harding 

Baird, see Beard 

Bakeman Charles, teamster, 169 Gore, bds. 
134 Cambridge 

Baker Albert 8., h. 236 Putnam avenue 

Baker Alfred, brush maker (B.), house 
125 Harvey 

Baker Alfred F., painter, house 33 Green 

Baker Arven T., engineer, Broadway iron 
foundry. Pelham house 15 Baldwin 

Baker A. William, harness maker, 87 and 
89 Main, house 102 do 

Baker A., cabinet maker, A. H. Daven- 
port's 41 Cambridge 

Baker Catherine C. Mrs., h. 2 Holmes pi. 

Baker Charles A., salesman (52 Fulton B.) 
h. 61 Chestnut 

Baker Charles E., foreman of foundry. 
Pelham. house 53 Moore 

Baker Charles H., brush maker, bds. 169 

Baker Charles L. W. , foreman, (132 Oli- 
ver. B.), house 169 Prospect 

Baker Charles R., superintendent, 122 and 
124 Harvard, house at Maiden 

Baker Charles T., musician, bds. 71 Sixth 

Baker Edgar P., clerk, 543 Main, house 43 

Baker Edward H., bookkeeper (17 Con- 
gress, B.), boards 112 Lake View a v. 

Baker Edward T., teamster, h. 71 Sixth 

Baker Edward W., milkman, h. 209 Har- 
vard [Gore 

Baker Elizabeth, widow of Benjamin, h. 91 

Baker Elbridge, laborer, house 10 Magee 

Baker Eugene, carpenter, rooms 42 Mt. 

Baker Hannah P. Mrs., h* 20£ Bigelow 

Baker John F., britannia worker, h. 55 Elm 

Baker Joseph E., finisher, 79 Main, h at 

Baker Nathan W., salt (47 Long wharf, B.) 
boards 112 Lake View avenue 

Baker Nath'l., expressman, h. 3 Berkshire 

Baker Nicholas, cooper, h. rear 184 Gore 

Baker Osborn H., polisher, 162 Broadway 
h. 19 Pine 

Baker Thomas B., ice dealer, h. 18 Gore 

Baker Walter, organ pipe maker, 103 Gore, 
bds. 91 do. 

Baker Washington I., traveling agent (179 
Washington, B.), house 15 Green 

Baker William A., stock broker (403 Dev- 
onshire, B.,) house 236 Putnam avenue 

Baker William L, machinist, 356 Main, 
bds. 15 Baldwin 

Baker William T., box maker, bds. 91 Gore 

Balch Augusta L. Miss, teacher Boardman 
primary school, boards 52 Auburn 

Balch Francis E., house 44 Shepard 

Balch George L., janitor Mathews Hall, 
house 67 Oxford 

Balch Henry, cabinet maker. 74 Main 

Balch Israel D., restaurant, 36 Third, h. 

86 Cambridge 
Balch John E., boards 67 Oxford 
Balch John H., salesman, (87 Court, B.), 

boards 3 Shepard 
Balch Louis L., clerk (2 Liberty square, 

B.), boards 52 Auburn 
Balch Moses P., watchmaker, h. 52 Auburn 

er. 1 Austin, bds. Hotel Holly, Hollv 
Balcom Frank Iff. , agent h. 184 Cambridge 
Balcom Hannah IL, widow of Reuben, 

house 73 Washington 
Balcom Oliver, house 180 Cambridge 
Balcom Stephen W., boards 771 Main 
Baldrey Stephen, teamster (4 Chatham, 

B.), house 119 Thorndike 
Baldrey Wm., teamster, (4 Chatham, B.), 

boards 119 Thorndike 
Baldwin Benjamin G., clerk, 147 North 

avenue, boards 114 do 
Baldwin Clara D. f clerk 9 Pearl, boards 44 

Western avenue 
Baldwin Charles S. Mrs., h. 113 Auburn 
Baldwin IX, hostler, Cambridge K. B. Co. 
Baldwin Gordon, boards 114 North av. 
Baldwin James W., produce (114 South 

Market, B.), house 114 North ave. 
Baldwin Joseph P., mnfr. and dealer in 

laundry machinery, (40 Union B.), h. 

41 Western av. 
Baldwin Lewis P., porter bds. 41 Clark 
Baldwin Louisa A. Mrs., house 28 Ash 
Baldwin Maria L., teacher Agassiz school, 

bds. 41 Clark 
Baldwin Mary E., widow of Peter L., house 

41 Clark 
Baldwin Nicholas, engineer and janitor, 

Memorial Hall, house 28 Dunster 
Baldwin Kichard, carpenter, house 10 Dan- 
iels court 
Baldwin Thomas, cooper, h. 9 Webster av. 
Balentine Robert, tinsmith, 153 Putnam 

av., house 156 Green 
Balfe Annie, widow of Patrick, house 2 

Balfe Mary, widow of John, b. 18 McCabe 
Balfe Peter, teamster, house 18 McCabe 
Balfour James, baker, 580 Main, house at 

Ball Annie Miss, dressmaker, bds 92 Fourth 

BAL.L, CAL.VI1* S., provisions (3 
Union market, B.), house 18 Pleasant 
Ball Charles F., conductor Cambridge R. 

R.. Co., h. Auburn place, 2d on left 
Ball Edward, grocer, Spring, corner 

Fourth, house 92 Fourth 
Ball Edward C, machinist, boards 9 Fifth 
Ball Elijah, house 145 Mount Auburn 
Ball Fannie E., widow of Henry, house 21 

Ball George M., olerk (9 Chauncy, Boston), 

house 202 Putnam avenue 

p U n I P C GREEN-HOUSE PLANTS-New and Rare, 

UNUIuL 820 Maiu and 89 Sparks Streets. 




Ball Harry P., clerk (125 State, B.), bds. 

1 Austin [h. l-i Auburn 

Ball James H., clerk (13 Broad, Boston), 
Ball Jennie Miss, music teacher St. Mary's 

school, bds. 92 Fourth 
Ball John L.. laborer, house 256 Sidney 
Ball Joseph G. . baker, 001 Main, and 3 

Austin, house 1 do. 
Ball Nellie F. Miss, teacher Lasell primary 

school, boards 92 Fourth 
Ball Thomas J., (38 Chardon, B.), house 

37 Washington 
Ball T. Henry, stationer boards 123 Otis 
Ball T. Joseph, student, boards 92 Fourth 
Ballam Alexander, laborer, h. 25 DeWolf 
Ballard Frances W. Miss., dressmaker boards 

14 Eliot 
Ballard Joseph, clerk Lyceum building, 

Harvard square, house at Lexington 
Ballas William J., mason, h. 43 Bolton 
Ballaw Robert, laborer, house 75 Elm 
Ballou Flavius J., journalist, bds. 77 Clark 
Balmer John hostler, house 12 Appain-way 
Balmer Richard, upholsterer, 23 Brattle, 

house 119 Mount Auburn 
Balmer William, horseshoer, 9 Church, 

house 3 Oak 
Baltzly Benj. F. Mrs., house 6 Sumner 
Bancroft Clara Miss, teacher Phillips 

school, (B.), boards 105 Prospect 
Bancroft Eliza V. Mrs. , (Bancroft & Hay- 
ward), fancy goods, 439 Cambridge, 

house at Melrose 
Bancroft Jacob, student H. U., rooms 380 


BANCROFT JOEL. C, express, 
Somerville avenue, near Porter's station, 
and (15 Devonshire, B.), boards Porter's 
Bancroft Joseph H., paper-hangings (119 

and 121 Hanover, B.,) h. 380 Harvard 
Bancroft Robert B., renderer (Western 

avenue, B.), house 7 Kinnaird 
Bancroft Silas A., organist (147 Tremont, 
B.). boards 380 Harvard 

BANCROFT WM. A., lawyer and 
notary public (15 Pemberton square, 
B.), house 27 Putnam avenue 

Bancroft & Hay ward. (Mrs. Eliza V. Ban- 
croft and Miss Elizabeth C. Hay ward), 
fancy goods. 439 Cambridge 

Banfield Thomas E., mason, house rear 
177 Cambridge 

Bang Eliza, widow, house 34 Winsor 

Bangs B. A. Mrs., house 10 Dana 

Bangs Charles, house 10 Dana 

Bangs Charles II.. printer (77 Kilby, B.), 
house 33 Second 

Bangs Charles W.. chair painter (121 Ful- 
ton, B.), house 51 Fourth 

Bangs Sylvanus clerk (40 North Market. 
15. . house 153 Gore 

Bank Mildred, widow, h. rear 1 Norfolk court 

Banks James E., porter, rooms 43 Pleasant 

Banks John, hostler, 31 Elm, house at 

Banks Parker, printer University Press, 

house 150 Mt. Auburn 
Banks Robert, house 267 Putnam avenue 
Banks Robert, jr.. at Dover Stamping Co., 

boards 267 Putnam avenue 
Banks Robert C. , laborer, h. 8 Elmer 
Bannan Bridget, widow of Michael, house 

39 Banks 

Bannan James, hostler, Charles River R. 

R. Co., bds. Bernard F. Smith's Main, 

junction Harvard I,. P. [Cambridge 

Bannan James, laborer, house rear 882 

Bannan Michael, hostler, Church, boards 

39 Banks 
Bannan Phillip, hostler, Church, house 28 

Bannister George P. , box maker, 3 Hamp- 
shire, boards 650 Main 
Barber David A., action maker, 113 Broad- 
way, boards 180 Harvard 
Barber Elizabeth Miss, house 16 Sidney 
Barber Ernest, hairdresser, 426 Main, house 
12 Dunster [180 Harvard 

Barber Fred A., weigher, 502 Main, boards 
Barber Granville S., marker, 502 Main, 
boards 180 Harvard [vard 

Barber Robert, iron moulder, h. 180 Har- 
Barber Samuel, clerk, 502 Main 
Barbey Frank A., boards 16 Lincoln 
Barbey Jacob A-, baker, h. 16 Lincoln 
Barbey Jacob A. jr., clerk (107 Milk B.), 
bds 16 Lincoln 

and treas., Cambridge Mutual Fire In- 
rurance Co., 555 Main, house at 
West Newton 

Barbour Frank H. , bookkeeper, Shawmut 
National Bank(60 Congress, B.), boards 
12 Ellery 

Barbour Fred F., student, bds 14 Cottage 

Barbour John N., executor estate of Seth 
Adams, (7 Doime, B.), and treas., 
Electric Gas Lisiiting Co., (45 Milk, 
B.), house 85 Franklin [h. 12 Ellery 

Barbour Lovisa H,, widow of James S., 

Barbour Robert S., moulder H. M. Bird, 
house 180 Harvard 

Barbour Walworth O. (Walworth 0. Bar- 
bour & Co.), iron founder, 354 Main, 
house 12 Worcester 

Barbour AValworth O. & Co., (Walworth 
O. Barbour, Alfred Morrill & Albert 
F. Allen.) iron founders, 356 Main 

Barbour William S., city engineer, office 
City Hall, house 14 Cottage 

Barcelo Raphael J., bookbinder, Riverside 
Press, house 50 Western avenue 

BARDEN EDWARD plasterer and 
mason, -I Gore, house do. 
Harden Elizabeth M. Mrs., h. Hotel School 
Harden John, carpenter, h. 8 Buck's block, 
Seventh corner Gore 

RFQT Assortment of Bronze Hardware in New England 




Bareau Mary A., widow of Antoine h. 79 

Bargrow Jacob, teamster, boards 9 Winter 
Bargrow Mary E., widow of Octave, h. 9 

Barker Alexander A., gate keeper, rear en- 
trance Mt. Auburn cemetery, house 

Coolidge avenue 
Barker A. C., varnisher, 162 Broadway, h. 

at Boston ' [neer av. 

Barker Charles E., painter, house 44 Pio- 
Barker Charles F., salesman (14 Wendell, 

B.), boards 8 Houghton 
Barker Charles H., laborer, h. 3 Dickinson 
Barker Daniel N. S., lithographer (Rox- 

bury), boards 7 Franklin 
Barker Francis, clerk, bds. 8 Houghton 
Barker Frank N., machinist, boards 112 

Concord avenue [Concord av. 

Barker George L., carpenter, boards 112 
Barker George T., house 59 Fairmont 
Barker George T., jr., printer (B.,) boards 

59 Fairmont 
Barker Henry A., clerk (39 Avon, B.), h. 

125 Thorndike 
Barker Hugh T., confectioner, 282 Broad- 
way, house 75 Inman 
Barker Isaiah, shoemaker, b. 8 Houghton 
Barker James, shoemaker, h. 8 Houghton 
Barker John, carpenter, h. 48 Linnaean 
Barker John, carriage washer, h. 105 Kin- 

Barker John jr., actor, h. 123 Hampshire 
Barker John J., actor, h. rear 41 Clark 
Barker Joseph, laborer, 26 River, house 

186 Hampshire 
Barker Joseph D., supt. Tudor Ice Co., 

house 112 Concord avenue 
Barker Robert H. M., printer Riverside 

Press, boards 7 Franklin 
Barker Samuel F., glue mnfr., (96 Milk, 

B.), h. 202 Harvard 
Barker Thomas J., coffin maker, 203 

Bridge, house at Somerville 
Barker Thomas J., jr., coffin maker, 203 

Bridge, h. at Somerville 
Barker William H. , laborer, h. 5 Vine 
Barker Wm. H. jr., laborer, house 5 Vine 
Barlo John N., baker, 442 Cambridge, h. 

101 Tremont 
Barlow Archer H., waiter, house 70 Elm 
Barlow Henry, harness maker, h. 10 Davis 
Barlow Mary, wid. of Edward, h. 17 South 
Barnad Felipe, cigar and cigarette mnfr., 

201 Cambridge, house at Somerville 
Barnard Charles G., clerk, Main, junction 

Washington, bds. Rogers' block, Main 
Barnard Edward A., lithographer, Riverside 

Press, bds. 42 River 
Barnard George jr., confectioner, 391 

Cambridge, house 12 Pine 
Barnard J., driver, Cambridge R.R. 
Barnard Lawrence J., confectioner, 243 

Broadway, house at Somerville 

Barnard Mary Mrs., nurse, house 12 Pine 
Barnard Solomon H., clerk, southeast cor. 

(F. H. market, B.), b. 29 Sidney 
Barnard T. S. Miss, bookkeeper, 17 Brattle, 

boards 29 Sidney 
Barnard William G., laborer, house rear 

72 Columbia 
Barnes Albert M., merchant (11 India, B.), 

house 81 North avenue 
Barnes Edward R., jeweler (122 Tremont, 

B.), boards 60 Norfolk 
Barnes George H., conductor Cambridge 

Railroad Co., house 27 Irving 
Barnes Geo. W., bookkeeper, 153 Putnam 

avenue, house 177 do. 

BARNES JAMES, prop. Inman 
Square Hotel, Inman sq. , house do. 
Barnes James, laborer, h. 6 Flagg-st. court 
Barnes John, note teller, Merchants' Nat. 

Bank (28 State, B.), h. 31 Bowdoin 
Barnes Linda B., widow of Asa, house 19 

Barnes Mary A. Miss, house 14 Rockwell 
Barnes Sarah H. Mrs., house 11 Kinnaird 
Barnes T. Howard, engineer and surveyor, 

City Engineer's office, City Hall, house 

at Waltham 
Barnes Wilfred, salesman (Bacon Paper 

Co.), (352 Washington, B.), house 13£ 

Barnes William W., elevator attendant 

(87 Milk, B.), bds. 60 Norfolk 
Barnes Winslow B., fish market, house 

60 Norfolk [65 Brookline 

Barnett Alexander, cigar maker (B.), h. 
Barnett America, coachman, b. 55 Hastings 
Barnett Edward E., lithographer, boards 42 

River [shire, b. 38 Antrim 

Barney Charles, machinist, 206 Hamp- 
Barney C, at Cambridge R.R. Co.'s repair- 
shop, Dunster 
Barney Hiram F., house 136 Cambridge 
Baron Benjamin, brass finisher, h. 6 Cherry 
Baron Herman A. C, brush maker, house 

9 Portland 
Baron see Barron 
Barr Alexander, h. rear 186 Green 
Barr A. Lyman, tuner, 162 Broadway, h. 

104 Magazine 
Barr David L., printer, b. 8 Walnut court 
Barr James, hostler, 565£ Main, b. 544 do. 
Barr Jane, widow of Peter, h. 8 Walnut ct. 
Barr Peter A., book finisher Riverside 

Press, h. 20 Monnt Auburn 
Barrell James S., master Harvard gram- 
mar school, house 342 Broadway 
Barrett Angeline L. Miss, bds. 14 Lowell 
Barrett Bridget, wid. of John, h. 8 North 
Barrett Catherine, widow of Richard, h. 

rear 6 East 
Barrett Edward, laborer, h. 11 Jefferson 
Barrett Edward G., sexton St. Paul's 

church (134 Tremont, B.), house 11 





Barrett Henry, photographer, 110 Camb., 

house 179 do. 
Barrett Johanna, widow of John, house 7 

Lechmere plaee 
Barrett John, laborer, boards 47 Gore 
Barrett John, laborer, house 7 Porter 
Barrett John, scourer, and dyer, boards 

138 Brookline 
Barrett Michael, coachman, h. 29 Porter 
Barrett Michael, saloon, 238 Cambridge, 

house Eighth, cor. do. 
Barrett Michael, house 8G Green 
Barrett Michael, house rear 6 East 
Barrett Thomas, glass blower, b. 29 Camb. 
Barrett William, driver Cambridge Rail- 
road Co., house 24 Eliot 
Barrieau Lawrence, harness maker, 163 

Cambridge, house do. 
Barrier George brass founder (B.), house 

33 Harvey [bridge, b. 9 Brown 

Barrington Charles H., druggist, 156 Cam- 
Barrington Fred B., gardener, bds. 9 Brown 
Barrington George T., policeman, station 1, 

boards 9 Brown 
Barrington Thomas, gardener, h. 9 Brown 
Barron Michael, laborer, b. 59 Hampshire 
Barron Wm. A., teamster, 126 Portland, 

house 59 do. 
Barron see Baron 
Barrow John, teamster, 28 Bridge 
Barrow Jos., carpenter, house Clifton 
Barrow Louis, lab., house 42 Montgomery 
Barrow Wm., laborer, house r. 34 Charles 
Barrows Cyrus A., driver Cambridge Bail- 
road Company, house 3 Chapman pi. 
Barry Catherine, widow of Matthias, h. 8 

Rogers' block, Main 
Barry Catherine, widow of Michael, house 

347 Broadway 
Barry Charles, china decorator, boards 120 

Barry David, farmer, house 20 South 
Barry David, glass maker, h. 45 Cambridgd 
Barry David, saloon, 57 Spruce, house do. 
Barry Henry, grocer, 233 Franklin, h. do. 
Barry James, laborer, house 22 North 
Barry James, stone cutter, boards 301 

Cambridge [at Boston 

Barry James, tuner, 162 Broadway, house 
Barry Johanna, widow of Dennis, house r. 

96 Gore 
Barry John, laborer, house 93 Brookline 
Barry John, saloon, 239 Cambridge, h. do. 
Barry John D., draper, bds. 57 Spruce 
Barry JohnF., printer (21 Milk, B.), bds. 

8 Rogers' block, Main [Main 

Barry Martin, laborer, b. 8 Rogers' block, 
Barry Mary. wid. of James, h. 121 Third 
Barry Mary A., wid. of William J., house 

133 Thorndike 
Barry Mary E., house 118 Prospect 
Barry Mary E. Miss, bookkeeper, 422 Har- 
vard, boards 1 DeWolf plaee 
Barrv Mary L.. widow, h. 133 Thorndike 

Barry Michael, foreman brass foundry 
(Allen, cor. Brighton, B.), h. 70 Spring 

Barry Michael H., hairdresser, 141 Bridge, 
house do. [17 Carson 

Barry Patrick, carriage washer (B.), house 

Barry Richard E., brass moulder, boards 8 
Rogers' block, Main 

Barry Robert, butcher, b. 198 Cambridge 

Barry Timothy, potato dealer, house 98 

Barry William, laborer, bds. 18l£ Harvard 

Barry William, laborer, house 44 North 

Barry see Bary 

Barss George A. (6 Faneuil Hall market, 
B.), house 62 Thorndike 

Barss Simon, house 62 Thorndike 

Barstow R., machinist, 72 Main 

Barteaux Arthur, carpenter, b. 27 Grigg 

Barteaux Fred F.. apothecary (93 Green, 
B.), house 304 Harvard 

Barter James W., pastor North avenue M. 
E. church, house 26 Ash [Ash 

Barter Thomas, clerk. 215 North or., h. 26 

Barthehness John H. , woodworker, 79 Main, 
h. at Charlestown 

Bartlett Annie B. Miss, clerk, 645 Main, 
boards 3 Banks 

Bartlett Chas. H., student, bds. Chestnut, 
cor. Pearl 

Bartlett Chas. H. H., draughtsman (17 
Congress, B.), bds. 391 Broadway 

Bartlett Daniel, potter, house 18 Sands 

Bartlett Daniel M., action maker, 137 
Broadway, house rear Gd Norfolk 

Bartlett Edward E., cabinet maker, house 
207 Harvard 

Bartlett Edward H. H., b. 391 Broadway 

Bartlett Enoch, driver, Cambridge R.R. 
Co., rooms 14 Eliot 

Bartlett Francis M., house 121 Oxford 

Bartlett Frank C, fly finisher, 162 Broad- 
way, boards 41 Webster av. 

Bartlett Frank D., livery stable, Bay, cor- 
ner Green, house 3 Banks 

Bartlett Frank W. (Bartlett & Hatch), con- 
fectioner. 645 Main, bds. 12 Norfolk 

Bartlett Frederick I., clerk Boston Ice 
Co., Prison Point Bridge, boards at 

Bartlett Geo. 1)., asst. engineer, h. 13 Sixth 

Bartlett George H., principal Normal Art 
school (B.), h. 391 Broadway 

Bartlett G. A., professor H. U., rooms 27 
Beck Hall 

Bartlett llartnell J., assistant at library, H. 
U., boards 391 Broadway 

Bartlett Horace S., apothecary, 452 Har- 
vard, house North ave.. cor. Martin 

Bartlett John (Little, Brown & Co.), book- 
seller and publisher (254 Washington, 
B.), house 165 Brattle 
Bartlett John A., sawyer, house r. 6 Cherry 
Bartlett John T., janitor Little's block, 
Harvard square, house do. 


H. "Wm. Tupper, Manager, 





Bartlett J. Gardner, printer (218 Franklin, 

13.), house 9 Turk 
Bartlett Lucy, widow of Bela, h. 143 Otis 
Bartlett Lydia E. Miss, seamstress, rooms 

22 Farwell place- [Hampshire 

Bartlett Mary F., wid. of Theo., boards 104 
Bartlett Mary 1L, widow of David C, h. 

;■>."> Essex 
Bartlett Samuel ()., letter carrier E. Cam- 
bridge P. (.).. house 14!) Cambridge 
Bartlett S. O. Mrs., music teacher. 149 

Cambridge, house do. 
Bartlett & Hatch (Frank W. Bartlett and 

Mansfield A. Hatch), confectioners, 

045 Main [h. Sidney 

Bartley Thomas, blacksmith, 356 Main 
Barton Clarence E.. clerk, 168 Gore, house 

122 Prospect [at Somerville 

Barton Edward, tailor, 589 Main, house 
Bartsch Valentine, cabinet maker, house 

159 Columbia [h. 115 Elm 

Bary Martin, case maker, 102 Broadway, 
Bascom William B., bookkeeper, house 

183 Main 
Bassett Arthur, blacksmith James Maitland, 

Sixth, cor. Harvard, house 1 Gray pi. 
Bassett Charles A., laborer, 184 Broadway, 

house 20 Plymouth 
Bassett Horace, travelling agent, house 87 

Lake View avenue 

Bassett Jane, widow of Theophilus, bds. 

87 Lake View avenue [0 Warland 

Bassett Joseph, sawyer, 102 Broadway, h. 

Batchelder Frank E., bookkeeper (38 

Commercial, B.), bds. 3 Mt. Pleasant 
Batchelder John M., civil engineer, house 

3 Divinity avenue [21 Brookline 

Batchelder Julia A., wid. of John G. house 
Batchelder Samuel, counselor, 15 Brattle, 

house 8 Hilliard 
Batchelder Samuel D., clerk (Boston P. 

O,), house 248 Harvard 
Batchelder Samuel H., silver plater (B.), 

house 106 Cambridge 
Batchelder Susan C. Mrs., h. 7 Kirkland 
Batchelder William F., sergeant of Police 

station 2. house 3 Worcester 
Batchelder see Bachelder, also Bachler 
Bate Charles H., printer (171 Devonshire, 

B.), h. Avon Hill, cor. Avon place 
Bateman Eliza G., widow of William, h. 

Holworthy, opp. Corlett school 
Bateman Wm. R., wool broker (22 Broad, 

B.), boards Eliza G. Bateman's, Hol- 
worthy [109 Dublin 
Bates Ann E., widow of Samuel Marvin, h. 
Bates Anna Miss, house 82 Green 
Bates Benj. F., brass finisher (B.), house 

18 Fairmount 
Bates Benj. F. jr., engineer and surveyor, 

City Engineer's office, City Hall, bds. 

18 Fairmont 
Bates Chas. salesman (27 Winter, B.), h. 

56 Dana 

Bates Charlotte F. Miss, teacher, house 

10 Ellery [11 Norfolk 

Bates Edward B., clerk, 550 Main, boards 
Bates Erastus C, billiard room, 521 Main, 

house 145 Washington 
Bates Esther A., widow of Wm. 2d, house 

45 Brattle 
Bates Fletcher, bookkeeper Traders Na- 
tional Bank (91 State, B.). h. 10 Ellery 
Bates George, receiver Cambridge Kailroad 

Co., 3 Harvard sq. , b. 24 Shepard 
Bates George, action maker, 113 Broadway, 

house rear 27 Pine [11 Norfolk 

Bates George W., machinist, 72 Main, h. 
Bates Harry H., clerk (77 Summer, B.), 

boards 24 Shepard [Clark 

Bates Henry E., at 102 Broadway, rooms 01 
Bates Henry H., clerk (95 Milk, room 43 

Boston), bds. 18 Fairmont 
Bates Herbert H., principal Gore primary 

school, house 20 Wendell 
Bates James E., lawyer (08 Cornhill, B.), 

boards 19 Church 
Bates James V., Mrs., house 19 Church 
Bates John M., clerk, bds. 18 Fairmont 
Bates John S., salesman (518 Washington, 

B.), honse 24 Shepard 
Bates Milly G., dressmaker, b. 24 Shepard 
Bates Walter T., entry clerk (77 Summer, 

B.)» boards 24 Shepard 
Bates William, mason, boards 24 Shepard 
Bates Wm. H., sexton Lee street church, 

and janitor Harvard Grammar school, 

house 85 Prospect 
Batson Annie L., widow of Jacob S., 

house ')'> Columbia 
Battis Leonard, house 13 Jay 
Batty Benj., currier, house 41 Reed 
Batty Samuel P., currier, bds. 41 Peed 
Baudet Aglie, blacksmith, b. 3 Broadway 
Baudet Julia Mrs., house 3 Broadway 
Bauman George, feeder, Cambridge R.R. 

Co., h. Montgomery, cor. Harvey 

plumber, 8 Palmer, near Brattle, house 

13 Sumner [Potter's park 

Baxter David N. (182 State, B.), boards 4 
Baxter Frank S., confectioner, b. 130 Spring 
Baxter Horace, flour (182 State, B.), house 

4 Potter's park 
Baxter John A. jr., traveling salesman, 

502 Main, bds, 70 Franklin 
Baxter Robert, glass cutter Union Glass 

Co. (Somerville), h. 108 Hampshire 
Baxter Silas, carpenter, h. 51 Holyoke 
Baxter Smith D., carpenter, bds. 9 Norfolk 
Bay State Brick Co., brick mnfrs., rear 

124 Spruce, office (5 Pemb. sq., B.) 
Bayard Jos. W., carpenter, 113 Broadway, 

h. 75 Franklin 
Bay ley Augustus R., apothecary, 007 Main 

and 32 River, house 133 Austin 
Bayley Augustus S., at University Press, 

boards 37 Putnam avenue 


MONUMENTS & CURBINGS, Designed and Constructed 

P. O'BRIEN & SON, 820 Main and 89 Sparks Streets. 



Bayley Frank A., civil engineer (City Hall, 
B.), house 133 Austin 

Bayley Stephen S., carriage trimmer (25 
Haverhill, B.), h. 37 Putnam avenue 

Bayley see Bailey 

Baylies John T. , house 209 Harvard 

Beach Burpee, blacksmith, Mount Auburn 
cemetery, house 3 Huron 

Beach Michael, paint-grinder (B.), h. 69 
Sixth [Sixth 

Beach Peter, upholsterer (B.), house 69 

Beagan James, blacksmith, h. 118 Spring 

Beahn Frank E., clothing (261 Washington, 
B.), house 86 Ellery 

Bcal Frank, clerk, 169 Harvard, b. 179£ do. 

Beal Sophia, widow of David, house 106 

Beal William, laborer, house 13£ Warren 

Beals Martha J. Mrs., carpet maker (68 
Pitts, B.), h. 46 Prospect 

Beals William, decorator (68 Pitts, Bos- 
ton), house 46 Prospect 

Bean George W. jr., watchmaker, 593 
Main, boards at Somerville 

Bean James S., peddler, h. 149 Winsor 

Bean John, cigars and tobacco, 149 Win- 
sor, house do. [6 Tufts 

Bean John C, pattern maker, 92 Main, h. 

Bean William E., U. S. postal service (Bos- 
ton & Troy), h. Frost, last on right 
BEANE ENOCH, provisions, fish and 
groceries, 908 Main, h. 6 Trowbridge 

Beane George A. , clerk, 908 Main, house 
47 Mt. Auburn 

Bear John, boarding-house 117 Harvard 

Bearce Benjamin, iron worker, boards 465 

Bearce Chas. M., fly finisher, 162 Broad- 
way, house 122 Otis 

Beard Edward L. , manager N. Y. Associ- 
ated Press (107 State, Boston), house 
22 Arlington 

Beard Luke, patent thill coupling springs 
(63 Court, B.), house 75 Hubbard av, 

Beard, see Baird 

Beardsley Charles H. (Parr & Beardsley) , 
painter, 9 Palmer, h. 17 Farwell place 

Bearse Charles H., sawyer, house 22 Otis 

Bearse David H. , restaurant (28 Commer- 
cial, Boston), boards 65 North avenue 

Bearse Henry W., paper hanger, boards 46 

Bearse Thomas E., laborer, boards 46 Sid- 

Bearse Thomas M., carpenter, h. 46 Sidney 

Beaton Archibald P., plumber, boards 88 
Mt. Auburn 

Beattie Alexander, hostler, boards 3 Vine 

Beattie Catherine, wid. of Thos., h. 47 Vine 

Beattie John, carpenter, h. 6 Berkshire pi. 

Beattie Joseph, baker, house 26 Flagg 

Beattie Michael, blacksmith, boards rear 
215 Mt. Auburn] R. R,, h. 69 Spring 

Beattie Robert W., watchman, B. & L. 

Beattie William, laborer, h. 15 Walnut ct. 
Beattie William, jr., printer, 105 Magazine, 

boards 15 Walnut court 
Beattie William J. H., teamster, house 8 

Beaudet Ernest P., cabinet maker, 44 

Cambridge, boards 172 Hampshire 
Beaudet John, cabinetmaker, 44 Cambridge, 

house 172 Hampshire 
Beaudet, see Burditt 
Beaudreau Annie Mrs. , h 34 Washington 
Beaudreau Daniel, laborer, bds. 20 McCabe 
Beaudreau Hubert, laborer, house 20 

Beaudreau William, teamster, house 259 

Beaumont Harvey D., carpenter, house 16 

Beauvais Antoine, brickmaker, house 45 

Beavon Solomon, laborer, h. 105 Portland 
Bebo Joseph, brickmaker, h. 117 Spruce 
Bechtel Nicholas, piano maker, house Q6 

Putnam avenue 
Beck Charles E,, traveling salesman, 565 

Main, boards 8 Watson [8 Watson 

Beck Elizabeth C, widow of Tobias, h. 
Beck George S., clerk, 568 Main, boards 8 

Beck Jos., bottler, 96 Webster av. h. do. 
Beck Sarah P. Miss, house 2 Gerry 

BECKER FRANK greenhouse and 
florist, Cambridge, corner Prescott, h. 
736 Cambridge 

Becker Fred. C, bds. 736 Cambridge 

Begkett Joseph R. , foreman bindery, Riv- 
erside Press, house 173 Putnam avenue 

Beckett Richard, house 11 Broadway 

Beckett William J., laborer, house 5 

Beckett William J. jr., bookbinder, River- 
side Press, boards 5 Sparks 

Beckman Alfred, safe maker, 17 Main 

Beckwith Loring E., lecturer and teacher, 
house 353 Harvard 

Beckwith Susan Miss, dressmaker, 14 An- 
trim, house do. 

Bedell Daniel, teamster, house 101 Wash- 
ington [101 Washington 

Bedell L. G., groceries, 371 Main, house 

Bedell Phalan H., teamster, 371 Main, 
boards 101 Washington [Co. 

Bedill Fred, conductor, Cambridge R. R. 

Beebe Lydia Miss, house 7 Avon 

Beedle Melville C, carpenter, Palmer, n. 
Church, h. 8 Gerry 

Beeler Joseph J., wood carver, (B.), bds. 
71 Spring [24 Howard 

Beers Martha G. , widow of Hiram S. , h. 

Begley Mary A. Mrs., dressmaker, 2 Cher- 
ry ct., house do. 

Bcgraph Ann, widow, house 5 Grant 

Beirklund L., mechanical engineer, 604 
Main, boards 9 Hamilton 






Belanger Francois, brickmaker, house 

105 Spruce 
Belcher Arthur A., gas fitter, 12 Harvard 

row, boards 18 
Belcher Charles E., Bteam-fitter, (69 Kilby, 

B,)boards 47:) Main 
Belcher Charles F., confectioner, house 53 

Belcher Edward F., police station 1, house 

10 Acacia [473 do 

Belcher George G., painter. 519 Main, h. 
Belcher George W., safe painter, 17 Main, 

house 6 Lanison place 
Belcher Henry, hostler, J. A. Wellington, 

house 1 Fifth ]h. do. 

Belcher Hilos C, supt., 198 North avenue 
Belcher Jacob, teamster, 211 Bridge, house 

Belcher John E., (Anderson & Belcher), 

fruit dealer, house 9 Gerry 
Belcher John E. Mrs., dressmaker, 9 

Gerry, house do. 
Belcher Joseph, teamster, 211 Bridge, h. 

Belcher Joseph W., moulder, H. M. Bird, 

house 3 Village 
Belcher Lucy A., Miss, housekeeper, 9 

Bell Christina, widow of Henry A., house 

4!) Harvard 
Bell Geo. H. S., Rev., pastor Bush A. M. 

E. Zion chapel. 458 Main, house Erics- 
son court 
Bell Henry A., cook, h. r. 104 Harvard 
Bell Sami H., printer (B.). h 1(5 Elmer 
Beil William, horse-shoer, 202 North ave- 
nue, house 2."> Walden 
Bellamy Henry, mason, house 180 Norfolk 
Bellis William J., mason, order box 196 

North avenue, house 29 Bolton 
Belluche Andrew, carpenter, h. 14 Magee 
Belluche John, laborer, Riverside Press, 

house 4 Elmer 
Belser James H.. machintst (120 Merrimac, 

B.,) house 439i Cambridge 
Bemis Drucilla U. Mrs., dressmaker, 77 

Kiver, house do. 
Bemis Frank A,, distiller, h. Harvey corner 

Bemis F. G. h. Walker, cor. Shepard 
Bemis Jonathan W.. physician, h. Walker, 

cor. Shepard 
Bemis Margaret, widow of Abraham, house 

rear 118 Fourth 
Bemis Richard, laborer, h. 118 Fourth 
Bemis Susan P., widow of Emery, house 158 

Mt. Auburn [bridge 

Benard Joseph G. , plumber, bds. 458 Cam- 
Benard Joseph H., glass blower, house 458 

Bender Anton, furniture finisher, rooms 

43 Market 
Bengston Pehr, heliotype printer (211 Tre- 

mont), house 3 Seckle 

Benner Dexter G., grocer (Broadway cor. 

Cedar, Somerville), h. 1 Dover 
Benner Miles A., driver Fairbanks & Neale 

(Howard, B.), house 24 Upton 
Bennet Charles EL, ear builder, B. & A. 

repair shop (Allston), h. 8 Rockwell 
Bennet Charles H. jr.. car builder. B. ft A. 

R. K. shop (Allston), h. 5 Hancock pi. 
Bennett Augustus N.. at 131 Broadway, h. 

122 do. 
Bennett Charles F. blacksmith, h. 7 Rogers' 

block, Main 
Bennett Charles M., laborer, h. 30 Charles 

Bennett Earl, mason, h. 100 Austin 
Bennett Edwin C bds. 105 Columbia 
Bennett Isabella K., widow of John B., h. 

8 Andrew 
Bennett James H., produce (19 North Mar- 
ket. B.), house 17 Inman 
Bennett John, carpenter, house Concord 

avenue, near slaughter-house 
Bennett Josiah Q., cashier Market Nat'l. 

Bank (86 State. B.), h. 36 Linngean 
Bennett Lavinia W., widow of Alfred, h. 

l<!-"> Columbia 
Bennett Lewis, cigar maker, h. 4 Rogers' 

block. Main 
Bennett Oliver, house Richdale avenue, 3d 

from Walden 
Bennett Willard, planer, 162 Broadwav, 

DOS. 40U Main [R. Co. 

Bennett W. D., conductor, Cambridge R. 
Benney Nathaniel, proof-reader Riverside 

Press, house rear 20 Prospect 
Bennink Cornelius G. EL, dry goods, 581 

Main, house 23 Inman 
Bennick E. A. Mrs., clerk, 581 Main, h. 

100 Austin [Howard 

Bennink Gerritt J., carpenter, house 34 
Benshimol Joshua, cigar manufacturer, h. 

510 Cambridge 
Benson Albert S., driver Hook and Ladder 

No. 1, Brattle sq., h. 90 Mt. Auburn 
Benson Edgar, carpenter, h. 61 Brookline 
Benson Elizabeth W.. widow of George, h. 

rear 104 Harvard 
Benson Frank ().. safe maker, 17 Main 
Benson Henry J. H., hair-dresser, 11 Cam- 
bridge, house do. [11 Eliot 
Benson John, gardener, 25 Craigie. house 
Benson John M., carpenter, h. 17 Hewes 
Benson Mason D., treas, F. R. R. (Cause- 
way. B.), house 140 North Avenue 
Benson Olaf. tailor (266 Wash. B.), house 

Hotel Cambridge. 3 Crescent av. 
Benson Oscar, at 17 Main 
Bent Charles E.. agent, h. 72 Chestnut 
Bent Charles R., compositor University 

Press, boards 18 Farwell place 
Bent Frank, bottler, h. 26 Tremont 

BENT GEORGE C, lawyer, (15 
Pemberton sq., room 5. B.), evening 
office, 613 Main, house 98 Inman 




BEXT GEORGE H., coal and wood, 
168 Main, house Brewster place 

Bent John H. (Gage & Bent), furniture, 200 
North ave., bds, Russell, cor. Orchard 

Bent Mary E. Miss, house 5 Walnut ave. 

Bent Sarah C. Miss, house 5 Walnut ave. 

Bent Walter T.. clerk (256 Devonshire, 
B.), house 2.5 Ellerv 

Bentley John H., house 22 Fifth 

Bentley Jennie Miss, seamstress, Alms- 
house. Tannery 

Bentley Lydia. widow of John, h. 22 Fifth 

Benton Eliza Mrs., h. 6 Emmons place 

Bemvay C blacksmith, 72 Main 

Benwell Thomas J., expressman, house oo 

Benz Charles F., sausage maker, 75 Sixth, 
house do. [Sixth 

Benz George, sausage maker, house 75 

Benz Magdalena, widow of George, house 
7.") Sixth 

Benzal John, at 17 Main 

Benzaquen Clara L. Miss, clerk, 503 Main, 
boards 04 Franklin 

Benzaquen Henry, foreman, 35 Pearl, h. 
G4 Franklin 

Benzaquen Henry jr., cigar maker, hoards 
64 Franklin [64 Franklin 

Benzaquen Vidal, packer, 35 Pearl, house 

Berg Martin, case maker, 162 Broadway, h. 
115 Elm 

Bergen Kyren. plasterer, house 59 Amory 

Bergenstrom C. E., at 17 Main 

Bergeron Treffle, hostler, Charles R. R. Co., 
house -17 Reed 

Bergstrom O. Gustaf, machinist, 17 Main, 
house 2 Baldwin place 

Berke Antonio, laborer, house 55 Charles 

Berkeley David, shoemaker, h. 150 Green 

Berkeley David jr., shoemaker, boards 150 

Berkeley Ludlow J., tailor, 453 Main, h. 
150 Green 

Berkeley Patrick, stone polisher, boards 
150 Green 

Berkeley Patrick A., shoemaker (2 City 
Hall ave, B.), house 4 Decatur court 

Berkeley William, blacksmith, house rear 
186 Cambridge 

Berlinquet Louis P.. finisher, h. Pioneer pi. 

Berlo John N., baker, house 101 Tremont 

Berlyn Philip If., optician, house 8 Holly 

Bernard Charles, employee. 15 Blanche 

Bernard John H.. book-binder, 105 Maga- 
zine, house 14 Andrew 

Berner Gustavus, cabinet-maker, house 24 

Bernhardt Carl, cabinet-maker, 44 Cam- 
bridge [Hastings 

Bernhardt John Geo., cabinet-maker, h. 12 

Berrick Edward C, machinist. 31 Haver- 
hill, B.), house rear 2<J Front 

Berrigan John F., plumber, 634 Main. h. 
at South Boston 

B.erringer Jacob, baker, h. 214 Cambridge 
Berry Alpheus. eating-house, (225 Com- 
mereial. B.). boards 8 Gerry 

BERRY CASPER, lager beer bot- 
tler. 132 Hampshire, e. Elm. h. do. 
BERRY CHARLES E., machinist 
and blacksmith, 206 Hampshire, house 

at Belmont 
Berry George C, clerk 415 Cambridge, 

rooms do. 
Berry Grace widow, house 102 Harvard 
Berry, James A., hostler, h. 10 McCabe 
Berry James A., medical electrician, house 

458 Cambridge 
Berry Lizzie Mrs., nurse, h. 21 Brookline 
Berry L. Caroline, widow of Alonzo P., h. 

78 Green 
Berry Mary Miss, boards 111 Auburn 
Berry Mary A., widow of William, h. Ill 

Berry Preston L., laborer, house 6 Eaton 
Berry Robert E., gardener, Joseph G. Cool- 

idge, house foot of Willis court 
Berry R. T., conductor, Cambridge R.R. Co. 

h. 25 Jay 
Berry William B.. tinsmith (79 North B.), 
Berthold Maximilian V., stenographer (44 

State B.), house 16 Upton 
Berthold Selma Mrs. teacher Kindergarten 

school. Winsor, cor. School, h. 16 Upton 
Bertram H. D. Christian, machinist, A. 

Clark &, Sons, house at Sharon 
Bertsch John H., traveling salesman (9 

Merchants row, B.), bds. 31 Seventh 
Bertsch Stephen, brass finisher, house 33 

Bertsch Stephen jr., brush maker (9 Mer- 
chants row, B.), boards 31 Seventh 
Bertsch Stephen M., brass finisher, house 31 


worker. 70 and 72 Bridge, boards 31 
Seventh [Co. 

Bertwell H. P., conductor, Cambridge R.R. 

Berwick Lucy C. widow of James, h. 110 
Hancock [mary school, b. 65 Otis 

Bettinson Addie M. Miss, teacher Gore pri- 

Bettinson Edward W.. bookbinder, 7 Brat- 
tle, house 7 Daniels court 

Bettinson Harry W., expressman, 103 Cam- 
bridge, house 124 Otis 

Bettinson James W., express 103 Cambridge 
and (32 Court square, Boston) h. 65 Otis 

Bettinson Mary A. H. Mrs., nurse, house 
125 Pleasant [burn 

Bettinson Mehitable S., widow, h. 118 Au- 

Betts Geo. F., head waiter (Young's Hotel, 
B.), house 30 Jay [h. 445£ Main 

Betts James S., waiter (Young's Hotel, B.), 

Beunke Fred L.. newspapers and periodi- 
cals, 559 Main, house 7!> Allston 

Beunke John, clerk. 559 Main, b. 154 Austin 

Bevins Elisha M. jr.. cigar box nmfr., 179 
Broadway, rooms 197 Harvard 

i*^\_cn: B R, O T M XlI 1£ H , 


H. Wm. Tupper, Manager. 




Bezanson Peter, carpenter, house 53 Fourth 
Bezanson Stephen, conductor Cambridge 
R. R. Co., bds. Cambridge cor. Baldwin 
Bickford Thomas Rev., pastor Wood Me- 
morial Cong, church, h. 201 Harvard 
Bickncll Joseph G. , cabinet maker and up- 
holsterer, 642 Main, house 25 Elm 
Biddle Charles M., clerk (177 Congress, 

B.). boards 42 Arlington 
Biddle Charles W., pastor Third Universa- 

list church, house 42 Arlington 
Biddlingmare Bernard, baker, 442 Cam- 
bridge, house do. 
Bierwieler Lewis, organ varnisher, 162 

Broadway, boards 155 Otis 
Bigawett Joseph X. , action maker, 45 Broad- 
way, house 44 School 
Bigeley Charles, coachman, h. 28 Vine 
Bigelow Alanson. jr.. watches, jewelry and 
plate (511 Washington, B.), house 265 
Bigelow Charles W. bookkeeper (52 Kilby, 

B.), boards 54 Concord av. 
Bigelow Frank H.. bookkeeper (52 Kilby, 

B.), boards 54 Concord av. 
Bigelow Marshall T., proof-reader Univer- 
sity Press, house 54 Concord av. 
Bigelow Melville M., lawyer (209 Wash., 

room 54, B.), house 14 Craigie 
Biggers Wm. O., paper-hanger, house 171 

Biggin Patrick, currier, h. 224 Franklin 
Biggs Hannah Miss, cook, Almshouse, Tan- 
Bigley Daniel, horse trainer (Beacon Park, 
B.), house 66 River [200 Harvard 

Bignoll Harriet, widow of Barnard, house 
Bill Alexander H., student, bds. 12 Centre 
Bill Frank C, broker (226 Washington B.), 
house 12 Centre [b. 12 Centre 

Bill Harry C, clerk (75 So. Market, B.), 
Billings Edmund F., polisher, h. 139 Main 
Billings Elmer W., clerk, 468 Harvard, 
rooms do. [mar school, h. 17 Perry 

Billings John D., principal Webster gram- 
Billings Lillieore T., widow of Emilius G., 
house 59 Sacramento [Harvard 

Billings Lucretia H., widow of Uriah, h. 191 
Billman John, trav. agent (325 Washington, 

B.), house 663 Main 
Bird Elizabeth H., wid. of Horace, h. Bel- 
mont, cor. Cushing 
Bird George, house 1 Forest. 

BIRD HENRY M. 9 iron founder, 
Broadway, cor. Pelham, h. 11 Bigelow 
Bird Herman (H. Bird & Co.), insurance 
agent, 559 Main and (53 Devonshire, 
B.), house 149 Prospect 

BIRD H. & CO. (Herman Bird), in- 
surance agents, 559 Main and (53 Dev- 
onshire, 12 to 1 p.m., Boston) 
Bird Linus C, salesman (143 Summer, B.), 

rooms 52 Prospect 
Bird Margaret, widow, h. rear 175 Rridge 

Bird Richard O., coachman, 808 Main, h. 

17 Kinnaird 
Birquist John, safe maker, 17 Main [Inman 
Bisbee John, (12 Mer. Row, B.), house 99 
Bishop Abel S., teamster, h. 56 Spring 
Bishop George H., upholsterer, boards 24 

Bishop Joel P., law author, house 51 Sac- 
ramento [Spruce 
Bishop John, brickmaker, house Clifton, n. 
Bishop Sarah E. widow of Henry, house 24 

Bishop O. O., driver, Cambridge R. R. Co. 
Bissell Daniel M., jeweler (35 Brattle, B.), 

h. 25 Suffolk 
Bissell Julia W. Mrs., house 56 Shepard 
Bistrup Alfred J., telescope maker, A Ivan 

Clark & Sons, Henry, h. 259 Sidney 
Bittner George C, finisher, 602 Main, house 

at Boston 
Bittner John, iceman, house 134 Spruce 
Bixby Hiram A., machinist, 356 Main, h. 

1)7 Washington 
Bixby Lydia Miss, house 28 Holyoke 
Bixhy Mehitable Miss, house 28 Holyoke 
Bjornstadt Martin, painter, 660 Main, house 

3 Sands 
Black Archibald, h 68 Second [Dunster 
Black Edwin E., steward A. D. Club, 14 
Black George R., laborer, bds. 68 Second 
Black Henry, boiler maker, 92 Main 
Black James, laborer, house 33 Willow 
Black Jas., upholsterer, h. 17 Washington 
Rlack James, paper-hanger, 101 Green, 

rooms 57 do. 

photographer (333 Washington B.), 

house 10 Avon [vard 

Black Jane Mrs., boarding-house, 120 Har- 
Black John H., bookbinder, b. 159 Main 
Black John M., laborer, h. 120 Harvard 
Black Mary Mrs., house 26 Brewery. 
Black Robert, teamster, h. 18 Plymouth 
Black Robert, driver, Cambridge R. R. Co., 

bds. 6 Harvard sq. 
Black Thomas F., boards Mrs. William 

Black's, Concord avenue 
Black William, house 159 Main 
Black William Mrs., house Concord avenue, 

opposite Xiles Brothers 
Black William J., teamster (181 Broad, B.), 

house 145 Spring 
Blackman Arthur W., clerk, (176 State, 

B.), boards 28 Arlington 
Blackman Horace P., foreman mill-Avork, 

162 Broadway, house 28 Arlington. 
Blackman William R., planer, 169 Gore, 

house 87-2 Sixth 
Blackwell Harry B., car repairer O. C. R. 

R., house 2 Charles River [6 Sands 
Blackwell Seth, tinman, 153 Putnam av., h. 
Blackwell William H., tinsmith, 467 Cam- 
bridge, bds. 165 Columbia [Auburn 
Blackwell W. H., laundrvman, bds. 109 


FLORISTS, and Contractors for 
P. O'BRIEN & SON, 820 Main & 89 Sparks Sts. 




Blair Amos B. , clerk, 9 Harvard square, bds. 

40 Winthrop 
Blair Charles, laborer, bds. 40 Winthrop 
Blair James, house 40 Winthrop 
Blair James, proof-reader University Press, 

house 450 Broadway 
Blair James T., pressman, University Press. 

house 5 Chapman place 
Blair Lafayette G., lawyer (48 Congress 

B.),bds. 34 North av. 
Blair Mary, teacher Allston grammar school, 

boards 34 North avenne 
Blair Samuel, laborer, bds. 5 Chapman pi. 
Blair William J., compositor, University 

Press, house 12 Gerry 
Blaisdell B. D-, clerk and messenger, Lech- 
mere National Bank, h. at Peabody 
Blaisdell Benjamin F. (Blaisdell & Hood), 

79 Brattle, house at Carlisle 
Blaisdell Ezra R., teamster, 253 Cambridge, 

house 16 Seventh 
Blaisdell George J. , asst. supt. Cambridge 

fire alarm, City building, Brattle square, 

house 48 Winthrop 
Blaisdell John G., clerk, 253 Cambridge, 

boards 16 Seventh 
Blaisdell Orrie A. Miss., fancy dry goods, 

442 Harvard, boards 760 Main 
Blaisdell Stephen, engineer, B & L. R. R., 

rooms 95 Otis 
Blaisdell & Hood (Benjamin F. Blaisdell & 

William H. Hood) , hard and softwood, 

79 Brattle 
Blake Andrew M., bookbinder (40 Boyl- 

ston, B.), house 8 Sidney [do. 

Blake Arthur O., clerk, 535 Main, bds. 688 
Blake Arthur W., dry goods, 159 Cam- 
bridge, and hats, caps, etc., 168 do., 

house 102 Otis [Hastings 

Blake Bridget, widow of Thomas house 39 
Blake Clarence H. book-finisher, Riverside 

Press, boards 8 Sidney 
Blake Eben N., tinsmith (Somerville), 

house 154 Cambridge 
Blake Edward W., house 157 Thorndike 

BL.AKE EDWIN H., real estate and 
insurance, 36 Fifth, h. 157 Thorndike 
Blake Elisa A., Miss, bookkeeper, 497 

Main, h. 133 Pearl 
Blake George F. Mnf g. Co. , foundry, Third, 

c. Bent, and (44 Washington, B.) 
Blake Geo. (). Mrs. house 359 Harvard 
Blake Herbert, tinsmith, 12 Brattle, house 

at Brighton 
Blake H. E., house 159£ Thorndike 
Blake Ida A., Miss, manager Wheeler 

Wilson S. M. Co., Columbia, house 

133 Pearl 
Blake John, laborer, house 4 Jefferson 
Blake John L., bookkeeper F. Geldowsky, 

Furniture Co. , boards at West Somer- 
Blake J. Henry, zoological artist, house 109 



Blake Lizzie H., widow of George R., 
house 133 Pearl [h. 167 do. 

Blake Theodore E., grocer, 158 Cambridge, 
Blake Thomas, city laborer, h. 113 Elm 
Blake Thomas, laborer, house rear 189 

Blake William H. , peddler, h. 33 Porter 
Blakely Thomas, plumber, 157 North ave., 

boards Lambert avenue 
Blakey John, shell boat builder, foot of 

DeWolf, house 30 Putnam avenue 

Blakey William, potter, house 10 Rogers' 

block, Main [bds. 10 Church 

Blanchard Abraham, night fireman H. U., 

Blanchard Daniel E., sawyer, 3 Hampshire, 

rooms 12 Suffolk 
Blanchard Dexter V., engineer B. & L. 

R.R., house 95 Otis 
Blanchard Fannie E. Miss, h. 46 Trowbridge 
Blanchard Fred W. , letter-carrier, house 62 
Thorndike [bds. 95 Otis 

Blanchard Geo. H., clerk, 89 Cambridge, 
Blanchard John Henry, salesman (83 Sum- 
mer, B.), house 47 River 
Blanchard M. Frank, fish-dealer (54 Com- 
mercial wharf, B.), h. 25 Pleasant 
Blaney James H., fruit dealer, boards 123£ 
123£ Winsor 
Blaney Sarah, widow of Patrick, house 
Blank Ernest, varnisher (Wareham, Bos- 
ton), house 110 Pleasant 
Blankenship Walter, mariner, b. 10 Union 
Blazin James T. , plumber, bds. 33 Banks 
Blazin Thomas, gardener, h. 33 Banks 
Blen Elbridge, police station 5, house Sa- 

ville, near Appleton 

Blennerhassett Richard, gardener, house 

45 Garden court [h. do. 

Blesch Emanuel T., restaurant, 19£ Fifth, 

Blessington Annie, widow of Hugh, h. 6 

Rogers' block, Washington 
Blessington Ellen Mrs., house 125 Third 
Blessington James, stone-cutter, 53 Main, 

house at Boston 
Blessington Peter (Peter Blessington & 
Son), granite dealers, Gore's wharf, 
Third, house 204 Third 
Blessington Peter & Son (Peter and Fran- 
cis A. Blessington), granite dealers, 
Gore's wharf, Third 
Blevins James, tin roofer, h. 158 Putnam av. 
Blevins John A., clerk (151 Hanover, B.), 
boards 94 Putnam ave. 
EEVINS JOHN J., slater, base- 
ment 604 Main, house 94 Putnam ave. 
Blevins Joseph J., slater, b. 94 Putnam av. 
Blevins Mary, wid. of John L., h. 19 Park 
Blevins Wm. B., at 172 Pearl, h. 19 Park 
Blieler Charles, cigar maker, 119 Cam- 
bridge, boards 160 Spring 
Bligh Henry, farmer, house 26 Harvey 
Blight John, porter (87 Milk, room 35, Bos- 
ton) , house 36 Moore 


Established 1860. SO DOCK SQUARE. 



Blish Ariadne Miss, private school, 39 

Dana, boards do. 
Blish Lucia A., widow, house 39 Dana 
Bliss Frank D., night fireman H. U,. 

rooms 10 Church 
Bliss Zenas W., proof-reader Riverside 

Press, house 25 Prince 
Blodgett Alvaro Mrs., h. 11 Worcester 
Blodgett Elias, paper stock (B.), h. 69 Otis 
Blodgett Warren K. jr., asst. U. S. attorney 
U. S. Court House (140 Tremont, B.) 
house 70 North avenue 
Blodgett Wm. A., house 16 Trowbridge 
Blonde Mary, widow of Edwin A., house 

d6 Columbia 
Blood B. Kimball, organ action maker, 

(1299 Washington, B.), h. 438 Main 
Blood Hiram, engineer steamer No. 3, 

house 40 Fifth 
Blood Marcus M., clerk, 154^ Harvard, bds. 
at Boston [town, B.), h. 37 Norfolk 
Blount Eugene I., machinist (55 Charles- 
Blunt John J., laborer, h. 48 Hastings 
Boak Edward J., foreman, 31 Elm, house 
112 Columbia [15 Laurel 

Boardman Anna, widow of Andrew, house 
Boardman Charles, house Washington av- 
enue, opposite Foxcroft 
Boardman Edward, painter, house Jack- 
son, near Dudley 
Boardman Ellen F., bookkeeper, 575 Main 

boards 15 Laurel 
Boardman George H., painter, boards Ed- 
ward Boardman's, Jackson 
Boardman John, currier, boards E. Board- 
man's, Jackson 
Boardman John S., gilder, 105 Magazine, 

boards 14 Rockwell 
Boardman William, laborer, b. 87 Moore 
Boardman Wm. C., tailor (21 Summer, 

B.), house 204 Pearl 
Boche Peter, laborer, h. 124 Dublin 
Bocher Ferdinand, prof, of Modern Lan- 
guages H. U., house 12 Holyoke place 
Bocher M., student H. U., bds. 12 Holyoke 
place [ond-st. place 

Bock Fidel, cabinet maker, house 2 Sec- 
Bock Rudolphus C, telescope maker Al- 
van Clark & Sons, Henry, h. 13 Flor- 
ence [Second 
Bock William, cabinet maker, h. Spring, n. 

BOCK WILLIAM A., florist, 329 
North ave., house do. [Columbia 

Bodemer Charles Julius, carver, house 145 
Bodwell Frederick, lobsterman, (Battery 

wharf, B.), house 50 Market 
Boeckmann Gustavus, teacher of Lan- 
guages H. U., h. 1 Symonds block, 
DeWolf [Hotel Holly, Holly 

Boettner John, confectioner (B.), house 
Boggs Edwin P., com. mer. (47 South 

Market, B.), boards 336 Broadway 
Boggs Francis M., steamship master (47 
South Market, B.), h. 289 Broadway 

Bogie John compositor University Press, 
boards 20 Farwell place 

Bogigian Hagop, dealer in Turkish and Per- 
sian goods, 110 Auburn 

Bohmiller Leopold, currier, house 4 Clay 

Boireau George H., car cleaner, F. R.R., h. 

6 Cogswell place 

Bokman Lars A., safe painter, 17 Main, 

house 3 Brewery 
Bolen Patrick, laborer B. & L. R.R., house 

rear 30 Gore [Boston 

Boles John F., machinist, 356 Main, bds. at 

BOLGER JAMES, horse shoer, 
Palmer, n. Church, h. at Somerville 
Boiler Benjamin F., student, house 62 

Sacramento [102 Mt Auburn 

Bolles Fannie D., widow of Frederick, h. 
Bolles Frank, at (248 Washington, B.), 

. boards 20 Berkeley 
Bolo George N., boiler maker. 92 Main, 

house 166 Norfolk 
Bolster Fred, lumper, 162 Broadway, bds. 

77 Washington [10 Banks 

Bolster John C, clerk (33 Summer, B.), b 
Bolster Mary, widow of John, h. 10 Banks 
Bolster Richard, shoemaker, 20 Boylston, 

house 12 Banks 
Bolt Hezekiah, porter, bds. 16 Hastings 
Bolton Charles J., clerk (52 Devonshire, 

B.), boards 63 Green 
Bolton George G., piano tuner, 63 Green, 

house do. [96 Winsor 

Bolton Henry, foreman, 126 Portland, h. 
Bolton John W., salesman, 539 Main, bds. 

52 Austin 
Bolton Sarah Miss, house 162 Harvard 
Bond Frederick A., clerk, 169 Gore, house 

at Charlestown [74 Cambridge 

Bond John C, clerk (42 Hanover, B.), bds. 
Bond John H., agent, house 74 Elm 
Bond Mary, widow of Richard, house 73 

North avenue [74 Cambridge 

Bond Mary E., widow of John W., house 
Bond Oliver A., clerk, 30 Boylston, house 

7 Spruce [t ry 
Bond Selina C, Miss, assistant at Observa- 
Bonenfant Alphonse, tinsmith, rear 104 

Main, house 4 Baldwin place 
Bonner Jane, widow of John, h. 17 Dyke 
Bonney Charles H., clerk (458 Wash. B,), 
bds. 32 Arlington [3 Lawrence 

Bonney Lucy A., widow of Charles, house 
Bonney Pelham, insurance broker (209 

Washington, B.), house 52 Pleasant 
Bonney Perez F. , salesman (458 Washing- 
ton, B.), h. 32 Arlington 
Bonney William L., supt. (450 Washington, 

B.), boards 4 Langdon 
Booker Robert C, porter B. & A. R.R., 

station (Kneeland, B.), bds. 7 West 
Booker Simeon, moulder, H. M. Bird, Pel- 
ham, house 46 Market 
Boone Charles F., cooper (Somerville), 
bds. 167 Thorndike 




Booth James A., tinsmith, h. Hotel Clark 
Booth Thomas, grocer. 82 Pleasant, house 
36 Park [h. 414 Main 

Boothby Frank M., shipper (93 North, B.), 
Boothbv Marv F. Mrs., dressmaker. 414 
Main. h. do. [B.), h. 212 Third 

Borden George E.. woodworker (109 Conrt. 
Borden Herbert W., carpenter, rear 382 

Main, house 48 Cherry 
Bordie G. W., carpenter, 502 Main 
Borges Anthony, laborer, h. 23 Plymouth 
Borges Joaquin, hairdresser, 204 Cam- 
bridge, house 17 Seventh 
Borges Manuel, hairdresser. 454 Cam- 
bridge, house 23 Plymouth 
Borje Alexander, spring-bed maker, house 

Spring, near Second 
Borje Manuel, laborer, b. A. Borje's, Spring 
Borystrom Oscar, machinist, Osborn, cor. 

Main. h. 2 Washington 
Boston Branch Grocery. Chas. F. Smith, 

proprietor. 245 Broadway 
Boston Bridge Works. 1). H. Andrews, 
proprietor. Sixth, cor. Rogers, and (13 
Pemberton square, B.) 

BOSTON ICE CO., Prison Point 
bridge, and (76 State B.) 

Boston Lawrence A., clerk, 621 Main, bds. 
at Somerville 

Boston Stamping Works. Third, n. Broad- 
way. Seavey & Co.. proprietors, sales- 
room (93 to' 97 North. B.) 

Boston Standard Wheel Co.. 21 Hampshire 

Boston Woven Hose Co., 174 Broadway, 
and (222 Devonshire, B.), Robert 
Cowen. superintendent 

Boston & Lowell Railroad machine shop, 
Bridge, near Craigie bridge 

Boston & Maine Railroad machine shop, 
Prison Point road, near Boston line 

Bosworth George W.. secretary Massachu- 
setts Baptist Convention (17 Tremont 
Temple. B.). h. 90 Xorth avenue 

Bosworth Leonard, carpenter, house 3 
Holly avenue 

Botz currier F. Fischer, h. 25 Harvey 

Bouche Paul, varnisher. bds. 27 Second 

Boucher Joseph H., blacksmith Burnett & 
Brown, h. 3 Brown's block, Third 

Boucher Paul, polisher, bds. 83 Broadway 

Boudro Galiton. brickmaker, house Concord 
avenue, corner New 

Boudro John, brickmaker, Bay State 
Brick Company [h. New 

Boudro John C, butcher Xiles' Brothers, 

Boudrot Albert, grocer. Concord avenue, 

near F. B.E.. house do. 

Bourget Peter, laborer A. H. Hews £ Co.. 
house Crescent av., opp. the pottery 

Bourn George P., clerk (140 Mt. Vernon, 
B.). house 62 Dana 

Bourn Robert T.. carpenter (140 Mt. Ver- 
non. B.), h. 64 Dana 

Bourne Fanny Mrs., bds. 727 Cambridge 

Bourne Mary A. Miss, teacher Gore pri- 
mary school, bds. 727 Cambridge 
Bournique Hannah L., widow of Louis, 

house 87 Gore 
Boutwell Nathan B. (Custom House, B.), 

house 76 Hubbard avenue 
BoAvdoin John, upholsterer, b. 159 Bridge 
Bowdoin Sarah, wid. of John. h. 15!) Bridge 
Bowdoin William, upholsterer, boards 159 

Bowen Bernard, laborer, h. 34 Charles 
Bowen Charles S.. bds. 9 Follen 
Bowen Cornelius, laborer, h. rear 98 Main 
Bowen Curley. boiler maker. 92 Main 
Bowen Fannie W. Miss. h. si Brattle 
Bowen Francis, Alford Professor of Nat- 
ural Religion, Moral Pliilosophv. and 
Civil Polity H. U., house 9 Follen 
Bowen Georgianna X., widow of Daniel, 

house 12 Warland 
Bowen James, laborer, h. 149 Bridge 
Bowen Louisa J. Mrs., h. 104 Harvard 
Bowen Orson O., brass trimming mnfr. 

(59 Beverly. B.), h. 3 Boardman pi. 
Bowen Richard, laborer, house 31 Carson 
Bowen William, laborer, house 2 Ninth 
Bower Charles, carpenter, bds. 9 Norfolk 
Bower Charles AV.. contractor aud builder, 
bds. 60 Pleasant [State 

Bowers Edward A., painter, (B.), house 25 
Bowers Elizabeth, widow of Edmund, h. 

Hotel Holly. Holly 
Bowers Frances Miss. asst. sec. U. S. S. 
Societv (7 Tremont place. B.), boards 
10 Hollis 
Bowers John M., engineer, b. 168 Norfolk 
Bowers Lydia E. Mrs., house 10 Hollis 
Bowes Eliza. widoAv of Thomas, house 4 

Rogers' block. Washington 
Bowes Frank, box maker. 3 Hampshire, 

bds. 4 Rogers' block, Washington 
Bowie William. shoemaker, Lyecum 
Exchange Harvard square, house 
at Somerville 
Bowker Arthur L., clerk (216 Devonshire, 
B.). boards 3 Avon 

BOWKER EDWIN F., civil en- 
gineer and surveyor, 623 Main, room 8, 

house at Boston 
Bowker Winslow L., house 3 Avon 
Bowler Michael, cooper, 75 Main, house at 

South Boston 
Bowler Michael, wheelwright, house 18 

Bowles Ella R., Mrs., teacher of painting, 

h, 20£ Bigelow [Green 

Bowley Asa F., tin-plate worker, house 23 
Bowman Algernon, laborer, h. 21 Elmer 
Bowman Charles F.. paper-hanger, boards 

Hotel Clark, Clark 
Bowman Joanna H., widow of Abner H., 

house 61 Oxford 
Bowman John, ship carpenter, house rear 6 



II. "Win.. Tupper, Manager 





Bowman J. , feeder, Cambridge R. R. Co. 
Bowman Matthew, laborer, bds. 116 Co- 

Bowman Orlando, salesman (216 State ,B.), 

house 25 Prospect 
Bowman Susan, widow of Oliver, house 

Cushing, opposite Woodlawn 
Bowman Thomas, laborer, h. Cushing, opp. 

Bowyer William, provisions, 126 River, 

house 124 do. 
Boyce Charles H., clerk, 122 Columbia, 

bds. 37 Union 
Boyce Edward L. , house 75 Hastings 
Boyce Hannah, widow of Thomas, house 

37 Union 
Boyce James, laborer, boards 163 Broadway 
Boyce James S., moulder, 354 Main, house 

5 Winsor [5 Winsor 

Boyce Joseph, moulder, 354 Main, boards 
Boyce Joseph P,, laborer, bds. 37 Union 
Boyce Thomas F., liquors, etc., 122 Co- 
lumbia, house 180 Harvard 
Boyd Charles E., bookbinder Riverside 

Press, and teacher vocal music, house 

49 Trowbridge 
Boyd Edward, laborer, house 77 Broadway 
Boyd Esther Miss, milliner, 514 Main, bds. 

81 Auburn [burn, b. do. 

Boyd Fannie L. Miss, millinery, 81 Au- 
Boyd Harriet E., widow of Samuel S., h. 

31 Lee 
Boyd James R., salesman (477 Washing- 
ton, B.), boards 17 Myrtle place 
Boyd Jane, widow of James, house rear 36 

Boyd Ormon T., wholesale grocer (216 

State, B.), house 33 Linnsean 
Boyd Richard C, laborer, bds. 4 Allston 
Boyd Thomas, architect, house 81 Auburn 
Boyd Thomas, laborer, h. 93 Broadway 
Boyd William, engineer (515 Washington, 

B.), house 17 Myrtle place 
Boyd AVilliam, printer, University Press, 

house 62 Trowbridge 
Boyd William A., eleetrotyper, University 

Press, house 11 River 
Boyden Benjamin F., grocer, 854 Main, h. 

" 223 Green 
Boyden Louis P., clerk (105 Bedford, B.), 

boards 223 Green 
Boyden Sanford E., carriage trimmer, 176 

North avenue, house Hadley place 
Boyden Sarah, widow of John, house 159 

Boyer Henry B., clerk, (113 Devonshire, 

B.), boards 3 Norfolk 
Boyer Herbert L., clerk, (113 Devonshire, 

B.), boards 3 Norfolk 
Boyer Samuel, stair builder, h. 3 Norfolk 
Boyle Bernard, teamster, h. 25 Jefferson 
Boyle Catherine, widow of Edward S., 

house 10 Third 
Boyle Charles, junk dealer, h. 26 Warren 

Boyle Daniel, junk, 307 Cambridge, h. do. 

Boyle Elizabeth, w. of John, h. 163 Win- 

Boyle James, cabinet maker, Woodbury 
building, Otis, h. rear 34 Charles 

Boyle James, teamster, house 77 Concord 

Boyle James, laborer, boards Rebecca 
Boyle's Walden [sor 

Boyle James H., clerk (B.,) bds. 163 Win- 
Boyle James K. , foreman, Woodbury build- 
ing, Otis, house at Somerville 

Boyle Jeremiah, cabinet maker, Woodbury 
building, Otis, house 34 Charles 

Boyle John, teamster, house 77 Tremont 

Boyle Mary A. , saleswoman, h. 34 Charles 

Boyle Michael, laborer, bds. 14 Seventh 

Boyle Patrick, laborer, 169 Gore, house 14 

Boyle Patrick P. Rev., asst. pastor St. 
Mary's church, h. oo Norfolk 

Boyle Patrick S., cooper, John Reardon & 
Sons, house 271 Putnam avenue 

Boyle Rebecca, widow of Edward, house 
Walden, corner of Dublin 

Boyle William, laborer, house 125 Third 

Boyle William, machinist, bds. 14 Seventh 

Boyle Wm. C, laborer, house 125 Third 

Boy man Jas. A., brick layer, h 12 Banks 

Boynton Charles P., real estate, (31 Milk, 
room 35, B.), house 29 Walden 

Boynton Edward P. , boots and shoes (50 
Cambridge, B.,) house 19 Arlington 

Boynton Herbert A., clerk, (139 Milk, B.), 
house 11 Perry 

Boynton Herbert H., clerk office of Sec- 
retary of state, State House, (Beacon, 
B.), bds. 76 Chestnut [R. 

Boynton Hosea S., hostler, Cambridge R. 

Boynton John L., wood and coal, 104 Gore, 
house 151 Cambridge 

Boynton John P. , pork cutter Niles Bros., 
b. Warren R. Boynton's Concord av. 

Boynton Julia O. Miss, bookkeeper 9 Brat- 
tle, boards 68 Mt. Auburn 

Boynton Morris B,, produce (53 Commer- 
cial, B.), house 13 Chauncy 

Boynton Perkins, house 11 Perry 

Boynton Robert H., moulder H. M. Bird, 
Pelham, house 166 Main 

Boynton Sadie M., kindergarten, 29 Mt. 
Pleasant, boards do. 

Boynton Warren R. , night watchman Niles 
Bros., h. Concord ave. near do. 

Boyson Geo. H., groceries and provisions, 
8k Mt. Auburn, house 10 do. 

Boyson Geo. H., bookbinder, Riverside 
bindery, house 30 Fairmont 

Boyson Sarah A., widow of William G., h. 
6 Fairmont avenne [h. do. 

Boyson Simon M., provisions, 218 Green, 

Boyson William L., bookbinder Riverside 
bindery, house 26 Fairmount [Sargent 

Bracelian Catharine, wid. of Michael, h. 53 


'; SON, 820 Main und 89 Sparks Streets 



Bracelian Lewis, painter, h. 35 Sargent 

Bracken Francis, gate tender B. & L. R. R. 
Water st. crossing, h. 8 "Water 

Brackett Almon (A. Brackett & Co.), car- 
riage painter. 18 Cambridge, h. 168 do. 

Brackett A. & Co. (Almon Brackett), car- 
riage painters. 18 Cambridge 

Brackett Charles H., teamster, bouse 20 

Brackett Chas. W., asst. engineer, C. E. D., 
boards 133 Mt. Auburn 

Brackett Henry T., clerk, 43 Pleasant, h. 
7 Sidney 

Brackett Ira A., clerk (Walpole), bds. 168 

Brackett I. Frank, salesman, 557 Main, h. 
15 Worcester 

Brackett James, house 23 Everett 

Brackett Win. H.. house 133 Mt. Auburn 

Brackett Wm. W., clerk (41 Broad, B.), 
boards 7 Sidney 

Bradbury John P.. travelling salesman, 503 
Main, house at Charlestown 

Bradburv Milton TV., proof reader (34 
School, B.), house 49 Walden 

Bradbury William F.. head master High 
school, house 369 Harvard 

Braddock Frank TV., machinist. 356 Main, 
boards 64 Hampshire 

Bradeen Jacob F.. teamster, 169 Gore, and 
mason, house 32 Fourth 

Bradeen Jotham S., hay, coal, etc., 253 
Cambridge, house 4 Oak 

Bradford Gamaliel, stock broker (13 Ex- 
change. B.). house 8 Prescott 

Bradford Gamaliel jr.. bds. 8 Prescott 

Bradford Henry TV., house 73 River 

Bradford J. Russell, marine adjuster (Mer- 
chants' Exchange, 53 State, room 23, 
B), house 375 Harvard 

Bradford Mary R. Mrs. house 375 Harvard 

Bradford Robert, laborer, h. 57 Charles 

Bradford Russell, marine adjuster (53 
State. B.), house 375 Harvard 

Bradford Sarah B., widow of Isaac, house 
46 Sacramento 

Bradford Thos. H., bookkeeper (130 North, 
B), house 66 Columbia 

Bradford William B.. mechanical engineer, 
356 Main, house 12£ Western ave. 

Bradford W. H., driver. Camb. R. R. Co. 

Bradish Arthur P., clerk (477 Washington, 
B.), boards 83 North avenue 

Bradish Frank E., lawyer (15 Pemberton 
sq., room 5, B.), boards 83 North av. 

Bradish Levi J., commission merchant (89 
Bedford, B.), house 83 North avenue 

Bradlee Charles H., printer, house 1 Chap- 
man place 

Bradlee Charles L., locksmith and brass 
worker. 648 Main, house 646 do. 

Bradlee Ellen M. Miss, bookkeeper, 10 
Arrow, house at Watertown [Lancaster 

Bradley Charles W.. law student (B.), b. 29 

| Bradley Daniel, boards 123 Winsor 
Bradley Daniel, boards 123 Winsor 
Bradley Daniel A., varnisher. 162 Broad- 
way, boards Mansion House. Gore 
Bradley Dennis, at Boston Stamping Co., 

Third, house 15 Antrim 
Bradley Jane, widow of Abram, house 291 

Bradley John W., commission merchant 

boots and shoes (101 Summer, B.), h. 

29 Lancaster 
Bradley Joseph Mrs., h. 29 Lancaster 
Bradley Julia, widow of John. h. 88 Fifth 
Bradley Maria, widow, h. 98 Austin 
Bradley Mary, widow of John, house 123 

Bradley Michael, shoemaker, 171 Dublin 

boards do. [Boston 

Bradley Patrick, laborer, 368 Main, house at 
Bradley Sherman S., clerk (67 Summer, 

B.). boards Essex 
Bradley Wm. J., teamster, 13 Broadway, h. 

74 Hampshire 
Bradshaw Aaron, oil and candles (7 Cen- 
tral Avharf, B.), house 44 Erie 
Bradshaw Alfred A., salesman (450 Wash- 
ington, B.), house 6 Perry 
Bradshaw Clara, widow of James, house 

rear 35 Green 
Bradstreet H. P., conductor, Cambridge R. 

R. Co. 
Bradstreet S., conductor, Camb. R. R. Co. 
Brady Bridget Miss, variety store, 15 Vine 
Brady Charles, laborer, house 2 Stevens ct. 
Brady Edward, clerk, E. R. R. freight 

office (B.), h. rear 16 Winter 
Brady Edward, police, station 2, house rear 

13 Pine [h. 163 Winsor 

Brady Edward J., grocer, 376 Cambridge, 
Brady James, laborer, house Ninth, corner 

Brady James P., teamster, house 6 Oak 
Brady James T., piano-string winder, State, 

house 6 Winsor 
Brady James T., bds. 2 Stevens ct. 
Brady Jeremiah, glass blower, h. 4 Fonrth 
Brady John, laborer, house rear 15 Vine 
Brady John, laborer, h. rear 186 Cambridge 
Brady John B., baker, 82 Mt. Auburn b. 7 

Brady Marv E. Miss, dressmaker, house r. 

186 Cambridge 
Brady Michael, laborer, boards J. Brady's 

Brady Michael J., baker, 82 Mt. Auburn, 

house 7 Mill [Hampshire 

Brady Patrick, glass maker, house 195 
Brady Patrick F. , laborer (89 Broad, B.), 

house 25 Winter 
Brady Peter, laborer, b. J. Brady's, Ninth 
Bragdon O. S., Miss, supt. Cambridge P. 

( ).. 7 Harvard row, bds. at Boston 
Bragg Elizabeth Mrs., house 41 Norfolk 
Bragg F. S., laborer, house 136 Spring 


Wholesale and Retail. So DOCK SQUARE. 



Bragg Warren S., Custom House (296 
State, B.), house 117 Prospect 

Braid Alexander, cabinet maker, house 98 

Braham Joseph, clerk (466 Hanover, B.), 

Rrainard Cornelius S., laborer, houso 209 
Mt. Auburn 
boards rear 117 Otis 

Brainard James P., silk mnfr. (35 Kingston, 
B.), house 248 North avenue 

Braman Ann E., widow of Win. F., house 
97 Columbia 

Braman Win. F., clerk (B. & P. R. R. 
freight depot, B.), boards 97 Columbia 

Bramhall Charles E., action maker, 162 
Broadway, house 113 Prospect 

Branch Mary E. Mrs., h. 46 Concord av. 

Branch Philip N., lawyer (28 School, B.), 
house 4<i Concord avenue 

Brandley Herman F., laborer, 105 Maga- 
zine, house 153 Green 

Brandon John, laborer, house 254 Franklin 

Brandt Henry H., painter, 436 Main, house 
7l£ Western avenue 

Branick Joseph, laborer, house 123 Fourth 

Brannan James E., clerk, 422 Harvard, h. 
4£ Charles River [Bridge 

Brannan John P., machinist, boards 250 

Brannan Margaret, widow of Richard bds. 
250 Bridge [250 Bridge 

Brannan Robert H., glass presser, boards 

Braalan Hugh, baker, house 192 Norfolk 

Brashtn Lizzie A. Miss, house 431 Cam- 

Braslin Hugh, earthen ware agent, house 
88 Putnam avenue [nam ave. 

Braslin James, tin worker, boards 88 Put- 

Braslin James E., electrotype finisher, Un- 
iversity Press, house 7 Willard 

Braslin Jane, wid. of Timothy, house 1 
Montgomery [13 Dyke 

Braslin Joseph, clerk 18 Boylston, boards 

Braslin Joseph, boiler maker, b. 131 Third 

Braslin Mary. wid. of John. h. 95 Spruce 

Braslin Michael F.. engineer, 502 Main. 
house 69 Brookline 

Braslin Owen Mrs., house 7 Willard 

Braslin. see Breslin 

Brassell Daniel C. Mrs., h. 193 Franklin 

Brassil James, grocer, 40 Banks house 
28 Flagg 

Brassil Timothy, laborer. H. M. Bird, Pel- 
ham, house 16 Harvard 

Brassill John, contractor and grocer, 39 
Banks, house do 

Brattle Square Hotel, George W. Brigham, 
prop. . 32 and 34 Brattle Square 

Brattles Edward, gardener, house 11 Follen 

Braun Philip H. , grocer, 228 Cambridge, 
house do. 

Braxton Patrick, hostler, Cambridge R. R. 
Co., house rear 100 Webster avenue 

Braze;iu Antoine, cigar maker, house 37 

Brazeau Ulric, cigar maker, 513 Main, h. 

37 Vine 
Brazier Abbie M., widow of Franklin J., 

house 18 Bigelow [Salem 

Breed Hubbard W., driver, 502 Main, h. 1 
Breeden George, bookkeeper (Wareham, 

corner Maiden, B.), house 14 Fairmont 
Breeden Lewis, clerk, (94 High, B.), h. 14 

Fairmont [14 Fairmont 

Breeden Mary R.. widow of Lewis, house 
Breen Bartholomew, laborer, h. 22 Foster 
BreenJohnF., action maker, 162 Broad- 
way, house at Boston 
Breen Patrick, laborer, house 22 Foster 
Breen Peter, laborer, house 3 Squire's ct. 
Breen Peter T., stone-cutter, h. 94 Fifth 
Breen Thomas, carpenter, house 161 Otis 
Breen Timothy J. , carriage painter, rear 10 

Brattle, house 13 Charles River 
Breen William J. , milkman, 88 Sixth 
Brems Louis, cook, 108 Sprint: 
Brennan Bridget Miss, house 92 Banks 
Brennan Catherine J. Mrs., grocer, 11 Lo- 
pez, house do. 
Brennan Cornelius, laborer, house 209 Mt. 

Brennan Cornelius, laborer, boards Con- 

roy's blk. rear 215 Mt. Auburn 
Brennan Daniel T., stone cutter, 53 Main, 

boards at Boston 
Breunan Delia M., teacher, Thorndike 

grrmmar school 
Brennan Ellen, widow of James, house 

Marsh court 
Brennan Ellen Mrs., h. r. 215 Mt. Auburn 
Brennan Honora, bread store, 325 Cam- 
bridge, house do. 
Brennan James, granite cutter, house 24 

Brennan John, laborer, h. 211 Mt Auburn 
Brennan John, laborer, house 22 Warren 
Brennan John, laborer, house 12 Charles 

Brennan John jr., bookbinder, boards 12 

Charles River [h. 79 Clark 

Brennan John F., overseer rubber factory, 
Brennan John P., machinist, boards 250 

Bridge [Bridge 

Brennan Margaret, wid. of Richard, h. 250 
Brennan Martin, stone-cutter, house 52 

Winthrop [ing ct. 

Brennan Mary Miss, h. Cushing, off Cush- 
Brennan Michael, laborer, house 4Hannum 

block, 114 Broadway [shire 

Brennan Michael, upholsterer, h. 178 Hamp- 
Brennan Michael J., laborer, boards 211 

Mt. Auburn 
Brennan Patrick, laborer, boards 92 Banks 
Brennan Patrick, laborer, house 6 East 
Brennan Patrick, laborer, house Garden ct., 

2d from Dublin 
Brennan Patrick, painter, 15 Blanche 
Brennan Peter, stone-cutter. Gore's wharf, 

Third, house 325 Cambridge 




Brcnnan Robert H., glass presser, boards 

250 Bridge 
Brennan Thomas H., printer, rms. 6 Brewer 
Brennan Timothy, teamster, 5 Broadway 

boards 4 Pioneer ave 
Brennan Timothy J. , laborer, h. 14 Sparks 
Breslin Cornelius V., electrotypcr, River- 
side Press, house 13 Dyke 
Breslin Hugh James, cracker-packer, 31 

Elm, house rear 143 Columbia 
Breslin Michael C, gate-tender, E. R. R., 

h. 147 Dublin 
Bresnan Mary, widow of Patrick, house 18 

Bresnihan Daniel E., book-binder, house 17 

Bresnihan Timothy, currier, 7 Reed 
Bressault Albert, broommaker, bds 8 Spruce 
Breton August, cook (Quincy House, B.), 

h. 7 Rogers' block, Main 

BRETT SAMUEL, «*., manufactur- 
er Brett's Eureka Salve (247 Washing- 
ton, B.), house 17 Park 
Brewer Charles O., salesman (B) h. 29 

Brewer Charles W., clerk, 436 Harvard, 

bds. 1 BreAver's blk., Brattle Square 
Brewer David, provisions, 9 Brattle, house 

32 Shepard 
Brewer Thomas H., provisions, 1 Brewer 

block, Brattle square, house do. 
Brewster Harriet, wid. rms. 93£ Green 
Brewster John, banker (35 Congress, B.), 

house 145 Brattle 
Brewster John L., supt. of schools (Law- 
rence), bds. 145 Brattle 
Brewster Wm., naturalist, h. Gl Sparks 
Brewster William E., editor, (31 Milk, room 

12, B.), house, 32 Mt. Auburn 
Briand Alex., carpenter, h. 2 Marvin place 
Brickett Eliza A., widow of Walter D., h. 

Conlon's ct. 
Brickett George E., brush maker, house 13 

Warren • 

Brickett Mary Etta Miss, brace supporter 

maker, boards Eliza Brickett' s Conlon's 

Bridden Benjamin F., police, station 5, 

house 46 Spruce 
Bridden Horace E., letter-carrier, P. O., 

611 Main, house 2 Salem 
Bridge John H. , clerk, 148 North avenue, 

boards at Somerville 
Bridge Samuel G., roofer, 559 Main, house 

35 Auburn 
Bridge William, mill-hand 44 Cambridge, h. 

at Charlestown 
Bridges C, machinist, 92 Main 
Bridges G. E., conductor Cambridge R. R. 

Co., house at Watertown 
Bridges Humphrey A., National Lock Co. 

(B.), house 770 Main 
Bridges Julia A., widow of Hiram, house 

62 Auburn 

Briem Eidle, laborer, h. 167 Otis 

Briggs Albert P., salesman (129 Tremont, 
B.), boards 19 Mellen 

Briggs Carrie E., widow, h. 9 Sacramento 

Briggs Frank C, salesman (129 Tremont, 
B.), boards 19 Mellen 

Briggs George T., machinist, 368 Main, h. 
187 Columbia 

Briggs George W., pastor Austin St. Uni- 
tarian Church, bds. 56 Buckingham 

Briggs John, milkman, house 41 Walden 

Briggs LeBaron R., instructor in English, 
H. U. , h. 56 Buckingham 

Briggs Sarah M., Avidow of Walter D., 
house 720 Main 

Briggs Thomas P., Rev., house 19 Mellen 

Briggs Walter D., salesman, (202 Devon- 
shire B.), house 722 Main 

Briggs William, liquors, 174 Hampshire, h. 
172 Broadway 

Briggs William A. , carpenter, boards An- 
drew near Somerset 

Briggs William C, asst. supt. Security 
Safe Deposit Vaults (Equitable bldg. 
B.), h. 7 Hancock pi. 

Briggs William II. , key finisher, (79 Tre- 
mont, B.), house 223 Broadway 

Briggs Wm, H., salesman, (608 Washing- 
ton, B.), house 64 River 

Brigham Frank E., boards 2 Percy pi. 

Brigham Fred'k A., salesman (130 Federal, 
B.), house 2 Rockwell 

Brigham George W. , liquors, (12 Chardon 
and 328 Main B.), and prop. Brattle 
Square Hotel, 32 and 34 Brattle square, 
house do. 

Brigham Mary B., Avidow of William, house 
21 Walnut court 

Brigham Susan H., Miss, h. 18 Winsor 

Brigham Waldo B., bds. 2 Percy place 

Bright Elizabeth Mrs. h. 104 TroAvbridge 

Bright Ellen E., Miss, h. 104 Trowbridge 

Bright Elma H., clerk (59 Congress, B.), 
boards 328 Broadway 

Bright Henry, ladies' underwear, (101 
Chauncy B.), house 33 Lee 

BRIOHT HORACE 0.,pres. Bos- 
ton Ice Co. (76 State, B.), house 328 

BRIGHT JOHN J., Boston Ice Co. 
(76 State, B.), house 320 BroadAvay 
Briley Henry, helper, 356 Main 
Brine Charles F. , dining room, 8 Boylston 

• house 12 do. 
Brine Daniel J., boxmaker, 3 Hampshire, 

house at Boston 
Brine James, cooper, house Squire's block, 

Brine James W., clothing, etc., 10 Harvard 

roAv, rooms 52 Mt. Auburn 
Brine John B., clerk, 10 Harvard row, bds. 

rear 2 South 
Brine John K., cutter (9 Tremont toav, 

B.), boards 94 Otis 

PACH BROTHERS, n&TbIS^ll. photographers 




Brine Mary A. Miss, bookkeeper (17 Tre- 

mont row, B.), boards 74 Otis 
Brine Robert, tailor, (19 Tremontrow, B.). 

house 74 Otis 
Brine Robert F., clerk (17 Tremont row, 

B.), boards 74 Otis 
Brine Stephen, laborer, h. 132 Webster av. 
Brine William, tailor, 10 Boylston, bds. do. 
Brine, see O'Brien 
Briney Thomas, house 1 Pioneer 
Brinkley Richard, house 30 Hastings 
Briscoe William, musical instruments, h. 

33 Howard 
Britt William, cabinet maker, house 242 

Brittain Samuel, carpenter, 110 Third 
Brittan John, laborer, house Cushing, near 

Britton Delia A. Mrs., dressmaker, 343 

Main, house do. 
Britton Henry A., cabinet maker, Otis, cor. 

First, house 89 Spring 
Britton Joseph, clerk (P. O., B.), house 30 

Western avenue 
Broadbent William, foreman turner, 1G2 

Broadway, house 24 Hunting 
Broberg Charles O., jig sawyer, 602 Main, 

bouse 37 Winsor 

H. and F. E. Brock), stoves, etc., 12. 
and 10' Brattle 
Brock Frank E. (Brock Bros.), stoves, etc., 

12 Brattle, boards 119 Prospect 
Brock Halliburton D. (Brock Brothers), 

stoves, etc., 12 Brattle, bds. 119 Prospect 
Brock Henry A. (Brock & Leavitt), cigars, 

etc., 436 Howard, house at Boston 
Brock Ira W., janitor College House, office 

13 do., house 84 Mt. Auburn 
Brock John A., house 102 Thorndike 
Brock Leslie N., bookkeeper, 12 Brattle, 

boards 119 Prospect 
Brock Lewis, laborer, h. 45 Dublin 
Brock Ossian H. (Brock Brothers), stoves, 

etc., 12 Brattle, bds. 119 Prospect 
Brock Solomon H. house 119 Prospects 
Brock Willie C, printer (45 Pearl, Boston), 

boards 102 Thorndike 
Brock & Leavitt (Henry A. Brock and Fred 

H. Leavitt), cigars, etc., 436 Harvard 
Broderick Ann Mrs., house 54 Gore 
Broderick Edward, carriage-painter, 232 

North avenue, boards 40 Spruce 
Broderick Edward T.. clerk, 50£ DeWolf, 

boards 50 do. 
Broderick Ellen, widow of Daniel, boarding- 
house, 190 Bridge 
Broderick John F. Rev., assistant pastor 

St. Peter's church, h. 29 Buckingham 
Broderick Thomas, grocer, 50£ DeWolf, 

house 50 do. 
Broders J., carpenter, M. E. Rideout & Co., 

Brodie Geo. W., carpenter, bds. 30 Sidney 

Brodie Hugh, blacksmith, 356 Main, house 

71 Broolikne 
Brogan Bernard J., hairdresser, 164 Cam- 
bridge, house 162 do. [Harvard 
Brogan Ellen, widow of James, house 106 
Rrogan James, baker, 502 Main 
Brogan John, laborer, 502 Main, boards 106 

Brogan John A., clerk, 168 Gore, house 9 

Squire's court 
Brogan Thomas, conductor, Camb. R.R. Co. 
Brogen James, teamster, bds. 14 Dublin 
Brogen John, gardener, house 14 Dublin 
Brogen Wm. J., milkman, bds. 14 Dublin 
Brohan Edward H., tin-plate worker, bds. 

58 Spring 
Brohan James, bds. 88 Spring 
Brohan Patrick, engineer, Otis, near First, 

h. 58 Spring 
Bromberger Theresa, widow of Lewis, h. 

First, cor. Spring 
Brookings Charles S., painter, 7 Western 

ave., house 31 Decatur 
Brookings Samuel H., furniture, etc., 197 

North avenue, h. 729 Cambridge 
Brooks Alfred A., agent Boston Woven 

Hose Co., 174 Broadway, b. 220 Brattle 
Brooks Ann Mrs., boarding-house, 40 

Brooks Edward C, ships clerk (Boston), 

boards 220 Brattle 
Brooks Edwin C, engineer pumping-house 

C. W. W., Worthington, corner Lake 

view avenue, house do. 
Brooks Eugene D., leather-splitting ma- 
chines, and currier's supplies (100 High, 

Boston), house 21 Lee 
Brooks Evelina Miss,, teacher, Tarbell pri- 
mary school, boards 830 Main 
Brooks George, boiler-maker, 356 Main, 

boards 374 do. 
Brooks George M., Judge of Probate and 

Insolvency, Court House, Third, house 

at Concord, Mass. 
Brooks Herbert H., ships clerk, (75 State, 

Boston) , boards 220 Brattle 
Brooks Hiram W., commission merchant 

(127 Milk, B.), h. 57 Lake view ave. 
Brooks Isaac A., house 220 Brattle 
Brooks James W., trustee McKay & Bige- 

low Heeling Association, (108 Summer, 

Boston), house 4 Berkele}" 
Brooks John, box-maker, bds. 6 Squire's ct. 
Brooks John, treasurer (19 Exchange pi. 

room 6, Boston), h. 64 Brattle 
Brooks .John W., carpenter, h. 138 Spring 
Brooks J. Mason, clerk (35 Broad, Boston), 

house 28 Inman 
Brooks Matthew, carpenter, h. 204 Harvard 
Brooks Patrick, marble worker, A. McDon- 
ald, Mt. Auburn, h. McDonald 
Brooks Sarah C, widow of Wm. H., house 

318 Harvard 
Brooks Sumner J., house 119 North avenue 





Brooks Sylvanus P., real estate, 359 Main, 
rooms do. 

Brooks Thomas, gluer, 103 Broadway, h. 
at Mt. Auburn 

Brooks Walter, laborer, h. 37 Harvey 

Brooks AVilliam, clerk (P, O., B.), house 
830 Main 

Brooks William F., marble worker, A. Mc- 
Donald, bds. Patrick Brooks', foot of 

Broomeheade Mark, coffee dealer, h. 214 
Columbia [Hampshire 

Brophy Timothy, city laborer, house 190 

Brosnahan John P., mason, h. 63 Spruce 

Brosnahan Thomas P., laborer, house 140 

Brosnahan Timothy, laborer, h. 5 Jackson 

Brosnihan Michael, wheelwright, bds. 3G4 
North avenue 

Broughton George, bookbinder Riverside 
Press, rooms 15 Green 

Broushee Julia Mrs., house Vassal lane 

Broussard Joseph, foreman S. M. Cof- 
ran's brick-yard, house Vassal lane 

Brosseau Charles, brick maker, boards 
rear Bay State brick-yard, 124 Spruce 

Brown Addie T. Mrs., music teacher, house 
110 Auburn 

Brown Albert (Brown, Murphy & Co., 
window-shades, Blanche and (27 and 
29 Arch, B.), house 34 Amory 

Brown Albert, waiter, Memorial Hall, 
house 40 Hastings 

Brown Albert H., painter, Blanche, 
boards 34 Amory 

Brown Alvah W., cigars, tobacco, etc., 175 
Cambridge, house 40 Sixth 

Brown Alvin B., teamster, house 74 Wash- 
ington [16 Cambridge 

Brown Antoino, cabinet maker, 79 Main, b. 

Brown Archie, laborer, h. rear 49 Willow . 

Brown Artemas Z., principal assessor dis- 
trict 2 and 4, office City Hall, house 
57 Magazine 

Brown Arthur D., jig sawyer (19 Wareham, 
B.), house 35 Green 

Brown A., overseer, Spring street stable, 
Cambridge R.R. Co. 

Brown Beverly, waiter, h. 31 Jay 

Brown Bristol, waiter, house 26 Winsor 

Brown Charles, carpenter John Reardon & 
Sons, house 107 Columbia 

Brown Charles, tinsmith, 502 Main 

Brown Charles A., foreman street depart- 
ment, City Hall, house 16 Bowdoin 

Brown Charles A., laborer, house 3 Poster's 
block, 87 Main [Mead 

Brown Charles E., cracker peddler, h. 17 

Brown Charles II., at 139 Broadway, rooms 
68 Pleasant [Spruce 

Brown Charles H., gardener, h. Ilollis, n. 

Brown Charles H., baker, 15 River, house 
rear 15 Antrim [way, house li> Market 

grown Charles S., carpenter, 113 Broad- 

Brown Charlotte, wid., h. 22 Charles River 
Brown Charlotte W. Mrs., nurse, house 

31 Rice 
Brown C. C. compositor, rms. 68 Pleasant 
Brown Daniel, wheelwright, etc., 5 Palmer, 

house 14 Appian-way 
Brown Daniel, mason, boards 430 Main 
Brown Daniel L., Mrs., house 65 North av. 
Brown David, porter (350 Washington, B.), 

house 53 Fourth [122 do. 

Brown David, sawyer, 131 Broadway, h. 
Brown David, house 41 Essex 
Brown Delia, widow, house 38 Pine 
Brown Dennis, fireman, h. 4 Dickinson 
Brown Edgar K., baker, 502 Main, boards 

9 Norfolk 
Brown Edward, laborer (Navy Yard, 

Charlestown) , house rear 40 Vine 
Brown Edward G. , carpenter, h. 23 Sidney 
Brown Edward J., dry goods (58 to 62 

Green, B.), house 4 Brookline 
Brown Edward P., musician, h. 37 Mellen 
Brown Edwin, teamster, h. 1 Dickinson 
Brown Eliza, widow of Petor, house 163 

Columbia [314 Broadway 

Brown Eliza P., widow of Horace W., bds. 
Brown Ellen, widow of John, house 2 

Shepherd's block, Charles River 
Brown Ellen E., Miss, physician, house 17 

Brown Ellis E., laborer, h. r. 112 Columbia 
Brown Eugene M., dentist, h. 864 Main 
Brown Evan, oil dealer (67 Lincoln, B.), 

house 48 Brattle 
Brown Francis W., house 11 Lincoln 
Brown Frank P., starter Cambridge R.R., 

Co. (B. & P. depot, B.) 
Brown Frank W., driver Cambridge R.R. 

Co., house 31 Rice 
Brown Frank W., piano maker Albany, 

house 79 Pearl 
Brown Fred, at Ivers & Pond Piano Co., 

Albany, house 32 Decatur 
Brown Fred, stone-cutter, 29 Third 
Brown Fred A., clerk, 497 Main, bds. 206 

Brown Fred E., driver Citizens' Ice Co., 

rooms 48 Market [53 Clark 

Brown Fred EL, teamster. 360 Cambridge, b. 
Brown Frederick H., bookkeeper, 502 Main, 

house 107 Columbia 
Brown Frederick T., cooper, h. 169 Norfolk 
Brown George, cooper, house 5 Holly 
Browji George D., janitor Central square 

building. Central sq., house 864 Main 
Brown George E., electrotyper University 

Press, boards 100 River 
Brown George F., salesman (424 Atlantic 

avenue, B.), house 34 Lancaster 
Brown George W., box maker, 3 Hamp- 
shire, house at Watertown 
Brown Gilbert, carpenter, h. r. 9 Sargent 
Brown Henry A., sizer, 15 Blanche, house 

34 Amory 


Assortment of Bronze Hardware in New England 




Brown Hanora, widow of Philip, bds. r. 67 

Brown Horace E., clerk Boston Ice Co., 

Prison Point road, h. at Woburn 
Brown Inglis H., foreman mill room Ivers 

& Pond Piano Co., Albany, h. 79 Pearl 
Brown Irving W., packer (50 Franklin, B.), 

h Hotel School 
Brown Irving W. Mrs., dressmaker, house 

Hotel School 
Brown James, at i»2 Main. h. 149 do. 
Brown James, carpenter, rooms 110 Auburn 
Brown James, laborer, rms. 1G7 Broadway 
Brown James, milkman, h. 39 Somerset 
Brown James, laborer, h. 7 Camden place 
Brown James C, proofreader. Riverside 

Press, house Waverley, North Brighton 
Brown James E.. carpenter, Columbia, cor. 

Hampshire, h. 83 Columbia 
Brown James F., driver, 203 Bridge, boards 

1G1 Columbia [h. 73 River 

BroAvn James H., boiler maker. 92 Main. 
Brown James H., clerk (371 Washington, 

B.), boards 94 Hancock 
Brown James R., h. Third, near Broad 

Brown James W., milkman, 39 Somerset, 

boards do. 
Brown Joel W. (Burnett ft Brown), Third, 

near gas works, house at Melrose 
Brown John, laborer, h. rear 131 Third 
Brown John G., iron and steel (09 Pur- 
chase, B.), house 15 Craigie 
Brown John H., cigar maker, house 35 

Pleasant [vard 

Brown John H., machinist, h. r. 30 Har- 
Brown John H., salesman (Wash. B.), h. 

12 Cogswell avenue 
Brown John S., cracker dealer, h. 15 Perry 
Brown Joseph, tinner, house 21 Front 
Brown Joseph A., piano maker (B,), bds. 

21 Front 
Brown Joseph H.. potter, Crescent avenue, 

boards Porter's Hotel 
Brown Joseph E., waiter, h. 17 Hampshire 
Brown Joycy. widow of John H., house 33 

Brown J. Sidney, at Ivers & Pond Piano 

Co., Albany, rooms 2 Columbia 
Brown Eeroy S., com. mer. (66 Commerce, 

B.), h. 295 North av. 
Brown Levi S., engineer, 213 Broadwav. h. 

53 Clark [h. 052 Main 

Brown Lyman A., hack driver, 120 Green, 
Brown Margaret, widow of William, h. 

148 Green [Centre 

Brown Mary, widow of Ebenezer, house 1 
Brown Mary, widow of Patrick, house 91 

Brown Mary A. Miss, teacher Sargent pii- 

mary school, boards at Boston 
Brown Mary E., widow of Evan, boarding- 
house, 48 Brattle [tage 
Brown Mary F. Miss, teacher, h. 36 Cot- 

Brown Mary J. Miss, dressmaker. 74 Put- 
nam avenue, house do. [225.^ Green 
Brown Mary R., widow of James C, house 
Brown Michael, cooper, h. 32 Charles 
Brown. Murphy & Co. (Albert Brown, 
Philip F. Murphy and Julian B. Hart), 
window shade mnfrs., Blanche, and 
store (27 and 29 Arch, B.) 
Brown Oliver H., provisions, b. 132 Pearl 
Brown Otis S. (Otis S. Brown & Co.), Ill 

Bridge, house 29 Second 
Brown Otis S. & Co. (Otis S- Brown, Hiram 
X. Hutchinson, and Frank H. Mar- 
shall), flour, grain, etc., Ill Bridge 
Brown Patrick, laborer, bds. 103 Broadway 
Brown Patrick A., truckman, house 5 

Con Ion court 
Brown Ralph P., bookkeeper (Washington, 

B.), house 452 Cambridge 
Brown Richard, at Dover Stamping Co., 

house 28 Fairmont av. 
Brown Richmond C, bds. 225£ Green 
Brown Robert C watchman Ivers & Pond, 

Piano Co., house 57 Cherry 
Brown R. P., conductor Camb. R.R. Co. 
Brown Sarah H., widow of Freeman G., 

house 37 Mellen 
Brown Sarah J.. Miss, h. 161 Columbia 
Brown Schuyler, L., surveyor Mt. Auburn 
cemetery, h. Cashing n. Belmont 

BROWN S.EIH E., real estate 
agent & mortgage broker, (209 Wash- 
ington, room 29, B.), h. 275 Broadway 
Brown Silas B. Mrs., house 15 Brown 
Brown Thomas, hairdresser, l£ Brattle, 
rooms 12 Dunster [h. 49 Winthrop 

Brown Thomas M., tailor, 430i Harvard, 
Brown William, laborer, house 94 Fiftli 
Brown William, laborer, bds. 21 McCabe 
Brown William, mason, b. 88 Mt. Auburn 
Brown William F., boxmaker, 3 Hampshire, 
house 150 do. 

BROWN WILLTAUI F., printer, 
(218 Franklin, B.), house 14 Park 
Brown William H., clothing, 447 and 459 

Main. h. 71 Putnam avenue 
Brown Wm. H., secretarv American Filter 

Co. (242 Washington, B.), boards 65 

North avenue 
Brown William X., waiter, h. 41 Hampshire 
Brown Wm. P,, bookkeeper A. H. Hews & 

Co., Crescent avenue, b. 15 Worcester 
Brown Win. S., baker (99 Prince, B.), 

house 94 Hancock 
Brown Wm. S., salesman (3 Chatham row, 

B.), bds. 94 Hancock 
Brown Wm. Wilson, chimney sweep (22£ 

Brattle, B.), h. 73 Hastings 
Brown Z. R.. wood worker M. E. Rideout 

& Co., State 
Browne Benjamin A., provisions, 290 

Broadwav, house 04 Antrim 
Browne George H., teacher boys' school, 11 

Appian Way. bds. 11 Mason 




Browne George W., telegrapher, boards 42 

Browne G. M., student, bds. 42 Austin 
Browning Fannie P.. Miss, teacher Corlett 

grammar school, boards at Belmont 
Browning Francis, foreman of tin-smiths, 

153 Putnam avenue, house 167 do. 

BROWNING JOHN S., reporter, 
Cambridge Chronicle, 573 Main, boards 
167 Putnam avenue 

Brownlee Annie E. Mrs., house 66 Dana 

BrownloAv Joseph, house 16 Perry 

BrownloAv Joseph J., boards 16 Perry 

Brownlow Wm. A., lawyer (27 Court, B.), 
boards 16 Perry 

Bruce Alexander, tailor, (B.), boards 20 
Cogswell avenue 

Bruce Annette Miss, teacher. Putnam gram- 
mar school, house at Hyde Park 

Bruce Eliza, widow of Hector, house 20 
Cogswell avenue 

Bruce John, blacksmith, boards 20 Cogs- 
well avenue 

Bruce Joseph (Custom House, B.), boards 
3 Brewer's block, Brattle Square 

Bruce Joseph ML, tailor, (B.), boards 20 
Cogswell avenue 

Brum Antonio E., hairdresser, 101 Cam- 
bridge, house at Somerville 

Brunquist Wm., milkman, house 13 Wil- 

Brunt Wm., jr., driver milk wagon, boards 
13 Willard 

Brupbacher Fritz, h 24 Sacramento 

Brusch Bernard, boarding-house 1 Wash- 
ington [Washington 

Brusch Louiza. widow of John, house 1 

Brush Abraham, law student, h 38 Arling- 

Bryant Amos G., laborer, house 3 Madison 

Bryant Benj. R., com. mer. (50 North 
Market, B.), house 11 Tremont 

Bryant Frank, agent (550 Washington, B.). 
house 37 Cogswell avenue 

Bryant Frank, watchman, alms house, Tan- 
nery, boards do. 

Bryant George, cooper, bds. 1 Washington 

Bryant Joseph A., paper ruler (82 State, 
B.), house 99 Prospect 

Bryant Lewis, house 35 Brookline 

Bryant Lewis L., physician, 1 Norfolk, 
house do. 

Bryant Richard M.. foreman (3 Pembcrton 
square, B.), h. oS Columbia 

Bryant Sophia B.. widow of Lewis H., 
house 1 Norfolk 

Bryant Susan J., widow of Enoch, house 3 
Rogers' block, Washington 

Bryant Win. T., Custom House (177 State, 
B.). house 648 Cambridge 

Brydie William teamster, house 31 Seventh 

Buchanan John, teamster, W. T. Richard- 
son & Co., house 6 South [95i Harvard 

Buchanan Mary A., widow of Daniel, h. 

Buchanan Wm. IL, driver, Cambridge R. 

R- Co. [h. 50 Winsor 

Buck Abijah R., machinist, 162 Broadwav, 
Buck Ella F., house 58 Thorndike 
Buck Fidel, cabinet maker, house 6 Second 

street court 
Buck Frank A., box maker, house 16 Elm 
Buck Henry L., express, order box, 432 

Harvard, and (38 Broad, B.), house 16 

Buck John S., contractor and builder, 

house 58 Thorndike 
Buck Lucius A., moulder, H. M. Bird, Pel- 

nam, house 14 Market 
Buck Mary L. , widow of David S. , house 

16 Holyoke 
Buck Silas B., house 70 Thorndike 
Buck Silas E., bookkeeper, 211 Bridge, 

house 4 Greenough av. 
Buck William L., machinist, bds 267 Broad- 
Buckingham Silas H. , founder (West Ded- 

ham,) h. Cambridge, cor. Ellsworth av. 
Buckland Georgiana Mrs., lodging-house 

25 Holyoke [18 McCabe 

Buckley Catherine widow of John, house 
Buckley Catherine, widow of John, liquors 

147 Bridge, house 2 Short 
Buckley Catherine, widow of William, h. 

rear 202 Bridge 
Buckley Charles F., cutter, bds. 27 Vine 
Buckley Cornelius, hostler, Cambridge R. 

R. Co., boards 35 Jefferson 
Buckley Cornelius, teamster, b. 18 McCabe 
Buckley Daniel, laborer, house 128 Weh- 

ster avenue 
Buckley Daniel, laborer, house 9 Short 
Bucklev Daniel, boards 30 Vine 

BUCKLEY DANIEL, A., real es- 
tate and insurance agent, and editor 

and proprietor Cambridge News, 547 

Main, house 278 Harvard 
Buckley Daniel F., grease collector, boards 

131 Webster avenue 
Buckley Hannah, widow of Timothy, h. 

131 Webster avenue 
Buckley James, provisions, 279 Cambridge, 

house 277 do. 
Buckley James, laborer, boards 30 Vine 
Buckley James, laborer, house 25 Third 
Buckley Jeremiah, laborer, h. 51 Amory 
Buckley Jeremiah, driver. Cambridge R. 

R. Co., boards 30 Jefferson 
Buckley John, carpenter, house 10 Harding 
Buckley John jr., cutter, lids. 10 Harding 
Buckley John laborer, h. 36 Charles River 
Buckley John, teamster, 81 Bridge, boards 

35 Jefferson 
Bucklev John Mrs., saloon, 147 Bridge h. 

2 Short 
Buckley John C. laborer (22 and 24 Un- 
ion, B,), house 141 Elm 
Bucklev John J., clerk, 147 Bridge, boards 

2 Short 



H. Wm. Tupper, Manager. 




Buckley John J., grease collector, boards 

17 i Webster avenue 
Buckley John R., stone cutter, 29 Main, 

boards 42 Austin 
Buckley Joseph, glass maker, North 
Buckley Mary, widow of Owen E., house 

11 Jefferson 
Buckley Michael, laborer, house 51 Gore 
Buckley Michael teamster, 28Pridge, house 

35 Jefferson 
Buckley Nellie Miss, dressmaher, 131 Web- 
ster avenue, boards do. 
Buckley Patrick, boiler maker, 72 Mmn, 

boards '.) Broadway 
Bucklev Patrick, moulder, 35G Main, house 

122 Elm 
Buckley Patrick, laborer, 35G Main, boards 

] Hampshire [River 

Buckley Rebecca, widow, house 36 Charles 
Bucklev Robert, blacksmith, boards 18 

Buckley Timothy, stone cutter, h. 27 Vine 
Buckley William T., hostler, bds. 10 liar- 
Buckman Aaron A., teamster, house 31 

( ambridge 
Buckman Austin, sawyer, 162 Broadway, 

house at Woburn 
Buckman Caleb P.. traveling salesman (-10 

Ilawley, B.), house 8 Cottage 
Buckman Charles E.. adv. agent, Globe 

Theatre, (P.), h. 2 Poardman place 
Buckman Henry, clergyman, house rear 82 

Hastings [shire 

Buckman .Jesse M., printer, h. 110 Hamp- 
Buckstrom Charles J., blacksmith, house 2 

Rogers' block. Washington 
Budden William L., wood carver, house 

176 Gore 
Buffum Ferdinand M., bell hanger, 648 

Main, house 8 Temple 
Buffum James H., salesman, 651 Main, 

boards 101 Norfolk 
Buffum James P., paper-hanger, 604 Main, 

house 101 Norfolk 
Bugbee John P. (Holt & Bugbee), hard 

wood lumber, 17 East and (173 Friend 

and 84 Canal, B.), house at Boston 
Buker Cyrus W., printer Riverside Press, 

boards 105 Putnam avenue 
Buker Edwin, planer, 3 Hampshire, rooms 

187 Broadway 
Buker John F., clerk, 142 Harvard, bds. do. 
Bulfinch Stephen G., Mrs., rms. 25 Church 
Bukeley Walter, waiter Memorial Hall, 

rooms 5 Elmer 
Pull Ole Mrs., house Elmwood avenue, c. 

Mt. Auburn 
Bullard Asa Rev., Cong, Pub. Society, Pea- 
con cor. Somerset P.). house 22 Centre 
Bullard 1). Webster, clerk (3 Court House, 

P.), house 20 Maple av. 
Bullard Elizabeth C. Miss, music teacher, 

boards 378 Harvard 

Bullard Enoch H., employe O. C. R. R. 

depot (Kneeland, B.), h. 20 Maple av. 
Bullard Henry W., clerk and messenger 

First National Pank. bds. 761 Main 

BULXARD JOHN C.,cashier Cam- 
bridge National Pank, 87 Cambridge, 
house 19 Pigelow 
Bullard Joseph O,, pottery (Western av., 

Brighton), rooms DC Magazine 
Bullard Mary A. Mrs., house 378 Harvard 
Bullard Mary L., Miss, teacher Holmes 
primary school, boards 378 Harvaad 

ier First National Pank. Main, corner 
Prospect, house 761 Main 

Bullard William H., engineer. 153 Putnam 
avenue, house 154 Pleasant 

Pullen Alvin A., letter carrier Cambridge 
P. ()., 7 Harvard row, h. 353 Peacon 

Bullock Charles (Bullock & Sawyer), den- 
tist. 569 Main, house 265 North av. 

Bullock Herbert W., musician, boards 51 

Bullock Laban, h. 51 Walden 

Bullock Otis S., machinist, 179 Broadway 
house 10 Worcester 

Bullock Thomas, house 98 Fifth 

Bullock Warren L., machinist, house 51 

Bullock & Sawyer (Charles Bullock and 
Albert J. Sawyer), dentists, 569 Main 

Buhner Annie M.. widow of John, dress- 
maker, house Hotel Clark 

Buhner Edward, laborer, b. 308 North av. 

Bumstead Freeman Mrs. widow, house 12 

Bundy E. N., conductor. Cambridge P. R. Co. 

Bunker Abbie H., Miss, dressmaker, house 
14 Sidney 

Bunker Georgie C, Miss, housekeeper, h. 
14 Sidney 

Bunker Laura E. Miss, bookkeeper (Attle- 
boro), house 14 Sidney 

Bunker Nath'l W., carpenter, h. 6 Beech 

Bunker Sarah F.,wid. of Alfred, h. 6 Peach 

Punker William, house 14 Sidney 

Bunten Frederick R. feather-duster mnfr. 
(20 L T nion, B.), boards 15 Roseland 

Bunton George W., bookkeeper (32 Bed- 
ford), house Washington avenue, cor- 
ner Foxcroft 

sale grocer(5&7 Commercial, B.),h. 
36 Mt. Auburn 

Burbank Charles, laborer, house 132 Web- 
ster av. 

Burbank Edwin A., cashier, North National 
Bank (214 Devonshire, B.), house 38 

Burbank George, traveling salesman, bds. 
156 Harvard 

Burbank Hannah F. Mrs., house 874 Main 

Purbeck George D., laborer, house 5 Riv- 
erside place 

Flnr 51 1 no^APQ f 1 nnc F0R FUNERALS > WEDDINGS, RECEPTIONS, furnished at Short Notice 

riUI d.1 UCUUI dllUIlb P. O'BRIEN & SON, 820 Main and 89 Sparks Streets, 



Burbeck John W., clerk 9 Brattle, boards 

at Boston 
Burchmore Frank, cabinet maker, 54 Bridge, 

boards at Charlestown 
Burdakin Arthur L., oil-dealer, h. 6 Sixth 
Burdakin John C, janitor Court House, 

house 56 Fifth 
Burdakin Joseph, musician, h. 7 Sixth 
Burditt LaRoy S., tuner, 162 Broadway, h. 

60 Magazine 
Burger William R., baker, 176 Harvard, 

house do. 
Burgess Albert L., physician, house 223 

Broadway, room 6 
Burgess Almira, widow of Zimri, house 50 

Burgess Amasa, wood moulder, Rhoades 

building, State, house 9 Holly 
Burgess Charles H. brushmaker, 124 Har- 
vard, house at Boston 
Burgess Daniel, laborer, h. 108 Kinnaird 
Burgess Elizabeth S., widow of William 

D., house 20 Union 
Burgess George A., clerk (60 South, B.), 

bds. 19 Cottage 
Burgess James, watchman (450 Wash., B.), 

bds 163 Columbia 
Burgess John E., clerk (451 Wash., B.), 

bds. 19 Cottage 
Burgess Lois A. Mrs. h. 2 Percy pi. 
Burgess William, draw-tender, h. 14 Salem 
Burgess William H. reed-board maker, 162 

Broadway, rooms 177£ Harvard 
Burgwyn Jas. C, carpenter, h. 54 Brattle 
Burk Andrew, case maker, 162 Broad- 
way, house 94 Vine 
Burk Hannah, widow, house 55 Charles 
Burke Bartholomew, shade painter, 15 

Burke Bridget, widow, h. 18 Portland 
Burke Catherine, Miss, h. 9 Lopez 
Burke Charles, cooper, h. 27 Vine 
Burke Daniel A., driver (112 Canal, B,, 

boards GG Thorndike 
Burke Edward, boards 52 Charles 
Burke Eugene, teamster, house 138 Elm 
Burke Frank, blacksmith, 202 North av., 

bds. 40 Spruce 
Burke George H., bds. 20 Green 
Burke James, laborer, h. 15 Andrew 
Burke James J., express driver (39 Court 

sq.. B.), boards 6(5 Thorndike 
Burke Johanna, widow of Patrick, boards 

137 Webster avenue 
Burke John, laborer, bds. 19 Seventh 
Burke John, laborer, bds. r. 186 Cambridge 
Burke John, tailor, 501 Main, h. 20 Green 
Burke John, laborer, bds. 39 Boylston 
Burke Jobn. carpenter, bds. r. 15 Hancock 
Burke John, laborer, h. 267 Cambridge 
Burke John, baker, 8 Rogers' block, Brew- 
ery, bds. do. 
Burke John, laborer, house 23 Somerset 
Burke John, laborer, bds. 1 Hampshire 

Burke John, wood carver, h. 6 Third 
Burke Joseph, mattress maker (42 Cornhill, 

B.), bds. 88 Gore 
Burke Margaret, widow of Edward, house 

52 diaries 
Burke Margaret, widow of James, house 

GG Thorndike 
Burke Mary, widow of Patrick, house rear 

15 Hancock 
Burke Nicholas, potter, bds. 42 Fairmont 
Burke Nicholas F., clerk (112 Canal, B.), 

boards GG Thorndike 
Burke Patrick, watchmaker, h. 62 Charles 
Burke Patrick, printer (4 Williams court, 

B.), boards 196 Cambridge 
Burke Susan, widow of James, house 5 

Burke Thomas, hostler, rear 180 North 

av. house at Somerville 
Burke Thomas, laborer, house 18 Portland 
Burke Thomas, laborer, house 'Dudley, n. 

Burke William, lather, house 29 Harvard 
Burleigh Emily A., widow of John A., h. 

85 Brattle 
Burleigh H. P., salesman (67 Summer B.), 

bds. 32 Putnam av. 
Burleigh Jacob N., broker (26 Congress sq., 

B.), h. 32 Putnam av. 
Burleigh Thomas W.. driver Cambridge R. 

R. Co., bds. Baldwin-st. station 
Burnard Hennessey, travelling salesman, 

h. 21 Seventh 
Burnell Lyman G., (Harvard Clock Co., 

147 Columbus av., B.), house 11 Sac- 
Burnett Charles H., clerk, 203 North av., 

boards 9 Walden 
Burnett Frank W., hack driver, Church, 

h. 46 Holyoke 
Burnett Frederick A., driver Hatch's ex- 
press, bds. 46 Holyoke 
Burnett James (Burnett & Brown) , machine 

blacksmith, Third, near Gas Works, 

house at Somerville 
Burnett Lewis Mrs., house 46 Holyoke 
Burnett Mary, widow of Daniel, house 1 

Hannum's block, rear 114 Broadway 
Burnett Thomas, cabinet maker, house 97 

Burnett William, bds. 1 Hannum's block, 

114 Broadway 
Burnett & Brown (James Burnett and Joel 

W.Brown) .machine blacksmiths. Third, 

near Gas Works, and (22 Bowker, B.) 
Burnham Asa, piano maker. Ivers & Pond 

Piano Co., Albany, h. at Boston 
Burnham Charles T., piano-action maker 

Broadway, h. 87 Plymouth 
Burnham Charles T. jr.. bds. 87 Plymouth 

eer, insurance and real estate agent, 
<i23 Main, bouse 68 innian 
Burnham George W.. h. 355 Pearl 


Established I860. SO DOCK SQTJAlRIE. 



Burnham John F., clerk (Kutlandcor. Tre- 
mont, B.)i house 64 Fairmont 

Burnham Lamont G. (L. G. Burnham & 
Co.), 221 Bridge, and (132 Charles, 
B.) house 209 West Newton, Boston 

BURNHAJI E. G. A: CO. (Lamont 
(i. Burnham and Herbert T. Law- 
rence), coal, wood, lime, etc., 221 
Bridge, and (132 Charles. Chester Park. 
near Swett. and Mt. Washington avenue, j 
office, 75 State, B.) 
Burnham Mary A., widow of "Walter, house i 

515 Main 
Burnham Robert, teamster, h. 146 Charles 
Burnham William II.. h. 43 Fairmont 
Burns Ann. widow of Charles, h. 86 Third 
Burns Catharine, widow of Andrew, house 

4 Rogers' block, Washington 
Burns ('hark- E.. clerk (49 Atlantic av., 

B.), house 127 Auburn 
Burns David, clerk. 15 Sparks, hds. 13 do. 
Burns David, laborer, h. 7 Cowperthwaite 
Burns David jr., laborer, h. 17 Cowperth- 
Burns David 1\, groceries and provisions, 

15 Sparks, boards 13 do. 
Burns David F. (1). F. Burns & Co.) roof 

painter, 144 Green, house 7 ICagee 
Burns D. F. & Co. (David F. Burns;, roof- 
ing paint and clastic cement. 144 fc Grecn 
Burns Edmund, laborer. 502 Main 
Burns Edward, tailor. 551 Main 
Burns Edward G. laborer, h. r. 70 Hastings 
Burns Frances, widow of Dennis, house 23 

Burns James, pork packer, h. 2 Seeva pi. 
Burns James, blacksmith, 53 Main, bds. 

Boss House 
Burns James, teamster Goepper Bros., bds. 

rear 142 Thorndike 
Burns James, laborer, house 8 Hannum's 

block, rear 114 Broadway 
Burns James, tailor, boards 99 Gore 
Burns Jeremiah, laborer, h. 30 Vine 
Burns Jeremiah, laborer, bds 47 Gore 
Burns John, rubber coat-maker, bds 88 

Mt. Auburn 
Burns John, fish (49 Atlantic avenue, B.), 

house 33 Bigelow 
Burns John, waiter (B.), house 93 Tremont 
Burns John, glass cutter, h. 224 Bridge 
Burns John, laborer, house 12 Short 
Burns John, laborer, boards 68 Boylston 
Burns John, hostler, 5Go£ Main, house 20 

Hayes court 
Burns John B., hack driver, 203 Bridge, h. 

12 Short 
Burns John H., carriage painter, house 7 

Burns John J., baker, house 169 Norfolk 
Burns Julia, widow of John. h. 10 Pine 
Burns Margaret A., Miss, dressmaker, h. 

204 Bigelow 
Burns Michael, laborer, h. 2G9 Cambridge 

Burns Michael D.. laborer, boards 7 Cow- 
Burns Nelson, laborer, house 14 Elmer 
Burns O., glass maker, X. E. Glass Works, 

Burns Patrick, glass blower, X. E. Glass 

Works. North 
Burns Patrick, shoemaker, 68 Norfolk, h. 

66 do. 
Burns Patrick, tailor, house 99 Gore 
Burns Patrick P., clerk, 15 Sparks, boards 

13 do. 
Burns Patrick J., trackman (B. & L. B. R., 

B.), boards 12 East 
Burns Peter, provisions, 2 Cowperthwaite 

house do. 
Bums Richard, blacksmith, Boston Ice Co. 
Prison Point road. bds. at Charlestown 
Burns Pobert, wood turner, 131 Broadway, 

boards <s7 Moore 
Burns Kose Mrs., house 171 Green 
Burn-; Simon, leather dresser, boards 9 

Burns S. J. Mrs., preserver of flowers h. 

.")7 Plymouth 
Burns Thomas, grocer, 101 Fourth, h. do. 
Burns Thomas, teamster, 195 Broadway, 

house 69 Brookline 
Burns Thomas J., clerk, boards 48 Fifth 
Burns Timothy, laborer, house 7 Cowper- 
Burns Timothy Mrs., house 13 Sparks 
Burns William J., foreman (14 Mt. Wash- 
ington avenue, B.), h. A, 122 Spring 
Burns, see Byrne 

Burpee Jos. E. Mrs., house 149 Prospect 
Burpee Samuel AV. Mrs., house 42 Antrim 
Burr Lemuel hairdresser and carpet 
beater. 445 Main, house 45 Hampshire 
Burr Lemuel D.. waiter, b. 45 Hampshire 
Burr Marcia M. Mrs., widow, h. 21 Bigelow 
Burr Mary If., hair worker. 45 Hampshire, 
house" do. [Hampshire 

Burr Sally, widow of Seymour, house 47 
Burr Samuel B., laborer, house 7 Dyke 

estate and mortgages, ooo Main. boards 

91 Prospect [13 Jay 

Burrage Harriet L., Avid, of T. F., house 
Burrage Henry T., engineer and surveyor. 

citv engineer's office, City Hall, boards 

13 Jay 
Burrage Josiah Mrs., house 91 Prospect 
Burrage Josiah K.. 555 Main, house 6 

Burrage William E.. salesman, bds. 13 Jay 
Burrage William W., lawyer, (33 School, 

room 10, B.), house 10 Fayette 
Burrell S., hostler, Cambridge R. B. Co. 
Burridge Caroline T. Miss, house 9 Amory 
Burrill George B., driver, Charles Fiver 

Railway, Co:, house 69 Mt. Auburn 
Burrill Increase S., shoemaker, house 365 





Burrill John W., hairdresser, 173 North av. 

boards Porter's Hotel 
Burroughs Charles H., hack driver, house 

24 Farwell place [Green 

Burroughs Edward A., teamster, boards 1 
Burroughs George H., currier, h. 58 Spruce 
Burroughs George L., provisions and gro- 
ceries, Pearl, house 165 do. 
Burroughs Leonard, house 165 Pearl 
Burrowes Thomas R., carriage builder, (1 

Pitts, B.), house llh Wallace 
BurroAves William T., clerk, b. Hi Wallace 
Burrows Edwin F., sawyer, 162 Broad- 
way, house 10 Clarendon avenue 
Burrows M. W., tinsmith, 10 Brattle 
BurroAvs Nim, laborer, house Dudley near 

BurtSethF., butter, cheese, etc., (24 F. 

H. market, B. ), h. 29 Western avenue 
Burton Anson (A, & E. Burton & Co.), 

brush mnfrs., 122 and 124 Harvard, 

and (21 Plxehange, B.), house at South 

Burton A. & E. & Co., (Anson and Ezra 

Burton and Frank H. Carter), brush 

mnfrs, 122 and 124 Harvard and (21 

Exchange, B.), 
Burton Clara B., widow of Asa, house 43 

Burton EdAvard, machinist, 162 Broadway, 

house 96 Thorndike 
Burton Edward H., clerk, (41 Broad, B.), 

boards 96 Thorndike 
Burton Ezra (A. & E. Burton & Co.,) brush 

mnfr., 122 and 124 Harvard and (21 

Exchange, B.), h. at South Lancaster 
Burton Henry E., letter carrier, P. O., 7 

Harvard square, h. 6 Charles River 
Burton John, turner, house Harris n. Beech 
Burton Joseph S., coal, (20 Exchange pi. 

B.), house 65 Pearl 
Burton Robert, blacksmith, h. Crescent av. 
Burtz Louisa Mrs., boards 55 Columbia 
Busch C, carver, 44 Cambridge 
Busch John W., gardener, h. 10 Murdock 
Bush Maria, widow of Samuel, house 10 

Bush Mary K., teacher Allston grammar 

school, boards 276 Broadway 
Bushee Albert, box maker, 3 Hampshire, 

boards 25 Pine 
Bushee James A., painter, house 25 Pine 
Buskirk Chas. V., wheelwright, 378 Main, 

house at Somerville [11 Watson 

Busnach Henry, hairdresser, 574 Main, b. 
Busnach Michael S., constable, collector 

and cigar manufactursr, 576 Main h. 

11 Watson [h. 11 Lopez 

Busnach Samuel, cigar maker, 576 Main, 
Busnach Solomon M., cigar maker, 576 

Main, boards 11 Watson 
Butcher Charles, parquetry flooring (17l£ 

Tremont, B.), house Lake View ave. 

near Pumping station 

Butland John C. F. , (Butland & Son) , ex- 
press order box, 601 Main (26 Mer- 
chants' row, B.), boards 307 Pearl 

Butland Uriah (Butland & Son) express, h. 
307 Pearl 

Butland & Son (Uriah and John C. F., But- 
land) express, order box, 601 Main 
and (25 Merchants' row, B.) 

Butler Alfred M. S., traveling salesman 
(400 Washington, B.), house 48 Lake 
View avenue 

Butler Catherine A. , widow of John, house 
139 Cambridge 

Butler Daniel, stone cutter, h. McDonald 

Butler George W., engineer, 54 Bridge, 
house 26£ River 

Butler Harriet A. Miss, teacher, Agassiz 
school, Sacramento, b. 134 North ave. 

Butler Harriet T., widow of Henry M., 
house 11 Brewery 

Butler Martha H, Miss, teacher, Otis pri- 
mary school, boards 75 Third 

Butler Mary, widow of David, house 141 
Franklin [Broadway 

Butler Mary, Avidow of John, house 161 h 

Butler Matthew P. , supt. , 502 Main, boards I 
129 Prospect 

Butler Michael, mason, house 92 Gore 

Butler Patrick, baker, 502 Main, house 129 

Butler Patrick, laborer, house off Concord 
avenue, near Tudor Co.'s ice house 

Butler Pierce, coppersmith, 153 Putnam 
avenue, house 22 Somerset 

Butler Robert S., janitor (GG State, B.), 
house 133 Columbia 

Butler T. J,, porter, Ross House, bds. do. 

Butler Sylvester, laborer, house 51 Hastings 

Butler William, watchman, rms. 45 Winsor 

Butler William P., ins. agent (27 State, 
B.), house 10 Arlington 

Butterfield Abraham, painter, house 122 

Butterfield Aldin A., clerk, (32 Summer, 
B.), boards 46 Second 

Butterfield Charles M., h 155£ Cambridge 

Butterfield David W., photographer, 573 
Main, house at Boston 

Butterfield Frederick C, conductor, Cam- 
bridge R. R. , boards 6 Harvard square 

Butterfield George A., produce (73 South 
Market, B.), boards 85 Prospect 

Butterfield Herbert, butcher, rooms 36 

Butterfield Jesse M. , salesman (8 Summer, 
B.), boards 46 Second 

provisions, 86 Cambridge, boards 6 do. 
Butterfield L. J., Avidow of Alden, house 

46 Second 
Butterfield Mary, AvidoAv, house GG Winter 
Butters George W., provisions, 19 4 Cam- 
bridge, house 107 Otis ' [house do. 
Butters John W., painter, 147 Columbia, 


nyn^-iisr street, next beck: hall, 
H. Wm. TuDDer. Manager. 




Butters John W., jr., lithographer, boards 

147 Columbia 
Bntterworth Robert, foreman, 10 Arrow, 

house at Somerville 
Buttrick Annie E. Miss, house 801 Main 
Buttrick Charles E., (Pierce & Buttrick) 

fish, 215 North avenue, h. Cogswell pi. 
Buttrick Charles F., carpenter, h. 15 Mead 
Buttrick Elizabeth G. Miss, h. 8 Norton 
Buttrick Ella E., Miss, teacher, Webster 

grammar school, boards 5 Erost 
Buxton Addison A., tube board maker, 162 

Broadway, boards 30 Front 
Buxton Charles B., fish and oysters, 638 

Main, house 5 Soden 
Buxton Charles R., action maker, 113 

Broadway, boards 53 Cherry 
Buxton John C. laborer, house 35 Dunster 
Buzzell David, machinist, 54 Bridge, house 

at Boston 
Buzzell George W. , teamster, 153 Putnam 

avenue, house 151 do. 
Buzzell G. A., driver. Cambridge R. R. Co. 
Byanl Ellen, widow of Edward, house 31 

Byard Win. J., boards 31 Wiuthrop 
Bverlv William E.. professor H. U., rooms 

20 Holworthy Hall 
Byernsted Martin, painter, house 3 Sands 
Byette Louis, cornice worker, h. Hawkins 

block, Charles 
Byram Eben S., house 19 Cottage 
Byrain Joseph R., kitchen furnishing goods 

(11 Essex, B.), h. 92 Magazine 
Byrn Patrick, laborer, boards 12 Webster 

Byrne Alfred J., laborer, boards 10 Foster 
Byrne Catherine, wid., grocer, 10 Foster, h. 

Byrne Charles, veterinary surgeon, 22 

Brattle [Broadway 

Byrne Catherine, widow, house rear 16l£ 
Byrne John B., packer, 162 Broadway, h. 

33 Union, Charlestown 
Byrne Lawrence, packer. 162 Broadway, 

boards rear 339 Cambridge 
Byrne Thos., grocer, 119 Gore, house do. 
Byrnes J., driver, Cambridge R. R. Co. 
Byron Geo. H., foreman of carpenters, 113 

Broadway, house 19 Sidney 
Byron John, painter, boards 1 Garden 

CABECEIRA JOAQUIX, cabinet maker, 

house 5 Lowland ave. 
Cabell George L. A., hostler, Cambridge 

R. R. Co. h. 8 Elmer 
Cabot Charles B., foreman (Pearl, B.), 

hoards 97 Auburn 
Cabot Charles H., clerk, 97 Cambrdge, 

boards 33 Sixth 
Cabot Edith R. Miss, copyist, h. 97 Auburn 
Cabot Fannie L., widow of Chas. H. , h. 33 

Sixth [B-)> boards 97 Auburn 

Cabot Henry B., gold beater (85 Sudbury, 

Cabot Lucien S., steam brown bread (01 

Brighton, B.), house 32 Tremont 
Cabot Rhoda, widow of Charles, house 97 

Cabot William B., varnisher and polisher, 

27 Park, house do 
Cade Charles B. (J. H. Stevens & Co.), 

plumber, 634 Main, house 113 Norfolk 
Cade Wm. E., varnisher, house 82 River 
Caffry Ellen Miss, dressmaker, 8 Portland, 

house do. 
Caffry Philip, tinsmith, bds. 8 Portland 
Cahill Charles I,, boards 157 Prospect 
Cahill David, laborer, house 9 .Porter 
Cahill John, (11 Pemberton square, room 

.".. B.), house 157 Prospect 
Cahill John, farmer, house 5 Foster place 
Cahill Matthew, laborer, h. 45 School 
Cahill Patrick, laborer, house Montgomery, 

1st from Spruce on left 
Cahill Patrick, laborer John Reardon & 

Sons, house 6 Allston 
Cahill Wm., lather, h. 14 Hancock 
Cahir Thomas F., engineer, Dudley, cor. 

Reed, house opposite do. 
Cain Andrew, at 17 Main 
Cain John H., grocer, 487 Cambridge, 

house at Somerville 
Cain, see Kane 

Cairaes James, laborer, house 129 River 
Cairns John, casemaker, 162 Broadway, h. 

105 Hampshire 
Cairns Michael M.. casemaker, 162 Broad- 
way, house 105 Hampshire 
Calder William, comedian, h. 205 Hampshire 
Calderwood Irving, at 169 Gore, house 106 

i abridge 
Caldwell Alniira. widow of William F., 

house 131 Cambridge [alley 

Caldwell Charles W.. peddler, house 2 Snow 
Caldwell Clara M., widow of George, house 

12 Lopez 
Caldwell Geo. W., peddler, h. 2 SnoAv alley 
Caldwell Henry L., teas (70 Broad, B.), 

house 354 Harvard 
Caldwell James A., house 120 Magazine 
Caldwell John, engineer, h. 8G Banks 
Caldwell Murat, slater, h. 170 Franklin 
Caldwell Nancy A. Mrs., boarding-house 

44 Boylston 
Caldwell Randolph, h. 14 Dinsmore court 
Caldwell Samuel, laborer, h. 70 Spring 
Caldwell AYilliam, house 354 Harvard 
Caldwell William D., teamster, house 12 

Caldwell William F., shipping clerk, 502 

Calhan Edward, foreman. 3«6 Main, house 

390 Main 
Calhoun John R., bookkeeper, 72 Main, 

house 58 Thorndike 
Call David, printer (B.), bds. 374 Main 
Call James M. . house 59 Auburn 
Call Thomas, laborer, bds. 132 Elm 


MONUMENTS & CUBBINGS, Designed and Constructed 

P. O'BKIEN & SON, 820 Main and 89 Sparks Streets. 



Callaghan Timothy A., teamster, boards 

53 Cedar [53 Cedar 

Callaghan William A., teamster, house 

Callahan Catherine, widow of Patrick, 

house 10 Hastings 
Callahan Daniel, gate tender Short street 

crossing B. & L. R. R., h. 10 Short 

Callahan Daniel police station 5, house 

32 Russell [Second 

Callahan Daniel E., glass blower, house 66 

Callahan Dennis J., shoemaker, house 10 

Decatur court 
Callahan Ellen, widow, h. 37 Washington 
Callahan Frank, machinist, 356 Main, h. 37 

Callahan F. H., driver, Camb. R.R. Co. 
Callahan George H., grocer, 80 Concord 

av. . boards 7 Sparks street place 
Callahan Hannah, widow, h. r. U6 Gore 
Callahan James, laborer, house 9 Vine 
Callahan James L., stone-cutter, house 28 

Charles River 
Callahan Jeremiah, hack stable, 287 Cam- 
bridge, house do. 
Callahan Jeremiah, laborer B. & L. R.R., 

house rear 3 Short 
Callahan Jeremiah, laborer, h. 210 Bridge 
Callahan Jeremiah, laborer, h. 190 Winsor 
Callahan John, laborer, bds. 16 McCabe 
Callahan John, laborer, bds. 18 McCabe 
Callahan John, blacksmith, h. 186 Bridge 
Callahan John, currier Miiller Brothers, 

Callahan John, clerk, boards 148 Elm 
Callahan John, laborer, house 7 Sparks 
street place [r. 258 Bridge 

Callahan John, blacksmith, 221 Bridge, h. 
Callahan John, painter, h. 9 Cowperthwaitc 
Callahan John F., bartender, (113 Essex, 

B.), house 257 Franklin 
Callahan John P., printer (248 Washington, 

B.), house 135 Cambridge 
Callahan Mary, widow of Dennis, house 
55 Amory [65 Winter 

Callahan Mary, widow of Dennis, house 
Callahan Mary, widow of Patrick, house 
40 Foster [148 Elm 

Callahan Mary, widow of Jeremiah, house 
Callahan Owen, conductor Charles River 

R.R., bds. 148 Elm 
Callahan Patrick, painter, h. 33 Dunster 
Callahan Patrick, blacksmith, 229 Cam- 
bridge, boards 3 Lechmere place 
Callahan Patrick J., horse-shoer, 24 Cam- 
bridge, bds. 3 Lechmere place 
Callahan Richard, at Boston Bridge 

Works, boards 210 Bridge 
Callahan Thomas, laborer, house 19 Foster 
Callahan Timothy, teamster, h. 7 Fifth 
Callahan William, trackman Cambridge 

Railroad Co., h. 3924 Cambridge 
Callan Ellen, wid. of John, h. r. 85 Bridge 
Callan Michael, laborer, h. r. 85 Bridge 
Callan Thomas, laborer, h. 17 Jefferson 

Callan Thomas, laborer, h. r. 85 Bridge 
Callanan Margaret, widow of Patrick, 

house 12 North 
Callanan Patrick H., asst. pastor Saint 

John's church, house 83 Otis 
Callender Carrie M. Mrs., h. 413 Main 
Callender Charles A., stationery and 

fancy goods, 485 Main, house 487 do. 
Callender Frances Miss, dressmaker, 413 

Main, house do. 
Callender Henry, compositor, boards 42 

Callender John, treas. Bay State Brick 

Co., office (15 Pemberton square, B.), 

house at Medford 
Callender Mary M. Miss, stamping, em- 
broidering, etc., 413 Main, house do. 
Callihan Anna E., teacher, Gore Primary 

Callon John R., variety store, 35 River, 

house at Boston 
Calnan Daniel, gas fitter, h. Jordan place 
Calnan James J. Mrs., h. 10 Fourth 
Calnan Michael, laborer, bds. 12 McCabe 
Calnan Patrick J., at E. D. Sawyer & Co.'s, 

house 71 Gore 
Calnan Timothy, boiler maker, 92 Main, 

house rear 42 Hampshire ' 
Cambridge Almanac, E. E. Treffry, pub- 
lisher, 14 Ash 
Cambridge Almshouse, Tannery, William 

E. Hough, warden 
Cambridge Casino, Mt. Auburn, c. Bath 
Cambridge Cemetery, James K. Farwell, 

supt. Coolidge av. , n. Watertown line 

Linn B. Porter, editor and proprietor, 

office 573 Main (150 Tremont, rm. 6, B.) 
Cambridge City Guards Armory, City 

building, Brattle square 
Cambridge Conservatory of Music, George 

Fi.her, director, 4 Lee [ridge 

Cambridge Co-operative Bank, 89 Camb- 
Cambridge Extract Co., F. E. Martell & 

Co., 539 Main and (115 Water, B.) 
Cambridge Gas Light Co., Hilton's block, 

424 Harvard ' [Fayette 

Cambridge High School, Broadway, cor. 
Cambridge Ice Co., Kimball & Child, props. 

120 Hampshire 

L. Shorey, prop., Soden, offices (343 
Washington and 23 Bromfield, B.) 

pres.. Alfred L. Barbour, secretary, 
and treasurer, 555 Main 

BANK, 1). R. Sortwcll, president, 
J. C. Bullard. cashier, 87 Cambridge 

Buckley, editor and proprietor, 5 1 7 
Main [Bond and Concord avenue 

Cambridge Observatory, junction Garden, 


All kinds of HARDWARE GOODS at 
Lowest Prices. VO Dock Square. 



Mutual Fire Insurance Co 



555 Main St. Cambridgeport,Mass, 



50 per cent. Return Dividend on five year policies at Expiration. 


Amount at Risk, . . . $5,586,000.00 


Cash and Securities, . . . 138,800.00 
Deposit Notes in Force, , . . 160,660.00 

Total, - - - 299,460.00 

Liabilities (Re-insurance Fund), . 40,194,00 








Established in 1852, near where the Public Garden now is. We 

have been obliged to move 8 times to make way for the March of 

Improvement. We are now located about midway between the 

City of Boston and its 

The Oldest, Largest, 
Most Reliable 

and Best Establishment 
ot the kind in 

Boston or N. England. 

beautiful suburb Brookline. 
Thanking many residents of Brookline for their patronage in 
the past, we extend an invitation to all others to give us a fair 
trial. As soon as you become convinced of the Superiority of our 
Machine work over Out Door Work, you will want NO MORE 
out door work. 




Address It, SMART, Carpet Beating Company, 


J, E. DO TV, Manager. 



Cambridge Post-office, 7 Harvard row 

Cox, proprietor, office 531 Main 
Cambridge Public Library, Miss Almira L. 
Havward, librarian, Masonic Hall, 
building, 639 Main 

CO., Fred T. Stevens, see. and treas., 
3 Harvard square 

MILES, Gilmore & Eustis, props., 
126 Portland, office (40 Kilbv, B.) 

/BAM, Clias. W. Sever, pres. ; 
Jas. M. Thurston, treas., 2 Harvard 
row [blk. 15 Brattle 

Cambridge Social Union Rooms. Roberts' 

Tribune Publishing Co. , 3 Linden 

Cambridge Vinegar Works, Herbert Der- 
by, proprietor. 75 Main 

Cambridge Water Board. J, Warren Cotton, 
water registrar, office City Hall, GOG 
Main [105 Magazine 

Cambridgeport Diary Co., diary mnfrs., 

Cambridgeport Express Co., Savage & 
Son. proprietors, 600 Main 

AL BANK, A. P. Morse, pres. ; S. 

B. Snow, cashier, 585 Main 
Cambridgeport Post-office, William S. Ar- 

naud, superintendent, Gil Main 
Cambridgeport Savings Bank, J. A. Holmes 

president, 635 Main 
Came Ada M. Miss, music teacher, h. 12 

Eront [h. 12 Eront 

Came Daniel, tinsmith, 244 Broadway, 
Cameron Hugh B., sewing machine agent, 

647 Main, house rear 79 Hastings 
Cameron Maxwell, wood worker, house 

rear 100 Fourth 
Campbell Alexander, carpenter, h. 10 Eliot 
Campbell Andrew, boiler mnfr., Broad- 
way, cor. Sixth, h. 80 Washington 
Campbell Benjamin F., trunk maker, house 

r. 16l£ Broadway [152 Bridge 

Campbell Bridget, wid. of William, house 
Campbell Charles, cooper, house 2 Vine 
Campbell Daniel plasterer, b. 44 Boylston 
Campbell David J., telegraph operator, 

engine house Brattle square, boards 

46 Winthrop [Winsor 

Campbell Dougall, carpenter, house 157 
Campbell Douglass A., butter packer, house 

34 Brookline 
Campbell Edw. H., clerk, 1 Vine, b. 3 do. 
Campbell Eliza A., widow of Russell, h. 

17 Rockwell 
Campbell Francis, discount clerk Traders 

Nat Bank (91 State, B.), bds. 36 Lee 
Campbell Harrison C, teamster R. Weitze, 

house Eighth, near Spring 
Campbell Hector L., moulder H. M. Bird, 

Pelham, house 307 Cambridge 

Campbell Hugh, polisher Russ Moulding 

Co., First, bds. 106 Third 
Campbell James T., boiler maker, boards 

80 Wasbington 
CampbellJohn, moulder H. M. Bird, Pelham 
Campbell John, machinist, 162 Broadway, 

house 3 Summer 
Campbell John, boiler maker, 356 Main, 

house 55 Winsor 
Campbell John A., clerk, 621 Main, 

boards 3 Summer 
Campbell John M., clerk (43 Summer, B.), 

house 21 Inman 
Campbell Joseph M. , helper, 2 Albany, h. 

at Boston 
Campbell J. F. Mrs., house 36 Lee 
Campbell Malcolm, teamster, house rear 16 

Campbell Mark, laborer, house 88 Fifth 
Campbell Micah C, currier, bds. 19 Vine 
Campbell Oliver B., house 116 North av. 
Campbell Patrick, laborer, h. r. 125 Tliird 
Campbell Robert H., cloth inspector (72 

Franklin. B.), boards 41 River 
Campbell Robert M., house 41 River 
Campbell Sarah A. Miss, dressmaker, 95 

Mt. Auburn, house do. 
Campbell Thomas F., hairdresser, 58 Cam- 
bridge, boards 71 do. 
Campbell Tunis G., clergyman, h. 4 Suffolk 
Campbell Tunis G. jr., shoemaker, house 

4 Suffolk 
Campbell William, laborer, bds. 5 Short 
Campbell William (William Campbell & 

Co.), boiler mnfr., 356 Main, house 168 

Campbell William H., clerk, 3 Brattle sq., 

rooms 17 Dyke 
Campbell William J., solicitor, h. 7 Salem 
Campbell Win. K., boiler maker, 356 Main, 

boards 168 Harvard 
Campbell William T., professor of mathe- 
matics (Quincy) , h. 36 Lee 
(William and Wilson Campbell), boiler 

mnfrs., 356 Main 
Campbell Wilson 2d (William Campbell & 

Co.), boiler mnfr., 356 Main, house 

168 Harvard 
Candage Solon, milkman, rms. 56 Fourth 
Canfield Chas. T.. clergyman and teacher, 

house 1 Berkeley 
Cann Helen M., widow of Henry A., h. 16 

Cannavan Ally, widow of James, h. rear 

335 Cambridge 
Cannavan Ann, wid. of Jas., h. 20 East 
Cannavan John H., laborer, 206 Broadway, 

boards rear 335 Cambridge 
Cannavan Richard L., laborer, house 18 

Cannell Henry (H. N. Hovey & Co.), gro- 
cer. 89 Cambridge, house ooh Gore 
Cannell Joseph, carpenter, bds. o~>^ Gore 




Canniff Timothy, polisher (Russ Moulding 

Co., First), house at Arlington 
Cannon Hugh, laborer, house 22 Foster 
Cannon M. , machinist, 72 Main 
Cannon Rose Miss, house GO Boylston 
Canterbury George W., fruit, etc., house 

14 Lake 
Canty Dennis G., coachman, h. 6 Hunting 
Canty Zeph, clerk, house 73 Gore 
Capelle Jonas F., clerk, h. 138 Thorndike 
Capelle Thomas, carpenter, h. 45 Spruce 
Capen Charles L., music teacher (281 Co- 
lumbus av., B.). house 8 Harris 
Capen Edward N. (Capen, Sprague & Co.), 

oil mnfr., Sixth, house at Boston 
Capen Lizzie C. Miss, teacher Webster 

grammar school, bds. 50 Magazine 
Capen, Sprague & Co. (Edward N. Capen, 

Charles Sprague, and Charles G. B. 

Smith), lubricating oil mnfrs., Sixth, 

corner Potter, and (8 Custom House 

street, B.) 
Caplis John, flagman, Broadway crossing 

B. & A. R. R. 
Caprelle Daniel, tin worker, bds. 16 Andrew 
Carbery Hugh M., trader, house 6 Second 

street court 
Carbery Patrick, hostler, 120 Green, house 

2 Soden place [Spruce 

Carbouno Napoleon, carpenter, house 108 
Carder Abbie A. Miss, dressmaker, boards 

5 Kinniard 
Carew Edward J., cooper, h. 214 Pearl 
Carew Mary Miss, teacher, 29 Everett, 

boards, do. 
Carew Mary Mrs,, boards 29 Everett 
Carey Arthur A., house Fayerweather, cor. 

Carey Henry R. A., house Fayerweather, 

cor. Reservoir [87 Gore 

Carey Jeremiah, clerk, 169 Bridge, house 
Carey John, safe maker, 17 Main 
Carey John M., teamster, bds. 87 Gore 
Carey Philip, laborer, house 27 Vine 
Carey Timothy, laborer, house 1 Bedford 
Carey, see Cary 

Carl George, printer, bds. 33£ Inman 
Carl John, safe maker, 17 Main h, at Boston 
Carl J. , driver, Cambridge R. R. Co. 
Carl Luke, laborer, h. r. 46 Foster 
Carl Patrick, at 17 Main 
Carl Patrick, 2d. at 17 Main 
Carle James A., wood worker, M. E. Ride- 
out & Co., State, boards 40 Austin 
Carleton Harriet E. Mrs., portrait painter, 

h. 9 Brown 
Carleton Sarah Mrs., h. 17 Tremont 
Carley George E., chief clerk B. & L. R. R. 

shop, house at Stoneham 
Carley G. F.. machinist. 72 Main 
Carley James, laborer, house 9 Donnell 
Carlev John E., gardener, bds. 9 Donnell 
Carley Patrick W., plumber, 10 Brattle, b. 

9* Donnell 

Carlin Wm. A., plumber, 8 Brattle, house 

9 Eliot 
Carlock Charles T., diary maker, 105 Mag- 
azine, house 12 Fairmont av. 
Carlock John R.. watch case maker (8 

Province court, B), house 430 Main 
Carlon John P., watchman Am. Rubber Co., 

h. 51 Clark 
Carlos Joseph, cabinet maker, 79 Main, h. 

at Charlestown 
Carlow Ross, action maker, h. 36 Amory 
Carlson A. L. 17 Main 
Carlson Charles F. 17 Main 
Carlson E. M., cabinet maker, rooms 77 

Carlton James, boiler maker, 92 Main 
Carlton Peter, boiler maker, 92 Main 
Carman Charles W., grocer, 421 Main, h. 

2 Cherry 
Carman Frank E., clerk, 421 Main, boards 

2 Cherry 
Carmichael John, baggage-master, B & L. 

R. R. (B.), house 102 Cambridge 
Carneck D., hostler, Camb. R. R. Co. 
Carnes James, carpenter, 8 Brattle, house 

34 Charles River 
Carnes John, shoemaker, h. 11 William 
Carney Edward A., bds. 36 Amory 
Carney Edwin A., clerk, 543 Main, house 

4 Lamson place 
Carney Frank H., piano tuner, (156 Tre- 
mont, B.), house 111 Putnam avenue 
Carney Honora, widow of John, house 9 

Carney James, printer, house 259 BroadAvay 
Carney James J., teamster, h. 78 Boylston 
Carney John, laborer, house 33 Harding 
Carney John, laborer, h. 1 Rogers' block, 

Carney John, laborer, bds. 191 Dublin 
Carney John, marble Avorker (60 Haverhill, 

B.), h. Bristol, n. Webster av. 
Carney Joseph Mrs., house 36 Amory 
Carney J., conductor Cambridge R. R. Co. 
Carney Owen, laborer, house 18 Brown 
Carney Patrick, farmer and milkman, house 

Fresh Pond lane 
Carney Rebecca, widow of Bernard, house 

191 Dublin 
Carney Thomas, laborer, bds. 9 Eliot 
Carpenter Alexander C, blacksmith, h. 74 

Carpenter Edward A., physician, 7 Lin- 

naean, h. do. 
Carpenter George, coffin maker, 203 Bridge, 

house rear jS Winter 
Carpenter Henry Mrs. h. 7 Linnsean 
Carpenter Olmstead, laborer, 5 Broadway, 

house at Boston 
Carpenter Reuben, engraver, h. 45 Clark 
Carpenter Samuel, tinsmith, h. 5 Cedar sq. 
Carpenter Thomas, cabinet maker, house 

5G Clark 
( !arr Alfred, carpenter, h. 510 Main 


PACH BROTHERS, nextbIck^all. , v ,, r -;- 

H. Win. Tupper, Manager, FOR HARVARD UNIVERSITY 



Carr Alton E.. clerk, (45 Oliver. B.), bds. 

2 Charles River 
Carr Arthur, laborer, house 11 Jefferson 
Carr Bernard, laborer, house 18 Decatur 
Carr Bros. (Michael Carr) soap mnfrs., rear 

12 Lopez 
Carr Charles, cabinet maker, Woodbury 

bldg., Otis 
Carr Charles, carpenter, house 37 Garden 
Carr Charles, soap maker, Carr Bros., h. 

Carr Charles H., printer, h. 2 Hancock pi. 
Carr Caroline £., Bliss, teacher Kindergar- 
ten school, 76 Moore, bds. 147 Harvard 
Carr Edward, helper, 599£ Main, house 172 

Carr Eluard.I, stereotyper Riverside Press, 

h. 21 Franklin 
Carr Frank P., driver hose 5, house 195 

Carr Henry, laborer, h. 9 Dinsmore court 
Carr .Julia' wid. of Patrick, h. 171 Winsor 
Carr Julia, widow of Richard, h. 23 Suffolk 
Carr Martin C. porter (B.), house 6 Cow- 

Carr Michael (Carr Bros.), soap mnfr.. rear 

12 Lopez, house do. 
Carr Nathaniel, coal (280 Causeway, B.), 

house 7 Walnut avenue 
Carr Richard., fishpacker, h. 23 Suffolk 
Carr Richard T.. lithographer Riverside 

Press, boards 113£ Putnam av. 
Carr William, tailor, h. 23 Bay 
(arret J. Francisco. Boston Public Library 

(40 Boylston, B.), h. 6 Appian-way 
Carrick Henry C, nurse, h. 126 Kinnaird 
Carrington Fannie Mrs., dressmaker, 72 

Flm. house do 
Carrington John L., hostler Charles River 

R. R. Co.. h. 21 Elmer 
Carrington, Robert F., plumber, 10 Brattle, 

boards 116 Columbia 
Carrington Solomon, porter (B.), h. 72 Elm 
Carroll Bridget, widow of James, house 3 

Charles River 
Carroll Bridget Miss, house 191 Dublin 
Carroll Caroline Miss, dressmaker. 3 Charles 

River, house do. 
Carroll Catherine, widow of Patrick, house 

228 Bridge 
Carroll Cornelius, laborer, h. 4 Jefferson 
Carroll David, plumber, h. 13 Stevens et. 
Carroll Edward, hairdresser, 387 Main. 

boards do. 
Carroll Edward A., machinist, B. & L. R.R. 

rep; ir shop, b. 116 Cambridge 
Carroll .James, butcher, house 63 Winter 
Carroll James 1L, sewing-machines, 116 

Cambridge, house do. 
Carroll Johanna, widow of JohnR., house 

123 Gore 
Carroll John, teamster, bds. 24 Short 
Carroll John, laborer, house dishing near 

Woodlawn ave. 

Carroll John, laborer, house 44 DeWolf 
Carroll John, slater, 602 Main, house 34 

Charles River 
Carroll John F\, machinist, h. 9 Vine 
Carroll John F., glass-maker, h, 228 Bridge 
Carroll John I., milkman, house 57 Pleasant 
Carroll John R.. painter, h. 17 Hastings 
Carroll Julia, wid. of Edw., h. 59 Spring 
Carroll Margaret Miss, dressmaker, house 

3 Charles River 
Carroll Mary, widow of Patrick H., house 

46 River 
Carroll Michael, brush maker, 124 Harvard 

boards 116 Cambridge 
Carroll Patrick, laborer, h. Jordan Place 
Carroll Patrick, laborer, house 163 Green 
Carroll Patrick, clerk. 345 Cambridge, bds. 

341 do. 
Carroll Patrick, laborer, h. 58 Gore 
Carroll Patrick. 17 Main. bds. 10 Broadway 
Carroll Patrick jr.. h. 360 Broadway 
Carroll Patrick H., laborer, house 420 Cam- 
Carroll Richard, laborer, h. 6 Conlon ct. 
Carroll Thomas, butcher, boards 198 Cam- 
bridge [Watertown 
Carroll Thomas, driller, 368 Main h. at 
Carroll Timothy D., laborer, h. 24 Porter 
Carroll Wm.. coachman, h. 7 Xorton place 
Carroll Wm., h. foot of Stevens ct. 
Crrroll Wm. C. mariner, h. 189 Franklin 
Carroll Wm. II.. marble worker (Haverhill, 

B.). house 67 Charles 
Carruth Chas. E., grocer, 72 River, boards 

ii Laurel [Laurel 

Carruth Geo. E., clerk. 72 River, house 9 
Carruthers Edwin J., bookkeeper, 17 Main, 

house at Melrose 
Carson Augustus, bds. 23 Lopez 
Carson John T.. currier. Tannery, boards 

364 North avenue 
Carson Patrick, carpenter, h. 186 Green 
Carson Patrick, painter, h. 14 Antrim 
Carson Robert, soap maker, boards 149 

n Thomas, laborer, h. 2 Jefferson 
Carter Charles H. clerk (45 Oliver, B.), 

bds. 61 Austin 
Carter Ebro A., clerk, 153 Putnam av., bds. 

70 Franklin 
Carter Elizabeth Miss, house 12 Lowell 
Carter Frank H. (A. & E. Burton & Co.), 

122 and 124 Harvard, and (21 Exchange, 

B.), house at Boston 
Carter George, glass-maker, house 138 Cam- 
Carter George E., picture frames (569 

Washington. B.), h. 8 Prospect 
Carter George E. 547 Main. bds. 61 Austin 
Carter Geo. W. . wood engraver (B.), bds. 

138 Cambridge 
Carter Harriet Miss, city missionary (19 

Congregational House, Beacon, B.), h. 

14 Western avenue 








Carter Harriet W. , widow of Elisha, house 

14 Western avenue 
Carter Joseph T., printer (238 Wash. B.), 

house 38 Sidney 

CARTER JOSIAH H., real estate 
and mortgage broker (31 State, B.), 
boards 318 Harvard 
Carter Lemuel T., sawyer, 3 Hampshire, 

house 478 Cambridge 
Carter Maria, widow of George P., house 

61 Austin 
Carter Martha L., widow of John, house 

37 Austin 
Carter M. A. Mrs., house 81 North avenue 
Carter Nathan A., clerk, 154 Harvard, h. 

4 Boardman place 
Carter Noel A., hardware (229 Franklin, 

B.), h. 66 Antrim 
Carter Richard H., waiter Memorial Hall, 

rooms 31 Jay 
Carter Susie A., variety store, 177 Harvard, 

house do. 
Carter Wm. G. , hostler, h. rear 90 Harvard 
Carter Wm. H., laborer, h. 90 Harvard 
Cartier Louis, cutter, h. 72 Gore 
Cartwell J., driver, Camb. R. R. Co. 
Cartwright Ezekiel, rope maker, house 7 

Cartwright Joseph P., driver S. F. E. 5, 

house 196 Hampshire 
Cartwright Mary E., widow of Samuel, h. 

77 Broadway 
Cartwright Philip, box maker, 3 Hampshire, 

house 71 School 
Cartwright William H., bookbinder, house 

77 Broadway 
Carty Henry, machinist, house 129 Winsor 
Carty Henry, boiler maker, 92 Main 
Carty Henry T., music teacher, boards 129 

Carty John J., operator (40 Pearl, B.), bds. 

129 Winsor 
Carty, see McCarty, also McCarthy 
Carvallio L. carver, 44 Cambridge 
Cary Sarah G. Miss, house 92 Brattle 
Cary Thomas G., boards 92 Brattle 
Cary, see Carey 

Case Benjamin W., driver, b. 68 Columbia 
Case Lyman G., teamster (99 Sudbury, B.), 

house 68 Columbia 
Casey Andrew A., baker, 502 Main, house 

15 Pine 
Casey Bridget, widow, house 347 Main 
Casey Bridget, widow, h, 7 Foster's block, 

Baldwin place 
Casey Edward, laborer, h. 2 Norfolk court 
Casey Frank J., moulder, boards 15 Pine 
Casey George, laborer, house 6 Rogers' 

block, Washington 
Casey George A., laborer, boards rear 79 

Casey James, laborer, bds. 34 Hampshire 
Casey James M., clerk (54 South, B.), bds. 
173 Cambridge 

Casey James S. , driver S. F. E. No. 3, h. 

77 Gore 
Casey Jeremiah, laborer, house 76 Elm 
Casey Jeremiah, laborer, h. 16l£ Broadway 
Casey John, britannia worker, bds. 117 Gore 
Casey John, elk., B. & M. R.R., h. 8. Winter 
Casey John H. , laborer, h. r. 80 Boylston 
Casey John H., machinist, boards rear 79 

Casey Mary, widow of James, house 34 

Casey Michael, laborer, house 89 Elm 
Casey Michael, coachman, 24 Arrow, 

boards do. 
Casey Michael, messenger (Tremont House, 

B.), house 91 Fifth 
Casey Patrick, laborer, house Holworthy, 

near Locust 
Casey Patrick, laborer, house 31 Vine 
Casey Thomas, laborer, 180 Main, house 7 

Foster's block, Baldwin place 
Casey Thomas H. , clerk (24 Federal, B.), 

boards 173 Cambridge 
Casey Thomas J. , chief engineer Fire De- 
partment, office City Hall, house 173 
Casey Timothy, laborer, house 26 North 
Casey T., driver, Cambridge R. R. Co. 
Casey Wm. , laborer, house 4 Dickinson 
Cash Charles, waiter, boards 445£ Main 
Cashman James, teamster, 22 Portland, h. 

124 Webster evenue 
Cashman John, gardener, h. 26 Donnell 
Cashman Mary E. Miss, h. 50 Holyoke 
Cashman Michael, laborer, h. 8 Lincoln 
Cashman Patrick, wheelwright, 232 North 

avenue, house 78 Bolton 
Cashman Thomas, bookbinder Riverside 

Press, house 536 Main 

Cashman Wm. J. , paper ruler, bds. 536 Main 

Casper Jennie Miss, cashier, 245 Broadway, 

bds. Nicholas Casper's, Charles corner 


Casper Maximilian, glass cutter, boards 

Charles, corner Sixth 
Casper Nicholas, brass spinner (Travers, 
cor. Beverly, B.), h. Charles, c. Sixth 
Cass Charles H. commission agent, house 4 

Cass Calvin P., travelling salesman, house 

22 Pearl 
Cass Frederick G. (F. A. Kennedy & Co.), 

502 Main, house 12 Green 
Cass Orvil, wheelwright, Boston Ice Co., 
Prison Point road, bds. at Charlestown 
Cass Sarah G., widow of Enoch C, house 

12 Green 
Cassidy Ann, wid. of Edward, h. 120 Pearl 
Cassidy Bridget, widow of Francis, house 

34 Willow 
Cassidy Edward, glass cutter, N. E. Glass 

Co., 79 Spring 
Cassidy Edward, clerk (B. & M- freight de- 
pot, B.), bds 120 Pearl 




Cassidy Edward, (B.), h. 58 North 
Casteels Edmund, cabinet maker, house 182 

Castle Eliza, wid. of Jas., h. 52 Columbia 
Castle James C. (Castle & Coogan), 157 

Columbia, bds. 52 do. 
Castle and Coogan (James C. Castle and 

Martin Coogan), provisions, 157 Co- 
Caswell Alanson W., painter, h. 44 Sidney 
Caswell Daniel W., clerk (580 Washington 

B:), bds. 44 Sidney 
Caswell Elizabeth, widow of John, house 

155 Green 
Caswell Geo. B., foreman, 139 Broadway, 

house 8k Western avenue 
Caswell Isabel R., widow of Alanson B., 

house 124 Austin 
Caswell Sarah P. widow of Enoch H., h. 

8£ Western av. 
Caswell Susan, widow of Thomas, house 

93 Hampshire 
Caswell Thomas M., clerk (S. B,), boards 

93 Hampshire 
Cate George E., express 25 Central sq., and 

(7 Merchants row, B.), h. 49 Clark 
Cate Lavinia T. Mrs. house 49 Clark 
Cate Louisa L., widow of James, house 7 

Cate Luther G., lumber, h. 14 Concord av. 
Cater John, supt. Cushman Bros. & Co., 

368 Main, house at Boston 
Cates A. Lincoln, driver, 79 Cambridge, 

boards do. 
Catlin John, moulder, h. Chestnut Park 
Caty Louis O. (H. F. Leavitt & Co.), pro- 
visions, 432 Cambridge, h. at Somerville 
Caulkins Frederick J., clerk, 647 Main, 

boards 96 Austin 
Caulkins Herbert L., student, bds. 96 Austin 
Caulkins Louisa B., widow of Jonathan, 

house 96 Austin [cor. First 

Cavanagh Charles, stone-cutter, h. Spring 
Cavanagh Bridget, widow of Patrick, house 

12 Appian-way 
Cavanagh Edward, clerk, bds. 267 Cambridge 
Cavanagh John, cook (19 Kilby, B.), h. 45 

Cavanagh John, teamster, h. 24 Vine 
Cavanagh Michael, harness maker, 443 

Main, house 594 Franklin 
Cavanagh Michael T., grocer, 346 North 

avenue, house do. 
Cavanagh, see Kavanagh 
Cavanaugh John, action maker, 162 Broad- 
way, h. Lake View av. 
Cavanaugh Thomas H., action maker, 162 

Broadway, h. Lake View av. 
Cavill Merritt, laborer h. 90 Harvard 
Cawley Hugh, butcher, bds. 198 Cambridge 
Cawley Thomas J. laborer 211 Bridge, house 

54 Gore 
Cederholm Nels, cabinet maker, 44 Cam- 
bridge, h. 77 Washington, B.) 

Ceker Henry, cabinet maker, 54 Bridge 

Celver Charles, h. 32 North 

Centennial Am. Tea Co., John J. Fowler, 

manager. 527 Main 
Centennial Am. Tea Co., T. J. Stevenson, 

manager, 130 Cambridge 
Chabot Joseph, tinsmith Seavey & Co., 

Third, house 40 Broadway 
Chadbourne George S. Rev., pastor Harvard 

M. E. church, h. 82 Prospect 
Chadbourne Samuel G. , clerk (34 High, B. ) , 

boards 82 Prospect 
Chadbourne Samuel B., fly finisher, 162 

Broadway, h. at Medford 
Chadbourne Wm. Mrs. h. 21 Buckingham 
Chadwick Alford F., at 137 Broadway, h. 

44 Winsor 
Chadwick Harlan, 72 Main, bds. 64 Cherry 
Chaffee Knowlton S. (Chaffee and Cum- 

mings), charcoal, Bridge, and overseer 

of the poor, h. 55 Otis 
Chaffee & Cummings (Knowlton S. Chaffee 

and Daniel P. Cummings), charcoal, 

junction Bridge and Cambridge 
Chain George, laborer, bds 163 Broadway 
Chalk Abraham B., shoemaker, house 26 

Challis Alfred at University Press, house 

42 Holyoke 
Challis Rachael, widow, h. 79 Putnam av. 
Chalmers Frank S., shoemaker (341 Wash- 
ington, B.), h. 25 Webster av. 
Chalmers James, foreman lithographers, 

Riverside Press, h. at Newton Centre 
Chalmers William jr. , box maker, 3 Hamp- 
shire, rooms 52 Columbia 
Chamberlain Edward, carver, h. 26 Brewery 
Chamberlain F., law student, bds. 7 Shepard 
Chamberlain George D., overseer of the 

poor, and beef (25 South Market, B.), 

house 5 River 
Chamberlain James A., confectioner, bds. 

104 Austin 
Chamberlain James F., silver plater (21 

School, B.), house 116 Prospect 
Chamberlain J. Paul, canvasser, boards 91 

Chamberlain Mary A. N. , assistant matron 

Almshouse, Tannery, h. do. 
Chamberlain Nathan H., clergyman, house 

423 Broadway 
Chamberlain Newell, beef (25 South Mkt., 

B.), house 7 River 
Chamberlain Sally N. Mrs., teacher Board- 
man primary school, house 91 Auburn 
Chamberlayne Charles F., lawyer, 7 Brattle 

and (14 Pemberton square, B.), boards 

423 Broadway 
Chamberlayne Henry D., clerk (60 Sum- 
mer, B.), boards 423 Broadway 
Chamberlin Alfred N., shoemaker, 642 

Main, house 10 King place 
Chamberlin A. Otis, letter carrier P. O., 

611 Main, house 10 King place 




Chamberlin Charles U. (D. U. Chamberlin. 

& Co.), hardware, 622 Main, boards 

659 do. 
Chamberlin Daniel U. (D. U. Chamberlin 

& Co.), hardware. 622 Main, and (areas. 

Charles River St. Railway Co., 484 

do., house 659 do. 
Chamberlin ]). U. & Co. (Daniel U., Geo. 

H. and Charles U. Chamberlin), hard- 
ware, etc., 022 Main 
Chamberlin Ella M. Miss, whistling soloist, 

boards 39 Columbia 
Chamberlin Geo. H. (D. IT. Chamberlin & 

Co.), hardware, 622 Main, boards 77 

Chamberlin Horace E., salesman, house 

10 Lawrence 
Chamberlin John, compositor University 

Press rms. 31 Charles River 
Chamberlin Samuel B. (6 Central market, 

P.), house 289 Pearl 
Chamberlin Sarah F.. widow of Charles, 

P., house 39 Columbia 
Chamberlin Volney R., h. 167 Brookline 
Chamberlin William E., architect (6 Bea- 
con, B.), boards 659 Main 
Chamberlin Winston W., clerk (cellar 1, 

New F. H. market, B.), h. 120 Norfolk 
Chamberlin see Chamberlain, also Chamber- 
lay ne 
Chambers Thomas, waiter, 3 Mason, b. do. 
Champaux Edward, farmer, h. Ill Spruce 
Champlin Benjamin, laborer, house 159 

Champlin Edgar R., lawyer (209 Washing 

ton, room A., B.), h. 8 Dana 
Chance Charles, currier, r. 370 North av., 

bds. at Somerville 
Chandler Amanda M. Mrs., h. 35 Hudson 
Chandler Archie, clerk. Metropolitan R.R., 

boards 3 Hastings square 
Chandler A. E., wid. of John, h. 20 Orchard 
Chandler B. P. Miss, house 37 Columbia 
Chandler Charles H., bookkeeper (178 

Devonshire, PO, house 269 Harvard 
Chandler Charles H., bds. 114 Norfolk 
Chandler Edward K. Rev., pastor Broad- 
way Baptist Church, bds. 14 Prospect 
Chandler Edward R., hatter (7 Hollis, B.), 

house 22 Front 
Chandler Elmer E., draughtsman (84 

Kingston, B.), bds. 1(5 Amory 
Chandler Emeline B., widow of Ebenezer, 

house 16 Amory 
Chandler Emery A., bookkeeper, 502 

Main, house 37 Columbia 
Chandler Everett S., law student H. IT. , 

boards 20 Orchard 
Chandler E. A. Mrs., dressmaker, 37 Co- 
lumbia, house do. 
Chandler E. Dana, designer (187 Boylston, 

B.), boards 61 Dana 
Chandler Frank A., stereoptyper Riverside 

Press, boards 22 Front 


Chandler Gilbert E., clerk, bds. 16 Amory 
Chandler Herbert H., bds. 61 Dana 
Chandler Isaac A., supt. Boston Bridge 
works, Sixth, cor. Rogers house 3 
Hastings square 
Chandler Laura J. Mrs., teacher of dancing, 

Pythian Hall, bds. So Prospect 
Chandler Lewis B., clerk, (555 Main, boards 
1" Amory [Fairmont 

Chandler Mary, widow of James, house 51 
Chandler Seth C, house 16 Craigie 
Chandler Seth C. jr., assistant at observa- 
tory, house 16 Craigie 
Chandler Stephen B., salesman (558 Wash- 
ington, B.), house 61 Dana 
Chandler William, bookbinder Riverside 

bindery, house 5 Dave court 
Chaney Abby, wid. of Thomas, h. 4 River 
Chaney Sylvanus B., cracker dealer, h. 

86 Pleasant 
Chaney see Cheney 

Channing Peter, laborer, bds. 1 Hampshir 
Chapin Andrew N\, mason, basement 6 

Main, house 31 Kinnaird 
Chapin Frank F., salesman (450 Wash 

B.), bds. 735 Cambridge 
Chapin Gardner (Chapin Bros.), produce 
(97 South Market, B.), house 93 Otis 

CHAPIN GEORGE T., butter, 
etc. (13 Blackstone market, B.), house 
66 Otis [do. 

Chapin Lucius L., clerk, 192 Cambridge, h. 

CHAPMN GEORGE, builder, 
Inman, near Hampshire, house 12 

Greenough avenue 
Chaplin Oliver, shoemaker, 43£ Cambridge, 

rooms 39 do. 
Chaplin Sarah T., widow of Charles F., 

house 152 Austin [Greenough av. 

Chaplin William H., carpenter, boards 12 
Chapman Albert W., cooper, b. 40l£ Main 
Chapman A. A. (C. A. Faulkner &Co.), 

grocer, 321 North av.. bds. 20 Mead 
Chapman Charles E., clerk (P. O., B.), h. 

162 Hampshire 
Chapman Charles H., building mover, 61 

Plymouth, boards 40l£ Main 
Chapman E. E., driver, Cambridge Rail- 
road Co. 
Chapman Francis L., carriage mnfr., rear 

10 Brattle, house 11 Story 
Chapman Frank A., express driver, 600 

Main, bds. 119 Franklin 
Chapman Frederick G., clerk Charles 

River-st. Railway Co., 484 Main, bds. 

at Somerville 
Chapman George W., painter, 660 Main, 

house 119 Franklin 
Chapman George W. jr., teamster, 113 

Broadway, h. 22 Winsor [71 Pleasant 
Chapman Harrison C, machinist, house 
Chapman Henry, paper-hanger, h. 122 Elm 
Chapman II. Lathrop, clerk, 321 North av., 

house 20 Mead 


"Win. Tupper, 







Chapman John, cabinet maker, 44 Cam- 
bridge, h. at Everett 
Chapman John, mariner, boards 390£ 

Chapman John L.. action maker, 162 

Broadway, h. 27 Western av. 
Chapman Martin E., carpenter, boards 9 

Norfolk [16 Story 

Chapman Nathaniel B., carpenter, rooms 
Chapman William, h. 390i Cambridge 
Chapman Wm. jr., carpenter, 10!) Webster 

avenue, h. 390£ Cambridge 
Chapman William H., paper-hanger, bds. 

3904 Cambridge 
Chappel Eppie, feeder Camb. R.R. Co., 

boards 43 Harvey 
Chappell .Joshua W., carpenter, house 

64 Webster avenue 
(hard Edward F., carpenter, boards 

83£ Putnam avenue 
Charles George L., conductor Cambridge 

Railroad, bds. 4 South 
Charles River Embankment Co., 603 Main, 

room 3 

WORKS, Kendall & Roberts, pro- 
prietors, 72 and !»2 Main 
AL BANK, E. Snow, cashier, 1 
Harvard row 

RAILWAY CO., Chas. E. Ray- 
mond, prcs.. 48 1 Main 
Charlton William B., steam guages (38 

Chardon, B.), h. 197 Hampshire 
Charmois Mary A. wid. of Victor, house 

141 Thorndike 
Chartrand George, cooper, 169 Gore, h. 

11 Squire's court 
Chase Aaron P., mason, h. Fresh Pond lane 
Chase Annie F. Mrs., house 6 Essex 
Chase Charlotte M. Miss, teacher Webster 

Grammar school, boards 841 Broadway 
Chase Edward F., electrician, h. 86 School 
Chase Edwin B. Rev. Mrs., h. 50 Shepard 
Chase Freeman H\ express, order box 419 

Main and (91 Kilby, B.), house 156 

Chase George S., salesman, (W. Second, c. 

ES, S. B.), h. Lambert ave., opp. Wal- 
nut avenue 
Chase Herbert A., homeopathic physician, 

772 Main, house do. 
Chase Hiram L., homeopathic physician, 

office and house 752 Main 
Chase H. L. Mrs., house 72 School 
Chase Isaac, bookkeeper W. T. Richardson 

& Co., h. 5 Amory place 
Chase Isaac R., engineer B. & L. R.R., 

house 91 Plymouth 
Chase James C, box maker, 3 Hampshire 

house 130 Winsor 
Chase John L., sawyer, 203 Bridge, house 

92 Tremont 

Chase Joseph S., trimming department, 162 
Broadway, house at Maiden 

Chase Josiah G., civil engineer and sur- 
veyor, 623 Main, house 8 Bigelow 

Chase Mellen, clerk, 288 Broadway, boards 

55 I.- 
Chase Samuel F. Mrs., house 52 Elm 

Chase Sarah J. Miss, private school (18 W. 
Cedar. B.), boards 50 Shepard 

Chase William F.. salesman (451 Washing- 
ton. B.), house 848 Main 

Chase William T. Rev., pastor First Bap- 
tist church, house 7 Temple 

Chauvcy Josephine, widow, bds. 37 Green 

Cheeseman Laura J., widow of Frank R., 
house 19 Brewery 

Cheney Charles W., driver, 502 Main, 
house 351 Pearl 

Cheney Edwin L., produce (31 F. H. sq., 
B.), house 41 Essex 

Cheney Ellen A., teacher Harvard primary 
school, boards 31 Bigelow 

Cheney George S.. traveling salesman (601 
Washington, B.), h. 24 Worcester 

Cheney Herbert E.. clerk (31 F. H. sq., 
B.), bds. 41 Essex 

Cheney Hiram W., salesman (119 Milk, 
B.), house 58 Austin 

Cheney Joseph P., house 351 Pearl 

Cheney Martin A., conductor Boston & Al- 
bany IMC (B.), h. 52 Mt. Auburn 

Cheney Mary Gr., widow of George II., 
house '.)'.> Linnaean 

Cheney Mary M.. widow of Xathan, 
house 50 Sacramento 

Cheney Susan B., widow of Joseph A., 
house 52 Mount Auburn 

Cheney, see Chaney 

Chestnut A. H., machinist, 92 Main 

Chestnut James, laborer, h. 47 Harding 

Chick Edward E.. asst. Feabody Museum, 
house 8 Sumner 

Chick Joseph E., box maker, 169 Gore 
house 29 Sixth 

Chicoine Bruno, confectioner, h. 82£ Green 

Child Andrew J., boarding-stable (37 Rich- 
mond, B.), house 145 Hancock 

Child Francis J., professor of English H. 
C. house <i7 Kirkland 

Child George W., clerk, 69Xorfolk, boards 
41 Pearl [7 Prince 

Child Joseph, leather (39 High, B.), house 

Child Moses M., truant officer, ward 1, 
boards 10 Parwell place 

Child Spencer (Kimball & Child), props., 
Cambridge Ice Co. 120 Hampshire, h. 
226 Broadway 

Child William B.", h. 41 Pearl 

Childs Chas. S., foreman Cambridge ceme- 
tery, h. Coolidge av.. Watertown 

Childs Cynthia Mrs., Christian Scientist, 
168 Cambridge, house do. 

Childs Edward A., confectioner, house 3 
Pioneer av. 


UMUIuL S20 Main and 89 Sparks Streets. 1 . 



Childs Edward E., confectioner, house 6 

Pioneer place 
Childs Eugene, machinist (Watertown), h. 

rear 110 Main 
Childs E., driver Cambridge R. R. Co. 
Childs George W., clerk, 69 Norfolk, bds. 

41 Pearl 
Childs Henry H., printer, 105 Magazine, 

boards 46 Holyoke 
Childs John J., house 18 Eairmont 
Childs Parker E., pressman University 

Press, house 5 Brewer 
Childs Warren E., stock fitter (Lynn), h. 

168 Cambridge 
Childs William H., 137 Broadway, boards 

6 Pioneer avenue 
Childs Winthrop W., hackdriver, 565£ 

Main, rooms do. 
Childs W. H., at Cambridge R. R. repair 

shop, Dunster 
Childs, see Child [Cherry 

Chipman Albion, pattern maker, house 50 
Chipman Erank B., teamster, honse 210 

Chipman Erank T., mason, house Hotel 

Cambridge, Crescent ave. 
Chipman Geo. W. (12 Bedford, B.), house 

170 Brookline 
Chisholm Andrew, carpenter, boards 138 

Chisholm Colin, carpenter, 427 Cambridge, 

house 108 Tremont [Broadway 

Chisholm Colin 2d., carpenter, boards 271 
Chisholm Duncan, wheelwright and black- 
smith, house 271 Broadway 
Chisholm George D., conductor Cambridge 

R. R., bds. 10 South 
Chisholm John, carpenter, h. 25 Winter 
Chisholm Peter, carpenter, bds. 27 Second 
Chisholm Win., carpenter, bds. 391 Main 
Chisholm William E., carpenter, house 108 

Chittick Robert, house 37 Wendell 
Choate Charles E., lawyer and president 

O. C. R. R., h. 153 Brattle, and at 

Christiansen xVlfred E., machine hand, 162 

Broadway, rooms 56 Columbia 
Christiansen Leonard, machine hand, 162 

Broadway, rooms 56 Columbia 
Christianson Lorits, tailor, house rear 172 

Christie Michael, laborer, house 16 Reed 
Christie William, supt. Dana Hill Club 

stable, 677 Main, h. 22 Western av. 
Christopher Edward B., carpenter, house 

44 Pine 
Christopher Ernest C, clerk, 178 Harvard. 

rooms 227 Broadway [naird 

Christopher Emerson R., clerk, bds. 5 Kin- 
Christopher George A., grocer and milk 

dealer. 178 Harvard, bds. 276 Broadway 
Christopher Henry A., carpenter, house (iS 

Webster av. 

Christopher Zenas, harness maker, 186 

North avenue, house at Somerville 
Church Charles L., cigar maker (70 Sud- 
bury, B.), house 124 Thorndike 
Church Elizabeth E., widow of Alexander 

B., house 120£ Harvard 
Church John B., cabinet maker, house 7 

Church Moses D., physician, house 98 Put- 
nam avenue 
Church M. H. Mrs., dressmaker, 7 Eighth, 

house do. 
Churchill Theodore, wood and coal, 382 

Cambridge, boards 30 Tremont 
Churchill William, carver, 44 Cambridge 
Chute Angus, carpenter, h. rear 6Q Norfolk 
Chute Clarinda, widow of Wm. B., house 

rear 508 Main 
Chute David A., driver, Camb. R. R. Co. 
Chute David M. , carpenter, h. 86 Brookline 
Chute David S., cooper, h. 27 Decatur 
Chute Edward E., hostler, 503 Main, house 

rear 503 do. 
Chute Irene Mrs., house 27 Decatur 
Chute James L., roofer, boards 27 Decatur 
Chute J. E., conductor, Camb., R. R. Co. 
Chute S. Smith, carpenter, 9 Western av. 

house 15 Pleasant 
Cilley Harrv B., bds. 86 Buckingham 
Cilley Horace L. (Cilley & Woodbury), 

livery stable, 120 Green, h. 15 Clinton 
Cilley Martha B., widow of Jacob G. , house 

86 Buckingham 
Cilley & Woodbury (Horace L. Cilley and 

Williard H. Woodbury), livery stable, 

120 Green 
Citizen's Ice Co. (Samuel E. Willey and 

Walter B. Bailey), 119 Columbia 
City Hall, 660 Main 
Clacy John, optician, h. 254 Pearl 
Clafford Peter, engineer Miiller Bros., bds. 

440 North avenue 
Claflin Walter A., clerk, 1 Brattle, house 

112 Oxford 
Clagham M. A. Mrs., house 9 Garden 
Clancy David, hostler, h. 10 Winter 
Clancy James W. , net maker, h. 93 Fifth 
Clancy Michael, laborer, h. r. 411 Camb. 
Clapp Arthur E., clerk (77 High, B.), bds. 

89 Plymouth 
Clapp Charles C, house 132 Mt. Auburn 
Clapp Edward A., house 8 Highland 
Clapp Edward C, compositor University 

Press, house 15 Hilliard 
Clapp Fred C. , boards 132 Mt. Auburn 
Clapp George Walter, metals, house 169 

Putnam avenue 
Clapp Helen A., wid of John, h. 67 River 
Clapp John, sawyer, 162 Broadway, house 

89 Plymouth 
Clap]) Leonard, shoemaker, house Cushing, 

near Woodlawn avenue 
Clapp Nancy T., widow of Frederick, h. 

8 River 



cambkidge[0] directory. 


CL.APP ROBERT P., law stu- 
dent H. U., reporter "Advertiser," 
(248 Washington, B.), rooms 17 West- 
ern avenue 

Clapp Seth Edward, liquors (8 Chardon, 
B.), house 65 Pleasant 

Clapp Walter G. , missionary, rooms 18 
Putnam avenue 

Clark Albert E., engineer, house 80J Green 

Clark Albert S., laborer, house 52 Portland 

Clark Allen clerk, 169 Pearl, b. 51 Erie 

Clark Alvan (Alvan Clark & Sons) , tele- 
scope maker, Henry, h. 184 Brookline 

Clark Alvan & Sons, (Alvan, Alvan G, and 
George B. Clark), telescope makers, 
Henry, near Brookline 

Clark Alvan G., (Alvan Clark & Sons,) tel- 
escope makers, Henry, h. 186 Brookline 

Clark Amasa S. K., clerk, Cambridge Gas 
Light Co., 424 Harvard, b. 21 Irving 

Clark Ambrose H., collector Cambridge 
Gas Light Co., 424 Harvard, house 21 

Clark Annie Mrs., house 11 Flagg st. court 

Clark Appleton, house 20 Sacramento 

Clark A. H. Mrs., house 51 Erie 

Clark Bernard P. , blacksmith, 232 North 
avenue, house 33 Dnnster 

Clark Benjamin P., cigar mnfr., 35 Pearl, 
and (B. P. Clark & Co.), 503 Main, h. 
81 Franklin 

Clark B. P. & Co., (Benj. P. Clark, Amasa 
A. McKusick and Thos. H. Emerson), 
confectionery mnfrs. 503 Main 

Clark Carrie M., wid. of Chauncey, h. 12 

Clark Charles Mrs., teacher, Washington 
grammar school, bds. 13 Prospect 

Clark Charles E., driver, Cambridge R. R., 
boards 6 Harvard square 

Clark Charles F., painter, house 1 Elmer 

Clark Chas. H., milkman, house 5 Brewer 

Clark Charles S., clerk, (6 Oliver, B.), b. 
Mrs. L. H. Clark's Langdon 

Clark Chester N. , supt. brush department 
House of Correction, East Cambridge, 
house at Somerville. 

Clark Daniel, saloon, 1 Palmer, h. 2 Brew- 
er's block, Brattle square 

Clark Daniel Mrs. , dressmaker, 2 Brewer's 
block, Brattle square, house do. 

Clark Dwight S., agent, h. 15 Austin 

Clark Edward F., milkman, bds. 5 Brewer 

Clark Delia T., widow of William, house 
40^ Inman [corner Inman 

Clark Edward K. Mrs., house Summer, 

Clark Edward P., clerk, 6 Brattle, house 15 
Sparks street place 

Clark Elizabeth H. Miss, house Langdon 

Clark Ella Miss, teacher, Thorndike gram- 
mar school, house at Winchester 

Clark Ernest W., (E. W. Clark & Co.), 
plumber, rear Lyceum Hall, Harvard 
square, h. 5 Lamson place 

Clark E. W. & Co. (Ernest W. Clark) 

plumber, rear Lyceum Hall, Harvard 

Clark Fannie P. Miss, teacher of drawing, 

boards 46 Trowbridge 
Clark Frank A. , hulled corn mnfr. , 400 

Main, house 402 do. 
Clark Frederick C, boards 404 Harvard 
Clark George, provisions, 123 Harvard, h. 

71 Hastings 
Clark Geo., carpenter, house rear 44 Foster 
Clark Geo. B. (Alvan Clark & Sons), tele- 
scope maker, Henry, h. 182 Brookline 
Clark George E., watchman, h. 23 Lopez 
Clark Harry, stone cutter, h. 15 Sparks 
Clark Henry M., clerk (7 Arch, B.), boards 

46 Boylston 
Clark Henry W., mill wright, h. Hotel 

School [h. do. 

Clark Herbert W., gardener, 8 Highland, 
Clark Hyacinth, boiler maker, 72 Main, h. 

265 Cambridge 
Clark Isaac H., rubber machinery mnfr., 

174 Broadway, house at Somerville 
Clark James M. , helper, 356 Main, house 

83 Clark 
Clark James S., glass cutter, N. E. Glass 

Co., boards 70 Spring 
Clark John, laborer, boards 83 Clark 
Clark John, boiler maker, 356 Main, boards 

83 Clark 
Clark John, cook, house 61 Hampshire 
Clark John, driver Cambridge Railroad Co., 

house Cushing, cor. Cushing court 
Clark John jr., driver Cambridge Railroad 

Co., bds. John Clark's, Cushing 
Clark John E., house 19 South 
Clark John J., laborer, h. 16l£ Broadway 
Clark John W., cabinet maker (21 Haver- 
hill, B.), house 98 Hampshire 
Clark Joseph, glass cutter, N. E. Glass 

Works, North 
Clark Julia F., teacher Mason primary 

Clark Lydia A. , widow of Joseph F. , house 

Clark Martin V. B., compositor Riverside 

Press, house 100 River 
Clark Mary, widow of Bartholomew, house 

42 Dunster 
Clark Mary E., widow of Edward, house 

rear 41 Clark 
Clark Mary J., widow of James, h. 8 White 
Clark Ozias, carpenter, 52 Cambridge, h. at 

Clark Patrick, glass worker, N. E. Glass 

Works, house 4 Water 
Clark Patrick, watchman Cambridge Rail- 
road Co., (Brighton), h. Holworthy pi. 
Clark Richard, carpenter, 169 Gore, house 

55 Spring 
Clark Robert O., wood carver (B.), house 

380 Cambridge 
Clark Simon P. , carpenter, h. 35 Cherry 




Clark Sophia S. Mrs. h. 404 Harvard 
Clark S. Adams, foreman of laborers, 3 

Hampshire, h. at Somerville 
Clark Thomas, gardener; h. 85(5 Main 
Clark Thomas, asst, fireman, 102 Broadway. 

h. rear 23 Harvard 
Clark Thomas (Custom House, B.), house 

88 Winsor 
Clark Thomas B., 139 Broadway, rooms 

45 Winsor 
Clark Thomas C, painter, GOO Main, house 

10 Eliot 
Clark Thomas H., foreman, 12 Brattle, bds. 

3G Ash 
Clark Thomas M., clerk, 147 North av., 

b. 8 White 
Clark AValter T., student H. U., boards 88 

Clark William C, bds. 29 Biver 
Clark Wm. H.. bookbinder (76 Sudbury 

BA. h. rear 202 Putnam av. 
Clark William T., clerk, h. 40 Cogswell av. 
Clarke Augustus P., physician, G93 Main, 

house do. 
Clarke Carrie F., Mrs. sec. Amitv Lodge 
No. 15, D. of R. of the I. O. O. E., h. 

87 Sixth 
Clarke Cyrus T. W., mason, fa, 122 Auburn 
Clarke Eugene M. B., engraver, boards 2 

Florence place 
Clarke Herbert M., proctor H. U., rooms 

54 Thayer's Hill 
Clarke John, junk dealer, h. 48 Harding 
Clarke J. Milton, messenger U. S. sub- 
treasury (Devonshire, B.), house 2 

Florence place [Sixth 

Clarke Matthias C, stone cutter, house 87 
Clarke Richard, laborer, house 48 Harding 
Clarke Theodore P. B., letter carrier (P. 

O., B.)i house 1 Florence place 
Clarke William bootmaker DeWolf, junc- 
tion Beaver, house 21 Beaver 
Clarke William H., blacksmith, h. 21 Beaver 
Clarke Wm. H.. earriagesmith, 178 North 

avenue, house 2l£ Beaver 
Clarke, see Clark 

Clarkson John G. , jeAveler. b. 6 Rockwell 
Clarkson Thos. G., jeweler, h. 6. Rockwell 
Clarrage Fernando B., musician, house 10 

Clary Catherine. widow of Patrick, house 

124 Webster avenue 
Clary Edward, clerk, G8 Bridge, boards 

103 Otis 
Clarv Francis P. janitor Bovlston Hall, H. 

U., house 22 Baldwin 
Clarv James, laborer, boards 4(5 Clark 

ClXARY JOHN, lumber, Sanborn's 
/wharf, 68 Bridge, house 103 Otis 
Clarv John S., clerk, 68 Bridge, boards 1Q3 

Clary Mary, widow of David, h. 230 Bridge 
ClaryOliver D., clerk, First cor. Thorndike 
boards 103 Otis 

Clary O. C, machinist, 92 Main 
Clary Susan Miss, house 130 Oxford 
Clasby John, carpenter, Rhoades bhlg., 

State, h. 1 Union 
Clauss Ellen A., widow of Louis, house 158 

Claussen Peter, boots and shoes, house 214 

Clay Abbie E.. h. 24 Front 
Clay John S., clerk, 167 Pearl, rooms rear 

95 Green 
Clay Zenas, machinist, 72 Main 
Clayton Horace E., clerk (38 School, B.), 

rooms 20 Essex 
Clayton James, boiler maker. 92 Main 
Clear Charles H., clerk, (140 Court, B.), h. 

366 Main 
Clear Francis W., marble worker, house 

3G5 Main 
Cleary James, foreman box dep't, 162 

Broadway, h. 11 Decatur 
Cleary Michael, hairdresser, h. r. 4i> Clark 
Cleary Patrick, stone mason, house 7 Bald- 
win court 
Cleland Marsh, teamster, h. 84 Spring 
Clement Abram, shoemaker, rooms 43 

Clement George Mrs., house rear 44 Wash- 
Clement Herbert E., bookkeeper. 539 Main, 

boards 63 Clark 
Clement John, plasterer, house Charles, 

cor. Third [Prescott 

Clement Chas. F., student, H. U., rooms 20 
Clemmet Thomas, tailor (Washington, cor. 

Bedford, B.), house 38 Brook line 
Cleveland Albert D., watchman Bay State 

Brick Co., rear 124 Spruce, house 387 

North avenue 
Cleveland Albert D. jr., coachman, 298 

North av.. bds 387 do. 
Cleveland Andrew W., clerk, boards 387 

North avenue 
Cleveland Wm. A., letter carrier, P. ()., 

North av.. bds. 387 do. 
Cliff Charles, laborer, bds. 167 Thorndike 
Cliff SanfordP.. clerk, bds. 120 Winsor 
-Clifford James, feeder. Cambridge K. R. 

stables, 22!) Cambridge, b. r. 2 Ninth 
Clifford John, engineer, house 5 Beaver 
Clifford John P., brakeman, B. & A. R. R. 

house 124 Pearl 
Clifford Mary, widow of Wm. K., house 

124 Pearl 
Clifford Timothy, laborer, bds. 15 Warren 
Clifford Patrick, carpenter, house rear 20 

Cline Stephen, boiler maker, bds. ;>7 ! Main 
Clinton Malachi F., butcher, h. 32 Warren 
Close Ann. widow of John. h. 2.1 Essex 
Close Caroline, teacher Allston grammar 

scIk ol. boards 25 Essex 
Close Edward, rubber worker, bds. IS 




H. Wm. TuDDer. Manager. 




Close George, mnfg. confectioner, 243 and 
245 Broadway, house 220 Harvard 

Close John, shipping clerk, 502 Main, house 
132 Winsor 

Closs Peter, leather case mnfr. (104 Port- 
land, B.), house 6 Prince 

Clough Joseph L. , manager 245 Broadway- 
house 118 Winsor 

Clouss Charles, carver, 44 Cambridge 

Clouston Frank C, trav. salesman (190 
Congress, B.), bds. 14 William 

Clouston Mary L., widow of William, h. 
14 William 

Cloutier Frank, conductor Cambridge R.R., 
bds. 12 Dunster 

Clover Ellis (Clover Bros.), second-hand 
furniture, 457 Cambridge, house 131 

Clover Frederick (Clover Bros.), second- 
hand furniture, 457 Cambridge, house 

14 Murdock 

Clover Bros. (Frederick and Ellis Clover), 
second-hand furniture, 457 Cambridge 

Cloyes Lothrop J., captain of police station 
1, house 12 Story 

Clucas John, organ varnisher, 162 Broad- 
way, bds. 1G Andrew 

Clucas Thomas, tinsmith, b. 16 Andrew 

Clukas George M., action maker, 162 
Broadway, h. 103 Columbia 

Clukas William H., jig sawyer, 162 Broad- 
way, house 8 Sixth 

Clukas William H. jr., paper cutter, house 
1 69 Thorndike 

Clunen Thomas, laborer, house off Welling- 
ton, near Hill's crossing 

Cluney Theresa, widow of Thomas, house 
45 Brookline 

Clymer W. B. S. , secretary to the president 
H. U., rooms 17 Kirkland 

Coakley Daniel, harness maker, 6 Cam- 
bridge, house 71 do. 

Coakley Daniel J., laborer, bds. 14 Willow 

Coakley David, laborer, house 18 North 

Coakley David jr., glass worker, boards 
18 North 

Coakley Edward T. (Coakley & Donovan), 
32 Cambridge, h. at Charlestown 

Coakley John, laborer, bouse 26 North 

Coakley Patrick, laborer, h. 14 Willow 

Coakley Timothy, expressman, house 500 

Coakley & Donovan (Edward T. Coakley 
and Timothy H. Donovan), liquors, 
52 Cambridge 

Coates George A., blacksmith. 17 Main, 
house Hotel Clark 

Cobb Charles S. (Geo. Cobb & Co.), pic- 
ture frames, 579 Main, b. 84 Austin 

Cobb Edward C, clerk, 529 Main, house 

15 Franklin 

Cobb Elizabeth, widow of Charles D., 

house 855 Main [29 Pleasant 

Cobb Franklin A., clerk. 638 Main, house 

Cobb Franklin A. jr., clerk, 105 Magazine, 
b. 29 Pleasant 

Cobb George & Co. (George E., Harry H., 
and Charles S. Cobb), picture frames, 
etc., 579 Main 

Cobb George E., box maker, 3 Hamp- 
shire, boards 78 Washington 

Cobb Geo. E. (Geo. E. Cobb & Co.), pic- 
ture frames, etc., 579 Main, house 84 

Cobb George S., carpenter, house rear 
175 Cambridge 

Cobb Harriet H., Mrs., physician, 314 
Broadway, house do. 

Cobb Harry H. (George E. Cobb & Co.), 
picture frames, 579 Main b. 84 Austin 

Cobb Josiah H., grocer (1 Thompson sq., 
Charlestown), house 17 Prospect 

Coburn Agnes, copyist H. U. library, 
bds. 18 Story 

Coburn Anna L. Miss, house 858 Main 

Coburn Calvin, organ maker, h. 148 Spring 

Coburn Charles, salesman (263 Washing- 
ton, B), house 172 North avenue 

Coburn Charles F., (233 Cambridge, B.) 
house 148 Spring 

Coburn Cornelia A. Miss, h. 858 Main 

Coburn Elizabeth S. Miss, copyist H. U. 
library, boards 18 Story 

Coburn Geo. A., physician. 134 Otis, h. do. 

Coburn Harry A., clerk (B.), boards 17 

Coburn Mary J., widow of Wendell T., 
hairworker, 110 Winsor, house do. 

Coch Lewis, peddler, h. 116 Webster av. 

Cochran Heywood, student, bds. 6 Ellery 

Cochran John (Govan & Cochran), organ- 
case maker, 162 Broadway, h. 14 State 

Cochran John M., medical student H. U., 
boards 14 State 

Cochran Nathaniel, carpenter, house 14£ 

Cochran R. G., lumper, 162 Broadway, 
bds. Washington, cor. Moore 

Cochran Thomas, bar tender, house 2 Vine 

Cochran T. Wilson, student, bds. 6 Ellery 

Cochrane Alexander, president Cochrane 
Chemical Co., h. 44 Beacon, Boston 

(Alexander Cochrane, president and 
treasurer, Hugh Cochrane, vice-presi- 
dent), chemical mnfrs., Potter, and 
(oo Kilby, B.) 
Cochrane Hugh, vice-president, Cochrane 

Chemical Co., bds. at Boston 
Cocray Morris, bds. 45 Cambridge 
Coes C. N. Mrs., house 207 Hampshire 
Coes Geo. H., comedian, h. 207 Hampshire 
Coes Mary Miss, student, h. 5 Waterhouse 
Coffee Peter, moulder, 356 Main 
Coffey Catherine, wid. of Timothy, house 

220 Franklin 
Coffey David, mason, house 188 Green 
Coffey D. J., painter, 17 Main, h. at Boston 


Lota Bought, Sold, and Cared for. *- W££wl£jlN ft WWlN , 

820 Main and 

89 Sparks Sts. 



Coffey John, laborer, house 5-t North 
Coffey John J., provisions and groceries, 

25 Bay, house 220 Franklin 
Coffey Michael, glass blower, h. 58 North 
Coffey Patrick, printer (B.), boards 54 

Coffey Peter H. , moulder h. 23 Brewery 
Coffey Timothy, laborer, h. 17 Warren 
Coffey William, butcher, h. 54 North 
Coffin Alfred E., coachman, 170 Cam- 
bridge, bds. do. 
Coffin Arthur S., civil engineer, boards 

128 Lake View avenue 
Coffin Eugene, safe maker, 17 Main 
Coffin John, teamster, bds. 4 Potter 
Coffin Mary E., widow, h. 73 Tremont 
Coffran James P., in Cambridge Rolling 

Mill, h. Rolling Mill block, Bristol 
Cofran Frank II., bds. rear 140 Garden 
Cofran NoahM., at S. M. Cofran's, Con- 
cord avenue, house 13 Wyeth 
Cofran Samuel M., brick mnfr., Concord 

avenue, near Fresh Pond, h. 70 do. 
Cogan Edmond J., carpenter, 54 Cam- 
bridge, house 151 Winsor 
Cogan Joseph, harness maker (G5 Sudbury, 

B.), house 35 Second 

Cogan Joseph A., student H. U., boards 35 

Second [Kirkland 

Cogswell Edward R., physician, house 61 

Cogswell Francis, snpt. of schools, office 

Central square building, Western av., 

boards 123 Prospect 

Cogswell Francis, hostler, Bay, corner 

Green, house 199 Franklin 
Cohen John, laborer, 17 Main, h. 62 Charles 
Cohen Lewis, merchant tailor, 106 Cam- 
bridge, h. 98 Otis 
Cohen Mark, machinist, 10 Arrow, house 

114 Auburn 
Cohen Morris, cigar makar, house 265 Put- 
nam avenue 
Cohig Edward, laborer, house 149 Bridge 
Coine Michael, teamster, bds. rear 42 

Coker Frederick G., assistant janitor 

Court House, h. 102 Thorndike 
Colbert Edward, laborer, house 35 Reed 
Colbert Hannah, wid. of John, h. 49 Flagg 
Colbert Jeremiah, feeder, Cambridge R.R. 
Colbert John P., foreman packing dept., 

162 Broadway, h. 176 Harvard 
Colburn George W. (C. F. Hovey & Co.), 

(33 Summer, B.), h. 7 Dana 
Colburn Henry T. , at Ivers & Pond Piano 

Co., Pacific, rooms 6 Village 
Colby Albion C. , house 93 Auburn 
Colby Arthur F., conductor Cambridge R. 

R. Co., h. 432£ Cambridge 
Colby Benjamin, h. 36 North avenue 
Colby Edward A., cabinet maker, 44 Cam- 
bridge, house at Somerville 
Colby Gilman, editor, house 4 Centre 
Colby Joseph E., teamster, 156 Cambridge 

Colby Lewis Rev., house 697 Main 
Colbv Moses C, house 28 Wendell 

tising agent Cambridge Press, 531 

Main, house 14 Front 
Cole Alfred, laborer, bds. 16 Portland 
Cole Allen, clerk (93 North, B.), b. 47 Pine 
Cole Arthur E., driver, 31 Elm, h. 39 do. 
Cole Charles D., sec. Grand Lodge, I. O. 

O. F. (315 Tremont, corner Berkeley 

B.), house 738 Main , 

Cole Edwin M., teamster, house 47 Pine 
Cole Elizabeth, widow, h. 16 Portland 
Cole Elmer D., driver, Cambridge R.R. 

Co., bds. 88 Mt. Auburn 
Cole Frank E., piano maker, house 81 

Cole George A., conductor Cambridge 

Railroad Co., h. 136 Columbia 
Cole George E., laborer, house 28 Charles 

River [way 

Cole Howard E. , box maker, h. 66 Broad- 
Cole Seth, printer, house 6 Union 
Cole Stephen R., machinist, house 59 

Broadway [ton 

Cole William E., carpenter, h. 49 Hamil- 
Cole William W., at 54 Bridge, house rear 

184 Cambridge 
Coleman Alexander, gardener, 329 North 

av., house at Arlington 
Coleman Andrew J., broom-maker, 412 

Main, house at Boston 
Coleman Anna J. Miss, dressmaker, 93 

Webster avenue, boards do. 
Coleman Arthur W., clerk, Continental 

National Bank (51 Summer, B.), bds. 

11 Wendell 
Coleman Daniel, confectioner (B.), boards 

93 Webster avenue 
Coleman Edward B., printer, and book- 
keeper (4 Liberty sq., B.), boards 

11 Wendell 
Coleman Elisha P,, treasurer (Am. Bap. 

Miss. Union, Tremont Temple, B.), 

house 11 Wendell 
Coleman Elizabeth, wid. of John, house 

92 Winsor 
Coleman James W. (John Coleman & 

Sons), h. 92 Winsor 
Coleman John, engineer, 356 Main, house 

68 School 
Coleman John, laborer, bds. Michael Cole- 
man's, Foster place 
Coleman John, laborer, h. 5 Linnacan 
Coleman John, laborer, house 6 Reed 
Coleman John, teamster, 256 Bridge, h. 

5 Third 
Coleman John, teamster, 256 Bridge, 

bds. at Somerville 
Coleman John jr., boards 6 Reed 

(Walter G. and James W. Coleman), 
wood and coal, 91 Broadway 
Coleman Mary, widow, house 13 Willow 


Wholesale and Retail. 2«» DOCK SQUARE. 





Coleman Mary J. , wid. of Mark W. , house 

126 Otis 
Coleman Maurice, plasterer, b. 13 Willow 
Coleman Michael, laborer, house Burns' 

block. Foster place [Webster av. 

Coleman Michael D., tailor, house 93 
Coleman Patrick, student, h. 6 Reed 
Coleman Walter G. (John Coleman & 

Sons), 91 Broadway, h. 92 Winsor 
Coleman, see Colman 
Coles Winslow V. , house 36 Austin 
Colgrove Adoniram J., salesman, house 

409 Cambridge 
Colins Timothy, tailor (B.), h. 52 North 
Coll Mary, widow of Patrick, house Web- 
ster avenue, junction Winsor 
Collamore William A., action maker, 162 

Broadway, h. 5 Lamson place 
Collerton Joseph, laborer, house 12 East 
Colley Hattie, widoAv of James, h. 32 Lee 
Colley John, cabinet maker, 139 Broadway, 

bds. 60 Harvard 
Colley William A., grocer, 63 Western 

avenue, house 634 do. 
Collier Edward P., printer (238 Washing- 
ton B.), boards 9 Winter 
Collier John, truant officer, ward 3, house 

9 Fourth [Winter 

Collier Sophia, widow of Patrick H.. h. 9 
Collier Thomas, in Cambridge Rolling 

Mill, house 85 Clark [lin 

Collins Augustus, laborer, h. r. 221 Frank- 
Collins Charles J., wood turner, 74 Boyl- 

ston, house rear 13 Pine 
Collins Cornelius, saloon, 145 Bridge, 

boards 138 do. 
Collins Cornelius, laborer, house 52 North 
Collins Daniel, painter, B. & L. R.R., h. 

at Somerville 
Collins Daniel F. , teamster, 153 Putnam 

avenue, house 149 do. 
Collins Ellen, widow of David, house 159 

Collins Ellen, wid. of Patrick, h. 216 Pearl 
Collins James J., coffin maker, 203 Bridge, 

bds. 56 Second 
Collins James E., conductor Cambridge 

R.R., Co., h. 165 Cambridge 
Collins Jane Mrs. h. 1 Norfolk court 
Collins James J., carpenter, b. 56 Second 
Collins James J., laborer, b. 7 Squire's ct. 
Collins Jeremiah, laborer, h. 159 Winsor 
Collins John, c >oper, h. 26 Carson 
Collins John, granite works, Gore wharf, 

Third, house at South Boston 
Collins John, tailor, 551 Main, house 40 

Collins John A., clerk, 83 Otis, b. 10 North 
Collins John C, boards 5G Second 
Collins John P., broker, h. 20 Western av. 
Collins Joseph, gardener, h. Mt. Auburn, 

cor. McDonald 
Collins J. Lincoln, clerk (424 Atlantic av., 

B.), b. Joseph Collins', Mt. Auburn 

Collins J. L., conductor, Camb. R. R. Co. 
Collins Mary B. Mrs., boarding-house, 56 

Second [69 Bolton 

Collins Michael, butcher, Niles Bros., house 
Collins Michael, laborer, h. 7 Squire's ct. 
Collins Michael, junk, house 18 Jefferson 
Collins Michael, teamster, h. r. 372 No. av. 
Collins Michael B., polisher (13 Bowker, 

B.), house 216 Pearl 
Collins Michael H., laborer, h. 19 Jefferson 
Collins Park, yard-hand O. C. R. R., bds. 

374 Main 
Collins Patrick, junk dealer, h. 22 Blanche 
Collins Patrick D., coal and wood, rear 140 

Pleasant, house do. 
Collins Richard, teamster, Valentine, Ellis 

& Co., house 44 DeWolf 
Collins Richard, head baker, Memorial 

Hall, house 34 Charles River 
Collins Samuel L., house Hotel School 
Collins Thomas, laborer, house 1 North 
Collins Thomas, butcher, bds. 7 Squire's ct. 
Collins Thomas, tailor, bds. r. 159 Broadway 
Collins Thomas J., laborer, b. 27 Second 
Collins T., driver, Camb. R. R. Co. 
Collins Wm., gardener, Mt. Auburn cem- 
etery bds. Joseph Collins', Mt. Auburn 
Collins William, laborer, house 148 Green 
Collins William S., conductor, Cambridge 

R. R. Co. 
Collins, see Colins 

Collinson William, 209 Bridge, bds. 59 Third 
Colman Joseph J., kitchen furnishing goods, 

463 Cambringe, house 183 Columbia 
Colman, see Coleman 
Colston Frank laborer, h. 116 Columbia 
Colter R., conductor, Cambridge R. R. Co. 
Colton Frank H., hotel steward, h. Lake 

View av., near pumping station 
Columbus Albert A., tinsmith, house 5 

Rogers' block, Washington 
Columbus Louis G., tinsmith, Cedar, cor. 

Belmont, house 27 Reed 
Columbus William S., gymnast, house 95 

Webster avenue 
Combs Charles E., clerk, 415 Cambridge, 

boards at Somerville 
Comee Dennis F., cooper, 129 Gore, house 

at Boston 
Comer James, laborer, 356 Main 
Comer James, laborer, h. 27 Harvey 
Comer Michael, tanner, h. Harvey, near 

Clinton [Cambridge 

Comerford Alice, widow of Edward, h. 401 
Comerford Edward J., restaurant, 92 Mt. 

Auburn, house do. 
Comerford John, laborer, h. 14 Webster av. 
Comerford John, shoemaker, 240 Cam- 
bridge, boards 8 Eighth 
Comerford Michael, engineer, (High, B.), 

house rear 67 Charles 
Comerford M., driver, Camb. R. R. Co. 
Comerford Richard S., machinist, 356 Main, 

boards at Brighton 




Comey Charles R., straw goods (N. Y.), h. 

5 Pleasant place 
Comey George A., brushes, h. 22 Lake 
Comey William A., clerk (9 Bowdoin sq., 

B.), house 120 Magazine 
Commeral Joaquin, cabinet maker, 79 Main, 

house at Boston 
Commery Martha, widow of James, house 12 

Railroad [rence 

Comptois Lewis, soap boiler, boards 2 Law- 
Compton Alfred J., carpenter, h. 6 Parker 
Compton Joseph B., salesman (450 Wash- 
ington, B.), h. Clifton, n. Spruce 
Comstock Betsey J. , widow of Hiram M. , h. 

24 Warland 
Conant Agnes B. Miss, clerk Registrar of 

Deeds office, Otis, cor. Second, boards 

415 Broadway 
Conant Anna E., wid. of John, h. 15 Laurel 
Conant Benjamin, printer (32 Hawley, B.), 

house 53 Essex 
Conant Charles F., house Washington av. 

near Arlington 
Conant George H., clerk, 9 Brattle, h. 13 

Farwell place 
Conant George W. S., clerk Riverside 

Press, house 8 Tufts 
Conant Harriet E. Miss, clerk, Otis, corner 

Second, boards 415 Broadway 
Conant Mary B., nurse, house 8 Tufts 
Conant S. Frank, conductor B. & A. R. R. , 

house 143 Hampshire 
Conaway Patrick, laborer, h. 10 North 
Concannon James B., h. 29 Porter 
Concannon Patrick H., printer, b. 14 Grant 

CONDIT CHARLES L.., publisher 
Science, 19 Brattle 
Condon James F., liquors, 461 Main, h. do. 
Condon John, laborer, h. 129 Webster av. 
Condon John P., carpenter, B. & A. R. R. 

repair shop (Allston), h. 99 River 
Condon Robert J., hairdresser, 1 Essex, h. 

at Boston 
Condon William, teamster, 16G River, h. 

Andrew, near Fairmont 
Condrick Edward, night watchman, 126 

Portland, house 15 Cherry 
Cone Adeline W. Mrs., h. 105 Inman 
Cone Frank W., bookkeeper (111 Arch, 

B.), boards 105 Inman 
Congdon Mary L. H. Mrs., house 10 Berk- 
shire place 
Conkey Jason A., horse dealer, house 286 

Conlan Edward, barrel dealer, house 417 

Conlan Felix, lawyer, Lechmere Bank 

bldg., 66 Cambridge, b. 59 Thorndike 

CONLAN JOHN, lawyer, Lech- 
mere Bank bldg., GQ Cambridge, cor. 
Second, boards 59 Thorndike 
Conlan John B., supt. clerk Cambridge R. 
R. Co., 3 Harvard sq., h. at Somerville 
Conlan Margaret, wid. of John, h. 13 Bolton 

Conlan Michael, baker, h. r. 200 Bridge 
Conlan Michael, laborer, h. 184 Winsor 
Conlan Patrick, laborer, h. r. 200 Bridge 
Conlan Patrick H., laborer, h. Harris, 3d 

from Beacon 
Conlan Patrick, teamster, h. 102 Dublin 
Conlan Patrick, house 59 Thorndike 
Conlan Peter, engineer, 206 Broadway, h. 

171 Winsor 
Conlan Robert, laborer, h. 15 Murdock 
Conlan Samuel, laborer, 206 Broadwav, h. 

86 Webster av. 
Conlan Thomas, feeder, Camb. R. R. Co., 

house 29 Willow 
Conlan Thomas P., medical studdnt, bds, 

59 Thorndike 
Conlan, see Conlin 
Conley Edward, laborer, 168 Main, house 

34 Harvard 
Conley Hannah, widow of James, house 41 

Conley Maria, waslrwoman, h. 90 Pleasant 
Conley William, printer, b. 30 Harvard 
Conlin James A., slater, h. 107 Hampshire 
Conlin John H., laborer, house Harris, last 

on the left 
Conlin Matilda, widow of James A. , house 

187 Broadway 
Conlow James, cooper, house 22 Warren 
Conlow John, laborer, h. 73 Norfolk 
Connaton Edward, painter, 14 Church, h. 

5 Athens 
Connaughty Thomas, laborer, h. 1 Ninth 
Connefrey Dominick, rubber worker, h. 

170 Harvard 
Connell Anthony, painter, h. 9 Hancock 
Connell Ellen, widow of William, h. 204 

Connell James J., grocer, 13 Mill, house 7 

Charles River 
Connell James, laborer, h. 249 Franklin 
Connell Jeremiah, laborer, b. 15 Warren 
Connell John, laborer, h. 17 Jefferson 
Connell John, teamster, 71 Main, house 206 

Connell John, teamster, 550 Main, house 

253 Franklin 
Connell Michael, bacon curer, rear 365 

Cambridge, h. 4 r. 191 Hampshire 
Connell Michael, coffin maker, 203 Bridge, 

house 210 do. 
Connell Patrick Mrs., grocer, 207 Franklin, 

house do. 
Connell Roger, laborer, bds. 15 Warren 
Connell T., hostler, Camb., R.R. Co. 
Connell Wm., clerk, 207 Franklin, b. do. 
Connell Wm. J., expressman, Lyceum 

bldg., Harvard sq., h. 249 Franklin 
Connell Wm. J., moulder (B.), bds. 253 

Connell, see O'Connell 
Connelley Bartholomew, laborer, Camb. 

cemetery, h. 6 Camden place 
Connelley Jane Mrs., h. 23 Brewery 


H. "Wm. Txij>per 







Connelley John, clerk, 333 Main, bds. do. 
Connelley John, farmer, h. Gushing ct. 
Connelly John, house 56 Charles 
Connelly John, baker, 79 Cambridge, bds. do. 
Connelly Mary Miss. h. 10 Hastings 
Connelly Mary, widow of Bernard, house 

55 River 
Connelly Patrick, laborer, bds. 104 Sparks 
Connelly Thomas, carpenter, house 4 Em- 
mons place 
Connelly Timothy, hostler, 004 Main 
Conner Patrick, laborer, bds. 48 Broadway 
Connerton Dominick, lab., h. 104 Norfolk 
Connor Charles E.. relief engineer, C. F. 

D., h. lll£ Inraan 
Connor Ellen, wid. of Cornelius, house 31 

Charles River 
Connor Jerome A., stucco worker, house 

39 B rattle 
Connington Henry, baker, 502 Main 
Connor Charles P., salesman (87 Summer, 

B.), house 110 Gore 
Connor Dennis, laborer, house 1 Clay 
Connor James P., stonecutter, 53 Main, bds. 

at Boston 
Connor James W., carpenter, 169 Gore, h. 

202 Cambridge [55 do. 

Connor John, teamster, 13 Broadway, bds. 
Connor John, laborer, bds. r. 15 Jackson 
Connor John, laborer, h. 81 Boylston 
Connor John F., gardener, Hovey & Co., 

house 177 Norfolk 
Connor Justin P., grocer, 88 Fifth, h. 12l£ 

Connor Mary, widow, house 186 Green 
Connor Maurice R., clerk 12 Harvard row 
Connor Michael, gardener, h. 194 Green 
Connor Michael, laborer, h. r. 14 Jackson 
Connor Patrick, laborer, h. Ill Elm 
Connor Terrance, foreman, 13 Broadway, 

house 55 do. 
Connor Thomas, teamster, 13 Broadway, 

bds. 194 Green 
Connor Thomas, lab., bds. r. 14 Jackson 
Connor T. , driver, Camb. R. R. Co. 
Connor Wellington R., rec. elk., 502 Main, 

boards 20 Western avenue 
Connor, see O'Connor 
Connors Daniel, house 152 Third 
Connors Ellen, widow of Patrick, house 102 

Connors Johanna, wid. of Cornelius, house 

rear 215 Mt. Auburn 
Connors John, telegrapher (B.), bds. 9 

Connors Joseph, teamster bds. 71 Hastings 
Connors Thomas hostler, Church, house 

Mt. Auburn, cor. Sparks 
Connors Patrick, laborer, h. 163 Winsor 
Connors Patrick, laborer, h. 14 Jackson 
Connors Thomas, gate tender, Harvard st. 

crossing B. & A. R. R., h. 72 Harvard 
Connors William J., polisher, 203 Bridge, 

house 120 Spring 

Conrad John N. , variety store, 351 Broad- 
way, house do. 
Conrick Thomas J., brass finisher, house 12 

Conroy James, laborer, house 9 Cowperth- 

Conroy James, electrotyper University 

Press, house 10 Foster 
Conroy John, slater, h. rear o(i Charles 
Conroy John E.. laborer, h. 101 Kinnaird 
Conroy Karen, laborer, h. 101 Kinnaird 
Conroy Patrick, laborer, house Conroy blk. , 

rear 215 Mt. Auburn 
Conroy Patrick John, slater, house rear 56 

Charles [lin 

Conroy Stephen F., laborer, bds. 214 Frank- 
Conroy Thomas, lager beer, 198 Cambridge, 

house do. 
Conry Karen, laborer, h. 2 Grant 
Conry Michael J., police station 1, house r. 

il Charles River 
Constable Herbert, manager Lovell Mnfg. 

Co., limited (28 Kneeland, B.), boards 

12 Front 
Converse George H., clerk (178 Congress, 

B.), boards 403 Broadway 
Converse Joseph H., president L. R. &. F. 

S. Ry. (31 Equitable building, B.), 

house 403 Broadway 
Converse Julia, widow of Joseph, house 

804 Green 
Conway James, tailor, 418 Harvard, rms. 

22 Mt. Auburn 
Conway Patrick, glass maker, b. 12 North 
Conway Patrick C, clerk, adjt.-gen. office 

(State House, B.), house 10 Florence 
Conway Richard, mason, 7 Grant, h. do. 
Conway William, grocer, 109 Portland, h. 

107 do. 
Conway William jr., clerk, 26 Winter, bds. 

107 Portland 
Conwell Patrick, boot and shoemaker, 323 

Cambridge, boards do. 
Coogan Annie M., Mrs. h. 70 Hastings 
Coogan John T., letter-carrier, 611 Main, 

rooms 240 Harvard 
Coogan Martin (Castle & Coogan) , provis- 
ions, 157 Columbia, b. 70 Hastings 
Coogan Michael B., lawyer, (68 Cornhill, 

B.), boards 70 Hastings 
Cook Catherine wid., h. 41 Charles 
Cook Catherine, wid. of Wm. house 19l£ 

North av. 
Cook Cyrus J., carpenter, h. 54 Putnam av. 
Cook Edward, laborer, bds. 46 Clark 
Cook Edward, shipper, 69 Main, boards 28 

Cook Edward H., clerk, 81 Bridge, h. at 

Cook Ephraim, house 59 Gore 
Cook George R., clerk, (42 Commercial B.), 

boards 80 Magazine 
Cook Horace M., clerk Prospect House, 

596 Main, boards do 


FLORISTS, and Contractors for 
P. O'BRIEN & SON, 820 Main & 89 Sparks Sts. 




Cook John R., cabinet maker, T. B. Went- 
worth, h. 18 Park 

Cook John, house 46 Clark 

Cook John F. , cabinet maker, h. 192 Norfolk 

Cook John M., carpenter, bds. 18 Park 

Cook John T., teamster, house 46 Pine 

Cook Joseph, organ varnisher, 162 Broad- 
way, bds. 2 Gray pi. 
COOK J OS I ATI W., president Cam- 
bridge Fire Ins. Co., 555 Main, house 
96 Auburn 

Cook Lewis J., organ regulator (Wareham, 
B.), house 8 Tufts 

Cook Lowell M., organ tuner, 162 Broad- 
way, house 471 Main 

Cook Lucinda, widow, h. 54 Mt. Auburn 

Cook Mary T., widow of Charles A., house 
36 Auburn 

Cook Micah W., janitor, Aggassiz school, 
bds. 62 Wright 

Cook Thomas, laborer, bds. 46 Clark 

Cook Thomas D., house 10 Allen 

Cook Timothy, h. 563 Main 

CookWm., laborer, bds. 163 Broadway 

Cook William, asst. Professor of German, 
H. U., house 25 Appleton 

Cooke E. Ward, dentist, 104 Cambridge, 
house do. 

Cooke John B., cattle broker, house 1 Da- 

Cooke Josiah P. jr., Erving Professor of 
Chemistry and Mineralogy and Direc- 
tor of the Chemical Laboratory, H. U., 
house 25 Quincy 

Cooke L. Fred., supt. 169 Gore, h. at Boston 

Cooke, see Cook 

Cookson John, coachman, h. 190 Hampshire 

Coolbroth Edward N., joiner, Boylston, 
house 92 Banks 

Cooley Albert L., furniture (40 Lancaster, 
B.), house 91 Magazine 

Cooley Chas. A., furniture (40 Lancaster, 
B.) house 91 Magazine 

Cooley Edward L., clerk, 515 Washington, 
B.), boards 91 Magazine 

Cooley Levi jr. , china decorator (Porcelain 
place, B.), house 120 Prospect 

Coolidge Arthur F. , bookkeeper Joseph G. 
Coolidge, Coolidge av., bds. do. 

Coolidge Charles, printer Riverside Press, 
house 56 Auburn 

Coolidge Chas. E.. plumber, b. 223 Harvard 

Coolidge Charles F., clerk Riverside Press, 
house 176 Putnam av. 

Coolidge Charles H., house 20 Forest 

Coolidge Daniel S., reed board maker, 162 
Broadway, house 9 River 

Coolidge Edward J., foreman Joseph G. 
Coolidge, boards do. 

Coolidge Flavel, house 48 Trowbridge 

Coolidge Frank, 137 Broadway, rooms 467 

Coolidge Franklin J. , brakeman F. R. R. h. 
2 Suffolk 

Coolidge George H., plumber, h. 31 Fair- 
Coolidge Geo. H., gluer, 162 Broadway, 

house 223 Harvard 
Coolidge James I. T., h. 2 Brewster place 
Coolidge John, carpenter, h. 14 Myrtle pi. 
Coolidge John F., express, 195 Broadway, 

and (26 Devonshire, B.), h. 3 Columbia 
Coolidge Joseph A. , boards Joseph G. Cool- 

Coolidge Joseph G., farmer and florist, 

Coolidge av. , n. Mt. Auburn, h do. 
Coolidge Joseph R. , instructor H. U. rooms 

48 Matthew's Hall 
Coolidge Mary A., widow of Chas., house 

13 Walden 
Coolidge Susan G. Mrs., house 758 Main 
Coombs Burton, carpenter, house 95 Gore 
Coombs, see Combs 
Coon James Mrs. house 46 William 
Coon John J., mason and contractor (17 

Pemberton sq., B.), h. 10 Warland 
Coon John S., mechanical engineer, 604 

Main, h. 189 Pearl 
Coon Romer G., mason, bds. 46 William 
Cooney Edward J., clerk, 17 Brattle, b. 62 

Charles River 
Cooney Edward J., cabinet maker, house 

26 Banks 
Cooney Joseph, machinist, house 17 Flagg 
Cooney John G., printer University Press, 

boards 17 Flagg 
Cooney Mary, widow of Timothy, house 32 

Charles River 
Cooney Michael laborer, h. 29 Carson 
Cooney Patrick, gardener, h. 53 Crescent 
Cooney Peter, safe-maker, 17 Main 
Cooper Almond F. , pres. and treas. Boston 

Standard Car Wheel Co., 21 Hampshire 
Cooper Charles H., clerk (P. O., B.), bds. 

21 Cottage 
Cooper Henry M., compositor (39 Arch,B.), 

h. 140 Elm 
Cooper James, carpenter, h. 154 Charles 
Cooper James W., foreman oil refiners, 169 

Gore, house 186 Gore 
Cooper Joel, cigar maker, house 6 Decatur 
Cooper John, cooper, rms. 1 Gray pi. 
Cooper John, salesman, (47 Commercial 

B), house rear 144 Thorndike 
Cooper John J., printer Riverside Press, 

house 13 Hamilton 
Cooper Margaret, wid. of Wm. house 24 

Cooper Martha P., Mrs. artist, b. 39 Brattle 
Cooper Mary, widow of David, house 13 

Cooper Mary, widow of William, h. 46 River 
Cooper Watson, cooper, h. 76 Harvard 
Cooper William, boiler maker. !>2 Main 
Cooper William H., salesman (96 Hanover, 

B.), h. 38 Bigelow 
Cooter Wm. P., coppersmith, (63 Pitts, B.), 

house 10 Fifth 


Established 1860. SO DOCK SQUARE. 



Copeland Elizabeth J., Mrs., nurse, boards 

90 Winsor 
Copeland Francis, retoucher, (46 Winter, 

B.), boards 25 Sacramento 
Copeland George H., captain of police, sta- 
tion 2, h. 12 Winsor 
Copeland J. G., widow of R. M., house 21 

North avenue 
Copeland J. Horace, carpenter, (146 Mt. 
Vernon, B.), house 124 Norfolk 

Copeland John C., driver C. R. R., house 
4 King place 

Copeland John L., driver, Cambridge R. R., 
Baldwin-st. station 

Copeland William E., clerk, 356 Main, bds. 
12 Winsor 

Copithorne John, boards 40 Union 

Copithorne Matthew Mrs., h. 40 Union 

Copithorne Richard M., bookbinder, house 
39 Tremont 

Copithorne William, foreman (82 State, 
B.), house 115 Winsor 

Copley William, gardener Mt. Auburn Cem- 
etery greenhouses, Mt. Auburn, b. do. 

Copp John C, bookbinder, 105 Magazine, 
bds. 59 Green 

Copplestone Ann, widow of Richard, house 
rear 140 Garden 

Coppenrath Fred E., upholsterer, boards 24 

Coppenrath Jacob, finisher, 44 Cambridge, 
h. 24 Eighth 

Coquard Armand E., electrotyper Univer- 
sity Press, h. 43 Baldwin 

Corbeliis James F., grocer, 84 Third, h. do. 

Corbett Augustus O., agent (B.), and lodg- 
ing house, 13 Kirkland place 

Corbett Daniel, foreman of coopers, 169 
Gore, house 12 Squire's court 

Corbett David, printer University Press, 
bds. 29 Holyoke 

Corbett George W. , horse-shoer, r. Porter's 
Hotel, 185 North avenue, h. 41 Cogs- 
well av. 

Corbett George W. jr., horse-shoer, bds. 44 
Cogswell av. 

Corbett James blacksmith, 249 Cambridge, 
bds. 14 Harrison 

Corbett Jeremiah, laborer, boards foot of 
of Holworthy 

Corbett John, foreman of yard, 113 Broad- 
way, house 108 Washington 

Corbett John, shade-painter, Brown, Mur- 
pby & Co., house 61 Brookline 

Corbett Michael F„ laborer, B. & L. R. R. 
shop, house 36 Second 

Corbett Robert S. carpenter, bds. 9 Norfolk 

Corbett Solomon, carpenter, bds. 9 Norfolk 

Corbett Walter B., tinsmith, 153 Putnam 
avenue, h. 23 Park 

Corbett Wm. J., wood carver, boards 42 
Squire's court 

Corcoran Cornelius, teamster, house 140 

Corcoran Daniel, laborer, h. 204 Franklin 
Corcoran Dennis, police, station 3, house 

118 Otis 
Corcoran Frank, electrotype finisher, Uni- 
versity Press, house 1 Foster 
Corcoran James E., brushmaker, 124 Har- 
vard, house 159 Columbia 
Corcoran James E., billiards, 15 Boylston, 

boards John Corcoran's, Bennett 
Corcoran Jeremiah, baker, 29 Banks, h. do 
Corcoran John, clerk (B.), h. 40£ Inman 
Corcoran John, bookbinder, Riverside 

Press, house 109 Putnam avenue 
Corcoran John, blacksmith, house end of 

Corcoran John, at University Press, boards 

1 Foster 
Corcoran John F., bookkeeper (Wash. B.) 

boards 1 Foster 
Corcoran John H. (J. H. Corcoran & Co. 

dry goods, etc., 587 Main, boards 109 

Putnam avenue 
Corcoran J. H. & Co., (John H. Corcoran) 

dry goods, 587 Main 
Corcoran Michael, foreman press room, 

University Press, house 37 Hudson 
Corcoran M. A. Miss, clerk Riverside Press, 

boards 107 Putnam avenue 

Corcoran P., watchman, Cambridge R. R. 

Corcoran Timothy, police, station 1, house 

38 Winthrop 
Corcoran Timothy, shoemaker, h. 23 Bay 
Corey Samuel J., traveling salesman, (44 

Oliver, B. ) , house 152 North avenue 
Corkery Dennis, laborer, house 5 Carson 
Corkery Dennis, teamster, 166 River, house 

Corkery Mary M., widow of Michael, h. 

134 Webster avenue 
Corkery Matthew, drain builder, 11 Wal- 
nut court, house do. 
Corkery Maurice, laborer, h. 106 Kinnaird 
Corkery Maurice M., laborer, boards 45 

Corkery Michael, laborer, house 19 Carson 
Corkery Patrick J,, car inspector (Allston) 

h. 68 Waverly 
Corkery William, clerk, 432 Cambridge, 

bds. 134 Webster avenue [Park 

Corkhill Edward, porter, house 4 Chestnut 
Corkum George R., carpenter, h. 28 Union 
Corlen Charles, slater, house 14 Grant 
Corliss John, teamster, house 92 Fifth 
Corliss John S., printer, h. 6 Baldwin place 
Cormier Arthur H., pork dealer, house 177 

Cormier Eliza, widow, boards 177 Norfolk 
Cornelius LydiaF., widow of Elias, house 

Hawthorne, corner Acacia 
Cornell John, teamster, W. T. Richardson 

& C o. , house 44 Putnam av. 
Cornish Henry C. , laborer, h. 88 Harvard 
Corrigan Thos., hack driver, h. 44 DeWolf 




Corrow Joseph, laborer, house 77 Spruce 
Corrow Thomas, laborer, boards 77 Spruce 
Cosgrove Andrew, laborer, h. 120 Fourth 
Cosgrove Daniel J., painter, 16 Brighton, 

boards 20 Donnell 
Cosgrove James, moulder, bds. 462 Main 
Cosgrove Jane, widow of Thomas, house 20 

Cosgrove Thomas F., grocer, 79 Concord 

avenue, house do. 
Cosmo Manuel, laborer, house 16 East 
Coss David, laborer, house 102 Harvard 
. Coss John, cook, house 102 Harvard 
Cossette Joseph, currier, house 152 Spruce 
Cossette Philip, currier, house 148 Spruce 
Costeller Edward F., florist; bds. 18 Tuttle 
Costeller John, laborer, Cambridge ceme- 
tery, boards 18 Tuttle [Tuttle 
Costeller Mary, widow of Edward, house 18 
Costello Ann, widow, house 16 Hancock 
Costello Edward, gardener, house 178 

Costello John, tinsmith, house 39 Charles 
Costello John, laborer, h. 1 Cowperthwalte 
Costello John, laborer, 184 Broadway, h. 
Ill Elm [Franklin 

Costello Mary, widow of John, house 233 
Costello Mary, widow of Thomas, grocer, 

252 Franklin, house do. 
Costello Michael, engineer, Union Glass 

Co., (Somerville), house 117 Gore 
Costello Richard, gasman, h. 19 Flagg 
Costello Richard H., coachman, boards 233 

Cotchett Charles, iron-moulder, 356 Main, 

house 130 Harvard 
Cote Julien, laborer, house 79 Spruce 
Cotter Bartholomew, laborer, house 18 

Cotter Dennis, laborer, boards 13 Warren 
Cotter Elizabeth M. Miss, h. 10 Oxford 
Cotter Ellen, widow of Thomas, house 29 

Cotter Jeremiah, laborer, house 20 McCabe 
Cotter John, laborer, house 79 Vine 
Cotter John, trackman, Cambridge R. R. 

Co., house 35 Baldwin 
Cotter Lawrence, gardener, house 122 Elm 
Cotter Margaret, widow of Joseph, house 

1 Linehan block, Third 
Cotter Maurice J., laborer, bds. 18 Willow 
Cotter Morris, g^te tender, B. & L. R. R., 

house rear 83 Bridge 
Cotter Patrick, laborer, house 67 Spruce 
Cotter Peter, gate-tender, B. & L. R. R., 

house 8 Cambridge 

Cotter Richard, conductor Cambridge R. 

R. Co., boards 35 Baldwin [low 

Cotter Thomas M., cooper, boards 18 Wil- 

Cotting Henrietta, widow of Edward P., 

house 12 Norfolk 
Cottle A., machinist, 72 Main, h. at Boston 
Cotton H. Norman, stationery (24 Milk, 
B.), house 23 Clinton 

Cotton Irving W., bookkeeper (24 Milk, 

B.), boards 23 Clinton 
Cotton J. Warren, water registrar, office 

City Hall, house 52 Magazine 
Cotton Susan G., widow of Solomon, house 

27 Shepard 
Couch John (Denyven & Couch), furniture 

mnf r. , 346 Main, house 52 Pine 
Couch John R., house 54 Pine [naird 

Cornier Mine., teacher French, h. 32 Kin- 
Couder Pierre H., house 32 Kinnaird 
Coughlan John, laborer, house Locust, near 

Coughlan Catherine, widow of Dennis, h. 

11 Hayes court 
Coughlan Daniel, glass-maker, house 136 

Coughlan Julia, widow, house 47 Banks 
Coughlin David, city lab. h. 1 Murdock 
Coughlin David, sawyer, Woodbury build- 
ing, Oiis, house 107 Hampshire 
Coughlin David F. jr., shipping clerk, (206 

State, B,), house 39l£ Cambridge 
Coughlin Dennis, laborer, bds. 136 Bridge 
Coughlin Dennis, laborer, h. 23 Fourth 
Coughlin John, laborer, h. 390-i Cambridge 
Coughlin John, laborer, house 87 Harvard 
Coughlin John, laborer, house 17 Jefferson 
Coughlin Michael, laborer, h. 48 Winter 
Coughlin Patrick, cooper, h. 35 Jefferson 
Coughlin Thos., glass-worker, h. 30 North 
Coughlin Timothy, stainer, 203 Bridge, h. 

at Somerville 
Coughlin Timothy, grocer, 16 Webster ave. 

house do. 
Coughlin Timothy, laborer, h. Jordan place 
Coughlin William G., wood-carver, 602 

Main, boards 16 Webster avenue 
Coulter Frank J. , teamster, h. 4 Pioneer 

Coulter James, moulder H. M. Bird, Pel- 
ham, boards 166 Main 
Coulter John, police, station 1, house 195 

Mt. Auburn 
Coulter William, teamster, boards 4 Pio- 
neer avenue 
Counihan Edward, clerk (33 Summer, B.), 

honse 5 Chestnut Park 
Counihan John, stone-cutter, Gore's 

wharf, h. 83 Charles 
Couture Joseph, brick maker, h. Clifton 
Coursey Mary E. Miss, teacher St. Mary's 

parochial school, boards 22 Decatur 
Courtney David, machinist, b. Weitze et. 
Courtney Michael, laborer, h. 213 Columbia 
Courtney Thomas, laborer, h. Weitze court 
Courtney Thomas jr., teamster, 211 Bridge, 
boards Weitze court [Columbia 

Courtney Thomas F., marble cutter, b. 213 
Courtney William J., brush maker (132 

Oliver, B.), house 174 Cambridge 
Cousens Catherine H. Miss, b. 64 Antrim 
Covell Henry, hostler, Beacon Park, (Alls- 
ton), h. 129 River 



H. Wm. Tupper, Manager. 




Covell Melissa E., wid of Daniel h. 22 East 

Coveney A. A., driver, Cambridge R.R. Co. 

Coveney Catherine, widow of Jeremiah, h. 
353 Union 

Coveney Daniel, teamster, 256 Bridga, bds. 
Craigie bridge house 

Coveney Frank, cabinet maker, boards 353 

Coveney Hannah Mrs., house 2 Linehan 
block, Third [R. h. r. 83 Bridge 

Ceveney Jeremiah, watchman B. & M. R. 

Coveney Jeremiah W., auctioneer, etc., 78 
Cambridge, house 44 Second 

Coveney John, teamster, 256 Bridge, h. at 

Coveney John, switchman, B. & L. R. R., 
house 3 Linehan block, Third 

Coveney John W., undertaker, 193£ Cam- 
bridge, house 193 do. 

Coveney Joseph, carver, house 7 Eighth 

Coveney William, teamster, 221 Bridge 

Coveney William, laborer, h. 353 Cam- 

Coveney William J., clerk, (179 Broad, 
B.), house 34 Somerset 

Coveny John, laborer, house 68 Spring 

Coveny Daniel F., machinist, b. 68 Spring 

Cowan Bernard, laborer, 184 Broadway, h. 
16 Market 

Cowan Dennis, rope maker, Montgomery, 
h. Dudley, near do. [b. 16 Market 

Cowan Henry T., provisions, 419 Main, 

Cowan M. Frank, driver Cambridge R. R., 
house 107 Western ave. 

Cowan Thomas, fish market, 380 Cam- 
bridge, h. 41 Webster avenue 

Cowdin Angeline B., widow of Levi F., h. 
28 Holyoke 

Cowdin Frederick A., drug clerk (23 Un- 
ion, B.), boards 28 Holyoke 

CoAvdin Putnam F., machinist, (Worces- 
ter,) b. 28 Holyoke [Sacramento 

Cowdin Sarah A., widow of Robert, h. 15 

Cowdrey Willard J., sawyer, (61 Haverhill, 
B.), house 72 Hampshire 

Cowell Allan E., traveling salesman, (19 
Commercial, B.), bds. 35 Ash 

Cowen Robert, supt. Boston Woven Hose 
Co., 174 Broadway, house 180 do. 

Cowhig Edward, laborer, house 136 Bridge 

Cox Alex. P,, driver Cambridge R. R., Co., 
house Holworthy, near Belmont 

Cox Chas. A., painter, 153 Putnam avenue, 
house 1 Gordon place 

Cox Charles P. , pattern maker, (154 High, 
B.), house 31 Blackstone 

Cox Elizabeth, wid., of John, h. 4 Potter 

Cox Francis A., house 102 Green 

Cox Frank, laborer, house 5 Harding 

Cox Frederick W., conductor, Charles 
River, R. Co., boards 99 Hampshire 

Cox George, printer, (88 Purchase, B.), h. 
143 Columbia 

Cox George H., painter, house 32 Magazine 

Cox Geo. H. , 604 Main, boards 4 Prospect 
Cox George T., shipping clerk, Sixth, bds. 

143 Columbia 
Cox Hannah, widow of Roger, house 29 

Cox Henry, clerk, 437 Cambridge, boards 

143 Columbia 
Cox Herbert B. , machinist, 72 Main, boards 

109 Auburn 

COX JAMES, publisher, Cambridge 
Press, 531 Main, house 99 Hampshire 
Cox James, porter, (167 Congress, B.), 

house 39 Winsor 
Cox James, teamster, boards 4 Potter 
Cox James H., printer 531 Main, h. 9 Front 
Cox John A., gardener, boards William 

Cox's. Holworthy [99 Hampshire 

Cox John C, compositor, 531 Main, boards 
Cox Owen, gasman, house 1 Banks 
Cox Thomas H., carpenter, h. 140 Columbia 
Cox Thomas R., printer, 531 Main, boards 

91 Columbia 
Cox T. H., 604 Main, bds. 44 Erie 
Cox William, at repair shop Camb. R. R. 

Co., Dunster, h. Holworthy, near Cor- 

lett school 
Cox William, laborer, h 112 Hampshire 
Cox William F., printer, 531 Main, house 

95 Pearl 
Cox William J., bookbinder (B.), boards 

Wm. Cox's, Holworthy 
Coy Charles, machinist, house 51 Wright 
Coy Ella E. Miss, teacher, Riverside pri- 
mary school, bds. 51 Wright 
Coye E. Everett, bookkeeper (311 Medford, 

Charlestown), b. 44 Sacramento 
Coye William J., furrier (130 Milk, B.), 

house 44 Sacramento 
Coyle Frank, laborer, h. 171 Winsor 
Coyle James, teamster (126 Atlantic av., 

B.), house 317 Cambridge 
Coyle Margaret, wid. of James, house rear 

125 Third 
Coyle Terrence, laborer, h. 85 Bolton 
Coyne William, tinsmith, h. 54 Amory 
Crabbie Ann, widow of Miller, h. 9 Elm 
Crafts Arthur C, tinman, 153 Putnam av., 

bds. 37 Somerset 
Crafts John L., salesman (Hanover B.), 

bds. 12 Brattle 
Crafts Mary E., widow of Geo. W. house 

r. 112 Magazine 
Cragin John P., waiter (Quincy House, B.), 

house 2 Jefferson 
Craig Henry A. , machinist, 72 Main, house 

173 do. 
Craig Robt. , horse dealer, h. 14 Walnut ct. 
Craig Robert jr., at 105 Magazine, house 18 

Walnut court 
Craig Robert H., machinist, 356 Main, bds. 

at Brighton 
Craig Thomas A., hostler b. 14 Walnut ct. 
Craig William J., printer, 10 Dunster, h. 



310NUMKNTS & CURBINGS, Designed and Constructed 

P. O'BRIEN & SON, 820 Main and 89 SparJcs Streets. 



Craig Wm. L. , engineer, house 2 Burrage 

block, Bristol 
Cram Charles N., action maker, 113 Broad- 
way, house 16 Pleasant place 
Cram George W., surveyor general of lum- 
ber (59 Broad B.), h. 83 Prospect 
Cram Henry B. treas. Bernstein Electric 
Light Mnfg. Co. (64 Equitable bldg., 
B.), boards 83 Prospect 
Cranch Caroline A. Miss, artist, Palmer, n. 

Brattle, boards 27 Ellery 
Cranch Christopher P. , artist, h. 27 Ellery 
Crandall David, engineer, bds. 48 Broadway 
Crandall Edwin A., teamster (Boston), h. 

183 Cambridge 
Crandall J. L., foreman, h. 176 Cambridge 
Crane Charles F., baker, bds. 17 River 
Crane Frank H., clerk, 153 Putnam avenue, 

rooms 76 Magazine 
Crane Geo. I., baker, 15 River, h. 17 do. 
Crane Luther, box maker, 3 Hampshire, h. 

21 Pine 
Craney Henry, laborer, h. 17 Valentine 
Crawford Charles, laborer, h. 9 Camden pi. 
Crawford Charles jr., book finisher (30 Ex- 
change, B.), bds 9 Camden pi. 
Crawford George, clerk, boards I. N. Hig- 

gins', Holworthy place 
Crawford James H., carpenter, house 107 

Crawford John (Levi Hawkes & Co.), 
plumber, 599£ Main and (50 Howard, 
Boston), house 96 Allston 
Crawford Lebaron, laborer, b. 1 Hampshire 
Crawford Sarah, widow of John, house 49 
Harvard [bridge 

Crealan Michael, tinsmith, boards 108 Cam- 
Creamer Edward, cabinet-maker, Wood- 
bury building, Otis, h. at Chelsea 
Crean Peter, fruit peddler, h. 159 Columbia 
Creasy Henry, porter (B.), house 70 Web- 
ster avenue 
Creed Charles H., salesman (87 Court B.), 

house Hotel Brooks 
Creed Joseph, brass-moulder, O. C. R. R., 

(B.), house 132 Spring 
Creed Sydney F., finisher, 139 Broadway, 

h. 39 Tremont 
Creeden Catherine, widow, house 3 Han- 

num's blk., 114 Broadway 
Creeden Patrick, laborer, house 6 Han- 

num's blk., 114Boadway 
Creedon James, laborer, h. r. 161 Otis 
Creelman Henry W., carriage-maker, house 

94 Tremont 
Crego John T., bar tender, h. 19 Boylston 
Crehore William M. , carriage painter, 350 

North ave., boards 352 do. 
Creighton Catharine, widow of Wm., house 

3 Hannum's blk., 114 Broadway 
Creighton Fred W., clerk (B. & L. depot, 

Causeway B.), house 53 Columbia 
Creighton Mary Anna, widow of Thomas, 
h. 210 Bridge 

Creighton Patrick, laborer, 206 Broadway, 
house 6 Hannum's blk., 114 Broadway 

Creighton William, glass cutter, N. E. Glass 
Works, North 

Cribby John H. , teamster, h. 9 Camden pi. 

Crimmings Julia F., grocer, 18 School, 
house do. 

Crimmins Catherine, widow of John, house 
44 Kinnaird 

Crimmins John, moulder, H. M. Bird, Pel- 
ham, h. at Somerville 

Crispin William, spring winder, 368 Main, 
house at Chelsea 

Critchclon Melissa, widow, house rear 1 
Norfolk ct. 

Croak Michael, stone-cutter J. Collins 
Gore's wharf, house 9 Vine 

Croake Alice, widow of James, house 36 

Croake John, laborer, bds. 36 Washington 

Croake William, plumber, bds. 36 Wash- 

Crocker Elvira K., widow of Phineas A., 
house 273 North av. 

Crocker Geo. W., proof-reader (34 School, 
B.), h. 95 Inman 

Crocker Grace D., Miss., music-teacher, h. 
2 William 

Crocker John C, die-maker, 163 Pleasant, 
h. 38 Erie 

Crocker John D., plasterer, 548 Main, h. 

2 William 

Crocker John F., salesman (90 State, B.), 

bds. 38 Pearl 
Crocker John S., machinist, b. 5 Bristol 

CROCKER JOHN W., plasterer 
and stucco worker, 548 Main, house 2 

Crocker Nehemiah D., watchman, 162 
Broadway, house 259 Putnam av. 

Crocker Winnifred S., widow of Charles, 
house 5 Bristol 

Crockett G. L., driver Camb. R. R. Co. 

Crombie True, musician, h. 193£ North av. 

Cromwell Chas. Albert, carpenter, house 36 

Cronan Daniel, laborer, h. 236 Franklin 

Cronan John, iron worker, h. 11 Antrim 

Cronan John machinist, boards 234 Bridge 

Cronan Mary A., widow of Michael, house 
68 Putnam av. 

Cronan Timothy A., varnisher, 162 Broad- 
way, h. 287 Cambridge 

Cronin Catherine, widow of Daniel, house 

3 Lechmere place 

Cronin Daniel, photographer (32 Hay ward 

pi. B.), b. 3 Baldwin ct. 
Cronin David, grocer, 51 Washington, 

house do. 
Cronin Dennis, laborer, house 2 Foster pi. 
Cronin Dennis, laborer, b. 3 Baldwin ct. 
Cronin Edward, printer (211 Tremont, B.), 

h. 484 Broadway [434 Broadway 

Cronin Francis T., at 502 Main boards 


All kinds of HARDWARE GOODS at 
Lowest Prices. 20 Dock Square. 



Cronin Frank, laborer, 502 Main 
Cronin John, currier, house 3 Baldwin ct. 
Cronin John, laborer, house 11 Short 
Cronin John M., laborer, h. 9 Walnut ct. 
Cronin Mary A., widow of Timothy F., 

dressmaker, 4.34: Broadway, house do. 
Cronin Patrick, laborer, h. 242 Franklin 
Cronin Patrick, laborer, h. 267 Cambridge 
Cronin Timothy, stone-cutter, 53 Main, 

house 262 Franklin 
Cronin Timothy A., organ varnisher, 162 

Broadway, bds. 287 Cambridge 
Cronin, see Cronan 
Crook George F., foreman University 

Press, house 9 Remington 
Cropper Robert B., clerk (83 Summer, B.), 

bds. 10 Upton 
Crosbie John, stucco worker, boards 17 

Crosby Alice K., teacher Webster grammar 

school, bds. 768 Main 
Crosby Austin R. , salesman (Beverly, cor. 

Travers, B.), h. 281 Pearl 
Crosby Charles E., carpenter, house 

24 Holyoke 
Crosby Eliza A.Mrs., h. 21 Sacramento 
Crosby Frederick, produce (57 F. H. mar- 
ket, B.), house 128 Oxford 
Crosby Henry J., produce (8 Mercantile, 

B.), house 62 Pleasant 
Crosby John, laborer C. W. W., house 243 

Crosby Joseph T. , painter, h. 22 Wallace 
Crosby Julia A., widow, house 220 Putnam 

Crosby Melvin R., compositor, h. 18 Howard 
Crosby Michael, laborer, house 243 Franklin 
Crosby Patrick, laborer, b. 168 Dublin 
Crosby Peter, brushmaker, 124 Harvard, h. 

15 Pine 

watchmaker (421 Washington, B.), 
house 21 Sacramento 

Crosby Thomas, brushmaker, 124 Harvard, 
house at Boston 

Crosby Thomas, gasman, h. 3 Grant 

Crosby Warren L., machinist, boards 22 

Croscombe Morley G., apothecary, 96 
Pleasant, house 94 do. 

Cross Carleton, provisions, house 29 Gore 

Cross Daniel W., pressman (54 Pearl, B.), 
boards 82 Washington 

Cross Edw. S., clerk (58 Blackstone, B.), 
house 28 Winter 

Cross Eugene C, wire worker (B.), house 
10 Tufts 

Cross George F., action maker, 113 Broad- 
way, boards 82 Washington 

Cross Geo. P., action maker, 113 Broad- 
way, house 20 Union 

Cross George W. , steam piper, house rear 
126 Thorndike 

Cross Henry, fruit dealer, h. 84 Spring 

Cross Joseph, house 63 Pleasant 

Cross Phebe Mrs., nurse, rms. 17 Hamilton 

Crossman Charles T., machinist (41 Avon, 

B)., boards 28 Jay 
Crossman Edward L. , house 28 Jay 
Crossman Frederick D., bds. 28 Jay 
Crossman George E. (241 Cambridge, B.), 

house 9 Union 
Crossman Nancy, wid. of Lloyd, h. 28 Jay 
Croswell James G., assistant professor, in 

Greek and Latin H. U. , h. 19 Ash 
Croswell Simon G., lawyer (39 Court, 

room 5, B.), house 19 Ash 
Croswell William, bookkeeper (77 Sum- 
mer, B.), bds. 100 Prospect 
Crothers Andrew L,, clerk, 3 Inman sq., 

boards 22 Antrim 
Crothers Charles E., salesman 168 Gore, 

house 22 Fifth 
Crothers David C, upholsterer (36 Charles, 

B.), house 98 Spring 
Crothers William J., express, h. 87 Vine 
Crothers William J. jr., express, house 69 

Crow Joanna, wid. of Wm.. h. 125 Dublin 
Crowdle J., expressman, Lyceum bldg.-, 

Harvard sq. , boards at Newton 
Crowe Joseph, saw filer, h. 131 Harvard 
Crowell Carleton, salesman, bds. 39 Ash 
Crowell C. A., safemaker, 17 Main 
Crowell Geo. E., traveling salesman, 42 

Elm, rooms do. 
Crowell Herbert E. (20 Milk, B.) , b. 39 Ash 
Crowell Maria L., widow, boards 276 

Crowell Thomas Henry, machinist (86 

Beverly, B.), boards 39 Ash 
Crowell Thomas Howes, foreman Cam- 
bridge Gas Light Co., 424 Harvard, 

house 39 Ash 
Crowell Timothy, lumber (120 State, B.), 

house 34 Prospect 
Crowell William H., machinist, 72 Main, b. 

20 Cottage 
Crowley Ann, widow of Daniel, house 

15 Murdock 
Crowley Charles C., teamster, b. 13 Second 
Crowley Cornelius, plasterer, b. 27 Gore 
Crowley Cornelius, laborer, bds. 8 Davis 
Crowley Cornelius, switchman B. & L. R. 

R., house 70 Spring 
Crowley Daniel, laborer, bds. 8 Davis 
Crowley Daniel, laborer, h. 211 Columbia 
Crowley Dan'l J., glass blower, h.[S8 Winter 
Crowley David, road hand B. & L. R.R., 

house 8 Short 
Crowley David, teamster, 71 Main, house 4 

Hannum's block, 114 Broadway 
Crowley Dennis, at Boston Bridge Works, 

Sixth, house 70 Spring 
Crowley Dennis, laborer, house 36 North 
Crowley Dennis J., printer, University 

Press, house 2 South 
Crowley Ellen, wid. of John H., h. 95 Fifth 




Crowley Florence, laborer, h. 25 Gore 
Crowley Florence A., teamster, boards 43 

Crowley George A., printer, h. 10 Warland 
Crowley James J., clerk, b. 43 Charles 
Crowley Jeremiah, shoemaker, house 233 

Crowley Jeremiah, butcher, h. 74 Spring 
Crowley John, laborer, h. 123 Third 
Crowley John, laborer, bds. 136 Bridge 
Crowley John, planer, 162 Broadway, h. 

98 Vine 
Crowley John J. , teamster, b. 43 Charles 
Crowley John J., laborer, h. 123 Third 
Crowley Kearan F., bookbinder Riverside 

Press, house 6 De Wolf 
Crowley Margaret, widow, h. 81 Boylston 
Crowley Margaret, widow of Jeremiah, h. 

Crowley Michael J., at 153 Putnam av., h. 

32 Somerset 
Crowley Mary L. Miss, dry and fancy goods, 

109 Fourth, house 70 Spring 
Crowley Patrick, gardener, 10 Linden, 

boards do. 
Crowley Patrick, moulder, h. 80 Boylston 
Crowley Patrick, gardener, b. 50 Boylston 
Crowley Patrick J., machinist Dover 

Stamping Co., h. 109 Western av. 
Crowley Timothy, laborer, h. 26 Carson 
Crowley Timothy, mason, h. 23 Willow 
Crowley Timothy, teamster, house 27 Gore 
Crowley Timothy J. , boards 27 Gore 
Crowley William A., printer, bds. 2 South 
Crozier Christopher, painter, h. 6 Lopez 
Cru John, showman, h. 4 Clifton 
Cruikshank George, roller, 126 Portland, 

house 56 Webster avenue 
Cruikshank James, teamster, boards 147 

Cruikshank James T., florist, house 40 

Putnam avenue 
Crump Wm. H., painter, h. 61 Market 
Cuddhy Annie S., Miss, dressmaker, 82 

Spring, house do. 
Cuddy Bridget, widow of John, house 157 

Columbia [157 Columbia 

Cuddy Edward, sawyer, 139 Broadway, bds. 
Cuddy James H., liquors, 19 Lincoln, h. 

157 Columbia 
Cuddy Thos., clerk, 19 Lincoln, boards 

157 Columbia 
Cuenin Julius J., silver plater, (B.), house 

209 Franklin 
Cuffee James, gardener, h. 34 Spring 
Culberwell Wm., boiler maker, 92 Main 
Culhane Daniel, laborer, h. 105 Kinnaird 
Culhane Daniel, laborer, h. 9 Foster place 
Culhane Daniel F., marble worker R. L. 

Sands, boards 9 Foster place 
Culhane Edward J., hostler, Charles River 

R.R. Co., bds. 9 Foster place 
Culhane Garrett T. J., clerk (33 Summer, 

B.), house 169 Norfolk 

Culhane James, laborer, house 26 Flagg 
Culhane James, laborer, h. 36 Banks 
Culhane John, hostler, 120 Green, boards 

19 Bay 
Culhane John T., gasman, h. 18 Flagg 
Culhane Michael, laborer, house 49 Flagg 
Culhane Michael, laborer, house 19 Bay 
Culhane Patrick, liquors, 27 Flagg, h. 13 do. 
Culhane William H., clerk, 27 Flagg, bds. 

13 do. [bridge, h. do. 
Cullen Bridget Mrs., liquors, 321 Cam- 
Cullen John, showman, house 59 Spring 
Cullen John, machine hand, 162 Broadway, 

house rear 29 Harvard 
Cullen John P., provisions (113 Cambridge, 

B.), house 102 Columbia 
Culliton Barney, cooper, boards 21 Willow 
Culliton Frank, laborer, h. 15 Willow 
Culliton James, barrel dealer, 21 Willow, 

house do. 
Culliton James jr., laborer, b. 21 Willow 
Culliton John F., laborer, b. 21 Willow 
Cullity Hanora, widow, h. 143 Elm 
Cullity Patrick, laborer, bds. 143 Elm 
Culp Adam J., divinity student, H. U., h. 

154 Mt. Auburn 
Culverwell Mary A. Mrs., h. 6 Cottage ct. 
Cunningham John, laborer, h. 32 Harvard 
Cumine Joseph, clerk, bds. 54 Austin 
Cumine William, ins. agt. (40 Water, rm. 

39, B.), b. 87 Washington 
Cumings Cecil H., clerk, b. 135 Oxford 
Cumming James F., teamster, 221 Bridge 
Cummings Bernard, tailor, 551 Main, bds. 

512 do. 
Cummings Catherine, widow of Gilbert, h. 

79 Auburn 
Cummings Charles, helper, rms. 59 Auburn 
Cummings Charles Franklin, clerk (451 

Washington, B.), boards 2 Oak 
Cummings Charles F., printer Riverside 

Press, boards 12 Appian Way 
Cummings Charles H., clerk, house 135 

Cummings Charles H., flour (26 Commerce, 

B.), house 714 Main 
Cummings Charles P., salesman (51 Fed- 
eral, B.), boards 82 Otis 
Cummings Charles P., printer Riverside 

Press, house 154 Geeen 
Cummings C, machinist, 72 Main 
Cummings Daniel P. (Chaffee & Cum- 
mings), charcoal, Bridge, junction 

Cambridge, house 82 Otis 
Cummings Edwin, furniture finisher, house 

Hotel Brooks 
Cummings Emery C, salesman 17 Otis (B.) , 

bds. 4 Orchard 
Cummings Frederick, ins. agt. (Wash., 

B.), bds. 136 Green 
Cummings Harriet E. Mrs., nurse, boards 

14 Shepard 

Cummings James, teamster John Reardon 
& Sons, house 58 Waverly 


H. "Wm. Tupper, 





Cumraings James H., baggage-master (E. 

R.R.), East Somervilie, boards 2 Oak 
Cummings James M., house 2 Oak 
Cummings John, laborer Cambridge Wa- 
ter Works, house 32 Auburn 
Cummings, Kenney & Co. (Nathaniel Cum- 
mings, John Kenney. and Robert W. 

McNinch), lumber, Bridge, opposite 

Prison Point road, and (17 Wareham, 

Cummings Lila Mrs., house r. 50 Pine 
Cummings Mary F., widow of Calvin, h. 12 

Appian way 
Cummings Michael, lumper, 162 Broadway, 

bds. 23 Brewery 
Cummings Nathaniel (Cummings, Kenney 

& Co.), lumber, Bridge, opp. Prison 

Point road, house at Boston 
Cummings Richard J., compositor, boards 

154 Green 
Cummings Theron J., intelligence office (1 

Cambridge, B.), h. 37 Trowbridge 
Cummings Thomas, boards 135 Oxford 
Cummings Thomas, marble cutter (B.), h. 

44 Bolton 
Cummings William F., clerk (B.), bds. 12 

Appian way 
Cummings W. S., conductor Camb. R. R. 

Co., bds. Brattle sq. Hotel 
Cummiskey Edward, blacksmith, 427 Cam- 
bridge, house 133 Webster avenue 
Cummiskey Michael, boots and shoes (58 

Merrimac, B.), house 178 Cambridge 
Cunard Arthur N., asst. engineer, 162 

Broadway, house 17 Tremont 
Cunard Susan, widow, h. 17 Tremont 
Cunard Thomas L. , sand paperer, 162 Broad- 
way, house 17 Tremont 
Cunio Anthony, dining-room, (19 School, 

B.), house 16 Pleasant 
Cunio John A., boards 16 Pleasant 
Cunio Manuel, laborer, h. 128 Bridge 
Cunningham A., driver, Camb. R. R. Co. 
Cunningham Dennis F., conductor Camb. 

R. R. Co., boards 145 Franklin 
Cunningham Edward, stone cutter, 53 Main, 

house at Somervilie 
Cunningham Ellen, widow of James, house 

145 Franklin [Hastings 

Cunningham Frank, laborer, house 72 
Cnnningham James, wood turner, 113 

Broadway, house 45 Union 
Cunningham Jeremiah, iron moulder, 354 

Main, house 130 Harvard 
Cunningham John, organ varnisher, 162 

Broadway, h. at West Roxbury 
Cunningham John A., pressman (18 P. 0. 

sq., B.), bds. 145 Franklin 
Cunningham Mary, widow of William, h. 

41 Union 
Cunningham Patrick, brick maker, house 

63 Concord avenue 
Cunningham Patrick, laborer, 184 Broad- 

wiiv, h. 32 Harvard 

Cunningham Philip, laborer, h. r. 53 Vine 
Cunningham Philip, stone cutter, 53 Main, 

house at Boston 
Cunningham Robert, 113 Broadway, house 

83 do. 
Cunningham Thomas, boiler maker, 92 

Main, house 5 Baldwin place 
Cunningham Thomas, tinsmith, house 5 

Chestnut Park 
Cunningham Thomas E., physician, 518 

Main, house do. 
Cunningham Wm. J., conductor Cambridge 

R. R. Co., bds. 145 Franklin 
Cunningham W. , driver, Cambridge R. R. 
Curley James F., varnisher, h. 291 Cam- 
Curley John J., pressman Riverside press, 

bds. 34 Fairmont 
Curley Martin, laborer, boards 22 Donnell 
Curley Michael J., cigar maker, 599 Main, 

house 44^ Austin 
Curley Patrick J., teamster, h. 22 Donnell 
Curley, see Kirley 
Curran Catherine, widow of George, house 

12 Warren [Eliot 

Curran Catherine, widow of Philip, h. 11 
Curran Cornelius, laborer, h. 39 Hunting 
Curran Dennis, peddler, bds. 39 Hunting 
Curran Edward, tailor, 501 Main, house at 

Charles town 
Curran Geo., coffee peddler, h. 12 Warren 
Curran James H., painter, bds. 49 Banks 
Curran John, laborer, h. 37 Wendell 
Curran John, peddler, h. 30 Willow 
Curran John F., peddler, h. 24 Willow 
Curran John F., pressman University 

Press, house 16 Mt. Auburn 
Curran Joseph, box-maker, Hazlett & Co., 

First, h. 171 Thorndike 
Curran Michael, grease collector, house 

39 Hunting 
Curran Peter, cooper, h. 17 McCabe 
Currell Willis, machinist, boards 186 

Currie Abram Y. , carpenter, h. 17 Trow- 
Currie Annie, bread store, 119£ Cambridge, 

house 23 Fifth 
Currie Herbert D., dental student, 623 Main 
Currie Lionel R., wood turner, bds. 57 Sixth 
Currie Willard A. , dentist, 623 Main, house 

11 Fairmont avenue 
Currie, see Curry 

Currier Arthur T. , bookbinder (30 Frank- 
lin, B.), house 127 Auburn 
Currier A. A. Mrs., h. 70 Prospect 
Currier George, organ-maker (B.), house 1 

Currier John, glass blower, N. E. glass 

works, North 
Currier J. 0-, printer University Press, r. 2 

Brewer's blk., Brattle sq. 
Currier William E., clerk (P. O., B.), h. 

61 Pearl 



& SON, 820 Main und 89 Sparks Streets 



Currier William P. , house 74 Pearl 
Curry Edward, butcher, bds. 198 Camb. 
Curry Francis, harness maker, Wm. Mitch- 
ell, Cambridge, bds. 21 Vine 
Curry James, harness maker, Wm. Mitch- 
ell, Cambridge, house 21 Vine 
Curry William, blacksmith, A. McDonald, 

Mt. Auburn, house McDonald 
Curry, see Currie 
Curtin Cornelius, laborer, house Cushing, 

near Cushing court 
Curtin Edward, teamster, 84 Bridge, house 

5 Linehan block, Third 
Curtin James, laborer, 84 Bridge, house 10 

Curtin James, laborer, h. 37 Wendell 
Curtin John H., salesman (B.), house 6 

Curtin J. , hostler, Cambridge R. R. Co. 
Curtin Patrick, laborer, h. Cushing, corner 

Curtin Patrick, machinist, h. Portland, cor. 

Curtin Thomas, laborer, h. 167 Bridge 
Curtin Thomas C. , saloon, 75 Spruce, bds. do. 
Curtin William, laborer, house 75 Spruce 
Curtis Albert W., mason, basement, 216 

North Avenue, h. 8 Avon hill 
Curtis Annie M. Miss, house 20 Fourth 
Curtis Asbury C, grocer, 437 Cambridge, 
house 437£ do. [132 Franklin 

Curtis Caroline W. Mrs., dressmaker, h. 
Curtis Charles, carpenter, house Grove- 
land, 2d from Spruce 
Curtis Frank J. , glass maker, h. 20 Fourth 
Curtis Frank L., teamster, (B.), h. 89 Vine 
Curtis Fred F. , express driver, h. 97 Win- 

Curtis Hannah, wid. of Thos. h. 20 Fonrth 
Curtis Horace S., painter, 604 Main, house 

132 Franklin 
Curtis Ira T. , express driver, h. 97 Winsor 
Curtis John B., glass maker, h. 21 Fifth 
Curtis L., driver, Cambridge R. R. Co. 
Curtis Mary F. Miss, house 20 Fourth 
Curtis Richard W., teamster 120 Hamp- 
shire, house 175 Main 
Curtis Theodore, stair-builder, h. Ill Inman 
Curtis Walter H., mariner, boards 132 

Curtis Willis C, mineral spring water (63 
Court, B.), boards 75 Hubbard avenue 
Cushing Charles C, boards 18 Wendell 
Cushing Clarence H., laborer, house rear 

27 Webster avenue 
Cushing Fred M., box maker, 3 Hampshire, 

boards rear 67 Moore 
Cushing George, tailor (37 Temple place, 

B.), house foot of Frost 

Cushing George W., printer (115 High, 

B.), boards 18 Wendell [court 

Cushing Henry A., laborer, house Rogers' 

Cushing Henry G., sheriff, Court House, h. 

at Lowell 

Cnshing Joseph, cooper, Goepper Bros., 

boards 48 Sidney 
Cushing Joseph (J. Cushing & Co.), grain 

dealer, Regent, h.. at Fitchburg 
Cushing J. & Co. (Joseph Cushing) , grain 

dealers, F. R. R. freight depot, foot 


tor Cambridge Tribune, 3 Linden, 

rooms 5 Gray's Hall 
Cushing Sarah Miss, h. 18 Fairmont avenue 
Cushing Thomas, moulder, H. M. Bird, 

Pelham, house at Somerville 
Cushing Wallace, laborer, h. r. 67 Moore 
Cushing Wm., clergyman, h. 18 Wendell 
Cushing William H. , iron roller, house 2 

Berkshire [801 Main 

Cushman Charles A., student H. U., house 
Cushman Charles F., clerk (52 Devonshire, 

B.), house 9 Wallace 
Cushman Bros. & Co. (Charles H. and Fred 

H. Cushman) , window shades and cur- 
tain fixture mnfrs., 368 Main and (84 

Hawley, B.) 
Cushman Charles H. (Cushman Bros. & 

Co.), curtain fixture mnfrs., 368 Main 

and (84 Hawley, B.), house at Newton 
Cushman Emma Miss, telephone operator, 

623 Main, boards 4 Pine 
Cushman Fannie H. Mrs., house 4 Pine 
Cushman Fred H. (Cushman Bros. & Co.), 

window shade mnfrs. 368 Main and (84 

Hawley, B.) 
Cushman George W., gents' furnishing 

goods (9 Court, B.), b. 48 Concord av. 
Cushman Lilla Miss, telephone operator, 

623 Main, boards 4 Pine 
Cushman Margaret K., widow of Elkanah 

A., h. 48 Concord avenue 
Cushman Moses E., stock broker, (40 

Water, room 24, B.), h. 339 Broadway 
Cushman Susan E., wid. of Cephas, house 

9 Wallace 
Cushman T. Alvah, driver bread wagon, 

180 North avenue, boards 25 Wyeth 
Custer EdAvard L. Mrs., house 794 Main 
Cutchey Henry, teamster, 84 Bridge, house 

Dailey's alley 
Cutler Arthur W., assistant at Observatory, 

h. Crescent, 1st on right from Oxford 
Cutler Chas. H. , letter carrier, Cambridge 

P. O., 7 Harvard row, h. 99 Garden 
Cutler Curtis Mrs., h. 14 Kirkland place 
Cutler Edward H., com. mer., (198 State, 

B.), boards 40 Arlington 
Cutler Edwin B., shipper, lvers & Pond Piano 

Co., Albany, house 7 Sumner 
Cutler Esther, widow, h. 83£ Putnam ave. 
Cutler Frank C, box maker, 3 Hampshire 
Cutler George H., carpenter, rear 7 Sum- 
ner, h. Crescent, 1st on right from Ox- 
Cutler George H., 2d, aux. letter carrier. 

(P. O., B.), b. G. H. Cutler's Crescent 


Assortment of Bronze Hardware in New England 


I5UUOITT & WlLlilAiTlM. 



Cutler G. W. , driver Cambridge R. R. 

Cutler Isaac Mrs., house 7 Sumner 

Cutler James E., com. mer. (198 State, 
B.), house 40 Arlington 

Cutler Joseph, attorney (27 Tremont Row, 
rm. 9 B.), house 723 Cambridge [av. 

Cutler Virgil M. , carpenter, h. 83£ Putnam 

Cutler William, teamster, boards 111 Co- 

Cutler William P., salesman (133 Summer, 
B.), house 8 Rice 

Cutler W. James, clerk (Bedford, B.), b. 
40 Arlington 

Cutten Theodore, H. jr., foreman Sortwell 

6 Co., Distillhouse, b. 107 Inman 
Cutter Chas. H., engineer, A. H. Hews & 

Co., house Crescent av., opp. pottery 
Cutter Charles S., clerk (71 Bedford, B.), 

bds. 42 Austin 
Cutter Ebenezer P., house 23 Essex 
Cutter E. J. Mrs., nurse, house 42 Austin 
Cutter Frank L., painter, B. & A. R. R., 

bds. 22 Cherry 
Cutter Frederick S., school teacher (Na- 

tick), boards 273 Harvard 
Cutter George H., cutter, (6 Chauncy, B.), 

boards 7 Hancock place 
Cutter Laura J. , Avidow of Geo. W., house 

7 Hancock place 

Cutter Harry E., dental student, 432 Har- 
vard, boards 273 do. 
Cutter Horace E., piano action maker, 113 

Broadway, boards 22 Cherry 
Cutter James H., (Jas. H. Cutter & Co.), 

ice tool mnfrs., house 164 North ave. 
Cutter Jas. H. & Co. (Jas. H. Cutter,) ice 

tool mnfrs., 168 North avenue 
Cutter Joseph H., clerk, 25 Central sq., b. 

32 Western avenue 
Cutter Leander, varnisher B. & A. R. R., 

house 22 Cherry [Harvard 

Cutter Louisa, widow of Abel R., h. 273 
Cutter Mary A. , widow of Zachariah, h. 225 

Broadway, room 4 
Cutter Mary J., wid. of Peter, h. 50 River 
Cutter Stephen B., carpenter, h. 42 Austin 
Cutter Susan, widow of Asa, house 166 

North avenue 
Cutter Walter, letter carrier, P. O., 611 

Main, house 578.^ do. 
Cutter Warren, trader' h. ft. of Davenport 
Cutter Watson G. (J. Winnett & Co.), real 

estate, 622 Main and (5 Tremont, B.), 

house 35 Linnaean 
Cutter Zachariah, carpenter, house 225 

Broadway, room 4 [h. 90 Winsor 

Cutting Charles H., fish dealer, 401 Main 
Cutting Edwin A., traveling salesman (61 

Oliver, B.), boards 69 Magazine 
Cutting George A., clerk 401 Main, rooms 

471 do. [land 

Cutting Gilbert, piano tuner, house 23 War- 
Cutting Gilbert E., piano tune r,(682 Wash- 
ington, B.), house 23 Warland 

Cutting Henry, clerk, house 90 Winsor 

Cutting Hiram, bds. 144 Austin 

Cutting J. Clifton, clerk (39 Tremont, B.). 

house 209 Pearl 
Cutting Samuel H,, clerk, 609 Main, bds. 

Ill Austin 
Cutting Sam. M. , collector, h. 20 Plymouth 
Cyr Ellen M., teacher Holmes primary 

school, boards 10 Mellen 
Cyr Lucy E. Miss, teacher Lowell school, 

boards 10 Mellen 

DAALKE CHARLES, blacksmith, 45 

Main, h. at Somerville 
Dacey Cornelius W., teamster, b. 2 Davis 
Dacey John, cabinet maker, h. 2 Davis 
Dacie William, laborer, house 12 Short 
Dacy Daniel, laborer, house 14 McCabe 
Dacy Patrick J. , house 28 Fourth 
Dadman Charles R., inspector, 13 Broad- 
way, boards Ross House 
Daesnoit John, boiler maker, h. 41 Harvey 
Daggett Freeman L. Mrs., house 51 Essex 
Daggett R. C. Mrs., house 31 Clark 
Dahl John, butcher, house 10 Seventh 
Dahlgren 0., mechanical engineer, 604 

Main, bds. 26 William 
Dahlstrom Frank L., painter, 17 Main, 

house 193 do. 
Dailey Bartholomew, boards 99 Vine 
Dailey Charles, ice dealer, h. 49 Willow 
Dailey Charles W., livery stable, 43 Cam- 
bridge, house 107 Otis 
Dailey Clarence, clerk, boards 77 Thorndike 
Dailey Dennis M., carpenter, h. 137 Elm 
Dailey Hugh, driver, Cambridge R. R. Co. , 

boards 125 Pearl 
Dailey James S.,bookbinder,Riverside Bind- 
ery, h. 10 Prospect 
Dailey Johu, laborer, house 52 Charles 
Dailey Mary E., widow of William, house 

768 Main 
Dailey Michael J. , driver Cambridge R. R. 

Co., house 125 Pearl 
Dailey Patrick, laborer, house 28 Harvard 
Dailey Thomas J., peddler, h. 48 Pine 
Dailey William, teamster, 5 Broadway, b. 

4 Pioneer avenue 
Dailey William H. , boiler maker, 92 Main, 

house 74 Gore 
Daily Dennis, laborer, house 360 Broadway 
Daily Eugene J., porter, (B.), h. 5 Vine 
Daily Hannah J. , widow of Michael, house 

Charles, east of Third 
Daily James J., oil hat maker, house 5 

Second street court 
Daily Jeremiah, laborer, house 49 Amory 
Daily John, at H. M. Sawyer's, boards foot 

of Charles 
Daily Owen, laborer, house rear 42 Vine 
Daily Thomas, teamster, h. 129 Third 
Daily Uriah J. , house 77 Thorndike 
Daily William R., salesman bds. Hannah 
J. Daily's Charles 




Daily, see Dailey, Daley, also Daly 
Daisy Edward J., sawyer, house 9 Law- 
Daisy John H., planer, h. 11 Lawrence 
Daisy Joseph L., planer, 624 Main, boards 

9 Lawrenee 
Daisy Thomas H. , carpenter, h. 80£ Green 
Dakin Arthur, armorer, Boylston Hall (645 

Washington, B.)> house 138 Harvard 
Dale Edward B., engineer, bds. 64 Gore 
Dale George, glass maker, house 64 Gore 
Dale George H., house 87 Plymouth 
Dale Lorenzo H., driver hose No. 3, house 

94 Gore 
Dale Thomas J., fish market, 124 Cam- 
bridge, house 59 Winter 
Dale William W., watchman (Tremont 

Temple, B.), house 81 Wendell 
Dale Ann, wid. of James, h. 93 Tremont 
Daley Daniel, laborer, h. 40 Jefferson 
Daley Daniel, printer, house 24 Dunster 
Daley Dennis, teamster, boards 18 McCabe 
Daley Ermina Miss, clerk, 575 Main, bds. 

84 Washington 
Daley H., driver Cambridge R. R. Co. 
Daley James E., painter, bds. 93 Tremont 
Daley Jeremiah, boards 83 Bridge 
Daley John, laborer, house 45 Banks 
Daley John, house 259 Broadway 
Daley John F., teamster, 169 r Gore, house 

9 McCabe 
Daley John S., bookbinder, h. 16£ Mill 
Daley Michael, laborer, house 208 Franklin 
Daley Michael, laborer, house 6 Fourth 
Daley Patrick, laborer, boards 83 Bridge 
Daley Thomas, iron worker, bds. 188 Har- 
Daley Thomas, tin peddler, house 173 Elm 
Daley, see Dailey, Daily, also Daly 
Dallinger Charles, hatter, house 97 West- 
ern avenue 
Dallinger Elizabeth E. Miss, teacher Bridge 

primary school, house 750 Main 
Dallinger Emily C. Miss, teacher Bridge 
primary school, boards 97 Western av. 
Dallinger Frank W. , storage (121 Broad, 

B.), house 85 Inman 
Dallinger William, constable and deputy 
collector, treas. office City Hall, house 
91 Inman 
Dallinger Wm. W. city treas., office City 

Hall, house 37 Inman 
Dalton Abby W., widow of John R., nurse, 

house 16 Cogswell avenue 
Dalton Andrew, laborer, boards 52 Broad- 
Dalton Charles C, foreman, 368 Main, bds. 

44 Austin 
Dalton Christopher, laborer, h. 46 Winter 
Dalton Frank, cigar maker, h. 46 Winter 
Dalton Frank B., cigar maker, 175 Cam- 
bridge, bds. 46 Winter 
Dalton Harry E., laborer, bds. 41 Columbia 
Dalton James, house 140 Pearl 

Dalton James F., foreman, 169 Gore, h. 17 

Squire's court 
Dalton John, house 21 Hamilton 
Dalton Joseph, laborer, 184 Broadway, b. 

52 do. [686 Main 

Dalton Mary E. , widow of Joseph, house 
Dalton Michael A., sergeaut of police, sta- 
tion 2, h. 41 Columbia 
Dalton Samuel W., clerk (B.), boards 16 

Cogswell avenue 
Daly Catherine, widow of John J., house r. 

105 Kinnaird 
Daly Daniel W., electrotyper University 

Press, house 10 Banks 
Daly Edward engineer, house 4 Gray place 
Daly James H., mason, h. 19 Washington 
Daly John E., tinsmith, h. 125 Auburn 
Daly John F., foreman (48 Portland, B.), 

house 68 Broadway 
Daly Michael, boots and shoes, 410 Cam- 
bridge, house do. 
Daly Michael, sawyer, 162 Broadway 
Daly Sarah, wid. of Cornelius, house 13 

Daly Sarah B., widow of John J., house 125 

Daly, see Dailey, Daley, also Daily 
Dalzell John W., private tutor, boards 18 

Appian way 
Dam Charles O., clerk (36 Lincoln, B.), 

boards 297 Broadway 
Dam William H., travelling salesman (25 

Central wharf, B.), bds. 297 Broadway 
Dammery John, carpenter, 7 Western av., 

house 3 Sands. 
Damon Alonzo G., iceman, house 193£ 

North av. 
Damon A. R., h. 40 North av. 
Damon Emily F., Miss, teacher Harvard 

grammar school, bds. 24 Inman 

DAMON GEORGE I,., safe and 
iron works, 17 Main (108 and 110 Sud- 
bury B.), house 338 Commonwealth 

av., Boston 
Damon Sarah, widow of Warren, carpet 

maker, house 108 Norfolk 
Damon S. W., widow of Joel, house 1 

Austin place 
Dana Agnes A. L., widow of Major, house 

62 Brattle 
Dana Charles G. , artist, b. 3 Fayerweather 
Dana Hill Club Stable, W. Christie, supt,, 

677 Main, corner Inman 
Dana John B. Mrs. h. 3 Fayerweather 
Dana Mary, widow of Edward, house 128 

Dana Matilda, widow of James F., house 

38 North av. 
Danahy John, clerk, 610 Main, house 165 

Dandridge Elizabeth M., widow of James 

H., house rear 112 Columbia 
Dahehy Daniel P., carriage painter, house 

132 Spruce 


H. Wm. Tupper, Manager. 




Danehy Thomas J. pump-maker, boards 15 

Danehy Timothy, h. 15 Sargent 
Danehy Timothy jr., express, order box, 

224 North av., and (15 Blackstone, B.), 

boards 15 Sargent 
Danforth Allen, bursar H. U., rooms 7 

Wadsworth House 
Danforth Benjamin F., foreman Russ 

Moulding Co., boards at Charlestown 
Danforth B. Otis, inspector Cambridge Gas 

Light Co. , 424 Harvard, h. 8 Bath 
Danforth Charles O., trav. salesman (7 Milk 

B.), bds. 144 Austin 
Danforth Cyrus, dry goods, (Summer, B.), 

h. 9 Linden 
Danforth Frank N., at 150 Broadway, house 

134 do. 
Danforth George O., painter, 3 Palmer, h. 

35 Ash 

niture express, 600 Main, boards 92 

Danforth Hollis Mrs. h. 92 Prospect 
Danforth Isaac W., hardware (49 India B.), 

house 25 Craigie 
Danforth James L., foreman, 5 Palmer, b. 

35 Ash 
Danforth Vespasian, visitor of the poor, 

Central square building, Western av., 

h. 57 Auburn 
Danforth William H., medical student, 

boards 308 Harvard 
Daniel C, Julius, compositor Riverside 

Press, house 16 Laurel 
Daniel Herman G., clerk. 123 Auburn, bds. 

16 Laurel 
Daniel Natalie A. K. Miss, teacher of Ger- 
man, house 16 Laurel 
Daniel Walter, dry goods, 13 River and 

123 Auburn, b. 16 Laurel 
Daniels Annie E., Mrs. clerk Cambridge 

P. O., 6 Harvard row, h. at Lexington 
Daniels Arthur W., operator Cambridge 

Fire Alarm, at City building, Brattle 

square, boards 23 Hudson 
Daniels, Badger & Co. (Chas. E. Daniels, 

Wm. C. H. Badger, and Geo. F. Tyler), 

furniture mnfrs., Woodbury's bldg., 

Otis (25 Sudbury, B.) 
Daniels Carrie J. Miss, dressmaker, boards 

2 Sidney 
Daniels Charles E. (Daniels, Badger & Co.), 

furniture mnfrs., Woodbury's building 

Otis, house at Boston 
Daniels Daniel, cigar maker, 35 Pearl, h. 

49 Brookline 
Daniels Edwin A., machinist, 92 Main 
Daniels Eliza C. Miss, dressmaker, house 

11 Jay 
Daniels Lewis E., driver H. R. Richardson, 

boards 40 Erie 
Daniels Mary E., widow of Leonard L., 

house 23 Hudson 

Daniels T. Ira, machinist, h. 173 Cambridge 

Danielson Alfred L., clerk Zoological Mu- 
seum, rooms 44 Mt. Auburn 

DaPontie Manuel N. , hairdresser, house 196 

D'ArcyJohn, accountant (518 Washington 
B.), house 15 Wyeth 

D'Arcy Patrick, book gilder Riverside Press, 
house 2 Banks 

D'Arcy, see Dorsey 

Dardis John, city laborer, h. 32 Banks 

Dardis John F., furniture polisher, house 
508 Cambridge 

Dardis Thomas B. varnish polisher, h. 193 

Darling Albion, conductor Cambridge R. R. 
Co., h. 32 Mount Auburn 

Darling Charles F., bookkeeper (228 Cause- 
way, B.), house 1 Mt. Pleasant 

Darling Charles S., whip mnfr., 112 Main 
house at Somerville 

Darling Jerome A., pressman Riverside 
Press, house 79 Allston 

Darling John R., mason and saloon, 171 
Bridge, house 175 do. 

Darling Leonard, machinist, Osborn, cor. 
Main, h. at Charlestown 

Darling Wm., whip mnfr., 112 Main, h. do. 

Darnord J., boiler maker, 92 Main 

Darrell T., watchman, Cambridge R.R. sta- 
bles, Spring street 

Datt Lewis, printeT (181 Devonshire, B.), 
boards 80 Fifth 

Datt Susan Mrs., h. 80 Fifth 

Davenport Albert H., furniture mnfr., 44 
Cambridge, warerooms (96 & 98 Wash- 
ington, B.), h. at Maiden 

Davenport Caroline, Mrs., house 69 Wash- 

Davenport Chas. F. house 402 Main 

Davenport Chas. Henry, trav. salesman, 
house 13 Boardman 

Davenport Jerome J. , portrait painter, h. 
27 Cambridge 

Davenport Mary A., widow of John, house 
255 North avenue 

Davenport Robert, harness maker. 87 Main, 
house at Boston 

Davey Annie Mrs., house lll£ Inman 

David Frederick B., shipper (104 Pearl, 
B.), bds. 22 Avon [22 Avon 

David Lizzie W. Miss, music teacher, bds. 

David Maria, wid. of Samuel M., h. 22 Avon 

David Thos., laborer, h. 305 Cambridge 

Davidson Elizabeth Miss, house 2 Rogers' 
block, Main 

Davidson John, painter, bds. 13 Fairmont av. 

Davidson Joseph B., tinner, h. 262 Sidney 

Davidson Mary H. Mrs., h. 15 Mellen 

Davidson Sarah A., widow of Geo. F., h. 2 
Rogers' block, Main 

Davidson William H. A., draughtsman, bds. 
30 Mellen [Harvard 

Davie Chas., cabinet maker, boards 179£ 

Flnral nprnra tinn^ F0R FU ™ L8, WMGS ' RECEPTIOii5 ' (urnish8d at Short NotiGe 

P. O'BRIiiS & SON, 820 Main and 89 Syarks Streets, 



Davies Alfred, printer, h. r. 15 Baldwin 
Davies Benjamin F., carpenter and builder, 

Gore, near Sixth, h. 137 Thorndike 
Davies Fred., clerk (14 Summer, B), bds. 

137 Thorndike 
Davies John R,, apothecary, 5 Mt. Auburn, 

house do. 
Davies Philip, city missionary (144 Hanover, 

B.), house 26 Howard 
Davies Richard J., carpenter (20 Creek sq., 

B.), bds. 26 Howard 
Davies Susannah Mrs., house 26 Howard 
Davies T. Watts, clerk, 155 North av., bds. 

A. L. Allen's, Lambert av. 
Davies Wm. H., machinist, b. 26 Howard 
Davin Honora, widow of Jeremiah, house 

6 Jackson 

Davin Thomas, painter, boards 6 Jackson 
Davin William, potter, bds. 6 Jackson 
Davis Abner F., cooper, h. 15 Squire's ct. 
Davis Alfred, carpenter, bds. 48 Andrew 
Davis Andrew McFarland, boards 2 Di- 
vinity avenue 
Davis Anne, wid. of Eliphalet, h. 51 Cherry 
Davis Augusta A., officer House of Correc- 
tion, bds. 45 Otis 
Davis Bradford F. (B. F. Davis & Co.), 
283 North av., h. 12 Dover, Somerville 
Davis B. F. & Co. (Bradford F. Davis), 
bottlers of lager beer and tonic, 283 
BT.bNorth avenue 
Davis Catherine M., widow of Isaac, house 

7 Lamson place 

Davis Charles, cabinet-maker, 139 Broad- 
way, house rear 152 Prospect 

Davis Chas. A., action maker, 162 Broad- 
way, house 52 Hamilton 

Davis Chas. D., clerk ^(65 Summer, B.), 
house 326 Broadway 

Davis Chas. E., bds. 52 Hamilton 

Davis Chas. F., gilder, bds. 36 Howard 

Davis Chas. H. Mrs., house 38 Quincy 

Davis Charles O., cabinet-maker, house 72£ 

Davis Charles S., salesman (450 Washing- 
ton, B.), boards 101 Inman 

Davis Charles W., door maker, 113 Broad- 
way, house 70 Winsor 

Davis Charles W., ladder maker, house 28 

Davis Curtis (Curtis Davis & Co.), soap 
mnfr., 184 Broadway, and (136 State, 
B.), house 13 Bigelow 

Davis Curtis & Co. (Curtis Davis & James 
Mellen), soap mnfrs., 184 Broadway, 
and (136 State, B.) 

Davis C, woodworker, M. E. Rideout& Co. 

Davis C. F., planer, 162 Broadway, house 
at Somerville 

Davis C. L., conductor Camb. R. R. Co. 

Davis Daniel W., clerk, 184 Broadway, 
boards 7 Lamson place 

Davis David Wm., peddler, h. 30 Willow 

Davis Edward, gilder (127 Tremont, B.), 

house 468 Cambridge 
Davis Edward, machinist, h. 83 Western av. 
Davis Edward A. (Ryder & Davis), grocer, 

126 Inman, house 16 Tremont 
Davis Edward F., teamster, 220 Portland, 

house at Roxbury 
Davis Eliphalet F., clerk, 417 Main, bds. 

51 Cherry 
Davis Elizabeth, widow of Samuel, nurse, 

house 690 Main 
Davis E., hostler, Cambridge R. R. Co. 
Davis Ester M. Mrs. , h. 34 Tremont 
Davis Frank H. , clerk (Water, cor. Devon- 
shire, B.), boards 2 Walnut av. 
Davis Frank W., driver Citizens Ice Co., 

h. 172 Columbia 
Davis Franklin, express, 379 Main and (24 

Faneuil Hall sq., B.), house 5 Brooks 
Davis Fred. G., cutter (72 Franklin, B.), 

boards 7 Lamson place 
Davis George, civil engineer, City Engi- 
neer's, offi ce, City Hall, h. 30 Warland 
Davis George A., grocer, 515 Main, house 

103 Inman 
Davis George H., Riverside Press, house 

34 Tremont 
Davis George M., safe maker, 17 Main 
Davis Gilman, house 6 Story 
Davis Guilford H., salesman (23 Winter, 

B.), bds. 534 Main 
Davis Hattie S. Miss, house 19 Antrim 

DAVIS HENRY B., cashier Na- 
tional City Bank, 553 Main, h. at Bos- 
ton, ward 24 
Davis Henry G., pressman, Riverside Press, 

house 112 Western avenue 
Davis Herbert P., foreman, 15 River, 
boards 17 do. 

DAVIS HEBVEY, grain, 550 Main 
house 5 Inman 

Davis Horatio, organ tuner, Fifth, corner 
Otis, house 78 Otis 

Davis James, laborer, h. 259 Mt. Auburn 

Davis James C. (James C. Davis & Son) , 
house 326 Broadway 

Davis James C. & Son (James C. and James 
H. Davis), soap mnfrs., 204 to 208 
Broadway, and (3 Chatham, B.) 

Davis James H. (James C. Davis & Son), 
house 74 Inman 

Davis James T., wines, etc. (27 North Mar- 
ket, B.), house 23 Columbia 

Davis John, machinery (118 Merrimac, B.), 
house 2 Walnut avenue 

Davis John E., ship stores (204 Commer- 
cial, B.), house 7 Wendell 

Davis John J., shipper (Summer, B.), 
house 154 Green 

Davis John M. (Mason Davis & Son), soap 
mnfr., 3 Lincoln place, h. 8 King pi. 

Davis John W., baker, house 59 Banks 

Davis Josephine H., Miss, teacher Mason 
primary school, boards 34 Tremont 


Wholesale and Retail. ao DOCK SQUAKE- 



Davis J., Edward, gilder, h. 468 Cambridge 
Davis Martin, watchman House of Correc- 
tion, boards do. [Worcester 
Davis Mary A., widow of James A., h. 1 
Davis Mason (Mason Davis & Son), soap 

manfr., 3 Lincoln pi., h. 122 Norfolk 
Davis Mason & Son (Mason and John M. 

Davis), soap mnfrs., 3 Lincoln place 
Davis Nahum N., foreman Mt. Auburn 

Cemetery, h. McDonald 
Davis Peter R., coachman, 800 Main, house 

192 Green 
Davis Robert W., painter, house 25 Reed 
Davis Samuel, butcher, h. 68 Lake View av. 
Davis Samuel, slater, order box Lyceum 

building, Harvard sq., h. Dyke, cor. 

Charles River 
Davis Samuel W., collector, house Hotel 

Davis Sarah E. Miss, house 199 Harvard 
Davis Sarah J., Miss, teacher Gannet pri- 
mary school, boards 6 Story 
Davis Stephen F.. printer (262 Washington, 

B.), house 30 Elm 
Davis Stephen G., house 751 Main 
Davis Susan C, widow of Willard W., h. 

3j6 Howard 
Davis Thomas M., fancy soap mnfr., 417 

Main, house 34 Tremont 
Davis Thomas W., master Putnam gram- 
mar school, house at Waverley 
Davis Thomas W., trav. salesman, boards 

34 Tremont 
Davis Willard T., machinist, b. 36 Howard 
Davis William, baker, 15 River, h. 23 do. 
Davis William, clerk (39 Kingston), house 

144 Austin [51 Cherry 

Davis William H., clerk, 417 Main, bds. 
Davis William H., laundryman, boards 36 

Davis Win. M. jr_. instructor in Geology, 

H. U., h. 10 Wallace, n. Garden 
Davis Wm. P., carpenter, house Sixth, cor. 

Thorndike [ct. 

Davis William R., cooper, bds. 15 Squire's 
Davis Wm. W., salesman (459 Washington, 

B.), boards 144 Austin 
Davison Geo., laborer, bds. 21 McCabe 
Davison James S., steam fitter, 651 Main, 

house 486 do. 
Davison William, produce, h. 112 Winsor 
Davlin Michael F. (M. F. Davlin & Co.), 

plumber, 199 Cambridge, h. do. 
Davlin M. F. & Co. (Michael F. Davlin), 

plumbers and gas fitters, 199 Cambridge 
Davren Gilbert M., laborer, house Hol- 

Avorthy, near Locust 
Davy William H., boat builder, h. 15 Dyke 
Dawes Albert A., lumper, 162 Broadwav, 

h. 140 Spring [202 Bridge 

Dawley Alice, widow of Patrick, h. r. of 
Dawson Alex., laborer, house r. 70 School 
Daw.-on Frances H., Miss, teacher, Wyman 

primary school 

j Dawson Patrick, teamster, h. 1 Linehan's ct. 
! Dawson William, gilder, h. 145 Main 
! Dawson William, laborer, h. 210 Franklin 
Day Arthur C, box maker 3 Hampslnre, 

house 47 Austin 
Day Charles W. , steam fitter, bds. 2 Portland 
Day Edward F., clerk, Revere sugar re- 
finery. North, bds. 177 Bridge 
Day Elizabeth, widow of Stephen, h. 20 

Day John M. , stone mason, h. 23 Sparks 

street place 
Day John T., gardener, h. 32 Portland 
Day John W. , asst. editor (9 Montgomery 

place, B.), rms. 74 Cambridge 
Day J. W. Mrs., music teacher, 74 Cam- 
bridge, house do. 
Day Marcellus (estate of) drain-pipe manf., 

J. B. Wilson, supt., 132 Main and (21 

Devonshire, B.) 
Day Ralph, house 7 Day 
Day Richard T., glass finisher, N. E. Glass 

Works, house rear 177 Bridge 
Day Stephen, blacksmith, 46 Cambridge, 

house 76 do. 
Day , cabinet maker, 44 Cambridge, 

house at Everett 
Days Frank, laborer, h. 9 Rogers' block, 

Main [95 Magazine 

Dayton Isabella M. Mrs., dressmaker, h. 
Deacon William F., salesman (477 Wash- 
ington, B), h. 77 Washington 
Dean Arthur, laborer, bds. 408 Cambridge 
Dean Daniel H., grocer, 21 Brattle, house 

20 Harris 
Dean Dora B. Miss, teacher Agassiz school, 

bds. 34 Wendell 
Dean Edmund, driver, 84 Mt. Auburn, h. 

5 DeWolf 
Dean Elisha L., clerk, h. 8l£ Putnam av. 
Dean Fred, helper, 599£ Main, bds. 8l£ 

Putnam ave 
Dean Gideon E., clerk, 9 Brattle, bds. 33 

Dean Harriet C, widow of Mvron M.,h. 

34 Wendell 
Dean Henrv. steam fitter, bds. 329 Main 

DEAN HERBERT H., produce 
com. mer. (37 John, B.), h. 8 Elm 
Dean H., carpenter, rms. r. Go Mt. Auburn 
Dean Jacob H., glass maker, house Fifth, 

cor. Spring 
Dean James, painter, 642 Main 
Dean John M., bookkeeper, 69 Main, bds. 

34 Wendell 
Dean John S., bds. 329 Main [Clifton 

Dean Robert, brickmaker, house foot of 
Dean Thomas, blacksmith, h. 28 Vine 
Dean William, driver Cambridge laundry 

h. 28 Fairmont 
Dean Wm. C, tinsmith, h. 408 Cambridge 
Deane Charles, house 80 Sparks 
j Deane Ophelia M.. dressmaker, bds. 85 





Deane Walter, teacher (20 Boylston place, 

B,) h. 1 Brewster place 
Dearborn Axel W., clerk Ross House, 7 

Broadway, boards do. 
Dearborn Estelle E. Miss (Guppy & Dear- 
born), dressmaker, 419 Cambridge, 

house do. 
Dearborn Geo. W. (H. N. Hovey & Co.), 

89 Cambridge, house 94 Otis 
Dearborn W., machinist, 72 Main 
Dearing William, house 28 Warren 
Dearing, see Deering 
Deberry Lewis A., feeder Camb. R.R. Co., 

house Montgomery, corner Harvey 
DeBoher John, safemaker, 17 Main, house 

2 Rogers' block, Washington 
DeBoise Charles L., porter (33 Court, B.), 

house 37 Hampshire 
DeBoise Julia, widow of Jacob, house 

37 Hampshire 
Dechan Michael, carpenter, house 123 

DeCorey John, laborer, house 8 Gore 
DeCost William, painter, h. 192 Norfolk 
DeCosta Benjamin, bds. 18 Western av, 
DeCourcey Patrick H., clerk Skillings, 

Whitney & Barnes Lumber Co., bds. 

1G East 
Dedrick Francis, painter, h. 131 Spring 
Dedrick Frederick, brittannia worker, h. 

44 Spring 
Dedrick Henry V., at John P. Squire's, 

bds. 7 Buck's block, Seventh 

DEE BROS., (Thomas W., and 
John H.) florists, Mt. Auburn, opp. 
Mt. Auburn gate, and (104 Tre- 
mont, B.) 

Dee John H. (Dee Bros.), florists, Mt. Au- 
burn, opp. Mt. Auburn gate, and (104 
Tremont, B.), house 14 Monument av. 

Dee Patrick, provisions 18 Sparks, h. do. 

Dee Sarah H. Mrs., boards Thomas W. 
Dee's, Mount Auburn 

Dee Thomas, hostler, house Garden street 
place, rear 37 Garden 

Dee Thomas W. (Dee Bros.), florist (104 
Tremont, B.), and Mt. Auburn, opp. 
Mt. Auburn gate, house do. 

Deegan Patrick, lab., h. r. 189 Hampshire 

Deehan Elizabeth, widow of Thomas, h. 
1 Pioneer 

Deehan John W., policeman Station 2, 
house 83 Plymouth 

Deehan Thomas, blacksmith, h. 28 Vine 

Deehan William H., teamster, 69 Main, h. 
1 Pioneer [9 Eighth 

Deely James, baker, 79 Cambridge, house 

Deer James N. , painter, 10 Fairmont ave- 
nue, house do. 

Deering Joshua, laborer, h. 66 Boylston 

Deering Robert, cabinet maker, b. 79 Gore 

Deering, see Dearing 

Deers George, cabinet maker, bds. 70 Gore 

Deers Joseph, laborer, house 70 Gore 
DeFord M. R. Mrs., dressmaker, 48 Aus- 
tin, house do. 
Degnan Catherine, widow of Barney, h. 

19 1£ North avenue 
Degnan Thos., city teamster, h. 67 Amory 
Deitz Francis G., furrier, b. 29 Holyoke" 
Deitz George A., section foreman B. & A. 

R.R. (Allston), house 98 River 
DeKnight Levi, laborer, house 102 Harvard 
Delaney Bartholomew, spring maker, 12 

Gore, house at Somerville 
Delaney James, plumber (30 Cambridge, 

B.), house 33 Winter 
Delaney Jerry J., clerk, 339 Cambridge, 

boards 337 do. 
Delaney John, laborer, house 17 Bolton 
Delaney John, gate tender B. & L. R.R., 

Prison Point bridge, house 4 Third 
Delaney John, liquors, etc., 339 Cambridge, 

house 337 do. [dike 

Delaney Lawrence, laborer, b. 167 Thorn- 
Delaney Patrick, house 48 Montgomery 
Delaney Richard, laborer, h. 19 Bolton 
Delano George, brakeman F. R. R., bds. 

16 Hubbard avenue 
Delano George, expressman, Lyceum bldg. , 

Harvard row, house at Allston 
Delano Maria C. Mrs., house 12 Lowell 
Delany Edmond H., mason, house 426 

Delany Julia, widow of Martin, h. 47 Cedar 
Delany William H., box maker, 3 Hamp- 
shire, boards 426 Cambridge 
Delaporte Augustine H., wood carver F. 

Geldowsky Furniture Co., house 107 

Spring [h. 3 Harding 

Delapp Chas., foreman (35 Union, B.), 
Delhanty John, tailor, house 8 Lopez 
Delivera John, laborer, 3 Hampshire 
Dell Wm. C. A., shade painter, Blancha 

house 38 Chestnut 
DeLowrie Henry, cooper, h. 36 Harvard 
Delworth John, laborer, bds. 31 Warren 
Delworth Timothy, laborer, h. 31 Warren 
DeMattos Manuel, polisher, house rear 101 

Demby Richard, man servant, 10 Trow- 
bridge, boards do. 
Demeritt Alphonso, trav. salesman (26 

Summer, B.), h. 108 Washington 
Demers Octave, laborer, house Vineyard, 

corner Cushing 
Demick John A., carpenter, h. 59 Cherry 
Demmon Reuben A., stock broker (48 

State, room 3, B.), house 40 North av. 
DeMonra E., box maker, 3 Hampshire 
Dempsey Ellen, wid. of Thomas, h. 35 Vine 
Dempsey James, laborer, house 5 Foster 

block, Baldwin place 
Dempsey John, waiter, house 8 Porter 
Dempsey John W., gardener, h. 74 Bolton 
Dempsey Lawrence, laborer John Reardon 

& Sons, house 1 Bell 

DAPU RQflTUPRC main street, 
rAbil DnUlntno, next beck hall, 

H. "Wm. Tupper, Manager, 




Dempsey Michael, laborer, h. 149 Bridge 
Denahy Jeremiah, laborer, h. 16 McCabe 
Dence Catherine Mrs., h- 115 Spruce 
Denison Arthur E,, lawyer (150 Devon- 
shire, room 12, B.), h. 13 Arlington 
Denison Herbert R., salesman (177 Con- 
gress, B.), bds. 13 Arlington 
Denison, see Dennison 
Denley Charles W., clerk (518 Wash. B.), 

boards 113 Otis 
Denn John J., printer, University Press, 

rooms 2 South 

Dennis Adolph, cabinet maker, house 22 

Eighth [Bridge 

Dennis Catherine, wid. of William, h. 192 

Dennis James W., jig sawyer, house rear 

452 Cambridge 
Dennis John, mariner, bds. 194 Bridge 
Dennis Margaret Miss, house 76 Elm 
Dennis Susan Miss, house 120£ Harvard 
Dennis Wm. D., lab., h. 60 Washington 
Dennis Wm. W., house 295 Broadway 
Dennison Albert, carpenter, boards 169 

Dennison Frank E., conductor Cambridge 

R.R., bds 128 Spring 
Dennison Hosea B., architect, 128 Cam- 
bridge, house at Somerville 
Dennison James E., carpenter, 11 Seventh, 

house 169 Thorndike 
Dennison Mary, widow of Otis, house 

128 Spring 
Dennison Michael, cooper, h. 174 Green 
Dennison Miner, carpenter, rms. 56 Fourth 
Dennison, see Denison 
Denny Daniel, packer (360 Washington, 

B.), house 358 Broadway 
Denny John, harness cleaner, Church, 

house 15 Dinsmore. court 
Denny Mary Miss, house 13 West 
Denny Michael J., teamster, 69 Main, 

house 24 Harvard 
Densmore Ira M., carpenter, h. 7 Rockwell 
Densmore Samuel D., carpenter, boards 
7 Rockwell [187 Franklin 

Denton Thomas J., expressman, house 
Denyven David (Denyven & Couch), fur- 
niture mnfr., house 118 Haavard 
Denyven & Couch (David Denyven and 
John Couch), furniture mnfrs., 346 
and 348 Main 
DePatie Daniel, house 125 Dublin 
Depner Henry, cabinet maker, 44 Cam- 
bridge, house at East Boston 
DeQuedville Fannie Mrs., dressmaker, 

house 39 Garden 
Derby Eilza, wid. of Nathan G., house 

Fresh pond lane, cor. Mt. Auburn 
Derby Herbert, Cambridge Vinegar Works, 

75 Main, house at Boston 
DeRosay Albert E. (DeRosay & Son), brick, 

mnfr., 64 Dublin, h. 134 Oxford 
DeRosay Josephine A. Miss, music teacher, 
boards 134 Oxford 

DeRosay Lewis E. (DeRosay & Son), brick 

mnfr., 64 Dublin, house 134 Oxford 
DeRosay & Son (Lewis E. and Albert E. 

DeRosay), brick mnfrs., 64 Dublin 
Derry Charles T., salesman (46 Summer, 

B.), boards 12 Trowbridge 
Derry William, bds. 77 River 
Derville Frank, music teacher, h. r. 8 Gore 
Derwin Bridget, widow of John, house 

64 Harvard 
Derwin John J., machinist, 72 Main, boards 

64 Harvard [64 Harvard 

Derwin Thomas E., at 137 Broadway, b. 
DeSage David, carpenter, 153 Putnam ave- 
nue, house 91 Chestnut 
DeSage William H., tinner, 153 Putnam 

avenue, house 91 Chestnut 
DeSautelle Frank S., blacksmith, house 

98 Spruce 
Desjardins G. Henry, physician (42 Boyls- 

ton, B.), house 229 Harvard 
Desmond Andrew, teamster, 221 Bridge, 

house at Somerville 
Desmond Daniel, currier, house Dudley, 

near Montgomery 
Desmond Dennis, polisher (B.), boards 

130 Third [n. Montgomery 

Desmond Hanora, wid. of Wm., h. Dudley, 
Desmond Jeremiah, clerk, boards 341 

Desmond John, laborer, h. 129 Bridge 
Desmond John, baker, bds. 25 Wyeth 
Desmond J., hostler, Cambridge R.R. Co. 
Desmond Mary Miss, h. 17 Brown 
Desmond Mary, widow of Peter, house 

89 Fifth 
Desmond Timothy, boards 341 Cambridge 
Desmond Timothy jr., liquors, 345 Cam- 
bridge, house 341 do. 
Desmond Timothy J., mason, house Rogers' 

court [mond's, Dudley 

Desmond William, boards Hanora Des- 
DeSouza Joseph M., hairdresser, 427 Main, 

house 2 Douglass 
Deuschle Louis, saloon, 154 Spring, house 

67 Sixth [Clinton 

Devanie George, currier, h. Harvey, near 
Devens Arthur L. Mrs. , house 45 Oxford 
Devens Thomas, undertaker, 414 Cam- 
bridge, house 132 Elm 
Deveaue Alfred A., watchmaker, house 

6 Ashburton pi. 
Devine Charles, planer, 162 Broadway, 

house 240 Cambridge [av. 

Devine Cornelius, roofer, h. 118 Webster 
Devine Francis, coal and wood, Ninth, 

corner Cambridge, house rear 240 do. 
Devine John, fish peddler, h. 21 Carson 
Devine John, helper, 17 Main, b. 271 do. 
Devine John L., teamster, h. 69 Charles 
Devine Joseph, Riverside Press, boards 24 

Devine Patrick F. , currier, boards rear 240 



FLORISTS, and Contractors for 
P. O'BRIEN & SON, 820 Main & 89 Sparks Sts. 




Devine Thomas, junk, h. 10 Somerset 

Devine Wm., plasterer, bds. 5 Linden 

Devine, see Divine 

Devlin John, laborer, h. 29 Bolton 

Dewar John, glass cutter, N. E. Glass 

Works, North 
DeWent Nancy Mrs. h. 67 Washington 
Dewey Charles H., painter, house rear 59 

Dewey Clara B. Miss, bds. 58 Trowbridge 
Dewhurst H. A. Mrs. bds. 104 Prospect 
Dcwire John, glass cutter, h. 70 Second 
DeWolf Albert B., confectioner, 503 Main 

boards 12 Watson 
DeWolf Eliza M., widow of James, house 

12 Watson 
DeWolf Eugenia, widow of Winthrop, h. 49 

DeWolf George M., wheelwright (Brook- 
line), boards 12 Watson 
DeWolf J., carpenter, Rhoades bldg., State 
DeWolf James L., block maker (Eulton, 

B.), boards 12 Watson 
DeWolf John W., bds. 49 Oxford 
Dexter Allen D., tinsmith, 153 Putnam av., 

boards 5 Kinnaird 

and business manager Cambridge Tri- 
bune, 3 Linden, h. 64 Buckingham 

Dexter J. B. conductor Cambridge R. R., 
Co., rooms 5 South 

Dexter J. E., conductor Camb. R. R. Co. 

Dias Anton C., cooper, h. 52 Winter 

Dias Louis J., cabinet maker, 54 Bridge, 
rooms 73 Gore 

Dicker Lewis S., bookkeeper (214 State, 
B.), h. 69 River 

Dickerman Charles, laborer, boards rear 38 

Dickerman Edward H. , bar-tender Lyceum 
building, Harvard row, house rear 38 

Dickerson Andrew, laborer, house 37 Hamp- 

Dickerson Edward S. canvasser, house 39 

Dickerson J. A., driver Camb. R. R. Co. 

Dickey Abner P., carpenter, b. 42 River 

Dickev William, tailor, 589 Main, boards 
225 Franklin 

Dickinson Alexander (A. Dickinson & Co.), 
nurseryman, Broadway, junction Mar- 
ket, house 135 Washington 

Dickinson A. &Co. (Alexander Dickinson), 
nurseries, Broadway, junction Market 

Dickinson Carrie J. Mrs., millinery, 274 
Broadway, house 65 Clark 

Dickinson Charles A., nurseryman, Broad- 
way, junction Market, house 135 Wash- 

Dickinson Charles A., foreman (Charles, 
corner Cambridge, B.), h. 93 Winsor 

Dickinson David, clerk (55 Tremont, B.), 
bds. 65 Clark 

Dickinson Howard C, bookbinder, boards 
93 Winsor 

Dickinson James M., bacon packer, house 
243 Cambridge 

Dickinson John L., sewing machine agt. h. 
65 Clark 

Dickman Clara J., widow of Joseph L., h. 
290 North 

Dickman Emma E. Miss, dressmaker, 17 
Magazine, house do. 

Dickman Eugenia R., widow, h. 14 Warren 

Dickman Isaac, overseer Cambridge R. R. 
Co. stable, 326 North avenue, house 
Frank, 2d on left 

Dickman Martha C. Miss, teacher Wyman 
primary school, bds. 290 North ave. 

Dickson Christina, widow, h. 87 Columbia 

Dickson David, house Buck's blk. 

Dickson Frank, piano varnisher, 162 Broad- 
way, h. at Charlestown 

Dickson George F., steam and gas-fitter, 
595 Main, house 2 Hastings square 

Dickson Marshall (Marshall Dickson & Co.), 
grocer, 527 Cambridge, house 89 Co- 

Dickson Marshall & Co. (Marshall Dick- 
son), grocers, 527 Cambridge 

Dickson Samuel, tin peddler, h. 103 Winsor 

DICKSON WM., ins. agent (20 Ex- 
change pi., B.), h. 87 Columbia 
Diedrick Frederick, brittannia Avorker, h. 

Buck's block, Seventh 
Diehl Antone B., American Rubber Co., 

Potter, house 60 Harvard 
Diehl Geo. , confectioner, b. 60 Harvard 
Diehl John, salesman (B.), h. 89 Auburn 
Diehl John Philip, cloth-sponger, house 60 

Dieselmann Henry D., watc ^man, Mt. Au- 
burn, house 28 Harvey 
Dietmeier Basil, sugar house, h. 94 Third 
Digol L. , carver, 44 Cambridge 
Dillaway Stillman S., house 22 School 
Dillingham Franklin, paper dealer (Feder- 
al, B.), h. 22 Hubbard av. 
Dillingham George A., paver, house 223 

Broadway, room 3 
Dillingham Henry A., clerk, 18 Boylston, 

bds. 42 Holyoke 
Dillingham Maria, widow of Henry, house 

42 Holyoke 
Dillingham Mary A., widow of Henry, h. 

42 Holyoke 
Dillon Ann, wid. of Owen, h. 58 Winter 
Dillon Edward, varnisher, 203 Bridge, h. 

39 Gore 
Dillon John laborer, h. 44 Hastings 
Dillon Mary A., widow of Peter, h. 6 Green 
Dillon T., glass blower, N. E. Glass Works, 

Dillon William, compositor, house. 4 Sym- 

mond's blk., DeWolf e 
Dillworth John, melter, 356 Main, boards 

Ross House 





Dimick Calvin, h. Cambridge, cor. Lynde 
Dimick O. A., machinist, 72 Main 
Dimmock Emily, widow, bds. 18 Story 
Dimmock George, naturalist, house 54 

Dimmock William, carpenter, 18 Soden, h. 

5 Hi Main 

Dinan Daniel, laborer, house 28 Carson 
Dinan Daniel, teamster, 221 Bridge, house 

6 Winter 

Dinan John, laborer, bds. r. 50 Spruce 
Dinan John, laborer, bds. 16 McCabe 
Dinan Martin, laborer, C. H. North & Co., 

bds. 15 Warren 
Dinan Mary Mrs., h. rear 50 Spruce 
Dinan Nicholas, laborer, bds. 242 Camb. 
Dinan Patrick, roofer (82£ Leverett, B.), 

house 35 Vine 
Dinan Peter C, slater, house 66 Spring 
Dinan Thomas, police officer, Station 3, 

bds. Hotel Cambridge, Otis 
Dinan Thos. Mrs., liquors, 329 Cambridge, 

house do. 
Dinan Thomas, laborer, boards 8 Winter 
Dinan Timothy, teamster, 221 Bridge, h. 

6 Winter 
Dinneen Daniel, laborer, h. 28 Carson 
Dinsmore Daniel K. (Stetson & Dinsmore), 

carpenter, 79 Brattle, 'h. 17 Farwell pi. 
Dinsmore Geo. H., bds. 25 Hunting 
Dinsmore William, tailor, h. 25 Hunting 

DINSMORE WUI. J., florist, 273 
North avenue, house do. 
Direnger John, gardener, bds. 104 Sparks 
Disney William, piano maker, Albany, h. 

17 State 
Ditchfield Samuel H., coffin maker, 203 

Bridge, boards 141 Cambridge 
Ditmars James B., bookkeeper, Cambridge 

laundry, bds. at East Boston 
Divine Catherine Miss, clerk, 472 Harvard, 

house 110 Hancock 
Dix David, machinist, rooms 33 Fourth 
Dixey Mary E., widow, h. 223 Broadway 
Dixon Edmund A., laborer, Rhoades bldg., 

State, boards rear 62 Winsor 
Dixon William, laborer, boards 7 Dyke 
Dixwell Epes S., house 58 Garden 
Doane Calvin, car driver, h. 109 Pleasant 
Doane Henry S. (Johnson & Doane), bot- 
tler, 8 Austin, bds. 223 Broadway 
Doane Sally S., widow of Seth P., house 

109 Pleasant 
Dobbs George, laborer, house 9 Grant 
Dobbs James, bacon curer, 365 Cambridge, 

house 153 Franklin 
Dobson Geo. R., carpenter, 184 Broadway, 

house 502 Cambridge 
Dockarty Robert, laborer, h. 147 Winsor 
Dockum Geo. G., carpenter, h. 115 Winsor 
Dodd Brandon J., varnisher, 162 Broadway, 

house 20 Fairmont avenue 
Dodd Daniel C, painter, boards 20 Fair- 
mont avenue 

Dodd James H., organ varnisher, 162 Broad- 
way, boards 20 Fairmont avenue 

Dodge Arthur B., clerk (83 Summer, B.), 
boards 39 Columbia 

Dodge Charles H. (J. H. Dodge & Son), 
provisions, 640 Main, boards 9 Pleasant 

Dodge Caleb S. P., printer, (238 Washing- 
ton, B.), h. 14 Brookline 

Dodge Edward S., lawyer (87 Milk, B.), 
house 70 Sparks 

Dodge Hannah E., widow of William H., 
house 16 Seventh 

Dodge John C, lawyer (87 Milk, B.), h. 
72 Sparks 

Dodge John E. Prof., horse dentist (36 
Sudbury, B.), house 29 Erie 

Dodge John H. (J. H. Dodge & Son), pro- 
visions, 640 Main, h. 9 Pleasant 

Dodge Joseph F., h. 39 Columbia 

Dodge J. H. & Son (John H. and Chas. H. 
Dodge), provisions, 640 Main 

Dodge Rufus, salesman (42 Commercial, 
B.), house 9 Story 

Dodge Sarah B., widow of George, boards 
329 Harvard 

Dodge Wm. A., painter, h. r. 141 Columbia 

Dodge Wm. E., provisions, h. 27 Seventh 

Dodge Wm. H., provisions, 25 Central sq., 
house 15 Cottage 

Dodge Wm. W., lawyer (87 Milk, B.), bds. 
72 Sparks 

Dodge Winslow Herbert, driver, 162 River, 
boards 35 Fairmont 

Dodge Winslow Hewes, organ-action maker, 
house 35 Fairmont 

Dodson Albert, butcher, h. 69 Third 

Dodsworth George, laborer, h. Jordan pi. 

Doe Bradbury P., machinist, 72 Main, h. 
193 Putnam avenue 

Doe Emily M., matron Orphan's Home, 
Avon Hill, house do. 

furniture mnfrs. (577 and 579 Wash- 
ington, B.) 
Dogherty Charles M., case maker, 162 

Broadway, house 102 Winsor 
Dogin Frank, house Harvey, near Clifton 
Doherty Alexander, bookbinder (76 Sud- 
bury, B.), h. 12 Rogers' block, Main 
Doherty Daniel, house 104 Tremont 
Doherty Daniel B., clerk, 157 Bridge, h. 

55 Gore 
Doherty Dennis, laborer, boards rear 241 
Mt. Auburn [Somerset 

Doherty Edward, city laborer, house 35 
Doherty Edward F., bds. 168 Norfolk 
Doherty Ellen, widow of Matthew, house 

221 Franklin 
Doherty Elizabeth, widow of John, house 

rear 115 Pleasant 
Doherty Eugene, tailor, 623 Main, boards 2 

Doherty Frank E., cabinet maker, h. 247 
Putnam avenue 




Doherty Henry A., grocer, 157 and 161 

Bridge, house 82 Cambridge 
Doherty Hugh, granite, 35 Main, house 85 

Doherty James, h. 20 Carson 
Doherty James, florist, house 168 Norfolk 
Doherty James, laborer, bds. 85 Fifth 
Doherty James, liquors (181 Cambridge, 

B), house 16 Kinnaird 
Doherty James, painter, h. 11 Willow 
Doherty James, peddler, h. 61 Charles 
Doherty James C, laborer, h. 72 Waverly 
Doherty Jeremiah, lab., h. 116 Webster av. 
Doherty John, laborer, h. 132 Webster av. 
Doherty John, laborer, house 204 Green 
Doherty John, lab., h. Harvey n. Clinton 
Doherty John, house 23 Seventh 
Doherty John, tinsmith, h. r. 221 Franklin 
Doherty John T., upholsterer, boards 168 

Doherty Josephine M. Miss, teacher Otis 

primary school, boards 93 Gore 
Doherty Margaret Miss, h. r. 13 Hamilton 
Doherty Mary, widow of Daniel, house 82 

Doherty Matthew, boards 221 Franklin 
Doherty Michael, lab., h. r. 241 Mt. Auburn 
Doherty Michael; piano maker, h. 16 Elm 
Doherty Michael, pressman, A. S. Shuman 

(B.), h. 106 Fourth 
Doherty Neil, liquors (69 Causeway, B.), 

house 56 River 
Doherty Orrin, harness maker, Wm. Mitch- 
ell, Cambridge, bds. at Boston 
Doherty Patrick, cabinet maker, h. 157 

Doherty Fatrick, glass maker, h. 93 Gore 
Doherty Phillip, laborer, boards rear 241 
Mt. Auburn [23 Bay 

Doherty Philip, teamster, 550 Main, house 
Doherty Win., boiler maker, 356 Main, h. 

at Somerville 
Doherty William, laborer, house 47 Vine 
Doherty William, furniture painter, h. 11 

Webster av. 
Dohlus Adam, bootmaker, h. 6 Hayes court 
Dolan Charles, cooper, bds. 56 Second 
Dolan Ann, widow, house 35 Winter 
Dolan Edward J. , merchant tailor, 551 Main, 
house 252 Pearl [Cambridge 

Dolan Hugh, packer (B.), bds. Second cor. 
Dolan John (Griffin & Dolan), soft soap 
maker, rear 13 Decatur, house 13 do. 
Dolan John, laborer, house 14, Conlon ct. 
Dolan John, laborer, JohnReardon & Sons, 

boards 62 Waverly 
Dolan Joseph F. , harness maker (65 Sud- 
bury, B.), bds. 35 Winter 
Dolan Michael W., laborer, b. 11 Sargent 
Dolan Patrick, nurse, house 17 Baldwin 
Dolan Patrick, baker, 502 Main, h. 23 Sidney 
Dolan Thomas, soap maker, 172 Pearl, h. 2 

Cottage Court 
Dolan Thomas, laborer, h. r. 60 Cambridge 

Dolan Thomas, grave digger Cambridge 

cemetery, house 11 Sargent 
Dolan Thomas F., gardener, b. 11 Sargent 
Dolan William, peddler, house 120 Third 
Dolan William T. , boards 7 Perry 
Dole Cyrus G., provisions (19 New F. H. 

market, B.), house 20 Bigelow 
Dole Sarah A., widow, house 20 Bigelow * 
Dolhenty Thomas H., express, 185 North 

avenue and (33 Court squnre, B.), h. 

32 Orchard 
Dollard James, boots and shoes, 448 Har- 
vard, house 15 Gerry 
Dollard John E., boot maker (B.), boards 

15 Gerry -s 

Dolloff Benj. W., produce, house 143 Otis 
Dolloff Francis W., janitor Cambridge So- 
cial Union rooms, 15 Brattle, house 4 

Dolloff Wm. J., printer, University Press, 

house 4 Trowbridge 
Dombroski Martin, teamster, h. 56 Charles 
Donahoe Charles H. , packer, 162 Broadway, 

9 Decatur 
Donahoe Edward P., upholsterer, 23 Brattle, 

boards 59 do. 
Donahoe James W., brass moulder, boards 

bds. 9 Decatur [Auburn 

Donahoe James W., laborer, boards 199 Mt. 
Donahoe John, hostler, Cambridge R. R. 

Co., Dunster, boards 50 Boylston 
Donahoe John, coal and wood, 9 Decatur, 

house do. 
Donahoe John, laborer, house, 3 Ninth 
Donahoe John, laborer, house 17 Warren 
Donahoe John J. , laborer, John Reardon & 

Sons, boards 91 Brookline 
Donahoe John J., teamster (B.), house 2, 

r. 41 Norfolk 
Donahoe Margaret, widow of Patrick, h. 11 

Donahoe Mary, teacher St. Mary's Paro- 
chial school, house 11 Valentine 
Donahoe Mary Ann, widow of Patrick, h. 

59 Brattle 
Donahoe Michael, laborer, b. 4 Pioneer av. 
Donahoe Michael, baker, h. 15 Carson 
Donahoe M. J., rooms 115 Auburn 
Donahoe Patrick, grease collector, house 91 

Brookline [Auburn 

Donahoe Patrick, laborer, house 199 Mt. 
Donahoe Peter, clerk, 110 Harvard, bds. 11 

Donahoe Peter A., clerk, bds. 11 Valentine 
Donahoe P. , teamster, Cambridge R. R. Co. 
Donahoe P., hostler Cambridge R. R. Co. 
Donahue Ann Miss, house 25 Bow 
Donahue David, brakeman B. & L. R. R., 

h. 21 Cambridge 
Donahue Francis, boiler maker, 92 Main 
Donahue John, potter, house 19 Donnell 
Donahue Thomas, at Mt. Auburn cemetery, 

h. Cushing, opp. Vineyard 
Donahue Timothy, lab., h. 170 Franklin 



H. Wm. Tupoer. Manager. 






Donegan Mary, widow, h. 192 Norfolk 
Donehey John H. , stone cutter, Gore whf . 

house foot of Vine 
Donelan Francis, fireman (28 Summer, B.), 

house 196 Cambridge 
Donelan Francis, jr., laborer, boards 196 

Donelan John J., stone cutter, boards 74 

Boylston [Boylston 

Donelan Mary, widow of Martin, house 74 
Donelan Thomas, painter, 14 Church, bds. 

71 Boylston 
Donelly Michael, teamster, house 8 Porter 
Donely T., glass blower N. E. Glass 

Works, North 
Donlan John, boiler maker, 72 Main 
Donlan John, fireman, h. r. 12 Winter 
Donlan J. B., conductor Camb. R.R. Co. 
Donlan Martin, conductor Camb. R. R. Co. 

193 h. Franklin 
Donnell William J., polisher, Otis, near 

First, house 7 Summer 
Donnell, see O'Donnell 
Donnelly Bridget, widow of James, house 

rear 53 Vine [Thorndike 

Donnelly Ellen, widow of Stephen, h. 133 
Donnelly James, shade painter, 15 Blanche 
Donnelly James A., cigar maker, 35 Pearl, 

house 3 Cottage 
Donnelly James H. S., dry goods and mil- 
linery, 115 Cambridge, house 133 

Donnelly John, laborer, house 70 Spruce 
Donnelly John, driver, Cambridge R. R. 

Co., boards 62 Spring 
Donnelly Mary E., tailoress, house 431 

Donnelly Michael, laborer, bds. 70 Spruce 
Donnelly P., hostler, Cambridge* R. R. Co. 
Donnelly Rose, widow of Patrick, house 13 

Holly avenue 
Donnelly Thomas, city laborer, h. 79 Elm 
Donnini Virgilia, carver, h. 67 Gore 
Donnolly Edward W., clerk (82 Court, B.), 

house 479 Main 
Donohue Catherine Miss, h. 105 Brattle 
Donovan Charles, teamster, bds. 42 Gore 
Donovan Cornelius, laborer, 68 Bridge, h. 

20 McCabe 
Donovan Cornelius J., teamster, 68 Bridge, 

house rear 6 East 
Donovan Daniel, laborer, boards 8 Davis 
Donovan Daniel, driver, boards Mansion 

House, Gore, corner Bridge 
Donovan Daniel, foreman Holt & Bugbee, 

house 31 East 
Donovan Daniel, laborer, h. 20 North 
Donovan Daniel, glass engraver, house 79 

Donovan Daniel, moulder, Third, corner 

Bent, house 37 School 
Donovan Daniel E., clerk, 408 Cambridge, 

boards 109 Winsor [Bridge 

Donovan Daniel F., plasterer, h. 236 

Donovan Daniel T., laborer, h. 44 North 
Donovan Davis, furniture maker, h. 118 

Donovan Dennis, h. 49 Fifth 
Donovan Dennis, stone-cutter, 53 Main, h. 

99 Main 
Donovan Dennis F., driver, 203 Bridge, h. 

4 Fourth 
Donovan Ellen, wid. of Patrick, h. 24 North 
Donovan George, laborer, 13 Broadway, h. 

at Boston 
Donovan George baker, boards 49 Fifth 
Donovan Honora, wid. of John, h. Dailey's 

Donovan Honora, wid. of John, h. Han- 

num's block, r. 114 Broadway 
Donovan James, house 60 North 
Donovan James, track repairer Cambridge 

Railroad, house 6 Laurel 
Donovan James, laborer, h. 420 Cambridge 
Donovan James, laborer, house 25 West 
Donovan James, teamster, house 3 Bald- 
win court [12 do. 
Donovan James, teamster, 17 East, boards 
Donovan James F. , picture fitter, house 82 

Donovan James F., bread store, 137 

Bridge, house do. 
Donovan Jeremiah, blacksmith, boards 165 

Donovan Jeremiah, iron moulder, H. M. 

Bird, boards 70 Washington 
Donovan Johanna widow of Jeremiah, h. 

3 Charles river 
Donovan John, laborer, h. 232 Bridge 
Donovan John, laborer, house rear 17 Cow- 

Donovan John, laborer, house 19 Porter 
Donovan John, laborer, house 47 Banks 
Donovan John, tailor, 551 Main, house 156 

Franklin [Bridge 

Donovan John J., upholsterer, h. 236 
Donovan John, 193 Cambridge, boards do. 
Donovan John F., upholsterer, house 236 

Donovan John A. , clerk 10 Cambridge, h. 

123£ do. 
Donovan John J. , asst. photographer, bds. 

6 Laurel 
Donovan John P., baker, 407 Cambridge, 

rooms do. [West 

Donovan Julia, widow of Daniel, house 25 
Donovan Kate, wid. of James, h. 6 North 
Donovan Kate Mrs. , house 28 North 
Donovan Michael, pianoforte polisher, h. 

35 Brookline 
Donovan Michael, laborer, house 12 East 
Donovan Michael, laborer, bds. 12 McCabe 
Donovan Nora, widow of John, h. 7 Han- 

num's block, 122 Broadway 
Donovan Patrick, boards 41 Blackstone 
Donovan Patrick, laborer, h. 11 Hayes ct. 
Donovan Thomas, laborer, h. 26 Decatur 
Donovan Thomas, laborer, h. 50 DeWolf 






Donovan Timothy, laborer, house 12 Short 
Donovan Timothy, moulder, house 70 

Donovan Timothy, teamster, 17 East, bds. 

North, corner Short 
Donovan Timothy H., (Coakley & Dono- 
van), liquors, 32 Cambridge h. 39 

Donovan William, cooper, boards 49 Fifth 
Donovan William, laborer, h. 236 Bridge 
Donovan William, teamster, house 33 Jay 
Donovan William F., salesman, 31 and 33 

Elm, boards 29 do. 
Donovan William F., bookkeeper, N. E. 

Glass Works, North, corner Water, 

boards 236 Bridge 
Doody John, teamster, house 9 Sparks 
Doody John, jr., teamster, boards 9 Sparks 
Dooley Edmund, blacksmith, 19 Gore, h. 

118 do. 
Dooley Ellen, widow of Thomas, house 49 

Dooley John, blacksmith, h. 123 Third 
Dooley John, boiler maker, 92 Main, house 

60 Charles 
Dooley John, driver, 904 Main, rooms 44 

Mt. Auburn 
Dooley Joseph T., music teacher, boards 

45 Franklin 
Dooley Mary, wid. of Jas., h. 200 Bridge 
Dooley Patrick, horseshoer, 436 Main, h. 

67 Moore 
Dooley Patrick, operative, bds. 123 Third 
Dooley Patrick, gardener, h. 14 Hancock 
Dooley William, glass-blower, N. E. 

Glass Co., b. 72 Gore 
Dooley William Mrs., house 5 Winter 
Dooley William H., painter, boards 200 

Dooling Frank J., salesman, b. 48 Fifth 
Dooling Sylvester J. , carpenter, h. 48 Fifth 
Dooner Margaret, wid. of Thomas, house 

7 Grant 

Doore James E., carpenter, house 66 Put- 
nam avenue 
Dooris Ellen, widow, house 84 Fifth 
Dooris John S., laborer, 57 Cambridge, 

boards rear 24 Winter 
Doran Caroline E. Mrs., teacher Putnam 

grammar school, h. 96 Gore 
Doran Charles, laborer, house 12 Harding 
Doran Francis, machinist, bds. 12 Harding 
Doran John, laborer, bds. 12 Harding 
Doran John M., traveling salesman, boards 

13 Sparks 
Doran Mary, widow of Joseph, h. 16 Reed 
Doran Michael, fireman pumping house C. 

W. W., Lake View av., h. 5 Clay 
Doran Patrick, boards 96 Gore • 
Doran Wm. P., glass maker, h. 25 Gore 
Dore Henry A., provisions, 655 Main, house 

8 Brookline 

Dore John, twines, bds. 84 Cambridge 
Dore, see Dorr 

Doren Edward M. , agent, h. 36 Ellery 
Dorgan John, laborer, house 44 North 
Dorgan Patrick, laborer, boards 6 Laurel 
Dormai Elizabeth M., widow of Joseph, h. 

Arsenal grounds, Garden, c. Chauncy 
Dorman Mrs. variety store, 835 Main, h. do. 
Dormer Ann, wid. of Benj. h. 126 Gore 
Dormer Chas. E., reed maker, 162 Broad- 
way, house 126 Gore 
Dormer Edwin, blacksmith, 18 Cambridge 
Dorney Daniel, fireman pumping house C. 

W. W., Lake View avenue, house 

Cushing, c. Cushing court 
Dorr Clifford E., pill maker, 150 Broadway, 

h. 7 Cottage 
Dorr Cornelius, flour (3 Commercial, B.), 

house 260 North avenue 
Dorr Frank W. flour (30 Commerce, B.), 

bds. 334 Harvard 
Dorr George, expressman, bds. 86 School 
Dorr John, baker, house 19 Pine 
Dorr Lester M., clerk (48 South, B.), bds. 

334 Harvard 
Dorr Moses, flour (30 Commerce, Boston), 

house 334 Harvard 
Dorris Henry M. , lithographer, (64 Feder- 
al, B.), h. 28 Cogswell av. 
Dorsey Sidney, waiter, h. 39 Hampshire 
Dorson Patrick, teamster, 12 Cambridge, 

house 1 Linehan block, Third 
Dorson William, laborer, h. 210 Franklin 
Doseau Julian, laborer, house New, near 

F. R. R. 
Dougan Jane, widow of Thomas, house 16 

Doughty Ira, carpenter, bds. 8 Broadway 
Douglass Charles H., clerk (57 Foundry, 

B.), boards 18 Howard 
Douglass George W., clerk (Washington 

cor. Hanover, B.), boards 18 Howard 
Douglass James C, cabinet maker, 384 

Main, house 23 Park 
Douglass Mary J. , widow of Harrison, h. 

18 Howard 
Douglass Robert, house 24 Columbia 
Douglass Robert J., hackman, h. 65 Gore 
Douglass William G. , carpenter, house 73 

Douthart Marshall M., coffee roaster (87 

Court, B.), h. 82 Washington 
Dover Stamping Co., mnfrs. tinners' fur- 
nishing goods, factory, 153 Putnam av,, 

store (88 and 90 North B.) 
Dow Forrest E., clerk, 162 Broadway, bds. 

476 Cambridge 
Dow Fred., teamster, 220 Portland, bds. 

35 Tremont 
Dow James A., physician, 23 Magazine, 

house do. 
Dow John B., box maker, 3 Hampshire, h. 

476 Cambridge 
Dow John C, tallow and bone dealer, 220 

Portland, and (13 and 14 Chatham, B.), 

h. 35 Tremont 





DOW JOHN E., steam carpet clean- 
(6 Brighton av., B.), h. 15 Fairmont 
Dow Lyman O. , teamster 220 Portland, h. 

11 1£ Winsor 
Dow Marcellus I., apothecary, 169 Pearl, 

house 50 Hamilton 
Dow Mary A., widow of Benjamin, house 

24 Inman 
Dow Warren H., box maker, 3 Hampshire 

h. 27 Pine 
Dow William H., fertilizer mnfr., 220 

Portland and (13 and 14 Chatham, B.), 

house 254 Broadway 
Dow William L., express, 25 Central sq., 

office (77 Kingston, B.), boards 156 

Dowd Charles, repairer, Cambridge R. R. 

Co., Dunster, house 9 Brewer 
Dowd Eliza A., widow of William J., h. 

21 Lawrence 
Dowd John, laborer, boards 198 Cambridge 
Dowd William H., piano action maker, bds. 

9 Brewer 
Dowd William J., carpenter, h. 43 School 
Dowey Ann E., widow of Thomas, house 

rear 215 Mt. Auburn 
Dowey Thomas, teamster Mount Auburn 

cemetery, house May 
Downe Frank H., telephone (109 Court, 

B.), bds. 16 William 
Downe Rufus S., police station 1, house 

h. 16 William 
Downes Edward, teamster, Rhoades build- 
ing, State, h. rear 17 Pine 
Downes Frank W. , sawyer, h. Loughrey av. 
Downey Bartholomew, laborer, house 24 

Downey Daniel, laborer, h. 24 Hunting 
Downey David, laborer, rms. 52 Winthrop 
Downey Dennis, laborer, h. 106 Tremont 
Downey Jeremiah, laborer, house rear 423 

Downey John, grocer, 13 Porter, h. do. 
Downey John, laborer, house 58 Charles 
Downey John, collar maker, 10 Arrow, 

rooms 12 Dunster 
Downey John T., cigar-maker, boards 58 

Downey Mortimer, laborer, h. 37 Warren 
Downey William, laborer, bds. 164 Gore 
Downing Almeda R. Mrs., dressmaker, 563 

Main, h. 9 Norfolk 
Downing Annie, Mrs., nurse, h. 3 Brown's 

blk., Third 
Downing Dennis, traveling salesman, house 

32 Foster 
Downing Edward, leather (81 High, B.), h. 

45 Walden 
DoAvning Edward H. , clerk (201 Washing- 
ton, B.), boards 45 Walden 
Downing Elizabeth Miss, nurse, h. 5 Laurel 
Downing Geo., brush maker, 124 Harvard, 

house 159 Thorndike 
Downing Jeremiah, laborer, h. 94 Brattle 

Downing John, machinist, h. 98 Columbia 

Downing Lucy A. Miss, teacher Washing- 
ton grammar school, boards 31 Mt. 

Downing Lydia, widow of Samuel, boards 
31 Mt. Pleasant 

Downing Mary, widow of Thomas, house 
5 Laurel 

Downing Samuel H., salesman (28 Pearl, 
B.), boards 45 Walden 

Downing Theodore, currier, foot of Eustis 
ct., house 31 Mt. Pleasant 

Dowsing Henry V., sawyer, 113 Broadway, 
house 111 Allston 

Dowsing James F., organ maker, house 
22 Pearl 

Dowsing William W. , varnisher 162 Broad- 
way, house 34 Auburn 

Doyle Albert, cabinet maker, h. 73 Spring 

Doyle Catherine Miss, h. 19 Boylston 

Doyle Catherine, widow of John, house 
262 Franklin 

Doyle Daniel, hostler, h. 454 Broadway 

Doyle Edmund, helper, 599£ Main, boards 
at Watertown 

Doyle Ellen, wid. of Patrick, h. 140 Dublin 

Doyle Francis M. , polisher, house 127 Web- 
ster avenue 

Doyle Hannah, widow of Michael, h. 121 
Western avenue 

Doyle Hester, wid. of Michael, house Hi 

Doyle James, painter, B. & L. R. R., bds. 
at Boston 

Doyle James E., driver, Fairbanks & Neale 
(Howard, B.), house 36 Second 

Doyle Jeremiah, switchman, B. & L. R. R., 
boards 56 Second 

Doyle Jeremiah, h. 26 Charles River 

Doyle John, laborer, Cambridge Railroad 
Co., house 20 South 

Doyle John, laborer, h. 5 Foster place 

Doyle John, laborer, Cambridge Water 
Works, house 32 Auburn 

Doyle John, in Cambridge Rolling Mill, h. 
Rolling Mill block, Bristol 

Doyle John, laborer, h. 129 Webster av. 

Doyle Joseph, painter, B. & L. R. R. paint 
shop, boards at Boston 

Doyle Lawrence, lab., b. 103 Webster av. 

Doyle Mary E., widow, house 8 Blanche 

Doyle Mary H. Mrs., dressmaker, 64 Cam- 
bridge, house at Boston [Kinnaird 

Doyle Michael, laborer, 10 Arrow, h. 105 

Doyle Michael, laborer, house 3 Foster 

Doyle Michael J., saloon, 213 Cambridge, 
baker, 215 do., house 213 do. 

Doyle M. , hostler, Cambridge R. R. 

Doyle Owen, laborer, bds. 4 Allston 

Doyle Patrick, hostler Cambridge R. R. 

boards 19 Boylston 
Doyle Patrick, laborer, boards 13 Sparks 
Doyle Patrick, police, station 1, house 81 
Concord avenue 




Doyle Patrick J., gents' fnrnishing goods, 
cigars, etc., 16 Boylston, h. 5 Foster 

Doyle Richard, house 5 Foster 

Doyle Richard, laborer, Cambridge Railroad 
Co., house 56 Boylston 

Doyle Richard F., pressman University 
Press, house 10 Magazine court 

Doyle Sarah, widow of Edward, variety 
store, 27 Banks, house do. 

Doyle Thomas, 10 Arrow, h. 105 Kinnaird 

Doyle Thomas, laborer, house 113 Third 

Doyle T. F. , conductor Cambridge R. R. 

Doyle William E., florist (43 Tremont, 
B.), house 80 Otis 

Drake Andrew J. , clerk (518 Washington, 
B.), house 16 Ash 

Drake Charles A., blacksmith, 295 Cam- 
bridge, house at Quincy 

Drake George A., machine hand, 162 Broad- 
way, boards 22 Suffolk 

Drake Geo. G., painter, h. 1 Lamson place 

Drake George W. , foreman of varnishers, 
162 Broadway, house 417 do. 

Drake James, carpenter 113 Broadway, 
house 4 Eaton 

Drake M. Wesley, bookkeeper (99 Cause- 
way, B.), house 22 Suffolk 

Drake Ruth S., widow of William, house 4 
Rogers' block, Main 

Drapei Albert, brass finisher, Otis, near 
First, boards Hotel Cambridge, Otis 

Draper Alice L. Miss, music teacher, house 
85 Auburn 

Draper Daniel A. (F. Draper & Co.), Otis 
near First, h. at Boston 

Draper Francis (F. Draper & Co.), Otis, 
near First, h. at Boston 

Draper Francis H. , brass finisher, Otis, n. 
First, boards 111 Thorndike 

Draper Frank, machinist, 92 Main, house 
at Somerville 

Draper F. & Co. (Francis and Daniel A. 
Draper), brass and brittannia ware 
mnfrs., Otis, near First [ave. 

Draper George E., milk dealer 16 Western 

Draper Jesse L., britannia metal worker, 
Otis, near First, bouse 133 Otis 

Draper Joseph, brass finisher, Otis, n. First, 
boards 111 Thorndike 

Draper L. Dana jr., clerk, h. foot of Frost 

Draper Louise L. Mrs., h. 85 Auburn 

Draper Lucius D., salesman (10 Commer- 
cial), house 10 White 

Draper Martin jr., bookkeeper Nat'l. Bank 
of North America (106 Franklin, B.), 
house 292 North avenue [11 Avon 

Draper Mary A., widow of Daniel F., house 

Draper Warren M., clerk (62 South, B.), 
boards 292 North Avenue 

Draper Wm. B., salesman (277 Washing- 
ton, B.), house 11 Avon 

Draye J., hostler Cambridge R. R. 

Dresselly John, bookbinder Riverside Press, 
boards 55 Green 

Dresser Edwin, president Cambridgeport 

Diary Co., 105 Magazine, h. Raymond, 

near Linnaean 
Dresser Mary L. Mrs., music teacher, h. 

589£ Main 
Dresser Stephen G., painter, h. 9£ Gerry 
Drew Albert V., painter, bds. 19 Sidney 
Drew Carrie E. Mrs., at Riverside Press, 

house 1 Pond place 
Drew Edwin, clerk, 153 North avenue, h. 

Summer, n. Cedar, Somerville 
Drew Fred'k D., cabinet maker, Ivers & 

Pond, house 114 Auburn 
Drew Fred. L., grocer, 153 North avenue, 

boards Summer, n. Cedar, Somerville 
Drew Geo. A., carpenter, bds. 19 Sidney 
Drew Geo. C. jr., at University Press, h. 

88 Banks 
Drew John, carpenter, h. 19 Sidney 
Drew John R., printer, bds. 26 Howard 
Drew Joseph L., gold beater (3 Province 

court, B.), house 19 Jay 
Drew Silas S., dry goods (15 Tremont row, 

B.), house 122 Oxford 
Drilling Valentine, cabinet maker, 384 

Main, house 57 Gore 
Drinan Frank, candy worker, h. 26 Cherry 
Drinan Louisa M. Miss, house 26 Cherry 
Drinan Michael, sugar worker, bds. 47 Gore 
Drinan Morris, laborer, h.129 Bridge 
Drinkwater Percy G., upholsterer (103 

Wash., B.), h. Hotel Cambridge, Cres- 
cent avenue 
Driscol John, laborer, h. 23 Hayes ct. 
Driscoll Bernard, blacksmith, Boston Ice 

Co., Prison Point Road, bds. at Boston 
Driscoll Catherine, widow, h. 33 Harding 
Driscoll Daniel, lumper, 162 Broadway, 

boards 99 Brookline 
Driscoll Dennis, carpenter, rubber works, 

house 21 Vine 
Driscoll Florence, painter, h. 70 Gore 
Driscoll Geo. H., painter, bds. 70 Gore 
Driscoll James, teamster, 103 Bridge, h. 

40 Gore 
Driscoll John, teamster, 166 River, house 

26 Decatur 
Driscoll John C, polisher, 302 Bridge, bds. 

177 Cambridge 
Driscoll John J. , shipper, h. 7 Second ct. 
Driscoll Joseph, blacksmith, 53 Main, bds. 

Ross House 
Driscoll Joseph, glass blower N. E. Glass 

Works, North 
Driscoll Michael, currier, bds. 7 Cedar 
Driscoll Michael, driver Cambridge R. R. 

Co., house 47 Cedar 
Driscoll Michael, lab., h. 46 Montgomery 
Driscoll Myrick J., bell hanger, boards 18 

Driscoll Patrick, laborer, h. 17£ Third 
Driscoll Patrick, teamster, 28 Bridge, 

house 26 do. 



H. Wm. Tupper, Manager. 




Driscoll Thos, ice man, bds. 46 Montgomery 

Driscoll Thos., laborer, 28 Bridge, house 
152 do. 

Driscoll Timothy, shoemaker (199 Cam- 
bridge, B.), house 24 Jay 

Driver Stephen W., physician, house and 
office 5 Farwell place 

Drohan Daniel, blacksmith Cambridge R. 
R. Co., 201 Main, house 64 Broadway 

Drolet Augustine, carpenter, house 207 

Drolett Joseph, brick maker, h. 100 Dublin 

Drown Charles, organ varnisher, 162 Broad- 
way, house 2 Eighth 

Drown Chas. P., watchman Cambridge R.R. 
Co., Eighth street stables, boards 168 

Drown Mary A. Mrs., h. 168 Thorndike 

Drum Margaret Miss, assistant Orphans' 
Home, Avon Hill, boards do. 

Drum Susan, wid. of John, h. 7 Lambert av. 

Drummey Wm., laborer, house 13 Water 

Drummond Cornelius H., clerk (6 Central 
wharf, B.), boards 27 Blanche 

Drummond David S., spar maker, boards 
27 Blanche 

Drummond Dominick, lithographer River- 
side Press, house 13 Erie 

Drummond John H., laborer, h. 27 Blanche 

DBURY LEONARD D., cigars, 
etc., 450 Harvard, h. 865 Main, 
Dube Albert, piano tuner, bds. 3 Rogers' 

block, Main 
Dube Joseph, polisher, boards 3 Rogers' 

block, Main 
Dube Otave, surveyor, house 3 Rogers' 

block, Main 
Dubeau Arthur, farmer, house 24 Mont- 
gomery, near Dudley 
Dubeau Eli, brickmaker, h. Vassal lane 
Ducett John W. , pressman University Press, 

rooms 42 Mt. Auburn 
Ducey Lawrence J., police, station 2, house 

31 Tremont 
Duchemin Frank R., cigars, periodicals, 

etc., 465 Main, bds. 13 Norfolk 
Duclos Lewis, brick maker, h. 52 Spruce 
Duclow Peter, carpenter, b. 34 Hampshire 
Duddy Edward, stone cutter, 53 Main, h. 

35 Somerset 
Duddy Edward jr., stone cutter, 29 Main, 

boards 35 Somerset 
Dudley Augustus W., shoemaker, boards 

59 Franklin 
Dudley Charles, clerk, boards 53 Fourth 
Dudley Charles F., bookkeeper, 168 Gore, 

house 157 Cambridge 
Dudley Elizabeth, widow of Harrison, house 

17 Dunster 
Dudley Francis E., butcher, h. 310 North av. 
Dudley George, upholsterer, h. 28 Charles 

Dudley Geo. S., police, station 2, house 

115 Washington 

Dudley John Mrs., house 81 Winsor 
Dudley Julia, wid. of Wm., h. r. 60 River 
Dudley Lucy R., widow of Joseph W., h. 

7 Douglass 
Dudley Mary A. C. , widow of Willard, h. 

20 Tremont 
Dudley Moses, billiards, 115£ Cambridge, 

house 49 Fifth 

ley & Dudley) , counsellor (95 Milk, r. 
71, B.), house 1 Avon place, off Avon 
hill street 

ley & Dudley) , lawyer (95 Milk, room 
71, B.), boards 17 Dunster 
Dudley Wm. B., trav. salesman, house 
109 Inman 

H. and Warren P. Dudley), counselors 

(95 Milk, room 71, B.) 
Duell Wm., carpenter, 502 Main 
Duff James (James Duff & Son), 12 Gore, 

house at Somerville 
Duff James & Son (James and John J. 

Duff), spring mnfrs., 12 Gore 
Duff John, cooper, house 32 Harding 
Duff John J. (James Duff & Son), 12 Gore, 

house at Somerville 
Duff Margaret Mrs. , widow, h. 69 Third 
Duffie Wm., engineer (413 Washington, 

B.), house 378 Cambridge [Fourth 

Duffy Catherine, wid. of Michael, house 6 
Duffy Henry J., printer, bds. 30 Hancock 
Duffy Hugh, safe maker, 17 Main 
Duffy James, coal and wood, 325 Cambridge, 

house 116 Webster avenue 
Duffy James J,, laborer, house Fifth, cor. 

Duffy James L. , printer (Fayette ct, B.), 

house 30 Hancock 
Duffy James R., second-hand clothing, 202 

Cambridge, house do. 
Duffy James V., clerk, 587 Main, boards 

3o Hancock 
Duffy John, brass finisher, boards Fifth, 

corner Charles 
Duffy John, fireman, 502 Main, house 89 

Duffy John, laborer, h. r. 382 Cambridge 
Duffy John F., clerk (N. Y. & N. E. R.R., 

B.), boards 30 Hancock 
Duffy John H., cabinet maker (Wareham, 

B.), house 5 Valentine 
Duffy J. J. , driver Cambridge R. R. 
Duffy Leo, laborer, house 77 Concord ave. 
Duffy Mary, widow of John, h. 4 Jefferson 
Duffy Michael, engineer, house 188 Winsor 
Duffy Michael, safe maker, 17 Main 
Duffy Owen E., laborer, h. 13 Railroad 
Duffy Peter, laborer, house 3 Jefferson 
Duffy Peter, laborer, boards 4 Pioneer av. 
Duffy Philip R., hostler, b. 88 Mt. Auburn 
Duffy Rose, widow of Barney, house 128£ 


CHOiCE GREE ri u ^L L ^S.T«^. Rare - P. Ill & 1 



Duffy Stephen, moulder, h. 106 Third 
Duffy Thomas, house 130 Third 
Duffy Win., shoemaker, h. 49 Harvard 
Dufur Wm. H., fish market, 116 Hamp- 
shire, house 141 Columbia 
Dugan Charles H., clerk, 397 Cambridge, 

house 4 Summer 
Dugan Edward, mason, house 83 Elm 
Dugan John, tailor, 436£ Harvard h. 7 Grant 
Dugan William (Dngan & Rutherford), 
free stone and marble worker,^ First, 
near Spring, house at Boston 

(William Dugan and Alexander Ruth- 
erford), free-stone and marble workers 

First, near Spring 
Duggan James, laborer, house r. 6 North 
Duggan John, sawyer, 162 Broadway, house 

at Boston 
Duhig Daniel T., printer University Press, 

house 61 Wright 
Duhig John M., pressman University 

Press, house 74 Wright 
Duhig Mary A., widow of Michael, house 

89 Hancock 
Dukeshair Daniel F., carpenter, house 

34 Kinnaird [D. F. Dukeshair's 

Dukeshair Reuben, clerk, 281 Broadway, b. 
Dulls Mary E., widow of Cornelius, house 

11 Murdock 
Dumas George V., sawyer (Harrison ave., 

B.), house rear 28 Front 
Dumas Romaine, sawyer, bds. 40 Pearl 
Dunagan Michael, hostler, 502 Main 
Dnnbar Charles, variety store, 409 Cam- 
bridge, house 128 Winsor 
Dunbar Charles F., professor H. U., house 

14 Highland 
Dunbar Frank, student, bds. 14 Highland 
Dunbar George, bds. 14 Highland 
Dunbar James, blocksmith, h. 307 Camb. 
Dunbar Luther W., carpenter (271 Charles, 

B.), house 7 William 
Dunbar Sarah, widow of Obed, house 101 

Western avenue 
Dunbar William, student, b. 14 Highland 
Duncan Anderson, laborer, h. 27 Hancock 
Duncan John, blacksmith, 454 Main, house 

21 Brookline 
Duncan John, clerk, 562 Main, b. 564 do. 
Duncan John F., law student, h. 22 Essex 
Duncan Matthew, lab., h. 159 Broadway 
Duncan Wm. P., lawyer (172 Washington, 

room 8, B.), house 22 Essex 
Duncklee Albert C, house 118 Norfolk 
Duncklee Eugene E., kalsomining, house 

45 Sacramento 
Duncklee Oscar E., clerk (33 Federal, B.), 

house 45 Sacramento 
Duncklee Sarah, wid. of Horace L., house 

97 Otis 
Dunham Anna EL, widow of Nathan, house 

39 Walden [boards 852 Main 

Dunham Edward P., printer, 10 Dunster, 

Dunham Israel P. , house 852 Main 
Dunham Lucy A. Miss, teacher Clinch 

primary school (B.), h. 46 Cherry 
Dunlap Charles B., student, b. 19 Church 
Dunlap Frederick A., piano action maker, 

113 Broadway, house 82 Washington 
Dunlap Martha M. Mrs., h. 82 Washington- 
Dunlea Daniel, laborer, h. r. 23 Harvard 
Dunlea Joanna, widow of Patrick, house 

East, cor. Bridge 
Dunlop Margaret P., widow of John, 

boarding-house, 38 to 40 Pearl 
Dunn Alexander, bookkeeper Riverside 

Press, house 36£ Tremont 
Dunn Alexander, mariner, house 31 Mill 
Dunn Andrew, machinist, 356 Main 
Dunn Andrew P., collar maker, 10 Arrow, 

house 25 Magazine 
Dunn Bartholomew, laborer, h. 3 Fourth 
Dunn Christena, widow of Thomas, house 

9 Cottage 
Dunn Daniel, piano finisher, 162 Broadway, 

house at Clarendon Hills 
Dunn David, carpenter, h. 41 School 
Dunn Eliza M. , house 84 Cambridge 
Dunn James, boards rear 63 Gore 
Dunn James, plasterer, house 16 Magee 
Dunn Jane, widow of George, h. 4 Sands 
Dunn John, book-finisher Riverside Press, 

house 9 Cottage 
Dunn John, fireman, house 79 Vine 
Dunn John A. H., wood turner, house 7 

Dinsmore court 
Dunn John H., salesman (450 Washington, 

B.), boards 3 Fourth [h. 47 Vine 

Dunn John P., boiler maker, 92 Main, 
Dunn Patrick, lumper, 162 Broadway, 

house 32 Waverley 
Dunn Patrick H., locksmith, h. 97 Gore 
Dunn Thomas, tinsmith, bds. 72 Gore 
Dunn William, gaffer N. E. Glass Works, 

house rear 63 Gore 
Dunn William K., book finisher Riverside 

Press, boards 9 Cottage 
Dunnels George B., laborer, h. 124 Gore 
Dunnels Jane, wid. of Samuel, house 

124 Gore [shire 

Dunnigan Michael, laborer, bds. 34 Hamp- 
Dunning Elmer E., manager Brattle sq., 

Hotel, boards do. 
Dunphy John, printer, bds. 167 Thorndike 
Dunphy Martin H., bookbinder Riverside 

bindery, house 138 Pleasant 
Dunphy William, laborer, h. 115 Fourth 

of Isaac H. , teacher of art embroidery, 

house 12 Warland 
Dupee Charles S., clerk, h. 2 Douglass 
Dupee Lorenzo, carpenter, 169 Gore, house 

at Arlington 
Dupee William T., foreman carpenters, 

169 Gore, house at Arlington 
Durant Nancy P. , A^idow of Reuben, house 

1 Westacott court 


Established 1860. SO DOCK 8QUARE. 



yer (19 Congress, r. 7, B.), house 378 

Durgin Bridget, widow of Simon, house 24 

Charles River 
Durgin George W., printer, h. 5 Columbia 
Durgin Matthew, bookbinder Riverside 

bindery, house 24 Charles River 
Durham John W. , laborer, h. r. 36 Harvard 
Duris Anthony F. , cooper, b. 104 Brookline 
Duris Margaret, widow of Daniel, house 

102 Brookline 
Durnan James, laborer, house 31 Warren 
Durnan J., expressman, Lyceum building, 

Harvard square 
Durnan John, teamster, h. 248 Franklin 
Durnan Peter P., tailor, 436£ Main, house 

248 Franklin 
Durnan Peter P. jr., express, 159 Cam- 
bridge, and (174 Washington, B.), 

house 124 Gore 
Durnan William, laborer, h. 154 Franklin 
Durno James G., pressman (Wash. B.), h. 

20 Cogswell av. 
Duross Susan, widow of Terrance, house 

2 Stevens' court [Western av. 

Duroy Charles W., bookbinder, rooms 30 
Durrell Betsey G. , widow of O. B., house 

73 Thorndike 
Durrell Charles P., clerk (B.), h. 23 Elm 
Durrell Oliver H., small wares (Kingston, 

cor. Bedford, B.), house 322 Broadway 
Dustin Betsey A., widow, house 74 Fourth 
Dutton Albert L., milkman, h. 56 Fourth 
Dutton Margaret Mrs., boarding-house, 30 

Duxberry John, spinner, h. 146 Pearl 
Duxburry Robert B., spinner, b. 146 Pearl. 
D'Vys Emily Miss, bds. 314 Broadway 
Dwelley Chas. M., fly-finisher, 162 Broad- 
way, house at South Boston 
Dwight Henrietta F. Miss, boards 18 Story 
Dwyer Daniel, gardener, h. 188 Norfolk 
Dwyer Edmond, watchman (B.), house 

238 Broadway 
Dwyer Edward, laborer, boards 3 Burrage 

block, Bristol 
Dwyer Edw., laborer, h. 21 Charles River 
Dwyer Edward jr., printer, boards 21 

Charles River 
Dwver Edward H., harness maker, house 

9 Sixth 
Dwyer Edward H. jr., clerk, bds. 9 Sixth 
Dwyer James, laborer, bds. rear 2 Hastings 
Dwyer James, iron moulder, boards 1 

Dwyer Jane, widow, h. rear 11 Valentine 
Dwyer John, laborer, h. rear 2 Hastings 
Dwyer John, laborer, bds. 21 Charles River 
Dwyer John, laborer, house 14 Hayes' ct. 
Dwyer John, leather (248 Congress, B.), 

house 118 Pearl 
Dwyer John, hairdresser (Young's Hotel, 

B.), rooms 227 Broadway 

Dwyer John A., gate tender B. & L. R.R., 

Prison Point bridge, house n. do. 
Dwyer John C, tinsmith, h. 50 Amory 
Dwyer John E., student, bds. 118 Pearl 
Dwyer John S., painter, house rear 170 

Dwyer John T., inspector Cambridge R.R. 

Co., boards rear 27 Gore 
Dwyer J. F., hill boy Cambridge R.R. 
Dwyer Margaret widow of Jeremiah, house 

rear 27 Gore 
Dwyer Matthew, laborer, h. 80 Boylston 
Dwyer Matthew, blacksmith Cambridge 

Railroad Co., house 53 Spruce 
Dwyer Michael, watchman Cambridge Rail- 
road Co., house 13 Foster 
Dwyer Michael J., foreman (106 Sudbury, 

B.), bds. 238 Broadway 
Dwyer Patrick, laborer, house r. 31 Bow 
Dwyer Patrick, shipper, 502 Main 
Dwyer Robert, cooper, h. 175 Cambridge 
Dwyer Thomas F., editor (106 Sudbury, 

B.), boards 238 Broadway 
Dwyer Thomas J., laborer, 12 Cambridge, 

house Linehan block, Ninth 
Dwyer Warren W., salesman, bds. 9 Sixth 
Dwver Wm. E., clerk, boards 9 Sixth 

DYAR CHARLES W., musical 
editor Daily Globe (238 Washington, 

B.), house 24 Clinton 
Dyer Edward M., engineer (1 Hamilton, 

B.), house 79 Fifth 
Dyer Edward P., clerk, 509 Main, rooms 

11 Norfolk 
Dyer George F., action maker, 162 Broad- 
way, house 49 Market 
Dyer Joseph, piano maker Ivers & Pond 

Piano Co., Albany, house 8 Village 
Dyer L., asst. professor H. U., rooms 104 

Mt. Auburn 
Dyer Maria, widow of John E., h. 8 Village 
Dyer Maria L., widow of George W., h. 

56 Erie 
Dyer Mary C, widow, house 40 Market 
Dyer Randolph A., cabinet maker, house 
Dyer Simeon D., boots and shoes (133 

Federal, B.), house Mt. Pleasant, 5th 

on right from Walden 
Dyer Thomas, stone cutter, 53 Main, house 

7 Rogers' block, Main 
Dyer William, shoemaker, h. 141 Gore 

EADIE JOHN, grocer, 281 Broadway, 

house 28 Elm 
Eagan Delia A., Miss, dressmaker, house 

216 Franklin 
Eagan James, laborer, house #4 Jefferson 
Eagan James E., laborer, bds. 97 Pearl 
Eagan Margaret, widow of James, house 

97 Pearl 
Eagan Thomas, laborer, house 97 Pearl 
Eagan William, at 203 Bridge 
Eagan, see Egan, also Aigin 
Eager Edmund, pedler, house 105 Spruce 




Eagle Charles, laborer, boards 5 Carson 
Eagles John, bds. 502 Cambridge 
Eagleson Thomas C, laborer, h. 27 Grant 
Eagleson see Eggleston 
Eames Carrie F. Miss, compositor, boards 

98 Concord avenue 

Eames F. J., at Cambridge R. R., repair 

shop, Dunster 
Eames Henry H. Mrs. , house 98 Concord av. 
Eames H. Etta Miss, bookkeeper (169 Tre- 

mont, B.), boards 98 Concord av. 
Eames Jas. H., house 30 Pearl 
Eames Jos. E., h. 89 Concord av. 
Eames Sarah A., widow of L. J., house 22 

Western av. 
Eames Thomas H., supt. street dept, house 

99 Concord av. 

Earl Henry, pressman University Press, h. 

11 Revere 

Earl Walter, painter, house 61 Auburn 
Earl William, bookkeeper (198 Commer- 
cial, B.), h. 63 Oxford 
Early Cormick, polisher, h. 79 Hastings 
Early Henry Mrs. h. 79 Hastings 
Early John, bootmaker, 15 Brown, h. do. 
Early Sarah Miss., dressmaker, house 131 

Easly Christopher, slater, house 31 Union 
East Cambridge Five Cents Savings Bank, 

80 Cambridge 
East Cambridge Post-office, Isley M. Foger- 

ty, supt., 120 Cambridge 
East "Cambridge Station B. & L. R. R., 

foot Third 
East John W., teamster, 169 Gore, house 

1 Squire's court 
Easter Frederick N. , blacksmith, 355 North 

ave., house at Somerville 

EASTER ROBERT S., blacksmith 
and wheelwright, 355 North avenue, h. 

15 Rice 
Easter Stewart, carriagesmith, 350 North 

ave., bds. 352 do. 
Easter William, carriagesmith, 355 North 

av., bds. 15 Rice 
Easterbrook Annie B. Miss, dressmaker, h. 

22 Mill 
Eastabrook Edward E., mason, h. 22 Mill 
Easterbrook Moses P. , in rubber mill, house 

12 Berkshire place 

Eastman Chandler, janitor Hollis, Stough- 
ton and Holworthy Halls, H. U., house 
17 Stoughton Hall 

Eastman Charles A., student, boards Hol- 
yoke House 

Eastman Chas E., janitor Holy oke House, 
house do. 

Eastman Frank C, reed maker, 162 Broad- 
way, house 3 Soden 

Eastman George supt. Boston Diatite Co. 
(Charlestown), house 12 Arlington 

Eastman George W., clerk, (23 Union, B.), 
rooms 4 Charles River 

Eastman John (Woodbury Gerrish & Co.), 
cabinet maker, 14 Pearl, house 5 Ash- 
burton place 

Easton Thomas H. , granite cutter, 53 Main 
boards 94 Winsor 

Eaton Charles S., salesman, C. H. North & 
Co. (Somerville), house 56 Gore 

Eaton Chas. F. , ship stores (47 Long whf . , 
B.), house 8 Essex 

Eaton Clifford C, assistant at Observatorv, 
bds. 21 Suffolk 

Eaton Eliza A. Mrs. house 14 Bath 

Eaton Emma P. Mrs., teacher at Washing- 
ton grammar school, boards 18 Story 

Eaton Francis C, teamster, 13 Broadway, h. 
6 Erie 

Eaton Frederick M., upholsterer, boards 
121 Prospect 

Eaton Geo D. jr., yardmaster B. &L. R.R., 
office Prison Point road, house at Som- 

Eaton Helena V. , teacher Reed St. primary 
school, bds. 13 Walden 

Eaton Jacob, house 8 Winsor 

Eaton Joseph L. R., butcher, house 6 Rice 

Eaton Marion E., Mrs., dressmaker, Hotel 
School, h. do 

Eaton Osgood, organ tuner, 162 Broadway, 
h. at Reading 

Eaton Thomas, printer, h. 239 Broadway 

Eaton Warren A. , police, station 2, house 
162 Prospect 

Eberhardt Jacob J. , bookbinder, house 49 

Ebert George P., iron worker, Boston 
Bridge Works, Sixth, h. at E. Boston 

ECKER JOSEPH iE., teacher of 
piano and organ, 5 Union, h. do. 
Ecker Leopold, shoemaker, h. 5 Union 
Eckert George M., carpenter and builder 

(71 Chestnut, B.), h. Chestnut 
Eckert Valentine, janitor, Beck Hall, h. do. 
Eddy Eliza, widow of Lauriston, house 5 

Lambert av. 
Eddy George F. , carpenter, boards 5 Lam- 
bert av. 
Eddy Martin laborer, house Jackson, near 

Eddy, see Eadie 
Edgar John S., cabinet maker, Woodbury 

building, Otis, h. 36 Winsor 
Edgar William W. , gardener T. W. Dee, h. 

Fresh Pond lane, cor. Mt. Auburn 
Edgerly Chas. B., grain (186 State, B.), h. 

17 Forest 
Edgerly D. Mark, physician, 84 Green, 
Edgerly Martha, widow of Samuel S., h. 

225 Franklin 
Edgerly Wm. A., carpenter, h. 13 Third 
Edgett Reuben, carpenter, h. 353 Pearl 
Edginton Wm. H., sawyer, 162 Broadway, 

h. 48 Clark 
Edgworth Susan Mrs., dressmaker, 110 

Otis, b. do, 

rAUn DnUlnLno, next beck hall, 

H. "Win. Tupper, Manager, 




Edman George, safe maker, 17 Main 

Edmands Clair, polisher F. Geldowsky Fur- 
niture Co., house 11 Fourth 

Edmands Harrv C, clerk (Commercial, c. 
South Market, B.), bds. 81 Oxford 

Edmands James, carpenter, house 407 Cam- 

Edmands J. Rayner, asst. at Observatory, 
boards 86 Buckingham, c. Concord av. 

Edmands Mary, widow, h. 119 Harvard 

Edmands Martha A., Mrs., h. 29 Avon 

Edmands Millie M., widow of Samuel P., 
house 81 Oxford 

Edmands William, printer, bds. 407 Cam- 

Edmansdon Tell, laborer, boards 58 "Wash- 

Edmonds Peter, laborer, 113 Broadway, h. 
11 Hunting 

Edmundson Letitia, widow of Samuel, h. 
33 Washington 

Edmundson Samuel J., moulder, house 33 

Edson Emma C. Miss, teacher Corlett gram- 
mar school, bds. at Boston 

Edson Frank A., painter, h. 21 Green 

Edwards Chas. D., hostler, house 41 Hast- 

Edwards Eden, marble polisher (B.), h. 7 

Edwards George, clerk, 126 Inman, house 
at Somerville 

Edwards John H., teamster, h. 4 Grant 

Edwards Lewis A., surveyor, 603 Main, b. 
37 Spruce 

Edwards Margaret, widow of Thomas, bds. 
27 Webster av. 

Edwards Michael, laborer, bds. 23 Hunting 

Edwards Russell S., produce (15 Black- 
stone, B.), house 37 Spruce 

Edwards Thomas, Am. Rubber Co., boards 
79 Clark 

Edwards Truman G., asst. bookkeeper (85 
Devonshire, B.), h. 117 Auburn 

Edwards William, pedler, h. 23 Hunting 

EDWARDS WUI. J., painter, 16 
Boylston, house 69£ Mt. Auburn 
Edwards W.. woodworker, 368 Main, h. at 

Egan Ellen, wid. of Martin, h. 216 Franklin 
Egan James F., driver bds. 72 Brookline 
Egan James J., driver, h. 23 Somerset 
Egan John, teamster, bds. 72 Brookline 
Egan Michael, painter, 660 Main, house at 

Egan Michael, teamster, 72 Brookline, 
Egan Michael, boards 216 Franklin 
Egan Patrick, teamster 72 Brookline 
Egan Susan H., widow of Matthew, house 

9 Seventh 
Egan Timothy, teamster, b. 72 Brookline 
Egan, see Eagen, also Aigin 
Eggleston Chas. H. , machinist, house 111 


Eggleston Joseph, laborer, h. Foster, cor. 

Willard [31 Norfolk 

Eggleston Lorenzo, machinist, 72 Main, h. 
Eggleston Thomas S., tinsmith, 8 Brattle, 

h. Foster, cor. Willard 
Eggleston, see also Eagleson 
Ehrenberg L., safe maker, 17 Main 
Eich Christian P., hairdresser, 426 Harvard 
Eichburg Hans, tailor, boards rear 172 

Eichburg Louis, blacksmith, 113 Main, bds. 

1 Washington 
Eilhower Augustus, confectioner, house 23 

Flagg, c. Banks 
Eklof John, cabinet maker, 44 Cambridge 
Ela Alfred, insurance broker (27 Congress, 

B.), h. 13 Ash 
Ela Lucia Mrs., house 13 Ash 

ELA RICHARD, agt. Standard 
Turning Works, 131 to 135 Broadwav, 
office (68 State, B.), h. 13 Ash 
Ela Walter, physician, 39 Brattle, h. do. 
Elder Fred W., janitor Hotel Inman, In- 
man square, house do 
Elder George, carpenter, bds. 68 Otis 
Elder Josie S., widow, house 25 State 
I Elder Samuel, stenographer, (234 Devon- 
shire, B.), boards 648 Cambridge 
Elderd Alice M. , widow of Jordan, house 
174 Gore [Austin 

Eldredge Fred M., salesman (B.), house 47 
I Eldredge Thomas P. , iron worker, house 6 

Rogers' block, Main 

j Eldridge Annie Mrs., boards 19 Church 

Eldridge George B., bookkeeper, house 103 

River [house do. 

Eldridge Julia Mrs., dressmaker, 18 Upton, 

Eldridge Samuel W., telegraph operator 

(109 State, B.), h. 76 Magazine 
Eldriedge Benjamin S., laborer, 153 Put- 
nam av. , h. 29 River 
1 Elertson Emil, painter, bds. 15 Walnut ct. 
Eliot Charles, student, bds. 17 Quincy 
', Eliot Charles W., president H. U., office 5 

University Hall, house 17 Quincy 
1 Eliot John, leather belting (199 Devonshire, 

B.). house 22 Lee 
Eliot William S., clerk (199 Devonshire, 

boards 22 Lee 
Eliot, see Elliot, and Elliott 
Elisha J. Frank, laborer, h. 159 Broadway 
Elkins Alonzo, traveling salesman(87 Court, 

B.), house 49 Norfolk 
Elkins Charles H., grocer (B), h. 73 Dana 
| Ellenwood Thomas S. , carpenter, h. 122 Elm 
| Eller Nils, safe maker, 17 Main 
Ellerv Louis, hairdresser, h. r. 186 Green 
Ellerv Street Club Stable. 41 Ellerv 

chant tailor (419 Washington, B.), h. 
6 Mount Auburn 
Elliot George, barrel dealer, h. 33 Fourth 
Elliot Herbert, bookkeeper (94 South Mar- 
ket, B.), house 112 Hancock 

MT. AUBURN CEMETERY, p fl'TOTPN' & ^HTtf 82 ° Mainand 

Lots Bought, Sold, and Cared for. ■ ■ w CiWiiJlN Q* WW1N j 89 Sparks Sta. 



Elliot John B., photographer, house 15 

Elliot Silas H., student H. U., rooms 6 

Mount Auburn 
Elliott Ferdinand, teamster, boards 14 

Squire's court 
Elliott James, blacksmith, Boylston, corner 

Murray, house 890 Main 
Elliott James, driver, Lyceum building, 

Harvard square, bds. 890 Main 
Elliott Reed, modeller (Federal B.), bds. 

15 Reed 
Elliott Wm. J., teamster (93 Broad, B.), 

house 2 Fourth 
Elliott, see Eliot and Elliot 
Ellis Alexander, exoressman, h. 18 Market 
Ellis Benj. W. (Valentine, Ellis & Co.), 

coal and wood, Sargent's whf., Charles 

River, order office 36 Boylston, house 

45 Mount Auburn 
Ellis Charles, clerk, 527 Cambridge, bds. 5 

Ellis Charles H. Mrs., widow, h. 20 Eighth 
Ellis Charles S., organ tuner, 162 Broadway, 

house at Boston 
Ellis Clara M. Miss, clerk, 581 Main, bds. 

22 Lake 
Ellis David, produce (37 South Market, B.), 

house 117 North avenue 
Ellis D. Frank, produce (37 South Market, 

B.), house 3 Roseland 
Ellis D. Warren, produce, (21 Merchants 

row, B.), h. 6 Walnut av. 
Ellis Emmons R., produce (50 South Mar- 
ket, B.), house 87 North avenue 
Ellis Frank E., h. 105 Spring 
Ellis Frank H., musical instrument maker, 

(233 Cambridge, B.), bds. 28 Sidney 
Ellis Harry, produce (37 South Market, 

B.), bds. 117 North avenue 
Ellis Herbert W., clerk, 290 Broadway, b. 

255 do. 
Ellis Hervey D. (107 Clinton, B.), house 

28 Sidney 
Ellis Joanna, widow of Randolph, house 

105 Spring 
Ellis John G., blacksmith, (B. & A. R. R., 

B.), house 87 River 
Ellis John L., agent U. S. & C. express, 

(F. R. R. depot, B.), boards 18 Eighth 
Ellis J. Russell, produce (50 South Market, 

B.), house 54 North avenue 
Ellis Lois A., widow of Samuel, house 37 

Ellis Mellen F., secretary (251 Dorchester 

avenue, B.), house 106 Columbia 
Ellis Myra I. Miss, teacher Harvard gram- 
mar school, boards 37 Tremont 
Ellis Ralph J., clerk, boards 87 River 
Ellis Sarah, widow of William B., h. 18 

Ellis Stearns R. , produce (50 South Market, 

B.), house 22 Forest 
Ellis Sumner Rev. d.d., boards 7 Wendell 

Ellis Theodore, carpenter, h. 105 Spring 
Ellis Thomas Mrs., house 1 Bedford 
Ellis Thomas F., driver Chas. River Rail- 
road Co. , boards 18 Market 
Ellis Timothy J. , bookbinder, b. 18 Market 
Ellis William, house 18 Market 
Ellis William F., driver, h. rear 27 Sixth 
Ellison Andrew, painter, bds. 37 Dunster 
Ellison Ellen, widow of William J., house 

rear 27 Gore 
Ellison Charles, clerk, Prospect House, 

596 Main, boards do. 
Ellison Nahum, clerk, house 77 Pearl 
Ellison Thomas, brass polisher, h. 27 Cam- 
Ellison Willard, clerk, (Sudbury, B.), h. 

Hotel Wentworth, 9 Essex 
Ellison Willard B., boards 77 Pearl 
Elliston Emil, painter, 5 Palmer 
Ellsworth Edwin S. , boards 46 Winthrop 
Elm John L. , cabinet maker, 602 Main, b. 

77 Washington 
Elsbree James H., compositor, h. 81 River 
Elston James, contractor, b. Porter's Hotel 
Elvin Frank F., architect, Alex McDonald, 

Mt. Auburn, boards 10 Brown 
Elward James, teamster, 169 Gore, house 

145 do. 
Elward Thomas, teamster, J. P. Squire & 

Co., house 121 Gore 
Elwell Elizabeth, widow of James B., h. 33 

Elword Edward, clerk, 110 Cambridge, 

bds. 118 Spring 
Elword Elizabeth, wid. of Wm. A., h. 168 

Elword Joseph W., provisions, 110 Cam- 
bridge, boards 168 do. 
Emerson Charles, confectioner, 503 Main, 

house 49 Wright 
Emerson Edward W., clerk (87 Broad, B.), 

house 4 Mt. Pleasant 
Emerson Geo. B., carpenter, house rear 

125 Gore 
Emerson Geo. F., clerk 162 Broadway, 

house at East Somerville 
Emerson Geo. H., painter (B.), b. 125 Gore 
Emerson Henry, h. 4 Mt. Pleasant 
Emerson Helen F., widow of George B., 

house 4 Upton 
Emerson Henry L. , trader and city lamp- 
lighter, house 106 Allston 
Emerson Mary A., widow, h. 378 Broadway 
Emerson Mary F., Miss, teacher Harvard 

grammar school, bds. 378 Broadway 
Emerson Rosa K. Mrs., house 13 Wallace 
Emerson Thomas H. (B. P. Clark & Co.), 

503 Main, h. 766 do. 
Emerson Thurlow A., broker (53 Kilby, 

room 6, B.), house 57 Fairmont 
Emerson William, driver, 16 Pearl boards 

rear 122 Broadway 
Emerson William H., molasses (40 Central, 
B.), house 341 Harvard 





Emerton Ephraim, professor Ecclesiastical 

History H. U. , h. 58 Shepard 
Emery Diantha, house 72 School 
Emery Geo. L., boards 64 Winsor 
Emery Harriet, widow, boards 85 Brattle 
Emery John B., salesman, (71 Bedford, B.), 

house 760 Main 
Emery Lindsav N., salesman (14 Fan. Hall 

Sq., B.), house 291 Pearl 
Emery Manning, broker (28 State, room 10, 

B.), house 15 Buckingham 
Emery Margaret, widow of Henry, house 

18 Webster avenue 
Emery Melville T., salesman (14 Fan. Hall 

Sq., B.), h. 291 Pearl 
Emery Samuel, tinsmith, 600 Main, h. 17 

Emery Seavey D., fruit (14 Fan. Hall Sq., 

B.), h. 12 William 
Emery Woodward, lawyer (62 Sears bldg., 

B.), house 163 Brattle 
Emmel Charles, carver, house 128 Otis 
Emmel William, carver, boards 128 Otis 
Emms William T., machinist, 72 Main, 

boards 12 Broadway 
Emory Susan P., widow of Daniel, h. 296 

North avenue 
Emory William H. , printer University Press, 

house 141 Mt. Auburn 
Emra John |N., proof-reader Riverside 

Press, house 7 Gordon place 
Endicott Henry, office, 356 Main, house 28 

Endres Geo., wood carver, h. 53 Winsor 
Endres George F., wood carver (B,), house 

71 Spring 
Enfiajian Harootune, Tnrkish goods, 12 

Harvard Row, rooms 28 College House 
Engal S,, boiler maker, 92 Main 
Engal Thomas, boiler maker, 92 Main 
England August, cabinet maker, house 134 

England John, carpenter, 7 Green, h. do. 
England James, carpenter, house 32 Cogs- 
well avenue 
England Robert, moulder, 356 Main 
England William, boarding-house, 15 Far- 
well place 
Engley Wm. F., h. 3, rear 41 Norfolk 
English Edward E., glass maker, house 29 

Ennis Daniel D., machinist B. & L. R. R., 

house 18 Leighton ct. 
Ennis Daniel D., machinist, 356 Main, bds. 

at Boston 
Ennis Fred, piano forte maker, boards 18 

Leighton ct. 
Ennis William H., shipper, boards 112 

Eno James, brick maker, house Walden, 

between Dublin and Garden 
Enos Wm. R., coachman, h. 23 Washington 
Enslin J. Fred, polisher b. 125 Harvard 
Enwright Bridget Mrs. , house 165 Green 

Erhard Rudolph, brass finisher, Draper & 

Co., house 2 Eighth 
Erickson Charles E., safe maker, 17 Main, 

house at Somerville 
Erickson Edward, at 17 Main 
Erickson Edward, blacksmith, house 4 

Chestnut park 
Ericksen Erick A., car builder, h. 30 Banks 
Ericsson Eric, laborer, bds. 80 Kirkland 
Erickson Lewis, machinist, 356 Main, 

boards at Boston 
Erving Wesley, laborer, h. 51 Hastings 
Estabrook George A., action maker, 139 

Broadway, house 414 Main 
Estabrook Joseph D., Moolens (83 Arch, 

B.), h. Washington av., n. Arlington 
Estabrook Joseph W. , produce (47 and 48 

North Market, B.), h. 221 Harvard 
Estabrook, see Easterbrook, also Ester- 
Estaver Frederick, printer, b. r. 30 Front 
Estaver Wm. A., machinist (50 Bromfield, 

B.), house rear 30 Front 
Esterbrook William, teamster (6 Fulton, 

B,), house 55 Cedar 
Estes Ivory P., carpenter, 22 Palmer, house 

34 Ash 
Esty Elizabeth Mrs., house 27 Jay 
Etherton Thomas, carpenter, house 65£ 

Western avenue 
Ettinger Isaac, driver Jenness & Twombly 

express, house 4 Riverside place 
Eustace Alexander, peddler, h. 3 Lake 
Eustace Ann, widow of Jas,, h. 10 Fourth 
Eustis Frank I. (Gilmore & Eustis), Cam- 
bridge Rolling Mill, 126 Portland, 
house Bond, corner Concord avenue 
Eustis Henry L., Professor of Engineering 
and dean of the Scientific faculty H. U. , 
house 29 Kirkland 
Eustis Henry S., house 29 Kirkland 
Eustis Julian J., clerk (363 Dorchester 

avenue, B.), house 29 Kirkland 
Eutebrouk Charles H., gunsmith (21 Dock 
square, B.), house Crescent, second on 
right from Oxford 
Evans Charles C, milkman, 145 Mt. Au- 
burn, boards 150 do. [32 Green 
Evans Chas. H., planer, 113 Broadway, h. 
Evans C. W., conductor Cambridge R. R. 
Co., boards at Brighton [Pleasant 
Evans Elizabeth, widow of John, house 68 
Evans George S., postal clerk Boston & 

N. Y. , house 49 Mt. Auburn 
Evans H. B., house 106 Inman 
Evans John H., teamster 47 Amory 
Evans J., woodworker Rhoades Bldg,, State 
Evans Louisa, widow of Henry, h. 76 Spring 
Evans Mercy E. Miss, teacher Mason pri- 
mary school, boards 68 Pleasant 
Evans Richard, gardener, h. 24 Hudson pi. 
Evans Robert D,. president American Rub- 
ber Co., Potter, and (59 Franklin, B.), 
house at Boston 




Evans Thomas E., laborer, h. 23 Hastings 
Evans William, carriage trimmer, house 
150 Mt. Auburn [Daniels c t 

Evans William, jr., carpenter, house 5 
Evans William L., bookkeeper (95 Union, 

B.), house 67 h Western avenue 
Eveleth William H., superintendent H. U. 

grounds, house 6 North avenue 
Everett Charles Clement, clerk Riverside 

Press, boards at Allston 
Everett Charles C, Bussey Professor of 
Theology H. U., and Dean of the Di- 
vinity faculty, house 53 Garden 
Everett Cyrus, teamster, h. 55 Fifth 
Everett Edward F., insurance (Mason's 
building, 1 Liberty square, B.), house 
31 Sacramento 
Everett Josiah S., teamster (49 South Mar- 
ket, B.), h. 55 Fifth 
Everett William A. , house 23 Berkeley 
Ewell Charles, house 39 Linnaean 
Ewell Charlotte A. Miss, teacher Agassiz 

school, boards 39 Linnaean 
Ewell James P. , key maker, 139 Broadway, 

house 56 Franklin 
Ewell Thomas B., salesman (27 Winter, 

B.), house 39 Linnaean 
Ewer Clara G. Mrs., clerk (State House, 

B.), boards 56 Austin 
Ewer Henrietta Mrs. , house 35 Cottage 
Eyre Harriet M., widow of Charles E., 
glove cleaner, h. 35 Banks 

FABERY CARL, fireman (Wash., B.), 

house 43 Reed 
Fabyan Frances Miss, teacher Harvard 

grammar school, boards 92£ Inman 
Fabyan Hattie F. Miss, teacher Harvard 

grammar sohool, boards 92£ Inman 
Fabyan Joshua E., livery stable, 518 and 

520 Cambridge, house 92£ Inman 
Facey John F., printer Riverside Press, 

boards 146 Fairmont 
Facey John P., printer Riverside Press, 

house 46 Fairmont 
Fagan Frank, at 17 Main 
Fagan James, laborer, h. 28 Charles River 
Faggard Charles, sand paperer, Russ 

Moulding Co., First, bds. 174 Fourth 
Fahey Edward, hostler, 677 Main, boards 

68 School 
Fahey James, laborer, house 34 Willow 
Fahey Thomas, drain pipe maker, 132 Main 
Fahy John L., grocer, 120 Third, h. do. 
Fairbairn Andrew S., boards 15 Seventh 
Fairbairn Catherine, widow of John, house 

15 Seventh 
Fairbairn George H., conductor, Cambridge 

R.R. Co.. boards Baldwin street station 
Fairbairn Jas., coachman, h. 100 Columbia 

tioneer, real estate agent and insurance, 
166 Cambridge house do. 
Fairbairn Rob'tH., peddler, b. 15 Seventh 

Fairbank Alfred T. , clerk (440 Washing- 
ton, B.), boards 14 Plympton 
Fairbank Anna C, widow of Elbridge, 

house 14 Plympton 
Fairbank George E., tailor (Summer, B.), 

house 14 Plympton 
Fairbanks Charles H., agent J. Cushing & 

Co., Regent, bds. Porter's Hotel 
Fairbanks Frank H., clerk, Fairbanks & 

Neale (Howard, B.), h. 89 Norfolk 
Fairbanks Hugh, teamster, bds. 150 Spring 
Fairbanks John W., American Net 
and Twine Co., Third, and (43 Com- 
mercial, B.), house 110 North avenue 
FAIRBANKS LEVI (Fairbanks & 
Neale), mineral waters, etc., under 
Howard Athenaeum (Howard, B.), h. 
87 Norfolk 
Fairbanks Martha J. , widow of Horatio, h. 

7 Norfolk 
Fairbanks Sarah, widow of Nathaniel, bds. 

110 North avenue 
Fairborn Marcus M. , painter, b. 15 Eighth 
Fairchild John H. Mrs., teacher of draw- 
ing and painting, h. 56 Mt. Auburn 
Fairfield Abigail J., widow of Luther C, 

house 127 Auburn 
Fairfield Delia H. Miss, compositor, h. 

127 Osborn 
Fairfield Edward T., carpenter, house 71 

Falconer William, head gardener, H. U. 

botanic garden, Raymond, house do. 
Fales Damon W., salesman (4 Bowdoin 

square, B.), house 135 Pearl 
Fales Helan H., traveling agent (69 Clin- 
ton, B.), rooms 31 Norfolk 
Fallon Ann, widow of Patrick, house 128 

Fallon Ann, widow of Thomas, h. 6£ Grant 
Fallon Bernard, city laborer, house 99 

Fallon Bridget, widow, house 222 Franklin 
Fallon Bridget, widow of Benedict, h. 112 

Fallon Christopher, stone-cutter, house 234 

Fallon Daniel, laborer, bds. 222 Franklin 
Fallon Edward, safemaker, 17 Main 
Fallon John, painter, house 6£ Grant 
Fallon John, painter, house 18 Magee 
Fallon John F. , cooper, bds. 99 Brookline 
Fallon Lawrence, laborer, h. 133 Webster 

Fallon Martin, painter, house 28 Banks 
Fallon Michael, farmer, house Holworthy, 

near Corlett school 
Fallon Michael, glass blower, h. 152 Third 
Fallon Michael F., boards 67 Amory 
Fallon William, painter, boards 22 McCabe 
Falls Alonzo B., engineer, B. & L. R. R., 

house 95 Otis 
Falls Joseph, carpenter, Rhoades building, 
State, house 16 Elmer 

DAPU DDflTUCDC main street, 

rAbn DnUsntno, next beck hall, 

H. "Win. Tupper, 3Xarias-er, 




Fait Joseph, carpenter, house Waverly, 

east of Fort Washington [at Boston i 
Falvey Hadley J., machinist, 17 Main, bds. j 
Falvey J., hostler, Cambridge R.R. Co. 
Falvey Michael, laborer, 17 Main, house 2 , 

Falvey Michael, teamster. A., McDonald, 

Mt. Auburn, house McDonald 
Farley Felix, safe maker, 17 Main 
Farley Geo. O., teamster, h. 2 Hotel Clark 
Farley Gustavus, storage (38 India wharf, 

B.), house 16 Lowell 
Farley Patrick, laborer, house r. 2 Hastings 
Farlow William G., professor H. U., rms. 

30 Holyoke House 
Farmer Jesse, boards 41 Prospect 
Farmer Joseph B., clerk. 153 Harvard, h. 

rear 159 do. 
Farnam Aaron, com. mer., bds. 34 Ash 
Farnham C. E., driver, Cambridge R. R. 
Farnham Edwin, physician, 4 Story, h. do. 
Farnham George Y., teamster, 172 Pearl, 

house 16 Valentine 
Farnham Mary E. Mrs., matron Episcopal 

Theo. School, Brattle, boards do. 
Farnham Wilbert D. jr., flour (30 Com- 
merce, B.), house 13 Dover 
Farnholm Carl J., cabinet maker, Ivers & 

Pond Piano Co. , house 6 Lopez 
Farnsworth Charles H., physician, 170 

Cambridge, h. do. 
Farnum Gera F., express, 638 Main, and 

(State, corner Washington, B.), house 

21 William 
Farnum Sylvester B., machinist, 92 Main, 

house 44 Winsor 
Farquhar Headley V., clerk (8 Canal, B.), 

boards 408 Main 
Farr William, porter, (229 State, B.), 

rooms 9 Boardman [Sixth 

Farr Wm., spring bed mnfr., Gore h. 59 
Farracy James, finisher F. Geldowsky 

Furniture Co., boards 9 Short 
Farracy John, laborer, house 44 Porter 
Farracy Patrick, house rear 9 Short 
Farrar Elizabeth Mrs., h. 101 Trowbridge 
Farrar Nettie A., assistant at Observatory, 

house at Charlestown [82 River 

Farrell Catherine, widow of Edward, house 
Farrell Edwin (Farrell & Stetson), foot of 

Frank, house at Brighton 
Farrell Ellen, widow of Thomas, house 8 

Rogers' block, Main 
Farrell James E., blacksmith, 270 North 

ave., house 30 Cogswell avenue 
Farrell John, carpenter, house Cushing, 

opp. Vineyard 
Farrell John H., inspector of milk and 

vinegar, Central sq., building, Western 

avenue, house 73 Inman 
Farrell Matthew, house 8 Hastings 
Farrell Matthew, laborer, house 18 Seventh 
Farrell Micah J., salesman (115 Wash. B.), 

h. 89 Auburn 

Farrell & Stetson (Edwin Farrell and Fred 
Stetson), slaughterhouse, foot of 

Farrell Frank, laborer, house 31 Holyoke 

Farrell Thomas, carpenter, boards 8 Rog- 
ers' block 

Farricy James, moulding finisher, 9 Short 

Farrin John W., carriage painter, rear 10 
Brattle, boards at Somerville 

Farrington Charles R., clerk (4 Chauncy, 
B.), boards 9 Gardner 

Farrington Elmira C, widow of Josiah C. 
R., house 894 Main 

Farrington Frank H. , piano maker Ivers & 
Pond Piano Co., Albany, h. at Boston 

Farrington Thomas F., bookbinder (47 
Franklin, B.), h. 100 Hampshire 

Farris Edward J., glass cutter, house 1 
Crossland, near Clark 

Farris John W., laborer, h. 325 Cambridge 

Farry Catherine, widow of Patrick, house 
rear 29 Winthrop 

Farry John, 5 Brattle, bds. r. 29 Winthrop 

Farwell Bertram H., clerk, 114 Cambridge, 
house 273 North avenue 

Farwell Charles H., restaurant and board- 
ing-house, 5 Prospect, house 6 do. 

Farwell Edgar P., clerk (34 Hawley, B.), 
house 16 Warland 

Farwell Eugene P., teamster (34 Hawlev, 
B.). house 16 Warland 

Farwell George F., teamster (34 Hawley, 
B.), house 95 Austin 

Farwell James K. , supt. Cambridge ceme- 
tery, house 273 North ave. 

Farwell Joseph R., com. mer. (30 Com- 
merce, B.),h. 114 Prospect [Thorndike 

Farwell Jotham, expressman, house 89 

Farwell Stephen T. Mrs. , h. 101 Trowbridge 

Fatal John J., clerk U. S. Sub Treasury 
(Devonshire, B.), house 7 Lincoln 

Faulkner C. A. (C. A. Faulkner & Co.), 
grocer, 321 North avenue, house at 

Faulkner C. A. & Co. (C. A. Faulkner and 
A. A. Chapman), grocers, 321 North 

Faulkner Geo., oar maker, foot of DeWolf, 
house 21 Flagg 

Faulkner Richard, carpenter, b. 37 Willard 

Fawcet Robert, teamster, 111 Bridge, house 
11 Leighton court 

Fawcett Charles H., house 11 Mead 

Fawcett John N., trunkmaker, rear 382 
Main, house at Boston 

Faxon Asaph T. , butcher, h. 1 Lincoln ct. 

Faxon Daniel, horse-shoer, 18 Cambridge, 
house 112 Fourth 

Faxon Walter, assistant in Zoological 
Laboratory, Museum of Comparative 
Zoology H. U., rms. 32 Felton bldg. 

Fay Edward, junk, house 70 School 

Fay Edward P., car trimmer (B. & A. R. 
R., Allston), house 18 Laurel 





Fay Edward P., express, boards 451 

Fay Francis B., freight office O. C. R.R. 

(B.), bds. 24 Warland 
Fay Isaac Mrs,, house 59 Antrim 
Fay Maria 1). Miss, house 9 Garden 
Fay Mary E., widow of William, house 

120 Pearl 
Fay Prescott, clergyman, house 8 Mason 
Fay Thomas, house 18 Laurel 
Fay "William, engiueer, house 5 McCabe 
Fayen John L., gardener, h. 11 Holly ave. 
Fayes Antonio J., shade painter, 15 

Blanche, b. 37 Washington 
Fears Frank A., printer, h. 99 Inman 
Fee Thomas, coachman, 4 Kirkland place, 

house 47 Baldwin 
Fee Thomas, laborer, house 7 Water 

FEEL.EY MARTIN A., painter, 
G±2 Main, house 16 River 
Feeley Philip, house 16 River 
Feeney Hugh, blacksmith (Quincy), house 

Holworthy, corner Locust 
Feeney Patrick, bds. Hampshire, corner 

Feeney Timothy, waiter Revere House, 

(Bowdoin sq., B.), house Spring, near 

Fegan John, carpenter, h. 12 Harrison 
Felix Estacio R., hairdresser, 421 Cam- 
bridge, house do. 
Felker John C, foreman, 54 Bridge, house 

51 Vine 
Fell Thomas, cooper (Belmont), house 509 

Fell Thomas W. H., clerk (71 Bedford, 

B.), bds. 509 Cambridge 
Fellows Charles M. Mrs., house 28 Mellen 
Fellows Cyrus, house 97 Concord avenue 
Fellows Frank C. house 28 Mellen 
Fellows Frank 0., cracker dealer, boards 

60 Market 
Fellows Henrv T., boots and shoes (48 and 

50 Pearl, B.)i h. 158 North ave. 

mnfr. (96 High, B.), house 35 Cedar 

Fellows Lydia M., widow of John H., h. 

106 Ellery [60 Market 

FelloAvs Oshea P., cracker dealer, house 
Fellows Rebeeea F. Mrs. , h. 28 Mellen 
Fellows William, expressman, 600 Main, 

boards 38 Washington 
Felt Charles, helper, 17 Main, boards 4 

Foster's block, 87 Main 
Felt Charles W.. salesman (60 Commerce, 

B., house 110 Washington 
Felt Geo. W., horse shoer, 18 Cambridge, 

house at Somerville 
Felt Irwin G.,. wheelwright, 18 Cambridge, 

house at Somerville 
Fenelon Michael F., druggist (206 Cam- 
bridge. B.), house 158£ Otis 
Fennelly Thomas, gardener, h. 47 Spruce 

Fenner Frank T., laborer, b. 30 Putnam av. 
Fenner Frederick O., laborer H. U., boards 

30 Putnam avenue 

Fenner Mary E., widow of Edwin E., 

house 30 Putnam av. 
Fennessey Michael J., cooper, house 167 

Fenton Benjamin F., clerk, 596 Main,b. da. 
Fenton Mehitable, widow of Orin, house 

31 Pleasant [h. do. 
Fenton Nathaniel, spring beds, 137 Gore, 
Fenwick T. B., woodworker M. E. Rideout 

& Co., State, bds. 179£ Harvard 
Ferdinand Arthur G. , bookkeeper (267 Fed- 
eral, B.), bds. 80 Green 
Ferdinand Jasper F., variety store (19 

Portland, B.), house 80 Green 
Ferdinand Lorrin W., hardware (267 Fed- 
eral, B.), boards 40 Coulmbia 
Ferguson Alexander, hairdresser, 574 Main, 

boards 69 Western av. 
Ferguson Daniel, printer, b. 95 Mt. Auburn 
Ferguson Ellen F., widow of William, h. 

122 Brookline 
Ferguson Frank A., printer, h. 22 Church 
Ferguson Hugh, gas fitter, b. 49 Willow 
Ferguson John, carriage painter, 350 Nortq 

av., boards 352 do. 
Ferguson John, carpenter, h. 49 Willow 
Ferguson James G., baker, 79 and 184 

Cambridge, house 79 do. 
Ferguson Sarah, widow of William, house 

6 Walden 
Ferguson Thomas T., U. S. storekeeper, 

house 6 Walden [56 Western av. 

Fern Otis L., liquors (95 Union, B.), house 
Fern William H. Mrs., house 13 Foster 
Fernald John L., carpenter M. E. Rideout 

& Co., State, house at Somerville 
Fernald Mary F., widow of Almi C, bds. 

8 Avon [18 Orchard 

Fernald Robert P., clerk (172 State, B.), h. 
Fernandez Louisa, widow, house rear 101 

Fernando John, fishman, h. 105 Fourth 
Fernands Manuel S., hairdresser, 265 Cam- 
bridge, bds. Lechmere sq. 
Ferns Mary Mrs., h. 13 Foster 
Ferreira August, carpenter, 213 Bridge, 

house Gore 
Ferren George W., box maker, 2 Albany, 

boards 50 Sidney 
Ferren Geo. W. jr., galvanizer, 2 Albany, 

house 50 Sidney 
Ferrin Horace, bds. 515 Main 
Ferris Edward J., boots and shoes, 118 

Cambridge, and trainer, 1& Brattle, h. 

42 Spring 
Ferris Frank M., pressman University 

Press, rooms 6 Brewer 
Ferris Lawrence, clerk (B.), h. 42 Spring 
Ferris Thomas, house 32 Harding 
Ferry E., feeder Cambridge R.R. • 
Ferry James, med. student, bds. 127 Elm 


Assortment of Bronze Hardware in New England 




Ferry John P., bookbinder (111 Milk, B,(. 

house rear 127 Elm 
Ferry Patrick, laborer, house 127 Elm 
Fessenden Benjamin, house 17 Walden 
Fessenden Charles L. (156 Hanover, B.), 

house 27 Prospect 
Fessenden C. Frank (33 Summer, B.), b. 

27 Prospect 
Fessenden Edward M. (156 Hanover, B.), 

boards 27 Prospect 
Fessenden Emily F. Miss, teacher Shepard 

grammar school, boards 17 Walden 
Fessenden Lucy O., teacher Eeed Kinder- 
garten school, bds. 17 Walden 
Fessenden Sarah R. Miss, h. 76 Inman 
Fessenden Thos. A. D. Mrs., boards 56 

Mount Auburn 
Fewkes J. Walter, in charge of Radiates 

Museum of Comparative Zoology, bds. 

12 Arlington 
Fichtler Andrew, baker, h. 15 Winter 
Fickett Henry P., calker (E. B.), h. 49 

Fiedler Max, chemist, 502 Main, boards 2 

Amory place 
Field Charles R. , at 502 Main, h. 23 Cherry 
Field Chauncy H., machinist, 72 Main, h. 

291 Pearl 
Field Frank D., machinist, bds. 11 Winsor 
Field Franklin, machinist, 72 Main, boards 

25 State 
Field George G. (28 State, room 15, B.), 

house 9 Chauncy 
Field Roderick D., driver Cambridge Laun- 
dry, house 11 Winsor 
Field Thomas, tinsmith, h. r. 71 Allston 
Field Walter W., machinist, 92 Main, h. 

12 William 
Field Zarina, widow of Franklin, nurse, 

house 25 State 
Field, see Fields 

Fielding Dennis J., glass maker, h. 83 Vine 
Fields Charles, waiter (Young's Hotel, B.), 

house 1 Village 
Fields Charles, laborer, 502 Main 
Fields Israel, 1 borer, h. 8 Berkshire pi. 
Fife James H., hack driver, Church, bds. 

34 Brattle 
Fifield James H., bookkeeper, h. 17 Park 
Fifield John F., conductor Cambridge Rail- 
road Co., house 114 Pear [114 Pearl 
Fifield Sarah M., widow of George W., h. 
Fillebrown Amos, boards 131 Cambridge 
Fillebrown Elizabeth, widow of James, h. 

10 Upton 
Fillebrown Henry A., conductor Cambridge 

Railroad Co., rooms 12 Eliot 
Fillebrown Samuel, painter, house 453 

Fillebrown conductor Camb. R.R., 

rms. 2 Brewer's block. Brattle sq. 
Files Morris, rooms 511 Cambridge 
Fillmore Alfred, carpenter, boards 109 


Fillmore Chas. A., grocer, 21 Harding, 

house do. 
Fillmore Christine Mrs., dressmaker, 26 

Tremont, house do. 
Fillmore Millard, carpenter, h. 21 Hewes 
Fillmore Wellington, carpenter, 10 Austin, 

house 167 Prospect 
Finan James, core maker H. M. Bird, Pel- 
ham, house 3 do. 
Findley Charles, baker, 502 Main 
Finerty John, house 123 Fourth 
Finley Charles, baker, 502 Main, house 28 

Finley Patrick, at rubber factory, boards 4 

Pioneer avenue 
Finley Robert J. H., helper, 2 Albany, 

house at Boston 
Finn Daniel, laborer, h. 25 Cambridge 
Finn Henry W., cabinet maker, Woodbury 

bldg., Otis, house 6 Erie 
Finn John, laborer, house 45 Banks 
Finnegan, see Finnigan 
Finneran Andrew, laborer, h. 60 Waverly 
Finneran Catherine, widow of Martin, h. 

23 Allston 
Finneran Michael, hostler, John Reardon & 

Sons, house 52 Waverly 
Finneran Patrick, teamster, John Reardon 

& Sons, house 275 Putnam avenue 
Finneran William, peddler, bds. 23 Allston 
Finnerty Thomas, coachman, 400 Broadway, 

house 6 Antrim 
Finney Daniel J., bookkeeper, 5 Brattle, 

boards 394 Main 
Finney Edward J. N., brass finisher (292 

Washington, B.), house 394 Main 
Finney Mary, wid. of James, h. 394 Main 
Finnick Joseph, city lamplighter, house 2 

Garden court 
Finnick Richard, house 16 Lopez 
Finnigan Daniel A., blacksmith, bds. rear 

427 Cambridge 
Finnigan Daniel J. P., carver (Boston), 

house 133 Brookline 
Finnigan Hannah, widow, h. 231 Franklin 
Finnigan Hugh, blacksmith, h. 190 Norfolk 
Finnigan Jeremiah, engineer, 454 Main, 

boards 199 Norfolk 
Finnigan John, blacksmith, house rear 427 

Cambridge . 
Finnigan Joseph, glass blower, N. E. Glass 

Works, North 
Finnigan P. J., physician, 494 Main, bds. 

Prospect House 
Finnigan Thomas, safe maker, 17 Main 
Finnigan, see Finnegan 
Finning James, porter, Porter's Hotel, 

boards do. 
Finucen John, cabinet maker, h. 19 Gore 

CAMBRIDGE, Daniel IT. Cham- 
berlin, president, Main, cor. Prospect 
Fischer Ferdinand, currier, Tannery, h. 
380 North avenue 




Fischer Lawrence, currier, house Tannery, 

2d on right 
Fischer William F., bookkeeper F. Fischer, 

Tannery, boards 380 North av. 
Fish Albert F., moulder, h. 158 Cambridge 
Fish Albert S., moulder H. M. Bird, Pel- 
ham, house at Somerville 
Fish B. Edson, commercial traveller (85 

Oliver, B.), house 5 Shepard 
Fish Ezra W. , moulder, h. 498 Cambridge 
Fish Florestan, letter carrier Cambridge 

P. O., 7 Harvard row, bds. 12 Dunster 
Fish Frederick P., lawyer (40 Water, r. 

52, B.), boards 24 North avenue 
Fish Martha A., dressmaker (B.), boards 

158 Cambridge 
Fish Mary H. , widow, house 158 Cambridge 
Fish Moses W., com. mer. (B.), house 44 

Fish William R., photo, engraver (5 Chat- 

nam row, B.), house Hotel Wentworth, 

Fisher Charles R., laborer, h. Jordan place 
Fisher George, director Cambridge Conser- 
vatory of Music, 4 Lee, h. 721 Main 
Fisher C. Warren, at N. E. Glass Works, 

house at West Medford 
Fisher Frederick E., milkman, 66 Pleasant, 

rooms 34 Magazine 
Fisher Charles W., engineer B. & L. R. R., 

house 13 Sixth 
Fisher Henry, moulder H. M. Bird, Pel- 
ham, house 224 Broadway 
Fisher Henry H., clerk (Quincy market, 

B.), house 58 Elm 
Fisher Lewis E. (20 F. H. sq., B.), h. 46 

Fisher Mary E., wid. of John, h. 6 Brewer 
Fisher Xehemiah AV. Mrs., dressmaker, 

house 89 Norfolk 
Fisher Sarah C, teacher at Conservatory, 

4 Lee, boards 721 Main 
Fisher T. Jay, clerk (2£ Winter pi. B.), bds. 

6 Brewer [Seckel 

Fisk Edward, organ tuner (B.), rooms 2 
Fisk Frederick D., student H. U., boards 

32 Quincy 
Fisk James C, treasurer (87 Milk, room 

21, B.). house 32 Quincy 
Fisk James L., student H. U., b. 32 Quincy 
Fisk Jennie, widow of Wilbur, house 9 

Charles River 
Fisk Prescott, house 65 Plymouth 
Fiske Charles A. Mrs., house 9 Clinton 
Fiske John, author, house 22 Berkeley 
Fiske John M., special deputy collector 

(Custom House, B.), h. 139 Oxford 
Fiske Lyman B., auditor, Memorial Hall, 

H. U., rooms 13 Kirkland place 
Fiske William B., medical student, boards 

9 Clinton [North avenue 

Fitch Abel, teamster and farmer, house 331 
Fitch Alamanzo B., provisions (9 Change 

avenue, B.), house 59 Pleasant 

F &L ff 'i Sa i°% 163 Dub "n,bds. do. 

F ltZ Darnel F counselor (33 School, room 
Fit* ik?' '* ^ ae m Oxford 

Fitz Philip, shl p broker and com. mer C51 
Commercial, B.) h. 28 Hamilton (M 

iam^shire ^ ** C °-' bds <* 
Fitzgerald Edward, blacksmith helper 178 
Nor h avenue, boards at SomeSdUe 

Sffid Ho°n r o ge ' Pa !f tGr ' bds " 74 Si ** 

"JWiEaS; of Maurice ' house 

FiWrafd tT' ;\ b ° rer ' h - 3 ^ ichol « PL 
± itzgera d James, laborer, h. 37 Jefferson 

Fitzgerald James, laborer, h. 113 Third 

Sad l""' ?? inter; h — 3 74 h Sitth 

f/puJrrv 11 -' ^^ ^ bds - 

FltZ D e r r e « d ? ameS H " Pressman University 
press, house 1 Athens 

Fitzgerald John, engineer, Bay State Brick 

<-o., house 140 Dublin 
Fitzgerald John E., laborer, h. 189 Spruce 
Fitzgerald John E., iron moulder, house 

46 Washington 
Fitzgerald John F., machinist, boards 174 

Fitzgerald John M., teamster, house Eighth, 

corner Spring 
Fitzgerald John W., engineer Bay State 

Brick Co., boards 140 Dublin 
Fitzgerald Mary, widow of Frank, h. 174 

Fitzgerald Mary, widow of Michael, house 

35 Harvey [do. 

Fitzgerald Mary A, dressmaker, 123 Elm, h. 
Fitzgerald Maurice, laborer, 153 Putnam 

av., bds. 41 Banks 
Fitzgerald Maurice F., machinist (31 Ha- 
verhill, B.), house 247 Franklin 
Fitzgerald Michael, blacksmith, Cambridge 

K.R. Co., Dunster, h. 8 Emmons pi. 
Fitzgerald Michael J., cooper Niles Bros., 

house 83 Concord av. 
Fitzgerald Patrick, fisherman, h. 91 Third 
Fitzgerald Patrick, gardener Wm. Read, jr., 

house 7 Donnell 
Fitzgerald Patrick, laborer, h. 41 Banks 
Fitzgerald Richard A., porter (400 Wash- 
ington, B.), house 29 Grigg 


:m:.£.i:n- street, hstexit beck: h-a.XjXj 3 

H. Wm. Tuoper. Manager. 




Fitzgerald William, boards 7 Donnell 
Fitzgerald Wm. F., drover, b. 189 Spruce 
Fitzgibbons John, helper B. & M. R. R. 

shop, house rear 16 Winter 
Fitzmaurice Michael, coachman, 81 Maga- 
zine, house Andrew, near Fairmont 
Fitzmaurice Thomas, junk, h. 98 Third 

(M. E. Rideout & Co.), planing, saw- 
ing and moulding mill, Rhoades build- 
ing, State, h. 120 Pearl 
Fitzpatrick Frank, agent, house 109 Otis 
Fitzpatrick George, brushmaker, rooms 11 

Fitzpatrick James, laborer, house rear 411 

Fitzpatrick James, provisions, b. 80 Otis 
Fitzpatrick James Mrs., house 103 Tremont 
Fitzpatrick James B., clerk, 408 Cambridge, 

boards 411 do. 
Fitzpatrick John, printer, b. 46 Boylston 
Fitzpatrick John' A., clerk, 63 Norfolk, 

bds. rear 411 Cambridge 
Fitzpatrick Mary, widow of James, house 

107 Gore 
Fitzpatrick Michael, laborer, house Hol- 

worthy, near Locust 
Fitzpatrick Michael F., laborer, boards rear 

411 Cambridge 
Fitzpatrick Patrick, laborer, house Holwor- 

thy, near Locust 
Fitzpatrick Patrick W., brushmaker, bds. 

Mansion House, Gore, corner Bridge 
Fitzpatrick Robert, organ varnisher, 162 

Broadway, h. at Boston 
Fitzpatrick Simon, laborer, h. 192 Norfolk 
Fitzpatrick Thomas, wool sorter, bds. 364 

North av. 
Fitzpatrick Thomas, h. Holworthy, rear 

Fitzpatrick William, moulder, house 162 

Fitzpatrick William J., plumber, 599£ Main, 

boards at Boston 
Fitzsimmons John, laborer, h. 208 Frankiin 
Fitzsimmons John, glass packer, house 

115 Elm 
Fitzsimmons John, teamster, h. 79 Spruce 
Fiumara Dominic, hair dresser, 573 Main 

boards 19 Essex 
Fix August W., wood carver, h. 12 Winter 
Flagg James H., grocer (Watertown), h. 

Cushing, near Belmont 
Flagg John P., commission merchant (49 

Federal B.), house 18 Fayette 
Flagg John P. jr. (56 Franklin, B.), bds. 

18 Fayette 
Flagg Wilson, author, h. 10 Chester 
Flagg, see Flaig 

Flaglor Catherine, widow, h. 188 Harvard 
Flaherty Dennis, cabinet maker, house 24 

School st. ct. 
Flaherty Hannah, widow of James, house 

83 Vine 

Flaherty James, weaver, h. 83 Vine 

Flaherty John, stone-cutter, h. 93 Fifth 

Flaherty Martin, draw-tender, h. 7 Otter 

Flaherty Michael, painter, house 5 Shep- 
herd's block, Charles River 

Flaig Simon, jeweler, 112 Cambridge, h. 
54 Spring 

Flaig, see Flagg 

Flanagan Ann, widow of Thomas, house 
11 Tuttle 

Flanagan Ann Mrs., h. Woodlawn 

Flanagan B., box maker, 3 Hampshire 

Flanagan Charles, shoemaker, house 15 

Flanagan Edward T., bookkeeper Globe 
National Bank (40 State, B.), h. Mt. 
Pleasant, last on left 

Flanagan Jas. W., carpenter, house 4 Pio- 
neer place 

Flanagan John, granite wkr. John McNamee, 
Mt. Auburn, h. at Watertown 

Flanagan John gardener, 15 Oxford, h. 2 
Nichols place 

Flanagan John, hostler, 179 Bridge, house 
104 Kinnaird 

Flanagan John, bookbinder Riverside Press, 
house 257 Franklin 

Flanagan Margaret Mrs. h. 5 Dinsmore ct. 

Flanagan Mary Mrs., liquors, 200 Franklin, 
house do. 

Flanagan Michael, baker, 502 Main, bds. 
414 do. 

Flanagan Michael, laborer, 50 Portland 

Flanagan Patrick, boiler maker, 92 Main, 
house 2 Foster's block, 87 Main 

Flanagan, Patrick, currier, h. 201 Franklin 

Flanagan Peter G. , carpenter, h. 5 Dins- 
more ct. 

Flanagan T. , boiler maker, 92 Main 

Flanders Addie E. Miss, teacher (Arlington), 
boards 25 Rice 

Flanders Albert F., clerk, 211 North av., 
boards 18 Hubbard, av. 

Flanders Asa W. , receiving clerk Cam- 
bridge R. R. Co. , boards 25 Rice 

Flanders Edmund G. , carpenter, house 18 
Hubbard ave. 

Flanders Fred E., grocer, 63 River, boards 
42 do. [way 

Flanders George, wood turner, 131 Broad- 
Flanders Moses G., driver Cambridge R. 
R. Co., house 25 Rice 

Flanders William Hazen, salesman (27 
Winter, B.), house 27 Austin 

Flavin James, moulder, H. M. Bird, Pel- 
ham, boards 8 Broadway 

Fleck Matthias, baker, house 5 Shepherd's 
block, Charles River 

Fleet Benjamin R., key finisher, house 139 

Fleet William organ key finisher, house 
225 Broadway, room 7 

Flechtner Louis, copper smith, house 7 
Mullins ct. 


FLORISTS, and Contractors for 
P. O'BRIEN & SON, 820 Main & 89 Sparks Sts. 





Fleisher Charles, butcher, h. 25 Sixth 

Fleming Augustus (Custom House, B.), b. 
648 Cambridge 

Fleming Cephas W., machinist, 162 Broad- 
way, bds. 120 Winsor 

Fleming Frank L., driver (686 Washing- 
ton, B.), boards 120 Winsor 

Fleming Henry, reed mnfr., 162 Broadway, 
house at West Newton 

Fleming John, butcher Niles Bros., house 
17 Tuttle 

Fleming John, cabinet maker, 384 Main, h. 
93 Harvard 

Fleming John J., boiler maker, 92 Main, 
house 160 do. 

Fleming Madge H. Miss, cashier, 114 Cam- 
bridge, house 120 Winsor 

Fleming Mary J., widow, h. 563 Main 

Fleming Moses, driver (686 Washington, 
B.), house 120 Winsor [b. do. 

Fleming Nelson, hostler, 170 North avenue 

Fleming Patrick, porter Prospect House, 
598 Main, boards do. 

Fleming Thomas, laborer, house 34 Charles 

Fleming Thomas, laborer, house &Q Charles 

Flemming Albert L., reedmaker, 162 
Broadway, boards 170 Harvard 

Flemming Edward, wire worker, boards 
Hotel Holly, Holly 

Flemming George, laborer, house Hotel 
Holly, Holly 

Flemming George N., pressman, University 
Press, house 27 Hancock [Vine 

Flemming James, carriage maker, house 19 

Flemming James C, clerk, bds. 12 River 

Flemming Mary C. Mrs., hairdresser, 12 
River, house do. 

Flemming, see Fleming 

Fletcher Catherine S. Mrs., house 23 
Buckingham [57 Columbia 

Fletcher Eliza, widow of John D., house 

Fletcher Grace W. Miss, teacher Thorndike 
grammar school boards 35 Essex 

Fletcher John B. S., bookkeeper, (8 Milk, 
B.), boards 27 Trowbridge 

Fletcher Marshall, helper, h. 132 Pleasant 

Fletcher Mary C. Miss, h. 38 North avenue 

Fletcher Ruel H. , master Thorndike gram- 
mar school, house 144 Cambridge 

Flynn Michael J., tinsmith, boards 167 

Fletcher Walter W., carpenter, house 7 

Fletcher William K. , homeoepathic physi- 
cian, 233 North avenue, house do. 

Flett David, salesman (477 Washington, 
B.), house 1 Riverside place 

Flewelling John R., carpenter, house 29 

Flint Francis, teas (32 Broad, B.), house 8 

Fljorter Johannes, case maker, Ivers & 
Pond Piano Co., Albany, boards 137 

Flood Annie Miss, dressmaker, 107£ West- 
ern avenue, h. do. [house do. 
Flood Patrick, laborer, 153 Putnam avenue, 

house 148 Pleasant 

Flowers William C, physician, 41 Norfolk, 

Flowers William H., jr., clerk, adjutant 

general's office (State House, B.), h. 

arsenal grounds, Garden, c. Chauncy 

Flukiger Albert C, watch-repairer (376 

Washington, B.), bds. 6 Magee 
Flynn Andrew, painter, house 12 Douglass 
Flynn Bartholomew, coachman, 290 Har- 
vard, house 35 West 
Flynn Bernard, laborer, house 35 Donnell 
Flynn Coleman, teamster, b. 8 Broadway 
Flynn Daniel, baker, 502 Main, house 20 

Flynn Francis, cooper, boards 56 Second 
Flynn Frank, potter, boards 47 Reed. 
Flynn Henry M., clerk, house 4 Short 
Flynn James, shoemaker, h. 167 Franklin 
Flynn John, cooper, house 194 Bridge 
Flynn John, teamster, 221 Bridge 
Flynn John, hostler, Church, boards 24 

Farwell place 
Flynn Joseph P., brass finisher, (B.), bds. 

167 Franklin 

Flynn Julia, wid. of Michael, house rear 

12 Portland [Boston 

Flynn Michael, helper, 17 Main, house at 

Flynn Michael, teamster Miiller Brothers, 

boards 381 North avenue 
Flynn Michael J., tinsmith, h. 167 Franklin 
Flynn Edward, baker, house 3 Porter 
Flynn Patrick, cooper, house 154 Prospect 
Flynn Patrick, slater, h. rear 64 Charles 
Flynn Peter, cooper, boards 56 Second 
Flynn Thomas, cooper, h. 49 Washington 
Flynn Thomas, cooper, bds. 48 Sidney 
Flynn Thomas, laborer, h. 28 Hastings 
Flynn Thomas, laborer, 356 Main 
Flynn Thomas, teamster, h. 381 North ave. 
Flynn Thomas, teamster (B.), h. 7 De- 

Flynn Thomas A., bricklayer, house 17 

Flynn T., driver, Cambridge R. R. 
Flynn William, laborer, bds. 71 Cambridge 
Flynn William, laborer, house 53 Clark 
Flynn William, helper, 502 Main 
Flynn William N. , baker, house rear 233 

Fobes Daniel, house 11 Orchard 
Fobes Edwin F., clerk (50 Chardon, B), 

house Beech, near Orchard 
Fobes, see Forbes 

Fogarty Ellen, dressmaker, h. 3 Appian-way 
Fogarty George, at 17 Main 
Fogarty James E., stenographer (164 Con- 
gress, B.), h. 210 Putnam avenue 
Fogarty Mary A., intelligence office, 3 

Appian-way, house do. 
Fogarty Robert, varnisher (7 and 8 Hay- 
market sq., B.), house 210 Putnam av. 


All kinds of HARDWARE GOODS at 
Lowest Prices. VO Dock Square. 



Fogarty Sarah G., teacher Emerson pri- 
mary school, (Poplar, B.), boards 210 

Putnam avenue 
Fogarty, see Fogerty 
Fogelback Michael, clothes cleaner, 58 

Spruce, h. do. 
Fogerty George F., architect, 603 Main, 

boards 89 Chestnut [block. Charles 
Fogerty George F., machinist, h. Hawkins 
Fogerty Ilsley M., supt. East Cambridge 

P. O., 120 Cambridge, bds. at Maiden 
Fogerty James, architect, 2 Hyde block, 603 

Main, house 89 Chestnut 
Fogs? Chas. H., draughtsman (40 Oliver, 

B.), boards 51 Third 
Fogg Ebenezer, carpenter Revere Sugar 

Refinery, h. 90 Gore [51 Third 

Fogg Edwin, machinist, 203 Bridge, house 
Fogg George E., salesman, 203 Bridge, 

boards 51 Third 
Fogg, see Forg 

Fogwill James, bricklayer, b. 88 Mt. Auburn 
Fogwill John K., stone builder, h. 59 Banks 
Foisy Leon, house 137 Dublin 
Folan Barney, safemaker, 17 Main 
Foley Benjamin F., bookbinder Riverside 

Press, boards 32£ Banks 
Foley B. F., conductor Cambridge R. R. 
Foley Charles, laborer, h. r. 37 Washington 
Foley Chas. H., bookbinder, b. 32£ Banks 
Foley Daniel, laborer, boards 8 Foster pi. 
Foley Daniel J., laborer, house 198 Dublin 
Foley David, bricklayer, h. r. 44 Washington 
Foley Dennis, bookbinder Riverside Press, 

house 32£ Banks 
Foley Edward W., tinsmith Brock Bros., 

boards Porter's Hotel 
Foley George W., driver Cambridge R. R., 

boards Cambridge cor. Baldwin 
Foley G. H., driver Cambridge R. R. 
Foley Honora, widow, house 29 Dunster 
Foley John, laborer, house 14 Sparks 
Foley John, lumper, 162 Broadway, house at 

Folev John, laborer B. & L. R. R. , house 

127£ Bridge [De Wolf 

Foley John E., tailor, 430 Harvard, boards 
Foley John F., pump maker, h. 65 Spruce 
Foley John G., printer (31 State B.), house 

83 Wendell 
Foley John J., brushmaker, boards 77 Fifth 
Foley John J., carpenter, h. 1 Lexington 

Foley Josei>h J., vegetables (B.), boards 1 

Lexington avenue 
Foley Margaret Mrs., h. 35 Coperthwaite 
Foley Mary, widow of Bartholomew, house 

58 Amory 
Foley Michael, laborer, house 32 Foster 
Foley Michael, laborer, h, 301 Cambridge 
Foley Patrick, tailor, 453 Main, b. Green 
Foley Patrick, at 17 Main 
Foley Peter G., millinery goods, 494 Cam- 
bridge, house do. • 

Foley Thomas, brushmaker (132 Oliver, 

B.), house 77 Fifth 
Foley Thomas, carpenter, h. 179 Cambridge 
Foley Thomas, hostler, Prospect House, 

596 Main, boards do. 
Foley Thomas, jr., brush maker (132 

Oliver, B.), boards 77 Fifth 
Foley Thomas H., glass-engraver (149 

Blackstone, B.), boards 93 Gore 
Folger Geo. H. , secretary Boston Board of 

Marine Underwriters, 18 Merchants' 

Exchange (51 and 53 State, B.), h. 139 

Folger G. Howland, clerk, supt. transporta- 
tion (B. & L. R. R., B.), h. 130 Austin 
Folger L. Bacon, president Dover Stamping 

Co., 153 Putnam ave., h. at Jamaica 

Follansbee Chester, shoemaker, b. 87 Moore 
Follen James, assistant janitor, H. U. gym- 
nasium, boards 6£ Grant 
Follen John, teamster, Broadway, cor. 

Follen Patrick, teamster, house Jackson, 

near Dudley 
Follen Thomas Mrs., house 67 Amory 
Foiling Hannah Miss, house 51 Winsor 
Folsom Charles Mrs., house 19 Berkeley 
Folsom Chas. D., clerk (518 Washington, 

B.), house 113 Otis 
Folsom Charles E., bookkeeper (111 Devon- 
shire, B.), boards 113 Otis 
Folsom Daniel W., sewing-machine agent, 

1 Columbia, h. 133 Pearl 
Folsom James N., travelling salesman (83 

Summer, B.), house 39 Pleasant 
Folsom Mark J., capt. night police, station 

2, house 32 Warland 
Folsom Mary J. Miss, teacher Webster 

grammar school, h. 32 Warland 
Folsom Norton, physician, 404 Harvard, 

boards 19 Berkeley 
Folsom Samuel H., assistant register of 

Probate, Court House, house at Win- 
Fonseca George, cigar maker (B.), house 

27 Valentine 
Fonseca Moses, cigar mnfr., 519 Main, 

house 27 Valentine 
Fonseca Phillip, cigar maker, 519 Main, 

house 27 Valentine 
Fonseca Phineas, cigar manufacturer, 576 

Main, house 9 Watson 
Fontaine Joseph, cabinet maker, house 2 

Rogers' block, Washington 
Fook Yuen, laundry, 560 Main, boards do. 
Foote Geo. L., banker (2 Congress square 

and 7 Congress, B.), h. 352 Harvard 
Foote John, hackman, h. 37 Jefferson 
Foote Josephine B. Mrs., h. 8 Sacramento 
Foote Warren E., clerk (40 Water, room 

26, B.), boards 8 Sacramento 
Foran Nicholas, gardener William Read, 

house 26 Sparks street place 




Forbes Andrew J., house 55 Third 
Forbes Annie, widow of Patrick, house 102 

Forbes Charles J., cooper, h. 4 Decatur ct. 
Forbes Henry D., cashier National Bank of 

Republic (95 Milk B.), house 315 

Forbes Thomas, cooper, b. 102 Brookline 
Forbes Thomas, trader, house 85 Brookline 
Forbes Thomas, jr.. cooper, b. 85 Brookline 
Forbes William W., real estate (31 Ex- 
change, B.), house 114Inman 
Forbes, see Fobes 
Ford Anna P. Miss, clerk treasurer's office 

Cambridge R. R. Co., b. 76 Green 
Ford Austin, granite, 45 Main, h. 63 School 
Ford Charles, laborer, bds. 117 Harvard 
Ford Daniel, switchman, B. & L. R. R., h. 

3 Short 
Ford Dennis, laborer, bds. 148 Bridge 
Ford Edward, fruit peddler, h. 42 Market 
Ford Elizabeth H., widow of Calvin, house 

76 Green 
Ford Geo. Rawson, helper, 2 Albany, h. 

182 Harvard 
Ford George R., printer, 10 Dunster, bds. 

29 Hamilton 
Ford Hugh A., laborer, h. 245 Mt. Auburn 
Ford James, butcher, bds. 198 Cambridge 
Ford James, blacksmith, h. 5 Carson 
Ford James, plumber, 599£ Main, boards 

at Boston 
Ford Jeremiah, gate tender B. & L. R. R., 

Prison Point bridge, h. 149 Bridge 
Ford John, laborer, h. 14 Hayes court 
Ford John, laborer, h. 191 Hampshire 
Ford John H. (John Ford & Son), printer, 

10 Dunster, h. 36 Erie 
Ford John J., plasterer, house 117 Spring 
Ford John M., clerk B. & A. R. R. shop 

(Allston), h. 88 Pleasant 

FORD JOHN & SON, (John H. 
Ford), printers, 10 Dunster 

Ford Mary A., widow of Howard J., house 
29 Hamilton 

Ford Michael, laborer, B. & L. R. R., house 
148 Bridge 

Ford M. Lizzie Miss, teacher Webster gram- 
mar school, bds. 29 Hamilton 

Ford Sarah B. C, widow of John, house 36 

Ford William, laborer, bds. 3 Short 

Ford Wm., stone polisher, h Sibley ct. 

Ford William H., salesman (106 High,B.), 
bds. 36 Erie 

Foren James H.. driver Cambridge R. R., 
Co., house 8 Eliot 

Foren Patrick, laborer, h. Dailey alley 

Forg Herman, bookkeeper, h. 96 Inman 

Forg, see Fogg 

Forknall Reuben, action maker, 162 Broad- 
way, house at Newton 

Forrest Geo. J., steam fitter, house 133 

Forrest James bookbinder, boards 11 Mt. 

Forrest John M. , h. 58 Mt. Auburn 
Forrest Lawrence, painter. 32 Flagg, h. do. 
Forrest Michael, laborer, bds. 32 Flagg 
Forrest Robert, painter, h. 11 Mt. Auhurn 
Forrest Robt. E., painter, h. 11 Mt. Auburn 
Forristall Arthur W.. porter (80 Pearl, B.), 

boards 23 Prospect 
Forristall Jas. B., express, b. 23 Prospect 
Forristall Joseph, express (Union, B.), h. 

23 Prospect 
Forsaith William, cooper. 502 Main 
Forsberg Andrew, machinist, bds. 159 Co- 
Forsberg Carl, carver, bds. 159 Columbia 
Forsberg Emil, safe maker, 17 Main 
Forsyth James, h. 93 Brookline 
Forsvth James jr.. cooper, 502 Main, house 

93 Brookline 
Forsyth Jos., laborer, h. 6 Cowperthwaite 
Forsyth Wm. J., teamster, h. 5 Vine 
Fortin Henry, clerk, h. 444 Cambridge 
Fortune James D., carpenter, h. 7 Blanche 
Fortune James R., tinsmith, 605 Main, h. 

7 Blanche 
Fortune Wm. , laborer, h. 6 Flagg st. ct. 
Fosdick Oliver G., conductor Cambridge 

R. R. Co.. house 113 Mt. Auburn 
Fosdick Wm. B., house 44 William 
Foss Benjamin D., carpenter, h. 21 Cherry 
Foss Charles J., sawyer, h. 222 Broadway 
Foss Edmund F. carpenter, h. 564 Main 
Foss F. T.. driver Cambridge R. R. 
Foss Geo. W. W., house 23 Cherry 
Foss Joseph, engineer 3 Hampshire, house 

159 Broadway [Washington 

Foss Mary A. Mrs., seamstress, house 115 

! Foss Wm. H., driver chemical engine No. 

1, Central square building. Western av. 

house do. 
Foster Alvin, carpenter, house 114 Pearl 
Foster Andrew, packer, Riverside Press, h. 

44 Tremont 

FOSTER CALVIN H., hay and 
grain. 26 Boylston, h. 79 Wendell 
Foster Charles, bds. 19 Tremont 
I Foster Charles A., cutter, (67 Union, B.), 

boards 26 Mead 
Foster Charles C, student, b. 140 Brattle 
Foster Eben B., bookkeeper (87 State, 

Boston), h. 340 Broadway 
Foster Eben B. Mrs., h. 340 Broadway 
Foster Edward A., brick manufacturer, r. 

Martin Winslow Sands' brick yard, 

Walden. h. at Somerville 
Foster Edwin K. Mrs., house 11 Sixth 
Foster Elizabeth J., widow of Charles, h. 

47 Winsor 
Foster Francis C, counselor (8 Congress, 

B.), h. 15 Oxford 
Foster Frank K.. printer, University Press, 

h. 10 Wendell , [40 Plymouth 

Foster Harry, porter, B. & A. R. R., house 


t&j^tjst street, next beck: hall 
H. Wm. Tupper, Manager. 




Foster Henry, bookbinder (25 Arch, B.), 

house 4 Gore place 
Foster Henry W., grocer, (336 Atlantic av., 

B.), h. 53 Dana 
Foster Hiram T., bookbinder (25 Arch, 

B.), b. Mrs. M. C. Foster's, Vine 
Foster Hosea J., piano action maker, 113 

Broadway, h. 167 Harvard 
Foster Isabel Miss, teacher Holmes primary 

school, boards 25 Hudson 
Foster Isabella, widow of Robert, house 

rear 65 Mount Auburn 
Foster Isadore I. Miss, teacher Cushing st. 

primary school, b. 25 Hudson 
Foster James, confectioner, 282 Broadway, 

boards 5 Dickinson 
Foster James, teamster, 113 Bridge, boards 

1 1 Leighton ct. 
Foster James Albert, teamster, h. 70 River 
Foster John, foreman, 502 Main, bds. 168 

Foster John A., salesman (190 Washington, 

B.) bds. 44 Tremont 
Foster Joseph, laborer, h. 34 Hastings 
Foster J. at Cambridge R. R. repair shop, 

Foster Margaret C, widow of Hiram T., 

house 100 Vine, corner Sixth 
Foster Margaret E. Mrs., h. 25 Hudson 
Foster Martha F., widow of Charles I., h. 

26 Mead 
Foster Mary A., boarding-house, 46 Boylston 
Foster Oscar E. D., compositor, b. 3 Moore 
Foster Robert S., carpenter, house 3 Moore 
Foster Theodore D., clerk (32 Bromfield, 

Boston), boards 12 Mellen 
Foster Theodore S., Custom House (296 

State, B.), boards 10 Wendell 
Foster William, carpenter and city lamp- 
lighter, house 3 Butler's block, Charles 
River [6 Pine 

Foster William H. H., silver plater, house 
Foundation Thomas, stone-cutter, house 

124 Green 
Fountain George W., carriage-smith, 376 

Main, house 31 Clark 
Fountain James W., hair-dresser, 208 Hamp- 
shire, house at Salem 
Fountain, see Fontaine 
Fouquet Peter, upholsterer, h. r. 59 Fifth 
Fowle Henry H., jeweller, h. 256 Sidney 
Fowler Charles C, mason, h. 5G Thorndike 
Fowler Charles O., toner Ivers & Pond 
* Piano Co., boards 108 Prospect 

Fowler Frank A. , mason, house 22 Tremont 
Fowler George, farmer, house 11 Brewer 
Fowler Helen M. Miss, dressmaker, 8 Har- 
vard square 
Fowler John, mason, house 11 Brewer 
Fowler John J., manager Centennial Amer- 
ican Tea Co., 527 Main, bds. at Boston 
Fowler Stacy Rev., house 29 Mellen 
Fowles Augustus J. L.. confectioner, 503 
Main, house 1 Austin place 

Fox Ann, wid. of Thos., h. r. 55 Charles 

Fox B., driver Cambridge R. R. 

Fox Charles S., paper carrier, boards 166 
Putnam avenue 

Fox Edward B., clerk (357 Washington, 
B.), boards 7L7 Cambridge 

Fox Edward P., printer Riverside press, h. 
166 Putnam avenue 

Fox Frank, action maker, 162 Broadway, 
boards 16 Mt. Auburn 

Fox Frank, teamster, b. r. 42 Washington 

Fox George J., reporter Boston Post (15 
Milk, B.), h. 3 Orchard 

Fox Jabez, associate judge of 3d District 
court of Eastern Middlesex, City build- 
ing, Brattle sq, and (35 Court, B.), h. 
4 Mt. Auburn 

Fox James A. , house 808 Main 

Fox James E., moulder H. M. Bird, boards 
rear 44 Washington 

Fox John, harness maker, 105 Bridge, bds. 
rear 55 Charles 

Fox John, baker, 502 Main, boards rear 
44 Washington 

Fox John E., currier, house 28 Harvey 

Fox John L., salesman, 502 Main, house 
408 Main 

Fox Joseph, collector and notary public 
(33 School, room E., B.), h. 14 Lowell 

Fox Mary E. Miss, artist, 14 Lowell, bds. do. 

Fox Peter, liquors, 139 Bridge, bds. do. 

Fox Robert L. B., foreman harness maker 
(150 Tremont, B.), h. 717 Cambridge 

Fox Thomas J., harness maker, 105 Bridge, 
boards rear 55 Charles 

Foxcroft Francis A. Rev., h. 17 Arlington 

Foxcroft Frank, literary editor Boston Jour- 
nal, (262 Washington, B.), h. Foxcroft 
cor. Avon hill 

Foy James, cigar packer (8 Cambridge, 
B.), house 482 Cambridge 

Foy Joseph M., clerk, 43 Gore, boards 84 

Foy Richard, tinsmith, h. 189 Hampshire 

Foye Nathaniel W., cabinet maker (103 
Merrimac, B.), house 3 Tenney 

France John W., porter (228 Washington, 
B.), house 15 Webster avenue 

Francilon Frank A., hairdresser, 128 Cam- 
bridge, house 49 Fourth 

Francis Abbie B. Miss, h. 21 North avenue 

Francis Arthur, woodworker, Rhoades build- 
ing, State 

Francis Eben, clergyman, h. 43 Kirkland 

Francis Ebenezer, house 43 Kirkland 

Francis Ellen M., widow of George C, h. 
Oxford, corner Hammond 

Francis George E., coachman, 15 Oxford, 
house 5 Charles River 

Francis Jackson, laborer, h. 5 Lowland av. 

Francis John, laborer, house 2 Seventh 

Francis Joseph, laborer, house 2 Seventh 

Francis Mauriel, glass maker, house 1 Low- 
land avenue 


P. O'BRIEN & SON, 820 Main uad 89 Sparks Streeti 



Francoeur Edward, painter, h. 14 Jackson 
Francoeur Stanislas, painter, house rear 33 

Frankenstein George J. (Frankenstein & 

Sanders), cigar mnfr. 185 Columbia, 

boards 398 Cambridge 
Frankenstein Isidor, clothing and dry goods, 

398 Cambridge, house do, 
Frankenstein Max, clerk, 398 Cambridge, 

boards do. 
Frankenstein & Sanders (George J. Frank- 
enstein and David Sanders) cigar mnfrs. 

185 Columbia 
Fraknie Francisco, cabinet maker, house 

32 Kinniard 
Franklin Frank, shoemaker 447£ Main, h. 

1 Richdale avenue 
Franklin John W., blacksmith (96 Trav- 

ers, B.), house 70 Harvard 
Frara August, casket maker, 203 Bridge 
Frara Caesar, at 203 Bridge 
Frary Charles, bookbinder, 105 Magazine, 

house 265 Sidney 
Fraser Edgar J., telephones, bds. 77 River 
Fraser James, mariner, h. rear 58 Gore 
Fraser James A. G. (Fraser & Murray), 

carriage builder, 243 Mt. Auburn bds. 

15 Sparks 
Fraser John W., laborer, house 9 Fifth 
Fraser William A., salesman (241 Atlantic 

avenue, B.), house rear 45 Winter 

G. Fraser and Allan G. Murray), car- 
riage builders, 248 Mt. Auburn 
Frasier Daniel E., (Frasier & Smith), and 
(D. E. Owen & Co.), 330 Main, house 
50 Austin 
Frasier Louisa Mrs. , house 408 Main 
Frasier W. Thomas B., tailor, b. 408 Main 
Frasier & Smith (Daniel E. Frasier and Al- 
pheus K. Smith), piano-hammer cov- 
erers, 330 Main 
Frates Frank, sand paperer, h. 32 Spring 
Frates Joseph, laborer, house 184 Bridge 
Fratur John, sugar boiler, house 15 Winter 
Frawley Jeremiah, laborer, h. 43 Banks 
Frawley Michael, laborer, house 23 Bay 
Frazier Alex, rope maker (Brighton), h. 

15 Andrew 
Frazier Alex, jr., printer Riverside Press, 

house 7 Gordon place 
Frazier Alonzo, rope maker, b. 15 Andrew 
Frazier Angus, carpenter, house 287 Cam- 
Frazier George, house 121 Thorndike 
Frazier John, laborer, boards 15 Andrew 
Frazier John, teamster, 211 Bridge, house 

7 Fifth 
Frazier, see Fxasier, also Fraser and Frazer 
Frederickson Julia, widow of Frederick, 

house 246 Harvard 
Freeman Alice Miss, telegraph operator, 
W. U. Tel. Co., 203 Bridge, boards at 

Freeman Andrew G., clerk, 245 Broadway, 
boards 248 do. [Winter 

Freeman Arsene, harness maker, house 57 

Freeman Augustus M., house Cushing, near 
Belmont line 

Freeman Benjamin B., jeweller (11 Hano- 
ver, B.), house 74 Ellery 

Freeman Eunice M., nurse, boards 72 
Washington [Trowbridge 

Freeman Hannah, widow of Nathan, h. 12 

Freeman James, D. laberer, house 7 Laurel 

Freeman Jane, widow of Nathan, nurse, 
house 510 Main 

Freeman Jesse H., clerk (114 F. H. mar- 
ket, B.), house 17 Fairmont 

Freeman John S., proof-reader (31 State, 
B.), house 8 Marvin place 

Freeman Jefferson, teamster, 68 Bridge, 
house 102 Third [57 Winter 

Freeman Joseph A., harness maker, bds. 

Freeman Roxana, widow of Bartlett B., 
house 22 Watson 

Freeman Sarah Mrs., h. 152 Pearl 

Freeman Thomas N. , carpenter, house 248 

Freeman William, rubber boot maker, 
house 82 Green 

Freeman Zoheth B., carpenter, rooms 114 

Freese John W., submaster Washington 
grammar school, house 15 Shepard 

Freland Max, finisher, boards 121 Spring 

French Charles A., boarding-house, 1 

French Charles H., teamster, b. 72 North 

French Estelle J., teacher Harvard gram- 
mar school, boards 163 Prospect 

French Frank L., polisher, boards 12 
Conlon's ct 

French George E., news dealer, 588 Main, 
house 578^ do. 

French George L. Mrs., house 97 Norfolk 

French George M., medical student, 674 
Main, boards do. 

French James M., foreman, house 165 

French Jennie S. Mrs., dressmaker house 
33 Fourth 

French John A. Mrs., house 26 Hubbard av. 

French Mary F. Q., widow of Ebenezer, 
house 13 DeWolf 

French John S., engineer Revere Sugar 
Refinery, Water, house at Somerville 

French Lorenzo, tinsmith, h. 12 Conlon ct. 

French Lucy C. Mrs., dressmaker, 520 Main, 
house do. 

French Oren B., carpenter, Palmer, house 
30 Mellen 

French William A., stair builder, 49 Trow- 
bridge, house do. 

French William H., teamster, h. 40 Third 

Frenette Ferdinand, safe maker, 17 Main, 
house 36 Broadway [boards 193 do. 

Frenette Philippe, safe maker, 17 Main, 


Wholesale and Retail. 2«> DOCK SQUARE. 



Frenning John E., bookkeeper (95 Black- 
stone, B.), boards 47 Norfolk 
Fresh Pond Ice Co. 6 Brattle 
Frew James, baker, 502 Main, h. 26 Sidney 
Friel John, junk dealer (25 South Margin, 

B.), house Auburn pi., 2d on right 
Friel Patrick, cooper, house 106 Fourth 
Friend Edward W., house 21 Tremont 
Friend Joseph P., cigar-box maker, 179 

Broadway, rooms 197 Harvard 
Friend Mary G., widow, h. 21 Tremont 
Friend Samuel, variety store, 54 Cedar, 

house do. 
Friendstrom Olof, at 17 Main, h. 46 Pelham 
Frier Adolphus S. , hardware (83 Cambridge. 

B.), house 41 Pleasant 
Friedstrom Andrew P., safemaker, 17 Main 

house 8 Rogers' block, Main 
Frink William A., confectioner, h. 172 Otis 
Fritz William M., salesman (518 Washing- 
ton, B.), house 10 Oak 
Frohock Benjamin R., house 225 Broadway, 

room 3 
Frost Edmund, house 126 Oxford 
Frost George, foreman (46 Cornhill, B.), 

house 39 Orchard 
Frost Geo. A., artist, 224 North avenue, 

house 7 Dover 
Frost James M., carpenter (2 Bread, B.), 

house Hubbard avenue, n. Raymond 
Frost Luther E-, shoe findings (40 Lincoln, 

B.), house 100 Inman 
Frost William, house 132 North av. 
Frost William A., shoe findings, (40 Lincoln, 

B.), boards 100 Inman 
Frothingham Amos T.. cashier Tremont 

National Bank (8 Congress, B.), house 

338 Harvard 
Frothingham Susan Mrs. , h. 49 Sacramento 
Frye Edward H., bookbinder, house 27 

Frye Emma C. Miss, house 31 Bigelow 
Frye James E., provisions, 142 Harvard, 

house do. 
Frye James K. P. , laborer, house 453 Camb. 
Frye Joseph E., bookkeeper (59 Broad, 

B.), house 14 Harrison 
Frye Lydia A., widow of Samuel M., h. 14 

Harrison [Tremont 

Frye Samuel B., laborer, house 108£ 
Frye Sarah E., widow of John W., house 

107 Washington 
Frye Serena J. Miss, teacher Brattle square 

Kindergarten school, house at Boston 
Frykstrand John, case maker Ivers & Pond 

Piano Co., h. 137 Washington 
Fuchs Constantine, baker, 407 Cambridge, 

boards do. 
Fuchs Frank, baker, 407 Cambridge, h. do. 
Fullam Patrick W., shoemaker, house 364 

Cambridge [13 Hilliard 

Fuller Addie R. , widow of Richard F. , h. 
Fuller Alfred C, clerk (110 North, B.), 

boards R. O. Fuller's, Prospect 

Fuller Alonzo W., painter, 17 Main, house 

at Boston 
Fuller Catherine L., widow of Samuel B., 

seamstress, house 117 Washington 
Fuller Charles A., car inspector F. R.R., 

house 20 Mead 
Fuller Charles L., insurance (58 State, 

B.), house 19 Forest 
Fuller Chester H., paper-hanger, boards 5 

Fuller Edith D. Miss, public library (40 

Boylston, B.), house 13 Hilliard 
Fuller Elizabeth L. Mrs., h. 233 North av. 
Fuller Eugene, student at Mass., General 

Hospital (Blossom, B.), boards 13 

Fuller Frank F., teamster, 17 East, h. at 

Fuller Frank S., planer, house 123 Pleasant 
Fuller Geo. A., carpenter, h. 91 Putnam av. 
Fuller Geo. C. W. (G. C. W. Fuller & Co.), 

clothing, 597 Main, house 101 Austin 
Fuller Geo. C. W. jr., clerk, 597 Main, 

boards 101 Austin 
Fuller Geo. E., clerk, 80 Pleasant, house 

14 Warland [Dunster 

Fuller Geo. I., engineer, h. r. 81 Sacramento 
Fuller G., at Cambridge R.R. repair shop, 
Fuller G. C. W. & Co. (George C. W. Ful- 
ler), clothing, etc., 597 Main 
Fuller Lyman I., railway postal clerk, h. 

12 Essex 

Fuller Richard B., clerk (52 Kilby, B.), b. 

13 Hilliard 

Fuller Robert N., blacksmith, h. 28 Spring 
Fuller Robert O., iron and steel (110 North, 

B.), house Prospect, cor. Harvard 
Fuller Robert O. jr., bds. R. O. Fuller's, 

Prospect, cor. Harvard 
Fuller Samuel I)., house 60 Columbia 
Fuller Sarah Mrs., house 111 Austin 
Fuller Simeon H., salesman (202 Devon- 
shire, B.), house 68 Dana 
Fuller William T., paper-hanger, house 

5 Worcester [30 Madison 

Fullerton Asbury W., machinist, boards 
Fullerton Ellen Miss, house 21 Hancock 
Fulton John, painter, 14 Church, house 56 

Fulton John A., house 20 Winthrop 
Fulton Robert S., brakeman F. R.R., 

boards 56 Sidney 
Furbler Alonzo, porter (Wash. B.), house 

63 Harvard 
Furbler Phebe, Avidow. house 11 Brewery 
Furbush Elias, furniture, etc., 94 Harvard, 

house 96 do. 
Furbush Fred B., carpenter, Palmer, h. 

Crescent, 3d from Oxford on left 
Furbush Joseph H., police, station 1, 

house 33 Ash 
Furdy John, trimmer, 169 Gore 
Furey John, piano maker, Ivers & Pond 

Piano Co., Albany, house at Boston 




Furfey Frank, shade painter, 15 Blanche, 

boards 12 Somerset 
Furfey Hugh, mat-maker, 120 Brookline, 

house 12 Somerset 
Furfey James, mat mnfr., 120 Brookline, 

house 118 do. 
Furfey James A., clerk, 120 Brookline, 

boards 118 do. 
Furfey James H., mat maker, 120 Brook- 
line, boards 12 Somerset 
Furfey Michael, mat maker, 120 Brookline, 

house rear 122 do. 
Furfey Wm. P., laborer, bds. 12 Somerset 
Furlong Isaac A., clerk (39 South Market, 

B.), house 28 William 
Furlong Stephen C, conductor Cambridge 

R.R., house 402 Main 
Furness W. H. Mrs., house 4 Arrow 
Fuzzard John J., expressman, order box 

29 Central sq., house 15 Sands 

GABELINE JOHN, laborer, house 88 

Webster avenue 
Gadesby Charles, iron worker, house 4 

Foster block, 87 Main 
Gaffney Bernard H. , boot-treer, h. 14 East 
Gaffney Elizabeth, widow, h. 173 Elm 
Gaffney James, machinist, 72 Main, house 

70 Vine 
Gage Daniel W., stoves, tin ware and 

plumber, 157 North avenue, house 

Lambert avenue, corner Mt. Pleasant 
Gage Geo. E., carpenter, house 9 Perry 
Gage Geo. G. , carpenter, house 9 Perry 
Gage George W., express driver (U. S. & 

C. Ex. Co., B.), house 21 Green 
Gage Lydia A., widow of Samuel C, bds. 

Daniel W. Gage's, Lambert avenue 
Gage Mary C. Miss, nurse, bds. 204 Harvard 
Gage Milton (Gage & Bent) , furniture, 200 

North avenue, house 36 Orchard 
Gage Nathaniel Mrs., boards F. Perrin's, 

Arsenal square 
Gage & Bent (Milton Gage and John H. 

Bent), furniture, 200 North avenue 
Gahm Elizabeth B., teacher Gore primary 

school, boards 96 Vine [96 Vine 

Gahm John, varnisher, Otis, cor. First, h. 
Gainer Adolph, wood turner, h. 8 Eighth 
Gainer Edward F., driver, 203 Bridge, bds. 

56 Second 
Gaines Major, laborer, h. 41 Washington 
Garlarneau Charles J., clerk, house 198 

Galbraith Wm. A., gardener, h. 67 Ellery 
Gale Charles, cabinet maker, 162 Broad- 
way, h. 3 Seckel 
Gale Cicero C, salesman (61 Chauncy, B.), 

house 246 Harvard 
Gale Frank, fireman, B. & L. R. R., rooms 

120 Cambridge 

GALE GEORGE T., pres., Na- 
tional City Bank, 553 Main, house 320 

i^ ALE GEORGE W., lumber, 

VT 69 Main, West Boston Bridge, house 

330 Harvard 
Gale Hezekiah C, house 29 Chauncy 
Gale Justin E., boards 25 Kirkland 
Gale Walter E., clerk (61 Chauncy, B.), b. 

246 Harvard 
Galipan Fred, hairdresser, 530 Cambridge, 

boards at Somerville 
Gallagher Edward, safe maker, 17 Main 
Gallagher Edward, stone-cutter, house rear 

2 Hastings 
Gallagher Francis C, printer (4 Williams 

court, B.), bds. Charles, corner Fifth 
Gallagher Francis W., student, boards 

Charles, cor. Fifth 
Gallagher Frank, laborer, house 9 Jefferson 
Gallagher Henry J., machinist, B. & M. R. 

R., boards 185 Cambridge 
Gallagher Hugh, helper, 72 Main 
Gallagher Hugh, cigars, etc., 440 Main, 

bds. 187 Hampshire 
Gallagher Hugh, laborer, h. 420 Cambridge 
G.llaghher Hugh J., laborer, h. 30 Gore 
Gallagher James, machinist, b. 19 Seventh 
Gallagher James H. , sail maker, h. 9 Fifth 
Gallagher Jane C. Mrs., h. 185 Cambridge 
Gallagher Jeremiah, clerk (199 Hanover, 

B.), house 55 North 
Gallagher John, safe maker, bds. 19 Seventh 
Gallagher John, boiler maker, 92 Main 
Gallagher John, stone-cutter, house 11 Con- 
Ion court [Cambridge 
Gallagher John A., laborer, boards 452 
Gallagher J. , driver Cambridge R. R. 
Gallagher Margaret Miss, h. 2 Hastings 
Gallagher Mary, widow of Owen, house 51 

North [Grant 

Gallagher Michael, bricklayer, h. r. 22 
Gallagher Neal, teamster, h. 115 Fourth 
Gallagher Nichols, clerk (516 Washington, 

B.), boards 315 Cambridge 
Gallagher Owen, safe maker, 17 Main, h. 

19 Seventh. 
Gallagher Owen J., bookbinder Riverside 

bindery, house 22 Lopez 
Gallagher Patrick, bread store, 315 Cam- 
bridge, h. do. 
Gallagher Peter A., machinist, Monroe, cor. 

Gallagher Peter H. , horse-shoer, Palmer, 

corner Church, house 2 Porter 
Gallagher Thomas, plasterer, 610 Main, h. 

101 Webster avenue 
Gallagher Thomas J., trunk maker (73 

Haverhill, B.), house 68 Hastings 
Gallagher William, lab., h. 61 Brookline 
Gallagher William, police station 2, house 

101 Webster avenue 
Gallagher Wm. J., salesman (450 Wash- 
ington, B.), and fancy goods, 195 

Cambridge, house 185 do. 
Gallary Wm. J., laborer John Reardon & 

Sons, house 60 Waverly 


H. Wm. Tupper, Manager 





Galley John, laborer, house 119 Fourth 
Galligan John W. , asst. pastor St. John's 

church, house 83 Otis 
Gallivan Jas., provisions, 36 Foster, h. do. 
Gallivan James, printer, boards, 71 Boyl- 

Gallivan John, carpenter, house Dudley, n. 

Gallivan John, laborer, h. 59 Boylston 
Gallivan John, car washer, Charles River 

R. R. , Beacon, h. 8 Beaver 
Gallivan John, overseer Cambridge R. R. 
Co. stable, Dunster, house Foster place 
Gallivan Mary, wid. of Jas., h. 71 Boylston 
Gallivan Michael F., teamster, h. 10 Fourth 
Gallivan Patrick, laborer, h. rear 209 Mt. 

Gallivan Patrick, laborer Mt. Auburn cem- 
etery, house 26 Sparks 
Gallivan Timothy, hostler, house Murray, 

near Eliot 
Galvin Michael, candy maker, 243 Broad- 
way, bds. 171 Norfolk 
Galvin Thomas, laborer, boards 27 Second 
Galvin Jasen, polisher, boards 7 Eighth 
Galvin Joanna, widow of Philip, house 116 

Galvin John, laborer, house 6 Grant 
Galvin John, h. 4 Rogers' block, Washing- 
Galvin John A., conductor Cambridge R. 

R. Co., bds. 171 Norfolk 
Galvin Mary, wid. , house 746 Cambridge 
Galvin Michael, house 171 Norfolk 
Galvin Michael J., electrician (109 Court, 
B.), house 116 Brookline [Auburn 

Galvin Patrick, laborer, house rear 209 Mt. 
Galvin Philip J., pressman Riverside Press, 

house 114 Brookline 
Galvin Richard, cooper, h. 116 Brookline 
Galvin Richard, baker, 502 Main 
Galvin Thomas, blacksmith, house 30 Gore 
Galvin Thomas, laborer, h. 6 Somerset 
Galvin T., watchman, Murray st. car stable 
Galvin Thomas F., boot maker Am. Rubber 

Co., boards 125 Harvard 
Galway William, marble polisher, Mt. Au- 
burn, opp. Elmwood avenue, house 211 
Mt. Auburn 
Gammon Daniel W., printer, University 

Press, house 212 Green 
Gammon Edwin E., carpenter, house 37 

Gammons Bertha, widow of Charles H., h. 

rear 54 Franklin 
Gandy Charles, laborer, bds. 105 Portland 
Gandy Thomas, laborer, h. 105 Portland 
Gandy Thomas jr., laborer, h. 131 Portland 
Gannett Agnes Mrs., h. 42 Brattle 
Gannett Geo. S., clerk (211 Tremont, B.), 

boards 3 Dana 
Gannett John P., house 10 Frost 
Gannett John S., clerk, Union Safe Deposit 
Vaults (40 State, B.), house 10 Frost 

Gannett Thomas B., supt. Revere Sugar 

Refinery, boards 3 Dana 
Gannett William W. , house 3 Dana 
Gannett Wm. Wyllys, treas. Boston Sugar 

Refining Co. (52 Central, B.), house 

10 Frost 
Gannon John L., painter, bds. 80 Elm 
Gannon Martha, wid. of Patrick, h. 10 Elm 
Gannon Peter J., mason, bds. 80 Elm 
Gannon Thos., lab., h. r. 40 Washington 
Gannon Thomas, mason, house 84 Elm 
Gant Lawrence, engineer Bay State Brick 

Co., house 108 Spruce 
Garbit Frederick J., physician, h. 13 Hewes 
Gardhen Jane, widow of John, house rear 

118 Cambridge 
Gardiner Emeline C, wid. of Charles F., 

house 8 Forest 
Gardner Amelia C, widow of George M., 

house 14 Cogswell avenue 
Gardner Benjamin R. , shoe laster, house 

203 Hampshire 
Gardner Charles W., milkman, house 280 

Mt. Auburn 
Gardner Clarence, machinist, 72 Main, bds. 

20 Cottage 
Gardner C. W., conductor Cambridge R. R. 
Gardner Elliott W., clerk, 4 Inman square, 

house 203 Hampshire 
Gardner E. W., conductor Camb. R. R. 
Gardner E. S., hostler, Cambridge R. R. 
Gardner Frank W., bds. 195£ Cambridge 
Gardner George W., clerk (11 Chauncy, 

B.), house 14 Cogswell avenue 
Gardner Gerald, conductor Cambridge R.R. 

Co., bds. Baldwin st. station 
Gardner James, boiler maker, 92 Main 
Gardner James, hostler, house 7 Fifth 
Gardner Joel, bds. 61 Market 
Gardner John C, engineer B. & L. R. R., 

house 26 Fifth 
Gardner John W., baker, and fancy goods, 

196 Cambridge, house do. 
Gardner Mary A., widow of Miles, house 

17 Decatur 
Gardner Mary Jackson Mrs., h. 9 Dana 
Gardner Peter, laborer, house 29 Warren 
Gardner Randall, machinist, 72 Main, bds. 

20 Cottage 
Gardner Robert, waiter, boards 95 Elm 
Gardner Samuel B., cooper (25 Central 

wharf, B.), house 10 Lake 
Garfield Clara R. Miss, private school, 42 

Pearl, rooms do. 
Garland Adelbert, furnace maker, 244 

Broadway, boards 48 Pine 
Garland Alexander, teamster, 120 Hamp- 
shire, boards do. 
Garland C. E., conductor Cambridge R. R. 

Co., house at Brighton 
Garland Gilman B., painter, h. 48 Pine 
Garland Henry, in Cambridge rolling mill, 

house 25 Webster avenue [h. 118 do. 
Garland William S., cook, 122 Cambridge, 

Flnr ol HnAAr 1 5 nnc F0R FUNERALS > WEDDINGS, RECEPTIONS, furnished at Short Notice 
V 1UI dl U tJLrU I dllUllb P. O'BRIEN & SON, 820 Main ana 89 Sparks Streets. 



Garman Samuel W., asst. in Herpetology 

and Ichthyology. Museum of Compara- 
tive Zoology rooms 11 Divinity Hall 
Garniss Charles T., upholsterer (350 Wash. 

B.), house Hotel School 
Garniss Charles, indigo (B.), house Hotel 

Inman. Springfield, cor. Cambridge 
Garritt Theda Mrs., house Richdaleav., 3d. 

from Walden 
Garrity Catharine, wid. of John, h. 6 Beaver 
Garrity George A., packer, bds. 20 Mill 
Garrity Henry B., box maker, 3 Hamp- 
shire, boards rear 8 Davis 
Garrity James, building-mover, house 52 

Garrity Patrick, laborer, h. 32 Somerset 
Garrity Thos., lab., h. 31 Coperthwaite 
Garrity Thomas E., asst. Harvard College 

Library, rooms Harvard Hall 
Garside John H., action maker, 113 Broad- 
way, rooms 80 Washington 
Gartland Michael, laborer, h. Concord av. 

near Belmont line 
Gartland Patrick, teamster Hovey & Co., h. 

80 Kirkland 
Garvey James, horse shoer, Portland, cor. 

Hampshire, house do. 
Garvey John, teamster, bds. 31 Harvard 
Garvin Edward, h. Charles, cor. Fifth 
Garvin Jas. J., brush maker (132 Oliver, 

B.), house 103 Fourth 
Garvin John, glass-blower. 137 Bridge, bds. 

103 Fourth 
Garvin Patrick J., glass-blower, 137 Bridge, 

boards 103 Fourth 
Garvin Terrance, expressman, h. 5 Potter 
Gary Wesley W.. electrician (62 Sudbury, 

B.), house 7-1 Hancock 
Gaskins Thomas S., night watchman (B.), 

house 15 Elmer 
Gass Chas. H., produce com. mer. (61 and 

63 F. H. market, B.), h. 11 Roseland 
Gassett Charles, clerk (157 Blackstone, 

B.), house rear 365 Harvard 
Gately James, laborer, house 21 Grant 
Gately James E., clerk, 1 Palmer, house 

1*4 Grant 
Gately John, marble worker, 53 Main, h. 10 

Gately Maria, groceries, 63 Spring, h. do. 
Gately Martin, expressman, Lyceum bldg., 

Harvard square, bds. 21 Grant 
Gately Michael, furniture varnisher, h. 63 

Spring [49 Amory 

Gately Peter, marble polisher. 53 Main. h. 
Gately Thomas, laborer. Rhoades bldg., 

State, h. 105 Kinnaird 
Gately Thomas, laborer, h. 13 School 
Gately Thomas, laborer, bds. 10 Hastings 
Gates Edwin F., clerk. 549 Main. h. 6 Essex 
Gates H. Sumner, painter, bds. 23 William 
Gates Sally, wid. of Henry, h. 23 William 
Gates Stephen F., mechanical engineer, 

house 49 River 

| Gates Wm. H., painter, 23 William, h. do. 
! Gatz Thomas, cabinet maker, h. 175 Otis 
Gaughan John, jointer, 162 Broadway, h. 

Ninth, corner Otis 
Gaul Russell, porter, house 28 Harrison 
Gaulropp Frank, saloon and boarding-house 

440 North av. , h. do. 
Gaulropp Frank jr., clerk, 440 North av., 

boards do. 
Gault Benjamin F. , carpenter, h. 92 Pleasant 
Gault Thos., carpenter, h. r. 140 Pleasant 
■ Gauthier Alexander, cabinet maker, 137 

Broadway, house 7 Portland 
Gavin Daniel, baker, 502 Main 
Gavin David W.. carpenter, h. 28 Warren 
Gavin Edward, laborer, boards 3 Burrage 

block, Bristol 
Gavin James A., laborer, bds. 28 Warren 
Gavin Lauchlin J., piano key maker, bds. 

28 Warren 
Gaw James, at American Tube Works 

(Somerville), h. 3 Stinson court 
Gay Archibald H., sailmaker (122 Commer- 
cial, B.), h. 4 Davis [Green 
Gay Charles A., janitor City Hall, house 93 
Gay Edward De Forest, salesman (20 Tre- 

mont row, B.), house 132 Auburn 
Gay Elizabeth P., widow of George E., h. 

b&h. George 
Gay Elliott A., sewing machine agt., house 

112 Pearl 
Gay Francis M., organ tuner. 162 Broad- 
way, h. 4 Rogers' block, Main 
Gay Fred, clerk, 244 Broadway, bds. 125 

Gay George R., fancy goods, 80 Pearl and 

(102 Court, B.), h. 301 North avenue 
Gay Howard E., hairdresser, 531 Main, h. 

56£ Green 
Gay Walter S., farmer, boards Mrs. Wm. 

Gay's, Adams 
Gay Wm., letter carrier Cambridge P. O., 

h. 49 Sacramento 
Gay William Mrs., house Adams, near Bel- 
mont line 
Gaylord Edson D., dentist (120 Tremont, 

B.), house 21 Worcester 
Gavlord Frances D., wid. of Edwin, house 

19 Walden 
Gaylord Wm. H. , salesman (5Q Summer, 

* B.). bds. 248 North av. 
GaynonM., boiler maker, 72 Main 
Gaytons Beinard, peddler, h. 167 Spring 
Gavtons James, plumber, 188 Cambridge, 

" h. 163 Spring. 
Gaytons Patrick F., teamster, 103 Bridge, 

house Charles, corner Sixth 
Geary Daniel, laborer, h. 323 Cambridge 
Geary James, laborer, house 53 Vine 
Geary John J., polisher, 44 Cambridge, bds. 

32 Spring 
Geary Joseph, laborer, house 32 Spring 
Geary Mary E. Miss, milliner, 38 Third, 

boards do. 





Geary Patrick, laborer, h. 32 Xorth ( 

Geary Thomas, laborer, house 50 Cedar 

Geary William, currier, h. G Reed 

Geddes Alice A. Mrs., teacher of cooking, 
5 Pleasant, h. do. 

Geddes William E., traveling agent, house 
5 Pleasant 

Geisler Maria A., widow, house 125 Winsor 

Geland Felix, gardener, 131 Xorth avenue 
h. at Somerville 

Geldowsky Ferdinand (F. Geldowsky Fur- 
niture Co.), furniture mnfr., Otis, cor. 
First, house 764 Main 

Geldowsky F. Furniture Co. (Ferdinand 
Geldowsky, Cornelius P. and George 
A. Keeler), furniture mnfrs., Otis, c. 

Geldowsky John F., clerk F. Geldowsky 
Furniture Co., bds. 764 Main 

Gendreau Frank Mrs., h. Reservoir, near 
Concord ave. 

Genoad Tobias X., teacher of French, h. 
227 Harvard 

Genthner Gil more, tinsmith, 57 Cambridge, 
house 80 Fourth 

Geoghegan Francis J., cigar maker, rear 1 
Webster av., h. 123 Hampshire 

George Benjamin E., h. 101 Cambridge 

George Harvay, house 10+ Otis 

George John, peddler, house 41 Vine 

George Mattie R. Miss, recorder, registry of 
deeds. Otis, corner Second, boards 375 

George Obadiah, house 375 Cambridge 

Geppart Herman, sawyer, h. 66 Second 

Gerhard David, brass-finisher, h. 2 Chest- 
nut Park 

Gerioux M., currier, h. 27 Harvey 

Germaine David, gardener and sexton, St. 
Peter's R. C, church, house 19 Tuttle 

Germaine Joseph P., clerk (14 to 20 Frank- 
lin, B.), boards 19 Tuttle [19 Tuttle 

Germaine Matthew, pump maker (B.),bds. 

Gerald Fred., potter, bds. Peter Bourget's, 
Crescent avenue 

Gerrish Charlotte A. Miss, dressmaker, 83 
Green, h. do. 

Gerrish Edward, boards 8 Avon 

Gerrish Marv A., widow of Samuel, house 
104 Allston 

Gerrish Peter, upholsterer, h. 69 Sixth 

Gerrish Smith, house 8 Avon 

Gerrish Woodbury (W. Gerrish & Co.), 
wood-carver. 14 Pearl, house 83 Green 

Gerrish Woodbury & Co. (Woodbury Ger- 
rish and John Eastman) , cabinet m'krs. , 
and upholsterers, 14 Pearl 

Gerroir Thomas, telephone lineman, 623 
Main, house Green 

Gerry Frederick A., house 89 Xorth av. 

Gerry James, cooper, house 2 Bell 

Gerry John W. (Gerry & Sullivan), horse- 
shoer, 9 Tenney, house Elm, cor. 

Gerry Patrick, h. Glass House block, Xorth 
Gerry Trueworthy, clerk (21 Franklin, B.), 

boards 67 Pleasant 
Gerry Warren H. , carriage trimmer, Xorth 

ave.. boards 89 do. 
Gerry & Sullivan (John W. Gerry and Dan- 
iel J. Sullivan), horse shoers, 9 Tenney 
Gerstlauer Daniel, house 28 Fifth 
Gerwig Charles, shoemaker, 247£ Broad- 
way, rooms 104 Hampshire 
Getchell Benjamin F. (Wentworth & 

Getchell), provisions, 471 Main house 

2 Columbia 
Getchell Elihu B., intelligence office, fruit, 

etc., 29 Central sq. , h. at Boston 
Gethins Patrick, coachman, 320 Harvard, 

house 167 Green 
Geyer Andrew, apothecary. 88 Cambridge, 

cor. Third, house 35 Third 
Geyer Fredericka S. Miss, crayon portrait 

artist, boards 35 Third 
Gfroerer Charles, carver. 162 Broadway, 

boards 347 do. 
Gibbons Eliza P. Mrs., house 18 Garden 
Gibbons James E., laborer, h. 25 Jefferson 
Gibbons Mary L. Miss, teacher (18 West 

Cedar, B".), h. 18 Garden 
Gibbons Michael, repair-shop, F. R.R., h. 

195 Xorfolk 
Gibbons Wm. J., professor H. U., house 

15 Appian Wav 
Gibbs Fred T.. clerk (43 Franklin, B.), 

house 45 Xorfolk 
Gibbs George O., clerk (21 Pearl, B.), 

boards 82 Chestnut 
Gibbs Herbert R., clerk Riverside Press, 

house 97 Auburn 
Gibbs Horace G., gas machines (Cincinnati, 

Ohio), house 110 Inman 
| Gibbs Phineas C, house 26 Suffolk 
Gibbs Susan F. Mrs., boards 16 Ash 
i Gibbs Walcott, professor H. U., house 68 

I Gibney Laurence, laborer, bds. 61 Spring 
I Gibson Andrew, clerk (99 Broad, B.), b. 

James Gibson's, Holworthy place 
I Gibson Elizabeth, widow of Matthew, house 

1 Second street court 
j Gibson George, cigars, etc., 537 Main, 

house 192 Harvard 
j Gibson G. A., treas., Ivers & Pond Piano 

Co., Albany, house at Medford 
Gibson Henry, gardener, 333 Harvard. 

house rear 43 Xorfolk 
i Gibson James, carpenter, house 19 Vine 
j Gibson James, laborer, h. Holworthy pi. 
Gibson John, gardener, h. 5 Eustis court 
: Gibson John, florist, r. 148 Brattle, h. do. 
i Gibson Joseph, house 36 Western avenue 
' Gibson Joseph P., reporter (Lynn), h. 36 

Western avenue [67 Brookline 

Gibson Robert, baker, 51 Dublin, house 
Gibson Walter W., clerk (51 Xo. Market, 

B.), boards 40 Cottage 




Gibson Wm. Mrs., house 40 Cottage 
Gibson Wm., gardener, house 44 Garden 
Gibson Wm. T., watchman Harvard Col- 
lege, house 11 Willard 
Giddings Samuel, livery stable, 15 Gore, 

house rear 149 Cambridge 
Gierk George, baker 79 Cambridge, boards 

at Somerville 
Gienger Andrew, b. 177 Spring 
Gienger George, butcher, b. 177 Spring 
Gilford Elisha, clergyman, house 2 Sacra- 
mento place, 1st on left 
Gifford Franklin K., student H. U., rooms 

2 Sacramento plaee 
Gifford L. G. W., at J. P. Squire's, boards 

56 Fourth 

Gilbert Alvah A., boiler maker, 92 Main, 

h. 34 Spring 
Gilbert Catherine Mrs., house 35 Somerset 
Gilbert Ellery T., ins. agt., house 6 Tufts 
Gilbert Frederick M., clerk (19 Summer, 

B.), boards 17 Lee 
Gilbert James, horse shoer, 436 Main, house 

at Brighton • [h. 87 Cambridge 

Gilbert Jas. L., musician and piano tuner, 
Gilbert Joseph, blacksmith, city yards, h. 

178 Hampshire 
Gilbert Wm. F., painter, 72£ Inman, h. do. 
Gilboult Frank, cooper, house Squire's 

brick block, Gore 
Gilchrist Frank, regulator, 162 Broadway, 

house at Reading 
Gilcreas Chas. S., salesman (29 Hawley, 

B.), boards 57 Franklin 

GltCREAS B. AUSTIN, carpen- 
ter and builder, rear 577 Main, house 

57 Franklin 

Gilcreas Hannah, widow of Simeon, house, 

385 North avenue 
Giles Smiley, overseer Cambridge R.R., 

stables Eighth 
Giles William C, bobbin-maker, boards 

44£ Austin 
Gilgannon Thomas, laborer, house 119 

Portland [Elm 

Gill Bridget, widow of Patrick, house 121 
Gill C. H., driver Cambridge R.R. 
/^ \lilt JOHN, watches and jewelry, 
VZ3T458 Harvard, house 29 Ash 
Gill Michael, laborer, house 22 Hunting 
Gill Peter F., clothes cleaner (14£ Brattle, 

B.), house 98 Harvard 
Gillam Charles H., coal and wood, 1 Nor- 
folk court, house do. 
Gillam Ellen, widow of Samuel, nurse, 

house 65 Mt. Auburn 
Gillam Emma, widow of Henry, house rear 

90 Harvard 
Gillan John, grocer, 242 Cambridge, h. do. 
Gillespie Edward, painter, 460 Main boards 

30 Sidney [house do. 

Gillespie E. J. Mrs., fancy goods, 833 Main, 
Gillespie Isaac W., piano-key maker, 137 

Broadway, house 81 Winsor 

Gillies John P., com. trav., house 40 Mt. 

Gilligan Barney, base-ball catcher, boards 
126 Prospect 

Gilligan James, lab. John Reardon & Sons, 
h. Waverly, east of Fort Washington 

Gilligan John, city laborer, house 113 Elm 

Gilligan John H., furniture mover, house 
246 Bridge 

Gilligan Patrick, laborer, 502 Main 

Gilligan Patrick, driver, bds. 126 Prospect 

Gilligan Patrick, h. 126 Prospect 

Gilligan Rose Mrs., dressmaker, 79 Gore, 
house do. 

Gillis Chas. P., brass finisher, boards 61 

Gillis Daniel W., printer, bds. 88 Harvard 

Gillis John, laborer, house Cushing near 

Gillis John C, hostler, bds. 88 Mt. Auburn 

Gillis Patrick, carpenter, bds. 61 Charles 

Gillis Patrick, laborer, Mt. Auburn ceme- 
tery, house 261 Mt. Auburn 

Gillis Peter, laborer, boards 53 Vine 

Gillis Peter, lithographer, house 16 Andrew 

Gillis P., hostler, Cambridge R. R. 

Gillis Simon P. , cabinet maker, 348 Main, 
boards 23 Pine 

Gilloran Catharine Miss, bds. 163 Spring 

Gilloran Patrick, fish dealer, h. 163 Spring 

Gilman Arthur, sec. of the society for the 
collegiate instruction of women H. U. , 
house 5 Waterhouse 

Gilman Charles, cigar maker, 110 Cam- 
bridge, house 73 Sixth 

Gilman Edward, grocer, 9 Reed, h. do. 

Gilman Elizabeth C, widow of John C, 
house 18 Story 

Gilman Francis B., disoount clerk Mer- 
chant's National Bank (28 State, B.), 
house 7 Hawthorn 

Gilman George F., carpenter, house 201 

Gilman George W., clerk, 226 North ave- 
nue, house 10 Cogswell avenue 

Gilman Jas. A., carpenter, house 199 Cam- 

Gilman James A., printer, 10 Dunster, bds. 
18 Western avenue 

Gilman William B., conductor, Cambridge 
Railroad Co. , boards 42 Antrim 

Gilmore David, laborer, house rear 63 

Gilmore Edward H. , milk-can mnf r. , Prison 
Point Road, boards at Boston 

Gilmore Henry H. (Gilmore & Eustis), 
Cambridge Rolling mill, 126 Portland, 
house 26 Clinton 

Gilmore James H., grocer, Holworthy, n. 
Belmont, boards John Gilmore's, Au- 
burn place [1st on left 

Gilmore John, laborer, house Auburn pi., 

Gilmore J. F., conductor Cambridge R. R. 
Co., boards John Gilmore's, Auburn pi. 


H. Wm. Tupper. Manager. 




Gilmore Robert H., clerk Cambridge Roll- 
ing Mill, boards 26 Clinton 

f^i ILMOBE & ELSTIS (Henry H. 

\JT Gilmore and Frank I. Eustis), props. 
Cambridge Rolling Mill, 126 Portland 

Gilmour Mary Ann, widow of William, h. 
5 Cottage ct. 

Gilmour William J., foreman (126 Fulton, 
B.), house 256 Pearl 

Gilpatrick Elizabeth R,, wid. of Benjamin, 
house 2 Pleasant place 

Gilroy Jas. E., clerk, 171 Bridge, b. 175 do. 

Ginty Michael, house 31 Cherry 

Girard J., driver Cambridge R. R. 

Girard Louis F., stereotyper, house 25 
Western avenue 

Girard Samuel, brick maker, h. 41 Dublin 

Given Bella D., widow of Geo. M., house 
87 Columbia 

Given Josie A., action maker, 162 Broad- 
way, boards 147 Harvard 

Given Mary A. Mrs., h. 42 North avenue 

Glaab Leonard, shoemaker (Watertown), 
house Cushing, beyond Woodlawn 

Glancy John T., stone mason, house 110 

Glancy Joseph W., clerk, boards 110 

Glaser Frank, foreman, 502 Main, house 29 
Green [Green 

Glaser Joseph, baker, 502 Main, boards 29 

Glass John H., sawyer Ivers & Pond Piano 
Co., Albany, house Rockwell 

Glass LeRoy, carpenter, house 12 Andrew 

Glass Richard, jig sawyer, house 65 West- 
ern avenue 

Glassmacher Henry, prof. St. Thomas 
Aquinas College, house 2 Amory pi. 

Glazebrook John G., hairdresser, 141 
Bridge, boards at Somerville 

Glazier George M., com. mer. (21 Frank- 
lin, B.), h. 19 Ellsworth avenue 

Gleason Daniel W., turner, 162 Broadway, 
boards 393 Main 

Gleason Edward L., printer, boards 393 

Gleason Hannah Miss, teacher High school, 
boards 13 Mt. Auburn 

Gleason John H., printer, boards 393 Main 

Gleason Patrick, tailor, 433 Main, boards 
389 do. 

Gleason Richard, carpenter, h. 27 Sidney 

Gleason Thos. F., iron worker, house 393 

Gleason William H., carriage trimmer, h. 
37 Banks [Tannery 

Gleason Wm. J., teamster F. Fischer, h. 1 

Gleeson Daniel J., asst. pastor St. Paul's 
church, house 34 Holyoke 

Glen David, printer (6 Williams court, B.), 
house 15 Sumner 

Glendenning John G., laborer, bds. 6 Erie 

Glenn Lizzie J. Mrs., dressmaker, 28 Cher- 
ry, h. do. 

Glennon Patrick, laborer John Reardon & 

Sons, house 62 Waverly 
Glennon Thomas, laborer, John Reardon &, 

Sons, house 58 Waverly 
Glennon William, stone-cutter, house Lo- 
cust, near Holworthy 
Glidden Arno W., printer University Press, 

house 17 Wendell 
Glidden Asa M., salesman, J. O. Bullard, 

house 6 Centre 
Glidden Clinton S., clerk (173 State, B.), 

bds. 6 Centre 
Glidden Edward O., com. mer. (94 State, 

B.), house Elm, 2d north of Beech 
Glidden Frank W., telegraph operator (109 

State, B.),h. HotefWentworth 7 Essex 
Glidden George F., machinist, house Cush- 

iug, near Belmont 
Glidden Osmond X., clerk, 497 Main, bds. 

3 Norfolk 
Gloutein Simon, varnisher, 203 Bridge 
Glover Edward W., electrotyper, Univer- 
sity Press, house 25 Trowbridge 
Glover Henry R., bedding supplies, (129 

Friend, B.), h. 13 Waterhouse 
Glover William L. (27 Doane, room 5, B.), 

house 113 Putnam avenue 
Glynn Andrew, blacksmith, boards 327 

Cambridge [Cambridge 

Glynn James F., machinist, boards 327 
Glynn James F., moulder, h. 73 Hastings 
Glynn Julia Miss, boards 327 Cambridge 
Glynn John P., blacksmith, boards 327 

Glynn Lawrence, blacksmith, house 

Glynn Mary Miss, house rear 25 Grant 
Glynn Matthew, blacksmith, boards 

Glynn Patrick, laborer, John Reardon 

Sons, boards rear 112 Brookline 
Glynn Winnifred. widow ot Dennis, house 

rear 112 Brookline 
Gobel M., carver, 44 Cambridge 
Godbold Joseph, bookkeeper (6 Chatham, 

B.), h. 35 Orchard 
Goddard Mary C. C. , teacher High school 

boards 105 Prospect 
Goddu John B., machinist, h. 5 Portland 
Godfrey Benjamin F., cooper, 169 Gore, 

house 190 Cambridge 
Godfrey Chas. G. , cooper, h. 59 Harvard 
Godfrey John G., house 10 Union 
Godfrey Paris W., cooper, 169 Gore, house 

184 Cambridge 
Godfrey Willard F., box maker, 3 Hamp- 
shire, bds. 10 Union 
Goding Ellen, widow of Flavel H., h. r. 79 

Goepper Bros. (William and Gustavus 

Goepper) barrel manufacturers, Ninth, 

cor. Spring 
Goepper Gustavus (Goepper Bros.), bar- 
rels, house Otis, cor. Fourth 









Goepper John, cooper, house 85 Otis 

Goepper William (Geopper Bros.), barrels, 
house 137 Cambridge 

Goggin James H.. carpenter, h. 15 Grant 

Goggin Michael, laborer, house 3 George 

Goines Mary H.. widow of Joseph H., 
dressmaker. 174 Harvard, house do. 

Goinier Francois, brickmaker, house 105 

Gold William, blockmaker. house 82 Green 

Golden James, laborer, house 21 Carson 

Golden Michael, laborer, house 390£ Cam- 

Golden Sarah E. Miss, teacher Harvard 
grammar school, bds. 37 Trowbridge 

Golden Thomas E., engineer. B. & A. R.R. 
h. 270 Putnam avenue 

Golden Thomas F., machinist, boards 270 
Putnam avenue 

Golding Barry X., laborer, bds. 159 Broad- 

Golding John, teamster, Farrell & Stetson, 
house Frank. 1st on left 

Golding J. H.. tinsmith, 502 Main 

Golding Michael, laborer, 184 Broadway, 
bds. 3:»2 Cambridge 

Golding Wm. P., bookkeeper Farrell & 
Stetson, boards Frank. 1st h. on left 

Goldman Abram, tailor, h. 205 Harvard 

Goldman Ralph, salesman (400 "Washing- 
ton. B.). boards 205 Harvard 

Goldsmith Wm. H,. bookbinder Riverside 
Press, house 17 Erie 

Goldsmith Wm. H., carpenter, boards 5 
Hancock place 

Goldspring Edward, printer University 
Press, house 59 Boylston 

Goldspring Timothy, plasterer, h. 16 Sparks 

Goldthwait Francis, action maker, 162 
Broadway, honse 29 Market 

Goldthwait Francis E., action maker, 162 
Broadway, house 30 Front 

Goldthwaite Frederick H., conductor Cam- 
bridge R. R. Co.. bds. 63£ Western av. 

Gomes Joseph L., hairdresser, 101 Cam- 
bridge, boards 10 Fourth street place 

Gonce Beverly, pill maker, 150 Broadway, 
boards Main, corner Pearl 

Gonier Peter, laborer Cambridge cemetery, 
house 37 Sargent 

Gonyou Ulric. blacksmith(Brightonav.,B.), 
house rear 120 Magazine 

Gonzales Louis, at 174 Broadway, b. 117 

Gooch Joshua G.. principal assessor district 
1. office City Hall, h. 2 Mt. Auburn 

Gooch Nathan G., coal (70 Kilby. 
Mason building, r. 7 B.). house 3 Fay- 
erweather . 

Gooch Wm. D.. messenger National Re- 
vere Bank (100 Franklin, B.), boards 
3 Fayerweather 

Good Jeremiah, clerk (307 Washington, 
B.), house 102 Gore 

Good John P., sawver 162 Broadwav. house 

21 Grant 
Good Mary. Avidow of John. h. 102 Gore 
Good Mary, widow of Thomas, house 428 

Good Thomas, laborer, house 102 Gore 
Good Thomas F.. glass cutter (471 Tre- 

mont B.). boards 27 Union 
Good Timothy J., house 27 Union 
Good Timothy J. jr., wood turner, boards 

27 Union 
Good William, laborer, boards 2 Ninth 
Goodale A. S., box maker. 3 Hampshire 
Goodale George L., professor and director 

of Botanic Garden. H. U. . h. 8 Craigie 
Goodale John, inventor, h. 172 Norfolk 
Goodell John S.. sign painter (246 Devon- 
shire, B.), house 12 Lake 
Goodell Samuel, clerk (246 Devonshire, B.), 

boards 12 Lake 
Goodfellow Mary A., widow of S. Percival, 

house 99 Spring 
Goodfellow M. S., dressmaker, Sacramento 

court, house do. 
Goodhue Felix, at 17 Main 
Goodman Thomas, machinist, 72 Main, 

house 160 do. 
Goodnow Freeman C, marine clerk (54 

State, B.). house 308£ Harvard 
Goodnow George W., grocer, 63 Norfolk, 

house 18 Tremont [Broadway 

Goodnow Lucia, widow of Joseph, h. 336 
Goodnow Luvia Miss, teacher Otis primary 

school, boards 65 Otis 
Goodnow Nancy. Mrs., h. 30 Concord av. 
Goodrich Elijah D. (7 Exchange pi., B.), 

house 309 Broadway 
Goodrich Fred., teamster, bds. 1 Buck's blk. 
Goodrich George H., clerk, h. 6 Allston 
Goodrich Samuel A., printer, boards 212 

Goodrich Silas, house 7 Summer 
Goodridge Alfred M., grocer (75 Commer- 
cial, B.), house 26 Lee 
Goodridge Charles E.. clerk (40 Court, B.), 

house Hotel Wentworth. 9 Essex 
, Goodridge Charles F.. grocer (75 Commer- 
cial, B.). house 82 North avenue 
Goodridge Christine M., widow of Ambrose 

H. . house Hotel Wentworth. 9 Essex 
I Goodridge J., house 26 Lee 
Goodridge Susie L. Miss, copyist Registry 

of Deeds. Otis, corner Second, boards 

at Newton Centre 
Goodrow Eh L., janitor Zoological Muse- 
um, house 114 Oxford 
Goodspeed Helen B.. widow of Obed, h. 

862 Main 
Goodspeed J. Arthur W., student H. U., 

boards 862 Main 
Goodwillie Fred M.. clerk (41 Federal, B.), 

boards 88 Auburn 
Goodwillie James M.. printer (88 Purchase, 

B.), house 88 Auburn 




Goodwin Daniel, currier, b. 25 Harvey 
Goodwin Daniel H... house 25 Harvey 
Goodwin Edward, baker, 15 River, boards 

17 do. 
Goodwin Elizabeth S., widow of Stephen, 

nurse, house 7 Seventh 
Goodwin George E., engineer Riverside 

bindery, house 113£ Putnam avenue 
Goodwin Hersey B., commission merchant 

(15 India, B.), house 8 Follen 
Goodwin James, at N. E. Glass Co., house 

rear 43 Winter 
Goodwin L. M., widow of Joseph, house 

286 Broadway 
Goodwin Frank Mrs., house 20 Lowell 
Goodwin Martha A., widow of George, h. 

17 Mt. Auburn 
Goodwiu Stephen Franklin, bread store, 

207 Cambridge house 7 Seventh 
Goodwin Thomas, laborer, 91 Broadway, h. 

59 Hampshire 
Goodwin William, finisher Am. Rub. Co., 

boards 87 Moore 
Googins Eben H.. travelling salesman, 503 

Main, house 87 Franklin 
Googins George A., travelling salesman, 

50:3 Main, house 87 Franklin 
Googins John, clerk (66 F. H, market, B.), 

house 8 Warland 
Googins Mary E.. wid. of Henry, 98 Winsor 
Googins Thomas B., clerk (3 No. Market, 

B.), house 98 Winsor 
Googins William B.. woodworker, 139 

Broadway, house 83 Plymouth 
Gookin Frank L., printer, University Press, 

house 42 Putnam avenue 
Gordon Chas. E., cabinet maker, house 5 

Pioneer avenue 
Gordon Edmund A., bookbinder (51 Char- 
don. B.), boards 101 Winsor 
Gordon Elizabeth, widow of John, house 

101 Winsor 
Gordon Harry A., salesman (75 Commerce, 

B.), boards 34 Cogswell avenue 
Gordon Henry F., carriagesmith (B.), h. 

34 Cogswell avenue 
Gordon John M.. bookbinder (51 Chardon, 

B.), house 101 Winsor 
Gordon John W.. rapt., Alhambra coffee 

rooms (11 Green, B.), h. 72 Auburn 
Gordon Margaret, widow of Donald, house 

14 Beaver 
Gordon Thomas M., foreman (B.), house 

75 Spring [Sidney 

Gordon William, roofer, 559 Main, h. 62 
Gordon William, proof reader University 

Press, boards 146 Mt. Auburn 
Gordon William M., bds. 101 Winsor 
Gordon William W. . boards 34 Cogswell av. 
Gore Avery W., junk (164 Canal. B.), h. 

128 Magazine 
Gore Geo. A., clerk (164 Canal, B.), boards 

12«s Magazine 
Gorham Frank, receiving elk., 502 Main 

Gorham Frank A., clerk, 502 Main, house 

11 River [East 

Gorman Ellen, widow of Timothy, h. r. 6 
Gorman James, cooper Goepper Bros., bds. 

51 Vine [115 Spring 

Gorman John, printer University Press, b. 
Gorman John, junk dealer, h. 134 Columbia 
Gormam Julia, wid. of John, h. 51 Vine 
Gorman Margaret, widow, house 6 East 
Gorman Margaret widow of James, boards 

6 Oak 
Gorman Valentine, laborer, h. 10 Seventh 
Gorman William, horseshoer, 498 Main, 

boards 37 Bristol 
Gormley Andrew F.. clerk. 9 Boylston, 

house at West Somerville 
Gormley Ann. widow of John, house 40 

Willow [Hastings 

Gormley Arthur H.. brass finisher, bds. 62 
Gormley Charles, teamster, 103 Bridge, h. 

at Somerville 
Gormlev George R., piano case maker, bds. 

116 Norfolk 
Gormley Jas. J., stair builder, h. 40 Willow 
Gormley John, house 62 Hastings 
Gormley Robert, laborer, house 11 McCabe 
Gorrel John, laborer, 17 Main, house 122 

Webster avenue 
. Gorrell Samuel, teamster C. H. North & 

Co., house 186 Winsor 
Gorton Amos O., teamster, h. 40 Third 
Gorton Samuel M., carpenter, h. 4 Summer 
Gosnell Wm., laborer. 17 East. h. 31 do. 
Gosnell Wm. B., laborer, h. 26 Fairmont 

i Goss Bliss J., house 39 Magazine 
Goss Herbert C, clerk, 452 Harvard, bds. 

39 Magazine 
1 Goss Osborn. painter, house r. 95 Green 
Gough Thomas, laborer, bds. 104 Sparks 
Gough Thomas J. carpenter, house foot of 

McDonald, beyond the railroad 
Gould Augustus D.. salesman (47 South, 

Boston), boards 106 Prospect 
Gould A. P., teamster. 162 Broadway, h. 

at Somerville 
Gould Caroline A., widow of Dudley F., 

house 106 Prospect 
Gould Everett E., carriage dealer, boards 

106 Prospect 
Gould Frank, safe maker. 17 Main 
Gould Frederick L. (15 Kilbv. B.), house 

9 Highland 
Gould Frederick W. . boards 9 Highland 
Gould George T., carpenter, h. 95 River 
Gould Harvey H., blacksmith, house 8 

Leighton's court 
Gould John B.. sawyer, h. 21 Washington 
Gould Josiah O., machinist, 72 Main bds. 9 

Gonld Michael, laborer, h. 269 Cambridge 
Gould Nathaniel S., boot and shoe mnfr., 

(Marlboro'), bds. 106 Prospect 
| Gould Robert, house 147 Cambridge 






Gould Wm., baker, house 9 Remington 
Gould Wm. , laborer, h. 22 North 
Gould Wm. F. Mrs. , h. rear 7 Fifth 
Gould Wm. H. letter-carrier (P. 0., B.), 

house 122 Prospect 
Goulding Charles S. , box-maker, 179 Broad- 
way, rooms 197 Harvard 
Goulding Christopher C, brass moulder, 

boards 9 Murdock 
Goulding Daniel F., horse dealer, house 

106 Tremont 
Goulding Elizabeth, widow, h. 9 Murdock 
Goulding James, laborer, house 21 Carson 
Govan David (Govan & Cochran), 162 

Broadway, house 39 Trowbridge 
Govan John C., case-maker, 162 Broadway, 

house 36 Market 
Govan John C, case maker, 162 Broadway, 

house 123 Hampshire 
Govan & Cochran (David Govan and John 

Cochran), organ-case makers, 162 

Gove Archibald R. (Paige & Gove), rear 

43 Bridge, h. 23 Ellsworth avenue 
Gove Calvin, house 20 Cottage 
f^i OVE CHARLES S., soda and 
VXmineral water mnfr. (30 Canal, B.), 

house 28 Warland 
Gove Charlotte, widow of Peter, house 23 

Ellsworth avenue 
Gove Ezra C, apothecary, Main, junction 

Washington, h. 1 Rogers' block, Main 
Gove Milo, clerk. 545 Main, h. 9£ River 
Gove Nathan, house 71 Vine 
Gove Robert H., baker, 121 Third, and 71 

Vine, house 71 do. 
Gove William, brakeman B. & L. R.R., 

house 40 Gore 
Gowdey Martha W., widow of Albert V., 

rooms 124 Otis 
Gowey Fred L., wire worker (Brighton av., 

B.), boards 149 Brookline 
Gowey Henry, wire worker (Brighton av., 

B), house 149 Brookline 
Graber Charles, cook Prospect House, 596 

Main, boards do. 
Grace John, baker, 502 Main, h. 28 Harding 
Grace John, tailor, bds. 5 Ericsson court 
Grace Joseph, sand paperer F. G. F. Co., 

house 59 North 
Grady Bridget, widow, h. rear 6 East 
Grady Catherine, widow of Joseph, house 

73 Gore 
Grady Frank, boards 73 Gore 
Grady John, teamster, house r. 6 East 
Grady Joseph, boards 73 Gore 
Grady Martin, horseshoer, 231 Main, house 

3 Washington 
Grady Martin, laborer, bds. 74 Gore 
Gragg Frank P., salesman (536 Wash. B.), 

boards 10 Gardner 
Gragg Moses H., action maker, 162 Broad- 
way, house 10 Gardner [Pioneer place 
Graham Ann, widow of Bernard, house 1 

Graham Archie B., plumber, 5 Brattle, bds. 

7 Green 
Graham Arthur, hackman, house 7 McCabe 
Graham Edward W., carpenter, b. 7 Green 
Graham Helena, widow of Thomas A., 

house 122 Spring 
Graham James, laborer, h. 89 Harvard 
Graham Jane, widow of William, house 7 

Green [Green 

Graham John, plumber, 5 Brattle, boards 7 
Graham John J., candy maker, boards 96 

Tremont [Daye ct. 

Graham Mary, widow of Malcolm, house 6 
Graham Michael, laborer John Reardon & 

Sons, house 5G Waverly 
Graham Patrick, laborer John Reardon & 

Sons, house 56 Waverly 
Graham Samuel, organ varnisher, 162 

Broadway, bds. 89 Harvard 
Graham Sarah D. Miss, teacher Gore st. 

primary school, boards 57 Third 
Graham Wm. , laborer, h. 96 Tremont 
Graham William, machinist, 92 Main 
Graham William, bookkeeper (B.), house 

26 Essex 
Graham Wm. Rev. , clergyman (Ferdinand, 

cor. Isabella, B.), house 57 Third 
Graham W. H., conductor Cambridge R. 

R. Co., house at Watertown 
Grahmbom Gustavus, drain-pipe maker, 

132 Main, h. 22 Pioneer avenue 
Grames Charles T., car builder, F. R. R., 

boards 8 Holyoke 
Grames Elbridge G., car builder, F. R. R., 

h. 8 Holyoke 
Grames Louise Miss, clerk, 442 Harvard, 

bds 8 Holyoke 
Grandison William, laborer, h. 12 Elmer 
Graney Michael, city laborer, house 104 

Granger George H. L., potter, b. 40 Spruce 
Granger John H., varnisher, 203 Bridge, 

bds. 198 do. 
Granger Stephen, teamster, 211 Bridge, 

h. 230 do. 
Granger Thomas, trimmer, 203 Bridge, h. 

92 Gore 
Grannan William, gardener, h. 227 Franklin 
Grant Albert E., clerk, h. 412 Cambridge 
Grant Alexander M., cabinet maker, 384 

Main, boards 50 Union 
Grant Charles E., shoemaker (172 Purchase 

B.), house 425 Main 
Grant Daniel, cooper, h. Squire's blk., Gore 
Grant Daniel A., carpenter, h. 31 Winter 
Grant Elizabeth, widow of Thomas, house 

16 Hastings [54 Green 

Grant Emma F., widow of Goodwin, house 
Grant E. D., driver Cambridge R. R. 
Grant Felix, laborer, house 147 Dublin 
Grant Geo. W., mason (B.), b. 262 Sidney 
Grant James, liquors, 185 Mt. Auburn, h. do. 
Grant James (Grant & Mann), cabinet 

maker, 384 Main, h. 50 Union 

PACH BROTHERS, n&TbIS^l. photographers 




Grant James, stonecutter, house 10 Eliot 
Grant James jr., upholsterer, 384 Main, b. 

50 Union 
Grant Jos. H., grocer (Watertown), house 

Holworty, near Belmont 
Grant Laurence A., engineer Bay State 

Brick Co. , h. 108 Spruce 
Grant Lucy Mrs., h. 67 Ellery 
Grant Marcus M., shipper, 105 Magazine, 

house 8 Prince 
Grant Merrill H., wood worker, 5-1 Bridge, 

house at Somerville 
Grant Rose, widow, h. 23 Warren 
Grant Sarah N., widow of Elbridge, house 

2G2 Sidney 
Grant S. W., Mrs., bds. 776 Main 
Grant Wallace M., machinist, boards 158 

Grant , laborer, h. 63 Washington 

Grant & Mann (James Grant and James F. 
Mann), cabinet makers and upholster- 
ers, 384 Main 
Gratto Samuel, carpenter, boards Andrew 

near Somerset 
Gratz Albert C, bookkeeper, 502 Main, 

h. 106 Austin 
Gratz Laura E. Miss, boards 70 Franklin 
Gratz Louise H. Miss, copyist, 502 Main, 
b. 70 Franklin [9 Second 

Graustein Adolf, clerk, rear 43 Bridge, b. 
Graves Frank, painter, bds. 33 Green 
Graves George, agent for Mass. Total Ab- 
stinence Society, h. 102 Thorndike 
Graves George A. Mrs., Mid. b. 25 William 
Graves George W., at 162 Broadway, h. 

25 William 
Graves James L., gas fitter, Am. Rub. Co., 

h. 105 Winsor 
Graves John M., foreman of watchmen, 

169 Gore, house at East Boston 
Graves Oliver B., assistant foreman Cam- 
bridge Tribune, boards 16 Oxford 
Graves Wm. H., key finisher, 139 Broad- 
way, h. 31 Grigg 
Gray Allen F., com. trav. (1 Commercial, 

B.), h. 183 Harvard 
Gray Angie O., wid. of Chas., h. 30 Norfolk 
Gray Asa, Fisher Professor of Natural 
History H. U., house Botanic Garden, 
Garden, corner Linna?an 
Gray Bridget, Mrs., house 329 Main 
Gray Dennis A., carpenter, h. 107 Columbia 
Gray Eli, laborer, 5 Broadway, h. at Boston 
Gray Elizabeth Miss, house 107 Green 
Gray Elizabeth Mrs. house 128 Pleasant 
Gray Elmer E., clerk, 17£ Rice, bds. 17 do. 
Gray Frank, teamster, h. r. 162 Dublin 
Gray Geo. H., at Ivers & Pond Piano Co., 

Albany, h. 32 Decatur 
Gray Geo. Z. d.d., Dean Episcopal Theo. 

School, house 3 Mason 
Gray Hannah, wid. of Gideon, b. 693 Main 
Gray Harry, clerk, 122 Cambridge, boards 
58 Sixth 

Gray Horace J., deputy collector Internal 
Revenue (P.O. building, room 39, B.), 
house Bristol, corner Webster av. 
Gray James, laborer, house 9 Revere 
Gray James, laborer, h. 23 Bay [126 Green 
Gray James, boiler maker, 92 Main, house 
Gray James M., waiter Memorial Hall, h. 

31 Webster avenue 
Gray John C, lawyer (40 State, room 20, 
B.), house Brattle, c. Fresh Pond lane 
Gray John C, teamster, h. r. 8 Holyoke 
Gray John L., laborer, h. rear 84 Harvard 
Gray Joseph, hostler, Cambridge R. R. Co., 

house 2 George 
Gray Jos. T., laborer, h. 218 Putnam av. 
Grav J. feeder, Baldwin st. stable, Cam- 

'bridge R. R. Co. 
Gray Peter, h. 40 Plymouth 
Gray Peter, lanterns and tin ware (12 Mar- 
shall, B.), house Groveland, 1st from 
Gray Rebecca Miss, house 107 Green 
Gray Richard W., piano finisher Ivers & 
Pond Piano Co., Albany, h. 74 Chestnut 
Gray Robert, bookbinder Riverside Press, 

house 13 Hewes 
Gray Robert A., postal clerk (B.), house 6 

Gray Robert R., sawyer, house 21 Rice 
Gray Stephen, clerk (2 Lakeman market, 

B.), boards 142 Harvard 
Gray Stephen W., carpenter, house 143 

North avenue 
Gray Walter, printer University press, 

rooms 3 Charles River 
Gray William H., instructor House of Cor- 
rection, house 90 Thorndike 
Grayson Peter, machinist (Charlestown, 

B.), house 60 North 
Greaves Charles H. , clerk (40 State, room 

37, B.), bds. Elm, corner White 
Greaves Thomas J., carriage painter (B.), 

house Elm, corner White 
Grebenstein Edward W. , bookbinder Riv- 
erside Press, house 55 Green 
Greco Letterio C. , hairdresser, 573 Main, 

house 19 Essex 
Greehan John B., cooper, h. 167 Winsor 
Greeley Louis M., proctor H. U., rooms 43 

Gray's Hall 
Greely Frank B., carpenter, 113 Broad- 
way, house 21 Antrim 
Greely Leander, carpenter, builder, and 
lumber, 113 Broadway, h. 13 Pleasant 
Greely Philip Mrs., house 13 Centre 
Greely Philip T., house 13 Centre 
Greeley Rensselaer, foreman, 113 Broad- 
way, house 21 Antrim 
Green Alfred, printer (117 Franklin, B.), 

house 432 Broadway 
Green Alfred M., clerk (211 Tremont, B.), 

boards 432 Broadway 
Green Andrew J., principal assessor dis- 
trict 3, office City Hall, h. 28 Second 


. O'lQIFLIZEEiar c*3 SON 





Green AnsilW., conductor Cambridge R.R. 

Co., house 18 Dunster 
Green Catharine, widow of Charles A., 

house 14 Washington avenue 
Green Charles, tobacco, etc. (143 Cam- 
bridge, B.), house 15 Hollis 
Green Charles G. (36 Hawley, B.), house 

1-1 Washington avenue 
Green Charles 11.. stair-builder, 113 Broad- 
way, house 32 Market 
Green Daniel, laborer, house 13 Sparks 
Green Edward, glass-blower, bds. 12 Vine 
Green Elizabeth Wentworth Miss, teacher, 

17 Berkeley, boards 20 Buckingham 
Green Frank F., laborer, house 21 Reed 
Green George, boiler-maker. 92 Main 
Green Gustof, helper, 17 Main, house 20 
Harvard [son, house do. 

Green Harriet Mrs., dressmaker, 3 Jeffer- 
Green Henry T., printer Riverside Press, 

house 81 School 
Green Jacob, tanner, house 3 Jefferson 
Green James H. , packer, 162 Broadway, 

boards at Arlington 
Green Jeremiah, clerk, 8 Broadway, b. do. 
Green John, shoemaker, 119 Gore, h. do. 
Green John P., brush maker (132 Oliver, 

B.), boards 14 Vine 
Green John S., organ maker (Waltham, 
cor. Washington, B.), house 71 Allston 
Green Joseph W., variety store, 93 Main, 
house do. [Webster av. 

Green Julia A., widow of Wm. H., h. 22 
Green Maria, widow, house 73 Tremont 
Green Michael, cigar maker, 599 Main, 

boards 464 do. 
Green Michael, laborer, house 26 Sparks 
Green Nicholas St. John Mrs., house 20 

Green Oscar F.. stair builder, 113 Broad- 
way, house 4 Seckel 
Green Patrick, laborer, house 14 Vine 
Green Philip, painter, h. 13 Fairmont av. 
Green Tbomas, fireman Revere Sugar Re- 
finery, house 80 Sixth 
Green Thomas, laborer, house 14 Reed 
Green Thomas H.. gardener, b. 14 Reed 
Green William, cabinet maker, Woodbury 

building. Otis 
Green William, laborer, boards 14 Vine 
Green Wm. F., wood engraver, b. 4 Seckel 
Greene Albert T., artist's oil color mnf., 

99 Green, h. do. 
Greene A. W., conductor Cambridge R.R. 
Greene Benjamin, musician, h. 122 Winsor 
Greene Charlotte E., widow of Edward K., 

house 23 Wallace 
Greene Elbridge A. (Greene &Co.), stoves, 
etc.. 552, 651 and 653 Main, h. 97 Green 
Greene John, laborer, house Burns' block, 

Foster place 
Greene John, cabinet maker, boards 69 Elm 
Greene John R. , confectioner, 7 Prospect, 
house 40 Bigelow 

Greene Joseph G., jr., boots and shoes, 11 
Harvard row. boards 10 Church 

Greene Joseph T., cabinet maker, boards 69 

Greene Mary A., widow of Issacher A., 
house 95 Green 

Greene Peter, cabinet maker, h. 69 Elm 

Greene Peter F., cabinet maker (66 Pitts, 
B.), house 43 Baldwin 

Greene Rowland D., conductor Cambridge 
R.R. Co., house Baldwin street station 

Greene Thomas L., varnisher, 203 Bridge, 
house 39 Gore 

Greene Walter A., teamster, h. 71 School 

Greene Warren L., box maker, 3 Hamp- 
shire, boards 122 Winsor 

Greene Wm., upholsterer (B.), b. 69 Elm 

GREENE & CO. (Elbridge A. 
Greene), stoves, furnaces, gas and 
steam fitting, 552, 651 and 653 Main 

Greener Mary A., widow of Richard W., 
house 63 Washington 

Greenlaw Harry E., brakeman, F. R. R., 
boards 125 Harvard 

Greenlaw Moses W., polisher (Charles- 
town), house 125 Harvard 
mason, 469 and 509 Main, and 6 Doug- 
lass, paper-hangings, 469 Main, house 
464 do. [Antrim 

Greenleaf George W., decorator, house 12 

Greenleaf George W., plumber, house 
Chestnut, corner Sidney 

Greenleaf James Mrs., house 76 Brattle 

Greenleaf Josepb, mason, h. r. 18^ Lopez 

Greenleaf Joseph, millwright, h. 28 Fifth 

Greenleaf Oliver P., mason, 26 Central 
square, house 49 Essex 

Greenough Henry, h. 747 Cambridge 

Greenough James, flour (24 Commerce, 
B.), house 33 Tremont 

Greenough James B., prof. H. U. , house 3 
BreAvster place 

Greenough Joseph F., boards 9 Garden 

Greenough Walter C, crayon artist (5 Som- 
erset, B.), boards 123 Oxford 

Gaeenough Wm. P., flour (24 Commerce, 
B.), h. 123 Oxford, N. C. 

Greenwood Jos., brick maker, h. Reservoir 
corner Concord ave. 

Greenwood Lemuel A., overseer Cambridge 
R. R. Co.'s stable, 201 Main, house 65 

Greenwood Moses, salesman (177 and 181 
Congress, B.), house 8 Mellen 
i Greenwood Wm. P., house 140 Harvard 
; Greer Hiram, truckman (24 Kingston, B.), 
house 32 Second 

Gregg David A., draughtsman (211 Tre- 
mont, B.), house 127 Auburn 

Gregory Dexter W., conductor C. R.R. bds. 

J Gregory Emily S. Miss, student in botany, 
boards 18 Story 


Established 1860. 30 DOCK SQUARE. 



Gregory' Frederick W. , com. mer. (3 Cen- 
, tral wharf. B.), house 29 Lee 

Gregory James A., conductor Cambridge 
11. R. Co., bds. I. Diekman's, Frank 

Gregory John B., mason, house Rogers' ct. 

Gregory Matthias, cooper, house 15!) Pearl 

Gregory Sarah B. Miss, house 681 Main 

Gregorv Thomas B., packer N. E. Glass 
Co. , house 26 Fifth 

Grey John, teamster, bds. 70 Concord ave. 

Gribben Bessie Miss, h. Charles, n. Sixth 

Gribbon James, blacksmith. 72 Main 

Gridley James F., h. 61 Oxford 

Gridlev Wm. A., salesman, 203 Bridge h. 
at" Jamaica Plain [122 Otis 

Grieves Chas. H.. brass-moulder, house 

Grieves J. Edward, salesman (26 Summer, 
B.). house 148 Cambridge 

Grieves Sarah M., teacher Lowell primary 
school, boards 3 Sixth 

Grieves Sarah T., widow of Thomas, house 
3 Sixth 

Grieves W. Frank, clerk (11 Kilby, B.), b. 
104 Spring 

Grieves Wm. H. , watchman X. E. Glass 
Works, house 10-i Spring 

Griffin Arthur C., wheelwright, 270 North 
avenue, house 26 Rice 

Griffin Dennis, laborer, house 14 McCabe 

•Griffin Dennis C, gents' furnishing goods, 
131 Bridge, house at Somerville 

Griffin Edith A., widow of Eliphalet, house 
26 Rice 

Griffin Edward J., porter, house 37 Bolton 

Griffin Elmer, organ tuner, 162 Broadway, 
house at Greenwood 

Griffin George H., tinsmith, 220 North ave- 
nue, house 36 Cogswell avenue 

Griffin Helen M. .Miss, music teacher, bds. 
5 Pleasant 

Griffin James, ware dresser, 356 Main, h. 
Auburn place 

Griffin Jas. A., brushmaker, b. 109 Spring 

Griffin John, laborer, boards 12 East 

Griffin John H.. carpenter, house 2 Hender- 
son place 

Griffin Margaret, widow, house 52 Fifth 

Griffin Mary, widow of Dennis, house 6 
Riverside place 

Griffin Mary. wid. of Michael, h. 12 East 

Griffin Michael, laborer, house rear Locust 
near Cashing 

Griffin Michael, bookbinder, house 6 River- 
side place 

Griffin Michael (Griffin & Dolan), soap 
mnfr. , r. 13 Decatur, h. 75 Brookline 

Griffin Randall, stone-cutter Alex McDon- 
ald. Mt. Auburn 

Griffin Stephen, laborer, house 23 Brewery 

Griffin Thos., engineer, h. 114 Kinnaird 

Griffin Thos., at 17 Main 

Griffin Thomas, laborer, house 14 McCabe 

Griffin Thomas H., book gilder, house 4 
Svmond's block, DeWolf 

Griffin Walter E., clerk, 225 North avenue, 

boards 26 Rice 
Griffin Willard P., clerk (278 Devonshire, 

B.), board< 38 Cogswell avenue 
Griffing Augustas P., house 85 Thorndike 
Griffis Elias I)., tin-worker. 153 Putnam 

avenue, house 37 Somerset 
Griffith John J., laborer Wm. Reardon & 

Sons, h. 11 Valentine 
Griffith John, hack driver (B.), h. 4 Moore 
Griffitls George, teamster, 11 Bridge, house 

13 Leighton court 
Griffiths William, planer Rhoades building, 

State, house 57 Hampshire 
Griggs Charles, teamster (100 Atlantic av., 

B.), boards 52 Sidney 
Griggs James B., teamster (100 Atlantie 

av., B.), house 52 Sidney 
Griggs Lucy J. Mrs., boarding-house, ll£ 

Grills Charles J., sail maker, house 153 Otis 
Grimes Michael, tinsmith (137 Cambridge, 

B,), house 23 Reed 
Grimshaw James, laborer, Niles Bros. h. 

Griner Adolph, wood turner, Otis, corner 

First, house 8 Eighth 
Grinham John, grocer. 115 Pleasant, h. do. 
Grinham Patrick, laborer, house Andrew, 

near Somerset 
Grisselberg Jonas, painter, bds. 34 Cherry 
Grose Eliza, widow of William, h. 5 Suffolk 
Grose George L., driver Citizens Ice Co., 

rooms 48 Market 
Grose Henry H., provisions, bds. 5 Suffolk 
Gross Mary E., widow of Robert G., house 

22 Hastings 
Grossman Frederick, machinist (109 Court, 

B.), house 263 Putman avenue 
Grossmann Franz, pocket-book maker, h. 

4 Andrew 
Grother Barney, cooper, boards 57 Gore 
Grother Hermann, sugar boiler, h. 50 Spring 
Grove George, roller skate maker, rooms 

167 Broadway 
Grover Charles R., jeweller, b. 18 Kinnaird 
Grover Chester B., house 331 Broadway 
Grover Edward O., master Shepard gram- 
mar school, house at Arlington 
Grover Frank, teamster, 8 Brattle, boards 

Farwell place 
Grover Lucas B., house 335 Broadway 
Grover Nathan M., printers' detergent man- 
ufacturer, house 18 Kinnaird 
Grover Walter C, messenger Central Na- 
tional Bank (121 Devonshire, B.), 

boards 335 Broadway 
Grueby Edward L., treas. Am. Net and 

Twine Co. (43 Commercial, B.), house 

33 Harris 
Gruring Fred, watch-case maker (Province 

Court, B.), house 263 Putnam avenue 
Gudey Harmon, laborer, house 4 Rogers' ct. 
Guenette George, potter, house 21 Reed 




Guenette Nazaire, brickmaker, house 111 

Guenther John, salesman (B.),h. 507 Main 
Guerrier Eben, carpenter, 113 Broadway, 

house 4 Dave court 
Guesnow Manuel laborer, housa 16 East 
Guild Albert, house 44 Prospect 
Guild Charles H., baker, h. 15 Myrtle pi. 
Guild Harry A., clerk (82 Water, B.), 

boards 93 Austin 
Guild Harriette E., widow of George A., 

house 156 Mt. Auburn 
Guild James E., machinist, b. 15 Myrtle pi. 
Guilmartin James, teacher, h. 35 Winsor 
Gumige Manuel, fruit dealer (B.), house 

25 Fourth 
Guiney John, currier, house 1 Montgomery 
Guiney John, weigher, John Reardon & 

Sons, h. 54 Waveyly 
Gummo Wm. H., blacksmith, house 432£ 

Gunn Alfred, laborer, house 10 Eliot 
Gunn Wm. D., carriage painter, 178 North 

avenue, house rear 2 Regent 
Gunner John, carpenter, 17 Main, house 83 

Gunning John J., hammer coverer, 330 

Main, house 14 Clark 
Gunnison Daniel O., painter, 63 Moore, 

house 64 Inman 
Gunnison Frederick A., salesman (84 

Washington, B.), boards 64 Inman 
Gunnison Jane, widow, boards C. Board- 
man's, Washington av.. opp. Foxcroft 
Gunnison Sarah J., teacher Felton primary 

school, boards 64 Inman 
Gunther Joseph, currier, h. 366 North av. 
Guott Leger, safe maker, h. 2 Brown's 

block, Third 
Guppy Annie M. Mrs., (Guppy & Dear- 
born), dressmaker, 419 Camb., h. do. 
Guppy & Dearborn (Mrs. A. M. Guppy and 

Miss E. E. Dearborn), dressmakers 419 

Gurney Edward P. , carpenter, 113 Broad- 
way, house 25 Lopez 
Gurney Edwin L., music teacher, house 

15 Amory 
Gurney Ephraim W., University Professor 

of History H. U., h. 10 Fayerweather 
Gurney Hannah V., widow of Thomas, h. 

21 Brookline 
Gurney Henry F., driver Cambridge R.R., 

Co., house 12 Eliot 
Gurney Thos. E., mason tender, 469 Main, 

house 21 Brookline 
Gurnham Thomas, variety store, 160 North 

avenue, h. 30 Cogswell avenue 
Gurry Bernard, cooper, bds. 210 Sidney 
Gurry Edward, laborer, h. r. 126 Brookline 
Gurry John, laborer, house 210 Sidney 
Gurry John F. (O'Brien & Gurry), horse- 

shoer, 498 Main, house 16 Blanche 
Gurry John N., sizer, boards 7 Franklin 

Gushee Edward M., Rev., rector St. Peter's 

house 30 Lee 
Gushee Julia S. Miss, teacher City primary 

school, Almshouse, Tannery, b. 30 Lee 
Gustavson E., cabinet maker, 600 Main, 

h. 170 Putnam avenue 
Gustos John, safe maker, 17 Main 
Gutheim Sophia, widow of Frederick L., 

cigar mnfr., 139 Cambridge, house 60 

Guthrie George E., machinist, Osborn, cor. 

Main, boards at Somerville 
Guthrie James F., boards 73 Dana 
Gutman Henry T., tinsmith (112 Harrison 

avenue, B.), house 23 Sargent 
Gutman Joseph H., clerk, bds. 23 Sargent 
Guyer Lewis B., boots and shoes, 97 Cam- 
bridge, house 38 Fourth 
Guyett Charles, cornice maker, house 19 

Guyett Felix, painter, boards 12 Boylston 
Gwynne James A., clerk (450 Washington, 

B.), boards 53 Broadway 
Gwynne Rhoda, widow of Samuel, house 

53 Broadway 
Gwynne William H. (Gwynne & Co.), h, 

47 Brattle 
Gwynne & Co. (Wm. H. Gwynne), livery 

stable, 22 and 24 Brattle 

HAAG JACOB, cigar maker, Pearl, house 

17 Lopez 
Haber George, inspector, 139 Broadway, h. 

169 Otis 
Hackett Andrew coachman, h. 5 Rogers' 

block, Main 
Hackett Benjamin W., salesman (115 Fed- 
eral, B.), house 17 Summer 
Hackett Bridget, widow of Patrick, house 

164 Franklin 
Hackett F., hill boy Cambridge R. R. 
Hackett Henry, packer, 162 Broadway, 

boards 163 do. 
Hackett Henry C, letter carrier P. O., 611 

Main, boards at Somerville 
Hackett Jacob, teamster, h. 19 Park 
Hackett John, foreman safe makers, 17 

Main, house at Maiden 
Hackett John Mrs., house 16 Hancock 
Hackett John H., at University Press, h. 

176 Green 
Hackett J. F., conductor Cambridge R. R. 

Co., house 164 Franklin 
Hackett Murtie, bds. 83 Brattle 
Hackett Thomas H., printers' helper, boards 

164 Franklin 
Hackett Walter H., printer University 

Press, house 83 Brattle 
Hadcock Charles E., sexton First Baptist 

church, house 54 Trowbridge 
Hadley Clarence V., sign painter, 76 Gore, 

boards 36 Fourth 
Hadley Elbridge J., trimmer, 203 Bridge, 

house 6 Oak 

DAPU DDnTUEDC main street, 

H. "Wm.. Tupper, Manager, 




Hadley George A., printer, b. 36 Fourth 
Hadley Lucy J., widow of Elijah L., house 

78 Kirkland 
Hadley Martha J., widow of William P.. h. 

35 Market 
Hadley Nathaniel L, boot maker 76 Gore, 

house 36 Fourth 
Hadley Theodore F. (S. B. R. R., B.),bds. 

35 Market 
Hadley Winslow X. , finisher, 137 Broadway. 

house 2 Austin place 
Haffelder Fred, foreman butchers, 169 Gore, 

house 13 Squire's court 
Hagan Bridget, widow of Daniel, house 181 

Hagan Felix, laborer, b. 173 Bridge 
Hagan Mary, widow of Peter, house 104 

Hagan Patrick, blacksmith, house 93 Brook- 
Hagan Patrick, laborer, house 173 Bridge 
Hagan Peter, cooper, bds. 104 Brookline 
Hagar Fred W., chief of police, office Cen- 
tral sq. bldg.. Central sq., h. 9 Antrim 
Hagar Fred W. jr.. collector (P. O., B.), 

boards 12 Norfolk 
Hagar H., conductor Cambridge R. R. 
Hagen Hermann A., prof, of Entomology 

Museum of Comparative Zoology. 11. 

U.. house 7 Putnam av. 
Hagerty Jeremiah, butcher, bds. 19 Seventh 
Hagerty John, blacksmith, h. 88 Fifth 
Hagerty John, tailor, 430 Harvard, bds. do. 
Hagerty Michael, laborer, bds. 29 Cambridge 
Hagerty Patrick, laborer, h. 8 McCabe 
Hagerty Thomas, blacksmith, b. 11 Winter 
Hagerty, see Hegerty 
Hahan Henry boiler maker. 92 Main 
Hain Nicholas, carver, house 177 Spring 
Haines Alvin M., bookkeeper and weigher, 

Almshouse, h. at Somerville 
Haines John P. at Boston Diatite Co., 

(Charlestown), h. 67 Wright 
Haines John W., silverer Union Glass Co. 

(Somerville), h. 234 Broadway 
Haines Samuel A., accountant (18 Canal, 

B.), boards 125 Prospect 
Haines, see Havnes 

maker, 22 Broadway, h. 137 Main 
Halbert Walter A., student H. U., rooms 

20 Prescott 
Halerow Charles, cook, rms. 156 Harvard 
Hale Aaron, foreman F. E. Russell, house 

341 Broadway 
Hale Charles B., driver Cambridge R. R. 
Co., house 53 Holvoke 

HALE EOWIN B., lawyer (209 
Wash., rooms 39 and 40, B.), boards 
387 Harvard 
Hale Henry L., engineer, Mount Auburn 

cemeterv. boards 36 Ash 
Hale John E.. student (129 Tremont. B.), 
bds. 30 Park 

Hale Nancy R. Mrs., h. 20 Lake 
Hale Thomas K., expressman, b. 63 Inman 
Hales Arthur, carpenter, h. 140 Garden 
Haley Charles B., com. mer. (206 State, 

B), h. 97 Austin 
Halev Charles E.. fancy goods (11 Avon, 

B.). h. 14 Ellery 
Haley Christopher, laborer, h. 132 Garden 
Haley Cynthia, widow, boards 6 Tufts 
Haley Daniel, laborer, bds. 15 Warren 
Haley Daniel, laborer, h. 174 Franklin 
Haley Daniel, laborer, house 183 Dubbin 
Haley Daniel, laborer, house 10 East 
Haley Dennis, laborer, h. Rolling Mill blk., 

Halev Dennis J., electrotyper (B.), boards 

i49 Franklin 
Haley D.. hostler. Cambridge R. R. 
Haley Edmund, laborer, house 1 Clay 
Halev Edwin L. , iron, steel and hardware 

(45 Oliver, B.), h. 144 Magazine 
Haley E. N., widow of Jesse, h. 10 Winsor 
Haley Hannah Mrs., house 47 School 
Halev Harrv, teamster 221 Bridge, house 3 

Haley Honora. wid. of Dennis, h. 6 Laurel 
Haley H. . shifter. Cambridge R. R. 
Haley James, laborer, bds. 9 Sparks 
Haley James, house 47 School 
Haley Jl-<<l- W., engineer (45 Oliver, B.), 

h. 10 Winsor 
Haley Joanna, wid. of David, h. 21 Sparks 
Haley John, hostler, house 9 Jefferson 
Haley John, iron moulder, Third, corner 

Bent. h. 47 School 
Haley John, laborer, h. 277 Cambridge 
Haley John, laborer, house 29 Winthrop 
Haley John, laborer, bds. 34 Hampshire 
Halev John, teamster, 211 Bridge, boards 3 

Haley John, h. 13 Vine 
Haley John, baker, 502 Main, h. 17 Decatur 
Haley John jr.. laborer, b. 277 Cambridge 
Halev John H., clerk, 244 Broadway, h. 

60 Columbia 
Haley John W. laborer, boards 21 Sparks 
Halev J., driver, Cambridge R. R. 
Haley Mary, wid. of Patrick, h. 13 Willow 
Haley Mary, widow of Frank, h. 49 Vine 
Haley Mary, widow of Jason, house 150 

Haley Michael, city laborer, house 183 

Haley Michael, carpenter, house 128 

Haley Michael, junk, house 49 Vine 
Haley Michael jr.. baker, 502 Main, boards 

183 Hampshire 
Halev Michael, tin worker, 153 Putnam av., 

boards 162 do. 
Haley M. E., conductor Cambridge R. R. 

Co., house 45 Amory [208 Franklin 
Haley Patrick, teamster. 550 Main, house 
; Haley Patrick, city laborer, h. 45 Amory 


Lots Bought, Sold, and Cared for. ■ ■ V •VJVWiUll tW WV*1 j 

8-0 Main and 

89 Spark* St*. 



Haley Patrick, laborer, bds. 277 Cambridge 
Haley Thomas, laborer, boards 164 Gore 
Haley Thomas Mrs., house 149 Franklin 
Haley Thomas, painter, boards 183 Dublin 
Haley Timothy, laborer, bds. 29 Winthrop 
Haley Timothy H., moulder, Third, corner 

Bent, boards 47 School 
Haley Timothy W., plumber, 10 Brattle, h. 
20 Mt. Auburn [h. 235 do. 

Haley William, sawyer, 162 Broadway, 
Haley William, slater, house 16 Antrim 
Haley Wm., baker, 502 Main, b. 45 Amory 
Haley Wm., baker, 180 North avenue, bds. 

at Charlestown 
Haley William L., laborer, bds. 9 Jefferson 
Halgrin John, slater, house 28 Banks 
Haliburton George M., adv. agent, house 
15 Market [Market 

Haliburton James A., carpenter, boards 15 
Haliburton Thomas A., clerk (B.), house 

15 Market 
Haliburton William, clerk (40 Summer, 

B.), boards 15 Market 
Hall Abbie B. Miss, house 22 Winsor 
Hall Albert A., bookkeeper (125 Clinton, 

B.), house 49 Sacramento 
Hall Andrew C, laborer, h. 61 Washington 
Hall A. L., proctor H. U., rooms 7 Holyoke 

Hall A. R., conductor Cambridge R. R. 
Hall Barnabas Y., ivory layer, 139 Broad- 
way, house 27 Hamilton 
HAL.L, CHARLES E., marble (69 
Charlestown, and 99 to 101 Haverhill, 
B.), house 411 Broadway 
Hall Charles W., clerk, bds. 15 Pleasant pi. 
Hall Daniel M., teamster, 1 Prospect, bds. 

89 Hancock 
Hall Eben G., clerk, F. R. R. fr. house, 

house Hadley place 

Hall Ebenezer M., shoemaker, 176 Gore, 

house do. [210 Harvard 

Hall Edmund J., agent (234 State, B.), h. 

Hall Edward B., pioduce (85 Union, B.), 

house 10 Arlington 
Hall Edward H., bookseller (111 Devon- 
shire, B.), house 6 Langdon 
Hall Edward H. , pastor First Parish church, 

house 6 Ash 
Hall Edward L., clerk (111 Devonshire, 

B.), boards 6 Langdon 
Hall Edwin A., h. 22 Winsor [h. 5 Avon 
Hall Edwin H., instructor in Physics H. U., 
Hall Elbridge G., driver Cambridge Laun- 
dry, house 36 Fairmont 
Hall Emma G. Miss, bookkeeper 502 Main, 

boards 106 Austin 
Hall Etta H. Miss, dressmaker, 210 Har- 
vard, house do. [Pleasant place 
Hall'Frank H., clerk, 610 Main, boards 15 
Hall George E., clerk, 6 Brattle, house 12 

Hall George H., clerk, (518 Washington, 
B.), boards 15 Pleasant place 

Hall Halvor, cabinetmaker, h. 39 1^ Camb. 
Hall Henry C, foreman of fly finishers, 

162 Broadway, house 5 Felton 
Hall Henry I., oils (234 State, B.), boards 

29 Inman [r. 122 do. 

Hall Hiram K., teamster, 91 Broadway, h. 
Hall Jackson E., painter, 373 Main, house 

Hotel School 
Hall Jas. E. (Thurston & Hall Biscuit Co.), 

31 and 33 Elm, h. 1 Greenough av. 
Hall James H. (Thurston & Hall Biscuit 

Co.), 31 and 33 Elm, house 9 Gardner 
Hall James M. W., lumber (70 Kilby, B.), 

house 127 North avenue 
Hall James P., clerk, 408 Cambridge, bds. 

109 Winsor 
Hall John, cooper, 502 Main 
Hall John, laborer, house 48 Foster 
Hall John A., salesman, 539 Main, rooms 

63 Clark 
Hall John M. , varnisher, h. 434 Cambridge 
Hall Joseph, sawyer, 113 Broadway, house 

rear 7 Webster avenue 
Hall Kate Mrs., confectionery, 434 Cam- 
bridge, h. do. 

HAEL. LEWIS, president Lechmere 
National Bank, 66 Cambridge house 

Cambridge, near Hovey's nurseries 
Hall Lucy A., wid. of Joshua E., h. 5 Avon 
Hall Lydia J., widoAv, h. 187 Hampshire 
Hall Mark, teamster, 1 Prospect, rooms 25 

Hall Matthew N., cooper, 502 Main, bds. 7 

Hall Orrin, house 6 Follen 
Hall Robert B. Mrs. house 15 Avon 
Hall Samuel, fly finisher, 162 Broadway, h. 

231 do. 
Hall Thomas H., core maker, 356 Main, h. 

188 Harvard 
Hall Thos. S., sergt. police station 1, house 

15 Pleasant place 
Hall T. B. Miss, stenographic writer, River- 
side Press, boards at Glen wood 
Hall T. V., boards 111 Auburn 
Hall Victor M. , conductor Cambridge Rail- 
road Co., rooms 12 Eliot 
Hall Walter S., Custom House (296 State, 

B.), house 110 Putnam avenne 
Hall Willard B., rooms 84 Spring 
Hall William C, laborer, h. 1 Seckel 
Hall AYm. H., at 139 Broadway, h. 173 Pearl 
Hall Wm. H. S., hairdresser, house 36 

Hall William P., shoemaker (6 Province 

Court, B.), house 13-\ Franklin 
Hall Wm. S., lawyer (8 Congress, B.), bds. 

6 Follen 
Hall Willis H. , mechanical engineer, 604 

Main, house 20 Western av. 
Hallahan Edmund, horse shoer, boards 88 

Mt. Auburn 
Hallesy Patrick, horse shoer, Harvard, 

corner Main 


Assortment of Bronze Hardware in New England 




Hallett Nelson A., upholsterer (53 Elm. 

B.), house 50 Prospect 
Hallett Nelson A. jr., clerk Blackstone 

National Bank (Hanover, cor. Union, 

B.), boards 50 Prospect 
Hallett Win. A., captain B. S. Co. (53 Cen- 
tral wharf, B.), house 66 Magazine 
Hallett Win. J., ship stores (241 Atlantic 

avenue, B.), bds. 66 Magazine 
Halley Thomas, cooper, h. 167 Thorndike 
Halliday Henry A., coal, etc., 436£ Main, 

house 72 Elm 
Halliday John B., cutter, 211 North avenue, 

house 196 do. 
Halliday Luke, laborer, h. 115 Columbia 
Hallinan Edward, blacksmith, b. 41 Charles 
Hallinan Jane, widow of Charles, house 

62 Fairmont 
Hallock Emma A. Miss, nurse, boards 173 

Lake View avenue 
Hallock Gilbert T., printer, boards 173 

Lake View avenue [av. j 

Hallock Henry P., printer, b. 173 Lake View : 
Hallock Laura S., widow of John S., house 

173 Lake View avenue 
Halloran Catherine, widow of Michael, h. 

9 Jefferson 
Halloran Daniel, laborer, h. 22 Warren 
Halloran David J., butcher Niles Bros., 

Concord avenue, house near do. 
Halloran Edward, gardener, h. 94 Kinnaird 
Halloran Edward, printer, h. 96 Tremont 
Halloran Ellen, widow of Daniel, house 178 

Halloran Jeremiah, laborer, b. 267 Camb. 
Halloran John J., brass finisher, boards 

178 Green 
Halloran John T., plumber, b. 249 Eranklin 
Halloran Mary, widow of Timothy, house 

rear 239 Franklin 
Halloran Patrick, teamster, h. 245 Franklin 
Halloran Timothy F., packer, b. 178 Green 
Hainan John, baker, 180 North avenue, 

house at Somerville 
Halpin Michael, blacksmith, h. 41 Flagg 
Halstead Albert C, tinsmith, h. 57 Inman 
Halstead A. Mrs., wholesale and retail con- 
fectionery, 57 Inman, house do. 
Halverson Charles, painter, h. 91 Fourth 
Halverson Henry, piano maker Ivers & 

Pond Piano Co., Albany, bds. 39l£ i 

Ham James E., key maker, h. 46 Winsor 
Ham Nathaniel, carpenter, h. 5 Cottage 
Hamblen Allen T., tin peddler, house 10 

Hamblet Edward P., clerk (229 Franklin, 

B.), boards 854 Main 
Hamblet Sarah E. Mrs., house 854 Main 
Hamblin Walter E., clerk (1 Com'l., B.), 

boards 183 Harvard 
Hambro Henry, cigar maker, h. 4 Decatur 
Hamburger Benedict, house Harvev, near 


Hamill Samuel S., organ builder, 101 and 
103 Gore, honse 92 Thorndike 

Hamilton Andrew, porter, rooms 43 Wash- 

Hamilton Angus M., laborer, h. 66 Second 

Hamilton Annie, widow of John, house 
17 Willard 

Hamilton A. York, driver, 3 Austin, house 
84 School 

Hamilton Benjamin, carpenter, boards 5 
Rockwell [Hastings 

Hamilton Beivj. F. W., laborer, h. rear 13 

Hamilton Charles H., key finisher, 137 
Broadway, house 102 Hampshire 

Hamilton Charles H., travelling salesman 
(46 Kingston, B.), bds. 46 Second 

Hamilton Charles W., furniture finisher, 
(14 Canal, B.), house 10 Dover 

Hamilton David, brass finisher, house 72 
Green [Spring 

Hamilton Edmund, blacksmith, house 107 

Hamilton Edward F., elevator tender (31 
Milk, B.), boards 56 Hastings 

Hamilton Ellen, widow, h. 113 Columbia 

Hamilton Fernanda, laborer, house 58 

Hamilton George, cooper, rms. 347 Camb. 

Hamilton George S., salesman (103 Wash- 
ington, B.), house 190 Cambridge 

Hamilton James, porter (107 Milk, B.), 
house 56 Hastings 

Hamilton Jane, widow of John, house 51 

Hamilton Maria, widow, boards Henry 
Tyler's, Avon place 

Hamilton Mary E., widow' of Samuel, 
boards 98 Concord avenue 

Hamilton Michael, marble polisher, house 
22 McCabe 

Hamilton Sarah, widow of Samuel, house 
rear 47 Vine 

Hamilton Thomas T., blacksmith, 356 
Main, house 159 Spring 

Hamilton William, laborer, h. 47 Vine 

Hamilton Win. A., carpenter, h. 50 Spruce 

Hamilton William H., porter (99 Chauncy, 
B.), boards 56 Hastings 

Hamilton William J., porter Riverside 
Press, house 36 DeWolf 

Hamlen Elizabeth, widow of Willis C, 
house 12 Rockwell 

Hamlen Hattie A. Miss, teacher Willard 
primary school, boards 12 Rockwell 

Hamlen Willis C, clerk Shoe and Leather 
Association (79 Bedford, B.), bds. 12 

Hamlin Charles E., assistant in Concholo- 
gy and Paleontology, Museum of Com- 
parative Zoology, house 11 Mellen 

Hamlin Delwin, teacher Lawrence school, 
(So. Boston), rooms 96 Austin 

Hammerbeck C, cabinet maker, 44 Cam- 
bridge, house 72 Gore 

Hammett Henry, house 56 Pine 




Hammon John, laborer, 221 Bridge 
Hammond Addie Mrs., house 12 Bath 
Hammond Betsey B., widow of Nathaniel 

O., house 166 Cambridge 
Hammond Elizabeth M., widow of Jedu- 

than. house 18 Sidney 
Hammond George P., boarding-stable, 88 

North avenue, house 12 Forest 
Hammond John W. (Hammond & Pope), 

lawyer, 623 Main, and (27 Tremont 

Row, B.), house 382 Broadway 
Hammond Jos. W. Mrs., h. 10 Forest 
Hammond Josephine Miss, dressmaker, 

boards 18 Sidney [h. at Everett 

Hammond Robert, cabinetmaker, 79 Main. 
Hammond "Walter S., cabinet maker, 79 

Main, house at Everett 
Hammond William G,, tinsmith, house 

rear 189 Hampshire 
Hammond & Pope (John W. Hammond 

and Charles G. Pope), lawyers, 623 

Main, and (27 Tremont Row, B.) 
Hammons Georgianna, widow, boards 19 

Hammutz Caroline, widow of Joseph, 

house rear 81 Sixth 
Hampson David, engineer (95 Milk, Bos- 
ton) , house 222 Green 
Hampson Frank D., machinist, boards 222 

Green [Green 

Hampson Wm. H., brass finisher, b. 222 
Hampton Lucy L.. widow of Edward, house 

Harvey, corner Montgomery 
Hanaburv Frank, baker, h. 181 Dublin 

estate agent, 593^ Main, h. 46 Pleasant 
Hancock Edwin F.. house 572 Main 

HANCOCK JOHN, harness maker, 
7 Pearl, h. 75 Franklin 
Hancock Maria Mrs., house 111 Austin 
Hancock Robert A., clerk (38 Wash. B.), 

boards 111 Austin 
Hancock Solomon, com. merchant (76 

State. B.), house 25 Pearl 
Hand James, musician, house 88 Spring 
Hand Sarah, widow of Bernard, house 

191 Dublin 
Hands Herbert A., homeopathic physician, 

h. Somerville av., cor. White 
Haney Bridget, wid. of John, h. 20 Prince 
Haney Maria L. Miss, house 20 Prince 
Haney Timothy J., lab., h. r. 175 Bridge 
Hanify Mary, widow of James F., house 

35 Banks 
Hanigan Michael, baker. 502 Main 
Hankin John, sawyer, 162 Broadway, bds. 

at Somerville 
Hanks Charles Stedman, lawyer (209 Wash. 

B.), boards 387 Harvard 
Hanks Mary H. Miss, teacher Lowell 

grammar school, bds. 387 Harvard 
Hanks Stedman W.. clergyman and agent 

of Seaman's Friend Society (Beacon, 

cor. Somerset, B.), h. 387 Harvard 

Hanley Cornelius, cooper, h. 28 Portland 
Hanley Edward, house" 88 Franklin 
Hanley John, varnisher, 203 Bridge, house 

102 Gore 
Hanley John, laborer, house 69 Amory 
Hanley Nellie M. Miss, dressmaker, house 

88 Franklin 
Hanley Timothy E., salesman (452 Wash. 

B.), boards 88 Franklin 
Hanlon Edward, laborer, h. 15 Hayes' ct. 
Hanlon George O., picture frame maker, 

house 287 Cambridge 
Hanlon James, laborer, h. 15 Hayes' court 
Hanlon John, lumper, 162 Broadway, house 

34 Washington 
Hanlon John, teamster, house 104 Third 
Hanlon Michael J., action maker, 162 

Broadway, house 63 Boylston 
Hanlon Morgan, fireman Revere Sugar 

Refinery, house 63 North 
Hanlon Morris, machine hand, 162 Broad- 
way, house 34 Washington 
Hanlon Thomas, h. 34 Washington 
Hanlon Wm., stone cutter, h. 301 Camb. 
Hanna William J., plumber, 200£ North 

avenue, house 9 Rice 
Hannaford Daniel W., laborer, house Con- 
cord avenue, corner New 
Hannaford William, driver Charles River 

R.R., house 63 Hampshire 
Hannah Robert C, stucco worker (150 

Mt. Vernon, B.), house 47 Market 
Hannah Wm. G., bookkeeper (442 Wash. 

B.), boards 111 Washington 
Hannon Ann. wid. of John, h. 154 Third 
Hannon Edward, polisher Russ Moulding 

Co., First, bds. 4 Third 
Hannon John, laborer, house 154 Third 
Hannon John, house 92 Webster ave. 
Hannon Martin J., weigher, 126 Portland, 

house Rolling Mill block. Bristol 
Hannon Martin P., student, boards 92 

Webster avenue 
Hannon Matthew W., clerk (8 Bromfield, 

B.), house Crescent avenue 
Hannon Patrick, laborer, h. 110 Spring 
Hannon Thomas J., straight-moulder, First, 

cor. Thorndike, house 119 Spring 
Hannum Esther F. Miss, teacher Webster 

grammar school, house 27 William 
Hannum Henry, confectioner, 282 Broad- 
way, house at Somerville 
Hannum James, engineer, h. 5 Pioneer av. 

er and real estate agent, 549 Main, 
house 27 William 
Hanscom Arthur C, clerk (44 Kilby, B.), 
boards 4 Pice [h. 4 Rice 

Hanscom Catherine M.. widow of Jacob, 
Hanscom Daniel, carpenter, h. 46 Sidney 
Hanscom Edwin L.. polisher. 139 Broad- 
way, boards rear 43 Norfolk 
Hanscom Emmons, clerk, 610 Main, house 
5 Village 


H. Wm. TuDDer. Manager. 




Hanscom Geo. E., mariner, b. 46 Sidney 
Hanscom Henry C, carpenter, h. 7 Austin 
Hanscom James S., foreman 92 Main, 

house 21 Avon 
Hanscom John, sawyer (B.), house 237£ 

Hanscom J. William, driver, 600 Main, 

bds. 46 Sidney [46 Sidney 

Hanscom Lucetta J. Miss, seamstress, bds. 
Hanscom May A. Miss, music teacher, bds. 

21 Avon 
Hanscom Walter J., clerk (14 Summer, B.), 

boards 4 Rice 
Hanscom Wm. EL, carpenter, b. 46 Pleasant 
Hanscom Wm. P., piano action maker, 113 

Broadway, house 9 Elm 
Hanscom William S., carpenter, house rear 

43 Norfolk 
Hansen Christian, tailor, h. 10 Stevens' ct. 
Hansis John C, wood moulder, Otis, cor. 

Eirst, house rear 117 Otis 
Hanson Alhan, machinist, b. 5 Rogers' 

block, Main 
Hanson David, porter (202 Devonshire, B.), 

house 138 Hampshire 
Hanson Frank, safe maker, 17 Main 
Hanson Geo. H., paper-ruler (178 Wash., 

B.), bds. 107 Washington 
Hanson Geo. W., trimmer, 162 Broadway, 

house at Woburn 
Hanson Gerhard, hatter, bds. 3 Seckle 
Hanson John W., sewing-machine agent, 

house 8 Antrim 
Hanson L. W., box maker, 3 Hampshire 
Hanson Mary A., wid., h. 267 Putnam av. 
Hanson Mary E., wid. of Chas., h. 14 Jay 
Hanson R. Henry, milkman, 43 and 45 

Pine, house 41 do. 
Hanson Toff, safemaker, 17 Main 
Hanson William, fish and oysters, 148 Har- 
vard, h. 182 do. 
Hanson William, laborer, house 267 Put- 
nam avenue 
Hanson Zenas A., machinist, 72 Main,bds.l2 

Broadway [Norfolk 

Hapgood Luther, police, station 2, house 67 
Hapgood Richard, supt. Cambridge R. R. 

Co., house 2 Prospect 
Harcus David E., laborer, house 95 Gore 
Harden Cushman E., corporation clerk, 

Charles River Railway Co., 484 Main, 

boards at Boston 
Harding Charles E., provisions, 403 Main, 

house 2 Cherry ct. 
Harding Charles L., com. mer. (202 Dev- 

shire, B.), house 560 Cambridge 
Harding Edgar, com. mer. (202 Devon- 

onshire, B.), house 26 Maple av. 
Harding Edith Mrs., house 55 Columbia 
Harding Edward A., provisions, 69 Nor- 
folk, house 223 Harvard 
Harding Edward K., house 267 Broadway 
Harding Elijah H., envelope mnfr. (130 

Pearl, B.), boards 41 River 

Harding Hamlin R., sec. Metropolitan R. 

It. (16 Kilby, B.), house 20 Clinton 
Harding Isaac, laborer, house 7 Potter 
Harding Isaac N., house 288 Harvard 
Harding Richard B. jr., teamster (38 E. H. 

square, B.), house 186 Norfolk 
Harding Samuel G., paper, etc., 10 Austin, 

house 48 Pleasant 
Harding SelwynL., student H. IT., boards 

65 Ellery [folk 

Harding Seymour W., express, b. 186 Nor- 
Harding Theodore P., clerk (52 Devon- 
shire, B.), boards 20 Clinton 
Harding Walter H. , assistant water regis- 
trar, office, City Hall, b. 20 Clinton 
Harding William P. , lawyer, (68 Cornhill, 

B.), house 65 Ellery 
Hardy Albert, painter, 5 Palmer, rooms 16 

Hardy Arthur, salesman (450 Washington, 

B.), house 108 Spruce 
Hardy Charles S., house 54 Pleasant 
Hardy Eannie L. Miss, nurse, b. 23 Inman 
Hardy Erancis D., house 51 Pleasant 
Hardy Francis D. jr. (Henry Thayer & 

Co.), chemist, 150 Broadway, h. 50 Erie 
Hardy Henry (Lunt & Hardy) provisions, 

Inman square, house at Somerville 
Hardy Mary H., widow of Thomas, house 

115 Western avenue 
Hardy Samuel A., clerk (356 Washington, 

B.), boards 2 Charles River 
Hardy William H., action maker, 162 

Broadway, house at Jamaica Plain 
Hare Francis A., steam fitter, house 3 

Snow alley 
Hare F. A. Mrs., dressmaker and fancy 

goods, 516 Main, h. 3 Snow alley 
Harell Jesse, tailor (7 Alden, B.), house 20 

Upton [Auburn 

Hargrave Patrick H., currier, house 64 Mt. 
Harkins Alice, widow of John, house Con- 
cord avenue, corner New 
Harkins Charles J., shoemaker, boards 14 

Harkins Michael, laborer Am. Rubber Co., 

house 14 Plymouth 
Harlow Abbie Miss, house 39 Pine 
Harlow Albert F., Revere Sugar Refinery, 

Water, house 29 Fayette 
Harlow Charles, trunk maker, Rhoades 

bldg., State, house 39 Pine 
Harlow Geo. L., salesman (450 Washing- 
ton, B.), house 17 Lawrence 
Harlow J. Hay den, clerk, 549 Main, house 

19 Lawrence 
Harlow William O., at 162 Broadway, h. 

221 Harvard 
Harmon Albion K. P., carpenter, house 20 

Brookline [Union 

Harmon Alonzo A., teamster, house 44 
Harmon Charles, trunk maker, h. 39 Pine 
Harmon Elizabeth, widow of Peletiah, h. 

82 Chestnut 

P (J A | P C GREEN-HOUSE PLANTS-New and Rare, 

UnUluL 82© Main and 89 Sparks Streets. 

P. 01IXI & S9I 



Harmon Gorham T., clerk (19 Green, B.), 

house 15 State 
Harmon Nathaniel, teamster, b. 43 Union 
Harmon Phineas F., printer (146 Franklin, 

B.), house 10£ Worcester 
Harmon Sumner B., driver, Cambridge R. 

R. Co., house 44o£ Cambridge 
Harmon William D., hostler, h. 44 Union 
Harmon William F., teamster (cellar 19, 

F. H. market, B.), house 43 Union 
Harnard James, carpenter, boards 47 Gore 
Harnden Edwin H., clerk, boards Tenney, 

corner Elm 
Harnden William A., foreman B. & L. R. 

R. paint shop, h. 114 Thorndike 
Harney Edward, laborer, h. 240 Cambridge 
Harney G. Julian, house 16 Shepard 
Harney James, laborer, house 34 Willow 
Harney Margaret, widow of Michael, h. 

17 Tuttle 
Harney Marie Madame, teacher of French, 

house 16 Shepard 
Harney Michael, laborer, bds. 17 Tuttle 
Harney Patrick, mason, house 15 Tuttle 
Harper Amelia Miss, nurse, house 71 Wash- 
Harper Charles, laborer, 502 Main 
Harper Robert D., wheelwright, 200£ North 

avenue, house 193£ do. 
Harper William T., carpenter, 502 Main, 

house 116 Auburn 
Harper William 8., clerk, 908 Main, bds. 3 

Brewers' blk. , Brattle sq. 
Harrell David, clothes cieaner (9 Brattle 

square, B.), house 26 Harris 
Harrell Jesse, clothes cleaner (7 Alden, 

B.), house 20 Upton 
Harries John D. C, shipper Riverside 

Press, boards 109 Auburn 
Harrigan Bernard, safe maker, 17 Main, 

house at Boston 
Harrigan Charles J., expressman, Lyceum 

building, Harvard sq., b. 24 DeWolf 
Harrigan David, bookbinder, boards 24 

Harrigan David, laborer, h. 8 Hastings. 
Harrigan Michael, laborer, house Moore 
Harriman Alonzo S-, police, station 1, h. 2 

Winthrop square 
Harring Fritz, tanner, h. 366 North av. 
Harrington Adeline Miss, h. rear 52 Fifth 
Harrington Albert O., hairdresser (12 Ex- 
change place, B.), h. 12 Broadway 
Harrington Bartholomew, house 10 East 
Harrington Charles M., student H. U. bds. 

14 Trowbridge 
Harrington Cornelius, sizer, 15 Blanche 
Harrington Daniel, assistant janitor Zoolog- 
ical Museum, house Crescent, 4th on 

left from Oxford 
Harrington Daniel, house 13 Brewery 
Harrington Daniel, brush maker, 12 Gore, 

boards 10 East 
Harrington Daniel, house .186^ Bridge 

Harrington Dennis, laborer, h. 192 Bridge 
Harrington Edward A., piano-action maker, 

bds. 24 Prince 
Harrington Edward J., clerk, bds. 6 Fifth 
Harrington Eliza Mrs., boarding-house, 60 

Harrington Eliza F., widow of Enoch, house 

foot of Washington avenue 
Harrington Frank A., student H. U., house 

14 Trowbridge 
Harrington George A., h. 5 Madison 
Harrington Hannah Mrs., h. 14 Trowbridge 
Harrington Henry, tin plate worker (36 

Union, B.) house 24 Prince 
Harrington H., glass blower, N. E. Glass 

Works, North 
Harrington James, laborer, h. 13£ Warren 
Harrington Jas., laborer, house rear 198 

Harrington Jeremiah, liquors, 2 Winter, 

house 4 do. 
Harrington John, b. 4 Linehan blk., Third 
Harrington John, dry goods (17 Tremont 

row, B.), h. foot of Washington av. 
Harrington John, granite works, Gorewhf., 

Third, and marble works (465 Trem- 
ont, B.) 
Harrington John J., stone cutter, house 

Murray, near Eliot 
Harrington John L., foreman C. W. W., 

office City Hall, bds. 47 William 
Harrington Margaret M., widow of Patrick, 

h. 4 Linehan block, Third 
Harrington Margaret, widow of Timothy, 

h. 156 Franklin 
Harrington Mary E., widow of John, house 

6 Fifth 
Harrington Mary E. G. Miss, teacher Wil- 

lard primary school, b. 84 Chestnut 
Harrington Roger, laborer, h. 20 Somerset 
Harrington Stephen H., peddler, house 137 

Webster avenue 
Harrington Thomas W., boards 4 Linehan 

block, Third 
Harrington Timothy, hostler, Church, h. 

31 Dunster 
Harrington Timothy, gardener, 741 Main, 

h. 158 Green 
Harrington Willard H., stamper, 153 Put- 
nam avenue, boards 24 Prince 
Harrington Wm. H., lawyer, (235 Wash- 
ington, room 9, B.), bds. 5 Allston, B. 
Harrington Winthrop G., printer University 

press, h. 84 Chestnut 
Harris Benjamin B., stage carpenter, and 

machinist (34 Howard, B.), house 275 

Broadway [Columbia 

Harris Benjamin C, carpenter, house 109 
Harris Catherine H., widow of T. Wm., h. 

8 Holyoke place 
Harris Charlotte N., Secretary's office H. 

U., bds. E. Fiancis, off Kirkland 
Harris Edward A., action maker, 162 Broad- 
way, house 17 Sidney 


All kinds of HARDWARE GOODS at 
Lowest Prices. 20 Dock Square. 



Harris Emma F. Miss, private school, 134 
Hancock, house 8 Holyoke place 

Harris George, fish, &c, 154£ Harvard, h. 
156 do. 

Harris George Mrs., fancy goods 156 Har- 
vard, house do. 

Harris Henry, waiter, boards 37 Hastings 

Harris James G., transfer agent U. P. R. R. 
(44 Equitable building, B.), boards 16 

Harris James Winthrop Mrs. house Francis 
avenue, off Kirkland 

Harris John, laborer, h. 15 Reed 

Harries John I). C, clerk, Riverside Press, 
bds. 109 Auburn 

Harris John F., cook, house 33 Dunster 

Harris Joseph, porter (6 Oliver B.), h. 131 

HARRIS J. WATSON, sells and 
repairs India shawls, and agent asso- 
ciated charities, Central sq. bldg, Green, 
house 50 William 
Harris Louise W. Miss, teacher Willard 

primary school, boards 50 William 
Harris Lucius L., drug mill, r. 150 Broad- 
way, house 132 Harvard 
Harris Maurice, cigar mnfr., 564 Main, h. 

Harris Philip W. (Philip W. Harris & Co.), 

dry goods, etc., 637 Main, h. 91 Austin 

Harris Philip W. & Co. (Philip W. Harris), 

dry and fancy goods, 637 Main 
Harris Stephen S., upholsterer, rooms 17 

Harris Sylvia Mrs., h. 66 Washington 
Harris S. W., driver Cambridge R. R., bds. 

15£ Baldwin 
Harris Thomas, white washer, house 21 

Harris Thos, D., laborer, h. 54 Hastings 
Harris Wm., laborer, h. 197 Mt. Auburn 
Harris William E., cutter Am. Rubber Co., 

h. 2S Union 
Harrison Charles W., restaurant, 205 Cam- 
bridge, h. do. 
Harrison John, laborer, h. 22 Warren 
Harrison Robert, teamster W. T. Richard- 
son & Co., boards 46 Boylston 
Harrison Wm. E., clerk, 203 Bridge, bds. 

49 Fifth 
Harrison Wm. H. (Harrison & McLane), 
bill poster, 78 Cambridge, house at 
Harrison & McLane (Wm. H. Harrison 
and J. A. McLane), billposters, 78 
Harrod Frances J. Miss, teacher Sargent 

primary school, boards at Boston 
Hart Abram, cigar maker, h. 13 Lopez 
Hart A. B., instructor H. U., rooms 29 

Thayer's Hall 
Hart Bernard, laborer, bds. 1 Washington 
Hart Daniel, laborer, house 62 Amory 
Hart Edward, laborer, house 36 Spring 

Hart Frank, confectioner, boards 271 Put- 
nam av. 
Hart George, cigar maker (239 Federal, 

B.), house 14 Lopez 
Hart John, laborer, house 254 Franklin 
Hart John P., fruit peddler, house 118 

Hart Joseph, agent, boards 3 Rogers' block, 
Main [line 

Hart Joshua, cigar maker, boards 13 Brook- 
Hart Julian B. (Brown, Murphy & Co.), 
shade mnfr., Blanche, and (27 Arch, 
B.), house at Boston 
Hart Margaret Mrs., house 271 Putnam av. 
Hart Michael, laborer, house Rolling Mill 

block, Bristol 
Hart Sarah L. Mrs., house 62 River 
Hart Thomas, lab., h. 35 Cowperthwaite 
Hart William, laborer, John Reardon & 
Sons, house 72 Brookline [burn 

Hart Wm. D., blacksmith, b. 197 Mt. Au- 
Hart, see Hartt 

Hartford Arthur E., box maker, 3 Hamp- 
shire, boards 210 Broadway 
Hartford William, laborer, house 9 Tuttle 
Hartness George, milkman, h. 11 Willard 
Hartness Julia, widow of Thomas, house 5 

Lamson place 
Hartnett J. Daniel, boards 190 Bridge 
Hartnett Mary, widow of John, h. 11 Short 
Hartney Mortimer, currier, h. 210 Franklin 
Hartnoll Richard, stone cutter A. McDon- 
ald, b. I. N. Higgins', Holworthy pi. 
Hartry John, hostler, h. 143 Webster ave. 
Hartshorn James F., wood turner, 131 

Broadway, house 26 Union 
Hartshorn Jos. (J. Hartshorn & Co.), up- 
holsterer (21 Charles, B.), house 86 
Thorndike [Thorndiks 

Hartshorn Joseph W., upholsterer, b. 86 
Hartshorne George T., assistant H. U., 

rooms 17 Kirkland 
Hartt John, house 40 Concord avenue 
Hartt, see Hart 

Hartwell Charles H., provisions, 126 Cam- 
bridge, house 98 Thorndike 
Hartwell Fannie C. , teacher Felton primary 

school, boards 106 Austin 
Hartwell Frank, clerk, 126 Cambridge, 

rooms 65 Otis 
Hartwell George A., provisions, 3 Inman 

square, house 22 Antrim 
Hartwell George A., jeweller (7 Green, 

B.), house 106 Austin 
Hartwell James K., salesman (657 Wash- 
ington, B.), house 52 Green 
Hartwell James T., house 52 Green 
Hartwell J. Albert, clerk, 126 Cambridge, 

house 148 do. 
Hartwell William, carpenter, h. 6 Lincoln 
Hartwell William H., hay, grain, etc., 81 

Bridge, house at Somerville 
Harty Michael J. (McClosky & Harty), 
grocer, 91 and 433 Camb., rms. 53 Otis 




Hartz Hellena, widow of Michael, house 
rear 118 Harvard 

Harvard Cooperative Society, Dane Hall, 
College Grounds 

Harvard University Botanic Garden, junc. 
Garden, Linnaean and Raymond 

Harvard University Gymnasium, Kirkland, 
junction Holmes place 

Harvey Annie M., widow of John S., h. 
Mt. Pleasant, corner Walden 

Harvey Charles, porter (23 Central wharf. 
B.), house 10 Bath 

Harvey Charles W., teamster, 253 Cam- 
bridge, house 174 Winsor 

Harvey Fanny C, widow of Milton, boards 
Washington av., corner Arlington 

Harvey Frank, glass cutter, N. E. Glass 
Works, North 

Harvey Joseph W. (Harvey & Lane), car- 
riage builders, 35 Gore, b. 74 Otis 

Harvey Lydia A., widow of Adier, house 
40 Mt Auburn 

Harvey Samuel C, mortgages (226 Wash- 
ington, B.), house 49 Cottage 

Harvey Walter E., physician, Essex, h. do. 

Harvey William, baker, 502 Main 

Harvey & Lane (Joseph W. Harvey and 
John Lane), carriage builders, 35 Gore 

Harvie Charles W., carpenter, h. 5 Blanche 

Harwood Dewey, tinsmith (Somerville), h. 
372 North avenue 

Harwood Horace S., travelling salesman, 
house 13 Mt. Auburn 

Haseltine Carrie L. Mrs., button-hole 
maker, 12 Dunster, house do. 

Haseltine Lydia L., widow of Moses D., 
boards 10 White 

Haskell Barnabas D., jr., salesman (5 Win- 
throp square, B.), house 33 Orchard 

Haskell E. Sears, teamster, 3 Hampshire, 
bds. 418 Main 

Haskell Isabella G., Miss, bds. 51 Pleasant 

Haskell Leona S., engineer Wm. H. Haz- 
lett & Co., First, h. 118 Cambridge 

Haskell Melville E., hulled corn vender, 
400 Main, house 90 Winsor 

Haskell Samuel E., hairdresser (109£ Lev- 
erett, B.), bds. 1 Conlon court 

Haskins David G., Rev., house 839 Main 

Haskins David G., jr., lawyer. (83 Devon- 
shire, room 7, B.), boards 839 Main 

Haskins John, laborer, house 16 Plymouth 

Haslaner John B., h. Harvey, n. Clifton 

Haslett Andrew, h. Harvey, n. Clifton 

Haslett Andrew J., currier, boards Andrew 
Haslett's, Harvey [Brookline 

Hassett Annie, widow of John, house 63 

Hassett Michael, laborer, h. 2 Linehan blk., 

Hassett Simon, gardener, h. 79 Wendell 

Hastings Andrew J., clerk (U. S. sub- 
treasury, Devonshire, B.), h. 20 Mellen 

Hastings Bernard, laborer, 102 Broadway, 
house 2 Pelham 

Hastings Catherine, widow of Charles, 

house 2(5 River 
Hastings Charles W., at Cambridge Laun- 
dry, boards 128£ Green 
Hastings C. W. Mrs., short-hand writer, 

boards 128£ Green 
Hastings Edward H., boards 9 Forest 
Hastings Frank, soap maker, boards 61 

Hastings Frank W. (AV. B. Hastings & 
Co.), insurance agent, 89 Cambridge, 
(56 Union square, Somerville) and (7 
Exchange place, B.), boards 5 Russell 
Hastings Frederick A., cook, Lyceum bldg. 

Harvard sq., rooms 5 DeWolf 
Hastings George H., printer (324 Washing- 
ton, B.), house 101 Prospect 
Hastings Geo. T., lab., h. 143 Franklin 
Hastings Harriet P., widow of Thomas B., 

house 44 William 
Hastings John M., machinist, h. 31 Sixth 
Hastings Leslie, lawyer, h. 5 Dana 
Hastings Lewis M., civil engineer, City En- 
gineer's office, City Hall, h. 16 Centre 
Hastings Mary Mrs., house 26 Rice 
Hastings Mary E. Miss, boys' clothes, house 

56 Auburn 
Hastings Michael, house 61 Harvard 
Hastings Nelson T., h. 58 North avenue 
Hastings Solon S., clerk (67 Commercial, 

B.), boards 8 Antrim 
Hastings Watson B. (W. B. Hastings & 
Co.), ins. agent, 89 Cambridge (56 Union 
square, Somerville), and (7 Exchange 
place, B.), h. 5 Russell 
Hastings William, piano key maker, 
Rhoades bldg., State, bds. 61 Harvard 

HASTINGS W. B. & CO. (Wat- 
son B. and Frank W. Hastings), insur- 
ance agents, 89 Cambridge (66 Union sq. 
Somerville, and (7 Exchange pi., B..) 

Hatch Andrew J. (Andrew J. Hatch & Co.), 
provisions, 413 Cambridge, house 121 

Hatch Andrew J. & Co. (Andrew J. Hatch), 
provisions, 413 Cambridge 

Hatch Benjamin F. (Hatch & Co.), ex- 
press, house 21 Wallace 

Hatch Berniss L., farmer. Joseph G. Cool- 
idge, Coolidge avenue 

Hatch Caroline R. Miss, h. 19 Warland 

Hatch Celenda S. Mrs., bds, 1 Waterhouse 

Hatch Crawford A., finisher, 162 Broadway, 
rooms 78 Washington 

Hatch George E.. box maker, 3 Hampshire, 
boards 233 Harvard 

Hatch Hattie M. Mrs., boards rear 63 

Hatch Horatio N. jr.' commercial traveller, 
31 Elm, bds. 61 Market 

Hatch James W., boots and shoes (48 Han- 
over, B.), house 160 Pleasant 

Hatch John R., salesman (147 Washington, 
B.), boards Squire's block, Gore 

PACH BROTHERS, next beck hall, 

H. "Wxii. Tupper, Manager. 




Hatch Mansfield A. (Bartlett & Hatch), 

confectioner 645 Main, boards ICO 

Pleasant [23 Fairmont 

Hatch Stephen D., painter, 660 Main, house 
Hatch Thomas D., bookkeeper, boards 99 

Hatch William J. (Hatch & Russell), fur- 
niture, etc. 379 Main, house at Boston 
Hatch & Co. (Benjamin F. Hatch), express, 

6 Brattle, and (3G Court. sq., B.) 
Hatch & Russell (Wm. J. Hatch and Frank 

Russell), furniture, etc., 379 Main 
Hatfield Amos, carpenter, bds. 512 Main 
Hathaway Caroline Miss, b. 254 North av. 
Hathaway Charles F., baker, 180 North av. 

house 25 Wyeth 
Hathawav Dorcas, widow of Freeman, bds. 

25 Wyetta [b. 25 Wyeth 

Hathaway D. Elmer, clerk, 180 North av., 
Hathaway Maria D., widow of Galen, house 

56 Erie 
Hatt George E., carpenter, bds. 28 Decatur 
Hatt Peter, action maker, 139 Broadway, 

boards 44 Pine 
Hattenburg George, laborer, h. 33 Baldwin 
Haven Geo. F.. painter, b. r. 63 Auburn 
Haven Henry P. Mrs., h. r. 6'S Auburn 
Haven H. J., upholsterer B. & A. R. R. 

(Allston), house 128 Pearl 
Havey William, baker, 502 Main, house r. 

170 Norfolk [Holyoke House 

Hawes Edward S., proctor H. U., room 33, 
Hawes Frank T., salesman, 25 South Mar- 
ket, B.), house 8 Western avenue 
HAWES GEO. H., provisions, 545 
Main, rooms 38 Austin 
Hawes Willis W., clerk (9 North Market, 

B.), house 158 Otis 
Hawey William, tin plate worker, 73 Main. 

house foot of Lawn 
Hawey Roderick, sheet metal Avorker, 73 

Main, house foot of Lawn 
Hawkes Ellen, dressmaker, 6 East, h. do. 
Hawkes Henry A., laborer, house 2 Front 

st. court [house 6 East 

Hawkes James, switchman, B. & M. R. R., 
Hawkes Levi (Levi Hawkes & Co.), 

plumber, 599^ Main, and (50 HoAvard, 

B.), house 19 Warland 

Hawkes and John Crawford), plumb- 
ers, 599^ Main and (50 Howard, B.) 

Hawkes Philena D., widow of Farrington, 
house 2 Front st. court 

Hawkins Alvin, boiler maker, h. 85 Vine 

Hawkins A. Charles, teamster, house 223 
Broadway, room 4 

Hawkins Christopher C, teamster, house 62 
Webster avenue 

Hawkins Edward D., clothes cleaner (3 
Shawmut, B.), h. 13 Webster avenue 

Hawkins H., boiler maker, 92 Main 

Hawkins Lizzie J. Miss, teacher Gore pri- 
mary school, boards 33 Fourth 

Hawkins Thomas J., pressman (41 Federal, 

B.), house 69 Ellery 
Hawkins William, h. 33 Fourth 
Hawks Joseph Rev., h. 125 Norfolk 
Haw ley John, laborer, house 40 Winthrop 
Hawley Patrick, collar maker, 10 Arrow 
Hawley William, collar maker, 10 Ariow 
Haworth Arthur, proof-reader, house Banks, 

corner Sands [boards 686 Main 

Hay Henry A., bookkeeper (18 Kilby, B.), 
Hay Thomas K. , expressman, bds. 63 Inman 
Hay croft Joseph B., laborer, h. Mt. Auburn 
Hayden Albion K. P., clerk, h. 130 Winsor 
Hayden David D., carpenter, house 54 Mt. 

Hayden Edward M., action maker, 162 

Broadway, house 18 Orchard 
Hayden Elizabeth, widow of Frederick A., 

house 10 Concord avenue [naird 

Hayden Henry S., carpenter, house 33 Kin- 
Hayden Joel Mrs., house 14 Craigie 
Hayden Kenneth M., bds. 54 Mt. Auburn 
Hayden Margaret E. Mrs., house 12 Gerry 
Hayden Willard S., gold beater, boards 33 

Kinnaird [16 Market 

Hayden William N., clerk, 419 Main boards 
Hayden Zebah, carpenter, 23 DeWolf, h. 

14 Bowdoin 

licitor of patents (95 Milk, rooms 67 

and 68, B.), h. Mt. Auburn, opposite 

Elmwood av. 
Hayes Alice Miss, h. 6 Acacia 
Hayes Alvin, boots and shoes, 578 Main, h. 

8 Perry 
Hayes Ann, widow of Daniel, b. 41 Bolton 
Hayes Clarence H. (27 Congress, B.), h. 

6 Acacia 
Hayes Daniel, blacksmith, house 22 Web- 
ster avenue 
Hayes Daniel J., mason, boards 41 Bolton 
Hayes David, wheelwright, h. 3 Watson 
Hayes Dennis J., boards 41 Bolton 
Hayes Edmund, boards 16 Winthrop 
Hayes Elizabeth Y. Mrs., h. 6 Acacia 
Hayes Ella K. Miss. h. 6 Acacia 
Hayes George, boards 37 Willard 
Hayes George E., printer, h. 23 Sidney 
Hayes Henry, express, 1 Brattle, and (32 

Court sq., B), house 22 Shepard 
Hayes Herbert W., clerk (91 State, B.), 

boards 22 Shepard 
Hayes James, brass-finisher, bds. 30 Vine 
Hayes James, laborer, h. 176 Green 
Hayes Jeremiah, teamster, 168 Main, house 

108 Spring 
Hayes Jeremiah J., cooper, bds. 30 Vine 
Hayes Johanna A. Miss, dressmaker, 24 

Flagg, boards do. 
Hayes John, laborer, h. r. 243 Franklin 
Hayes John, wire worker, bds. 108 Spring 
Hayes John, laborer, bds. 24 Flagg 
Hayes John, telephone inspector, boards 37 
" Elagg 


FLORISTS, and Contractors for 
P. O'BRIEN & SON, 820 Main & 89 Sparks Sts. 




Hayward W. E., Mrs., nurse, h. Elm, cor. 

Hayward Wm. P., h. Elm, corner Beech 
Hayward W. F. & Co. (Walter F. Hayward 

and Solomon Rhoades), provisions, 3 

Hayward, see Heywood 
Haywood Walter, baker, 176 Harvard, h. 3 

Hazel Benjamin C, painter, boards 67 

Hazel Benjamin G., carpenter, 174 Broad- 
way, house 67 Washington 
Hazeltine Carrie H. Miss, teacher Washing- 
ton grammar school, b. 18 Trowbridge 
Hazeltine Margaret W., widow of George, 

dressmaker, house 18 Trowbridge 
Hazelton George K., express driver, 600 

Main, boards 48 Sidney 
Hazelton Lorenzo W., expressman, 600 

Main, house 48 Sidney 
Hazelwood Ann E., widow of Francis T., 

house 37 Essex 
Hazelwood George F., action maker, 113 

Broadway, h. 37 Essex 
Hazen Charles R., janitor Divinity Hall, h. 

foot Divinity av. 
Hazen Daniel M. traveling salesman, 502 

Main and wholesale confectionery, 42 

Elm, h. 38 Tremont 
Hazen James W., bookkeeper, 502 Main, 

boards 38 Tremont 
Hazlett George, driver Cambridge R.R. 

Co.. house Frank, 7th on the left 
Hazlett John M., driver Charles River R.R. 

Co., house 125 Winsor 
Hazlett Joseph, teamster W. T. Richardson 

& Co., house 8 Camden place 
Hazlett Robert J., teamster, boards 46 

Hazlett Wm. Henry, blaeksmith, h. 7 Sparks 
Hazlett Wm. H. (Hazlett & Underhill), 

First, house 74 Fourth 
Hazlett & Underhill (W. H. Hazlett and 

Charles W. Underhill), planing mill, 

First, cor. Thorndike 
Hazlett, see Hezlitt 
Headblom Charles A., carpenter (B. & A. 

R.R., Allston), h. 23 Brookline 
Heald Charles T., cooper, 220 Portland, 

house 22 Pleasant 
Heald Fred, milkman, 109 Thorndike 
Healey Daniel, laborer, house 10 East 
Healey Maurice, painter, 15 Blanche 
Healey Maurice, cook, Prospect House, 596 

Main, boards do. 
Healey Robert B., porter (100 Summer, 

B.), house 6 Andrew [28 Carson 

Healey William, furniture polisher, house 
Healy Annie M., widow of Michael, house 

249 Mt. Auburn 
Healy John, tailor, 18 Boylston, h. 25 Banks 
Healy William, tailor, 18 Boylston, boards 

25 Banks 

Hayes John B., trunk-maker, house 138 

Hayes John J. , cigar-maker, h. 40 Winter 
Hayes John J., cooper, house 65 Vine 
Hayes John L. , sec. National Association 

of Wool mnfrs. (95 Milk, B.), house 

Mt. Auburn, opp. Elmwood avenue 
Hayes John S., tin-worker, 153 Putnam 

av., rms. 152 Pleasant 
Hayes John T., carpenter, h. 199 Franklin 
Hayes Katie C. Miss, station agent Brick 

Yards F. R. R., house 41 Bolton 
Hayes Luther S., carpenter, 24 Mill, house 

13 Norton 

Hayes L. S., conductor Cambridge R. R. 

Co., house at Somerville , 
Hayes Michael, blacksmith, 126 Portland, 

h. 53 Clark 
Hayes Michael, laborer, bds. 163 Broadway 
Hayes Michael, laborer, house 37 Flagg 
Hayes Michael F., moulder, 356 Main, h. 

rear 44 Washington 
Hayes Patrick, polisher, boards 30 Vine 
Hayes Peter, laborer, house 30 Vine 
Hayes Sarah E. Miss, h. 32 North avenue 
Hayes Timothy, engineer (B.), house 12 

Leighton court 
Hayes Timothy, laborer, bds. 168 Dublin 
Hayes Walter H., salesman (New, n. Sum- 
ner, E. B.), boards 13 Norton 
Hayes William, bds. 20 Buckingham 
Hayes William B., teamster, 502 Main, h. 

14 Suffolk 

Hayes William, driver, 502 Main 

counselor (41 Sears bldg. , B.), h. Mt. 

Auburn, opp. Elmwood avenue 
Hayman Madison B., teamster, house 180 

Haynes Frank W., foreman, 31 Elm, house 

32 do. 
Haynes Mary Miss, house 50 Cottage 
Haynes, see Haines 
Hayward Almira L., librarian Cambridge 

Public Library, 639 Main, boards 81 

Hayward Amelia L., Mrs. h. 58 Pleasant 
Hayward C. F., salesman (B.), h. 205 Lake 

View av. 
Hayward Elizabeth C. Miss (Bancroft & 

Hayward), fancy goods, 439 Cam- 
bridge, house do. 
Hayward Florence M. Miss, teacher River- 
side primary school 
Hayward George A. (Work & Hayward), 

furniture mover, 119 Pearl and 576 

Main, house 18 Watson 
Hayward James, laborer, h. 95 Gore 
Hayward John G., clerk (19 Exchange pi., 

B.), house 58 Pleasant 
Hayward Jos. B., machinist, 162 Broadway, 

h. at Boston 
Havward Walter F. (W. F. Hayward & 

Co.), 3 Brattle, h. 16 Story 






Heaney Patrick, bds. 56 Waverly 
Heanrie John, laborer, h. 171 Winsor 
Heanue Stephen, laborer, h. 210 Columbia 
Heape James, brick layer, b. 88 Mt. Auburn 
Hearsey Charles A., tin stamper, boards 

64 Columbia [64 Columbia 

Hearsey John A., tin stamper, boards 
Hearsey Walter H., salesman (131 Summer, 

B.), boards 64 Columbia 
Hearsey William E., foreman (190 Tre- 

mont, B.). house 64 Columbia 
Hearsey see Hersey 
Heath John J., cooper, house 65 Vine 
Hcavey John, ware dresser. 356 Main 
Heaver Wm., baker, 502 Main, house rear 

170 Norfolk 
Hebard Albert K., foreman piano dept., 

162 Broadway, house 147 Harvard 
Hebbard Lena Miss, telephone operator, 623 

Main, boards 147 Harvard 
Hebert Emile, carpenter, bds. 44 Boylston 
Heckelsberg Charles, cigar maker, 513 

Main, house at Boston [house 20 Park 
Hector Louisa Miss, salesman, 232 Pearl, 
Hector Thomas Xavier, printer, University 

Press, house 20 Park 
Hedge Charles B., box maker, h. 3 Hunting 
Hedge Edward P., conductcr Camb. R.R., 

boards 3 Hunting 
Hedge Erederick H. Rev., Prof, of Ger- 
man, H. U., house 48 North avenue 
Hedin John A., cabinet maker, boards 143 

Hedrick Josephine O. Miss, teacher (An- 
derson street primary school, Boston), 

house 35 Hudson 
Heeb Wm. F., clerk, 188 Norfolk, h. do. 
Heeney Michael, teamster, boards rear 42 

Heeney Peter J., cigar maker (Blackstone, 

cor. North, B.), h. 115 Pearl 
Heeney Timothy, laborer, h. r. 175 Bridge 
Heffernan David, liquors, etc., 472 Cam- 
bridge, house 156 Prospect 
Heffernan James A., bds. 156 Prospect 
Heffernan Joseph, h. 401 Cambridge 
Heffernan Michael J., peddler, boards 401 

Heffernan Sarah F. Miss, variety store, 116 

Webster av., boards 401 Cambridge 
Heffron John, laborer, bds. 91 Vine 
Heffron Thomas, house 91 Vine 
Heffron William, varnisher, b. 91 Vine 
Heffron Wm. F., laborer, h. 91 Vine 
Hegarty Jeremiah, grocer, 1 Jefferson, h. 

23 Warren 
Hegney Robert S., herdic driver, h. 20 Green 
Heileman Wm., boot and shoe mnfr. (125 

Cambridge, B.), house 71 River 
Heileman Wm. jr., clerk (125 Cambridge, 

B.), bds. 71 River 
Heilge John H., teamster, h. 222 Broadway 
Heintz Geo., varnisher, 162 Broadway, 

house 25 Tremont 

Heintz Louis, upholsterer, rooms 56 Fourth 
Helbing Herman. Avood turner, house Hotel 

Holly. Holly 
Helfenstein Frank, teamster, h. 19 Vine 
Helgert Frederick, currier, house Jackson, 

next corner Harvey 
Hellen Elizabeth, Avidow of Robert, house 

rear 12 Short 
| Hellmann EdAv. A., clerk, bds. 125i Spring 
Hellmann John L., jeweler (71 Sudbury, 

B.), house 125^ Spring 
Hellmann Thomas L., solderer F. Draper 

£ Co., boards rear 125£ Spring 
Hellrigl Anna Miss, teacher of German, 

17 Berkeley, boards C. AV. Munroe's, 

Kirk land 
Helmbolds Henry F., surgical instrument 

maker, house 97^ Sixth 

Hememvay Wesley C, oil, etc. (91 Oliver, 

B.), house 8 Meacham 
Hemion Edward, clerk (B.), bds. 408 Main 
Hemmemvay Sarah B. Miss, seamstress, 

rooms 5 Revere 
Henderson Adelphia, AvidoAv, house rear 

133 Columbia 
Henderson Albert, laborer, bds. rear 133 

Columbia [16 Wallace 

Henderson Arthur R., clerk (P. O., B.), h. 
Henderson Bros. (John J. and Robert Hen- 
derson jr.), carriage makers, 232 

North avenue 
Henderson Charles W. (Henderson & Son), 

paper stock, 247 Pearl, house 238 do. 
Henderson EdAvard, boxmaker. 3 Hamp- 
shire [8 DeWolf 
Henderson Elizabeth, wid. of William, h. 
Henderson Frank R., salesman 232 North 

avenue, boards 244 do. 
Henderson George, potter, bds. 53 Reed 
Henderson George R., carriage mnfr., 270 

North avenue, house 10 Day 
Henderson George W., mason, house 126 

Henderson Jas.. currier, h. 53 Reed 
Henderson James A., carriage maker, 350 

North avenue, house 352 do. 
Henderson James F., brush maker (132 

Oliver, B.), house 28 Hastings 
Henderson John J., (Henderson Brothers), 

carriage maker, 232 North avenue, h. 

7 Chester 
Henderson J. F., hostler, Cambridge R.R. 
Henderson Lawrence, laborer, house 193 

Henderson Patrick, brush maker (132 Oli- 
ver, B.), house 57 Portland 
Henderson Robert, h. 268 North avenue 
Henderson Robert, jr. (Henderson Bros. J, 

carriage maker, 232 North aA-enue, 

house 244 do. 
Henderson Thomas C, letter carrier, P. O., 

611 Main, house 105 Oxford, 
Henderson Wilbert S., carriage smith, 350 

North avenue, boards 352 do. 




Henderson William (Henderson & Son), 
paper stock, 247 Peajl, house do. 

Henderson William F., clerk, 200 North av- 
enue, boards 53 Harvey 

Henderson William J., tailor, b. 21 McCabe 

Henderson & Son (William and Charles 
W. Henderson), metals and paper 
stock, 247 Pearl 

Hendley Lucy J., widow of Otis, house 40 

Hendrew Frank, hairdresser, 454 Cam- 
bridge, h. Vine, corner Second 

Hendrew William, hairdresser, 454 Cam- 
bridge, boards Vine, cor. Second 

Hendricken John, blacksmith, 83 Bridge, 
house at Somerville 

Hendrickson Charles, piano maker, Ivers & 
Pond Piano Co., Albany, h. 64 Broad- 

Hendrickson Gustav, safe painter, 17 Main, 
boards G4 Broadway 

Hendrickson John A., laborer, house rear 
12 Portland 

Hendrickson John F., laborer, boards 64 

Hendry George E., boiler maker, 356 Main, 
house 8 Jefferson 

Hennessey Alexander M., shoemaker, 348 
Broadway, house 6 Austin 

Hennessey Dennis, lab., h. 2 Lechmere pi. 

Hennessey Dennis, travelling agent, house 
21 Seventh 

Hennessey Esther, widow of Michael, h. 
74 Hampshire 

Hennessey James, laborer, h. 124 Dublin 

Hennessey James, compositor, Riverside 
Press, h. 8. Jay 

Hennessey James, junk, h. 10 Hastings 

Hennessey James, jr., confectioner, 503 
Main, boards 10 Hastings 

Hennessey James J., waiter (Tremont 
House, B.), house 59 Vine 

Hennessey John, laborer, boards 9 Revere 

Hennessey John, confectioner, 503 Main, 
boards 10 Hastings 

Hennessey J. F., conductor Cambridge R.R. 

Hennessey Sarah A., widow of Michael F., 
house rear 1 Webster avenue 

Hennessey Thos. B., printer, h. 4 Vine 

Hennigar Amy Miss, house 31 Mill 

Henry Caleb, waiter, house r. 57 Harvard 

Henry Charles P., dentist, 569 Main, bds. 
21 Magazine 

Henry Charles, laborer, house 102 Harvard 

Henry George, laborer, house 90 Harvard 

Henry James, laborer, house 3 Bell 

Henry James, jr., laborer John Reardon & 
Sons, boards 3 Bell 

Henry James B., carpenter, h. 4 Andrew 

Henry John, hostler Cambridge R.R, house 
84 Harvard 

Henry John, horseshoer, boards 3 Bell 

Henry Margaret A., widow of James S., 
boards 25 Cedar 

Henry Mary Miss, house 39 Fourth 

Henry , house 10 Avon Hill 

Henshaw John A., house 23 Craigie 
Henshaw John O., civil engineer (13 Pem- 

berton square, B.), boards 23 Craigie 
Henshaw William O., fruit (113 State, B.), 

house 49 Linnsean 
Herbert Harry, painter, h. 13 Fairmont av, 
Herbert J. P., laborer, bds. 163 Broadway 
Herdehorst Frank, boiler maker, F.R.R., 

house 25 Reed [Hampshire 

Herelihy James, city laborer, house 194 
Herelihy Jeremiah, hostler Bancroft's Ex- 
press, boards Porter's station 
Herelihy John, laborer, house rear 269 

Herelihy John, stone cutter, h. 39 Union 
Herelihy, see Hurlihy 
Herman John, currier, boards 7 Buck's 

block, Seventh 
Herman Leopold Mrs., house 16 Craigie 
Hermann John, britannia worker, house 7 

Hermans Anna, widow of Hobart, house 

Munroe, near Third [near Third 

Hermans Henry, machinist, house Munroe, 
Hermans Paul, lab., h. Munroe, n. Third 
Hermon Abbie, widow, house 70 Harvard 
Hern John, moulder, 54 Bridge 
Hernandez Melquiades, piano tuner, boards 

48 Prospect 
Heron Joseph, dry goods, 435 Main, house 

437 do. 
Heron Samuel, groceries, 279 Cambridge, 

boards do. 

HERON WILL.IAJTI J., plasterer, 
basement 610 Main, house 9 Rockwell 
Herring Edward A. C, clerk, 154 North 

ave., boards F. A. Herring's, Frank 
Herring Francis A., overseer, Cambridge 

R.R. Co. stable, Dover, h. at Somerville 
Herring Fred. , lab. , h. Harvey, n. Clifton 
Herrick Frank H., conductor Cambridge 

R.R. Co., boards 69 Mt. Auburn 
Herrick Percy M., clerk (91 Federal, B.), 

boards 7 Norton 
Herrick William A., lawyer (33 School, 

B.), house 7 Norton 
Herriot George, collector, 13 Broadway, 

boards at Boston 
Hersch Christopher, boards 19 Walden 
Hersey Emery O., druggist (Salem, Mass.), 

house 16 Worcester 
Hersey Henry, plasterer, house 90 Banks 
Hersey Henry F., tester of pumps (B.), 

house 22 East 
Hersey Willis H., baker, 502 Main, boards 

385 North avenue 
Hersey, see Hearsey 

Hersum Charles S., carpenter, b. 99 Austin 
Hertach Samuel, laborer, house 57 Charies 
Hertach John, pocket bookmaker, house 7 

Mullin's court 
Hess Hiram, house 25 Union 



H. Wm. Tupper, Manager. 




Hesseltine Alfred A., clerk (63 Summer, 

B.), boards 13 Clinton 
Hesseltine John E., Custom House (B.), 

house 13 Clinton 
Hession James, carriage maker, Church, 

corner Palmer, house 1 Union 
Hewett Asa W. . traveling agent, 502 Main, 

house 88 Norfolk 
Hewett John E., clerk (B.), b. 88 Norfolk 
Hewett, see Hewitt 
Hewins Harriet N., widow of George G., 

house 373 Harvard 
Hewins John A., spring bed maker, 

Rhoades bldg., State, bds. 56 Sidney 
Hewitt James, carriage maker, (B.), house 

39 Spruce 
Hewitt, see Hewett 
Hewlett Francis L., widow of Albert, h. 

167 Brookline 
Hews Albert A. (A. H. Hews & Co.), 

earthen ware, Crescent avenue, bds. 

41 Walden 
Hews Augustus H., house 291 Broadway 
Hews A. H. & Co. (Albert H. and Horatio 

Hews), earthen ware manufacturers, 

Crescent avenue 
Hews Edmund, laborer, 3 Hampshire, 

h. 19 Brewery 
Hews Horatio (A. H. Hews & Co.), earth- 
en ware, Crescent av., house at Weston 
Hewson John M.. boots and shoes, 424 Cam- 
bridge, house r. 145 Columbia 
Heyden Henry, galvanizer, h. 94 Winsor 
Heyden William H., brass finisher, house 

13 Pine 
Heyden, see Hayden 

Heymer John C, stereotyper (179 Devon- 
shire, B.), boards Porter's Hotel 
Heyn Frederick A., sausage maker R. 

Weitze, house Eighth, near Spring 
Heywood George A., clerk (130 State, B.). 

boards 303 Broadway 
Heywood John H., clergyman, h. 6 Ellery 
Heywood Maria L. Miss, house 149 Austin 
Heywood, see Haywood 
Hezlitt Charlotte E. Miss, teacher, house 29 

Hezlitt George, stone setter, h. 29 Kinnaird 
Hezlitt George M., stone setter, boards 29 

Hezlitt Robert, stone cutter, house 17 

Charles River 
Hezlitt William H., driver W. G. Mac- 
Leod, bds. 29 Kinnaird 
Hibard Charles A., boards 147 Harvard 
Hibbard A. Dennison, teamster, house 125 

Hibbard Frank, fireman, B. & L. R. R., b. 

97 Otis 
Hickey James, laborer, h. 451 Cambridge 
Hickey John, cabinet maker (B.), boards 

123 Winsor 
Hickey John, carver, 44 Cambridge 
Hickey John, laborer, house 51 North 

Hickey John, machinist, house 192 Bridge 

Hickey Margaret, widow of Patrick, house 
105 Pleasant [45 Cambridge 

Hickey Michael, stone cutter, 53 Main, h. 

Hickey Michael W., action maker, 162 
Broadway, house 746 Cambridge 

Hickey Patrick H., stereotyper, boards 105 

Hickey Rose, widow of William, house 5 
Rogers' block, Main 

Hickey Thos. L., carver, b. 451 Cambridge 

Hickey William, stone cutter, bds. 45 Main 

Hickie Daniel J., baker (648 Washington, 
B.), house 157 Main 

Hickie Lucy M. Mrs., dressmaker, 157 
Main, house do. 

Hicks Charles W., operator (Chelsea), h. 
32 Hubbard ave. 

Hicks James, machine agt.,h. 112 Brookline 

Hicks John G., piano polisher, h. 25 Park 

Hicks Mary D. Mrs., house 62 Brattle 

Hicks Samuel W., laborer, 605 Main, h. 5 

Hicks Thomas, miller, house 33 Union 

Hicks Thomas J., bootmaker, 97 Cam- 
bridge, house 436£ do. 

Hicks William C, reed board maker, 162 
Broadway, bouse 6 Kinnaird 

Hidden William H., dry goods (67 Sum- 
mer, B.), house 259 Harvard 

Hidden Wm. H. jr., student H. U., boards 
259 Harvard 

Higgins Andrew M.. carpenter, 113 Broad- 
' way, h. 98. Norfolk 

Higgins Atkins, pattern maker (19 Harvard 
place, B.), house 2 Seckel 

Higgins Augustus E., clerk (22 Quincy 
Market, B.), bds. J. B. Higgins' Had- 
ley Place 

Higgins Benj. F., police, station 2, h. 50 

Higgins Cornelius, musician, h. 94 Prospect 

Higgins Elbridge S., moulder, 113 Broad- 
way, house 123 Washington 

Higgins Francis A., driver Cambridge R. 
R. Co., house 121 Western avenue 

Higgins Fred A., salesman (450 Washing- 
ton, B.), boards 98 Norfolk [ct. 

Higgins George W. , carpenter, h. 5 Stinson 

Higgins Isaac N., foreman Cambridge R. 
R. Co., Mt. Auburn, h. Holworthy pi. 

Higgins Jabez B. , house Hadley place 

Higgins John, carpenter, house 200 Frank- 
lin [h. 10 Erie 

Higgins John, laborer Cambridge R.R. Co., 

Higgins John jr., upholsterer, 556 Main, 
boards 10 Erie 

Higgins John H., optician, h. 24 Tremont 

Higgins J., wood worker, Rhoades Build- 
ing, State 

Higgins Martha D. , music teacher, house 8 

Higgins Mary Miss, dressmaker, boards 112 



SON, 820 Main and 89 Sparks Streets 




Higgins Mary, widow of James, house 112 

Higgins Michael, carriagesmith, 270 North 

avenue, boards 2G Kice 
Higgins Richard F., clerk, G10 Main, house 

56 Green [lumbia 

Hie^ins Sidnev, carpenter, boards 50 Co- 

worker, 6 and 8 Pearl, house 34 Ham- 
Higgins Thomas, laborer, Cambridge R. R. 

Co., boards 6 Erie 
Higgins Thomas F., hack driver, house 

25 Decatur 
Higgins Thomas P., salesman (477 Wash- 
ington, B.), boards 56 Green 
Higgins Warren R., cracker dealer, 51 

Western avenue 
Higgins Wm., painter, boards Mrs. Ann 

Loughrey's, Loughrey avenue 
Higgins Wm., at 191 Bridge, h. 12 Gardner 
Higgins William D., shoemaker. Putnam 

avenue n. River, house 42 River 
Higgins William G., driver, 203 Bridge, 

rooms 54 Fourth 
Higgins Wm. H., carpenter, 165 North av., 

house 12 Cogswell avenue 
Higgins William P., carpenter, h. 4 Tufts 
Higginson Thomas Wentworth, author, h. 

25 Buckingham 
Highson M. C. , driver Cambridge R. R. 
Hildreth Allen B. M., clerk (294 North, 

B.), rooms 18 Putnam avenue 
Hildreth Charles W., provisions (15 Fleet. 

B.), house 141 North avenue 
Hildreth Eliza T., widow of A. Edwin, h. 

62 North avenue [16 Garden 

Hildreth John L., physician, 37 Brattle, h. 
Hill Adams Sherman, Boylston Professor 

of Rhetoric and Oratory H. U., house 

Reservoir, corner Fayerweather 
Hill Albert E., salesman (5 Winthrop sq. , 

B.), boards 132 Pearl 
Hill Alexander, engineer, 126 Portland, h. 

42 Hampshire 
Hill Calvin A., jeweller, bds. Hotel Brooks 
Hill Charles, waiter, h. r. 7 Webster av. 
Hill Charles P., fly finisher, 162 Broadway, 

house at West Newton 
Hill David, laborer, boards 24 Foster 
Hill David J., pressman University Press, 

house 21 Gerry 
Hill Edward, tailor, 584 Main, h. 584£ do. 
Hill Eliakim W., foreman M. E. Rideout & 

Co., State, house] at West Somerville 
Hill Ellen, wid. of Henry, house 5 King pi. 
Hill E, Andrew, printer, University press. 

house 22 Winthrop 
Hill George A., house 866 Main 
Hill George H., machinist, h. 5 King place 
Hill Hannah A., widow of William A., h. 

132 Pearl 
Hill Hannah L. Miss, teacher Allston 

grammar school, boards 52 Austin 

Hill Henrietta Emeline Mrs., laundress, 

house rear 61 Harvard 
Hill Henry, at 139 Broadway, house 138 

Hill Henry B., assistant Professor Chemis- 
try H. U., h. Hammond, near Oxford 
Hill James, hairdresser, 7 Brattle, boards 

189 Mt. Auburn 
Hill James A., steamboat cook, house rear 

37 Coperthwaite [20 Brewer 

Hill James D., coachman, 94 Brattle, house 
Hill James F., regulator, 162 Broadway, 

house 18£ Western avenue 
Hill James J., clerk, 147 North av., boards 

H. J. Reddick's, Porter's station 
Hill John E., watchmaker (83 Hanover, 

B.), house 39 Hamilton 
Hill Joseph Alex., engineer, 126 Portland, 

house rear 27 Webster ay. 
Hill J. Fred, clerk, 169 Gore, bds. 65 Otis 
Hill K. E. P. Mrs., boards 1 Brewer block, 

Brattle square 
Hill Lathrop, house Hotel Brooks 
Hill Maria, wid. of John, h. 39 Hamilton 
Hill Nathaniel Mrs., house 104 Prospect 
Hill Rebecca E., Avidow of James, house 6 

Charles River 
Hill Timothy Mrs., house 24 Foster 
Hill Wm., gardener, h. r. 189 Mt. Auburn 
Hill William B., elk., h. Hotel Holly, Holly 
Hill William D., electrotyper University 

Press, boards 20 Brewer 
Hill Winchell N., watchman (150 Devon- 
shire, B.), house 178 Harvard 
Hillas Mamie A. Miss, dressmaker, 220 

Broadway, boards do. 
Hillas William, turner, 126 Portland, house 

220 Broadway [3 Dickinson 

Hillas William jr., heater, 126 Portland, h. 
Hillery John, boards 131 Portland 
Hillery Mary, widow of Thomas, house 191 

Mt. Auburn [Mt. Auburn 

Hillery Michael F., laborer, boards 191 
Hilliard Samuel D., house 28 Winsor 
Hillier Margaret A. Mrs., dressmaker, 441 

Main, house 250 Harvard 
Hillier William, mason, h. 250 Harvard 
Hillier William H., liquors, 4 Water, bds. 

250 Harvard 
Hilliker John, hair worker, 63 Ellery, h. do. 
Hillman Fred, glass maker, house 2 Gore 
Hillman John J., silver plater (24 Sudbury, 

B.), house 156 Thorndike 
Hills Fontanelle L., teamster, h. 142 Spring 
Hills Henry S., house 78 Thorndike 
Hills Mercy T., widow, house 14 Chauncy 
Hills Wm. B. Dr., instructor in Chemistry 

H. U., house 54 Langdon 
Hilton James M., butter and cheese (cellar 

39 South Market, B.), house 9 Mellen 
Hilton James M., house 49 Oxford 
Hilton Joseph F., provisions (5 F. H. mar- 
ket, B.), house 9 Hancock place 





Hilton Thomas B., hairdresser, boards 117 

Himeon Edgar, carpenter, bds. 20 Suffolk 
Himeon John, laborer, bds. 20 Suffolk 
Himeon Minor W., carpenter, h. 20 Suffolk 
Hinckey S., glass blower, N. E. Glass 

Works, North 
Hincks Edward W. General, h. 159 Brattle 
Hindenlang Leopold, hairdresser, 426 Har- 
vard, h. at Boston 
Hinds Benj., laborer, h. 3 Conlon ct. 
Hinds James, laborer, h. 40 Washington 
Hinds John H., moulder, bds. 3 Conlon ct. 
Hines Patrick, laborer, h. 44 Vine 
Hines Richard B., commercial traveler (36 

Chauncy, B.), house 12 Day 
Hinman Joseph, agent Babcock Extinguish- 
er (41 Federal, B.), house 48 Magazine 
Hinrichs Henry C, h. 204 Hampshire 
Hinrichs John C, boards 204 Hampshire 
Hinsman Frank, brakeman, B. &. L. R. R. , 

bds at Charlestown 
Hinton Tina, widow of Chas. h. rear 90 

Hintz George G., finisher bds. 25 Tremont 
Hippert Henry, currier, h. 37 Harvey 
Hippler Andrew, peddler, h. r. 81 Sixth 
Hirl Mary J., brush mnfr., 36 Cambridge, 

h. 123 Third 
Hiscock Simon D., police, station 2, house 

99 Washington 
Hitchcock Edward C, laborer, h. 365 Main 
Hitchiugs John, ware dresser, 356 Main 
Hittinger Harry (Lake & Hittinger), Fresh 
Pond Ice Co., 6 Brattle, h at Belmont 
Hixon Charles F., clerk, 142 Harvard, h. 

59 Portland 

Hixon Edward, furniture mnfr., 602 Main, 

house 15 Magazine 
Hixon Emily, widow of Walter J., house 

60 Cherry 

Hixon George E., foreman upholsterer (48 

Canal, B.), h. 59 Green 
Hixon Robert T., police, station 1, house 3 

Hixon Sophia, widow of George, house, 59 

Hixon William J., foreman, 602 Main, h. 

at Maplewood 
Hjorth Frederick, insurance broker, h. 36 

Hoag Jonathan, h. 287 Broadway 
Hoar Cecelia, widow, house 76 Elm 
Hoare Francis, trav. salesman (252 Devon- 
shire, B.), house 82 Green 
Hobart Washington, carpenter, house 365 

Hobbs C. A. , proctor H. U. , rms. 6 Little blk. 
Hobbs Emeline T., house 19 Franklin 
Hobbs Ernest, painter, b. r. 150 Prospect 
Hobbs Francis A., bookbinder Riverside 

Press, house 14 Bath 
Hobbs George, boarding-house, 53 Cherry 

Hobbs Harry W., action maker, 113 Broad- 
way, bds, 53 Cherry 
Hobbs Henry C, glass cutter, house r. 150 

Hobbs Jeremiah R. , driver hook and ladder 

No. 2, h. 134 Thorndike 
Hobbs Jeremiah S. , carpenter, h. 7 Park 
Hobbs Moses H., agent, bds. 19 Franklin 
Hobbs Olive J. Miss, teacher, b. 53 Cherry 
Hobbs William, clock repairer, house 162 

Hockings John H., clerk, boards 14 Cogs- 
well av. 
Hodgdon John H., carpenter, boards rear 

508 Main 
Hodge Bridget, widow of Richard, house 

67 Mt. Auburn 
Hodge John W., clerk, 557 Main, boards 67 

Mt. Auburn 
Hodgen S., cabinet maker, 54 Bridge 
Hodges Carrie D. Miss, b. 100 Mt. Auburn 
Hodges Charles E., clerk (26 F. H. market, 

B.), boards 450 Broadway 
j Hodges Elizabeth L. Miss, h. Langdon 
Hodges Francis Frederick, clerk (22 Pearl, 

B.), bds. 450 Broadwav 
Hodges Hattie P. Miss, h. 100 Mt. Auburn 
Hodges Jane, widow of Francis, house 450 

Hodges Lydia E. Mrs., h. 100 Mt. Auburn 
Hodges Mary A., widow of Jas. C, house 

11 Kinnaird 
Hodges N. D. C, associate editor Science, 

19 Brattle, bds. 65 Sparks 
Hodges Virgiuia, widow, h. 42 F/nion 
Hodgkins Geo., carpenter, b. 39 Seventh 
Hodgkins James H. , regulator, 162 Broad- 
way, house 31 Brookline 
Hodgkins Joseph E., machinist, 356 Main, 

house at Boston 
Hodgkins Rufus M., wood worker, h. 23 

Hodgkins Walter R., paper-hanger, bds. 

39 Seventh 
Hodgkins William H., plumber, house 121 

Hodgman Harry, clerk (477 Washington, 

B.), bds. 124 Oxford 
Hodgman Sophia Miss, bds. 124 Oxford 
Hodsdon Clarence L., cooper, rear 68 All- 

ston, house 70 do. 
Hodsdon Geo. W., produce (11 and 12 No. 

Market, B.), bds. 112 Thorndike 
Hodsdon Wilder B., clerk (146 Devonshire, 

B.), house 112 Thorndike 
Hodson John T., cook, house Hotel Brooks, 

Hodson Wm. H., compositor, boards Hotel 

Hofer Edward, tool maker, h. 33 Cambridge 
Hoffman Charles, driver, 565£ Main, bds. 

179J Harvard 
Hoffman James W., boarding-house 1794 





Hoffman Beinhold F., cabinetmaker, house 

49 Clark. 
Hofman Ernest, tailor, opp. 415 Broadway, 

house 3 Emmons place 
Hogan Edward, cooper, h. 16 Squire's ct. 
Hogan Ellen, widow of Cornelius, house 

Auburn place 
Hogan Frederick A., piano key maker, 

137 Broadway, house 48G Cambridge 
Hogan Ered. A. Mrs., dry goods, 486 Cam- 
bridge, h. do. 
Hogan James, laborer, house 134 Norfolk 
Hogan Jas., carpenter, house 83 Bridge 
Hogan John B., cabinet maker, boards 101 

Hogan John C, electrotype finisher, Uni- 
versity Press, house 158 Green 
Hogan Mary, widow of Patrick, house 226 

Hogan Mary Mrs., house Holworthy, cor. 

Hogan Matthew E., pork, etc., h. 6 Mead 
Hogan Matthew J., teamster John Reardon 

& Sons, house 271 Putnam avenue 
Hogan Thomas, machinist, h. 158 Green 
Hoistrom P., boiler maker, 92 Main 
Hoit Sarah, widow of Ezekiel, h. 28 Fifth 
Hoit Sophia G., widow of Joseph, house 

128 Thorndike 
Hoitt Benjamin B., dining rooms, 5 Essex, 

house 82 Green 
Holbrook Edward, house 112 Lake View av. 
Holbrook John L., paint-shop B. &L. R.R., 

house at Lexington 
Holbrook Nathan H., supt. John Reardon 
& Sons, Waverly, cor. Talbot, house 
42 Chestnut 
Holbrook Vernon, house 104 Lake View 

Holden Amos P., house 100 Allston 
Holden Austin asst. librarian at Athenaeum 
(Beacon, near Bowdoin, B.), boards 
21 Linnsean [at Boston 

Holden John, shipper Riverside Press, h. 
Holden Margaret A., widow of James D., 

house 21 Linnaean 
Holden Robert, hostler, 677 Main, house 

432 Broadway 
Holden William, blacksmith, h. 152 Green 
Holden William, fireman, h. 41 Washington 
Holden Wm. H., fish cutter, house 53 Vine 
Holder Charles W., box maker, 162 Broad- 
way, house 29 Cherry 
Holdsworth Squire, stone mason, house 42 

Holin Edward, galvanizer, boards 364 Cam- 
Holin Michael, laborer, h. 364 Cambridge 
Holland Agnes Miss, house 83 Broadway 
Holland (lias. H., bookkeeper (1 Hamilton, 
B.), house 109 Inman [shire 

Holland Cornelius, laborer, h. 191 Hamp- 
Holland Daniel, safe maker. 17 Main 

Holland Frederick W. Rev., chaplain 

Almshouse, house 15 Everett 
Holland Henry W.. attorney (33 School, 

B.), house 15 Everett [con 

Holland John, laborer, 168 Main, h. 2 Dea- 
Holland John, laborer Cambridge R.R. Co., 

Mt. Auburn, house Cushing, near Cush- 

ing court 
Holland John, jr., action maker, boards 2 

Holland John P., bar tender, 4 Water, h. 

395£ Cambridge 
Holland Michael, boards 22 Willow 
Holland Michael W., teamster, h. 65 Winter 
Holland Wm., watchman Cambridge R.R. 

Co., Dunster, house 161 Green 
Holland Wm. A., printer University Press, 

rooms 12 Dunster 
Holland Wm. C, tinner, 153 Putnam ave., 

boards 22 Park 
Holland W. J., safe maker, 17 Main 
Hollenbeck John, janitor, 555 Main, h. do. 
Hollerhan John, teamster, 360 Cambridgs, 

house at Somerville 
Holley Joseph, carpenter, 113 Broadway, 

house at Boston 
Hollis Charles R., wheelwright, 178 North 

avenue, boards Porter's Hotel 
Hollis Lucinda E., widow of Charles, h. 

103 Austin [bia 

Hollis Mary, wid. of Chas., h. 103 Colum- 
Hollis Wm. H., dentist, 603 Main, boards 

103 Austin 
Holly John A., boards 69 Concord avenue 
Holly Patrick, house 69 Concord rvenue 
Holly Tree Coffee Rooms, 20 Brattle 
Holman Chas. E., clerk, 162 BroadAvay, 

house 119 Winsor 
Holman M. N., widow of Ebenezer P., 

house Green 

HOLItlBERG JOHN F., hay and 
grain, 185 and 191 Broadway, house 38 

Holmberg Sarah A., grocer, 38 Uniou, 

house do. 
Holmes Alphonzo, hill boy Cambridge R.R. 
Holmes Anna P. Miss, house 93£ Auburn 
Holmes Caroline E., widow of Charles, h. 

12 Dunster 
Holmes Charles F., clerk, 515 Main, boards 

8 Austin 

Holmes Charlotte, widow of Jacob R., h. 

9 Kinnaird 

Holmes Florence L. Mrs., teacher of vocal 

music, house 9 Kinnaird 
Holmes Frank M., flour (42 Commercial, 

B.). house 80 Magazine 
Holmes Frank Wm., student H. L T ,, boards 

80 Magazine 
Holmes Fred. S., draughtsman, 17 Main, 

house at Chelsea 
Holmes Freeland S., janitor Masonic Hall, 

638 Main, and Boardman & Mason 

schools, house 48 Austin 


H. Wm. TuDDsr. Manager. 




Holmes Geo. A., clerk Registry of Deeds 
(Court sq., B.), house 12 Jay 

keeper Charles River National Bank, 
1 Harvard Row, boards 75 Allston 
Holmes Helen E., widow of Joseph H., h. 

39 William 
Holmes Hervey 0., house 32 Prospect 
Holmes Howard W., driver, 203 Bridge, b. 

63 Spring 
Holmes Isaac C. (Holmes & Rugg,) wood 

and coal, 166 River, h. 75 Allston 
Holmes Isaac G. (I. G. Holmes & Co.), 

boots and shoes, 567 Main, boards 75 

Holmes I. G. & Co, (Isaac G. Holmes), 

boots and shoes, 567 Main 
Holmes James A., notary public (67 Sears 

bldg., B.), boards 325 Harvard 
Holmes John, house 5 Appian-way 
Holmes John C, porter (Hotel Vendome, 

B.), house 20 Murdock 
Holmes Joseph A. (Joseph A. Holmes & 

Co.), grocers, 606 and 610 Main, house 

55 Magazine 

(Joseph A. Holmes), grocers, 606, 
608 and 610 Main 
Holmes Marcus R., piano finisher, 139 

Broadway, house 84 Moore 
Holmes Nathaniel, house 7 Holyoke place 
Holmes Patrick, coachman, 165 Brattle, h. 

46 Foster 
Holmes Thomas, laborer, house Lexington 

avenue, 1st from North avenue 
Holmes Walter A., com. trav. (141 Federal, 

B.), boards 48 Austin 
Holmes William, brick maker A. Yates, h. 

21 Rice 
Holmes William, show-case maker (309 

Washington, B.), house Cushing, near 

Holmes Wm. F., hay and grain, 162 River, 

boards 75 Allston 
Holmes & Rugg (Isaac C. Holmes and 

George H. Rugg), wood and coal, 166 

Holmstrom G., cabinet maker, 44 Cam- 
bridge, boards at Boston 
Hoist Gustave A. , machinist, 356 Main, h. 

134 Harvard 
Holt Alden, steam-fitter (38 Beach, B.), h. 

16 Watson 
Holt Alfred F., health officer, office City 

Hall and physician, 98 Austin, h. do. 
Holt Caroline S., widow of V. S., house 

589£ Main 
Holt Charles B., safe maker, rooms 8 Rog- 
ers' block, Main 
Holt Frederick, safe maker, 17 Main, rooms 

8 Rogers' block, Main 
Holt Homer C, lawyer, 589£ Main, h. do. 
Holt James H. H. , painter, 14 Church, h. 

58 Mt. Auburn 

Holt James L. Mrs., carpet maker, house 
10 South 

Holt Samuel H. , foreman of blacksmiths 
(409 Federal, B.), house 8 Plympton 

Holt Stephen A. (Holt & Bugbee), hard- 
wood lumber, 17 East, office (173 
Friend and 84 Canal, B.), house at 

HOLT WILLIAM B., painter, 
14 Church, house 8 Acacia 
Holt William C, clerk (5 Winthrop sq.,B.), 

boards 44 Cottage 
Holt & Bugbee (Stephen A. Holt and John 

B. Bugbee), hard wood lumber, 17 

East, oflice (173 Friend, B.) 
Holtman Axel C, cigar maker, h. 414 Main 
Holton Fred H., coppersmith (36 Chardon, 

B.), and president Excelsior Umbrella 

mnfg. Co. (79 Franklin, B.), house 14 

Holtsbaun Richard E., cutter, h. 72 Wright 
Holy Catherine, wid. of William, house 150 

Homan Cornelius, house 2 Jefferson 
Homer Adeline D., widow of Charles W., 

house 26 Garden 
Homer Fitz H., confectioner, 42 Elm, h. 

105 Green 
Homer Sarah A., widow of Moore R., h. 

214 Harvard 
Homer William H., clerk 407 Main, rooms 

36 Winsor 
Hong Wah, laundry, 10 Pearl house do. 
Hood William, watchman, boards 1 Garden 
Hood Wm. H. (Blaisdell & Hood), wood 

dealer, 79 Brattle, b. 1 Garden 
Hook Alfred H., painter, house 17 Suffolk 
Hook Henry B., organ maker (Wareham, 

B.), house 289 Pearl 
Hooker Anson Mrs., house 415 Broadway 
Hooker Charles K. , steam-heating, base- 
ment, 602 Main, house foot of Pearl 
Hooker Charles R., driver Hose 1, Brattle 

sq., house 15 Eliot 
Hooker Edward 1)., student H. U., boards 

415 Broadway 
Hooker Henry, house 53 Auburn 
Hooker Hiram W. , driver steam fire engine 

No. 1, Brattle square, rooms do. 
Hooker Minnie F. Miss, bookkeeper, 9 

Brattle, boards 355 Pearl 
Hooley Dennis, boards 26 Hancock 
Hooley Jeremiah, house 9 Lopez 
Hooley John, driver, 120 Green, boards 26 

Hooley Julia, widow, house 26 Hancock 
Hooley William, hostler, 677 Main, boards 

26 Hancock 
Hooper Charles H., flour (102 State, B.), 

house 289 North avenue 
Hooper Edward W., treasurer Harvard 

College (70 Water, B.), and lawyer 

(40 State, room 21, B.), house Reser- 
voir, opposite the reservoir 


MONUMENTS & CURBINGS, Designed and Constructed 

2>. O'BBIEN & SON, 820 Main and 89 Sparks Streets, 



Hooper Frank (32 Essex, B.), bds. 32 Fifth 
Hooper Isaac D., house 2 Allston court 
Hooper John jr., house 82 Magazine 
Hooper John N. , teamster, h. 25 Mt. Au- 
Hooper Joseph M., carpenter, h. 112 Har- 
Hooper Mary L. , widow of James, house 
291 North avenue [Fifth 

Hooper Moses W., police, station 3, h. 53 
Hooper Warren L. , fruit (42 South Mar- 
ket, B.), house 291 North avenue 
Hope Eugene, stereotyper Riverside Press, 

house 12 Walnut court 
Hope John, laborer, rooms 1 Gray's place 
Hopkins Albert B., carpenter and builder, 

house 276 Pearl 
Hopkins Catherine, widow of Edward, 

house 121 Pearl 
Hopkins Curtis A., elerk, 290 Broadway 
Hopkins Edward Earl, dentist (85 New- 
bury, B.), boards 67 Magazine 
Hopkins Edward S., glass blower, 137 

Bridge, boards 58 Fifth 
Hopkins Elizabeth L. Mrs., h. 165 Spring 
Hopkins Emma A. Miss, teacher Thorndike 

grammar school, bds. 165 Spring 
Hopkins Esther C, widow of William G., 

house 58 Fifth 
Hopkins Frederick W., clerk, b. 128 Green 
Hopkins George W., clerk (75 Kingston, 

B.), house 53 Vine 
Hopkins James, laborer, h. 3 Norfolk ct. 
Hopkins James H. T., clothing (261 Wash. 

B.), and 658 Main, house do. 
Hopkins John G., glass blower N. E. Glass 

Works, house at Medford 
Hopkins Joseph W., clerk, bds. 58 Fifth 
Hopkins Josiah, painter, house 128 Green 
Hopkins Michael J., teamster, 168 Main, 

h. 7 Rogers' block, Main 
Hopkins Sarah A. Mrs., house 57 Pearl 
Hopkinson John P., teacher (20 Boylston 

place, B.), house 22 Craigie 
Hoppin Nicholas Rev., h. 469 Broadway 
Horan Charles, laborer, house 65 Spruce 
Horan Charles L., fixture maker, 368 Main, 

house at Water town 
Horan Daniel, laborer, 211 Bridge 
Horan Ellen, widow of Patrick, house 24 

Horan Jeremiah, laborer, house Dudley, 

corner Montgomery 
Horan John, carpenter, house 8 Sands 
Horan John, teamster, 211 Bridge 
Horan Mary, widoAv of David, h. 53 North 
Horan Patrick J., clerk, 400 Harvard, bds. 

26 Dudley 
Horan Peter F. , boards 53 North 
Horan Timothy, painter, house Montgomery, 

corner Dudley 
Horan Timothy, teamster, 211 Bridge, 
house 3 Fifth 

Horgan Dennis, stone-cutter A. McDonald, 
house Hoi worthy, bey. school-house 

Horgan Dennis, marble worker, 53 Main, 
house at Boston 

Horgan Jeremiah, safemaker, 17 Main 

Horgan John, grocer, 69 Gore, house do. 

Horgan John H., boards 69 Gore 

Horgan John Joseph, inspector, Cambridge 
R.R., Co., house 107 Tremont 

Horgan John J., marble works, 45 to 53 
Main, house at Boston 

Hormel Conrad, sugar boiler, h. 70 Secoud 

Horn Henry, at 172 Main, bds. 166 do. 

Horn Plummer S., laborer, h. 57 Broadway 

Home John C, letter-carrier Cambridge 
P. 0., 7 Harvard row, house at Allston 

Hornsby Wm. J., potter, house Somerville 
av., near Union sq. 

Horr Frederick |E., agt., Butterick's pat- 
terns, 647 Main, h. Ill Norfolk 

Horr George E., bookkeeper, boards 40 

Horrigan Ann, wid. of Timothy, h. 29 Reed 

Horrigan Cornelius, upholsterer, house 103 
Webster avenue 

Horrigan Jeremiah, laborer, b. 301 Camb. 

Horrigan [Jeremiah, blacksmith, 169 Gore, 
house 265 Cambridge 

Horrigan John, laborer, house 53 Amory 

Horrigan Mary, widow of Daniel, house 
103 Webster avenue 

Horrigan Mary A. Mrs., h. 395£ Cambridge 

Horrigan Michael, laborer, h. 26 Portland 

Horrigan Michael, laborer, h. 371 North 

Horrigan Timothy, coachman Robert O. 
Fuller, house 50 Amory 

Horrigan Timothy, laborer, house rear 189 

Horsford Eben N., house 27 Craigie 

Horton Cornelius, laborer, h. 1 Bristol 

Horton George, shoemaker Am. Rubber 
Co., boards 62 Cherry 

Horton Sylvester, reed board maker, 162 
Broadway, h. 5 Felton 

Hosmer Cora E. Miss, teacher Harvard 
Grammar school, bds. 108 Prospect 

Hotchkiss Annie Miss, teacher (Bennett 
school, Brighton), rooms 18 Prospect 

Hotel Brooks, Brooks, near Main 

Hotel Cambridge, 45 Otis 

Hotel Clark, Clark, cor. School 

Hotel Holly, Holly, cor. Brooks 

Hotel Main, 305 Main 

Hotel Park School, cor. Moore 

Hotel School, Holly, cor. Brooks 

Hotel Wentworth, 7 Essex 

Hough William, hostler, 565i Main 

Hough Wm. E., warden Almshouse, Tan- 
nery, house do. 

Hough William E. Mrs., matron Almshouse, 
Tannery, house do. 

Houghton Augusta M. Miss, teacher (Som- 
erville), bds. 2 Potter park 





Houghton Charlotte, widow of Augustine 

F., house 22 Lake 
Houghton Charlotte I. Miss, teacher (Som- 

erville), bds. 2 Potter park 
Houghton Cornelius A., h. Bristol 
Houghton Ella Mrs., h. 85 Western ave. 
Houghton Frederick O. (115 State, B.), 

boards 2 Potter park 
Houghton Henry O. (H. O. Houghton & 
Co.), printer and (Houghton, Mifflin & 
Co.), publisher Riverside Press, house 
800 Main 
Houghton Henry O. jr., clerk Riverside 

Press, boards 800 Main 
Houghton H. 0. & Co. (Henry O. Hough- 
ton, George H. Mifflin, and Lawson 
Valentine), printers and stereotypers, 
Riverside Press, Blackstone 
Houghton John H., agt. Legerwood Manu- 
facturing Co. (N.Y.), h. 196 Putnam 
Houghton Joseph W., shipper (88 North, 

B.), hcfuse 3 Potter park 
Houghton Mary Mrs., bds. 236 Broadway 
Houghton Mary A., widow of George A., 

house 353 Harvard 
Houghton, Mifflin & Co. (Henry O. Hough- 
ton, George H. Mifflin and Lawson 
Valentine), publishers, Riverside Press, 
Blackstone [Hotel 

Houghton Sarah A. Mrs., h. 3 Inman sq. 
Houghton Thomas P. , boiler maker, house 

64 Hampshire 
Houlihan John, carriagesmith, boards 30 

Houlihan Michael W., teamster, 3 Hamp- 
shire, house 90 Washington 
Houlihan Patrick J., printer, b. 30 Harvard 
Houlihan Thomas, laborer, 13 Broadway, 

house 30 Harvard 
Houlihan Thomas A., printer (39 Arch, 

Boston), house Sixth, cor. Harvard 
Hourihan John, teamster, bds. 23 Fourth 
Hourihan Timothy, laborer, h. 3 Fifth 
Hourihen John, plumber, house 35 Banks 
Houston John B., cook, house 95 Elm 
Hout Ludger, safe maker, 17 Maiu 
Hovey Charles H., florist (69 Tremont, 

Boston), house 381 Broadway 
Hovey Charles M. (Hovey & Co.), nurs- 
eries, Cambridge, opp. Highland av., 
and seed store (16 South Market, B.), 
house 381 Broadway 
Hovey Caroline Miss, h. 9 Brookline 
Hovey Caroline L., house 9 Brookline 
Hovey Dana R., clerk 532 Main, h. Green 
Hovey Eliza B. Miss, house 9 Brookline 
Hovey Horatio N. (H. N. Hovey & Co), 

grocer, 89 Cambridge, h. 98 Otis 
Hovey Horatio N. jr., dry goods, etc., 103 

Cambridge, house do. 
Hovey H. N. & Co. (Horatio N. Hovey, 
George W. Dearborn, and Henry Can- 
nell), grocers, 89 Cambridge 

Hovey John C, horticulturist (16 South 
Market, B.), house 9 Brookline 

Hovey J. Dana, grocer, 532 Main, h. do. 

Hovey Mary H., widow of Wm. B., house 
40 William 

Hovey Phineas B. (Hovey & Co.), seeds- 
man, Cambridge, opp. Highland ave., 
and (16 So. Market, B.), h. 9 Brookline 

Hovey P. B. Mrs., house 9 Brookline 

Hovey Stephen E., carriage smith (B.), 
house 30 Rice 

Hovey Walter, supt. (456 Washington, B.), 
house 21 Lancaster 

Hovey William B., clerk (48 Canal, B.), 
boards 21 Lancaster 

Hovey William H., butter and cheese (32 
F. H. market, B.), h. 67 Pleasant 

HOVEY & CO., (Charles M. and 
Phineas B. Hovey), florists and nurs- 
erymen, Cambridge, opp. Highland 
avenue, and seed store (16 South Mar- 
ket, Boston) 

Howard Abby A. K. Miss, teacher Thorn- 
dike grammar school, b. 65 Otis 

Howard Alexander, shoemaker, 36 Fifth, 
boards 159 Norfolk 

Howard Amelia C, hairdresser, house 28 

Howard Charles A., waiter, 8 Boylston, b. 
20 Flagg 

Howard Charles L., house 826 Main 

Howard Charles W., key finisher, 139 
Broadway, house 84 Winsor 

Howard Chauncy M.. oils (111 Fulton, B.), 
house Frost, brick blk., foot of st. 

Howard C. M. , conductor Cambridge R.R. 

Howard Elizabeth D., widow of R. L., h. 
Foxcroft, cor. Avon Hill 

Howard Frank, bds. 95 Gore 

Howard Frank A., at tin factory, 153 Put- 
nam av., boards 47 William 

Howard Gabriel, laborer, house Garden-st. 
place, rear 37 Garden 

Howard Geo. C. , author and actor, house 
826 Main 

HOWARD GEO. H., bookkeeper, 
203 Bridge, house 38 Fifth 
Howard Geo. W., carver, bds. 95 Gore 
Howard James, glass cutter, house 364 

Howard James J., varnisher, bds. 95 Gore 
Howard James Richard, laborer, boards 364 

Howard John, collar maker, 10 Arrow, h. 

at Somerville 
Howard Julius D., compositor University 

Press, house 4 Grant 
Howard Mary, widow of Jas., h. 95 Gore 
Howard Peter M. Mrs., house 28 Tremont 
Howard Richard, safemaker, 17 Main, h. 

at Boston [113 Third 

Howard Richard M., spring bed maker, h. 
Howard Thomas J., glass cutter, N. E. 

glass works, North 




Howard Thomas M., night watchman, 203 
Bridge, house 44l£ Cambridge 

Howard William W., action maker, 139 
Broadway, bds. 52 Columbia 

yer, (25 Congress, room 3, B), boards 

4 Garden 
Howe Adeline R., Avidow of Eli, house 99 

Concord avenue 
Howe Avery F., bacon curer, rear 414 

Main, house 35 William 
Howe A. P. Major General, U. S. A., h. 

14 Concord avenue 
Howe Benj.. action maker, 162 Broadway. 

house 5 Tenney 
Howe Benj. V., optician (106 Tremont, 

B.), bds. 137 North av. 
Howe Bridget, wid. of John, h. 45 Sargent 
Howe Charles T., clerk (19 Commercial, 

B.), boards 407 Broadway 
Howe Clara Miss, private school, 2 Garden, 

boards 1 Oxford 
Howe Clara B., widow of Andrews, house 

7 Norris [Warland 

Howe Daniel K., carriage builder, house 16 
Howe David (Howe & Putney), bacon 

curer, house 49 Erie 
Howe Edward Frank, clerk (88 Court, B.), 

boards 285 Broadway 
Howe Edward F., bacon curer, rear 414 

Main, house 33 Front 
Howe Elias, music (88 Court, B.), house 

285 Broadway 
Howe Estes. treas. Cambridge Gas Light 

Co., 424 Harvard, h. 1 Oxford 
Howe Francis M., bookkeeper, 12 Camb. h. 

110 Thorndike [B.), h. 7 Norris 

Howe Frank M., architect (60 Devonshire, 
Howe Frederick C, grocer (19 Commer- 
cial, B.), boards 407 Broadway 
Howe Harriet B., widow of James Murray, 

house 4 Garden 
Howe Ira, machinist, 92 Main 
Howe James Henry, iceman, boards 99 

Concord avenue 
Howe John E., student H. U., b. 26 Inman 
Howe Joseph, painter, h. 8 Maynard place 
Howe J. Murray, real estate (5 Court, B.), 

house 4 Garden 
Howe Laforest D., teamster, Howe & Put- 
ney, boards 49 Erie 
Howe Minerva H., widow, b. 73 Columbia 
Howe Mary E. Miss, house 2 Garden 
Howe Mary L., wid. of Geo. W., h. 4 Centre 
Howe Moses G., lawyer (47 Court, room 

11, B.), house 137 North av. 
Howe Oliver, cabinet maker, h. 161 Main 

HOWE OTIS (Howe Spring Bed 
Co.), spring bed mnfr., 386 Main, h. 
26 Inman 
Howe Robert A., painter, rms. 19 Magazine 
Howe Sara R. Miss, house 2 Garden 

(Otis Howe), spring bed mnfrs., 368 

Howe Thomas J., president Wiscasset Brick 
and Pottery Co. (53 Lincoln, B.), house 
407 Broadway 

Howe Tracy, clerk (150 Devonshire, B.), 
boards 55 Garden 

Howe U. Tracy, house 55 Garden 

Howe William, florist, Oxford, corner Cres- 
cent, house 5 Crescent 

Howe William, clergyman, h. 746 Main 

Howe William E., travelling salesman (186 
Washington, room 7, B.), boards 4 

Howe Wm. F., drug clerk, (3 Beacon, B.), 
h. 19 Magazine 

Howe Wm. H. (88 Court, B.), house 223 

Howe William H. H., janitor Felton and 
Thaver Halls, boards do. 

HOWE & PUTNEY, (David 
Howe and George Putney), bacon 

curers, r. 365 Cambridge, order box 

(28 F. H., market, B.) 
Howell Henrietta L. Mrs. h. 127 North av. 
Howell John R., plasterer, h. 10 Revere 
Howerton H., hostler, Cambridge R. R. 
Howes James F., express driver, house 255 

Howes John, carpenter, h. 10 Dinsmore ct. 
Howes Lewis W. , lawyer (33 School, room 

J., B.), house 48 Prospect 
Howes Richard T., fruit (12 Merchants 

row, B.), house 97 Inman 
Howes Solomon, sea-captain, house 334 

Howland Daniel O., clerk, Main, junction 

Washington, house 414 Main 
Howland Darius, roofer (142 Charles, B.), 

house 11 Sidney 
Howland E.. hostler, Cambridge R.R. 
Howland F., hostler, Cambridge R. R. 
Howland Hattie M. Miss, h. 1 Avon place 
Howland R. M. Mrs., prop. Fresh Pond 

Hotel. Fresh Pond lane 
Howland S. S., apothecary (Stoneham), b. 

Fresh Pond Hotel 
Howland William E., waiter, boards 114 

Howland Wm. O., clerk (178 Devonshire, 

B.), house 229 Green 
Howland' William R., laborer, house 114 

Howlett Clarence M., clerk, 3 Hampshire, 

boards 6 Upton 
Howlett Enoch J., cigar maker, 599 Main, 

and sexton First Universalist church, 

h. 6 Upton 
Howlett Eugene L., clerk (44 Winter, B.), 

boards 25 Columbia 
Howlett George C, salesman (49 Broad, 

B.), house 25 Columbia 
Howlett Geo. P., clerk (65 Chauncy, B.), 

boards 25 Columbia 
Howlett Joseph P. , house 25 Columbia 
Howlett Orrin D. , piano tuner, b. 6 Upton 

DAPU DDnTUCDC main street, 

rAun DnUlnLno, next beck hall, 

H. "Wza.. Tujrper, ZVEanagrer, 




Howlett William C, piano regulator, bds. 

6 Upton 

Howlett Wm. 0., tailor (144 Wash. B.), h. 
WSh North av. 

How ley James, cooper, house r. 123 Third 

Hoyt Benj. J., sexton of Broadway Baptist 
church, and bell hanger, 235£ Broad- 
way, house do. 

Hoyt B*enj. S.. house 135 Otis 

Hoyt James S. Rev., pastor First Evan- 
gelical Congregational church, house 
22 Inman 

Hoyt Mary A., widow, house 10 Chester 

Hoyt Mary A., widow of George F., house 

7 Marvin place 

Hoyt Wm., confectioner, bds. 28 Fifth 
Hoyt Wm. L.. 54 Bridge, h. at Charlestown 
Hubbard Appleton, constable, 4 Brattle, h. 

19 Mt. Auburn 
Hubbard Charles D.. blueing mnfr., 64 

Fifth, house 85 Thorndike 
Hubbard Charles J., private secretary, H. 

U., rooms 13 Mt. Auburn 
Hubbard C, conductor Cambridge R. R. 
Hubbard Frank L., clerk (24 Hawley, B.), 

boards 8 Rockwell 
Hubbard Gardner G., house 150 Brattle 
Hubbard John A., clerk, 908 Main, boards 

47 Mt. Auburn 
Hubbard John H., apothecary, 468 Harvard, 

boards 373 do. 
Hubbard Lucius L., lawyer, h. 19 Craigie 
Hubbard Lucy K., widow of William M., 

house 9 Second 
Hubbard Melville W., clerk (Post-office, 

B.), house 8 Rockwell 
Hubbard Patrick, laborer, bds. 234 Bridge 
Hubbard Patrick, laborer, house Rolling 

Mill block, Bristol 
Hubbard Phineas, bookkeeper (143 Tre- 

mont, B.), house Avon Hill street, r. 

Washington av. 
Hubbard Samuel, piano tuner, b. 198 Green 
Hubbard Sanford B., clerk R. W. M. ser- 
vice, h. 7 Upton 
Hubbard William F., bookkeeper, (47 

U/nion, B.), b. 9 Second 
Hubbard Wm. H., shipping clerk, 31 Elm, 

house 29 do. 
Hubbard Wm. H.. teamster (49 South Mar- 
ket, B.), h. 55 Fifth 
Hubbard Willie E., bds. 85 Thorndike 
Hubler Edgar R., carpenter, boards 49 

Huckson Jacob, brass finisher, h. 27 Vine 
Huddy Ann. Mrs., h. 4 Pioneer av. 
Hudson Annie M., boards 75 Otis 
Hudson E. Frances, bookkeeper (198 Wash- 
ington, B.), bds. 75 Otis 
Hudson Henry B.. furnishing goods (928 

Washington, B.) bds. 336 Harvard 
Hudson Henry X., teacher, h. 336 Harvard 
Hudson John F., salesman (50 Broad, B.), 

boards 75 Otis 

Hudson Reuben R., dentist (120 Tremont 

B.), house 82 Inman 
Hudson Robert J., clerk, (12 Blackstone 

Market. B.), boards 22 Elm 
Hudson Sophia H.. Mrs., b. 520 Main 

HUDSON T. HENRY, cashier 
Lechmere National Bank, 66 Cam- 
bridge, boards 75 Otis 

Huebel Ernest C, shoemaker, 43 Market 

Huff Fred W., clerk, (50 Hanover, B.), b. 
65 Cherry 

Huff George, laborer, 203 Bridge 

Huff James, h. 65 Cherry 

Huff James H.. teamster, bds. 65 Cherry 

Huff John B., mason, house 68 Winter 

Huff Wilbur S., bookkeeper, 44 Cambridge, 
house at Everett 

Hugelman John, baker, 442 Cambridge, b. 
169 Norfolk 

Huger Elizabeth P. Miss, teacher Kinder- 
garten school, 69 Brattle, bds. 65 Sparks 

Huggins Nancy, wid., boards 3 Ballord pi. 

Hughes Alfred J., trunk maker, boards r. 
145 Columbia 

Hughes Charles, foreman Boston Ice Co. 
blacksmith shop, Prison Point road. h. 
at East Somerville [106 Pearl 

Hughes Edward J., clerk 607 Main, house 

Hughes Eliza, widow of Jacob, h. rear 145 

Hughes Frank P., machinist, 72 Main, h. 
61 Spring 

Hughes Frank P., farmer, b. 12 Jackson 

Hughes George F., coachman, J. G. Thorp, 
Elmwood av. h. Willis ct. 

Hughes George H., painter, 101 Green, h. 
at Somerville 

Hughes George W.. painter, 101 Green, 
boards at Somerville 

Hughes James E., at 162 Broadway, house 
95 Green 

Hughes John, laborer, h. 392£ Cambridge 

Hughes John, valve maker (97 Oliver, B.), 
house 32 Amory 

Hughes John A., laborer, bds. 12 Jackson 

Hughes John H., trunk maker, boards rear 
16l£ Broadway 

Hughes Lawrence, painter, 16 Boylston, 
rooms 69£ Mt. Auburn 

Hughes Margaret widow of John, house 
12 Jackson 

Hughes Margaret Mrs., h. 67 Brattle 

Hughes Mary, widow, house 12 Fourth 

Hughes Michael, laborer. Cambridge Cem- 
etery, house 9 Maynard place 

Hughes Patrick J., restaurant, 10 Broad- 
way, house do. 

Hughes Philip, gateman, B. & L. R. R. & 
M. C. R. r7. North av.,bds. 12 Jackson 

Hughes Philip, laborer, boards 3 George 

Hughes Thos.. painter, bds. 69£ Mt. Auburn 

Hughes Wm.. elk., 10 Broadway, boards do. 

Hughes William , # lumper, 162 Broadway, 
house 4 Rockwell 


Lots Bought, Sold, and Cared for. *■ V AfWlJdlN Ok* WWlN , 

820 Main and 

89 Sparks Sts. 



Hulbert George, cutter (350 Washington, 

B.), house 44 Hamilton 
Hulbert George H., cutter (350 Washing- 
ton, B.), house 44 Hamilton 
Hulbert J. G., conductor Cambridge R. R. 
Hull James H., boards 112 Winsor 
Hull Joseph, tin pedler, h. Ill Winsor 
Hull Thomas, clerk, 387 Cambridge, house 

112 Winsor [Spring 

Hullock Charles, cabinet maker, house 169 
Hulme Abby M , widow of James M., house 

201 North avenue 
Hulme Loiriie Miss, bookkeeper (23 Avon, 

B.), b( ards 201 Ncrlh avenue 
Hulme Maii i Mrs., house 201 North av. 
Humans William, electrician, house 11 

Roger's block. Main 
Humbert Samuel B., piano maker, 73 Main, 

house 198 Green 
Hume Manson, conductor Cambridge R. R. 

boards 418 Main 
Humiston Alice E. Miss, bookkeeper, 148 

North av., boards 19 Shepard 
Humiston Frederick R., carpenter M. E. 

Rideout & Co., house 19 Shepard 
Humphrey Charles S., clerk (107 Federal, 

B.), boards 137 Oxford 
Humphrey David, flour (214 State, B.), h. 

811 Maia [h. 23 Maple av. 

Humphrey David jr., flour (214 State, B.), 
Humphrev Henry B., machinist (183 High, 

B), boards 181 Ma : n 
Humphrey James, printer (218 Franklin, 

B.), house 26 Banks . [square 

Humphrey John, carpenter, bds. 6 Harvard 
Humphrey John jr., painter, h. 25 Sidney 
Humphrey Orra H., clerk (P. O. B.). house 

158 Pleasant 
Humphrey Seth T., roofer, h. 181 Main 
Humphrey Thomas, house 137 Oxford 
Humphries William W., laborer John Rear- 
don & Sons, house 4 Allston 
Hunnewell Anna D., widow of Otis, boards 

51 Essex 
Hunnewell Caroline, widow of James A., 

house 6 Ash street place 
Hunnewell Charles H., real estate, 448 

Harvard, and janitor Washington and 

Holmes schools, h. 134 Mt. Auburn 
Hunnewell Chas. H. M., plumber, 12 Brat- 
tle, boards 134 Mt. Auburn 
Hunnewell Frank M., carriage painter, 10 

Brattle, boards 6 Ash street. place 
Hunnewell Franklin, paper-hanger, 14 

Church, house 17 Hilliard 
Hunnewell James W., papers, confection- 
ery, ere, 228 North av., h. 6 Orchard 
Hunnewell Ruth, widow of Charles, house 

79 Brattle 
Hunnewell William, janitor Thorndike and 

Otis schools, house 136 Thorndike 
Hunnewell Wm. A. (Wm. A. Hunnewell 

&Co.), coal and wood, 81 Pr dge, h. 

at Somerville 

(William A. Hunnewell and David 

Proudfoot), coal and wood, 84 Bridge 

and (79 State, B.) 
Hunson Frank H., upholsterer, b. 53 Clark 
Hunson Henry, fish and oysters, 189 Hamp- 
shire, house do. 
Hunson Lucinda A., widow of Henry, 

house 53 Clark [Franklin 

Hunson Stephen C, carpenter, house 209 
Hunson Stephen C. Mrs., dressmaker, h. 

209 Franklin 
Hunt Alfred H., clerk (24 Broad, B.), bds. 

32 Bigelow [DeWolf 

Hunt Charles, house 1 Symonds block, 
Hunt David W., machinist, h. 30 Sidney 
Hunt Edgar F. (Edgar F. Hunt & Co.), 

booksellers and stationers, 575 Main, 

house 32 Bigelow 

HUNT EDGAR F. & CO. (Edgar 
F. Hunt), booksellers and stationers, 
575 Main 

Hunt Elisha, cabinet maker, 44 Cambridge, 
house at Maiden 

Hunt Elizabeth T., widow of Freeman, 
house 37 Second [37 Second 

Hunt Freeman, lawyer (7 State, B.), bds. 

Hunt James L., cooper, bds. I. Witham's, 
Waverly, near Fort Washington 

Hunt Lucius D., engineer (104 W. Brook- 
line, B.), house 255 Broadway 

Hunt Rebecca T., widow, house 7 Mellen 

HUNT SAIWUEE F., undertaker 
and janitor High school, h. 32 Bigelow 

Hunt William, laborer, house Montgomery, 
cor. Harvey 

Hunt William D., American Rubber Co., 

Hunt William H., salesman (31 Federal, 
B.), house 38 Ellery 

Hunt William H., jr., travelling salesman, 
boards 38 Ellery 

Hunt W., hostler Cambridge R.R 

Hunter B., conductor Cambridge R.R. 

Hunter Harriet, wid. of Jas., h. 60 Winter 

Hunter John, boards 1 State 

Hunter Reuben T., machinist (B.), boards 
GO Winter 

Hunter Robert A., blacksmith, b. 34 Wash- 

Hunter Sarah, widow of John, h. rear 15 

Hunter Thomas L., moulder, h. 430 Main 

Hunter Wm. H., glass engraver, boards 60 

Hunting Annie, wid., b. 11 Ellsworth av. 

Hunting Chas. H. L., crayon artist, house 
27 Jay 

Hunting C Frank, clerk (105 Bedford, B.), 
house 23 Columbia 

Hunting James D., artist, rooms 27 Jay 

Huntington James, watches, etc., 9 Har- 
vard row, house 55 North avenue 


All kinds of HARDWARE GOODS at 
Lowest Prices. VO Dock Square. 




Fancy Goods, 


School Books, Etc. 

575 Main St., Cambridgeport. 

Circulating Library. 



32 Bigelow Street, CAMBRIDGEPORT. 


H7 «fc SO BLACKSTONE STREET, IJoston, 3ra**. 



A Quick and Powerful 
Heater, Perfectly Gas Tight. 

FIRST CLASS in every partic- 
ular, and contains more new im- 
provements than any other Fur- 
nace made. 


Admitted l.y the be»fl judges to be the most complete, and with 
more new features than any other range, having burnished edges. 

i' \ i lint r.\i: viiox, oh dVi-lkx Gkate, Automatic Towel 
Dkybr. Patent Ash Sifteb, and made in many different 
styles and sold by all First Class Dealers in this country. "We also 
make a great variety of low-priced ranges to suit the trade. 

M01NAHAN k CO., Agents, 467 Camlridge St., cor. Fmrcct, 









11. V. nEWRK.ll Y. 

F. .IIjWjKJV M,F.V0SE\\ 

Union Carpet Gleaning Go., 

A Rotary Compressed Air Machine, 

warranted superior to any other 
and noj to wear or tear the carpets. 

(Established in 1856.) 

228 Cambridge St., Boston. 
F. S. ADAMS, Prop. 

Carpets taken up, cleaned and relaid at 
short notice. All carpets done at this es- 
tablishment are warranted to be free from 
moths, without injury to carpets. 

fl£J»Orders by Postal, or otherwise, will 
be promptly attended to. 

S. A. HOLT. 





Rose Wood, 
Bor Wood, 
Sweet Gum, 
Letter Wood, 

Black Walnut, 
Spanish Cedar, 
R»d Cedar, 
Tulip Wood, . 

White Wood, 


Satin Wood 

173 Friend and 81 Canal Streets, BOSTOX. 

Lumber Wharf and Dry House, EAST STREET, EAST CAMBRIDGE. 



Huntington Oliver M. TV., assistant in 

chemistry, H. U., boards 25 Quincy 
Huntress Edward T., h. r. 150 Prospect 

Greenough & Co.), pub. Cambridge 

City Directory, (Bowdoin Building, 31 

Milk, B.), house 8 Greenough avenue 
Hunzalman Joseph, laborer, h. 64 Harvard 
Hurch Christopher, house 120 Oxford 
Hurd Alfred 1)., clerk Riverside Press, 

house at Boston 
Hurd Amos D., h. rear Palmer, n. Brattle 
Hurd Edward A., carriage painter, house 

Hurd Edward F., house 15 Hewes 
Hurd Elisha, laborer, h. Kinnaird, c. Bay 
Hurd Elizabeth Miss, house 661 Main 
Hurd E., watchman Cambridge R.R. stable, 

Hurd George H. Mrs., widow, house 112 

Magazine [Inman 

Hurd George P. , student H. U. , boards 3 
Hurd George W., boards 661 Main 
Hurd James D., clerk Riverside Press, h. 

at Newtonville 
Hurd Mary A. Mrs., restaurant, basement 

559 Main, house do. 
Hurd Mary B., Mrs., boards 21 Baldwin 
Hurd Sophia Mrs., house 27 Decatur 
Hurd Theodore C, clerk of courts, Court 

House, Third, house 3 Inman 
Hurlbut Clara, widow of William R., h. 

425 Broadway 
Hurlbut George J., conductor Cambridge 

R.R., h. 18 Dunster 
Hurlbut William S., dry goods (20 Han- 
over, B.), boards 425 Broadway 
Hurley Catharine, widow of Patrick, h. 

8 DeWolf 
Hurley Daniel, waiter (Tremont House, 

Boston), house rear 427 Cambridge 
Hurley Daniel, laborer, house 11 Short 
Hurley Daniel F., clerk, 34 Cambridge, 

boards 8 Lechmere place 
Hurley Dennis, laborer, house 119 Gore 
Hurley Dennis F., clerk, 185 Bridge, bds. 

123 Spring 
Hurley Ellen Mrs., house 45 Reed 
Huiley Henry, tinsmith, 502 Main 
Hurley James, glassmaker, boards 8 Lech- 
mere place 
Hurley James Mrs., house 10 Green 
Hurley James, boards 10 Green 
Hurley James, teamster, 169 Gore, h. 63 do. 
Hurley Jeremiah, machinist, 17 Main, 

house at Boston 
Hurley John, shade painter, 15 Blanche 
Hurley John W., finisher, 79 Main, boards 

6 'Fourth 
Hurley Margaret, widow of Florence 

house 8 Lechmere place 
Hurley Maurice, farmer, h. 194 Dublin 
Hurley Michael, carpenter, h. 212 Columbia 
Hurley Nellie Miss, house 7 Holly 

Hurley Patrick, laborer, house 6 Fourth 
Hurley Patrick, teamster, 17 East, boards 8 

Lechmere place 
Hurley Thomas J., carpenter, 17 Main, 

house 1 Ninth 
Hurlihy Cornelius, safe maker, 17 Main 
Hurlihy Daniel, cooper, bds. 30 Warren 
Hurlihy Timothy, laborer, h. 30 Warren 
Hurrell Edwin J., mason and crockery, etc., 

489 Main, house 31 Kinnaird 
Hurst George M., veneerer, 162 Broadway, 

house at Boston 
Hurst Peter, currier (Somerville), house 

Harvey near Clifton 
Huse John, machinist, house Munroe, cor. 

Hurter William F., salesman (518 Wash- 

iugton, B.), boards 738 Main 
Hussey Clara, widow of Joshua, h. 24 East 
Hussey Eliza M. Miss, teacher Putnan 

grammar school, boards 342 Broadway 
Hussey Frank E,, machinist, 17 Main, bds. 

at Boston 
Hussey John, teamster, house 24 East 
Hussey Ruel W., painter, 660 Main, bds. 

56 Putman av. 
Hustis Patrick W. , driver R. H. Hanson, 

bds. 41 Pine 
Huston Albert, hostler Cambridge R. R. 

Co., 201 Main, house 13 Brewery 
Huston I. Randall, laborer, h. 128 Gore 
Huston Josiah B., saloon (25 Causeway, 

B.). house 101 Cambridge 
Hutchings George S., organ mnfr. (233 

Cambridge, B.), house Chestnut, cor. 

Hutchins Amy Miss, teacher Hillside gram- 
mar school (Jamaica Plain), boards 6 

Hutchins Frank, clerk (B.), h. 24 Cogswell 

Hutchins John, moulder, bds. 166 Main 
Hutchins Lucy H., widow of Chas. T., h. 

24 Cogswell avenue 
Hutchins Nellie A. Miss, teacher Shepard 

grammar school, bds. 6 White 
Hutchins Oscar B., teacher (608 Washing- 
ton, B.), house 29 Norfolk 
Hutchins Samuel, h. 12 Ash street place 
Hutchins William, house 6 White 
Hutchins Wm. Mrs., florist, White, corner 

Somerville avenue, house 6 White 
Hutchins Wm. E., lawyer (65 Sears bldg., 

B.), boards 6 White 
Hutchinson Albert E., carpenter, 547 

Main, h. 519 do. 
Hutchinson Catherine, widow, h. 10 Jay 
Hutchinson Charles W., boiler maker, 92 

Main, house rear 110 do. 
Hutchinson Edward E., foreman, 120 Port- 
land, rooms 104 Hampshire 
Hutchinson Edward E. (55 Franklin, B.), h. 

40 Cherry 




Hutchinson Edwin W., carpenter, h. 152 

Hutchinson Frank W., clerk, boards 16 
Hubbard avenue 

Hutchinson George A., teamster, 220 Port- 
land, house 152 Prospect 

Hutchinson Granville D., carpenter, house 
26 Ash 

Hutchinson Hiram N. (Otis S. Brown & 
Co.), flour, etc., Ill Bridge, house at 
Bedford [Hubbard av. 

Hutchinson Horace W., expressman, bds. 16 

Hutchinson Iva B., at 139 Broadway, b. 
rear 110 Main 

Hutchinson James B., janitor Lawrence 
Scientific School, house 20 Mason 

Hutchinson Johanna, widow h. 13 Cherry 

Hutchinson John J., carpenter, h. 42 Sec- 

senger National Revere Bank (100 
Franklin, B.), boards 20 Mason 

Hutchinson Isabella, wid. of James L. , h. 
16 Hubbard avenue 

Hutchinson J. Albert, expressman, boards 
16 Hubbard avenue 

Hutchinson Lizzie G,, teacher Thorndike 
grammar school, boards 131 Otis 

Hutchinson Lizzie S., wid. of Eugene O., 
house 179 Harvard 

Hutchinson Nathan, foreman moulding de- 
partment, 162 Broadway, h. 40 Cherry 

Hutchinson Thomas, clerk, 157 Bridge, h. 
131 Otis 

Hutchinson Peter J., postal collector (B.), 
h. 10 Essex 

Hutchinson W., driver Cambridge R.R. Co. 

Hutchinson , tinsmith, 502 Main 

Hutchison Catherine A., wid. of Robert R., 
boards 10 Jay 

Hutchison Nellie I. Miss, teacher Kinder- 
garten school, 41 Holyoke, boards 10 

Hvams Joseph, cigar maker. 15 Lopez, h. 

Hyatt Alphcus, professor at Institute of 
Technology, and custodian Boston 
Natural History rooms (Berkeley, cor- 
ner Bovlston, B.), house 7 Avon 

Hyde Dana* W., (Dana W. Hyde & Co.), 
dry goods, etc.. 609 Main, h. 736 do. 

Dana W. Hyde), dry goods, 4 Hyde's 
block. 609 Main 
Hyde Daniel, laborer, boards 40 Vine 
Hyde Edward, treas.. Cambridgeport Sav- 
ings Bank, 635 Main, house 681 do. 
Ayde Elizabeth Miss, dressmaker, boards 

rear 39 Brattle 
Hyde George H., fly fiuisher, 162 Broad- 
way, house 227 do. [32 Mellen 
Hyde George "W., traveling salesman, h. 
Hyde Isaac, carpenter, house 34 Mellen 
Hyde John, peddler, house 40 Vine 

Hyde John, laborer (B. & M. R. R., B.), 

h. rear of 3 Short 
Hyde J. Homer, clerk, house 10 Holyoke 
Hyde Katie Miss, press feeder, University 

Press, house rear 39 Brattle 
Hyde Michael, laborer, house 15 Carson 
Hyde Thomas A., student Episcopal Theo. 

school, Brattle [school, Brattle 

Hyde William, student Epis. Theological 
Hyer William H., bookbinder, 418 Har- 
vard, boards at Boston 
Hyland Dennis, slater (142 Charles, B.), 

boards 126 Spring 
Hyland James E., inspector Suburban 

Telephone Co., 623 Main, h. at Chelsea 
Hynes John B., glass blower, h. 57 Spring 
Hynes Thomas M., cabinet maker (Utica, 

B.), house 14 Upton 
Hyslop Robert, watchman, 17 Main, house 

3 Brown's block, Third 

IGO JAMES, iceman, h. 366 North avenue 

Igo John, saloon, 366 North ave. house do. 

Illingworth John W., machinist, house 8 

Illingworth John W., telephone inspector 
(B.), boards 8 Lawrence 

Ilsley Charles P., house 11 Sumner 

Ingalls Charles E., bookkeeper (2 Liberty 
sq. B.), boards 124 Austin 

Ingalls Charles W., livery stable, (Somer- 
ville,) house Elm, corner Russell 

Ingalls Charlotte Mrs., dressmaker and in- 
telligence office, 59 River, house do. 

Ingalls Edward B., piano tuner and cane 
seating, house 59 River 

Ingalls Frank E., gents' furnishing goods 
(279 Washington, R.), house 9 Avon 

Ingalls Henry B., variety store and periodi- 
cals, 249£ Broadway, house do. 

Ingalls John D., plumber and pump maker, 
187 Harvard, house 107 Norfolk 

Ingalls John E., clerk, boards 107 Norfolk 

Ingalls JosiahH., music teacher and piano 
tuner, 603 Main, h. 257 Pearl 

Ingalls Newton S., case maker, 162 Broad- 
way, honse 164 Putnam aveuue 

Ingalls Ruth E., wid. of Joseph C, house 
7 Avon 

Ingalls William T., pump maker, 187 Har- 
vard, boards 44 Austin 

Ingalls Winfield Scott, brass finisher (28 
Beach, B.), boards 99 Appleton (B.) 

Ingham Cornelius, laborer, 506 Main, bds. 
389 do. 

Ingols M. R. Miss, principal Young Ladies' 
school, 17 Berkeley, boards 34 Kirk- 

Ingraham Jane, wid. of John, h. 20 South 

Ingraham Tamesin, wid of Lemuel, house 
164 Brattle 

James Barnes, prop., Inman square 

DAPU DDflTUCDC main street, 

rAUn DnUlntno, next beck hall, 

H. "Win. Tupper, Manager, 




Innes Brunswick S., trunk maker, rear 382 

Main, house at Chelsea 
Innes Frank, hairdresser, 18l£ Bridge, bds. 

130 do. 
Ireland Angie L., dressmaker, 652 Main, 

house do. 
Ireland Geo. W., clerk, 473 Main, house 

465 do. 
Ireland Oscar W. jr., clerk, 473 Main, h. 

119 Washington 
Ireland Rinaldo E., sec. Mid. Mut. Benev. 

Association, house 22 Prospect 
Ireland Sheldon C, piano hammer coverer, 

330 Main, house 33 Front 
Ireland S. C, insurance agent, 613 Main, 

house Prospect 
Ireson Adeline M. Miss, teacher Washing- 
ton grammar school, bds. 13 Wallace 
Irish William R., carpenter h. 11 Suffolk 
Irish W. L., driver Cambridge R. R. Co. 
Irvin Lucy, widow, house 22 Charles River 
Irvine E. W., wid. of John, house 213 

North avenue 
Irvine Geo. W., cabinet maker, 113 Broad- 
way, house 213 North avenue 
Irvine Henry E., treas. Am. Electric and 

Illuminating Co. (234 Devonshire, B.) , 

h. 5 Day 
Irvine John E., printer Riverside Press, h. 

10 Laurel 
Irvine Wm. R., sash and blind maker, (21 

Wareham, B.) house 213 North avenue 
Irving Edward, peddler, bds. 104 Tremont 
Irving Geo. W., carpenter, h. 213 North av. 
Irving James, peddler, h. 104 Tremont 
Irving William, coachman, 317 Harvard, 

boards do. 
Irving William, peddler, b. 104 Tremont 
Irving William, teamster, 162 Broadway, 

house Bristol, near Hampshire 
Irving William J., baker, house 58 Lake 

View av. 
Irwin James, upholsterer, 23 Brattle, h. 23 

Irwin John, boiler maker, 72 Main 
Irwin Thomas H., upholsterer, house 52 

Isaac John F., packer, bds. 22 Howard 
Isaac Thomas, tailor (49 Temple pi., B.), 

h. 22 Howard 
Isaacs Henry, cigar maker, h. Ill Pleasant 
Isaacs John, laborer, house 19 Harvard 
Isaacs Solomon, cigar maker, h. 10 Green 
Isaacson Brunt T., laborer, h. 37 Willow 
Ischer E., carver, 44 Cambridge 
Ischer I., carver, 44 Cambridge 
Isham Lock Co., lock mnfrs., Oliver E. 

Pillard, supt., 17 Main 
Ivers Francis (F. Ivers & Son), carriage 

mnfr., 176, 178 and 186 North avenue, 

house Mt. Vernon, near North av. 
Ivers Frank H. (F. Ivers & Son), carriage 

mnfr., 176 North av., bds. Mt. Vernon, 

near North av. 

Ivers F. & Son (Francis and Frank H. 
Ivers), carriage mnfrs., 176, 178 and 
186 North av. 

Ivers Patrick, gardener, h. 6 Emmons pi. 

Ivers Warren (Ivers & Tucker), carriage 
mnfr., Church, opposite Palmer, bds. 
27 Trowbridge 

Ivers Warren Mrs., millinery and worsteds, 
446 Harvard, b. 27 Trowbridge 

Ivers William H. (Ivers and Pond Piano 
Co.), Albany, and (597 Washington, 
B.), house at Dedham 

Ivers & Pond Piano Co., piano mnfrs., Al- 
bany, and (597 Washington, B.) 
IVERS & TUCKER (Warren Ivers 
and Eben Tucker), carriage manufac- 
turers, Church, opp. Palmer 

Ivory Michael, liquors (Western av., B.), 
house 2 Riverside place 

JACKSON ALEXANDER, laborer, house 
38 Pine 

Jackson Alex., rubber, Harvard Gymna- 
sium, rooms 38 Pine 

Jackson Anson H., bookbinder Riverside 
Press, house 17 Rockwell 

Jackson Benjamin D., hairdresser (State 
House, B.), house 96 Putnam av. 

Jackson Elijah A., laborer, h. 45 Hastings 

Jackson Enoch S., hairdresser, 25 River, 
b. 5 West 

Jackson E., hostler, Cambridge R R. 

Jackson GilmanD., fish (64 Anderson, B.), 
house 58 Western av. 

Jackson Harriet E., Mrs., ladies' hairdress- 
er, 96 Putnam av., house do. 

Jackson John, boiler maker, h. 10 Eighth 

Jackson John A., core maker, 368 Main, b. 
10 Eighth 

Jackson John R. , laborer, house rear Cam- 
bridge, next Chemical Works 

Jackson John R., porter (17 Beacon, B.), 
house 6 Eaton 

Jackson Lucy S., widow, h. 12 Norfolk 

Jackson L. L., student H. U., boards 46 

Jackson Martha Mrs. , house 37 Hastings 

Jackson Richard, hostler Cambridge R. R. 
Co., h. 43 Harvey 

Jackson Wm. H., waiter, h. 82 Harvard 

Jacobs Abner, tinsmith, 10 Brattle 

Jacobs Bela F., attorney-at-law, 658 Main, 
house 19 Pleasant 

Jacobs Betsey L., widow of Franklin, h. 33 

Jacobs Charles C, bookbinder Riverside 
Press, house 3 Jay 

Jacobs Eleanor, widow of John, house 11 

Jacobs Henry B., assistant H. U., rooms 5 
Gray's Hall 

Jacobs John Henry, foreman (B. H. C. & 
Co., B.), house 62 River 

PUniPE GREEN -H° USE PLANTS-New and Rare, D 

UllUtuL 820 Main and 89 Spark* Streets. 1 . 



JACOBS JUSTIN A., city clerk, 
office City Hall, house 149 Austin 

Jacobs Lucy A. Mrs., teacher, b. 24 Follen 

JacobsenHagan, fly-finisher, 162 Broadway, 
house 107 Winsor 

Jacobsen Martin, fly-finisher, 162 Broad- 
way, boards 107 Winsor 

Jacobson Andrew F., carriage trimmer 
(245 Charles, B.), h. 65 Columbia 

Jacobson Angelo M., cabinet maker, Ivers 
and Pond Piano Co., Albany 

Jacobson Charles, piano-maker Ivers & 
Pond Piano Co., Albany, h. Cottage 

Jacobson Rudolph, cigar maker, 35 Pearl, 
boards 8 Norfolk 

Jacoby Leopold, teacher of languages, b. 
465 Broadway 

Jacques Rufus, pattern maker, bds. 6 Tufts 

Jaeger Christia, widow of Fred C. house 104 

Jagerstan John F. W., engineer, house 15 

Jamellier Andre, Prof, of Fencing, Hemin- 
way Gymnasium, H. U. 

James Alexander, photograph printer, (147 
TremontB.), h. 60 Washington 

James Chas., grocer, 543 Main, h. 44 Pearl 

James Charles, waiter (B.), h. 1 Village 

James Cordelia E., Mrs., dressmaker, 1 
Village, house do. 

James Edward B., lumber (13 Kilby, B.), 
house 88 Lake View av. 

James Henry, switchman Cambridge Rail- 
road Co., house 53 Mt. Auburn 
JAUIES JOHN K., plumber, 5 
Brattle, house 22 Church 

James John W., painter, house 2 Cogswell 
place [Norfolk 

James Joseph, at (F. R. R., B.), boards 2 

James Mary Mrs., intelligence office, 53 
Mt. Auburn 

James Samuel, grocer, 543 Main, house 2 

James Sarah A., widow, house 6 Clark 

James Thomas P. Mrs., house 96 Brattle 

James William asst. professor of Physi- 
ology and Comparative Anatomy, Mu- 
seum of Comparitive Zoology H. U., 
h. 15 Appian way 

J AMIES WIL.L.IAUI A., clerk, and 
messenger Nat'l City Bank, 553 Main, 

boards 2 Norfolk [bridge 

Jameson Carrie, w. of Preston h. 482 Cam- 
Jameson Edwin A. L., bonnet and hat 

frames (20 Chauncy, B.), house 

Mt. Vernon 
Jameson Jeremiah D., lab., bds. 4 Allston 
Jameson John P., machine carving, house 8 

Jameson Thomas E., student, boards A. E. 

L. Jameson's, Mt. Vernon 
Jameson Winthrop M., bonnet frame mnfr. 

(20 Chauncy, B.), h. Hotel Wentworth, 

7 Essex 

Jandreau Michael, brick maker, h. 83 Spruce 
Janifer George Cornelius, watchman, 

Baldwin street stable C. R. R., house 

22 Charles River 
Jansson Charles A., piano maker, house 6 

Jaques Fred W., clerk Bay State Brick 

Co., house at Somerville 
Jaques M. Jane Miss, house 25 Church 
Jaques Rufus, pattern maker, 92 Main 
Jaques William, supt. Bay State Brick Co., 

rear 124 Spruce, h. at Somerville 
Jaseph Charles B., plumber, 169 Gore, h. 

15 Eighth 
Jaton Louis, cook (Parker House, B.), b. 

7 Rogers' block 
Jayes Charles, butcher, Jackson, house 

Clifton near Spruce 
Jayes Damien, lab. h. Clifton near Spruce 
Jayes Joseph, brickmaker, house 26 Reed 
Jaynes Julian C, proctor H. U., rooms 15 

Divinity Hall 
Jefferds Jas. F., collector, house 1 Willard 

street court 
Jeffers Richard K., carpenter, h. 72 Wright 
Jefferson James, fireman S. F. E. Co. 1, 

house 121 Mount Auburn 
Jefferson John, hostler, Church, house rear 

18 Sparks [15 Sparks 

Jefferson John jr., hostler, Church, house 
Jefferson Nicholas, lab. bds. rear 18 Sparks 
Jeffery Thomas E., hatter, h. 48 Tremont 
Jeffrey James, conductor Camb. R. R. Co,, 

bds. G. Hazlett's, Frank 
Jellison William, steam fitter, h. 20 Green 
Jenkins Andrew C., hostler Camb R. R. 

stables, house 2 Deacon 
Jenkins Charles E., broom-maker 412 Main 

boards 20 Suffolk 
Jenkins C, wood-worker M. E. Rideout 

& Co. , State 
Jenkins Hiram, paver, house 14 Lopez 
Jenkins Peter, laborer, h. 27 Washington 
Jenkins Wm. H. H., waiter Memorial Hall, 

house 9 Baldwin court 
Jenks F. A . , driver Camb. R. R. 
Jenness Austin T. (Jenness & Twombly), 

express Riverside and University press- 
es, house 22 Putnam avenue 
Jenness Catherine Mrs., house Holworthy 

near Belmont 
Jenness Charles M., clerk, bds. 91 Tremont 
Jenness Geo. L., lather, bds. 26 Tremont 
Jenness Lewis P., salesman, 471 Main, h. 

431 do. 
Jenness Margaret J., widow of Wm. H. 

house 105 Elm [91 Tremont 

Jenness Margaret L., widow of John, h. 
Jenness Nathaniel, conductor Charles Riv- 
er R. Co., bds. Mrs. Catherine Jen- 
ness', Holworthy 
Jenness Samuel W., lather, h. 36 Tremont 

DCQT Assortment of Bronze Hardware in New England 




Jenness & Twombly (Austin T. Jenness & 
Joshua Twombly), express Riverside 
and University Presses (34 Court sq., 

Jenning Geo. F.. painter, bds. 64 Prospect 

Jennings Abbie G. , widow of Dr. Joseph 
H., house 13 Green 

Jennings Charles laborer, h. 61 Washington 

Jennings Chas. T., clerk 538 Main, boards 
54 Brookline 

Jennings Henry L. D., porter (162 Con- 
gress. B.), house 20 Elm 

Jennings H. A. Miss, house 04 Prospect 

Jennings James, laborer, John Reardon & 
Sons, house 214 Pearl 

Jennings John, kerosene oil, h. 23 Fifth 

Jennings John jr., brick layer, b. 23 Fifth 

Jennings Kate S., widow of James R., h. 
9 Forest 

Jennings Levi P.. clerk, bds. 20 Elm 

Jennings Levi, at 150 Broadway, 

Jennings Mary E.. teaeher Boardman pri- 
mary school, boards 89 Winsor 

Jennings Michael E.. confectioner, 282 
Broadway, boards 147 Columbia 

Jennings Patrick, currier, house Clay, 2d 
from Harvey 

Jennings Stephen, merchant (22 Custom 
House. B.), h. 17 Maple avenue 

Jennings Thomas W*., mason, house 54 
Brookline [Broadway 

Jennison James Mrs. widow, house 407 

Jesse Lottie li. Miss, dressmaker, 183 Har- 
vard, house do. 

Jessop John J., clerk (27 Tremont. B.). 
boards 25 Bigelow 

Jessop Joseph H., confectioner (27 Tre- 
mont. and 373 Washington, B.), house 
25 Bigelow 

Jewell Ann. wid. of Hosea, h. 6 Pleasant pi. 

Jewell Charlotte E. Miss, teacher Quincy 
primary school, bds. G Pleasant place 

Jewell Elizabeth F.. widow of Gould, house 
14 Hamilton 

Jewell Frederick A., musician and music 
teacher, house 18 Watson 

Jewell Otis H.. car builder. Cambridge R. 
R. Co., Dunster. h. 56 Putnam av. 

Jewell Win. E.. lawyer (82 Devonshire, r. 
17, B.). house 39 Inman 

Jewett Annie M.. widow of George W.. 
house 60 Buckingham 

Jewett Darwin E.. broker (24£ Central, 
B.), house 1 Henderson place 

Jewett Dexter, janitor Stoughton, Hollis, 
and Holworthv halls. H. U., house 10 

Jewett Elverton S., collection elk. National 
Exchange Bank (28 State, B.), house 
1 Hastings square 

Jewett Frank P., agent (24£ Central, B.), 
boards 1 Henderson place 

Jewett Henry M., clerk (24£ Central, B.), 
boards 1 Henderson place 

Jewett James R., student H. U"., boards 60 

Joel Samuel W., paintings, h. 5 Watson 

Johanson Charles, cabinet maker, 44 Cam- 
bridge, rooms 134 Harvard 

Johanson G. , mill hand, 44 Cambridge, h. 
at Roxbury 

Johanson John, case maker, 162 Broadway, 
house 95 Norfolk 

Johanson Joseph W.. teamster. 162 Broad- 
way, house 1 Boardman place 

Johns Win., peddler, house 50 Spruce 

Johnson Adeline A., widow ot Wm. A., 
house 22 Winsor 

Johnson Albert, safe maker, 17 Main 

Johnson Alonzo F., clerk (P. (.).. B.). house 
143 Cambridge 

Johnson Andrew (Andrew Johnson & Co.), 
carriage maker, 133 Main, house 44 

Johnson Andrew & Co. (Andrew and Oscar 
A. Johnson), carriage builders, 133 

Johnson Andrew A., safe maker, 17 Main 

Johnson Andrew J., broom maker, 412 
Main, beards 416 do. 

Johnson Ann Miss, house 51 Hastings 

Johnson August J., engineer, house 81 Elm 

Johnson A., hostler Cambridge R. R. 

Johnson Benjamin M.. clerk (14 Union, 
B.), boards 32 Norfolk 

Johnson Carl F.. safe maker. 17 Main 

Johnson Catherine, brush maker, house 
124 Third 

Johnson Charles, carpenter, bds.. 512 Main 

Johnson Charles, moulder. 350 Main 

Johnson Chas.. laborer, h. 6 McCabe 

Johnson Charles B., porter (114 State, B.), 
house 67 Washington 

Johnson Charles B., porter (1 High, B.), 
house 06 Winter 

Johnson Charles C. clerk, 226 North av., 
house at Somerville 

Johnson Charles F.. provisions (43 Clinton, 
B.), house 15 Ellsworth avenue 

Johnson Charles H., laborer, house 32 
Cogswell avenue 

Johnson Charles P., blacksmith, 113 Main, 
boards at Boston 

Johnson Daniel A., provisions. 151 Pearl, 
house 18 Decatur 

Johnson D., hostler. Cambridge R. R. 

Johnson Edwin, machinist, h. 5 Rogers' blk. 

Johnson Ellen, widow, h. 4 Harding 

Johnson Eunice S., widow of Henry F., 
house 18 Story 

Johnson Francis H., fish (114 F. H. mar- 
ket. B.), house 14 Dana 

Johnson Francis H., salesman (109 Wash- 
ington. B.), house, 15 Centre 

Johnson Frank, hostler, Elm, cor. Broad- 
way, rooms do. 

Johnson Franklin Rev., pastor Old Cam- 
bridge Baptist Society, rms. GO Brattle 




Johnson Fred,moulder, 162 Broadway, bds. 
1 Boardman place 

Johnson Frederick, carpenter, Brookline, 
house 137 Brookline 

Johnson F. A., conductor Cambridge, R. R. 

Johnson George F., grocer, 246 Broadway, 
boards 86 Moore 

Johnson George P., paymaster F. R. R. 
(Causeway, B.), house 30 Harris 

Johnson George R., laborer, house 10 Berk- 
shire place 

Johnson Gustavus, pattern maker (B. & A. 
R. R., Allston), h. 40 Putnam av. 

Johnson Henry (Johnson & Doane), bot- 
tler, 8 Austin, house 32 Cherry 

Johnson Henry H. Mrs., h. 23 Wallace 

Johnson Herman A., organ tuner boards 
13 Norfolk [Tremont 

Johnson James, at 139 Broadway, house 26 

Johnson James E., janitor, rooms 125 Co- 

Johnson Jennie A. Mrs., h. 61 Washington 

Johnson John, car driver, h. 32 Harding 

Johnson John, carpenter, house 102 Web- 
ster avenue [at Maiden 

Johnson John, safe maker, 17 Main, house 

Johnson John 2d, safe maker, 17 Main, h. 
40 Putnam avenue 

Johnson John F., piano key maker, 137 
Broadway, house 223 do. [block 

Johnson John O., sailmaker, h. 8 Roger's 

Johnson Joseph, variety store, 113 Colum- 
bia, house do. 

Johnson Joseph W., teamster, 162 Broad- 
way, house 1 Boardman pi. 

Johnson Lawrence, house 44 Clark 

Johnson Lawrence Henry, clerk, 419 Main, 
boards 44 Clark 

Johnson Lewis, clerk (B.), house 11 Gerry 

Johnson Lucius A., driver Cambridge R.R. 
Co., house Frank 

Johnson Margaret, brushmaker, liouse 124 
Third [32 Norfolk 

Johnson Marshall, fish (14 Union, B.), h. 

Johnson Mary, widow of Thomas H., cabi- 
net maker, house 25 Cedar 

Johnson Mary IT., widow of W. O., house 
17 Kirkland 

Johnson M., hostler, Cambridge R.R. 

Johnson Olaf, laborer, h. r. 172 Columbia 

Johnson Ole, polisher, h. 122 Apring 

Johnson Oscar A. (Andrew Johnson & Co.), 
carriage builder, 133 Main, boards 
44 Broadway 

Johnson Peter, machinist, boards 8 Rogers' 
block, Brewery 

Johnson Peter, bookbinder, h. 24 Baldwin 

Johnson Peter, safemaker, 17 Main, house 
6 Foster's block, Baldwin pi. 

Johnson Peter S., core maker, b. 4 Harding 

Johnson Reuben, clothes cleaner, house 80 

Johnson Richard M., night soil contractor, 
Board of Health office, City Hall, h. 
at Arlington 

Johnson Sarah, widow, bds 36 Union 

Johnson Solomon, hostler, h. 22 Charles 
River [Winsor 

Johnson Thomas W., milkman, h. 108 

Johnson William, confectioner, house 181 

Johnson William, brush maker (132 Oliver, 
B.), house 10 Sixth 

Johnson William, clerk, house 27 Grigg 

Johnson William jr., brushmaker (132 Oli- 
ver, B.), boards 10 Sixth 

Johnson William F., boxmaker, 3 Hamp- 
shire, boards 4 Boardman pi. 

Johnson Wm. H., driver Cambridge R.R. 
Co., house Frank, 3d on left 

Johnson William T., clerk 157 Harvard, h. 
7 King place 

Johnson W. R., inspector, Cambridge R.R. 

Johnson & Doane (Henry Johnson and 
Henry S. Doane), bottlers 8 Austin 

Johnston Andrew McN., carpenter, house 
4 Winsor 

Johnston Fergus D., novelty goods, house 
12 Sidney 

Johnston Howard B., pressman Riverside 
Press, bds. 79 River 

Johnston John, driver, bds. 133 Brookline 

Johnston Thomas R., bookkeeper, house 68 

goods, 232 Pearl, h. 140 Pleasant 
Johnston William, painter, b. 48 Broadway 
Johnston Wilimina S., fancy goods, 140 

Pleasant, house do. 
Johnston Winnie S., boarding-house, 39 

Johnstone George S., painter, 660 Main, 

house 60 Sidney [way, b. 9 do. 

Joll Albert P., candy maker, 245 Broad- 
Joll George M., hairdresser, l£ Brattle, 

house 13 Mellen 
Jolly more William, butcher, h. 106 Fourth 
Jones Abby F., widow of Charles B., house 

106 Auburn 
Jones Addison, box maker, boards 146 

Jones Albert, janitor (B.), h. 33 Hastings 
Jones Allison, waiter, h. 7 Webster av. 
Jones Allison A., laborer, b. 7 Webster av. 
Jones Amos, police station 3, house 71 

Jones Andrew, mason, house 31 Second 
Jones Andrew J., carriage builder, Church, 

corner Palmer, house 23 North av. 
Jones Andrew L., laborer, 72 Main, house 

101 Washington 

Jones Anna E., widow of William R., 

house 303 Harvard 
Jones Anna Maria Miss, teacher Gannett 

primary school, house at Boston 
Jones Annie S., clerk, 440 Harvard, boards 

102 Putnam ave. 

Jones Arthur E., lawyer (60 Devonshire, 
B.), house 3 Berkeley 




H. Wm. Tupper, Manager. 





Jones Austin K., janitor H. IT., house 465 

Jones A., boiler maker, 92 Main 
Jones Carrie R., widow of William F., h. 

84 Washington 
Jones Charles, machinist, h. 51 Clark 
Jones Charles, carpenter, h. 3 Moore 
Jones Charles E., clerk (250 Washington, 

B.), house 22 Tremont 
Jones Charles E. (McMurray & Jones), 

blacksmith, Third, near Gas House, 

house 1 Seckle 
Jones Charles L. Mrs., house 299 Harvard 
Jones Charles R., steam fitter, house 12 

Union [Harvard 

Jones Charles W. (95 Milk, B.), house 285 
Jones Charles W, jr., cabinet maker, bds. 

146 Thorndike 
Jones C. L. & Co. (Henry E. and Frank H. 

Jones), soap and candle mnfrs., 172 

Pearl, and (193 State, B.) 
Jones Daniel, carpet beater, h. 31 Hastings 
Jones David G., pressman Riverside Press, 

boards 102 Putnam av. 
Jones Edmond P. . waiter, house 7 West 
Jones Edward, mason, house 50 Clark 
Jones Edward W. S., stationery (282 Wash- 
ington, B.), boards 104 Prospect 
Jones Eliza W., widow, h. 16 Park 
Jones Elizabeth, widow* of John, house 28 

Jones Elizabeth Mrs., h. rear 159 Broadway 
Jones Emma C. Mrs., h. 106 Cambridge 
Jones E., driver Cambridge R.R. 
Jones Frances R. Mrs., house 299 Harvard 
Jones Frank E., watchman, h. 121 Harvard 
Jones Frank H. (C. L. Jones & Co.), soap 

manufacturer, 172 Pearl and (193 

Stale, B.), house 46 Lee 
Jones Frederick C, clerk, Cambridge Gas 

Light Co., 424 Harvard, boards 5 Cres- 
Jones Frederick W., machinist, h. 13 Grant 
Jones George hostler, Cambridge R. R. Co., 

h. Montgomery, cor. Harvey 
Jones George F., clerk (216 State, B.), h. 

25 Lancaster 
Jones Geo. W., stereotyper (4 Williams 

court, B.), bds. 320 Harvard 
Jones Geo. W., physician, 117 Inman, h. do. 
Jones Harry, carpenter, h. 51 Elm 
Jones Harry W., student, rms. 276 Harvard 
Jones Henry, jobber, house 36 Union 
Jones Henry, waiter, house 36 Brewery 
Jones Henry C, policeman, station 2, h. 

131 Green 
Jones Henry D., instructor H. U., rooms 7, 

Thayer's Hall 
Jones Henry E. (C. L. Jones & Co.), soap 

and candle mnfr., 172 Pearl, and (193 

State, B.), house 276 Harvard 
Jones Henry I., hairdresser, 27 Fifth, h. do. 
Jones Herbert L., key maker, 139 Broad- 
way, h. 16 Park 

Jones Herbert W., shipper (55 Tremont, 

B.), h. 14 Eliot 
Jones James, cabinet maker, 384 Main, h. 

179 Norfolk 
Jones James Mrs., widow, h. 10 Watson 
Jones John, cigar maker, house 3 Rogers' 

block, Washington 
Jones John collar maker, 10 Arrow, house 

at Somerville 
Jones John, boiler maker, 92 Main, house 

6 Tufts 
Jones John, painter, house Hotel Brooks 
Jones John L., printer Riverside Press, h. 

102 Putnam av. 
Jones John L. jr., compositor, h. 650 Main 
Jones Joseph G., clerk, (24 Broad, B.), h. 

22 Bigelow 
Jones Joseph M., boiler maker, 92 Main, 

house 4 Tenney 
Jones Leonard S., house 21 Kirkland 
Jones Leonard W., jr., clerk Sortwell's dis- 
tillery, house at Charlestown 
Jones Lucy A. Mrs., h. 131 Green 
Jones Lydia Miss., h. 715 Cambridge 
Jones Mary T. P. Miss, music teacher, 60 

Cambridge, house do. 
Jones Maggie E. Mrs. h. 63 Oxford 
Jones Maggie E. widow of George A. h. 10 

Concord av. 
Jones Mark A., druggist, 60 Cambridge, 

house do. 
Jones Martha R. Miss, confectionery, 1 

Harvard square, and 440 Harvard, h. 5 

Jones Miles L. , bookbinder Riverside Bind- 
ery, h. 105 Allston 
Jones N. Manson, bookkeeper (77 Oliver, 

B.), bds. 303 Harvard 
Jones P., hostler, Cambridge R. R. 
Jones Robert G. (137 Federal, B.,) house 

21 Kirkland 
Jones Samuel H., cracker dealer, 502 Main, 

h. 89 Pleasant 
Jones Sarah A. Mrs., h. 4 Percy pi. 
Jones Thomas, laborer, boards 8 Davis 
Jones Thomas, tinsmith, boards 1 Gray pi 
Jones Thomas W., electrotype finisher, 

University Press, bds. 30 Winthrop 
Jones Willard, carriage painter, 113 Main, 

h. at Charlestown 
Jones William, glass worker, house 171 

Jones William, teamster, h. 32 Hastings 
Jones William Gordon, h. Lake View av. 
Jones William L., bookbinder, Riverside 

press, boards 102 Putnam av. 
Jonsson Carl R. , gilder, 8 Harvard sq. , h. 

5 Charles River 
Jope Richard L., carpenter, h. 12 Magee 
Jordan Arthur L., pianist and supt. , post- 
office, 150 North avenue, boards Por- 
ter's Hotel 
Jordan Charles, drug clerk, 617 Main, bds. 

25 Grigg 


P. O'BRIEN & SON, 820 Main and 89 Sparks Streeta 




Jordan E., cabinet maker, 44 Cambridge, 

house at Charlestown 
Jordan Henry C, driver Herdic, house 145 

Jordan James, stone cutter, 53 Main, bds. 

5 Pioneer 
Jordan Joseph W. , cement maker Wm. F. 

Webster, Albany, h. 3 do. 
Jordan J. , conductor Cambridge R. R. 
Jordan Octavia L. Miss, h. GO Mt. Auburn 
Jordan Sabin, teamster, h. r. 102 Spring 
Jordan Wm. H., printer University Press, 

house 24 Brookline 
Jordan Wm. N., boards 274 North avenue 
Jose Edwin H., lawyer, 583 Main, boards 

84 Austin 
Joseph Henry, laborer, h. 3 Lowland av. 
Joseph Isaac (I. & J. Joseph), fruit, etc., 

455 Main, house 10 Holly place 
Joseph I. & J. (Isaac and John Joseph), 

fruit, etc., 455 Main 
Joseph John (I. & J. Joseph), fruit, etc., 

455 Main, h. 8 Holly place 
Joseph Manuel, laborer, h. 7 Fourth 
Joseph Myer, action maker, 113 Broadway, 

bds. 105 Pleasant 
Josselyn Aaron Rev. , watchmaker, 62 Cam- 
bridge, h. 147 do. 
Josselyn Abbie S., widow of Luther, h. 12 

Rogers' block, Main 
Josselyn Anna B. Miss, teacher Putnam 

grammar school, boards 147 Cambridge 
Josselyn Elmer H., confectioner, 7 Pros- 
pect, bds. 40 Bigelow 
Josselvn Francis, inspector (Custom House, 

296 State, B.), h. 84 Prospect 
Jouett Isaac W. , grocer (686 Washington, 

B.), house Walnut av., c. Arlington 
Jouett Mark R. (M. R. Jouett & Co.), gro- 
cer. 225 North av., h. Chester 
JOUETT M. R. & CO. (Mark R. 
Jouett), grocers, 225 North avenue, c. 

Joy A., driver Cambridge R. R. 
Joy Fannie C. Mrs. bds. 33 Tremont 
Joy Isaac (Joy, Luther & Co.), carpenter, 

River, junc. Western av. h. 112 Auburn 
Joy Isaac, net maker, b. 10 Leighton's ct. 
Joy James, cooper, h. r. 172 Columbia 
Joy, Luther & Co. (Isaac Joy and Thomas 

H. Luther), carpenters and builders, 

River, junction Western av. 
Joyce Edmund B., painter, h. 169 Norfolk 
Joyce Edward, laborer, h. 10 Flagg street 

Joyce James J., glazier, h. 21 Harvard 
Joyce Maurice, laborer, h. 228 Franklin 
Judge Francis, stone cutter, bds. First, cor. 

Judkins Eliza M. Miss, artist, house 20 

Juhlmann Louis, moulder, house 93 Third 
Julianus John L., brass moulder (B.), bds. 

42 Austin 

KAHARL REUBEN, string maker, boards 
218 Harvard 

Kahlmever Augusta, widow of Henry, h. 
97 Sixth 

Kahlmeyer Frank L., clerk (10 P. O., sq., 
B.), boards 97 Sixth 

Kahlmeyer Louis W., clerk, 186 Cam- 
bridge, boards 97 Sixth 

Kaine Francis X., clerk (19 Boylston, B.), 
house 16 Prospect 

Kalberg Laurity D., furniture, 187 Cam- 
bridge, house 77 Spring 

Kaler John S., moulder M. E. Rideout & 
Co., State, house at Boston 

Kammbee Robert, cook, house 71 Third 

Kane Anthony, laborer, house 23 McCabe 

Kane Bridget, widow of Win., h. 34 Porter 

Kane Daniel, laborer, house 19 Carson 

Kane James, laborer, h. 5 Vine 

Kane John, bookbinder Riverside Press, 
boards 10 Hayes court 

Kane John, laborer, house 323 Cambridge 

Kane John, laborer, house 19 Carson 

Kane John, laborer, boards 15 Warren 

Kane John, house 163 Green 

Kane John, teamster, house 33 Hunting 

Kane John J. , laborer, house 28 Spring 

Kane J., hostler, Cambridge R. R. Co. 

Kane Martin, hack driver, Bay, corner 
Green, house 176 Green 

Kane Matthew, moulder, 354 Main, boards 
rear 44 Washington 

Kane Maurice, brush maker, 124 Harvard, 
house at Boston 

Kane Patrick, laborer, 30 Boylston, house 
15 Foster 

Kane Patrick J., brush maker, 124 Har- 
vard, house at Boston 

Kane Robert F., foreman packing room, 
153 Putnam avenue, h. 10 Hayes court 

Kane Rose Ann Mrs., house 4 Lincoln 

Kane Timothy, baker, h. r. 44 Cambridge 

Kane, see Kaine, also Cain 

Kanop Henry, painter, house 31 Baldwin 

Karcher Elizabeth J. Miss, teacher Board- 
man primary school, bds. 85 Pleasant 

Karcher Josephine E. Miss, teacher Web- 
ster grammar school, bds. 85 Pleasant 

Karcher Philip J. , porter (43 Temple pi. , 
B.), house 85 Pleasant 

Karcher Rosa C. Miss, teacher Agassiz 
school, b. 85 Pleasant 

Karr Patrick K., teamster, 84 Bridge, h. 12 

Kaufmahn E. A., brush maker, 124 Har- 
vard, house at Boston 

Kay James, hostler, house 194 North ave. 

Kay James, laborer, 169 Gore, house 110 

Kay Sarah, wid. of John, h. 194 North av. 

Kean A., machinist, 72 Main 

Keaner Win. A., prof, Harvard Law school, 
house 71 North avenue 



Established 1860. 30 DOCK SQTJ^TiE. 



Keaney James M., police, station 3, house 

169 Winsor 
Keaney Kate. wid. of Jas., h. 169 Winsor 
Kearney Julia A., wid. of William, house 

16 Portland 
Kearns Michael, blacksmith, h. 3 George 
Keating Michael, painter Cambridge R. R. 
Co., Dunster. house 7 Shepherd's 
block, Charles River 
Keatley Samuel. expressman, h. 119 Harvard 
Keefe Daniel, laborer, house 58 Spruce 
Keefe Daniel J., plumber, 599£ Main, b. 

at Somerville 
Keefe David, laborer, boards Thomas Don- 
ahue's Gushing 
Keefe Dennis, currier, house 40 Reed 
Keefe Felix, carpenter, house 33 Wash- 
Keefe Jeremiah, laborer, house 1 Broadway 
Keefe John (Kirchner & Keefe), bottler, 

430 Cambridge, house 36 Warren 
Keefe J. , switchman Cambridge R. R. Co. 
Keefe Kate Mrs., house 36 Warren 
Keefe Margaret, wid. of James, house 6Q 

Keefe Matthew, carpenter, h. 238 Broadway 
Keefe Michael, teamster, 115 Bridge, bds. 
12 Fourth [Hastings 

Keefe Patrick, cabinet maker, house 66 
Keefe Patrick, carpenter, h. 262 Bridge 
Keefe Timothy, carpenter, 113 Broadway. 

house 192 Harvard 
Keefe Timothy, laborer, boards 12 McCabe 
Keefe Timothy, peddler, h. 49 Reed 
Keefe Timothy F., paper hanger, house r. 

67 Moore' 
Keegan John, granite cutter, h. 62 Harvard 
Keegan John, teamster, bds. 34 Porter 
Keegan Julia Miss, house 29 Webster ave. 
Keegan Louisa Miss, clerk, 502 Main, h. 29 

Webster avenue 
Keegan Mary, widow, house 109 Tremont 
Keegan Owen, laborer, boards 109 Tre- 
Keegan Philip, laborer, bds. 109 Tremont 
Keeler Adelaide A. Miss, teacher Washing- 
ton grammar school, bds. 421 Broad- 
Keeler Charles W., bookkeeper Riverside 

Press, house at Somerville 
Keeler Cornelius P. (F. Geldowsky Furni- 
ture Co.), furniture mnfr., Otis, house 
19 Bowdoin 
Keeler George A. (F. Geldowsky Furni- 
ture Co.), furniture mnfr., boards 19 
Keeler George S., engineer. Am. Xet and 

Twine Co., house 91 Thorndike 
Keelin John, safe maker, 17 Main 
Keely Joseph, gardener Mt. Auburn ceme- 
tery, house 11 Maynard place 
Keely Patrick, stone mason, h. 29 Porter 
Keen Alden T., physician and notary pub- 
lic, house 26 North avenne 

Keen Anna C. D. Mrs., house 46 Cherry 

Keen H., cabinetmaker, 53 Bridge 

Keen Jarvis B. , boards 26 Xorth av. 

Keenan James H., carpenter, 65 Sacra- 
mento, house do. 

Keenan Johanna, widow of Michael J., 
house 19 Cowperthwaite 

Keenan John, safe maker, 17 Main 

Keenan John, laborer, bds. New, first on 
left from Concord avenue 

Keenan John J., foreman (27 Tremont, 
B.), house 3 Green 

Keenan Lawrence, laborer, house Xew, 
first on left from Concord av. 

Keenan Martin, laborer, h. rear 123 Third 

Keenan Michael A., carpenter, house 101 

Keenan Patrick, laborer, bds. Xew, first on 
left from Concord avenue 

Keener W. A., assistant professor H. U., 
rooms 71 North avenue 

Kehew Frank A., curtain fixture maker,*368 
Main, h. rear 6 Cherry 

Kehew George, clerk, house 104 Inman 

Kehoe James, bookbinder, h. 23 Hamilton 

Kehoe Roger, driver, Cambridge R. R. Co., 
Baldwin street station, boards do. 

Kehoe, see Keough 

Keith Adelaide A. Miss, teacher Washing- 
ton grammar school, bds. 852 Main 

Keith Charles P., broom mnfr., 412 Main, 
and fancy goods. 114 Magazine, h, do. 

Keith E. D. (E. D. Keith & Co.), provis- 
ions, 191 North avenue, house 189 do. 

Keith E. D. & Co. (E. D. Keith), provis- 
ions, 191 Xorth avenue 

Keith Joseph W., box maker, h. 41 Vine 

Kelian Gotleib, baker, 3 Austin, rooms 68 

Keliher Cornelius J., crockery, 132 Cam- 
bridge, house do. 

Kelleher Bartholomew, grocer, 408 Cam- 
bridge, and liquors, 394 Cambridge, h. 
109 Winsor [6 East 

| Kelleher Bridget, wid. of Michael, h. rear 

Kelleher Cornelius, in Cambridge Rolling 
Mill. h. Rolling Mill block. Bristol 

Kelleher Daniel, clerk, 39 Rice. bds. 41 do. 

Kelleher Daniel, laborer, h. 5 Cogswell av. 

Kelleher Daniel, laborer, house 1 Xinth 

Kelleher Dennis, sewing machine agent, 647 
Main, boards 109 Winsor 

Kelleher Dennis, laborer, h. 192 Xorfolk 

Kelleher Dennis Mrs., house 159£ Franklin 

Kelleher Ellen, widow of William, house 11 

Kelleher James, laborer, house 71 Elm 

Kelleher Jeremiah, hostler, house rear 50 

Kelleher John A., grocer, 39 Kice, b. 41 do. 

Kelleher Julia, widow of Daniel, house 196 
Spruce [6 East 

Kelleher Michael J., cabinetmaker, house 

Kelleher Patrick, laborer, house 41 Rice 




Kelleher Patrick, laborer, h. 105 Portland 
Kelleher Timothy, laborer, h. 47 Jefferson 
Kelleher William, teamster, bds. 41 Pice 
Kelliher James, currier, house 56 Peed 
Kelley Albert L., printer (262 Washington, 

B.), house 23 Harrison 
Kelley Alexander P. , piano action mnf r. , 

113 Broadway, house 25 Essex 
Kelley Annie, -widow of Bernard, houso 22 

Hudson place 
Kelley Bernard, boards 36 Gore 
Kelley Catherine, widow of Michael, house 

54 Amory 
Kelley Catherine, wid. of Peter, h. 7 Reed 
Kelley Charles, laborer, house 4 Gore 
Kelley Charles, painter, house 3 Seventh 
Kelley Daniel, tinsmith, house 36 Gore 
Kelley Daniel, glass-maker Union Glass 

Co. (Somerville), house 149 Elm 
Kelley Dennis, machinist, 72 Main, house 

at Boston 
Kelley Edward, laborer, h. 13 Valentine 
Kelley Edward, hostler, h. 79 Spruce 
Kelley Edward, machinist, 356 Main, bds, 

at Boston 
Kelley Edward, varnisher, bds. 113 Fourth 
Kelley Edward, laborer, house 63 Brookline 
Kelley Edward, painter, bds. 117 Spring 
Kelley Elizabeth S., widow of Joseph L., 

house 33 Linnaean 
Kelley Ellen, widow, house 145 Elm 
Kelley E. F., safe maker, 17 Main 
Kelley Francis A., upholsterer, 70 Cam- 
bridge, boards 106 Fourth 
Kelley George, teamster, boards 22 Porter 
Kelley George W., currier, house 656 Main 
Kelley Grace, widow, house 4 Hamilton 
Kelley H., machinist, 92 Main 
Kelley Isabella, widow, house 106 Fourth 
Kelley James, carpenter, bds. 11 Wyeth 
Kelley James, laborer,' boards 163 Broadway 
Kelley James, marble-cutter, house 305 

Kelley James, safe maker, 17 Main 
Kelley James, teamster, house 68 Otis 
Kelley James, teamster, 195 Broadway, 

boards Patrick Kelley's Bristol 
Kelley James, laborer, boards 56 Second 
Kelley James H. , watchmaker (24 Bedford, 

B.), house 402 Main 
Kelley James M., action maker, 113 Broad- 
way, house 510 Main 
Kelley James P. , printer, house 26 Eighth 
Kelley John, house 26 Warren 
Kelley John, laborer, house 24 Jefferson 
Kelley John, boiler maker, 92 Main 
Kelley John, laborer, bds. 165 Broadway 
Kelley John, laborer, h. Cushing court 
Kelley John, laborer, h. foot Auburn place 
Kelley John, teamster, boards rear 42 

Kelley John, tinsmith, 502 Main 
Kelley -John, soap-maker, h. 352 Broadway 
Kelley John A., cabinetmaker, b. r. 36 Gore 

Kelley John B., mariner, h. 408 Cambridge 
Kelley John C, machinist, 356 Main, bds. 

389 do. 
Kelley John D., painter (187 Hanover, B.), 

house 161 Thorndike 
Kelley John F., laborer, B. & M. R. R., h. 

13 Second 
Kelley John H., laborer, h. r. 12 Portland 
Kelley John J. , baker, 82 Mount Auburn, 

house 4 Shepherd's block, Charles River 
Kelley John J., machinist, h. 73 Hastings 
Kelley John T., machinist, house 179 Main 
Kelley Joseph H. , glassmaker, h. 36 Gore 

taker, and cabinet maker, 47 Gore, 

house 110 Otis 
Kelley Joseph M., printer, Riverside Press, 

boards 107 Putnam avenue 
Kelley Lawrence, marble-polisher, house 

105 Elm 
Kelley Maria Mrs., house 14 Grant 
Kelley Michael, fireman, N. E. Glass Co., 

boards 81 Elm 
Kelley Michael, stone-cutter, h. 64 Vine 
Kelley Michael, gardener Mount Auburn 

cemetery, h. Cushing, cor. Woodlawn 
Kelley Michael, laborer, house 14 North 
Kelley Michael A., glass-maker, house 

113 Fourth 
Kelley Michael F., clerk, 472 Cambridge, 

boards 54 Amory 
Kelley Patrick, laborer, h. r. 23 Fourth 
Kelley Patrick, laborer, h. 293 Concord av. 
Kelley Patrick, blacksmith, 72 Main 
Kelley Patrick, laborer, house 4 Austin 
Kelley Patrick, laborer, boards 5 Foster pi. 
Kelley Patrick, laborer, bds. Thomas Don- 
ahue's, Cushing 
Kelley Patrick, switchman B. & M. R. R., 

house 21 Sixth [mere place 

Kelley Patrick, blacksmith, boards 3 Lech- 
Kelley Patrick, laborer, house Cushing, n. 

Cushing Court 

Kelley Patrick, marble-worker, h. Bristol, 

near Webster avenue 
Kelley Peter, laborer, house 123 Fourth 
Kelley Peter A., plumber, 634 Main, house 

107 Western avenue 
Kelley Ralph I., saloon, 241 Cambridge, h. 

164 Gore 
Kelley Richard, tailor, house 134 Winsor 
Kelley Richard jr., laborer, bds. 134 Winsor 
Kelley Robert, baker, rooms 4 Percy place 
Kelley Samuel J. (Kelley & McKinnon), 

carpenter, 7 Western avenue, house 

10 Clinton 
Kelley Sarah V., employment office and 

fancy goods, 654 Main, house GoG do. 
Kelley Stillman F., molasses (18 Central, 

B.), h. 3 Pemberton, n. North av. 
Kelley Thomas, carpenter, h. 54 Austin 
Kelley Thomas, confectioner, 7 Prospect, 

house 95 Broadway 

DAPU DDflTUCDC MA1N street, 
rAun dnl) I ntno, next beck hall, 

H. "Win. Tupper, Z\Iiiiia$£er, 




Kelley Thomas, laborer, boards Thomas 

Donahue's, Cushing 
Kelley Thomas G., carpenter, 7 Western 

av., house 5-i Austin 
Kelley Thomas J., book finisher (B.), h. 

73 School 
Kelley Thomas J. (100 State, B.), boards 

414 Main 
Kelley William, gardener McLean Asylum 

(Somerville), house Cushing, corner 

Kelley William, driver Cambridge R. R. Co. 
Kelley William H., clerk, 401 Cambridge, 

house at Somerville 
Kelley Wm. H., coach driver (B.), house 

20 Ninth 

Kelley & McKinnon (Samuel J. Kelley and 
Chas. E. McKinnon), carpenters and 
builders, 7 Western avenue 

Kelley, see Kelly 

Kellie John F., house painter and paper 
hanger, 573 Main, house 59 Plymouth 

Kellinburgher Andrew, varnisher, 162 
Broadway, house 155 Otis 

Kelloch Fred L., machinist, boards 128 

Kellogg Harvey A., teamster, 131 Broad- 
way, house at Boston 

Kellogg Jeremiah N., porter (169 Wash- 
ington, B.), house 27 Washington 

Kelly Catherine F., widow of John, house 

7 Boardman 

Kelly Dolly S., widow of Amasa S., bds. 

21 Irving 

Kelly E. R., sawyer, 162 Broadway, house 

94 Tremont 
Kelly Francis J. . travelling salesman, house 

9 Boardman 
Kelly George B. (Kelly & Rand)), action 

maker, 162 Broadway, house at Jamaica 

Kelly James, laborer, h. 269 Putnam av. 
Kelly John, boiler maker, 92 Main, house 

13 Salem 
Kelly John, laborer, 184 Broadway, house 

rear 44 Washington 
Kelly John F., currier, bds. rear 77 Elm 
Kelly John J., teamster, bds. 5 Foster pi. 
Kelly Patrick, laborer, house 7 Jefferson 
Kelly Patrick, laborer, h. 5 Foster place 
Kelly Peirce, clerk, 32 Cambridge, boards 

8 Short 

Kelly Peter ML, machinist, 153 Putnam ave- 
nue, house 6 Gordon place 

Kelly William, mason house 7 Jefferson 

Kelly William, laborer, bds. 5 Foster pi. 

Kelly William, stonecutter, 23 Main, bds. 
23 Harrison 

Kelly Wm. H., paper ruler (111 Devon- 
shire. B.), house 4 Lawrence 

Kelly & Rand (George B. Kelly and Ed- 
ward L. Rand), organ action makers, 
162 Broadway 

Kelly, see Kelley 

Kelsey Albert H., contractor and builder, 
h. Arlington, near Washington av. 

Kelsey Bros. & Co. (John H. , and William 
Kelsey), furniture dealers and uphols- 
terers, 556 Main 

Kelsey Elizabeth, widow of John B., house 
18 Fairmont avenue 

Kelsey Henry T., gardener, house 283 

Kelsey John H. (Kelsey Bros. & Co.), fur- 
niture, etc., 556 Main, h. 28 Upton 

Kelsey William (Kelsey Bros. & Co.), fur- 
niture, etc., 556 Main. h. 11 Cottage 

Kelsey Wm. H., superintendent (87 Union, 
B.), house 26 Upton 

Kelso fAdam, machinist, 356 Main, house 
36 Winsor 

Kelso Alexander Iff., liquors, 407 Main, 
house 41 Franklin 

Kelso John, hostler, bds. 41 Franklin 

Kelty John, machinist, h. 27 Porter 

Kemp Edward E., clerk L. Kemp & Sons, 
boards 166 Harvard 

Kemp Horace G. (Lysander Kemp & Sons) , 
soap mnfr. , Davis, house 164 Harvard 

Kemp Jas. H. (Lysander Kemp & Sons), 
soap mnfr., Davis, bds. 166 Harvard 

Kemp Lysander (Lysander Kemp & Sons), 
soap mnfr., Davis, house 166 Harvard 

(Lysande- , James H., and Horace G. 

Kemp), soap manufacturers. Davis, 

cor. Broadway 
Kemper John, laborer, house 123 Spring 
Kempton John B., house 24 Mt. Auburn 
Kempton Joseph D., carpenter, house 1 

Rollins court 
Kendall Albert S., bookkeeper Sawin's 

Express, Lyceum building, Harvard, 

square, house 8 Appian way 
Kendall Archibald M., mail agent, house 

8 Magee 
Kendall Edward (Kendall & Roberts), 

machinist and boiler maker, 72 and 92 

Main, house 139 Magazine 
Kendall Francis, house 195 Putnam av. 
Kendall Geo., milkman, house Holworthy, 

opposite Corlett school 
Kendall George F., com. mer. (204 State, 

B.), house 61 Chestnut 
Kendall Harlie G., clerk, bds. 3 Lawrence 
Kendall Henry H. , student H. U. , rooms 8 

Kendall Isaac F., sawyer, house 3 Lawrence 
Kendall James H., draughtsman, 72 Main, 

house 139 Magazine 

school, 13 Appian-way, house 123 
Kendall Olindus F., horse clothing (129 

Washington, B.), h. 343£ Broadway 
Kendall Walter B., organist and musie 
teacher, boards 3 Lawrence 


Lots Bought, Sold, and Cared for. * ■ V AfwlJUlN MT WW IN , 

820 Main and 

89 Sparks Sts. 



Kendall and George B. Roberts), pro- 
prietors Charles River Iron Works, 
machinists and boiler makers, 72 and 
92 Main 
Kendrick Enos K., carpenter, h. 69 River 
Kenerson Wm. W., produce, house 150 

Kenerson, see Keninston 
Kennard Benjamin, house 9 DeWolf 
Kennard Elizabeth J. D. Miss, school, 

teacher, boards 9 DeWolf 
Kennedy Catherine E. Miss, h. 83 Elm 
Kennedy Daniel, blacksmith, 135 Winsor, 

house 131 do. 
Kennedy Daniel, bds., 131 Winsor 
Kennedy Daniel A., confectioner, 282 

Broadway, bds. 75 Inman 
Kennedy Edward J., carpenter, b. 87 Elm 
Kennedy Edward P., hack driver, boards 

15 Banks 
Kennedy Ellen, widow of Jas., h. 87 Elm 
Kennedy Emma, widow of John A., house 

19 Antrim 
Kennedy Frank A., (F. A. Kennedy & 

Co.,) cracker, bread and cake baker, 

502 Main, h. 8 Highland 

KENNEDY F. A. & CO., (Frank 
A. Kennedy and Frederick G. Cass), 
cracker, bread and cake bakers, 502 
Kennedy Geo. J., bookseller (8 Bromfield, 

B.), h. Crescent avenue 
Kennedy Hugh T. , machinist, rear 85 Bridge 
Kennedy James, boarding-house, 88 Mount 

Kennedy Jas., lab. house 84 Webster av. 
Kennedy John, driver, bds. 15 Banks 
Kennedy John C, clerk, 397 Cambridge 

boards 83 Elm 
Kennedy Lawrence B., painter, b. 83 Elm 
Kennedy Martin, laborer, h. 381 Cambridge 
Kennedy Mary T. (Kennedy & Murphy) , 

251 Broadway, house do. 
Kennedy Patrick, laborer, house 90 Sixth 
Kennedy Peter J., varnisher, h. 28 Winsor 
Kennedy Thomas, gardener, h. 15 Banks 
Kennedy Thomas, laborer, bds. 131 Winsor 
Kennedy Thomas laborer, h. 30 Reed 
Kennedy Thomas jr., driver, bds. 15 Banks 
Kennedy & Murphy (Mary T. Kennedy and 

Mary T. Murphy), variety store, 251 

Kennelly James, laborer, house 37 Banks 
Kenney Charles F., instructor House of 

Correction, house 2 Church place 
Kenney Daniel, clerk, (B.), boards 6 Gore 
Kenney Edward, laborer, 204 Broadway, h. 

458 Cambridge 
Kenney Ellen, widow, house 2 Decatur ct. 
Kenney Eugene, casket maker 203 Bridge 

house at South Boston 
Kenney Frank, varnisher, 162 Broadway, 

bds. 22 Murdock 

Kenney Hattie Miss, h. 12 Murdock 
Kenney Johanna, widow of Thomas, h. 401 

Kenney John, cooper, bds. rear 147 Gore 
Kenney John, at Niles Brothers, Concord 

avenue, house near do. 
Kenney John, junk, house 39 Harding 
Kenney John, teamster Miiller Bros., house 

Tannery, 3rd. on left 
Kenney John (Cummings, Kenney & Co.), 

lumber, Bridge, opp. Prison Point 

bridge, house at Boston 
Kenney JohnB., printer, house 18 Mill 
Kenney Louisa Mrs., h. 6 Rogers' block, 

Kenney Michael, cooper (South Boston), 

bds. 2 Decatur court 
Kenney Patrick, laborer, house 62 Waverly 
Kenney Patrick, city laborer, house 213 

Kenney P. , teamster, 502 Main 
Kenney Ralph, carpenter, h. 9 Fifth 
Kenney Richard, cooper, house rear 147 

Gore [Holyoke 

Kenney Susan, widow of James W., h. 4 
Kenney Thomas, laborer 184 Broadway, 

boards 64 Hampshire 
Kenney Thomas G., at Dover Stamping Co. 

153 Putnam av., h. r. 17 Charles River 
Kenney Thomas M., jeweler, 637 Main, 

house 658 do. 
Kenney Timothy, baker, bds. 22 Murdock 
Kenniff Daniel, bds 5 Charles River 
Kenniston Fred. A., engineer 139 Broad- 
way, boards rear 43 Norfolk 
Kenny James, cooper, h. 240 Cambridge 
Kenny see Kenney [Walden 

Kensel C. T., widow of Geo. A., house 30 
Kent Christopher, laborer, h. 103 Tremont 
Kent George H., salesman, 464 Harvard, h. 

25 Western avenue 
Kent Geo. W., milkman, bds. 91 Allston 
Kent George W., teamster, 111 Bridge, h. 

89 Spring 
Kent Melvina L. Mrs., house 179 Harvard 
Keough Daniel hostler, Charles R. R. Co., 

house 432 Broadway 
Keough John, grocer, 36 Harvard, house do. 
Keough Roger, driver Cambridge R. R. 

Co., house 27 Baldwin 
Kern Francis V. B., conveyancer (23 Court 

B.), house 94 Franklin [57 Gore 

Kern Henry, cabinet maker, 54 Bridge h. 
Kern Rebecca, widow of Theodore, house 

21 Cogswell avenue [burn 

Kernan Charles G., printer, b. 78 Mt. Au- 
Kernan James, cabinet maker, 7 Boylston, 

and janitor Quincy and Lowell schools, 

house 78 Mt. Auburn 
Kernan James, painter, 203 Bridge 
Kernan John, clerk, 6 Harvard Row, house 

at Boston 
Kernan Thomas J., coupe driver; Church, 

opp. Palmer, boards 78 Mt. Auburn 




Kernan see Kiernan 

Kerr David, electrotyper. h. 2 Westacott ct. 

Kerr Henry, case maker, 162 Broadway, 

house 32 Clark 
Kerr John, clerk freight house B. & L. R. 

B., house 19 Third 
Kerr John C, currier, house 25 Baldwin 
Kerrigan James, laborer, b. 283 Cambridge 
Kerrigan John, laborer, house 4: Lincoln 
Kerrigan John, currier Miiller Bros., bds. 

Harvey, cor. Montgomery 
Kerrin John, laborer, h. 95 Spruce 
Kerrin John J., currier, bds. 95 Spruce 
Kershaw Charles E., safe mnfr. (B.), bds. 

Prospect House 
Kershaw P^dwin S., sawyer, 1G2 Broadway, 

house 128 Winsor 
Kershaw Geo., shoes, (B.), boards Pros- 
pect House, 596 Main 
Ketchum Charles, clerk American Rubber 

Co., house 6 Elm 
Ketchum George B.. apothecary, 272 

Broadway, boards 6 Elm 
Ketchum John, boards 6 Elm 
Kettell John B. Mrs., house 63 Sparks 
Keyes Charles S., foreman of case room. 

106 Magazine, house Walden near 

Keyes Henry S., clerk (47 High, B.), boards 

4 Centre 
Kidd Wm. J., carpenter, house 39 Charles 
Kidder Merrill EL, dining-rooms, 108 Cam- 
bridge, house do 
Kidder Wm. A., collector (B. & A. R. R., 

East Boston), h. 256 North avenue 
Kidney William H.. foreman 126 Portland, 

h. 23 Webster avenue 
Kieley Joseph H. B., marble worker. Alex. 

McDonald boards Michael A. Kieley, 

Kieley Michael A., painter, house Mt. Au- 
burn, corner McDonald 
Kiernan Thos. J., supt. of circulation H. 

U. library, house 10 Ash street place 
Kiernan Rose, widow of John, house 25 

Kiernan see Kernan 
Kihlberg Charles A., cabinet maker, 602 

Main house 37 Winsor 
Kihlberg William, piano-stool maker, bds. 

37 Winsor 
Kilarn Michael, laborer b. rear 10 Bridge 
Kilbreth Erank, carpenter, h. 54 Columbia 
Kilbreth Erank L. carpenter, 113 Broad- 
way, h. 54 Columbia 
Kilburn Curwin H., foreman Webster & 

Co. (Maiden), house Crescent, next 

Kilburn Edward J., clerk (1131 Tremont, 

B.), house 28 Norfolk 
Kilburn Maria E. Mrs. h. 15 Green 
Kilcoyne John, currier, r. 370 North av. 

boards Ed. Boardman's Jackson 
Kilduff Bernard, plasterer, 610 Main, house 

Cushing, corner Lawn 

Kiley Daniel, laborer, h. 5 Madison 
Kiley Garrett, cooper, board 198 Cambridge 
Kiley William, painter, boards 8 Davis 
Kilfoile James, confectioner, 42 Elm, bds. 

12 Hancock 
Kilfoile John, laborer, house 12 Hancock 
Killeen Joseph P., printer, h. H2 Green 
Killoren Margaret Mrs., house 60 Cedar 
Killoren Thomas J., painter, b. 60 Cedar 
Killourhy Patrick, laborer, h. 800 Xorfolk 
Kilroy Patrick, laborer, h. Locust, near 

Cushing [roy's. Locust 

Kilroy Patrick jr., laborer, b. Patrick Ivil- 
Kilroy Thomas, laborer, boards Patrick 

Kilroy's Locust 
Kilvand Cornelius, laborer, b. 165 Broad- 
Kimball Adolphus, laborer, h. 30 Charles 

Kimball David, driver Charles River R. 

Co., house 12 Eliot 
Kimball Delia, wid. of Baxter, h. 160 Gore 
Kimball Ephraim F., trav. salesman (9 

Chauncy B.), house 2 Ashburton place 
Kimball Frank C. 169 Gore. b. 160 do 
Kimball Fred, laborer, bds. 71 Hastings 
Kimball Geo. A., clerk (4 Park, B.), bds. 

686 Main 
Kimball Harriet A., nurse, h. 12 Eliot 
Kimball Jesse J., driver, (40 North B.), b. 

160 Gore 
Kimball J. Franklin, merchant tailor, 589 

Main, house 49 Austin 
Kimball M. E. Mrs., h. Hotel Cambridge, 

Crescent avenue 
Kimball Richard H., traveling salesman, 

(Phila. Pa.), rooms 27 Lee 
Kimball Samuel E., (Kimball & Child), 

prop. Cambridge Ice Co., 120 Hamp- 
shire, h. at Arlington 
Kimball William, boards 151 Mt. Auburn 
Kimball Willis R.. flagman B. & L. R.R. 

North avenue, b. at Somerville 

KIJIBAL.L, * CHILD, (Samuel 
Kimball and Spencer Child), props., 

Cambridge Ice Co., 120 Hampshire 
j Kimberry Samuel, house 9 Flagg st. court 
Kimpton Lucien O., 105 Magazine, b. 116 

Western avenue 
Kindlund Alfred, picture frames, (B.), h. 

6 Foster block, Baldwin pi 
Kiner Armon A., hostler, h. 20 Upton 
King Alexander, engineer (76 Sudbury, 

B.), house 51 Moore 
King Ann, wid. of Michael, h. 101 Spring 
King Barney, hairdresser, 459£ Main, h. 

31 Webster avenue 
King Benjamin, broker, house 18 Clinton 
King Benj. T., clerk (518 Washington, B.), 

boards 18 Clinton [Vine 

King Bridget, widow of Patrick, house 66 
King Caroline, wid. of Geo. h. 88 Fourth 
King Catherine Mrs., house 41 Charles 
King Collin jr., laborer, b. rear 19 Grant 

QCCT Assortment of Bronze Hardware in New England 




King Eliza, wid. of Wm., h. 5 Cedar sq 
King George H., painter, 460 Main, house 

33 Pleasant 
King Gustavus, hairdresser, 3 River, h. 91 

King James, house 35 Essex 
King James, painter, bds. 101 Spring 
King James, blacksmith, Boston Ice Co., 

Prison Point road, bds. at Charlestown 
King John, bartender, 307 Cambridge, bds, 

3 Ninth 
King John B., expressman, h. 128 Third 
King John H., confectioner, 503 Main, bds. 

15 Washington 
King Joseph C, plumber, 634 Main, bds. 

354 Broadway 
King L. B. Mrs., dressmaker, 74 Cam- 
bridge, house do 
King Lydia S., house 113 Prospect 
King Margaret Miss., dressmaker, h. Ben- 
nett, near Mt. Auburn 
King Mary, widow of Patrick, house 15 

King Michael, laborer, boards 164 Gore 
King Moses, publisher and bookseller, 400 

Harvard, boards 12 Story 
King Owen, fish peddler, house 15 Carson 
King Peter, laborer, h. 133 Webster av 
King Samuel A., clerk (34 New F. H. 

market, B.), house 38 Sacramento 
King William R., clerk (79 Commercial, 

B.), boards 18 Clinton 
King William T., painter (F. R. R. Co., 

B.), rooms Engine House, 5 Inman sq 
King Zelotus, hairdresser, 3 River, bds. 91 

Kingman Carrie M. Miss. , teacher Webster 

grammar school, h. 48 Magazine 
Kingsley Chester W., treasurer Excelsior 

Coal Mining Co. (19 Congress, B.), 

house 10 Chester 
Kingsley Elizabeth, wid. of Henry, .house 

140 Spring 
Kingsley Samuel L., musical inst. maker, 

house 167 Harvard 
Kingsley Samnel M., teamster, 91 Broad- 
way, bds. rear 122 do. 
Kinnear Alexander, turner Russ Moulding 

Co., First, h. 77 Spring 
Kinnear Conrad D., fireman, C. F. D., bds. 

Prospect House 
Kinnear John, printer (18 P. O. Square, 

B.), h. 34 Mount Auburn 
Kinnear Joseph, bookkeeper (4 Summer, 

B.), b. 34 Mount Auburn 
Kinneen Patrick G., horseshoer, house 269 

Mount Auburn 
Kinney E. S., driver Cambridge R. R. Co., 

boards 62 Waverly 
Kinney John, tinsmith, 368 Main, house at 

Kinney Samuel, carpenter, h.59 Western av. 
Kinsley Charles E., clerk (414 Washington, 

B.), boards 51 Sixth 

Kinsley Edward B. P., U. S. Revenue store- 
keeper, house 51 Sixth 
Kinsley Henry, machinist, h. 52 Winsor 
Kinsley Winifred Mrs., house 120 Fourth 
Kinsman Eben, furniture mover (52 Charles, 

B.), house 97 Winsor 
Kinsman Edgar O., dentist, 15 Brattle, h. 

48 Shepard 
Kinsman John O. , telescope maker Alvan 

Clark & Sons, Henry h. 13 Watson 
Kinsman Joseph S., wharfinger (S. B.), h. 

38 Bigelow 
Kirby John L., tinman, 153 Putnam av., 

house 171 do 
Kirby Michael, piano maker, Ivers & Pond 
Piano Co., Albany, house at Somerville 
Kirby Michael J., gardener, h. 11 Dins- 
more court 
Kirchner Charles (Kirchner & Keefe), bot- 
tler, 430 Cambridge, h. 428 do. 
Kirchner and John Keefe), bottlers, 
430 Cambridge 
Kirk John D., carpenter, b. 104 Putnam av. 
Kirk John W., banker and broker (29 New, 

N. Y.), house 21 Craigie 
Kirkbridge Thos E., cutter, house 27 Web- 
ster av. 
Kirker Hiram, boards 58 Fairmont 
Kirker John, tinsmith (6 Purchase, B.), h. 

58 Fairmont 
Kirker John jr., plumber (50 Howard, B.), 

boards 58 Fairmont 
Kirley George F., baker (B.), h.'49 Winsor 
Kirley James J., mould maker, house 456 

Kirsch Ernst, carriage maker, house 426 

Kirschten Gustavus, painter, N. E. Glass 

Co., house 6 Sixth 
Kirwan Michael, laborer, h. 159 Franklin 
Kirwan Thomas, editor (255 Washington, 

B.), h. 244 Harvard 
Kissane John, laborer, h. 243 Franklin 
Kissane Michael, laborer, h. 243 Franklin 
Kissane Patrick, laborer, h. 243 Franklin 
Kissling Lawrence, brush maker, 124 Har- 
vard, house 98 Tremont 
Kittredge George T., clerk, 561 Main, h. 

103 Washington 
Kittredge Jesse H. , h. 103 Washington 
Kivlan John, teamster, boards 36 Gore 
Kivlan Peter, printer, bds. 23 Rockwell 
Kivlan Peter F., teamster, h. 36 Gore 
Kivlan William, assistant foreman compos- 
ing room Riverside Press, house 23 
Kivlan William H., pressman Riverside 

Press, house 84 River 
Kline Joseph, iron moulder, Third, c. Bent, 

h. 59 Hampshhe 
Klines S., boiler maker, 92 Main 
Klucken Gerarde A., lithographic artist 
Riverside Press, h. 14 Pleasant 



H. Wm. Tupper, Manager. 




Klucken Ralph, lithographer Riverside 

Press, boards 14 Pleasant 
Knapp Annie Mrs., teacher Putnam gram- 
mar school, h. 66 Thorndike 
Knapp Edward E., clerk 87 Cambridge, b. 

66 Thorndike 
Knapp Emily J., widow of Rev. Henry M., 

house 4 Prospect 
Knapp Frederick B., instructor and supt. of 

buildings, H. U. rooms 21 Stoughton 

Knapp Geo. F., student, b. 66 Thorndike 
Knappe Carl F., agent (B.), h. 28 Howard 
Kneeland Daniel J. , fish and oysters, h. 1 

Soden place 
Kneeland Frank, clerk 1 Brewer blk. , Brat- 
tle sq., bds. 20 Mill 
Kneeland Frederick, h. 144 Thorndike 
Kneeland Henry, teamster 13 Broadway, h. 

20 Mill 
Kneeland James, laborer, 184 Broadway, 

house 52 Clark 
Kneeland John, laborer, house 11 Reed 
Kneeland Thomas H., blacksmith, 11 

Church, boards 20 Mill 
Kneeland William, broker (B), house 144 

Kneeley J., watchman Cambridge R.R. Co. 
Knight Bridget, Miss, h. 32 Banks 
Knight Elbridge E., driver Cambridge R.R. 

Co., house 30 Winthrop 
Knight Frank F., mason, h. 24 Rockwell 
Knight Harry T., at (O. C. R. R., B.),bds. 

56 Austin 
Knight Jane Miss, house 32 Banks 
Knight Joseph R. Mrs., house 15 Third 
Knight J. King, dentist, 432 Harvard, house 

at Hyde Park 
Knight Simon, supt. car house, boards 6 

Harvard sq. 
Knight William, provisions, boards Hotel 

Knight William H. bookbinder, house 14£ 

Western av. 
Knights Anson B., accountant h. 898 Main 
Knights Catherine Livingston Mrs., dress- 
maker, house 898 Main 
Knights Robert H., laborer, h. 26 Somerset 
Knights Samuel R. (S. R. Knights & Co.), 

house at Boston 

KNIOHTS S. B. & CO. (Sam- 
R. Knights), auctioneers, 593£ Main, 
and (226 Washington, B.) 

Knoerr Albert, action maker, 139 Broad- 
way, house 395£ Cambridge 

Knott Nathaniel W. T., gas fixtures (27 
Bromfield, B.), h. 3 Potter park 

Knowland James A., express messenger, h. 
96 Columbia 

Knowles John, roller, Cambridge Rolling 
Mills, house 1 Webster av. 

Knowles John S., engineer, 10 Arrow, h. 
8 do. [Green 

Knowles Lydia, wid. of Willard, h. 128£ 

Knowles Nathan S., clerk, 9 Harvard sq., 

house 14 Ash 
Knowles Richard, carpenter, h. 70 River 
Knowles Zoheth R., cabinet maker, 54 

Bridge, house at Charlestown 
Knowlton Abraham, mason, boards 13 

Pleasant place 
Knowlton Benjamin F., machinist (B.), 

house 69 Washington 
Knowlton Geo. B., clerk, h. 18 River 
Knowlton Geo. W., driver, 904 Main, house 

16 Dunster 
Knowlton James, blacksmith, rooms 

68 School 
Knowlton John, cutter (68 Summer, B.), 

house 1 Ballord piece 
Knowlton Lena Mrs., house 18 River 
Knowlton May Miss, clerk, 434 Harvard, 

boards 16 Dunster 
Knox David, clerk, house 6 Green 
Knox Frank C., at University Press, bds. 

37 Putnam avenue 
Knox William, engineer B. & L. R.R., 

house 97 Otis 
Knox William W., machinist, h. 7 Moore 
Koch Adam A., restaurant, Lyceum bldg., 

Harvard sq., house 15£ Wallace 
Kohlhepp Christian, lager beer, 165 Cam- 
bridge, house do. 

Koppey Albert, carver, 44 Cambridge, h. 

at South Boston 
Koppey Charles, carver, 44 Cambridge, 

house at South Boston 
Koppey P., carver, 44 Cambridge house at 

South Boston 
Kordulasinski Waclaw, butcher, house rear 

194 Bridge 
Kosta Fred, carriage trimmer, rear 10 Brat- 
tle, house at Somerville 
Kothe George W., coppersmith (65 Merri- 
mack, B.), house 13 Winter 
Kovarik John, cabinet maker, 54 Bridge, 

house 169 Spring 
Kraas Adolph, silversmith, h. 36 Clark 
Kraetzer Edwin J., hats, caps, etc. (107 

Court, B.), house 29 Sacramento 
Krall Bartholomew, laborer, h. 28 Willow 
Kramer Harry, bookbinder (B.), house 10 

Cogswell avenue 
Krause Ernest A., silver gilder (Pitts, B.), 

house Hollis, near Spruce 
Kretchmar Charles, tanner Miiller Bros., 

house 2 Cedar sq. 
Kroepsch Robert, carpenter, h. 169 Norfolk 
Kuebler Charles A., currier, boards ^370 

North avenue 
Kuebler J. Emile, currier, h. 370 North av. 
Kuebler Michael, currier, rear 370 North 

avenue, house do. 
Kuhaupt Henry, house 9 Portland 
Kuhn George W., clerk, h. 32 Pine 
Kuhn P. F., cigar maker, 513 Main, house 

at Boston 



820 Main and S9 Sparks Streets. [ . 



LABELLE GREGOIRE, cabinet maker 

house 35 Vine 
Labreche Peter, iron moulder, house 1 

Labree Ann M.. widow, b. 119 Washington 
LaCass Duncan F., ornamenter (151 Black- 
stone, B.), house 162 Pleasant 
Lacasse Samuel carpenter, house 365 

North avenue 
Lacey Frank, twine maker, b. 84 Cambridge 
Lacey John, currier Miiller Bros., house at 

Lacey John, fireman (B.), house 12 Web- 
ster avenue 
Lacey Michael, at 162 Broadway, boards 

12 Webster avenue 
Lacey Patrick, laborer, h. 22 School-st. ct. 
Lacey Thomas, laborer, b. 12 Webster av. 
LaClair Leon, tinsmith, house |11 Rogers' 

block. Main 
LaClair Philip, brickmaker, h. 108 Spruce 
LaClair Saville, brickmaker, h. 108 Spruce 
LaCroix George J., Avood engraver (76 

Tremont, B.), bds. 31-1 Broadway 
Ladd Frank P., hay, grain and straw, 345 

North avenue, near R.R. crossing, h. 

at Somerville 
Ladd Fred A., clerk, 345 North av., bds. at 

Ladd Geo. H., clerk 345 North avenue, bds. 

at Somerville 
Ladd Geo. W., clerk (13 Tremont, B.), 

boards 18 Shepard 
Ladd John S., house 2 Frost 
Laftleur F. E. S., cabinet maker, house 

Hawkins' block, Charles 
Lagerquist C. G. , cabinet maker, 384 Main, 

boards at Boston 
Laha James H., painter, h. 6 Hamilton 
Laha Mary A. Mrs., variety store, 6 Hamil- 
ton h. do. 
Lahey John, teamster, 360 Cambridge, 

house at Somerville 
Lahey John, laborer, house 11 Hayes court 
Lahey Michael, watchman, h. 204 Franklin 
Lahey Patrick, butcher, house 26 Winter 
Lahey Patrick, laborer, house 12 Porter 
Laidler Mary Miss. h. 22 Sixth 
Laing Alfred A., clerk. 641 Main 
Lake Charles H. (Lake & Hittinger), Fresh 

Pond Ice Co., h. 727 Cambridge 
Lakeman Nellie M. Miss, dressmaker, house 

5 AY bite 
Lakin Geo. W., provisions, h. 37 Erie 
Lalley Frank E., clerk, 40 Boylston, house 

Cushing, cor. Locust 
Lalley John, plasterer, house 26£ Banks 
Lallev John H., clerk, 40 Boylston, house 

264 Banks 
Lallev Joseph, laborer, bds. 117 Harvard 

LALL.EY THOMAS G., grocer, 
40 Boylston, house 1 Mill 
Lallev Thomas G. jr., clerk Thomas G. 
Lalley, 40 Boylston, boards 1 Millj 

Lally Charles H., junk dealer, house 77 

Lally John D.. bookbinder Riverside Press, 

house 24 Cowperthwaite 
Lally John J., sawyer, 3 Hampshire, house 

rear 163 Spring 
Lally Lawrence P. , lager beer box maker, 

78 School, boards 90 Washington 
Lally Michael, laborer, house 1 Third 
Lally Patrick, laborer, house 22 Hunting 
Lally Patrick J., sawyer, 3 Hampshire, h. 

00 Washington 
Lally Thomas, laborer, h. 1 Linehan court 
Lally Thomas P., grocer, 26£ Banks, h. do. 
Lally Wm. J., pressman University Press, 

boards 26£ Banks 
Lalor Patrick, farmer, house 169 Dublin 
Lamb Charles, tube maker, b. 60 Amory 
Lamb Chas. R. Mrs., house Willard, cor. 

Lamb Frank, at tube works, Somerville, 

boards 60 Amory 
Lamb George, conveyancer (13 Kilby, room 

8, B.), house 9 Ellsworth avenue 
Lamb Henry J. , carriage painter, 1 78 North 

avenue, house 9 Cogswell pi. 
Lamb Henry W. (Lamb & Ritchie), pipe 

mnfr., Albany, house at Brookline 
Lamb James, horseshoer, 107 Brookline, h. 

10 Salem 
Lamb Michael F., teamster, h. 60 Amory 
Lamb Roland O., bookkeeper (16 Sears 

building, B.), house 19 Sacramento 
Lamb Thos., plumber, 26 River, boards 60 

Lamb & Ritchie (Henry W. Lamb and Da- 
vid A. Ritchie), sheet metal pipes, Al- 
bany, near Main 
Lambert Ellen, widow of Michael J., house 

205 Appleton 
Lambert Garrett H., mason, h. 27 Tuttle 
Lambert Herbert L., tinsmith (B.), boards 

76 Norfolk 
Lambert John N., tinsmith, h. 76 Norfolk 
Lambert Martin, laborer, boards 7 Water 
Lambert Patrick 'J., brass finisher, house 

8k Foster 
Lambert Thomas F., plasterer, h. 48 Foster 
Lambert Wm. H., tinsmith, 525 Main, bds. 

at Charlestown 
Lamkey Charles E., cabinet maker. 44 

Cambridge, house 94 Spring 
Lamson Albert H., clerk (53 Oliver, B.), 

boards 233 Harvard 
Lamson Anna S. Miss, teacher Webster 

grammar school, rooms 102 Austin 
Lamson Arthur F., salesman, h. 42 Sidney 
Lamson Asa C, house 43 Essex 
Lamson Charles II., machinist, 356 Main, 

boards 42 Sidney 
Lamson Fred U., salesman, 31 Elm, house 

61 Market 
Lamson Gardner S., clerk New England 

Glass Works, house at Boston 




Lamson John H., sign and ornamental 

painter. 573 Main, house 31 Antrim 
Lamson Mary J., wid. of Rufus. h. 4:! I 
Lamson Rufus W., mason, 233 Harvard, 

house do. 
Lamson Wm. G., clerk, b. 233 Harvard 
Lanahan Daniel D., engineer, h. 30 Davis 
Lander Francis A., house 20 Fairmont 
Lander Frederick A., bds. 20 Fairmont 
Lander John C, laborer, h. 20 Brewery 
Lander Joseph A., clerk (165 Pearl, B.), 

boards 20 Fairmont 
Lander Robert E., gold beater, (37 Hawley, 

B.), bds. 20 Fairmont 
Lander Wm. F., grand sec. K. & L. of . 

Honor, house 47 Clark 
Landerkin Albert L., machinist, house 

56 Boylston 
Landerkin J. Edward, machinist, b. 32 Front 
Landerkin Llewellyn, machinist, Rhoades' 

mill, State, house 32 Front 
Landers John, cooper, bds. 19 Seventh 
Landers John, painter, bds. 115 Spruce 
Landers Morris, laborer, Cambridge ceme- 
tery, house 10 Maynard place 
Landers Wm.. gardener, h. 115 Spruce 

toys and confectionery, 24 Boylston. 
boards 19 Winthrop 
Landry Julian, carpenter, h. 46 Clark 
Lane Alfred C. instructor H. U., rooms 16 

Stoughton Hall 
Lane Andrew, laborer, bds. 141 Elm 
Lane Caroline M. Mrs., house 19 Oxford 
Lane Charles, baker, rms. 42 Mt. Auburn 
Lane Cornelius, laborer, house 2 Fourth 
Lane Cornelius, plasterer, h. 6 Lopez 
Lane Dennis, laborer, h. 17 West 
Lane Dennis F., marble worker, 53 Main, 

h. 25 Cambridge 
Lane Edward B., student H. U., rooms 107 

Lane Elias X., house 28 Western avennue 
Lane E. Fred., boards 28 Western avenue 
Lane Frank A., wood turner, 384 Main, 

boards at Revere 
Lane Frank E.. action maker, 162 Broad- 
way, house 158 Harvard 
Lane Gardiner M. (44 State, B.), bds. 42 

Lane George M., Pope Professor of Latin, 

H. U., h. 42 Quincy 
Lane James, laborer, bds. 131 Third 
Lane Jane L. Miss, house 678 Main 
Lane Jeremiah, laborer, bd's. 25 Cambridge 
Lane Joanna, wid. of John. h. 29 Warren 
Lane John, gate tender B. & L. R. R., 

Prison Point bridge, h. 127£ Bridge 
Lane John, laborer, house 7 Blair pi. 
Lane John, laborer, house 51 North 
Lane John (Harvey and Lane), carriage 

builders, 35 Gore. h. 96 do. 
Lane J. Frederick, bookkeeper. Cambridge- 
port Savings Bank, bds. 42 Western av. 

Lane Mary R. Miss, house 2 Davis 
Lane Michael, laborer, bds. 32 North 
Lane Patrick, laborer, h. 25 Cambridge 
Lane Peter, salesman, h. 42 Western a v. 
Lane Samuel G.. machinery (17 Milk, B.), 

house 107 Prospect 
Lane Sarah Mrs., h. \:>s Harvard 
Lane Wm. C. physician, h. r. 31 Hastings 
Lane Wm. C. asst. H. U. library, boards 

19 Oxford 
Lang Albert, planer, bds. 64 Cherry 
Lang Anestina, wid. of Lewis, house 105 

Lang Charles H.. turnkey at jail. h. Thorn- 
dike, corner Third 
Lang Fred, laborer, boards 64 Harvard 
Lang Fred P., house 64 Harvard 
Lang Henry, bookbinder Riverside Press, 

house 115 Putnam a v. 
Lang John C. (John C. Lang & Son), 517 

Main, house 129 Green 
Lang John C. & Son (John C. and John H. 

Lang), cigar mnfrs.. 517 Main 
Lang John H. (John C. Lang & Son), 517 

Main, house 11 State 
Lang Joseph H., clerk, 345 North avenue, 

boards at Somerville 
Lang Lewis, laborer, bds. 218 Green 
Lang Margaret, widow of John, h. Dailey 

Lang Wm. H., cigar maker. 517 Main, b. 

129 Green 
Langan James Mrs,, dry goods, 8 Portland, 

house do. 
Langdell Christopher C, Prof. H. U.. h. 

37 Quincy 
Langdon Harry S., clerk (220 Congress B.), 

boards 341 Broadway 
Langdon James, teamster. 195 Broadway 
L'Ange Cyril, brick maker, hi 152 Spruce 
L'Ange Pierre, brickmaker, B. S. B. Co. 
Langer Charles, confectionery, house 15£ 

Langford George A., h. 56 Columbia 
Langford Hiram, laborer, h. r. 13 Hastings 
Langford Richard, laborer, h. r. 57 Harvard 

LANGFORD W. K., clerk Cam- 
bridgeport P. O. 611 Main, house 56 
Langley Arthur, potter, h. 15 Railroad 
Langley Daniel C. painter, h. 155 Main 
Langley Edward M.. bds. 8 Prospect 
Langlev Edwin C. engineer, 31 Elm, h. 

41 'do. 
Langley Eliza J. Miss, h. 143 Thorndike 
Langley Geo. L., clerk, h. 24 East 
Langley James A., porter (191 Washing- 
ton. B.). bds. 70 Elm 
Langley John, wharf builder, house 92 

Langley Joseph, laborer, house Concord 

av.. next F. R. R. crossing 
Langley Lauren F., clerk, 89 Cambridge, 
house 109 Gore 




Langley Martin V., teamster, 126 Portland, 

house 21 Tremont 
Langley Mary, widow of Jeremiah, house 

Concord av., near F. R. R. 
Langlev Olive E., widow of Lauren F., h. 

Ill Cxore 
Langmaid Dorcas, widow of Samuel H., h. 

78 Kirkland 
Langreel M., cabinet maker, 44 Cambridge 
Lanman Charles R., professor H. U., rooms 

21 Hollis Hall 
LaNoir Fred L., safe maker, 17 Main 
LaXoir Louis, laborer, h. 2 Pioneer place 
Lanseed George, laborer, h. 22 McCabe 
Lanseed Samuel, laborer, bds. 22 McCabe 
Lantigua Andrew, cigar-maker, house 44 

Putnam av. 
Lapham Geo. F. jr., salesman (164 Devon- 
shire, B.), bds. 254 North av. 
Lapierre Elie H., drug clerk, 32 River. 

house 30 do. 
Lapierre Sarah E., widow of Elie F., house 

30 River 
Lapoint Arthur, clerk Yates' Brick and 

Tile Co., boards 122 Spruce 
Lapoint Eli, carpenter, house 122 Spruce 
Lapoint Jos. carpenter, house 56 Union 
Lapoint Joseph, trimmer, 162 Broadway, h. 

8 Willow 
Larkin David, laborer, h. 152 Charles 
Larkin James, boiler maker, 92 Main 
Larkin John (John Larkin & Co.), junk, 54 

Cambridge, house at Wakefield 
Larkin John & Co. (John Larkin), junk, 

54 Cambridge 
Larkin John H, house 176 Thorndike 
Larkin John J., clerk, 397 Cambridge, bds. 

at Somerville 
Larkin Lawrence, teamster, h. 8 Hastings 
Larkin Michael, cabinet maker, house 176 

Larkin Patrick, lab. . h. 3 Chestnut park 
Larkin Patrick, porter (100 High, B.), bds. 

21 Lee 
Larkin P.. machinist, 72 Main 
Larking S., boiler maker. 92 Main 
Larkins James J., boiler maker, 92 Main, 

house 20 Pioneer avenue 
Lamer Thomas F. M.. tea dealer (101 

State, B.). h. 52 Prospect 
Larose Maurice, brick mason, house Clif- 
ton, near Spruce 
Larsson Otto, wood- turner, 131 Broadway. 

boards 137 Main 
Larsson Victor, wood-turner, 131 Broad- 
way, house 137 Main 
Larthard William T., provisions, 103 Pros- 
pect, boards do. 
Lary Michael, baker. 1 Harvard square, h. 

31 Baldwin 
LaSalle William, broom maker, boards B. 

LeCroix's, Crescent av. 
Laskey George, brakeman, F. R. R., bds. 
7 Water 

Lathe Leonora F. Mrs., physician. 34 Aus- 
tin, house do. 
Lathrop Wm. L., cigars (218 Washington, 

B.), house 31 Franklin 
Latimer Jas. A., physician, 57 Otis, h. do. 
Latour John F., hairdresser, 182 North av. 

house, 42 Mt. Auburn 
Laughlin J. Laurence. Prof, of Political 
Economy. H. U., house 38 Concord av. 
Laughran Mary, widow of Michael, house 

70 Wright 
Laughran Michael AY., lab., b. 70 Wright 
Laundroch John, broom maker boards 75 

Laurie Charles, bookbinder (37 Franklin, 

B.), house 39 Erie 
Laurillard A. G. T., painter, B..& L. R.R., 

house at Lexington 
Lavais Ame, broom maker, b. 106 Spruce 
Lavais Felix, broom maker, b. 106 Spruce 
Lavais Paul, grocer, 106 Spruce, house do. 
Lavan Patrick, laborer, house 141 Elm 
Lavan Thomas, laborer, house 137 Elm 
Lavell Andrew Mrs., h. 8 Foster place 
Lavers Charles W. (7 Exchange place, B.), 

boards H. H. Lavers', Avon place 
Lavers Harris H., house Avon place 
Lavey John, painter, h. 135 Hampshire 
Lavin Bridget, wid. of Michael, bds. 9 Reed 
Lavoix Adalord. broom maker, house Cres- 
cent av. cor. Raymond 
Lavoix Felix, broom maker, boards A. Le- 

voix's, Crescent avenue 
Law Annie C. widow of Chas., h. 14 Eliot 
Law Elizabeth, widow of Thomas, house 

225 Broadway, room 1 
Law Emerson W., elk. Third District Court 
of Eastern Middlesex, City building, 
Brattle square, boards Philip Nutting's, 
Nutting place 
Law Frederick W., conductor Cambridge 

R. R. Co., boards 14 Eliot 
Law George A., action maker, 113 Broad- 
way, house 225 do., room 1 
Lawback Isaac, tinsmith, boards Hotel Cam- 
bridge, Otis 
Lawler Bridget Mrs., h. 37 Harvey 
Lawler J., moulder H. M. Bird, Pelham 
Lawless Anastatia, widow of John, house 

17 Sparks street place 
Lawless John, laborer, house 7 Water 
Lawlor Patrick, laborer, h. 7 Baldwin ct. 
Lawrence Adolph, locksmith, house 269 

Putnam avenue 
Lawrence Betsey L. Miss, house 53 Fifth 
Lawrence Charles, produce (6 New F. H. 

market, B.), house 55 Cambridge 
Lawrence Charles F., clerk, 69 Norfolk, 

house 67 do. 
Lawrence Dolly D., widow of James K., 

house 29 Second 
Lawrence Edward, elk., bds. oo Cambridge 
Lawrence F. Walter, machinist, boards 
177 Main 



H. Wm. Tupoer. Manager. 




Lawrence Geo. A., painter, h. 210 Camb. 

Lawrence Geo. B., bookkeeper (292 Com- 
mercial, 13.), house 10 Perry 

Lawrence George H., produce, (106 F. H. 
market B.), house 6 Maple avenue 

Lawrence George P., lawyer (28 Pember- 
ton square, B.), house 12 Mason 

Lawrence Henry W., gas fitter, h. 74 School 

Lawrence Herbert T. (L. G. Burnham & 
Co.), wood and coal, 221 Bridge, house 
18 Prospect 

Lawrence John, clergyman, boards 17 
Charles River 

Lawrence John P. , poultry (48 F. H. mar- 
ket, B.), house 407 Broadway 

Lawrence L. driver Cambridge R. R. 

Lawrence Obed P., foreman 15 Blanche, 
boards 32 Western avenue 

Lawrence Oscar, action maker, 162 Broad- 
way, house 229 do. 

Laws Albert, laborer, bds. 173 Tremont 

Laws Charles H., house 18 Western av. 

Laws Elizabeth A., widow of William, h. 
18 Western avenue 

Lawson Andrew J., journalist (275 Wash- 
ington, B.), house 198 Putnam avenue 

Lawson Charles, cabinet maker, house 93 

Lawson Chas., cabinetmaker, h. 2 Jefferson 

Lawson Charles E. W., mason, h. 19 Cherry 

Lawson Francis C, house 91 Fifth 

Lawson Frederick, cabinet maker. 44 Cam- 
bridge, house 16 Harvard 

Lawson Georgiana Miss, h. r. 37 Columbia 

Lawson John, compositor, boards 121 
Western avenue 

Lawson Rebecca, wid. , h. 38 Washington 

Lawson , wood turner, boards 165 


Lawton John, hack driver, 43 Cambridge, 
boards 1 Fifth 

Lawton Joseph H., coppersmith, b. 1 Fifth 

Lawton L. W., student H. U., boards 23 

Lawton Margaret, wid. of John, h. 1 Fifth 

Lawton Martha B. Miss, house 46 Market 

Lawton William F., student H. U., boards 
23 Trowbridge 

Lazzaro George, elk. (12 Court sq. B.), h. 
9l£ Inman 

Leach Francis H., carpenter, house 85 Con- 
cord avenue 

LEACH HOSE V W., mason, con- 
tractor and builder, 146 Washington 
and (7 Oliver, B.), house do. 

Leach James, baker, house 3 Somerset 

Leach Johnson, engineer (87 Court, B.), 
house 1 Church place 

Leach Mary A., widow of William S., h. 
7 Lambert avenue 

Leach William H., carpenter, 373 Main, h. 
1 Saville, corner Appleton 

Leahan Jeremiah, laborer, h. 23 Hayes ct. 

Leahey Thomas, bricklayer, h. 4 Antrim 

Leahy David, laborer, house 160 Thorn- 
Leahy Dennis, laborer, boards 108 Kinnaird 
Leahy James, mason, h. 114 Hampshire 
Leahy James, moulder, h. 193 Broadway 
Leahy John, laborer, house 85 Spruce 
Leahy Michael, teamster, 13 Broadway 
Leahy Thomas, laborer, house 57 North 
Leake Christopher, carpenter, house 11 

Fairmont avenue 
Leake Currie A., dentist, 623 Main, boards 

11 Fairmont ave. 
Lealand Caroline C, widow of Charles, h. 

86 Winsor 
Lealand Charles H., clerk, 168 Main, bds. 

86 Winsor 
Leaman Oliver, clerk, 3 Brattle, rooms at 

Lean John, currier, boards 7 Reed 
Lean Jonn, currier, boards 7 Reed 
Learned Clarence E., clerk, h. 98 Winsor 
Learned Frank W. P., coal and wood, 24 

Cambridge, h. at Somerville 
Learned Fred., teamster (B.), boards 95 

Learned Josiah, box maker, 5 Hampshire 
Learned Phebe, widow of Grant, boards 9 

Learned, see Leonard 

Leary Cornelius T., printer University 
Press, house 13 Banks [Gore 

Leary Dennis, teamster, 84 Bridge, h. 24 
Leary Edward, tailor, bds. 80 Kinnaird 
Leary Ellen, widow of Michael, house 14 

Leary Humphrey, laborer, house 32 North 
Leary James, polisher F. Geldowsky, h, 

30 Spring 
Leary John, bookbinder, house 19 Hewes 
Leary John, hostler, boards 15 Warren 
Leary John, tailor, 457 Main, house 24 Har- 
Leary John, printer, house 31 Harvard 
Leary John F., varnisher, 203 Bridge, h. at 

Leary Louis R., printer, boards 31 Harvard 
Leary Michael, confectioner, h. 31 Baldwin 
Leary Michael, driver Cambridge R. R. Co. 
Leary Michael, laborer, bds. 24 Harrison 
Leary Nellie Miss, dressmaker, house 196 

Leary Patrick, laborer, house 16 North 
Leary Patrick, watchman, h. 80 Kinnaird 
Leary Thomas, moulder H. M. Bird, Pel- 
ham, boards 31 Harvard 
Leary Timothy, teamster, h. 88 Thorndike 
Leary, see O'Leary and Lary 
Least Walter, plasterer, 610 Main 
Leathe Malinda E. Miss, house 5 State 
Leaver Sarah K., widow of Oliver H., h. 

106 Thorndike 
Leavitt Allen Mrs., house 151 Austin 
Leavitt Caroline A., widow of Ebenezer, 
boards 67 Third 






Leavitt Charles E., clerk, bds. 31 Hudson 

Leavitt Cliarles H., clerk (26 Summer, 
B.). boards 92 Auburn 

Leavitt Edwin G., confectioner, 7 Prospect, 
boards 85 Western are. 

Leavitt Erasmus D., house 11 Warland 

Leavitt Erasmus D. jr.. mechanical engi- 
neer, 604 Main, house 127 Magazine 

Leavitt Fred H., (Brock & Leavitt), cigars, 
etc.. 436 Harvard, bds 16. Hilliard 

Leavitt George E., hack driver, boards 85 
Western avenue 

Leavitt George R. Rev., pastor Pilgrim 
church, house 9 Warland 

Leavitt Hart H., hats, caps, etc. (91 Court, 
B.). house 776 Main 

Leavitt Henry F. (Henry F. Leavitt & Co.), 
provisions, 432 Cambridge, house at 

Leavitt Henry F. & Co. (Henry F. Leavitt 
and Louis O. Caty), provisions, 432 
Cambridge [6 Clark 

Leavitt Henry T., groceries, 361 Main. h. 

Leavitt Herbert C\. bonnet frame stamper, 
boards 85 Western avenue 

Leavitt Ira H., clerk N. A. Oyster Co. (F. 
H. market, B.), house 5 Franklin 

Leavitt Joseph A., stationery salesman, h. 
85 Western avenue 

Leavitt William, carpenter (146 Mt. Ver- 
non, B.), house 16 Fayette 

Leavitt William H., brass "finisher (53 Sud- 
bury, B.), house 110 Hampshire 

Leavitt William J. 1)., music teacher (433 
Washington, room 16, B.), h. 16 

Leavitt, see Levit 

Lebert David, baker. 163 Bridge, h. do. 

LeCain George W., packer, 502 Main, h. 
32 Green 

BANK, 60 Cambridge, George A. 

Lloyd, cashier 
LeClair Charles, safe maker, 17 Main 
Le Croix Basil, broom maker, h. Crescent 

avenue corner Raymond 
Leddy Hannah M. . widow of John, house 8 

Leddy James, engineer, house Distillhouse, 

next Somerville line 
Leddy Thomas F., Avood carver, boards 8 

Lee Edward T., student H. U., rooms 106 

LeeElbrenL.. clerk (B.), b. 11 Gardner 
Lee Eliza, widow of Wallace, h. 33 Hast- 
Lee Isaac J., boards 31 Howard 
Lee James H., fish dealer, h. 11 Gardner 
Lee James L., carpenter, 113 Broadway, 

house 47 Brookline 
Lee John A., laborer, bds. 138 Hampshire 
Lee John H., brass finisher, b. 57 Portland 
Lee Michael, stone cutter, house 193 Broad- 

Lee Nathaniel H., porter, house 31 Howard 

Lee Rebecca, widow, house 25 Bow 

Lee Richard, moulder, 356 Main 

Lee Richard T., blacksmith, h. 57 Portland 

Lee Richard T. jr., moulder, b. 57 Portland 

Lee Sam, laundry. 69 Cambridge, h. do. 

Lee Samuel H., machinist, Osborn, corner 

Main, house at Boston 
Lee Web., liquors, 249 Mt. Auburn, h. do. 
Lee William Henry boards Hotel Cambridge, 

Leeds Daniel D., foreman of varnishers 

(1287 Washington, B.), h. 123 Franklin 
Leeds Edwin F., wool (161 Franklin, B.), 

house 123 Franklin 
Lees Robert, teamster, 169 Gore, bds. 134 

Leest Walter, plasterer, h. 1 Front st. ct. 
LeFave Joseph livery stable, 7 Frank, h. do. 
LeFrancis Charles, clerk, 599 Main, boards 

44 Bigelow [bds. 44 Bigelow 

LeFrancis Fred., clerk (85 Oliver B.), 
LeFrancis Peter, cigar manufacturer, 599 

Main, house 44 Bigelow 
LeFrancis True W., locksmith, house 76 

LeGalle Frank, box maker, 3 Hampshire 

rooms 45 Winsor 
LeGallee Chas. E., salesman, h. 94 Fourth 
Leger Antoine, farmer, h. 124 Spruce 
Leger Henry, farmer, h. foot of Clifton 
Legere Amos, ship carpenter, house 13 

Conlon court [Madison 

Legg Charles A., engineer H. U. house 30 
Legg Charles H., painter, house 21 Cottage 
Leggett John, carpenter, b. 28 Mt. Auburn 
LeGrand John L. B., tinsmith, h. 5 Som- 
erset [do. 
Legras Alphonso, baker, 177 Bridge, h. 
Legrow Andrew, cabinet maker, house 40 

Lehan Daniel W., polisher, (27 Sudbury, 

B.), house 61 Gore [41 do. 

Lehan Dennis H., horseshoer, 19 Gore h. 
Lehan Jeremiah, laborer, 113 Broadway, h. 

23 Hayes court 
Lehay John, laborer, house 12 Warren 
Leighton Ellen N. , teacher Ganuet primary 

school, boards 150 Thorndike 
Leighton Jane, widow of John H., house 

22 Winter 
Leighton John, carpenter, house 9 Seventh 
Leighton Margaret M., teacher High school, 

house at Boston 
Leighton Thomas, conductor Cambridge 

R. R. Co., house 12 Fourth 
Leitch Isabella, w. of John, b. 30 Worcester 
Leitch James, laborer, house 12 Warren 
Leland , printer University Press, 

boards 19 Winthrop 
Leland Annie M. Miss, teacher Harvard 

grammar school, house at Somerville 
Leland Frederick, chair maker, (84 North, 

B.), bds. 31 Bigelow 


All kinds of HARDWARE GOODS at 
Lowest Prices. XO Dock Square. 



Leland James, foreman, 70 Norfolk, house 

20 Tremont 
Leland PittF., bookkeeper, 119 Columbia, 

boards 48 Market 
Leland see Lealand [81 Wash. 

Lemon Cornelia M., widow of Geo. H., b. 
Lemon John, chiropodist, 7 Watson, h. do. 
Lemon Lewis, picture frame maker, house 

7 Watson 
Lemon William, binder Riverside bindery, 

rooms 5 Prospect, house at Maldan 
Lemthol William H., cabinet maker, house 

60 Cambridge 

Lenfest Granville B., printer, 68 Cambridge 

house 60 Otis [50 Baldwin 

Lenfest Mary A., wid. of Solomon, house 

Lenfest Thomas H., music printer, (21 

School, B.), h. 40 AVestern a v. 
Lenfest Thomas H. jr., music printer, (21 

School, B.), bds. 40 Western avenue 
Lennon James E. (J. Lennon & Son), 

grocer, 145 Pearl, house 141 do. 
Lennon John, auctioneer and real estate, 
603 Main, and (J. Lennon & Son), 
grocer, 145 Pearl, house 141 do. 
Lennon J. & Son (John and James E. Len- 
non), groceries and provisions, 145 
Lenox Frederick, carpenter, h. 3 Lake 
Lenox John, laborer, bds. 95 Hampshire 
Lenox John M., letter collector (P. O., 

B.), house 95 Hampshire 
Lenox Wm., laborer, house Cushing opp. 

Lent George, expressman, bds. 32 Orchard 
Leonard Geo. A., salesman (377 Washing- 
ton, B.), house 94 Norfolk 
Leonard Geo. E., hack driver, b. 365 Main 
Leonard Geo. T., salesman (30 Summer, 
B.), boards 94 Norfolk [cester 

Leonard Georgianna F. Miss house 22 Wor- 
Leonard Henry W., wheelwright, 4 Cam- 
bridge, house at Somerville 
Leonard Hiram, hides and leather (98 High, 
B.), and produce (30 South Market, 
B.), house 139 Otis 
Leonard Hiram Samuel, clerk (98 High, 

B.), boards 139 Otis 
Leonard Joel Rev., pastor M. E. church, 

(Winchester), boards 139 Otis 
Leonard John, gardener, h. 126 Winsor 
Leonard L. L., widow, h. 82 Green 
Leonard Peter, safe maker, 17 Main 
Leonard Richard, Mrs., house 7 Banks 
Leonard Thomas, junk, 19 Gore, h. do. 
Leonard William, house 8 Third 
Leonard William A., boiler maker, 92 

Main, boards Ross House 
Leonard see Learned 

Lerned Benjamin, house rear 354 North av. 
Lerned Chas. W. mnfr. " Lerned Disinfec- 
tant," 358 North av., h. at Somerville 
Lerned Lucy Miss, h. 358 North avenue 
Lerned Rebecca R. Miss, h. 358 North av. 

Lerned Walter H., butter and eggs, house 

rear 319 North a v. 
Lerned, see Learned, also Leonard 
Lerner Frank, gardener, 11 Quincy, house 

14 Mount Auburn 
Lerner Fritz, tailor (B.), h. 20 Bay 
Lerner John, laborer, house 1 Banks 
Lerner Joseph, nurse, h. 12 Mt. Auburn 
Leslie Benjamin A., mariner, house 132 

Leslie Henry, carriage maker, bds. 88 Fifth 
Leslie John, laborer, house 88 Fifth 
Leslie T., conductor Cambridge R. R. 
Lester Moses W., money broker (99 Court, 

B.), h. 182 Lake View avenue 
Le'Sure Ansel P., boards 41 Walden 
Letsom Philip H., carpenter, h. 72 Winsor 
Leuchte Bernhard, 9 Boylston, house at 

West Somerville 
Leuchte Gustave, restaurant. 9 Boylston, h. 

at West Somerville 
Leurv John J., teamster, bds. 9 Willow 

yer (47 Devonshire, rooms 19 to 22, 

B.), house 5 Ellery 
Levin James F., importer (21 Bromfield, 

B.), h. 152 North av. 
Levin William E., clerk (21 Bromfield, B.), 

bds. 152 North av. 
Levit Morris, house 121 Spring 
Levit Nellie Miss, house 121 Spring 
Levit Rachel Mrs., groceries, 121 Spring 
Levit see Leavitt 

house do. 
Levy Aaron, clerk (28 Green, B.), boards 

479 Main 
Levy Abraham, clothing (28 Green, B.), 

house 479 Main 
Levy Hannah Mrs., groceries, 429 Main, 

house do. 
Lewando Amelie E. Miss, music teacher, 

b. 8 Ellery 
Lewando Anise A. Mrs., h. 8 Ellery 
Lewellvn Charles H., hostler Cambridge 

R. R., bds. 31 Jay 
Lewellvn Edward, teamster, 3 Hampshire 

h. at Somerville 
Lewin M. A. Mrs., h. 275 Harvard 
Lewis Abbie A. Miss, teacher Dana primary 

school, boards 14 Story 
Lewis Angeline H., widow of Daniel, house 

22 W T insor 
Lewis Ann, widow of Henry P. h. 14 Story 
Lewis Antone, laborer, 3 Hampshire 
Lewis Charles H., clerk B. & L. R. R. shop 

boards at Boston 
Lewis Charles J., general merchandise, h. 

48 Hamilton 
Lewis Charles S., supt. (518 Washington, 

B.). h. Highland avenue, 2d on right 

from Broadway 

LEWIS DAVID IV., Akron sewer 
pipe. Harvard, near G. J. R. R. and (80 
Water, B.), house at Hyde Park 




Lewis Edward R., bookkeeper 37 Clark, 

house 71 School 
Lewis Ella Mrs. h. rear 165 Broadway 
Lewis Ellen M. Miss, house 28 Ash 
Lewis Elmer L., carpenter, 3 River, boards 

115 Magazine 
Lewis Ensign L., tin-worker, 153 Putnam 

avenue, house 115 Magazine 
Lewis Erederick, brush finisher, h. 85 Vine 
Lewis Geo. W., porter, 444 Harvard, house 

21 South 
Lewis Henry C, furniture mover, 6£ Har- 
vard square, house 19 Grant 
Lewis Henry S., student, 25 River, boards 

286£ Broadway 
Lewis John, cabinet maker, 44 Cambridge 
Lewis John, varnisher, 162 Broadway, h. 

25 Sixth 
Lewis John E., carpenter, house 831 Main 
Lewis Levi J., hairdresser, h. 104 Harvard 
Lewis Margaret G., widow of Moses, house 

rear 19 Brewery 
Lewis Martha J. Mrs., dressmaker, 18 Park 
Lewis Mary A. Miss, teacher Boardman 

primary school, boards 16 Lincoln 
Lewis Mary E., widow, h. 286£ Broadway 
Lewis Warren N., hairdresser, 25 River, 

boards 286£ Broadway 
Lewis William H., clerk 123 Harvard, h. 

50 Clark 
Lewis William K., boards 764 Main 

Lewis , boards 9£ Suffolk 

Libbey E. Drummond (Wm. L. Libbey & 
Son), N. E. Glass Works, North, cor- 
ner Water, boards at Newton Centre 
Libbey Frank P., clerk N. E. Glass Works, 

boards at Bedford 
Libbey Frederick A., engineer, house 88 

L. and E. Drummond Libbey), props. 

N. E. Glass Works, North, c. Water 
Libby Tobias, teamster (60 Purchase, B.), 

house 90 Thorndike 
Liddy Thomas, printer (115 High, B.), h. 

5 Hamilton 
Lienhardt George, baker, 79 Cambridge, 

h. 116 Spring [Washington 

Liljegren Ludwig, upholsterer, boards 77 
Lilley Fred W., clerk F. R. R. freight 

depot (Charlestown), bds. 46 Fifth 
Lilley Margaret, widow, house rear 44 

Lilley Thomas, carriage smith, h. 46 Fifth 
Lincoln Alfred (Adams & Lincoln), dry 

goods, 98 Cambridge, boards 138 

Lincoln Charles A., carpenter McLean 

Asylum (Somerville), house 15 Fifth 
Lincoln Charles A. jr., carver, house 32 

Lincoln Charles S., com. mer. (201 Atlan- 
tic avenue, B.), house 58 Sidney 
Lincoln Charlotte, widow of Geo. E., house 

Oxford, corner Hammond 

Lincoln C. W., driver Cambridge R. R. 
Lincoln Edwin H., photographer, house 65 
Prospect [82 Green 

Lincoln Elizabeth, widow of Henry, house 
Lincoln Henry (P. O., B.), h. 1 Salem 
Lincoln John, carver, 44 Cambridge 
Lincoln John L., builder, house 21 Suffolk 
Lincoln John L., law student H. U., rooms 

20 Prescott 

Lincoln Joshua, clerk Riverside Press, h. 

30 Irving 
Lincoln Mary C, widow of Lendall, house 

21 Suffolk 

Lincoln Mary R., boards 21 Suffolk 
Lincoln Nathan, teacher of music Cambridge 

schools, house 18 Fayette 
Lincoln Nathan F., clerk (33 Commercial, 

B.), boards 18 Fayette 
Lincoln Nathan P., teamster, rooms 134 

Lincoln Richard H., piano maker Ivers & 

Pond Piano Co., Albany, h. at Dedham 
Lincoln Wm. F., box maker, h. r. 128 Gore 
Lincoln Wm. H., shipper, 169 Gore, boards 

15 Fifth 
Lind Andrew J., safe maker, 17 Main, h. 

62 Broadway 
Lind C, safe maker, 17 Main 
Lindahl Anders, tailor, house 2 Bristol 
Lindgren John A., safe maker, 17 Main, h. 

5 Rogers', block, Main 
Lindner Berthold, finisher, h. 65 Spring 
Lindquist Nelse, safe maker, 17 Main, h. 

5 Rogers' block, Washington 

LINDSEY P. AEL.EN, tailor (367 
Washington, B.), house 303 Broadway 
Lindsjo Nils, safe maker, 17 Main 
Linehan Cornelius, variety store, 199 Cam- 
Linehan Charles, contractor, h. 562 Camb. 

bridge, house 6 Buck's block 
Linfield Adrianna F., widow of Augustus, 

house 1 Garden 
Linfield F. F., conductor Cambridge R. R. 
Linnehan Charles, teamster, 256 Bridge, 

house at Somerville 
Linnehan Cornelius, teamster, 256 Bridge, 

house at Somerville 
Linnehan Daniel, laborer, house rear 44 

Linnehan Dennis, shoemaker, 544 Main, 

boards do. 
Linnehan John, stone cutter, h. r. 30 Gore 
Linnehan John, tailor, 589 Main, house 149 

Franklin [at Somerville 

Linnehan John, teamster, 256 Bridge, house 
Linnehan Mary, widow of Daniel, house r. 

44 Washington 
Linnehan Thomas, machinist, boards rear 

44 Washington 
Linnell Calvin N., machinist, 72 Main, h. 

107 Elm 
Linnell Mary, widow of William, house 

383 Cambridge 
Linney Albert, cabinet maker, h. 110 Winsor 
Linskey John, laborer, h. 4 Jefferson 


rAbn DnUlntno, next beck hall, 

H. "Win. Tupper, 3Xiviiagcx', 




Linskey Patrick, laborer, h. 8 Jefferson 
Linton Charles E., draughtsman, boards 53 

Winsor [Winsor 

Linton James, foreman, 17 Main, house 53 
Lippincott Sarah E., widow, house 148 

Mt. Auburn 

Liscomb , cabinet maker, h. 143 Main 

Liskey Melbourn J., carpenter, h. 130 Green 
Lister Robert N., dental student, 15 Brattle, 

house at Allston 
Litch Albert, boards 11 Jay 
Litchfield Allen J., clerk (103 Devonshire, 

B.), boards 17 Green 
Litchfield Benj, C, plumber, h. 499 Main 
Litchfield George W. B., porter Riverside 

Press, house 87 Putnam avenue 
Litchfield Harry, gilder, 70 Camb., h. do. 
Litchfield Horace D., undertaker, 477 and 

48S Main, boards 488 do. 
Litchfield Judson, undertaker, 477 and 488 

Main, house 17 Green 
Litchfield Lawrence, sheet metal worker, 

73 Main, house Bristol 
Litchfield Otis V., regulator, 162 Broadway, 

house 108 Prospect 
Litchfield Roland, undertaker, 477 Main, 

house 488 do. 
Litchfield Roland jr., purser, h. 575£ Main 
Little, Brown & Co. (Augustus Flagg, John 

Bartlett, Thomas W. Deland, John M. 

Brown and George Flagg), bookbind- 

ery, Blackstone 
Little Catherine, widow, house 80£ Green 
Little David, laborer, h. 26 Brewery 
Little Frank W., confectionery, house 1 

Central place 
Little John, special police Public Library, 

639 Main, house 117 Green 
Little Richard G., vocalist, house 40 Ply- 
mouth [24 Somerset 
Little Stephen, confectioner, 503 Main, bds. 
Littlefield Adoniram J., salesman, 147 

North avenue, house 12 White 
Littlefield Dependence S., hammer coverer, 

330 Main, house 465 do. 
Littlefield Elmer H., foreman, River St., 

car stable, 6 Cambridge R. R. h. 134 

Littlefield George A., machinist (118 Merri- 

mac B.), h. 117 Winsor 
Littlefield George T., cutter (28 Summer, 

B.), house 12 Mellen 
Littlefield John Sherman, collector, bds. 1 

Littlefield Junius W., driver Cambridge R. 

R. Co., h. 347 Cambridge 
Littlefield Lydia, widow of Solomon, h. 64 

Littlefield Fred A., bookkeeper (494 Wash- 
ington, B.), boards 5 Gerry 
Littlefield Nathan C, janitor Weld Hall, H. 

U. , house 10 Mellen 
Littlefield Sarah H., widow of Jacob, h. 

274 North avenue 

Littlefield Walter F., clerk (18 P. O. sq. r 

B.), boards 10 Mellen 
Littlehales Benjamin, in Cambridge Rolling 

Mill, house Lilac ct 
Livermore Charles C, secretary (131 Dev- 
onshire, B.), boards 2 Dana 
Livermore Frederick O., piano-action 

maker 139 Broadway, b. 36 Essex 
Livermore George Mrs., house 1 Dana 
Livermore Henry J. student, b. 24 North av 
Livermore John, house 287 Harvard 
Livermore Joseph P., h. 11 Everett 
Livermore Leonard J. Rev., pastor Uni- 
tarian church (Danvers), h. 24 North av 
Livermore Oliver W., house 36 Essex 
Livermore Warren J., officer House of 

Correction, boards do 
Livesey Frank B., bookkeeper (91 Clinton, 

B.), house 7 Rice 
Livingston Kate widow of Archibald, house 

rear 131 Thorndike 
Livingston Frank S., baker, b. 104 Norfolk 
Livingston George, brushmaker, 124 Har- 
vard, h. at Maiden 
Livingston Henry, agent, house 7 Ninth 
Livingston Lucy, widow of Benjamin F., 

house 104 Norfolk 
Livingston William D., box maker, 3 Ham- 
pshire, house 97 Washington 
Llewellyn C. H., hostler Cambridge R.R. Co 
Lloyd George, carpenter, h, 155 Spring 

LLOYD GEORGE A., cashier, 
Lechmere National Bank, Cambridge 

cor. Second, b. at Arlington 
Lloyd Thomas, teamster, 172 Pearl, house 

11 Hamilton 
Lloyd William E., teller Cambridge Nat'l 

Bank. 87 Cambridge, b. at Arlington 
Loan Alexander, soap maker, boards 209 

Loan John James, soft soap maker, 209 

Columbia, house do 
Loch Martin, butcher Miiller Bros. 
Loch Mathias, butcher, Miiller Bros., h. 

25 Harvey 
Locke Almira D., widow of Stephen, h. 

9 Dover 
Locke Charles A., leather (224 Congress, 

B.), house 17 Clinton 

LOCKE DAVIS, manager Porter's 
Hotel, 185 North avenue, boards do. 
Locke Edgar H., provisions, 226 North av., 

house 293 do. 
Locke Edwin A., pianist, h. 5 Rogers' blk. 

Locke Evelyn J., Miss, teacher Shepard 

grammar school, b. 281 North avenue 
Locke E. J. Mrs., house 281 North avenue 

LOCKE FRANCIS, proprietor Por- 
ter's Hotel, 185 North avenue, h. do. 
Locke Frank, salesman (93 High, B.), b. 

rear 8 Perry 
Locke Frank H., bds. Porter's Hotel 


.P. O'BRIEN & SON, 820 Main and 89 Sparks Streets 




Locke Fred J., sec. Prusha Rubber Clothing 

Co., (133 Summer, B.), h. 84 Buck- 
Locke Geo. H. clerk (Lowell depot B.), 

bds. 6 Rice 
Locke Henry A., clerk (31 High, B.), bds. 

rear 8 Perry 
Locke Horatio, provisions (42 and 44 F. H. 

market. B.), house 285 North avenue 
Locke H. Austin, clerk (42 F. H. market. 

B.), house 14 Dover 
Locke Irene E. Miss, h. Avon hill near 

Locke James B., moulder, Russ moulding 

Co.. First, b. 1 Leverett av., Boston 
Locke John, salesman (39 High, B.), h. 16 

Locke John T.. bookkeeper, 610 Main, h. 

rear 8 Perry 
Locke Warren A., music teacher, H. U. h. 

10 Putnam avenue 
Lockett Jacob L., butler, h. 1 Mchols pi. 
Lockhart Albert E., undertaker, 203 Bridge, 

house 61 Otis 
Lockhart Charles H.. undertaker, 203 

Bridge, house 207 do. 
Lockhart David, coffin maker, 203 Bridge, 

house 137 Cambridge 
Lockhart George, carpenter, h. 16 Sidney 
Lockhart George A., at 203 Bridge, house 

150 Cambridge 
Lockhart "Win. A., mechanic, 203 Bridge, 

bds. at Somerville 

dertaker and mnfr. of coffins, caskets, 

etc.. wholesale and retail, 191 to 203 

Bridge, house at Belmont 
Locklin Hannah L., widow of Edward, 

milliner. 208 Pearl, house do. 
Locklin Mary Miss, house 60 Boylston 
Locklin Rebecca Mrs., house 18 Brown 
Lockwood Leverett L., engineer Riverside 

Press, house 12 Blackstone 
Lockwood Ruth A. wid. of William, h. 186 

Loeffler Jacob F., shade painter. Blanche, 

house 26 Walnut court 
Lof strom Andrew, supt., 44 Cambridge, h. 

93 Thorndike 
Loft Edwin, cabinet maker 602 Main, h. 3 

Loft William, telephone lineman, 623 Main, 

h. 9 Rogers' blk. Main 
Logan David J., laborer, boards 156 Pe^rl 
Logan Jeanette. wid. of Jas., h. 156 Pearl 
Loges Carl, fresco painter, (West B.), h. 

20 Hubbard ave. 
Logwood Thomas G., supt., (518 Wash, 

B.), house 17 Story 
Lombard Eugene J., baker, h. 240 Frank- 
Lombard Frank A., clerk (404 Atlantic av., 

B.), bds. 11 Gardner 
Lombard Hannah M.. widow of Charles 

E., boards 19 Wallace 

book, card and job printer. 636 and 642 
Main, house 3 Lamson place 
Lombard James M. , laborer, h. 35 Banks 
Lombard John, clerk, 649 Main, house 21 

chanical engineer and patent solicitor 
(40 State, B.), h. 125 Prospect 
Lombard Richard P., lather, house 71 

LOJIBARH S. J., grocer, 649 
Main, house 21 Essex 
Londregan John, glassmaker. h. 42 Gore 
Lonergan David, grocer, 162 Dublin, h. do. 
Lonergan David E., laborer, b. 97 Spruce 
Lonergan Michael J., hostler. Cambridge 

R. R., boards 88 Mt. Auburn 
Lonergan Thomas. farmer, house. 97 Spruce 
LongAbielE.. janitor Shepard and Wy- 
mau schools, and sexton North Cam- 
bridge Baptist Church, also furniture, 
197 Xorth avenue, h. 10 Rice 
Long Andrew, glass maker. X. E. Glass 

Works, house 27 Winter 
Long A., machinist. 72 Main 
Long Daniel, foreman of finishers (48 

Canal. B.). house 19 Perry 
Long David, glass maker, house 32 Vine 
Long Dennis, glass blower, bds. 13 Vine 
Long Gilbert, driver, house 31 Winthrop 
Long Jeremiah, lithographer, house rear 

261 Franklin 
Long John, grocer, 49 Gore, house do. 
Long John, teamster, boards 13 Vine 
Long John, teamster, 115 Bridge, boards at 

Long John H.. carpenter, h. r. 507 Main 

LONG JOHN J., plumber, 99 
Cambridge, house 112 Gore [Main 

Long L. Mortimer, carpenter, b. r. 507 

Long Richard, bacon curer, rear 365 Cam- 
bridge, house at Somerville 

Long Sam. laundry. 170 Hampshire, h. do. 

Long Sarah Mrs., house 10 Rice 

Long William H.. clerk. Revere Sugar Re- 
finery. Water, boards 27 Winter 

Long William J., carpet upholsterer (450 
Washington, B.). house 10 Sidney 

Longfellow Charles A., house 105 Brattle 

Longfellow Ernest W.. artist, h. 108 Brat- 

Longfellow Samuel Rev., h. 105 Brattle 

Longfield Joseph, grocer, 93 Spruce, h. do. 

Longley Benj. A., painter, 6 Dougla 
at Somerville 

Longshaw Margaret, widow of William, h. 
78 Otis [av. 

Loomer John C carpenter, h. 9 Lambert 

Loomis Ann Eliza, widow of Gustavus H., 
house 19 Erie 

Loomis Carroll S.. com. mer., h. 19 Erie 

Loomis Ernest G.. clerk (26 Exchange pi., 
B.), bds. 151 Austin 


Established 1860. 20 DOCK SQUARE. 



Loorais George H., boards 24 Inman 
Loomis Winfred S., 105 Magazine, h. 6 

Looney Daniel, laborer, house 5 McCabe 
Looney Jeremiah, lab. bds. 198 Cambridge 
Looney John, laborer, bds. 198 Cambridge 
Looney John, h. 105 Elm 
Looney John F.. bookbinder Riverside 

Press, boards 101 Pearl 
Looney Michael, laborer, house 101 Pearl 
Lopez Albert P., carpenter, h. 97 River 
Lord Augustus M., student II. U., rooms 

766 Main 
Lord Clara L., widow of Chas., h. 15 Avon 
Lord E., driver Cambridge R. R. 
Lord Henry C, clerk (107 Washington, 

B.), house 37 Erie 
Lord Millard F., salesman (Washington, 

B.), boards 214 Harvard 
Lord Napoleon, hack driver (B.), house 40 

Holyoke [765 Main 

Lord Theresa M., wid. of Daniel, house 
Lord William W., clerk, 521 Main, boards 

Prospect House [39 Winter 

Lorden Margaret, widow of Daniel, house 
Lorentzen L., turner, 162 Broadway, b. 163 

Lorigan Thomas, laborer John Reardon & 

Sons, house 275 Putnam avenue 
Loring Frank, tuner, 162 Broadway, h. r. 

15 Antrim 
Loring Hannah R. Mrs., widow of Abram 

M.. -Movement Cure," h. 427 Broad- 
Loring Harriet E. Mrs., h. rear 15 Antrim 
Loring Joann, widow of John S., house 12 

Loring Ruthelver W. Miss, dressmaker, 83 

Auburn, house do. 
Loring Thomas A., machine hand, 162 

Broadway, h. rear 15 Antrim 
Loring Wm. H., clerk (55 Hanover, B.), 

house rear 15 Antrim 
Lorsson Andrew, safe maker, 17 Main 
Loth Richard O., carver. 44 Cambridge 
Lothrop A. A., spring winder, 368 Main, 

house at Bostou 
Lothrop Cummings L., clerk, boards 37 

Lothrop George B., locksmith (370 Atlan- 
tic avenue, B.), house 37 Blackstone 
Lothrop George B. jr., locksmith, (118 

Washington, B.), b. 37 Blackstone 
Lothrop Mehitable, wid. of James, h. 86 

Lotz Christopher, laborer, h. 125 Gore 
Lotz Edward H., bookkeeper (442 Wash- 
ington, B.), boards 125 Gore 
Loughrey Ann, widow of William, house 1 

Loughrey avenue 
Loughrey John, (Robson & Loughrey), 
• printers' tools, 112 Charles, house 144 

Louie Christian, varnisher, 162 Broadway, 

house 99 Sixth 

Lovejoy Chas. F., bookkeeper (261 Water, 
B.), house 5G Hamilton 

Lovejoy Chas. J., salesman (98 Washing- 
ton, B.), bds. 56 Hamilton 

Lovejoy Virgil S., teamster, 243 Broadway, 
house 14 Warren 

Lovelace Chas. W., carpenter, h. 365 Main 

Lovelace Warren, action maker, 113 
Broadway, house at Boston 

Loveland Horace X., treas. Dover Stamp- 
ing Co., 153 Putnam avenue and (90 
North, B.), house 305 Broadway 

Lovelett Fred, polisher Geldowsky Furni- 
ture Mnfy. house 8 Eighth 

Lovell Andrew J., grocer, 154 North av., 
and (62 and 64 Cambridge, B.), house 
14 Forest 

Lovell Fred W., clerk, 154 North avenue 
bds. 11 Forest 

Loveland Walter N., flsh and oysters. 8 In- 
man square, h. at Somerville 

Lovering James W., supt., Bit Auburn 
cemetery, house 228 Brattle 

Lovering Joseph, Hollis Prof, of Mathe- 
matics and Natural Philosophy, H. U"., 
house 38 Kirkland [waite 

Lovett Catherine, widow, h. 35 Cowpertb- 

Lovett Charles H., clerk, 124 Cambridge, 
boards Hotel Cambridge 

Lovett James F., baker, Memorial Hall, 
house 35 Cowperthwaite 

Lovett John, baker, 1 Harvard sq., house 
97 Banks 

Lovett John, laborer, house 8 Beaver 

Lovett Joseph I. Mrs., house rear 13 

Lovett Mary, wid. of Michael, h. 23 Flagg 

Lovett Michael, lab., h. 1 Cowperthwaite 

Loveys Thomas S., upholsterer (450 Wash- 
ington, B.), h. 32 Fairmont 

Low Fred. C, photographer, 27 Central 
square, house at Somerville 

Low George W., clerk (38 Kilby, B.), 
house 65 Oxford 

LOW HORACE G., dry and fancy 
goods, 460 Harvard, rooms 54 Trow- 

Low Joseph H., clerk (42 Chardon, B.), 
boards 65 Oxford 

Low Joseph W., leather mnfr., Dudley, cor. 
Reed, h. at Boston Highlands 

Low L. Fred, wood engraver (B.), bds. Go 

Lowe Chas. H., com. trav. (59 Kilby, B.), 
boards 74 Prospect 

Lowe C. H., woodworker, Rhoades build- 
ing, State 

Lowe Fred M., med. student, b. 26 Mead 

Lowe George Wm., salesman (5 Union, B.), 
house 58 Pleasant 

Lowe John, carpenter, 76 Prospect, h. do. 

Lowe Mary A. Mrs., house 42 North av. 

Lowe R. Thomas, painter, 3 River, house 
rear 65 Western avenue 




Lowe Sarah C, widow of Francis, house 

74 Prospect 
Lowell Alfred E., clerk (33 North, B.), 

house 108 Thorndike 
Lowell Annie B., music teacher, hoards 9 

Lowell Ellen E., asst. librarian Public Li- 
brary, bds. 9 Donglass 
Lowell Frederick H., apothecary, 439 Main, 

house do. 
Lowell James Russell, minister to England, 

house Elmwood avenue 
Lowell Kate M. Miss, ^teacher Willard 

primary school, boards 9 Douglass 
Lowell Wm. O., blacksmith, h. 96 Sixth 
Lowney Dennis, glassmaker, b. 47 Winter 
Lovney Morris, laborer, house 47 Winter 
Lowrv George W., foreman glass works, h. 

114 Thorndike 
Lowrv Michael, in Cambridge Rolling 

Mill, h. Rolling Mill block, Bristol 
Luce Samuel H., painter, h. 55 Moore 
Lucey Thomas, grocer, 199 Norfolk, h. do. 
Lucy Anthony, stereotyper (22 Milk, B.), 

house 7 Lawrence 
Lucy Charles C, hairdresser, 265 Cam- 
bridge, h. do. 
Lucy Isabella, widow of Robert, house 7 

Lucy James, shoemaker, 402 Howard, b. do. 
Lucy Thomas H., police station 1, house 

122 Auburn 
Lucy Timothy, teamster, 168 Main, house 

32 Harvard 
Luddy James G., brush 'maker (96 High, 

B.). house 38 Winter 
Luddy M., tinsmith, 502 Main 
Luddy Owen, grocer, 89 Fifth, house do. 
Ludemann J. Conrad, baker, 359 Main, 

house 4 Moore 
Ludgate Wm. B., porter, h. 74 Winsor 
Lndgate Wm. G., clerk (88 Franklin, B.), 

boards 74 Winsor 
Ludwith Bernard H., varnisher, 162 Broad- 
way [r. 81 Oxford 
Lufkin Charles A., driver. 25 Chauncy, b. 
Luke Elijah H. (E. H. Luke & Son), hay 

and grain, 71 Main, h. 15 Maple av. 
Luke Eugene R. (E. H. Luke & Son), hay 

and grain, 71 Main, b. 15 Maple av. 
Luke E. H. & Son (Elijah H. and Eugene 

R. Luke), hay and grain, 71 and 73 

Luke Jacob P., wood moulder, bds. 105 

In man 
Luke James, boards 65 Clark 
Luke Lauretta J., wid. of Wm. H., house 

Go Clark 
Luke Walter J., clerk (103 Pearl, B.), 

boards 15 Maple avenue 
Lull Frank H., music printer (451 Wash- 
ington, B.), bds. 36 Austin 
Lull Frederick A., real estate agent and 

auctioneer, 447£ Main, h. 36 Austin 

Lum Margaret, widow of Isaac, honse 165 

Luna Maximillian, cabinet maker F. G. F. 

Co., house Berkshire, n. Bristol 
Luna Joseph P., hairdresser, 3 Prospeet, 

house 3 Rowe's court 
Lund Jane Mrs., groceries, 16 Eighth, h. 

163 Otis 
Lund Louis, engineer, house 163 Otis 
Lundergan John, glass presser, h. 42 Gore 
Lundergan Margaret, widow of James, 

house 27 Winter 
Lundergan Michael, currier, h. 163 Dublin 
Lundgren August, safemaker, 17 Main, bds. 

1 Washington 
Lundgren John, safe maker, 17 Main 
Lundgren Oscar, boiler maker, 356 Main, 

bds. 57 Portland 
Lundgren Stephen P., cabinet maker Ivers 

& Pond Piano Co., Albany house 57 

Lundin Carl A. R., telescope maker Alvan 

Clark & Sons, Henry, house 259 Put- 
nam avenue 
Lundstrom Andrew, blacksmith, 17 Main, 

h. 12 Hastings 
Lunitz Bernhard, engineer. 105 Magazine, 

h. 12 Tufts 
Lunitz Charles, compositor, h. 7 Daye ct. 
Lunitz Gustav., bookbinder (51 Chardon, 

B.), house 24 Walnut court 
Lunt Alphonso M., postal clerk B. & L. 

R. R., house 92 Otis 
Lunt Benjamin F., Mrs. h. 155 Brookline 
Lunt Wm. Parsons, publisher and book- 
seller (1 Hamilton place, B.), h. 18 

Lunt William P. (Lunt & Hardy) , provis- 
ions, Inman sq., h. at Somerville 
Lunt W. P. jr., clerk (71 Commercial, B.), 

bds. 18 Appian way 
Lunt & Hardy (W. P. Lunt and H. J. 

Hardy), provisions, Inman square, c. 

Inman & Hampshire 
Luscombe Richard H.,' chemical works, 

Sixth, h. 1 State 
Lusk Bridget M. Miss, house 11 Laurell 
Lusk John, laborer, bds. 21 McCabe 
Lusk John, laborer, house 24 Warren 
Luth John, lager beer, 153 Spring, h do. 
Luther Henry R., machinist, 356 Main, b. 

10 Village 
Luther Thomas H. (Joy & Luther), carpen- 
ter, River, junction Western avenue, 

h. 10 Village 
Lutz Frederick, tutor, H. IT., rooms 19 

Little's block 
Lutz George, cabinet maker Ivers & Pond, 

Piano Co., Albany, h. 78 Chestnut 
Lutz William, Ivers & Pond Piano Co., b. 

9 Green 
Lyced James, laborer, h. 137 Webster av. 
Lycett Sam'l, coachman, 145 Brattle, h. 25 


PACH BROTHERS, next beck hall, 

H. Wm. Tupper, Manager, 




Lycette John J., printer University Press, 

li. 7 Charles River 
Lyceum Exchange Lyceum building, Har- 
vard sq. 
Lydiatt Thomas E., glazier, h. 53 Winsor 
Lydston William H., carpenter, house 98 

Lyford Geo. E., jeweler (207 Washington, 

B.), h. 9 Norris, 2d from North av. 
Lyman David, carpenter, 74 Boylston, h. 

64 Putnam av. 
Lyman William P., student, H. U., boards 

101 Brattle 
Lyman William P. Mrs., house 101 Brattle 
Lynagh Richard, furniture, 441 Cambridge 

house 451 do. 
Lynam Matthew, mat maker, house 208 

North av. 
Lynch Bridget, widow, h. r. 117 Pleasant 
Lynch Cornelius, tailor, h. 34 Warren 
Lynch Edward, laborer, bds. 8 Davis 
Lynch Edward, teamster, house 55 Cedar 
Lynch Ellen, wid. of Thos., h. 23 Andrew 
Lynch Hannah, grocer, 70 Harvard h. do. 
Lynch James, carpenter (B), h. r. 147 Gore 
Lynch James (James H. Lynch & Co.), 

plasterer, Lyceum Exchange, house 

39 Cowperthwaite 
Lynch James, boards 211 Cambridge 
Lynch James, in Rolling Mill, house Roll- 
ing Mill block, Bristol 
Lynch James H. (James H. Lynch & Co.), 

plasterer, Lyceum Exchange, boards 39 

Lynch James H. & Co. (James H. and 

James Lynch), plasterers, Lyceum Ex- 
Lynch James J., laborer boards 66 Harvard 
Lynch Jeremiah, 169 Gore, house 167 Otis 
Lynch Jeremiah, laborer, house 138 Elm 
Lynch John, coachman, h. r. 196 Green 
Lynch John, driver Cambridge R. R. 
Lynch John, laborer, house 64 Boylston 
Lynch John, laborer, 126 Portland, house 

Rolling Mill block, Bristol 
Lynch John, laborer, bds. r. 117 Pleasant 
Lynch John, laborer, 28 Bridge, h. 14 East 
Lynch John, net maker, h. 95 Third 
Lynch John, shade painter, 15 Blanche 
Lynch John F., pressman Riverside Press, 

h. 133 Pearl 
Lynch John F., laborer, b. 2 Harrison 
Lynch John J., cabinet maker, boards 95 

Lynch John, candy maker, bds. 66 Harvard 
Lynch John J., driver Cambridge R. R. 

Co., house 55 Cedar 
Lynch JohnL., hackman 198 North avenue 

b. Porter's Hotel 
Lynch Jos. A., laborer 23 Brattle, boards 

39 Cowperthwaite 
Lynch Julia, widow of Patrick, house 28 


Lynch Luly Miss, millinery, 209 Cambridge, 
bds. 211 do. 

Lynch Margaret, widow of Daniel, house 95 

Lynch Mary Mrs., house 211 Cambridge 

Lynch Mary B. , widow of Michael, house 
66 Harvard 

Lynch Michael, dry pressman Riverside 
Press, house 226 Franklin 

Lynch Michael J., machinist, house Berk- 
shire, near Bristol 

Lynch Patrick, laborer, bds. 301 Cambridge, 

Lynch Patrick, laborer, h. rear 63 Gore 

Lynch Richard, bacon curer, h. 24 Hayes ct. 

Lynch Richard, laborer, h. 16 East 

Lynch Stephen, baker, 502 Main, house 164 

Lynch Thomas, currier r. 370 North av., 
bds. 55 Cedar 

Lynch Thomas, laborer, bds. 8 Davis 

Lynch Thomas, laborer C. W. W., h. 254 

Lynch Thos. A., baker, bds. 66 Harvard 

Lynch Thomas H., printer University Press, 
boards 8 Eliot 

Lynch William, clock maker, boards rear 
117 Pleasant 

Lynch William, peddler, h. 195 Norfolk 

Lynch William, trunk maker (B.), house 
3 Ninth 

Lynch Wm. B., wood carver, 348 Main, h. 
170 Norfolk 

Lynch W. P., woodworker M. E. Rideout 
& Co., State 

Lynes Edward G.. collector, (238 Washing- 
ton, B.), house 23 Orchard 

Lynes Edward M., razor strop mnfr., (B.), 
boards 23 Orchard 

Lynes Michael, laborer, h. 335 Cambridge 

Lynes Raymond, letter carrier, North Cam- 
bridge P. O., bds. 23 Orchard 

Lynn Eliza, widow of David, tailoress, h, 
rear 382 Cambridge 

Lynn Eliza, widow, house 452 Cambridge 

Lynn John, teamster, h. 106 Webster av. 

Lyon Carl A., wood engraver, boards 27 

Lyon David G., Hollis Professor of The- 
ology H. U., house Lowell, cor. Brattle 

Lyon Frederick O., jeweler and watch- 
maker, boards 17 Blackstone 

Lyon George EL, billiards, Lyceum bldg. 
Harvard sq., house 147 Mt. Auburn 

Lyon Greenwood E., machinist, 72 Main, 
house at Somerville 

Lyon Hans W. C, printer Riverside Press, 
house 27 Blackstone 

Lyon James, action maker, 113 Broadway, 
boards 17 Antrim 

Lyon Mary D., wid. of Leonard, h. 36 Ash 

Lyon Peter B., house 17 Antrim 

Lyon Wm. L., gate keeper, front entrance 
Mt. Auburn cemetery, house 36 Ash 



Bought, Sold, and Cared for.' * » BRIEN 4* SONj 

8-0 Main and 

89 Sparks Sts. 



Lyons Archibald D., teamster, 206 Broad- 
way, house 51 Clark 
Lyons Daniel, laborer, h. 3 Linehan's ct. 
Lyons Dennis, laborer, h. 36 Warren 
Lyons Eliza, widow of Archibald M., bds. 

4 Eaton 
Lyons Henry, teamster, h. 103 "Webster av. 
Lyons John, farmer, Concord av., near 

Niles Bros., house do. 
Lyons John, laborer, house 8 Fourth 
Lyons John, teamster, 221 Bridge 
Lyons John P., watch case maker, boards 

rear 115 Pleasant 
Lyons J., moulder, H. M. Bird, Pelham, h. 

at Somerville 
Lyons Michael, engineer, house 9 Eighth 
Lyons Michael, laborer, bds. 34 Hampshire 
Lyons Michael, laborer Riverside Oil 

Works, house 151 Otis 
Lyons Peter, teamster, house 72 Harvard 
Lyons William, laborer, h. r. 115 Pleasant 
Lyons William, laborer, house 50 Portland 

MABRY WILLIS, action maker, 113 
Broadway, bds 113 Hampshire 

Macaig David W., tailor, (89 Court, B.), h. 
6 Mead 

Macaulay Auley, harness maker, 448 Main, 
house 63k Western avenue 

Macauley David, safe maker, boards 165 

Macauley Edgar G., clerk, 28 Central sq., 
boards 65 Western avenue 

Macconnell Mary W., widow of Hugh, h. 
125 Pleasant 

Macdonald Edgar H., clerk, 503 Main, bds. 
4 William 

Macdonald Edmund J., bookbinder (51 
Chardon, B.), boards 826 Main 

Macdonald Edward, clerk (450 Washington, 
B.), boards 4 Wiiham 

Macdonald William, bookbinder (51 Char- 
don, B.), house 20 North avenue 

Macdonald, see McDonald 

Macdormand Emma Miss, variety store, 417 
Cambridge, house at Somerville 

Mace Ben. E., packer, 368 Main 

Mace Charlotte P., widow of Horace F., 
house 34 Warland 

Mace Eveline T. Mrs., house 17 Lopez 

Mace Horace F., chief clerk (53 State, B.), 
house 34 Warland 

Mace Junius B., machinist, h. 17 Lopez 

MacGill James D., printer Riverside Press, 
house 45 Blackstone 

MacGregor C. C. Mrs., h. 29 Jay 

MacGregor see McGregor 

Maciel Antoine V., hairdresser, 197 Cam- 
bridge, house do. 

Maciel John V., hairdresser, 392 Cam- 
bridge, house 197 do. 

Mack Andrew, teamster, bds. 4 Potter 

Mack Ellen, wid. of Michael, h. 22 Sparks 

Mack Harry W., law student H. U., rooms 
20 Prescott 

Mack John, driver, Camb. R.R.b. 22 Sparks 
Mack Margaret, widow of Garrett, house 

9 Maynard place 
Mack Mary E. Miss, nurse, b. 54 Austin 
Mack Michael, laborer, h. 154 Third 
Mack Patrick, net maker, bds. 154 Third 
MacKay David, brickmaker, house rear 

41 Dublin 
MacKay Jeremiah, at 368 Main 
Mackay Mary, wid. of Andrew, h. 47 Reed 
Mackay T. Barnard, house 10 Follen 
Mackay Wm., house 49 North avenue 
Mackay Wm. D., tinsmith, bds. 47 Reed 
Mackey John, carpenter, h. 80 Harvard 
Mackin James Mrs., house 142 Pleasant 
Mackin Richard, laborer, bds. 142 Pleasant 
Mackin William, laborer, h. 97 Hampshire 
Mackintosh James, tinsmith, 502 Main 
Macksey Frank, bookkeeper, (145 Milk, 

B.), boards 79 Plymouth [mouth 

Macksey Kate, wid. of Joseph, h. 79 Ply- 
MacLeod William G., compressed yeast, 

Summer, rear Inman, h. 21 Summer 
Macomber Sarah W. Miss, bookkeeper 

282 Broadway, boards 17 Magazine 
Mac vane S. Marcus, instructor in History 

H. U. house 46 Langdon 
MacVicar Martha, widow of Donald, house 

11 River 
Madden Ann Mrs., house 13£ Warren 
Madden Benjamin, laborer, h. Dailey alley 
Madden Eugene, butcher, boards 198 Camb. 
Madden George, butcher, bds. 198 Camb. 
Madden John, boiler maker, 92 Main, house 

at Boston 
Madden John, carriage maker, house 172 

Madden John, varnisher, 203 Bridge, bds. 

7 Water 
Madden John J., clerk, h. 162 Cambridge 
Madden John J., lumber surveyor, boards 

242 Cambridge 
Madden Marchant, peddler, house 33 

Madden Thomas F., sail maker, house 242 

Madden Thomas J., varnisher, 203 Bridge, 

boards 7 Water 
Madden William, laborer, house 159 Winsor 
Maddox Thomas L., bookkeeper (IF. H. 

sq. B.), house 20 Worcester 
Madduro Joseph, tailer, house 22 Eighth 
Madero Anthony, shoemaker, 7 Harvard 

sq., house Rogers' block, Main 
Madigan Richard, brick layer, h. 4 Gore 
Madigan Thomas Mrs., house 77 Elm 
Maduro Francis S., waiter, house 65 Wash- 
Magahy Andrew B., upholsterer, 23 Brat- 
tle, house 121 Mount Auburn 
Magee Bernard J., machinist, house 65 

Magee Catherine, widow, h. 39 Charles 

DCCT Assortment of Bronze Hardware in New England 






Magee Hugh, laundryman Mass. General 

Hospital (Blossom, cor. Allen, B.)> h- 

98 Putnam avenue 
Magee John F., painter, h. 198 Norfolk 
Magee Peter, wood turner, 54 Bridge, house 

at Boston 
Magoun Aaron B., boards 315 Broadway 
Magoun Joseph, machinist, h. 62 Otis 
Magoun Warren, bookbinder (51 Chardon, 

B.), house 28 Prospect 
Maguire Bernard, glass packer, house 243 

Maguire Bernard, grocer, 58 Harvard, h. do. 
Maguire Daniel, house 131 Spring 
Maguire Francis, oils (1 Central whf., B.), 

house 151 Austin 
Maguire John, horse shoer, 18 Cambridge, 

house at Somerville 
Maguire John, laborer, h. Concord avenue, 

corner New 
Maguire John, rope maker, h. 176 Green 
Maguire John B., sawyer, h. 27 Gore 
Maguire Maurice F., piano maker, Albany, 

house 35 School 
Maguire Samuel, marble worker, boards 1 

Maguire Peter, horse shoer, Palmer, boards 

39 Boylston 
Maguire, see McGuire 
Mahady Daniel J. , grocer, 142 Pearl, house 

144 do. 
Mahady John, organ maker (1299 Wash- 
ington, B.), house 111 Magazine 
Mahady J. William, clerk, 82 Pleasant, 

boards 111 Magazine 
Mahaffy Francis J., printer (39 Arch, B.), 

house 194 North avenue 
Mahaffy John T., carpenter, h. 122 Green 
Mahan Patrick, bricklayer, h. 172 Norfolk 
Mahan Thos., laborer, house 22 Hunting 
Mahar D., driver, Cambridge 11. Ft. Co. 
Mahar, see Meaghar 
Mahegan James J., bookbinder, Riverside 

h. 9 Buck's block, Seventh 
Maher Daniel, teamster, 3 Hampshire 
Maher Frank, cutter Am. Rubber Co., h. 

41 Union 
Mahler Ellen, widow of Anthony, house 

110 Harvard 
Mahler Jos., teamster, 184 Broadway, bds. 

110 Harvard 
Mahoney Cairn, butcher, h. rear 2 Ninth 
Mahoney Catherine, widow of Cornelius, 

house 179 Bridge 
Mahoney Cornelius, laborer, h. 42 First 
Mahoney Cornelius, carpenter, B. &L. R.R. 

repair shop, house 124 Gore 
Mahoney Cornelius, laborer, h. 29 Porter 
Mahoney Cornelius, teamster, 12 Camb. 
Mahoney Cornelius W., hack driver, 

Church, boards do. 
Mahoney Daniel, blacksmith, 135 Franklin, 

boards 16 Andrew 
Mahoney Daniel, gateman, F. R. R., New, 

house do. 

Mahoney David, carriage smith, 232 North 

avenue, boards 40 Spruce 
Mahoney David, teamster, 84 Bridge, house 

8 Cambridge 
Mahoney Dennis, butcher, bds. 198 Cam- 
Mahoney Dennis, coachman, h. 29 West 
Mahoney Dennis, lab., h. r. 269 Cambridge 
Mahoney Dennis, blacksmith, 92 Main, h. 

2 Foster's block, 87 Main 
Mahoney Dennis, laborer, and boarding- 
house, hou?e 34 Hampshire 
Mahoney Dennis, carpenter, house 32 

Mahoney Dennis, laborer, house 20 North 
Mahoney Dennis J., painter, h. 6 Stinson ct. 
Mahoney Fred. D., organ varnisher, 162 

Broadway, house 29 Ninth, cor. Otis 
Mahoney James, mason, house 12 Warren 
Mahoney James, laborer, house 13 Water 
Mahoney Jeremiah, house 58 Winter 
Mahoney Jeremiah, laborer, bds. 15 Warren 
Mahonev Jeremiah J., laborer, house rear 

40 Gore 
Mahoney John, laborer, bds. 34 Hampshire 
Mahoney John laborer, h. 106 Webster av. 
Mahoney John, teamster, W. T. Richard- 
son & Co. , house 40 Winthrop 
Mahoney Joseph J., organ varnisher, 162 

Broadway, boards 29 Ninth 
Mahoney Mary, widow of John, house 247 

Mahoney Mary, widow of Jeremiah, house 

95 Spruce 
Mahoney Mary, widow of Jeremiah, house 

57 Charles 
Mahoney Mary, widow, bds. 8 Hastings 
Mahoney Mary A. Miss, variety store, 19 

Cowperthwaite, h. do. 
Mahoney Patrick, upholsterer, bds. 58 

Mahoney Patrick, carpenter, Palmer, near 

Church, house 32 Cowperthwaite 
Mahoney Patrick J. , shoemaker, 222 North 

avenue, house 217 do. 
Mahoney Timothy, boiler maker, 92 Main 
Mahoney Timothy, case maker, 162 Broad- 
way, rooms 100 Vine 
Mahoney Timothy, laborer, h. 12 Harrison 
Mahoney Timothy, rear 414 Main, house 

24 Hayes court 
Mahoney Timothy, laborer, h. 17 Murdock 
Mahoney Timothy O., hackman, house rear 

411 Cambridge 
Mahoney Wm., laborer, 28 Bridge, boards 

14 East 
Mahoney William, laborer, h. 56 Cedar 
Mahoney Wm., laborer, h. 116 Webster av, 
Mahoney Wm. D., gardener John L. Hayes. 

house 261 Mt. Auburn 
Mahoney Daniel, laborer, b. 37 Bolton 
Mahoney Denis, laborer, house 37 Bolton 
Maiers Helen, widow of John E., house 
Chestnut, near Waverly 




Maiers Orlando A., gas-fitter (27 Bromfield, 

B.), house Chestnnt, near Waverly 
Mains George, laborer, house 107 Tremont 
Mains James, ward tender Mass. General 
Hospital (Blossom, cor. Allen, B.), 
house 104 Putnam ave. 
Mains John, grocer, 16 Vine, house do. 
Mains Patrick H., driver Cambridge Rail- 
road Co., boards 16 Vine 
MAI1XAND JAMES, blacksmith, 
Sixth, cor. Harvard, house near do. 
Majawski Frank, laborer, house 52 Winter 
Major James, laborer, gas works, house 13 

Mavnard place 
Major William F., agt. (B.), h. 106 Ellery 
Malanson William, laborer, house 4 North 
Malcom Susan, widow, h. 25 Baldwin 
Mallahan John, machinist, 356 Main, house 

at Somerville 
Mallen John F., tailor, 501 Main, house 

494 do. 
Mallender Thomas, brass polisher, house 

23 Cambridge 
Malley Arthur, fireman, 172 Pearl, house 

121 Pleasant 
Malley Edward B., counselor, 66 Cam- 
bridge, boards 80 Otis 
Malley James, grease collector, b. 41 Willow 
Malley Patrick, grease collector, house 

41 Willow 
Malley, see Melley 

Mallon John, city laborer, h. 119 Pleasant 
Mallon John, laborer, house Bristol, near 

Webster avenue 
Mallon Thos. J., confectioner, boards 119 
Pleasant [b. do. 

Mallor Mary Mrs., dressmaker, 4 Union, 
Mallory Richard P., engraver, (160 Trem- 
ont, B.), house 85 Hancock 
Mallows Martha, widow of James, house 

11 Prospect 
Malloy Daniel, laborer, bds. 15 Warren 
Malm Chas. A., cabinet maker, 602 Main, 

h. 72 Gore 
Malone Charles W., potter, b. 112 Dublin 
Malone Frank, expressman Lyceum build- 
ing, Harvard row, house at Somerville 
Malone Harry, frame-maker, Russ Mould- 
ing Co., First, bds. at Boston 
Malone James, marble-worker A. McDon- 
ald, Mt. Auburn, b. 112 Dublin 
Malone John, laborer, b. 112 Dublin 
Malone Patrick, laborer, h. 18 Hunting 
Malone Peter, asst. engineer, pumping 
house C. W. W., Lake View avenue, 
house 112 Dublin 
Malone Philip, tin ware mnfr., 191 Hamp- 
shire, house 192 Norfolk 
Maloney Daniel, laborer, h. 24 Porter 
Maloney Dennis, laborer, h. 3 Rogers' 

block, Washington 
Maloney John, butcher, Niles Bros., house 
19 Dublin [Spring 

Maloney John, stonecutter, b. First, cor. 

Maloney Patrick, laborer, b. 104 Sparks 
Maloney Wm., teamster, Almshouse, house 

Maloney, see Moloney 
Maloon James, spring turner, 368 Main, 

house at Chelsea 
Maloon John W., tinsmith, house 14 Sands 
Manda Albert W., gardener, Botanic Gar- 
den, house 1 Raymond 
Mandell Wm. A., ins. agt. (13 Exchange 

place, room 8, B.), h. 4 Walnut av. 
Mandell Wm. J., discount clerk Tremont 

National Bank (8 Congress, B.), house 

4 Walnut avenue 
Mangan Patrick, teamster, h. 23 Harrison 
Mangan Richard, teamster, 5 Broadway, 

boards 239 Main 
Manion Bridget Miss, h. 19 Cowperthwaite 
Manion James, laborer, h. 6 Pioneer ave. 
Manly Cornelius, machinist, h. 110 Gore 
Mann Enoch W., clerk, 509 Main, boards 

1U Norfolk 
Mann George J., clerk, Post Office, 7 

Harvard row, h. 22 Mt. Auburn 
Mann Henry M., truss maker (99 Court, 

B), house 118 Winsor 
Mann James F. (Grant & Mann), cabinet 

maker, 384 Main, house at Virginia 
Mann Jesse, house 17 Sidney 
Mann Nehemiah P. jr„ coal (7 Doane, B.), 

house 168 Brookline 
Mann N. Harris, conductor Cambridge 

Railroad Co., boards I. N. Higgins', 

Holworthy place 
Mann William J., safe-painter, 17 Main, 

boards at Boston 
Manning Annie, widow of John, house 2 

Manning Charles B., pressman Riverside 

Press, boards 13 Rockwell 
Manning Edmund, boots and shoes, 505 

Main, house 162 Putnam ave. 
Manning Ellen, widow of John, house 

17 Foster 
Manning Frances A. Miss, house 59 Mount 

Manning Henry M. S., boxmaker, 3 Hamp- 
shire, house 49 Elm 
Manning James, liquors, etc., 401 Cam- 
bridge, house at Somerville 
Manning James, laborer, house Elmwood 

avenue, corner Brattle 
Manning John, fruit peddler, h. 22 Union 
Manning John J., fruit peddler, boards 22 

Manning Matthew, plasterer, h. 12 Lincoln 
Manning Mehitable, wid. of John, h. 51 

Elm [bridge 

Manning Michael, laborer, h. 403 Cam- 
Manning Nelson H., foreman coffin room, 

203 Bridge, house at Winchester 
Manning Patrick, laborer, 240 Main, bds. 

23 Harvard 
Manning P. , driver Cambridge R. R. 



H. Wm. Tupper, Manager. 




baker, h. 403 Carn- 


laborer, boards 139 

driver, 82 Mt. Auburn, 

Manning Thomas J., 

Manning William, 
Manning William H., 

boards 67 do. 
Manning William H., printer Riverside 

Press, house 21 Hewes 
Manning W. H., starter Cambridge R. R. 

Co., boards 4 South 

Mannix James C, butcher Niles Bros., h. 

205 Appleton [house 130 do. 

Mannix Michael, grocer, 132 Brookline, 

Mannix Timothy, butcher, Nllea Bros., h. 

Concord ave. near Alewife Brook 
Mannke Albert, coffin maker, 203 Bridge, 

house 55 Winter 
Mansfield Ann, widow of Thomas, h. 54 

Mansfield Daniel, principal Washington 

grammar school, house 65 Hancock 
Mansfield Garrett, boiler maker, 92 Main, 

h. rear 41 Clark 
Mansfield James, boiler maker, 92 Main, 
h. 9 Broadway [Main 

Manson Mary S., wid. of John, h. 467 
Manson Nathaniel G. , house 303 Harvard 
Manson Nathaniel G. jr., iron (77 Oliver, 

B.), boards 303 Harvard 
Manson Rufus H., bookkeeper (22 Fulton, 

B.), house 303 Harvard 
Manson Walter P., hairdresser, 531 Main, 

boards 98 Hancock 
Mara Patrick, laborer, house rear 46 Mont- 
Maranda Alec, carpenter, 213 Bridge, h. 

26 Winter 
Marble William, sails, awnings, flags and 
decorations (357 Commercial, B.), h. 
18 Forest 
March Clement, leather (39 South, B.), h. 

306 Harvard 
March Herbert B., salesman (163 Pearl, 

B.), house 323 Broadway 
March John S., note broker (7 Exchange 

place, B.), house 314 Harvard 
March Waldo, hides and leather (33 South, 

B.), house 314 Harvard 
March, see Marsh 
Marchand Frank D., tin worker B. S. Co., 

Third, house 83 Washington 
Marchant J. Charles, letter carrier (B.) 

13 Tufts 
Marclavish John, laborer, bds. 7 Water 
Marcou Jules, house 42 Garden 
Marcy Henry E., leather remnants 

South, B.), house 209 Pearl 
Marcy Henry O., physician, 690 Main and 

(116 Boylston, B.), house 690 Main 
Marcv Margaret J., widow of John H., h. 

209 Pearl 
Marden Asa L., carpenter, h. 108 Pearl 
Marden Ellis W., clerk (244 Washiugton, 

B.), boards 108 Pearl 
Marden Frank A. , cracker dealer, 28 Pros- 
pect, boards 32 Western Avenue 


Marden John H., laborer, boards 108 h 

Mareau Geo. G. Mrs., house 66 Dana 
Marean, see Marron 
Margeson Milton, carpenter, h. Chestnut, 

near Sidney 

Marie Frank, dredgeman, h. 37 Cowper- 

thwaite [River 

Marie Wallace R., book stamper, house 105 

Marion Joseph, broom maker, 412 Main, 

boards 27 Winsor 
Mark Edward L., instructor in Zoological 

laboratory, H. U., h. 48 Shepard 
Markey Charles A., messenger B. & L. R. 

R. shop, house 75 Third 
Markey Dennis, moulder, 356 Main 
Marks Margaret Mrs., dressmaker, h. 60 

Marks Michael F., roofer, house 26 Third 
Marks William L., carpenter and builder, 
house 60 Pleasant [av. 

Marlin Henry, wheelwright, h. 88 Webster 
Marlin James, laborer, bds. 11 Willow 
Marlin Kezia, widow house 11 Willow 
Maroney David, butcher, bds. 198 Cam- 
Maroney Joanna, wid. h. 174 Thorndike 
Maroney John, salesman, b. 174 Thorndike 
Maroney Julia, widow, house 7 McCabe 
Marple Wm., safe maker, 17 Main 
Marr Daniel, teamster, 3 Hampshire, bds. 
87 Moore [13 State 

Marr Geo. S., carpenter, 113 Broadway, h. 
Marr Geo. W., conductor Cambridge R. R. 
Marr J. Trafton, salesman (67 Summer, 
B.), house 87 Green [court 

Marrah Alice, wid. of Thomas, h. 7 Hayes 
Marrah John, printer University Press, bds. 

7 Hayes' court 
Marrett Augustus P., clerk, boards D. Ap- 
pleton Marrett's, Avon hill 
Marrett D. Appleton, house Avon hill, near 

Marrett Lorenzo, lawyer, Lechmere Bank 
building, 66 Cambridge, house High- 
land avenue, near Broadway 
Marron Joseph, broom maker, boards 157 

MARSDEIV JAMES, grocer, 395 
Main h. do. 
Marsden Thos., clerk, 395 Main, rooms 6 

Marsh Andrew L. , driver, h. 52 Elm 
Marsh Charles A., printer, (11 Bromfield 

B.), house 5 Jay 
Marsh Charles J., confectioner, boards 93 

Marsh Charles S., clerk, 97 Cambridge, 

house 142 Spring 
Marsh George W., glass-blower, house 152 

Marsh Henry, physician, h. 130i Green 
Marsh John, polisher Russ Moulding Co., 

boards at Boston 

P 14 fi I P P GREEN-HOUSE PLANTS-New and Rare, 

W IB U I b H S20 Main and 89 Sparks Streets. 

P. Bill & 1 



Marsh Meltiak ML, furniture, h. 229 Harvard 
Marsh Sarah A., widow of George, house 

86 Spring 
Marsh Win. J. S.. spring maker. 162 Broad- 

Avay. house at Wilmington 
Marshall Edward, laborer, house 128 Web- 
ster av. 
Marshall Edwin, wheelwright h. 54 Fourth 
Marshall Frank H. (O. S. Brown & Co.). 

flour, etc.. Ill Bridge, h. 72 Fourth 
Marshall Fred J., at American Kubber Co., 

house 60 Webster avenue 
Marshall Freeman W. , hostler, house 8 

Marshall Geo., laborer, house 15 McCabe 
Marshall Herbert, house 159 Prospect 
Marshall John H.. carpenter, h. 50 Holyoke 
Marshall Mary, widow, house 16 Antrim 
Marshall Mary A., widow of Truman, nurse. 

house 60 Webster Avenue 
Marshall Marv E., widow of William H. h. 

159 Pearl" 
Marshall Robert, blacksmith. 4 Cambridge, 

rooms 54 Fourth 
Marshall Simeon F., dentist, 593£ Main. 

house do. 
Marshal] Stuart D., mariner, house over 80 

Concord av. 
Marshall Thomas J., hostler, h. 15 Willow 
Marshall William P.. billiards (114 Sud- 

burv. B.). house 70 Prospect 

maker and jeweler. 448 Harvard, h. 8 

Charles River 
Marshea John D.. brass finisher (Oliver. 

B.).h. 71 Pearl 
Marsman William, helper at Memorial Hall. 

rooms 12 Elmer 
Marsters John M.. clergyman, house 1 

Marston Charles C. billiards, 189 North 

av. h. Regent cor. do. 
Marston Frank E.. traveling salesman (35 

Oliver. B.). boards 21 Western avenue 
Marston George A., police, station 5, house 

lt'» Spruce 
Marston George H. M., lumber surveyor. 

house 12 Oak 
Martell EdAvard. laborer, b. 171 Dublin 
Martell^ Frank E. (F. E. Martell & Co.), 
s, 539 Main, boards 40 Austin 

MARTELL, F. E., & CO. (Frank 
E. Martell extracts, etc.. 539 Main. 

and (115 Water.B.) 
Martell Morris, butcher. Jackson, house j 

Martell Patrick. 
Martell Patrick 

Martie Pierre, 

Martin Albert, clerk (451 Washington. B.) 

boards 2 River 
Martin Arthur, architect, h. Ill Columbia 

laborer, h. 171 Dublin 
jr.. teamster, boards 171 

brick maker, house 45 

Martin Charles C. baker. 502 Main. h. 3 

Martin Charles D., baker, 33 Elm. boards 

52 Union 
Martin David, furrier, 3 River, h. do. 
Martin Frank, laborer, bds. 52 Broadway N 
Martin George H.. conductor Chas. River 

R. R.. bds. 52 Union 
Martin Geo. W. hair dresser (214 Cam- 
bridge, B.), h. 45 Washington 
Martin Henry N., peddler, h. 82 Pearl 
Martin James, cook, bds. 32 Harris 
Martin James, shoemaker. 34 Boylston, h. 
1 Butler's Block. Charles River 

MARTIN JAJIES, sail-maker (114 
Commercial. B.). h. 16 Hamilton 
Martin James, safe maker. 17 Main 
A FARTIA JAMES A., sail-maker 
_i3J. (114 Commercial. B.), h. Oxford, 

cor. Sacramento 
Martin Jane Mrs., h. r. 382 Cambridge 
Martin James J., merchant tailor, 436£ 

Harvard, bds. 22 Grant 
Martin John, boot and shoe maker, 544 

Main, house do. 
Martin John, laborer, 469 Main, house 14 

Martin John D., piano-maker Ivers & Pond 

Piano Co.. Albany, house at Dedham 
Martin John H., waiter, b. 45 Washington 
Martin John J., clerk. 121 Hampshire, bds. 

56 Elm 
Martin Joseph J., net maker, bds 28 Vine 
Martin Joseph P.. clerk, 5 Harvard toav, 

boards 17 Dublin 
Martin LeAvis, laborer, bds 79 Tremont 
Martin Martha A. Miss, teacher Thorndike 

grammar school, boards 65 Otis 
Martin Mary Mrs., house r. 335 Cambridge 
Martin Mary. Avid, of Luke. h. 17 Dublin 
Martin Mary Mrs., house rear 39 Cow- 
pert Irwaite 
Martin Marv A.. widoAv of Thomas, h. r. 

41 Clark 
Martin Michael, laborer, house 22 Grant 
Martin Michael, house Jordan Place 
Martin Owen, shoemaker, h. 454 BroadAray 
Martin Patrick, netmaker. house 28 Vine 
Martin Peter, carpenter, h. 174 Columbia 
Martin Robert M., brass finisher, (B.), h. 

85 Clark 
Martin Stephen, moulder H. M. Bird. Pel- 
ham, house 79 Tremont 
Martin Stephen jr.. banjoist, b- 79 Tremont 
Martin Thomas, apprentice. 8 Brattle 
Martin Thomas, lab., h. 6fi Washington 
Martin Thomas, cabinet maker, house 52 

Martin Thomas, machinist, b. 50 Cherry 
Martin Thomas F.. clerk. 5 Harvard row, 

b. 17 Dublin 
Martin Thomas F.. action maker, 162 

BroadAvay, house Boav 








w^gtotv covers, 




Oanva^i Sig"ii^, Boat Sail^j, &:o. 9 

Particular attention paid to the making of 

Vessels' Colors and Burgees, 



We have several LAR<iE TEXTS that will scat from lOO to 3,000 persons 
to DINE under, which we will LET on reasonable terms. 

»ill letters promptly answered and all order* personally attended to. 


110, 112, 114 Commercial St., 





We have now ready a large and choice stock of fine furs, all of 
our own manufacture, which for quality, style and workmanship 
cannot be surpassed, consisting of 

Seal Skin Dolmans of the Latest Shapes, 

Seal Skin Sacqnes and Ulsters, 

Fur Lined Circulars and Dolmans, 


Muffs and Collars, Fur Trimmings, Etc. 

A large and complete assortment of FUR ROBES. 
Gentlemen's Fur Lined Coats, SEAL CAPS AND GLOVES. 

We make a specialty of FINE SEAL SACQUES to ilIEASURE 

and guarantee perfect satisfaction as to fit, quality and price. 

Old Seal Sacques re-dyed and made over in a superior manner 

E. KAKAS, 404 Washington St., Boston. 

-Manufacturers and Dealers in — 

New and Second-hand Machinery Bought and Sold. 

Shafting, Pulleys and Hangers constantly on hand. Roberts' 

Self-Oiling Box, the best in the World. 

Best Oak-Tanned Belting- 


JLate .Assistant Examiner 17. &. Patent Office, 


9 J Milk Street, Booms 67 & 08. 

Patents Obtained and Trade-marks Registered in the 1'nited 

States and Foreign Countries, and all Branches of Patent 

Business Attended to. 




Martin Thomas K., jig sawyer, 54 Bridge, 
house 185 Norfolk 

keeper (114 Commercial, B.), boards 

16 Hamilton 
Martin Walter H. , boiler maker, 356 Main, 

boards 52 Union 
Martin William, currier, house 71 Charles 
Martin William, porter, b. 45 Washington 
Martin William A., printer, b. rear 84 Elm 
Martin Winnie Mrs. , h. 3 Soden pi. 
Martin Wm. A., hardware (6 Dock sq., B.), 

house 2 River 
Martin Wm. H., lawyer, 563 Main, house 

32 Pearl 
Martin at American Rubber Co., b. 

64 Hampshire 
Marvin Chas. S., foreman, h. 43 Fairmont 
Marvin Eliza H. Mrs., variety store, 121 

Western avenue, house do 
Marvin Erank A., clerk (45 Oliver, B.), 

boards 102 Austin 
Marvin Joseph H., carpenter, house 69£ 

Western ave. 
Marvin Mary, widow of Charles S., h. 43 

Fairmont [Warland 

Marvin Richard T., carpenter, house 5 
Marvin Wm. J., builder, house 102 Austin 
Marx Fred, bds. 14 Coperthwaite 
Marx Phillip A., printer, h. 14 Cowperth- 

Marzlin Frederick, wood turner, M. E. 

Rideout & Co., h. at Boston 
Mason Alban A., carpenter b. 9 Norfolk 
Mason Arthur, brick burner, h. 23 Sargent 

Mason & Son), civil engineer, 603 
Main, house 87 Raymond 

Mason Clara M., widow of William A. h. 
87 Raymond 

Mason Eber L., clerk (64 Summer, B.), h. 
84 Inman 

Mason Edward E., clerk (122 Beach, B.), 
bds. 22 South 

Mason Edward R., rooms 104 Pearl 

Mason Eleanor A., widow of John F., 
nurse, house 22 South 

Mason Elia F. Mrs., copyist, Otis, corner 
Second, boards 85 Thorndike 

Mason Ellsworth A., piano-action maker, 
137 Broadway, boards 38 Market 

Mason Francis A., teamster, h. 17 Valen- 
tine [h. 5 Dover 

Mason Francis M., truant officer, ward 5. 

Mason Frank, clerk, 627 Main, b. 5 Ash- 
burton place 

Mason Frank E., house 16i Western ave. 

Mason Frank S., pattern maker, (Sudbury, 
B.), house 5 Ashburton place 

Mason Geo. D., clerk 610 Main, house 86 

Mason George F., wood turner, 113 Broad- 
way, house rear 508 Main 

Mason George W., ice man, h. 74 Gore 

Mason Harrie E., salesman, (274 State, B.), 
b. 84 Inman 

Mason Henry, treas. Mason & Hamlin Or- 
gan and Piano Co., 162 Broadway, h. 
at Brookline 

Mason James M., watchman, 105 Maga- 
zine, house 10 Prince 

Mason John, sewing machine agent, 647 
Main, h. at Somerville 

Mason Joseph A., at 137 Broadway, bds. 
38 Market 

Mason Jos. H., h. 13 Pine 

Mason Lowell, president, Mason & Hamlin, 
Organ and Piano Co., 162 Broadway, 
house at New York 

Mason Mary C. Miss, house 298 Harvard 

Mason Napoleon B. , carpenter, h. 38 Market 

Mason R. , hill boy Cambridge R. R. 

Mason Sarah E., widow of Charles S., h. 
5 Ashburton place 

Mason Theodore M. , diary maker, house 
rear 152 Pearl 

MASON W. A. & SON (Charles 
A. Mason), civil engineers, Hyde's 

blk., 603 Main 
Mason Wm. F., clerk, 627 Main, rooms 3 

Ashburton place 
Mason & Hamlin Organ and Piano Co., 162 

Broadway, salesroom (154 Tremont, 

Massey Ann, widow of Abel, h. 22 East 
Massey Eugene, fireman, B. &L.R.R. h. 19 

Massey Robert, hostler, h. r. 23 Carson 
Massey Samuel, coachman, house 25 Grant 
Massey Thomas, coachman, 25 Kirkland, 

bds. do. 
Massure George A., trav. salesman (87 

Broad, B.), house 47 Elm 
Masterman Ira, wholesale liquors (59£ 

Mercantile, B.), house 111 Inman 
Matchett Clara E. Miss, teacher Webster 

grammar school, bds. 768 Main 
Mathee Lambert, cabinet maker, house 17 

Matheson Catherine Mrs., bread store 88 

Harvard, h. do. 
Matheson Henry C, salesman, (Wash. B.), 

bds. 16 Cogswell ave. 
Matheson Hugh, carpenter, h. 1 1 Eighth 
Matheson James W., carpenter Niles Bros., 

house 16 Cogswell avenue 
Matheson John J., machinist, 356 Main, h. 

88 Harvard 
Mathews Alphonze, 54 Bridge, h. 31 Carson 
Mathews Emery A., organ action maker, 

boards 349 Broadway 
Mathews Eugene H., printer University 

Press, house 32 Wendell 
Mathews George J., clerk (6 F. H. square, 

B.), boards 349 Broadway 
Mathews James C, clerk, 33 River, b. 349 





Mathews John W., painter, h. 349 Broad- 
Mathews Riley W., driver, h. 12 Eliot 
Mathews T. A., machinist, 92 Main 
Mathews Wm. P., shoemaker, 560 Main, h. 

349 Broadway 
Mathews William R., clerk, 169 Gore 
Matthes Henry W. , watchmaker, boards 23 

Matthes William IL, brass finisher, boards 

141 Columbia 
Matthews Abraham, teamster, 180 Main, 

house 51 Hastings 
Matthews John, boiler maker, 92 Main, h. 

160 do. 
Matthews Joseph, boiler maker, 92 Main 
Matthews Louis, engineer (Washington, 

B.), h. 22 Reed 
Matthews Oliver R., tuner Ivers & Pond 

Piano Co. Albany, h. 80 Chestnut 
Matthews Richard, house 28 Lee 
Matthews Sophia, widow, bds. 59 Market 
Matthews, see Mathews 
Mauch Gottlab, cabinet maker, h. 14 Winter 
Maura Joaquin Carlos, stone cutter, 43 

Main, h. at Boston 
Maurer Heronemus, clock repairer, house 

45 Sargent 
Mauser Robert, foreman F. Geldowsky 

Furniture Co., h. 100 Spring 
Maxwell Albion P., mason, h. Cushing, n. 

Maxwell May J., widow, dressmaker, h. 39 

Maxwell Samuel H., salesman (580 Wash- 
ington. B.), h. 38 Bigelow 
Maxwell Sarah Mrs. house 168 Cambridge 
May David, wood turner 368 Main, h. 140 

May George R., chewing-gum mnfr., 118 

Magazine, house do. 
May James, baker, 215 Cambridge, house 

92 Spring 
May all James, engineer Am. Rubber Co., 

house 62 Webster av. 
Maybcrry Elijah N., salesman (172 State, 

B.), house 14 Shepard 
Mayberry James O., mariner, h. 20 Avon 
May berry Willis, action maker, 113 Broad- 
way, h. r. 113 Hampshire 
Mayers Aaron B., carpenter, h. 265 Sidney 
Mayers John L,, carpenter, h. 261 Sidney 
Mayhew E. A. Miss., bds. 254 North av. 
Maynard Charles E., locksmith (12 Brattle, 

B.), boards 18 Eliot 
Maynard Eben W., house 109 Auburn 
Maynard Franklin, rubber cement (40£ 

Faneuil Hallsq., B.), house 18 Eliot 
Maynard George C, salesman (155 Sum- 
mer, B.), h. 7 Meacham 
Maynard Henry O., foreman electro, and 

stereo. University Press, h. 26 Mellen 
Maynard John W., boards 109 Auburn 
Maynard Martha, widow of Gideon, house 
7 Meacham 

Maynard Thos. F., tile setter, house 7 

Chapman pi. 
Mayo Amariah E., mariner, h. 220 Pearl 
Mayo Frank E., clerk (74 AVashington, B.), 

bds. 220 Pearl 
Mayo James H., coal mining (N. Y.), h. 

164 Brattle 
Mayo Laura A., widow of James L., b. 

164 Brattle 
Mayo Nelson J., liquors, 169 Bridge, h. do. 
Mazor D., cabinet maker, 54 Bridge 
McAdoo William, laborer, h. 177 Dublin 
McAleer Elizabeth, groceries, 25 Seventh, 

house do. 
McAleer John J., brush maker, h. 64 Vine 
McAleer Patrick, laborer, h. 25 Seventh 
McAllen Charles, laborer, h. 265 Putnam av. 
Mc Allen Edward, laborer, h. 265 Putnam av. 
McAllen John J., pressman, bds. 265 Put- 
nam av. 
McAllister Dennis, laborer, house rear 30 

McAllister Edward B., b. 162 Cambridge 
McAllister John, teamster, h. 29 Porter 
McAllister Vesta, widow, h. 179 Cambridge 
McAllister Wm., shoemaker, 134 Bridge 

house do. 
McAnaul Thomas, shoemaker, 30 Central 

square, house 73 Pleasant 
McArdell Robert, cigar maker (B.), house 

4 Village 
McArdle Constantine, laborer, h. 17 Donnell 
McArdle Mary E., widow, millinery 23 

Boylston, b. 21 Bowdoin 
McArdle Owen, laborer, house Cushing, 

opposite Cushing court 
McArthur Cornelius, foreman Mt. Auburn 

cemetery, house Coolidge av. 
McArthur Daniel H., carpenter, boards 

Wm. McArthur's, Woodlawn 
McArthur Ellender, widow of Hugh, bds. 

Cornelius McArthur's, Coolidge av. 

McArthur John A., painter, h. 4 Austin pi. 

McArthur Nelson, laborer, Mt. Auburn 

Cemetery, boards William McArthur's, 


McArthur Olive J. Mrs., nurse, house 4 

Austin place 
McAthur Wm., carpenter, house Woodlawn, 

n. Cushing 
McAuliffe Daniel, register maker, 153 Put- 
nam avenue, house 101 Pleasant 
McAvoy Annie Miss, music teacher, bds. 

71 Concord av. 
McAvoy John, laborer, h. 2 Rogers' blk 
McAvoy John I., newspaper correspondent, 

boards 71 Concord avenue 
McAvoy Julia, widow, h. 71 Concord av. 
McAvoy Patrick, house 57 Moore 
McAvoy Patrick jr., engineer (109 State, 

B.), house 57 Moore 
McAvoy Thos., city laborer, h. r. 55 Amory 
McAvoy Timothy, engineer and boarding 
house 1 Hampshire 



H. Wm. TuPDer. Manager. 




McBarron Ann, wid. of Thos., h. 25 Third 
McBay Charles H., painter, h. 43 Union 
McBeth Bernard, laborer, b. 88 Fifth 
McBeth John, engineer Russ Moulding Co., 

boards 20 Third 
McBride Andrew, safe maker, 17 Main 
McBride Daniel E. . glass blower, b. 13 Vine 
McBride Henry, peddler, bds. r. 13 Vine 
McBride James, laborer, house Concord 

av., 3d fromF. E.R. 
McBride John, house rear 13 Vine 
McBride John C, peddler, h. rear 13 Vine 
McBride John J., gardener, boards James 

McBride's, Concord avenue 

McBurns , boiler maker, 92 Main 

McCabe Annie E. Miss, dressmaker, 6 

Blair place, bds. do. 
McCabe Annie J., Miss, station agent E. R. 

R. Fresh Pond station, bds. Mrs. 

Mary McCabe's, New 
McCabe Bernard, upholsterer, b. 23 Willow 
McCabe Edward J., laborer Mt. Auburn 

cemetery, bds. Mrs. Mary McCabe's, 

McCade Felix, laborer, house 22 McCabe 
McCabe James, peddler, h. 23 Willow 
McCabe James, laborer, boards Mrs. Mary 

McCabe's, New 
McCabe James, safe maker, 17 Main 
McCabe James T., confectioner, house 4 

Rogers' block 
McCabe John, blacksmith, 1G8 Columbia, 

house 178 do. 
McCabe John, teamster, 5 Broadway, h. 

30 North 
McCabe John H., liquors, 377 Cambridge, 

boards 180 Winsor 
McCabe Mary, widow of Michael, house 

New, near F. R. R. 
McCabe Nancy Miss, house 63 Bolton 
McCabe Owen T., clerk, 377 Cambridge, 

boards 180 Winsor 
McCabe Patrick, barrels, 176 Winsor, 

house 180 do. 
McCabe Patrick, laborer, house 63 Bolton 
McCabe Peter, freight conductor, house 

26 Spring 
McCabe Samuel, laborer, 17 East, house 

54 North 
McCabe Terrence, laborer, h. 6 Blair pi. 
McCaffrey Barney, porter, Riverside Press, 

house 2 Lawrence 
McCaffrey Bridget, widow of Archibald, 

house 171 Franklin 
McCaffrey Eliza, widow, h. 275 Broadway 
McCaffrey Hugh, harness maker, 365 Cam- 
bridge, house 197 Hampshire 
McCaff rey James A. , teamster, b. 83 Charles 
McCaffrey James E., carpenter, house 5 

McCaffrey John, carpenter, bds. 5 Hunting 
McCaffrey Philip H., teamster, house 83 

McCaffrey T. Harris, travelling agent, (B.) 

house 83 Gore 

McCall David, teamster, 69 Main, boards 

7 Conlon court 

McCall Henry, laborer, h. 7 Conlon court 

McCall Henry jr., laborer, b. 7 Conlon ct. 

McCallar Daniel C, salesman, (116 Tre- 
mont, B.), boards 305 North av. 

McCallar George M., bookkeeper, (51 
Hanover, B.), h. 303 North avenue 

McCallar John F., millinery (490 Washing- 
ton, B.), house 305 North avenue 

McCallar Louisa F., wid. h. 303 North av. 

McCann Alfred D., fresco painter, house 
110 Hampshire 

McCann Bridget Miss, house 118 Gore 

McCann Charles J., arctic maker, boards 
2 Lawrence [Lawrence 

McCann Eliza, widow of James, house 2 

McCann John H., brush mkr, (132 Oliver, 
B.), h. 140 Hampshire 

chant tailor, 623 Main, b. 2 Lawrence 
McCart James, laborer, house 23 Willow 
McCart Michael, plumber, 599£ Main, h. 

at Charlestown 
McCart William, teamster, b. 8 Stevens ct. 
McCarthy Annie Mrs., groceries, Hampshire 

cor. Bristol, house do. 
McCarthy Carbery T., bookbinder, (B.), 

house 6 Watson 
McCarthy Catherine, widow of Timothy, 

house 159 Broadway 
McCarthy Cathertne E., widow of Timothy, 

house 234 Webster av. 
McCarthy Charles, teamster, h. 62 Charles 
McCarthy Charles, laborer, h. 149 Bridge 
McCarthy Charles, laborer, h. 5 Cedar sq. 
McCarthy Charles, laborer, b. r. 83 Bridge 
McCarthy Charley teamster, h. 36 Second 
McCarthy Charles E., liquors, 109 Third, 

house Spring near Second 
McCarthy Cornelius, cutter, h. 17 Banks 
McCarthy Daniel, laborer, h. 208 Bridge 
McCarthy Daniel laborer, h. r. 55 Amory 
McCarthy Daniel laborer, house 7 Foster's 

block, Baldwin place 
McCarthy Daniel, laborer, h. 112 Kinnaird 
McCarthy Daniel, switchtender F. R. R. b. 

208 Bridge 
McCarthy Daniel, teamster, h. 73 Third 
McCarthy Dennis, laborer, Pelham, boards 

8 Broadway 

McCarthy Dennis, laborer, b. 10 North 
McCarthy Dennis, laborer, h. 9 Short 
McCarthy Dennis, laborer, house 1 Lech- 
mere block 
McCarthy Dennis, drawtender B. & L. R. 

R., house 4 Third 
McCarthy Dennis D., constable, house 

Bristol, cor. Hampshire 
McCarthy Dennis F., laborer, h. 32 North 
McCarthy Ellen, w. of Dennis, h. r. 77 Elm 
McCarthy Ellen, widow of John, house 3 

Cedar square 
McCarthy Ellen, wid. of Donald, h. 14 East 






McCarthy Ellen, wid., h. 14 Cowperthwaite 
McCarthy Eugene, carriage painter, bds. 7 

Foster's block, Baldwin place 
McCarthy Eugene A., student, (761 Harri- 
son av., B.), bds. 6 Watson 
McCarthy Eugene C, gardener, h. 6 Watson 
McCarthy Florence, laborer, boards 1 

Lechmere block 
McCarthy Florence, pressman (400 Wash- 
ington, B.), house 12 Magee 
McCarthy Francis J. , iron moulder, boards 

8 Green 
McCarthy Fred, laborer, 28 Bridge, boards 

1 Lechmere building 
McCarthy James, laborer, bds. 8 Davis 
McCarthy James, tailor, h. 112 Gore 
McCarthy James, house 54 Portland 
McCarthy James, watchman B. & L. R. R., 

house rear 10 Third 
McCarthy James H., messenger (Custom 

House, B.), house 85 Wendell 
McCarthy James J., cooper, h. 115 Auburn 
McCarthy Jeremiah, tailor, 185 North av. 

house 41 Spruce 
McCarthy Jeremiah, clerk, 441 Cambridge, 

boards 148 Elm 
McCarthy Jeremiah, publisher (75 Essex), 

house 258 Bridge 
McCarthy Jeremiah, junk dealer, 6 Lech- 
mere place, house do. 
McCarthy Jeremiah, switch tender F. R.R., 

boards 208 Bridge 
McCarthy Jeremiah, teamster, 69 Main, 

house 26 Portland 
McCarthv Joanna, widow of Patrick, house 

49 North 
McCarthy John, fireman B. & L. R.R., 

boards 24 East 
McCarthy John, laborer, 17 East, boards 

Lechmere place 
McCarthy John Mrs., widow, h. 175 Camb. 
McCarthy John, tailor, 216 Cambridge, 

house 1 Eighth 
McCarthy John, iron moulder, house 44 

McCarthy .John, laborer, house rear 189 

McCarthy John currier (59 Beverly, B.), 

house 15 Flagg 
McCarthy John, currier F. Fischer, house 

41 Spruce 
McCarthy John, laborer, bds. 147 Gore 
McCarthy John A., machinist (Causeway, 

B.), house 6 Watson 
McCarthy John F., clerk (178 Devonshire, 

room 32, B.), house 8 Green 
McCarthy John H., plumber B. & L. R.R., 

house 83 Bridge 
McCarthy John J., bookkeeper (59 Beverly, 

B.), boards 15 Flagg 
McCarthy John J., helper, 2 Albany, house 

at Boston 
McCarthy John R., plumber, h. 16 Brown 
McCarthy Kate Mrs., house 188 Norfolk 

McCarthy Lewis A., pattern maker, boards 

8 Green 
McCarthy Margaret Miss, h. 22 North 
McCarthy Margaret Mrs., h. 3 East 
McCarthy Mary, widow of John, variety 

store, 72 Spruce, h. do. 
McCarthy Mary, widow of John, house 2 

McCarthy Mary Mrs. , h. 13 Holly ave. 
McCarthy Mary F., widow of Francis, 

house 8 Green 
McCarthy Maurice, laborer, h. 53 Amory 
McCarthy Maurice, lab., h. 6 Lechmere pi. 
McCarthy Michael, laborer, house 22 

McCarthy Michael A., stonecutter, house 

rear 42 Washington 
McCarthy Patrick, laborer, 86 Mount Au- 
burn, house Murray, n. Eliot 
McCarthy Patrick, teamster, h. 58 North 
McCarthy Patrick, laborer, 17 East, house 

60 North 
McCarthy Patrick, laborer, h. 23 Brewery 
McCarthy Patrick, grocer, 82 Third, h. do. 
McCarthy Patrick, laborer, bds. 3 Fifth 
McCarthy Patrick, laborer, h. 147 Gore 
McCarthy Patrick, laborer, bds. 14 East 
McCarthy Patrick, plasterer, house 410 

McCarthy Patrick A., tailor, 218 North av., 

house 2 Regent 
McCarthy Samuel, lab., b. 167 Thorndike 
McCarthy Thomas, laborer, h. 12 Short 
McCarthy Thos., currier, h. 254 Franklin 
McCarthy Timothy, laborer, house 1 Lech- 
mere building, Lechmere sq. 
McCarthy Timothy, boards 41 Spruce 
McCarthy Timothy gate tender F. R.R., h. 

Montgomery, near Spruce 
McCarthy Timothy, tailor, 195 North ave., 

boards 41 Spruce 
McCarthy Wm. H. , tailor, h. Derby lane 
McCarthy, see McCarty 
McCartney Jane, widow, house Rogers' ct. 
McCarty Annie E., widow of Michael, 

house 1 Holly ave. 
McCarty Charles, painter, h. 29 Reed 
McCarty Daniel, laborer, house Cushing, 

cor. Cushing court 
McCarty D., trackman, Cambridge R.R.Co. 
McCarty D. J., driver, Cambridge R.R. Co. 
McCarty Eugene, baker, 502 Main, house 

31 Decatur [15 Magee 

McCarty Jeremiah, book agent, house 
McCarty Jeremiah, teamster, h. 26 Portland 
McCarty John, house 81 Boylston 
McCarty John, gardener, house Appleton, 

near Vassal lane 
McCarty Patrick, boiler maker, 92 Main 
McCarty William, cooper, housa 68 Vine 
McCarty William, moulder H. M. Bird, 

Pelham, h. 19 Webster av. 
McCarty Wm. A., electrotyper (B.), house 

27 Vine 


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Lowest Prices. *JO Dock Square. 



McCarville Ellen M, Mrs., house 15 West 
McCarville James, house 25 Cedar 
McCarville Owen, watchman bds. 15 West 
McCarville Peter J., city lamp lighter, 

boards 25 Cedar 
McCathern Daniel, lineman, b. 891 Main 
McCaughey Arthur, American Tube Works, 

(Somerville), h. 41 Sacramento 
McCaughey John M., at University Press, 

boards 41 Sacramento 
McCaughey Richard, American Tube 

Works (Somerville), b. 41 Sacramento 
McCaughin Daniel, laborer, b. 40 Spruce 
McCaughin John, carriagesmith, 282 North 

avenue, boards 40 Spruce 
McCauley David T., safe maker, 17 Main 
McCaw Henry, confectioner, 282 Broadway 

house 65 Brookline 
McCaw William, confectioner, 503 Main, 

house rear 507 do. 
McChesney F. F., driver Cambridge R. R. 
McChesney J. W., driver Cambridge R. R. 
McChristal Catherine, widow of James, bds. 

351 Cambridge [bridge 

McChristal James, police, house 351 Cam- 
McClane John, brush maker, house 167 

McClary David N., watchman B. & L. R.R. 

house 190 Cambridge 
McClellan John, bookkeeper, boards 276 

McClellan John, slater, h. r. 56 Winter 
McClellan Peter J., carriage builder, 87 

McClennan James, hostler, house 27 Cow- 

McClennan James laborer, h. 14 South 
McClennan Wm., watchman, h. 80 Harvard 
McClennen Wm. H., clerk (18 Exchange 

place, B.), house 23 Cherry 
McCloskey Bridget, widow of Michael, h. 

52 Fifth 
McCloskey David, boiler maker, 92 Main 
McCloskey Dennis F. (McCloskey & Har- 

ty), grocer, 91 and 443 Cambridge, 

rooms 53 Otis 
McCloskey Frank, cooper, h. 7 Jefferson 
McCloskey Hugh, carpenter, house Boston 

Chemical Works bldg., r. Cambridge 
McCloskey James B., clerk, b. 52 Fifth 
McCloskey John, boiler maker, 92 Main 
McCloskey John, helper, 599£ Main, boards 

Hugh McCloskey, r. Cambridge 
McCloskey John, safe maker, 17 Main 
McCloskey John B., clerk, h. 166 Camb. 
McCloskey John W., salesman, house 4 

Nichols place 
McCloskey Patrick A., brass moulder, rear 

33 Hawkins, B.), house 83 Fifth 
McCloskey Peter J., clerk, 158 Cambridge, 

boards 52 Fifth 
McCloskey Rosa Miss, house 10 South 
McCloskey Sarah, widow, h. 14 Front 
McCloskey William H., carpenter, house 3 


McCloskey William I., at University Press, 

boards 62 Fifth 
McCloskey & Harty (Dennis F. McCloskey 

and Michael J. Harty), grocers, 91 and 

443 Cambridge 
McClure Charles F., com. mer. (13 Doane, 

B.), house 794 Main 
McClure John, boards 22 Wendell 

Clure & Field), iron and steel (5 Cus- 
tom House, B,), house 8 White 
McClure Margaret Miss, variety store, 64 

Cambridge, rooms 89 Spring 
McClure Martha M. , widow of Manley W. , 

house 8 White 
McClure Samuel S., editor Wheelman, h. 

22 Wendell 
McCoart Kate F. , variety store, 21 Boyls- 

ton, rooms 25 DeWolf 
McCombe Richard H., clerk, 12 Gore, bds. 

at Somerville 
McConnell Geo., painter, boards 65 Spruce 
McConnell J., driver Cambridge R. R. 
McConnell Norman J., moulder, house 77 

Putnam avenue 
McConnell Thomas H., tea agent, house 

12 Warren 
McConnell William, trunk maker, rear 382 

Main, boards 77 B. Putnam av. 
McConologue Neil J., currier, house 194 

McCool Catherine, widow of Thomas, bds. 

143 Columbia [Kinnaird 

McCool James, mason, house Howard, junc. 
McCora B., glass blower, N. E. Glass 

Works, North 
McCord Bernard, glass maker, boards 139 

McCord James, glass maker, boards 139 

McCorkle James, laborer, h. 57 Spring 
McCormack James H., carver, house 175 

Cambridge [Gore, rooms do. 

McCormack Reynold J., apothecary, 43 
McCormick Bent., painter, h. 117 Pleasant 
McCormick Bridget, house 347 Main 
McCormick Edward, slater, basement 3 

Prospect, house 16 Antrim 
McCormick James, liquors, 337 Main, h. 

12 Clark [rooms 393 do. 

McCormick James, boiler maker, 72 Main, 
McCormick James, laborer, h. 5 Hancock pi. 
McCormick James, grocer, 19 Beaver, h. do. 
McCormick James E., draughtsman, 92 

Main, boards 19 School 
McCormick John, boiler maker, 92 Main, 

house 19 School 
McCormick John, laborer Eastern R. R., 

house 15 Second 

McCormick John, plumber, boards 2£ 

Dailey alley [nam avenue 

McCormick John, tinsmith, rooms 89 Put- 

McCormick John J., boiler maker, 92 

Main, house 19 School 




McCormick Joseph, bookkeeper (B.), bds. 

2 Dailev alley 
McCormick Joseph W., clerk, 115 Bridge, 

boards 15 Second [ley alley 

McCormick Martin, tinsmith, house Dai- 
McCormick Marv, widow of James, house 

1 Tuttle 

McCormick Marv, widow of Richard, house 

2 Dailey alley [13 School 
McCormick Michael J., stone cutter, house 
McCormick Patrick J., foreman, 169 Gore 

hou<c 164 do. [Thorndike 

McCormick Puchard, engineer, boards 107 
McCormick Richard H., glass maker (23 

Elm. B.), boards 2 Dailey alley 
McCormick Thomas, boiler maker, 92 

Main, boards 19 School 
McCormick Thomas, laborer, boards 167 

McCormick Win. F., action maker, 162 

Broadway, boards 19 School 
McCormick , clerk (39 Tremont, B.), 

boards 12 Brattle 
McCorrison Albert O., cooper, house 8 

Squire's court [Squire's court 

McCorrison Sylvanus, cooper, boards 8 
McCorry John, watchman, 172 Pearl, house 

123 Brookline 
McCorry William, laborer, h. 27 Walnut ct. 
McCoughtry Anna H., matron Kindergarten 

school, 41 Holyoke do. 
McCourt Ann, wid. of Patrick, b. 22 Car- 
McCourt Charles, house 41 Banks 
McCourt John, coachman, 105 Brattle, h. 

16 Brown 
McCourt Mary J., widow of Michael,- h. r. 

21 Carson [Cambridge 

McCourt Patrick, surveyor, house rear 240 
McCourt William, painter, 5 Palmer, house 

15 Foster 
McCourt, see McCoart 
McCoy Thomas H., fish, 85 Mt. Auburn, 

house 90 do. 
McCoy William, house 83 Brattle 
McCoy William P., conductor Cambridge 

R. R. Co., boards 83 Brattle 
McCoy William J., mason, h. 12 Magazine 

McCoy, see M'Coy 

McCracken James, plasterer, h. 2 Pond pi. 
McCracken James, stone cutter, 43 Main. 

house 18 Willard 
McCrawson Hugh, baker, 502 Main 
McCready John C, manager (45 South 

Market, B.), house 66 Webster avenue 
McCready Samuel R., foreman (45 South 

Market, B.), house G6 Webster avenue 
McCrehan Eugene, teamster, boards 54 

Spruce [Spruce 

McCrehan Jeremiah, teamster, house 54 
McCrehan John, shipper, B. S. B. Co., bds. 

54 Spruce [Spruce 

McCrehan Mary. wid. of John, house 72 

McCristle Frank, painter, boards rear 41 

Reed * 

McCristle Patrick, tanner, h. rear 41 Reed 
McCue Dennis, laborer, h. 13 Warren 
McCue Edward, laborer, h. 20 Harvard 
McCue Michael, packer, 162 Broadway, h. 

170£ Harvard 
McCue Thomas, house 39 Willow 
McCue Thomas, junk dealer, house 377 

Cambridge [Hampshire 

McCue Thomas F., bar-tender, house 203 
McCue, see also McHugh 
McCuen John, carpenter, house 129 Spring 
McCullar Charles, stereotyper Riverside 

Press, house 41 Cottage 
McCulloch Albert E. , clerk Charles River 

R. R. Co., 117 Hampshire, boards 9 

Shepard [9 Shepard 

McCulloch Emily, widow of Samuel, house 
McCulloch Frank, driver Cambridge R. R. 

Co., house 1 Bristol 
McCulloch George, driver Cambridge R. 

R. Co., h. rear 8 Davis 
McCulloch John, junk, h. 118 Columbia 
McCulloch John B.. clerk, bds. 9'Shepard 

and sewer builder, Winsor, cor. Har- 
vard, house 173 Harvard 
McCullon G., hill boy Cambridge R. R. Co. 
McCullon T., switchman Cambridge R. R. 
McCullough Mary, wid. of Bernard, h. 141 

Webster avenue 
McCurdy D. J., conductor Cambridge R.R. 
McCurdy James, paper-hanger, h. 10 Vine 
McCurdy James R. , core maker, h. 1S8 Har- 
McCurdy Robert, core maker 356 Main 
McCushing Sarah D., widow of Michael, 

boards T. Horan's, Montgomery 
McCuskerWm., plumber, house rear 142 

sociate justice third district court, 
Eastern Middlesex, city bldg., Brattle 
square, and lawyer (61 Court, B.), h. 
69 Dana 
McDermott Ann, widow of Francis, house 

39l£ Cambridge 
McDermott Bartholomew, stone mason, 

house 138 Green 
McDermott Catherine, widow of Timothy, 

house 25 Somerset 
McDermott Daniel, wood and coal, 106 

Harvard, house do. 
McDermott Edward, pressman, house 23 

McDermott Ella, widow of Thomas, house 

5 Marvin place 
McDermott Hector, carpenter, h. 25 State 
McDermott James, baker, 502 Main, bds. 
25 Somerset [Elm 

McDermott James H., glass maker, h. 139 
McDermott John, tailor, house 24 Fifth 

PACH BROTHERS, nextWk hall, 

H. Wm. Tupper, Manager, 




McDermott John, lithographer Riverside 

Press, boards. 138 Green 
McDermott John H., confectioner, 503 

Main, house 25 Somerset 
McDermott John J., clerk, boards 39l£ 

McDermott Michael, laborer, bds. 55 Union 
McDermott Patrick, plumber (Tremont, 

B.), house 22 Fourth 
McDermott Patrick, laborer, h. 5 Carson 
McDermott Patrick G., music teacher, bds. 

24 Fifth [Elm 

McDermott Thomas, glass blower, bds. 139 
McDermott "William, laborer, boards 39 1£ 

McDevitt Andrew, conductor Cambridge R. 

R. Co., boards 81 Tremont 
McDevitt Dennis, laborer, h. 122 Third 
McDevitt Edward, blacksmith, (Allston), 

house 81 Tremont 
McDevitt John F., clerk, 480 Cambridge, 

boards 81 Tremont 
McDevitt William, conductor, Chas. Riv. 

R.R. Co., boards 81 Tremont 
McDonald Alexander, marble and granite 

works, Mt. Auburn, opposite cemetery, 

house Mt. Auburn, near do. 
McDonald Alexander, carpenter, house 53 

McDonald Allen, brass moulder, house 203 

McDonald Angus, lineman, 623 Main, bds. 

391 do. 
McDonald Angus, tailor, 589 Main, boards 

18 Brookline 
McDonald Angus, laborer, house 105 Port- 
McDonald A., conductor, Camb. R. R. 
McDevitt John, teamster, h 66 Charles 
McDonald Charlotte E., widow of Hugh, 

h. ih South 
McDonald Daniel* carpenter, h. 22 South 
McDonald Daniel, carpenter, h. 25 Winter 
McDonald Daniel, engineer Bay State 

Brick Co., boards Porter's Hotel 
McDonald Daniel, laborer, bds. 27 Second 
McDonald David, marble polisher, house 

53 Clark 
McDonald Donald, stair builder, house 19 

McDonald Ellen Mrs. h. foot of McDonald 
McDonald Felix, teamster, house 230 Cam- 
McDonald Florence M., wid. of Alex. 

bds. 157 Winsor 
McDonald Frank R. , agent Alex. McDon- 
ald, Mt. Auburn, boards do. 
McDonald Frederick W., cigars (69 Broad, 

B.), boards 324 Harvard 
McDonald Hector, moulder, H. M. Bird, 

Pelham, h. at Somerville 
McDonald Isabella, wid. of Daniel, h. r. 

382 Cambridge 
McDonald Hugh, laborer, bds. 149 Elm 

McDonald James, plasterer 610 Main, h. 161 

McDonald James, laborer, h. 87 Harvard 
McDonald James, brick layer, house 14 

McDonald James, laborer, h. 21 Donnell 
McDonald Jane A., widow of William, h. 

53 Clark 
McDonald John, h. 47 Harding 
McDonald John, junk, h. 134 Webster av. 
McDonald John, laborer 13 Broadway 
McDonald John, grocer 22 "Willow, h. do. 
McDonald John, mason, house rear 24 

McDonald John, laborer, h. 339 Main 
McDonald John, laborer, h. 98 Main 
McDonald John jr., bar tender, boards rear 

24 Somerset 
McDonald John J., carriage painter, 4 

Cambridge, house 135 do. 
McDonald John J., painter, house 149 Elm 
McDonald John J. , boards 45 Willow 
McDonald John L., clerk, bds. 4£ South 
McDonald Joseph, laborer, h. r. 53 Vine 
McDonald Kate Mrs., boarding house, 391 

McDonald Kenneth C, printer University 

Press, boards 32 Western av. 
McDonald Margaret, widow of Maurice, 

house 16 Bolton 
McDonald Maria, widow of Hugh, h. 324 

McDonald Martin M. , laborer, house Cush- 

ing, opposite Vineyard 
McDonald Martin T., machinist, 72 Main, 

house Cushing court 
McDonald Mary, wid. of Felix, h. Tannery 
McDonald Mary, widow of Patrick, house 

Cushing, near Woodlawn 
McDonald Matthew, mason, boards rear 

24 Somerset 
McDonald Matthew, lab., h. 123 Spring 
McDonald Michael, currier, house Dudley, 

cor. Reed 
McDonald Michael, helper, 356 Main, h. 

at Brighton 
McDonald Michael, mason, h. 16 Bolton 
McDonald Norman, foreman Alex. McDon- 
ald Mt. Auburn, bds. do. 
McDonald Patrick, laborer, bds. 83 Bridge 
McDonald Patrick, hostler, h. 284 Broadway 
McDonald Patrick, safe maker, 17 Main 
McDonald Patrick, laborer, h. 17 Porter 
McDonald Patrick, laborer, h. 90 Fifth 
McDonald Patrick, laborer, house rear 12 

McDonald Patrick, laborer, b. r. 53 Vine 
McDonald Patrick, ware dresser, 356 Main 
McDonald Peter Mrs., house r. 6 Lopez 
McDonald Philip, engineer McLean asy- 
lum (Somerville), house 45 Willow 
McDonald Philip B., boiler maker, 72 Main 

boards 9 Broadway [Cambridge 

McDonald Rannell, cook, boards rear 382 


SOX, 820 Main and 89 Sparks Streets 




McDonald Thos., wharf contractor, house 

r. 53 Vine 
McDonald John R., sawyer, 162 Broadway 

h. 53 Cherry 
McDonald William S., printer, house 57 

McDonald, see Macdonald 
McDonnell Angus, carpenter, h. 6 Water 
McDonnell Bridget Miss, h. 105 Kinnaird 
McDonnell James, tailor, 18 Boylston, h. 

5 Mill 
McDonnell John J., laborer, h. 29 Reed 
McDonough John, laborer, gas works, h. 

110 Third 
McDonough M., hostler, Cambridge R.R., 
McDonough Patrick, engineer gas works 

house rear 160 Main 
McDonough William, teamster Cambridge 

gas works, house 17 Sparks 
McDorman William, ladder maker, house 

19 Vine 
McDoughner Oliver, butcher, b. 228 Bridge 
McDowell James A., clerk (103 State, B.), 

bds. 252 Broadway 
McDowell John, carpenter, house 252 

McDowell Samuel B., laborer, house Au- 
burn place, 2d on left 
McDowell Thomas W. , cigar maker, house 

19 Hamilton 
McDowell Wm., lab. 17 Main, house 73 

McDuffee John, clerk of committees, office 

City Hall, h. 42 North av. 
McDuffee John jr., student H. U., boards 

42 North avenue 
McEahern Daniel, telephone lineman, 623 

McElarney Patrick, laborer, h. 42 Dunster 
McElearney Bernard, city lamplighter, 

house 17 Wyeth 
McElearney Edward, printer, b. 17 Wyeth 
McElhaney John, coal and wood, 29 Porter, 

house do. 
McElhenny Charles H., cabinet maker, 54 

Bridge, house at Charlestown 
McEllroy William, house 28 Shepard 
McElroy Elizabeth, widow of John, house 

95 Gore 
McElroy Erancis G., building-mover, 133 

Third, house do. 
McElroy Frank J., carpenter, h. 212 Bridge 
McElroy Hugh, grease collector, house 

rear 58 Charles 
McElroy HugWH. , glass blower, 137 Bridge, 

house at Somerville 
McElroy James, police, station 2, house 

12 Winsor 
McElroy James, grease collector, boards 

103 Fourth 
McElroy James, tin peddler, h. 153 Winsor 
McElroy John, grocer, 32 Vine, house do. 
McElroy John, safe maker, 17 Main 
McElroy Joseph, teamster, h. 101 Fourth 

McElroy Patrick, house 103 Fourth 
McElroy Patrick J., glass blower, 137 

Bridge, house 21 Fourth 
McElroy Peter, glass blower, 137 Bridge, 

house at Charlestown 
McElwain James, cabinet maker, house 

54 Fourth 
McElwain J., cabinetmaker, 44 Cambridge, 

rooms 84 do. 
McEnnis William, cabinet maker, boards 

180 Cambridge 
McFadden John, laborer, h. 263 Mt. Auburn 
McFadden Michael, conductor Cambridge 

R.R. Co., boards 3 Distillhouse 
McFadden Stephen, grocer, 57 Banks, 

house 261 Franklin 
McFadden Wm. H., carpenter, house 3 

McFadyen Samuel, boarding-house, 26 

McFall David, clergyman (Chambers st. 

chapel, B.), house 90 Fourth 
McFall S. John, cigar maker, 599 Main, 

house at Somerville 
McFarland Albert, blacksmith, 156 River 

house do. 
McFarland Bernard, teamster, 168 Main, b. 

71 Hastings 
McFarland Bridget, widow, h. 141 Elm 

E. and Forrest E. McFarland), provi- 
sions, Washington, cor. Brewery 
McFarland Celia, teacher, Allston grammar 

school, boards 98 Winsor 
McFarland Forrest E. (McFarland Bros.), 

provisions, Washington, cor. Brewery, 

house 7 Rogers' block, Main 
McFarland F. A., conductor Camb. R.R. 
McFarland George H., machinist, 17 Main, 

boards 20 Market 
McFarland James, bootmaker, 151 North 

avenue, house at Somerville 
McFarland James, machinist, 179 Broad- 
way, house 20 Market 
McFarland Jane, widow of George, house 

104 Putnam avenue 
McFarland John, case maker, 162 Broad- 
way, h. 102 Hampshire 
McFarland Lorenzo R., clerk, Washington 

market, bds. 3 Rogers' blk., Main 
McFarland Robert, lab., h. 31 Harding 
McFarland Robert L., clerk Washington 

market, house 3 Rogers' block, Main 
McFarland Roscoe E. (McFarland Bros.), 

provisions, Washington, cor. Brewery, 

house 18£ Tremont 
McFarland Samuel G., plasterer, boards 

104 Putnam avenue 
McFarland Thomas, laborer, bds. 141 Elm 
McFarland William, tinsmith, 502 Main, b. 

104 Putnam avenue 
McFarlane Chas. A., fireman, 547 Main, 

house 8 DeWolf 
McFarlane Eliza Mrs., h. 83 Plymouth 


Established 1860. SO DOCK ©QU^HE. 



McFarlane John, casemaker, 162 Broad- 
way, house 102 Hampshire 
McFeeley James, packer, 162 Broadway, 

house rear 17 Tremont 
McFeeley Patrick, boot and shoe maker, 91 

Main, rooms do. 
McGaffigan Michael, hostler, house 189 

North avenue 
McGahey Henry, mason, h. 126 Third 
McGahey John, mason, house 126 Third 
McGann John, laborer, h. 19 Jefferson 
McGarity Joseph, sewing machine agt., 1 

Columbia, house at Somerville 
McGarity M. C, sewing machine agt., 1 

Columbia, h. 426 Cambridge 
McGarrity William, laborer, house 426 

McGaughey James, teamster J. P. Squire 

& Co., house 143£ Gore 
McGeary Henry, bricklayer, house Murray, 

near Eliot 
McGee Catherine, widow, h. 39 Charles 
McGee Daniel, butcher, house 5 Carson 
McGee Patrick, engineer, 184 Broadway, 

house 122 Elm 
McGeoch Alexander, h. 93 Washington 
McGeough J., hostler, Cambridge R.R. 
McGill Charles L., shoemaker, 27£ River, 

house do. 
McGill John, safe maker, 17 Main 
McGill Mary, wid. of Jas. , h. 27 Second 
McGillicuddy Joseph H., clerk (B.), house 

112 Brookline 
McGillicuddy Timothy, mason, house 112 

McGillicuddy Timothy, laborer, house rear 

18 Sparks 
McGillivray Alex., (McGilvray Bros., 171 

Main, b. 22 Harvard 
McGillivray Bros. (Alexander and Stephen), 

groceries and provisions, 171 Main 
McGillivray Stephen, (McGillivray Bros.), 

provisions 171 Main,h. 22 Harvard 
Mc Gilvray Alex. A., carpenter, bds. 271 

McGilvray David F., boards 7 Holyoke pi. 
McGilvray Elouise C, widow of David F., 

h. 7 Holyoke place 
McGilvray Freeman, engineer B. & L.^ 

R. R., house 95 Otis 
McGilvray Jacob B., salesman, boards 7 

Holyoke place 
McGilvray John, carpenter M. E. Rideout 

& Co. State, h. r. 9 Hamilton 
McGinley Charles, boiler maker, 92 Main 
McGinn Bridget, widow of Frank, house 13 

Holly av. 
McGinness Anthony, currier, house 346 

North avenue 
McGinness Bridget, h. 65 Elm 
McGinness Catherine Miss, h. 212 Bridge 
McGinness Edward, brakeman F. R. R., 

house 12 Railroad 

McGinness Elizabeth, widow of Hugh, h. 

r. of 198 Bridge 
McGinness George, box maker, Hazlett & 

Co., First, bds 212 Bridge 
McGinness Hugh J., teamster, h. 10 Vine 
McGinness H. , driver Cambridge R. R. 
McGinness Kate E. Miss, dressmaker, 5 

Seventh, h. do. 
McGinness Kate J. Miss, h. 212 Bridge 
McGinness Mary Miss, clerk, 103 Cam- 
bridge, h. 5 Seventh 
McGinness Robert, tailor, h. 5 Seventh 
McGinness Robert jr., upholsterer, boards 

5 Seventh 
McGinniss James, wheelwright, bds. May, 

cor. Vineyard 
McGinniss John, laborer, house May, cor. 

McGinness Kenneth, carpenter, boards 383 

McGinness Mary, widow, house 383 Cam- 
McGinness Thomas, laborer, h. 30 Davis 
McGinty William, stone cutter, h. First, 

corner Spring 
McGirr Mary, widow of Francis F., h. 110 

McGirr Patrick, expressman, Lyceum 

building, Harvard row, h 71 Boylston 
McGivney John, brass moulder, house 50 


McGlashan Alexander, machinist, 356 

Main, house 451 do. 
McGlashan Alexander jr., apprentice, 356 

Main, boards 451 do. 
McGlinchy Andrew, bookfinisher Riverside 

Bindery, h. 1 Athens 
McGlinchy James,, laborer, h. 92 Fifth 
McGlinchy Peter, bottler, h. 271 Main 
McGlone Francis J., laborer, bds. Rolling 

Mill block, Bristol 
McGoldrick Edward F. , butcher, boards 14 

McGoldrick Hugh E., butcher, h. 14 Soden 
McGollick Daniel, glassblower, bds. 196 

McGonagle John, junk dealer, house 184 

McGonagle Michael, junk dealer, 184 

Spruce, h, do. 
McGookin William, driver Cambridge R. R., 

h. 4 Baldwin Court 
Mcgough James, hostler Cambridge R. R., 

bds. 24 Farwell place 
McGough James, marble worker, house 8 


McGovern James, ware dresser, 356 Main. 

bds. 23 Carson 
McGovern John, currier Miiller Bros. bds. 

168 Dublin 
McGovern John, laborer, house rear 123 

McGovern John B., h. r. 201 Cambridge 




McGovern Laurence, boiler maker, house 

23 Carson 
McGovern Mary, widow of Frank, house 

23 Carson 
McGovern Michael, machinist, 92 Main 
McGovern Michael H., engineer, house 45 

McGovern Philip, hackman, h. 32 "Warren 
McGowan James, plumber, 5 Brattle, b.. 17 

McGowan Michael, teamster, h. 105 Fourth 
McGowan Win., laborer, house 17 South 
McGrady Daniel, night watchman, house 30 

McGraith Arthur, silver burnisher, bds. 159 

McGraith Augustine, printer, boards 159 

McGraith Charles W., conductor Cam- 
bridge R.R., h. 97 River 
McGraith James, silver burnisher, boards 

159 Bridge 
McGraith Margaret, widow of James, h. 

159 Bridge 
McGrane James A., pressman, boards 161 

McGrane Patrick, teamster, G22 Main, h. 

161 Franklin 
McGrath Daniel, laborer, h. 17 Pine 
McGrath Daniel, molder, b. 194 Columbia 
McGrath Dennis, laborer, boards 102 

McGrath Edward, stone mason, house 9 

McGrath Frank, cabinet maker, boards 139 

McGrath James H., painter, boards 194 

McGrath John, engineer, h. 194 Columbia 
McGrath J. , car painter Cambridge R. R. 
McGrath Martha L., widow of Martin, h. 

Andrew n. Somerset 
McGrath Michael, hostler, 6 Brattle, house 

Murray n. Eliot 
McGrath Michael, laborer, h. 36 Warren 
McGrath Michael J., plumber's helper, bds. 

9 Cowperthwaite 
McGrath Michael F., salesman, (477 Wash- 
ington, B.), b. Thos. Mahar's, Auburn 

McGrath Robert, carpenter, 162 Broadway, 

h. Cushing 
McGregor Peter, glass cutter N. E. Glass 

Works, bds. 57 Gore 
McGregor, see MacGregor 
McGurder Patrick, confectioner, house 15 

McGue Thomas, express, Lechmere sq., h. 

150 Bridge 
McGuigen Charles, laborer, h. 42 Vine 
McGuire Bridget Mrs., h. 18 Mill 
McGuire Cornelius C, color mixer, 10 Ar- 

row,house 17 Mill 
McGuire Donald, house 131 Spring 

McGuire Frank Mrs., h. 169 Franklin 
McGuire Hugh, book-keeper, (3 Clinton 

market, B.), r. 4 Houghton 
McGuire James D., driver, b. 119 Fourth 
McGuire John, house 35 School 
McGuire John, laborer, house 34 Warren 
McGuire John J., bookbinder, bds. 18 Mill 
McGuire Joseph, house 34 Jefferson 
McGuire Maria, widow of Michael, dress- 
maker, house 119 Fourth 
McGuire Mary, widow of Terrence, house 

139 Bridge 
McGuire Maurice, piano polisher, 624 

Main, h. 35 School 
McGuire Orinda, widow of Matthew, h. 144 

McGuire Thomas, baker, h. 139 Elm 
McGuire Thos., laborer, house rear 215 

Mt Auburn 
McGuire Wm. B. Mrs-, h. 18 Lopez 
McGurk Catherine, widow of Hugh, house 

21 Harding 
McGurk James, restaurant, 1 Webster av. 

house do. 
McGurk John, coal heaver, h. 5 Vine 
McGurk John, laborer, h. 49 Hampshire 
McGurk JohnW., clerk, 461 Main, house 
17 Washington [119 Gore 

McGurk Matthew, shoemaker, house rear 
McGurk Patrick, mason, h. 174 Columbia 
McGurk Peter, machinist, (Charlestown) , 

house 70 Second 
McGurk Terrence, laborer, h. 21 Harding 
McGurty John, lab., rms., 156 Harvard 
McHaskell Charles, teamster, h. 12 Village 
McHenry James, molder, 356 Main 
McHugh Chas., iron moulder, h. 5 Lawrence 
McHugh Cornelius, iron moulder, Third, 

cor. Bent, house 5 Lawrence 
McHugh Edward, laborer, h. 3 Murdock 

M< III Cill FRANK, marble and 
granite worker 43 Main, h. 81 Charles 

McHugh Thomas Mrs. , house 5 Lawrence 

McHugh Timothy J., brass finisher, house 
135 Pearl 

McHugh, see McCue 

McHugo Wm. (W. H. Hazlett & Co.), 
First, house 70 Gore 

Mclnerny J. F., driver Camb. R. R. 

Mclnnes Angus, carpenter, 112 Inman, h. 
109 Winsor 

Mclnnes Hugh H., action maker, 113 
Broadway, house 27 Cherry 

Mclnness Edward, cabinet maker, 44 Cam- 
bridge, house at Boston 

Mclnness William, cabinet naker, 44 Cam- 

Mclntire Amelia A., widow of Ebenezer, 
house 70 Otis 

Mclntire Annie, widow, h. r. 161 Otis 

counsellor-at-law (75 State, B.), h. 
70 Otis 
Mclntire Daniel, laborer, h. r. 23 Harvard 

PACH BROTHERS, ^dtrHtu photocraphers 




Mclntire Fred, law student. H. U., rooms 

20 Prescott 
Mclntire George W., paper-hanger, house 

70 Inman [h. do. 

Mclntire Herbert B.. physician. 37 Brattle, 
Mclntire Joseph, carpenter, boards 138 

Mclntire Kate, widow, house 129 Otis 
Mclntire Michael, shoemaker, house 60 

Broadway [Columbia 

Mclntire Thomas carriage painter, h. 172 
Mclntire, see Mclntyre 
Mcintosh Ephraim D., tinman, boards 5 

Mcintosh George, carriage builder, 376 

Main, boards 52 Austin [Broadway 
Mcintosh Hugh, wood turner, house 210 
Mcintosh James, sawyer, 162 Broadway, 

rooms 402 Main 
Mclntyre James, plasterer, h. 16 Lopez 
Mclntyre Katie Miss, artist, bds. 15 Hollis 
Mclntyre Wm. W., printer, University 

Press, house 146 Mt. Auburn 
Mclntyre Wm. W. Mrs., dressmaker, 146 

Mt. Auburn, house do. 
Mclver James, tinsmith, 153 Putman ay., 

boards 5 Rockwell 
Mclver John, laborer, 184 Broadway, h. 

Hayes court 
Mclver Mary A., widow of Edward, dress- 
maker, house 4 Decatur 
McJunkins Samuel, fresco painter (114 

Harrison, av., B.), h. 4 Houghton 
McKay Alexander, carpenter, h. 7 Revere 
McKay Daniel, laborer, house 1 Murdock 
McKay Daniel, molder, bds. 374 Main 
McKay Gordon, trustee and agent McKay 

Sewing Machine Association (29 

High, B.), house 24 Arrow and 35 

Mt. Auburn 
McKay Hannah Mrs., boarding-house, 

374 Main 
McKay Henry, laborer, h. 42 Jefferson 
McKay James, laborer, house 84 Fifth 
McKay James J., carpenter, h. 125 Gore 
McKay John C, house 39 Baldwin 
McKay John F.. blacksmith, (Charlestown) 

house 10 Blanche 
McKay Kenneth, laborer, h. 93 Cambridge 
McKay Margaret A. , widow of William, h. 

130 Spring 
McKay Robert, molder, 356 Main 
McKay Robert, teamster, 17 East, boards 

27 Second 
McKay Roderick, laborer, house 189 

McKay Thomas, moulder, h. 374 Main 
McKay William J., lab., bds. 121 Pleasant 
McKean Annie H., Avidow, h. 29 Everett 
McKee Andrew H., potter A. H. Hews & 

Co., bds. 43 Cogswell av. 
McKee Janet, widow of James, house 43 

Cogswell avenue 
McKee Robert F., painter, house 10 South 

McKeen Abner W., blacksmith, boards 27 

MeKeen Benj. P., car driver, h. 30 Decatur 
McKeen F., conductor, Camb. R. R. 
McKeen II.. conductor, Cambridge R. R. 
McKeen John, blacksmith, h. 53 Fourth 
McKeen William B., clerk, 527 Main, h. 

30 Decatur 
McKeever Edward, bricklayer, house 66 

McKeever Eliza Miss, house 7 Otter 
McKeever Wm. J., compositor University 

Press, boards 141 Cambridge 
McKeever William J., laborer, house 

20 Hayes court 
McKelleget Patrick, wheelwright, house 

267 Cambridge 
McKelleget Richard J., lawyer (19 Court 

room 4, B.), house 71 Thorndike 
McKenna Ann. wid. of Hugh, house Bristol, 

near Webster avenue 
McKenna Edward, sawyer, h. 5 Hamilton 
McKenna Edward, printer, b. 458 Cam- 
bridge [114 Spring 
McKenna Frank, teamster 103 Bridge, bds. 
McKenna Hugh, watchman, h. 17 Willow 
McKenna Hugh J., machinist, house 118 

Webster avenue 
McKenna James, teamster, J. P. Squire's 

& Co., boards 3 Squires ct. 
McKenna James, teamster, 103 Bridge, h. 

114 Spring 
McKenna James, teamster, Wm. Reardon, 

house 18 Hunting [bridge 

McKenna James, wire worker, h. 458 Cam- 
McKenna John, helper, 126 Portland, house 

rear 116 Brookline 
McKenna John, laborer, h. 3 Squire's ct. 
McKenna John, laborer, h. 93 Brookline 
McKenna John, laborer, h. 123 Fourth 
McKenna John, teamster, h. Ill Spring 
McKenna John J., hostler, b. 33 Warren 
McKenna Mary. wid. of John, h. 131 Third 
McKenna Owen, laborer, h. 33 Warren 
McKenna Patrick, driver, bds. 3 Squire's ct. 
McKenna Patrick, moulder. 354 Main 
McKenna Patrick F., teamster, boards 3 

Squire's court 
McKenna Patrick, watchman. 169 Gore, h. 

123 Third 
McKenney E. H., conductor Camb. R.R. 
McKenney Frank E., tin peddler, house 107 

McKenney John, charcoal dealer, house 111 


McKenney Mary, widow of Patrick, h. 65 

Concord av. [nard place 

McKenney Patrick, carpenter, h. 17 May- 

McKenney Volley B., tin peddler, boards 

107 Winsor 
McKennon John, tinsmith 502 Main 
McKenzie Alexander, pastor First church 
in Cambridge, and secretary of over- 
seers H. U. , house 12 Garden 


Lots Bought, Sold, and Cared for. 


820 Main and 

S9 Sparks Sts. 



McKenzie Geo. F., cabinet maker, house 

134 Thorndike 
McKenzie James, Jones' soap factory, Pearl, 

house 75 Brookline 
McKenzie James K., blacksmith, 496 Main 

house 12 Essex 
McKenzie John, carpenter, h. 35 Donnell 
McKenzie John, lineman, 623 Main, house 

Broadway, cor. Columbia 
McKenzie John R., pressman Riverside 

Press, house 139 Brookline 
McKenzie Kenneth, currier, r. 370 North 

av., bds. at Somerville 
McKenzie Kenneth R., tinsmith, 6 Pearl 
McKenzie Margaret, widow, h. 78 Spring 
McKenzie William, stone cutter, 29 Main, 

h. at Somerville 
McKenzie William, telephone lineman, 623 

Main, h. Broadway, cor: Columbia 
McKeon James, barrels, 20 Webster av., 

house do. 
McKeon Maggie Miss, clerk, 587 Main, bds. 

20 Webster av. 
McKeown William F., jig-sawyer, h. 198 

McKercher A., driver Cambridge R. R. 
McKillican Robert, roofer, h. 49 Winter 
McKillop James, blacksmith, 427 Cam- 
bridge, house at Somerville 
McKinley Alonzo A., printer, boards 2 

Douglass ct. 
McKinley Joseph G., clerk (B.), house 2 

Douglass ct. 
McKinley Melissa M. Miss, teacher Alls- 
ton grammar school, boards 2 Doug- 
lass court 
McKinnon Charles E. (Kelley & McKin- 

non) , carpenter, 7 Western av. , house 

12 Clinton 
McKinnon Elizabeth, widow of John, house 

22 Green 
McKinnon Geo., key finisher, 139 Broad- 
way, h. 128 Green 
McKinnon John, 2 Albany, h. at Boston 
McKinnon John J., can painter, b. 22 Green 
McKinnon Nelson, carpenter, h. 3 Austin pi. 
McKinnon Patrick, moulder, b. 22 Green 
McKinnon W., blacksmith, 72 Main, bds. 

193 Hampshire 
McKircher A., driver Cambridge R. R., b. 

6 Harvard sq. 
McKithen Mary, widow of Frederick, h. 

15 Elmer 
McKnight John, stone cutter, 70 Bridge, b. 

at Chelsea 
McKune John, laborer, h. 7 Madison 
McKusick Amasa A., (B. P. Clark & Co.), 

503 Main, house 95 Auburn 
McKusick Leroy P. C, traveling salesman, 

593 Main, house 99 Norfolk 
McLanathan Bradford, house 104 Pearl 
McLane Alexander, carpenter, house 100 

McLane Charles, carpenter, bds. 391 Main 

McLane James, plumber, 5 Brattle, bds. 61 

McLane James A. (Harrison & McLane), 
bill poster, 78 Cambridge, house at 
McLane John, laborer, house Sibley ct. 
McLane John, painter, h. rear 178 Green 
McLane John S., plumber, b. 61 Boylston 
McLane Kate Miss, house 49 Harvard 
McLane Martha, widow, h. 68 Boylston 
McLane, see McLean 
McLaren J., conductor, Cambridge R. R., 

bds. 15£ Baldwin 
McLaud George, teamster, h. 32 Second 
McLauchlan Daniel, carpenter, h. 6 Sands 
McLauchlan James, carpenter, b. 6 Sands 
McLaughlin Alexander, laborer, b. 19 Vine 
McLaughlin Alonzo T., carpenter, house 28 

McLaughlin Daniel, laborer, house 126 

McLaughlin James, house 180 Hampshire 
McLaughlin James, cabinet maker, 23 Brat- 
tle, house 468 Cambridge 
McLaughlin John, grocer, 24 Vine, h. 15 do. 
McLaughlin John, teamster, h. 43 Vine 
McLaughlin Joseph A. brush maker, house 

99 Sixth 
McLaughlin Joseph H. , piano action maker, 

113 Broadway, h. 137 Pearl 
McLaughlin J. H., brush maker, 124 Har- 
vard, h. at Boston 
McLaughlin Mary, wid. of John, h. 4 Vine 
McLaughlin Patrick, cook (19 Kilby, B.), 

h. 28 Hancock 
McLaughlin Patrick, laborer, h. 418 Cam- 
McLaughlin Susan, widow of Patrick H., 

house 94 Tremont 
McLaughlin Thomas F., clerk 24 Vine, h. 

323 Cambridge 
McLaughlin William, piano key maker, 

137 Broadway, bds. 179£ Harvard 
McLaughlin William, cutter oil clothing, 

house 4 Vine 
McLean Allen L. , carpenter, house 1 Gar- 
den court 
McLean Daniel, moulder, h. 25 Ninth 
McLean George W., carpenter, 113 Broad- 
way, house 1 State 
McLean Isaac, carpenter (32 Lancaster, 

B.), house 5 Rice 
McLean James, apprentice 8 Brattle, boards 

61 Boylston 
McLean James, plumber, rms. 1 Brattle sq. 
McLean John, laborer, h. 61 Boylston 
McLean John, car driver, h. 23 Dunster 
McLean John S., carpenter, house rear 

233 Franklin 
McLean John S., tinsmith, 8 Brattle, bds. 

61 Boylston 
McLean Joseph, laborer, boards 21 McCabe 
McLean J., cabinetmaker, 44 Cambridge, 
house at Melrose 

DCCT Assortment of Bronze Hardware in New England 




McLean Laughlan, carpenter, boards 1 

Garden court 
McLean William laborer, h. 305 Cambridge 
McLean, see McLain and McLane 
McLearn Sarah, widow of Matthew, house 

71 Pearl 
McLeer John J., brush maker, h. 64 Vine 
McLellan James S., porter, 40 Boylston, 

house 27 Cowperthwaite 
McLellan John, slater, house 56 Winter 
McLelland James P., clerk (114 F. H. mar- 
ket, B.), house 4 Eaton 
McLelland John, bookkeeper, 206 Broad- 
way, boards 275 do. 
McLennan John, blacksmith, 4 Cambridge, 

house at Somerville 
McLeod Abraham J., clerk (140 Congress, 

B.), boards 2 Douglass 
McLeod Archibald S., fish and oysters, 3 
Brattle sq., h. 2 Symond's blk, DeWolf 
McLeod Erne, widow of Ronald, house 46 

McLeod James, coachman, h. 36 Ellery 
McLean John, laborer, house 6 Erie 
McLeod Joseph, mason, h. 18 Eliot 
McLeod Malcolm, machinist, house rear 

140 Spring 
McLeod Neil, shipbuilder, h. 2 Douglass 
McLeod Norman, wheelwright, 350 North 

avenue, boards 352 do. 
McLeod Roderick, horseshoer, 18 Cam- 
bridge, house at Somerville 
McLeod Wm. H., cutter (B.), boards 2 

McMahan' Bryan, porter, Cambridge R. R., 

house 24 Dunster 
McMahan Charles, laborer, h. 212 Third 
McMahan Frank, blacksmith, 72 Main, 

boards 8 Broadway 
McMahan Owen, laborer, h. 2 Water 
McMahan Patrick, stone cutter, h. Spring, 

cor. First 
McMahan Thomas, laborer, h. 152 Green 
McMahon Edward, h. 7 Water 
McMahon Ellen, widow, house 7 Water 
McMahon James, laborer, h. 176 Franklin 
McMahon John, blacksmith, h. 56 Cedar 
McMahon John P., brush maker, (106 Sud- 
bury, B.), house 74 Spring 
McMahon Michael, laborer John Reardon 

& Sons, house 87 Brookline 
McMahon Patrick, stone cutter, house 

First, cor. Spring 
McMahon Thomas, carriage trimmer, 

Church, opp. Palmer, h. 28 Dunster 
McMahon Thomas, laborer, h. 242 Cam- 
bridge [Porter 
McMahon Wm. H., expressman, house 45 
McMahon William J., clerk (122 Canal, 

B.), boards 45 Porter 
McMann Eliza, widow of Thomas, house 

18 Brown 
McMann James, laborer, house Murray, 
near Boylston 

McMannis Felix, laborer N. E. Glass Co., 
house 99 Gore 

McMannis' Frank, polisher, b. 8 Conlon ct. 

McManus John, laborer, h. 6 Cogswell pi. 

McManus John, shoemakar, Flagg, corner 
Banks, house 31 Flagg 

McManus Terrance, junk, h. 8 Conlon ct. 

McManus Thomas, laborer, h. 123 Fourth 

McMarrow C, baker, 502 Main 

McMaster Margaret Mrs., Tiouse 74 Spring 

McMaster Robert, boiler maker, 92 Main, 
house 2 Broadway 

McMaster William H., baker, 502 Main 
house 20 Decatur 

McMaugh Patrick, soap maker, 184 Broad- 
way, house 143 Winsor 

McMeniman Charles jr., painter, house 
102 Tremont 

McMenemen Charles E. (Murray & Mc- 
Menimen), painter, 44 Gore, boards 
68 Winter [Winter 

McMenimen Frank A., printer, boards 68 

McMenimen George E., boards 68 Winter 

McMenimen John E., machinist {65 High, 
B.), boards 68 Winter 

McMenimen Jos. M. , driver, b. 68 Winter 

McMenimen Mary, widow of William M., 
house 68 Winter 

McMenimen Wm. H., police, station 3, 
house 35 Fourth [91 Green 

McMicael Winfield L., clerk (B.), house 

McMillan Ewen, compositor, house 22 Mt. 

McMillin Edward, hostler, Cambridge R.R. 
house 37 Hastings 

McMullins James, laborer h. 14 Warren 

McMunn George F., inspector Cambridge 
Gas Light Co., house at Somerville 

McMurphy Fred W., boiler maker, 92 
Main, boards 9 Broadway 

McMurray Peter (McMurray & Jones), 
blacksmith, Third, h. 58 Webster av. 

McMurray & Jones (Peter McMurray and 
Charles E. Jones), blacksmiths, Third, 
near Gas House 

McMurtrie David, salesman (477 Washing- 
ton, B.), house 48 Spring 

McNabb Angus, carpenter, house 16l£ 

McNabb Hugh S., shoemaker, 402 Harvard, 
boards 16l£ Broadway 

McNabb William, lab., b. 16l£ Broadway 

McNabb Wm. S., piano maker Ivers & 
Pond Piano Co., Albany, h. 61 Broad- 
way [at Boston 

McNair Alexander, clerk, 580 Main, house 

McNall Catherine, widow of John, house 
rear 141 Columbia 

McNally Alice, wid. of Jas., h. 12 Railroad 

McNally Daniel, bootmaker, 43£ Cam- 
bridge, house 17£ Third 

McNally J. R., conductor Cambridge R. R. 
Co., house 12 Dunster [Hamilton 

McNamara Ann, wid. of Malachi, house 9 




MeXamara Arthur W., wood turner, 348 
Main, boards 17 Allston 

MeXamara Daniel, laborer, 368 Main. h. 16 
Hayes court 

McNamara Daniel, laborer, 169 Gore, b. 15 

MeXamara Daniel J., provisions, 240 Cam- 
bridge, house 273 do. 

MeXamara Daniel J., upholsterer, 386 
Main. h. at Boston [lin 

MeXamara Dennis, printer, h. r. 233 Frank- 

McXamara Eugene T., engraver, boards 
417 Cambridge [Brookline 

MeXamara James, city teamster, house 70 

MeXamara James, driver Cambridge R. R. 
Co., h. Holworthy c., Holworthy place 

MeXamara John E., bds. 417 Cambridge 

MeXamara John W. . laborer, h, 9 Jeffer- 

MeXamara John, laborer, h. r. 23 Hancock 

MeXamara John J., saloon 307 Cambridge, 
h. 273 do. 

MeXamara John, laborer, 356 Main, house 
16 Hayes court 

MeXamara John, organ varnisher, 162 
Broadway, house 417 Cambridge 

MeXamara Mary. Avid, of Win. h. 5 Short 

MeXamara Michael, wood turner (34 Bev- 
erly, B.). house 17 Allston, cor. Bell 

MeXamara Patrick, city laborer, house r. 
126 Brookline 

MeXamara Patrick, horse shoer, Palmer, n. 
Church, house at Boston 

MeXamara Patrick, laborer, house 214 

MeXamara Thomas E., npholsterer, house 
5 Short 

MeXamara William, wood turner (34 Bev- 
erly. B.). boards 17 Allston 

MeXamara Wm., engineer, h. 323 Cam- 

MeXamee David I., granite worker, house 
5 Huron 

MeXamee Hugh J., police, station 1, house 
3 Athens 

MeXamee James H., foreman Union Mar- 
ble Works, h. dishing, near Belmont 

MeXamee James T., bookbinder, 418 Har- 
vard, boards 3 Athens 

MeXamee John, laborer, h. r. 58 Winter 

MeXamee John, Granite Works, Mt. Au- 
burn, opposite Elmwood avenue, h. 197 
Lake View avenue 

McULOIEE JOHN, groceries and 
liquors, 333 Main, h. do. 
MeXamee John, laborer, boards 58 Winter 
MeXamee John T., marble worker, house 

5 Huron 
MeXamee J. H. H., bookbinder, 418 Har- 
vard, house 46 Trowbridge 
MeXamee Mary Mrs., house 333 Main 
MeXamee William A., marble worker, Mt. 
Auburn, opposite Elmwood avenue, b. 
197 Lake View avenue 

McXaughton Anthony, milkman, 69 Alls- 
ton, house do. 
McXaughton Daniel, express, house 69 

McXaughton, see Xaughton 
McXeil Angus carpenter, house 380 Cam- 
McXeil Edward, painter, bds. 33 Green 
McXeil Elizabeth Mrs., h. 122 Elm 
McXeil Laughlin, laborer, h. 29 Winter 
McXeil. see Xeill 

McXeill James, laborer, h. 127 Washington 
McXeill James, carpenter, house 70 Spruce 
McNichol Daniel, laborer, house rear 202 

McXichol Patrick, porter (477 Washing- 
ton, B.). house 181 Bridge 
McXinch Robert W. (Cummings, Kenney 

& Co.), lumber, Bridge- opp. Prison 

Point bridge, house at Boston 
McXinch Samuel, bookkeeper Cummings, 

Kenney & Co., Bridge, opp. Prison 

Point bridge, boards at Boston 
McXulty Catherine, widow of Daniel, h. 31 

McXulty Daniel, blacksmith, h. 31 Hardiug 
McXulty Hugh, laborer, house Garden 

court, last on left 
McXulty Patrick, laborer bds. 31 Haading 
McXulty Rose Miss, house 96 Spring 
M'Cov Frank H., painter, 604 Main, bds. 

18 Rockwell 
M'Coy George M., agent (216 Washington, 

B.), house 224 Putnam avenue 
M'Coy Rozilla A., widow of Madison, h. 18 

M'Coy William B. , bds. 18 Rockwell 
McPeak James F., silver plater (B.), bds. 

64 Charles 
McPeak John, laborer, boards 15 Warren 
McPeak John, tin peddler, rooms 383 

Cambridge [at Boston 

McPeak Patrick, helper, 17 Main, boards 
McPeak Patrick, grocer, 64 Charles, h. do. 
McPeck James H., clerk, 438 Cambridge, h. 

38 Union 
McPeck Xeal, liquors and restaurant, 161 

Prospect, house at Somerville 
McPKail Edward A., clerk, 147 Xorth ave. 

rooms H. J. Reddick's, Porter's station 
McPhee Alexander, stone mason, h. 21 

McPhee Dougal, at Kennedy's bakery, 

502 Main, house 34 Brookline 
McPhee James, baker, bds. 34 Brookline 
McPhee Margaret, wid. of Dougal, house 

34 Brookline 
McPherson Ewen R., flonr and com. mer. 

(204 State, B.), house 64 Chestnut 
McPherson Isabella, widow of Thomas, h. 

79 Boylston 
McPherson John, clerk (204 State, B.), 

house 4 Florence 



H. Wm. Tupper, Manager. 




McPherson Nancy P., wid. of Fletcher, 

nurse, h. 8 Salem 
McQuade Alexander, laborer, boards 303 

McQuade Bernard, teamster, b. 303 Cam- 
McQuade John, brass finisher, h. 110 Otis 
McQuade John, pressman, 368 Main, h. at 

McQuade Margaret, widow of Patrick, h. 

303 Cambridge 
McQuade Patrick, laborer, b. 303 Cambridge 
McQuade Terrence, laborer, h. rear 36 

McQuarrie Angus, carriage smith, (B.), h. 

502 Cambridge 
McQuatters William, coffin maker, 203 

Bridge, house at Charlestown 
McQueen Alexander, cooper, (B.), h. 15 

McQueen Malcom, stone cutter, house 24 

McQueen Wm., baker, 502 Main 
McQuesten John, conductor Cambridge R. 

R., b. 24 Holyoke 
McQuigin Frank J., compositor, house 

New, n. F. R. R. 
McQuigin Patrick, laborer, house New, n 

F.R. R. 
McQuilkin Kate Mrs., 339 Main 
McQuillan Hugh, hairdresser, 182 North 

ave., h. 9 Coperthwaite 
McQuillan Mary A., wid. of Thomas, h. 87 

McRae Kenneth Mrs., house 54 Cedar 
McRae Lewis K., harness maker, house 9 

Rogers' block, Main 
McRobbie Leslie, granite cutter, house 15 

McSorley Archibald, chemist, 150 Broad- 
way, h. 564 Main 
McSorley James, butcher, b. 8 Stevens ct. 
McSorley John, house 62 Spring 
McSorley Mary, wid. of John, h. 16 Vine 
McSorley Peter, tinsmith, h. 125 Third 
McSorley Peter F., driver, engine No. 3, 

b. 62 Spring 
McSorley Thomas, teamster, h. 8 Stevens 

McSorley Wesley, chemist, 150 Broadway, 

bds. 564 Main 
McSwain Samuel, carpenter, house 218 

Putnam avenue 
McSweeney Daniel, laborer, b. 107 Spruce 
McSweeney Daniel, laborer, h. 114 Third 
McSweeney Edward D., shipper H. M. 

Sawyer, boards 114 Third 
McSweeney James, butcher, h. 5 Winter 
McSweeney Patrick, h. 107 Spruce 
MeSweeney, see Sweeney 
McTague Peter, h. 68 Harvard 
McVey John, pottery, 23 Harvey, h. 11 do. 
McVicker Duncan, carpenter, boards 108 

Mc Williams George, brakeman B. & A. R. 

R., house 20 Lake 
Meacham Harry, clerk (282 Washington, 

B.), bds. Porter's Hotel 
Meacom George E., apothecary, 105 Cam- 
bridge, house at Charlestown 
Mead A. Eugene, house 282 North avenue 
Mead Charles C, printer (223 Washington, 

B.), house 322 Harvard 
Mead Charles W. , printer, (223 Washing- 
ton, B.), bds. 322 Harvard 
Mead Frank W., contractor, (70 State B.), 

h. 152 North avenue 
Mead John F., mason and builder, h. 1 Jay 
Mead Margaret, widow of Thomas house 

79 Bolton 
Mead Mary, wid. of Wm., h. 8 Meacham 
Mead William S., (6 Blackstone market, 

B.), bds. Wm. R. Mead's, Elm 
Mead Wm. R., provisions, (1 Blackstone 
market, B.), h. Elm, 1st north of Beech 
Meade John W., machinist, h. 85 Elm 
Meade Julia, widow of Thomas, h. 85 Elm 
Meade Peter, shoemaker, 125 Dublin, h. do. 
Meagher Dennis, driver Cambridge R. R. 
Co., h. Holworthy, opp. Holworthy pi. 
Meagher Thomas, farmer, h. Auburn place 
Meagher William H., janitor, boards. 89 

Mealey Patrick, carpenter Rhoades build- 
ing, State 
Meany Timothy, laborer, boards 15 Warren 
Mears Catharine Miss, h. 83 North avenue 
Meckel Joseph, cigar maker, 119 Cam- 
bridge, h. 128 Spring 
Meda J., cabinet maker, 54 Bridge 
Medeiros Antonio J., shoemaker, 7 Har- 
vard square, house Rogers' court 
Medeiros Jose, cabinet maker, h. rear 12 

Medeiros Jose, laborer, h. rear 171 Winsor 
Medows Manuel J., laborer, h. 17 Seventh 
Meehan Thos., cabinet maker, 54 Bridge, 

house 96 Third 
Megan Andrew, laborer, bds. 48 Andrew 
Megan Francis J., stock clerk, (67 Com- 
mercial, B.), house 48 Andrew 
Megan John, laborer, boards 48 Andrew 
Megan Thomas, house 48 Andrew 
Meggett Robert W., hostler, h. rear 188 

Megroth Charles H., carpenter, house 43 

Western avenue 
Megroth Charles W. . conductor Cambridge 

R.R.. h. 95£ River 
Megroth Wm. N., piano action maker, 113 

Broadway, house 93£ Green 
Meharg Joseph, groceries and provisions, 

145 and 147 Pleasant, h. 3 Gordon pi. 
Meharg Robert R., clerk 145 Pleasant, 

boards 3 Gordon place 
Mehegan Ellen, wid. of John, h. 112 Third 
Mehegan Robert J., pressman (4 Williams 
court, B.), boards 112 Third 

PI4niPE GREEN " H0USE PLANTS-New and Rare, D 

U ll U 9 U L 820 Main and 89 Sparks Streets. 1 . 



Melcher Abbot L., stone cutter, h. 126 Nor- 
Melcher Daniel R., carpenter, house 27 

Meldrum John, machinist 12 Gore, h. 214 

Melick William R,, baker, h. 31 Green 
Melledge Edgar C, clerk (117 Federal, B.), 

house 335 Harvard 
Melledge James H., house 335 Harvard 
Melledge Mary Miss, house 335 Harvard 
Melledge Robert J., (91 State, B.), house 

335 Harvard 
Melledge S. J., widow of James P., house 

335 Harvard 
Mellen Edwin D., at 184 Broadway, 

house 307 do. 
Mellen Elizabeth, wid., h. 133 Western av. 
^[ELLEN JAUIES (Curtis Davis ft 
_1\JlCo.), soap mnfr., 184 Broadway and 

(136 State, B.), house 31 Essex 
Mellen James E., teacher of boxing H. U. 

gymnasium, rooms do. 
Mellen Joseph, machinist, boards 32 West- 
ern avenue 
Mellen Michael, at Riverside Press, house 

135 Brookline 
Mellen Sarah, widow, boards 307 Broadway 
Melley Arthur, engineer, 172 Pearl, house 

121 Pleasant 
Melley Patrick, laborer, house Garden ct., 

between Dublin and Garden 
Melley Patrick, soapmaker, 172 Pearl, 

house 60 River 
Mello Joseph M.. hairdresser, 427 Main, 

boards 9 Winsor 
Mellor Jos. S., clerk (Chelsea), bds. 14 

Mellsop William C. baker, 910 Main, h. do. 
Meloon Hopkins H., produce (19 Black- 
stone, B.), house 67 Third 
Meloon Minnie A. Miss, music teacher, 
boards 67 Third [67 Third 

Meloon Seviah, widow of David C, house 
Melville Edward, cook, 122 Cambridge, 

house 1 Sixth 
Melville Thomas, hostler, 43 Cambridge, 

boards 12 Stevens' ct. 
Melvin Edward M., carriage painter, 178 

North avenue, bds. 15 Farwell pi. 
Melvin Jane, widow of John, house 2 

Shepherd's block Charles River 
Melvin John H., machinist, 174 Broadway, 

house 72 Winsor 
Melvin Patrick C. tailor, h. 19 Sixth 
Melvin William, clerk, 17 Brattle, boards 2 

Shepherd's block, Charles River 
Menix Catherine, widow of Patrick, house 

147 Main 
Menix Murtlvy, cabinet maker, boards 

147 Main 
Mcnton Patrick, laborer, h. rear 50 Amory 
Menzer James, machinist, h. 23 Decatur 
Menzies James, machinist, 72 Main 

Mercer William L., broker (50 School, B.), 

house 78 Inman 
Mercer William W., janitor, (53 Devon- 
shire, B.), house 34 Brewery 
Merchant Thomas, laborer, 203 Bridge, 

boards at Somerville 
Meredith Morgan, boiler maker, 356 Main, 

house at Somerville 
Meriam Dorcas J., widow of John N., 

house 143 Magazine 
Meriam Emeline, widow of William, house 

11 Clinton 
Meriam Susie M. Miss, h. 143 Magazine 
Merriam Albert Mrs., h. 369 Cambridge 
Merriam Geo. H., insurance agent, house 

10 Prospect 
Merriam Harry L., carpenter, b. 10 Prospect 
Merriam Oliver, carver, h. 17 Winter 
Merrick Frederick F., laborer, house 55 

Merrick Richard, laborer, 126 Portland, 

house 41 Porter 
Merrifield Gustavus V., pocket book maker 

boards 36 Auburn 
Merrifield Otis E., clerk, 6 Brattle, house 

69 Wright 
Merrifield Walter L., express messenger, 

(40 Court square, B.), boards 385 North 

Merrifield William, express driver, 600 

Main, house at Boston 
Merrill Allyne L., student (Mass. Inst, of 

Technology, B.), boards 65 Dana 
Merrill David G. , foreman, 3 Hampshire, 

house 30 Norfolk 
Merrill Eugene E., mnfg. jeweler (353 

Washington, B.), bds. 30 Norfolk 
Merrill George D., hack driver, b. 5 Story 
Merrill George E., elk. (4 Winthrop sq. , B.), 
house 4 Greenough av. 

and shoes (469 Washington, B.), h. 
65 Dana 
Merrill Herbert S., clerk (178 Commercial, 

B.), house Russell, cor. Orchard 
Merrill Horace A., carpenter, h. 24 Rice 
Merrill Joseph F., printer, h. 86 Moore 
Merrill J. Warren, treasurer (12 N. Y. 

Mut. Ins. bldg., 95 Milk, B.), house 

400 Broadway 
Merrill Lorenzo, foreman 169 Gore, 

house 11 Sixth 
Merrill Louis B., sawyer, 3 Hampshire, 

boards 30 Norfolk 
Merrill Robert D., driver Camb. R.R., 

boards 11 River 
Merrill T. Wattson (12 New York Mut. Ins. 

bldg., 95 Milk, B.), h. 400 Broadway 
Merrill Walter A., sawyer, 3 Hampshire, 

house 61 Cherry [bert av. 

Merrill AVilliam, wheelwright, h. 7 Lam- 
Merritt Edgar A., mason, bds. 51 Winsor 
Merritt Edward, wood turner, 131 Broad- 
way, bds. 1 Washington 




Merritt Elisha L., mason, h. 51 Winsor 

Merritt Kate Mrs. , house 75 Fifth 

Meserve John W., mechanical engineer, 
604 Main, boards 15 Magazine 

Meserve Lydia Mrs., h. 104 Worcester 

Mesier Henry Mrs., boards 120 Brattle 

Messenger Samuel, h. 11 Front 

Messenger William H., carpenter, house 61 

Messer Daniel E. (D. E. Messer & Bro.), 
grocer, 159 Harvard, rooms 177k do. 

Messer Dan. Y., salesman (199 State, B.), 
h. 3 Mt. Pleasant 

Messer D. E. & Bro. (Daniel E. and Gor- 
ham B. Messer), grocers, 159 Harvard 

Messer Frank action maker, 162 Broadway, 
h. 140 Harvard 

Messer George, driver Messer's ex., bds. 
155 Winsor 

Messer Gorham B. (D. E. Messer & Bro.), 
grocer, 159 Harvard, boards 140 do. 

Messer John M., teamster Wm. A. Messer, 
boards 94 Webster avenue 

Messer Lucy, widow of Willard, boards 28 

Messer L. Wilbur, general secretary, Cam- 
bridge, Young Men's Christian Associa- 
tion, 613 Main, room 3, h. 74 Magazine 

Messer Stillman, house 140 Harvard 

MESSER WM A., furniture mover, 
97 Webster avenue, house 94 do. 
Mestler Edward A., boots and shoes, 625 

Main, bds. 70 Franklin 
Metcalf Charles C, proof corrector Boston 

Transcript (324 Washington, B.), h. 2 

Metcalf Chas. H., assistant at observatory, 

H. U., rooms 28 Divinity Hall 
Metcalf C. Clifford, clerk (66 State, B.), 

boards 2 Sidney 
Metcalf Eliab W., editor "Courier" (299 

Washington, B.), h. 49 Walden 
Metcalf Greenleaf W., fly-finisher. 162 

Broadway, house 1 Allston court 
Metcalf Louisa C, Miss, h. 154 Mt. Auburn 
Metcalf Nancy C, widow of Chas. R., h. 

154 Mount Auburn 
Metcalf Willard L., artist (57Tremont, B), 

boards 1 Allston court 

METCALF WM. S., compiler 
and proof-reader at W. A. Green- 
ough & Co.'s Directory office, Bowdoin 
building (31 Milk, room 39, B.), house 
22 Lowell 

Metivier Noel, saloon, 113 Spruce, h. do. 

Metzger Andrew, vocalist, h. 158 Otis 

Metzger Joseph, music recorder and pat- 
entee organette mnfr, also saloon, 200 
Cambridge, house do. 

Meyer Henrich, engineer Herald (4 Wil- 
liams court, B.), house 43 Reed 

Meyer John, varnisher F. Geldowsky Fur- 
- niture Co., house 51 Vine 

Meyer JohnF. A., hairdresser, h. 13 Winsor 

Michael Daniel, laborer, h. 2 Rogers' blk., 

Michaelson Michael S., cabinet maker, 162 

Broadway, house 223 do. 
Middlemas H. H., driver Cambridge R. R. 
Midgely Thomas, carpenter, B. & L. R. R. 

shop, house 62 Cambridge 
Mier Christian, merchant, h. 93 Fifth 
Miesner Christian, sugar boiler, h. 4 Buck's 

block, Seventh 
Mifflin George H. (H. O. Houghton & Co.), 
printer Riverside Press, and (Hough- 
ton, Mifflin & Co.), publisher (4 Park, 
B.), house at Boston 
Miles Dennis W., harness maker, bds. 60 

Miles Edmund, proof reviser, University 

Press, house 4 Charles River 
Miles Elizabeth, widow of Edward, h. 60 

Miles Fernando, foreman, Harvard sq. sta- 
ble Cambridge R.R. Co., house 11 
Miles Frank H., stereotyper University 

Press, house 1 Eustis court 
Miles Thomas, boards 2 Lawrence 
Miles, see Myles 

Millan Alexander, fish and oysters, ^Brat- 
tle, h. 12 DeWolf 
Millan Horace E., driver, 502 Main, house 

40 Sidney 
Millard Wm., tinsmith (79 North, B.), h. 

106 Pearl 
Millen Frederick A., wood moulder, house 

18 Gore 
Millen Wm. A., dentist (13 Tremont row, 

B.), boards 101 Allston 
Millen Wm. J., foreman (1 and 3 Sudbury, 

B.), house 101 Allston 
Miller Adolph, cigar maker, h. r. 6 Cherry 

MILLER BROS., (George H. and 
Frank H. Miller), watches and jew- 
elry, 593 Main 
Miller Catherine wid. of Frederick, house 

89 Third 
Miller Charles, cabinet maker, 384 Main, 

house 62 Harvard 
Miller Charles, painter, bds. 64 Spring 
Miller Charles H., cook, h. 37 Willow 
Miller Charles jr., turner, bds. 62 Harvard 
Miller Charles S., printer Riverside Press, 

boards 32 Brookline 
Miller Claborn C, janitor (B.), bds. rear 

33 Hastings 
Miller D. at Cambridge R. R. Co., repair 

shop, Dunster 
Miller Ellen, wid. of Geo., h. 7 Appianway 
Miller Ellis F., undertakers' materials (19 

Washington, B.), house 13 Roseland 
Miller Eliza, widow of Claborn C, house 

rear 33 Hastings 
Miller Fanny W. C. Mrs., h. 122 Hancock 
Miller Frank H. (Miller Bros.), watches 

and jewelry, 637 Main, b. 32 Brookline 




Miller Fred J., action maker, 113 Broad- 
way, boards at Somerville 
Miller Fredeman, decorator, N. E., Glass 

Co., house 10G Spring 
Miller George G., blacksmith B. & A. R.R. 

(Allston), house 32 Brookline 
Miller George H. (Miller Bros.), watches 

and jewelry, 637 Main, b. 32 Brookline 
Miller George S., compositor, rooms 22 

Miller Henry S., machinist, 356 Main, bds. 

32 Brookline [Broadway 

Miller Herbert W., prop. Ross House, 7 
Miller Ingram B., carpenter, Banks near 

Sands, house 7 Appian way 
Miller James, fireman (B.), bds. 118 Har- 
Miller James, laborer, h. 26 Charles River 
Miller James H., blacksmith, h. 18 Upton 
Miller John, boiler maker, 118 Harvard 
Miller John, house 47 Amory 
Miller John, piano maker (B.), house 102 

Fourth [120 Harvard 

Miller John jr., painter, 642 Main, boards 
Miller Martha C, wid. of David, h. 91 Elm 
Miller Morgan, pensioner, bds. 13 Elmer 
Miller Otto, cooper, house 80 Third 
Miller Robert J., painter bds. 118 Harvard 
Miller Samuel, painter, house 27 Fourth 
Miller Stuart C, produce (104 F. H. mar- 
ket, B.), house 122 Hancock 
Miller William, laborer, h. 215 Mt. Auburn 
Miller Win. F., wood turner, 602 Main, h. 

62 Harvard 
Miller Wm. G., foreman (Water, corner 

Chamber, Charlestown), h. 9 Franklin 
Miller Wm. H., janitor (28 School, B.), h. 

rear 60 Cambridge 
Miller Wm. Martin, piano-hammer coverer, 

564 Main, house 8 State 
Millet Josiah B., clerk Riverside Press, h. 

at Boston 
Millett George W., printer Riverside Press, 

house 85£ Putnam avenue 
Millete Felix, broom maker, boards B. Le 

Croix's Crescent av. 
Milligan Daniel H., shoemaker, 36 Fifth, 

house 159 Norfolk 
Milligan James, merchant tailor (339 Wash- 
ington, B.), house 28 Fayette 
Milligan John D. (U. S. N.), b. 28 Fayette 
Milligan William, dentist, 613 Main, bds. 

28 Fayette 
Milliken Jas. E., express, 12 Brattle and 

(26 Devonshire, B.), h. 8 Mt. Auburn 
Milliken James S. (Texas), h. 8 Mt. Aubiirn 
Millmore John, moulder, boards 2 Han- 

num's block, 114 Broadway 
Millmore Luke, driver, 91 Broadwav, bds. 

114 do. 
Millmore Patrick, hostler Cambridge R. R. 

Co., 201 Main, house 2 Hannum's blk., 

rear 114 Broadway 

Millner Charles H., tinsmith, 552 Main, 

house 69 Western avenue [bia 

Millner James N., tinsmith, h. 136 Colum- 
Milner John, plumber, h. 67£ Western av. 
Mills Alexander, crockery, etc., (25 Union, 

B.), h. 247 Broadway 
Mills Benj. F., stenographer Riverside 

Press, and stenograph teacher, 8 Tufts, 

house do. 
Mills Benj. F., clerk (18 P. O. sq., B.), 

bds. 64 Winter 
Mills Charles L., carpenter, bds. 46 Boylston 
Mills David S., hatter, house 72 Inman 
Mills Frank, machinist (76 Beverly, B.), 

house 115 Green 
Mills George, fixture maker, 358 Main, 

boards at Watertown 
Mills James, hairdresser (122 Cambridge, 

B.), house 45 Winsor 
Mills Jas. H., cabinet maker, h. 64 Winter 
Mills Jas. H. jr., cane-chair seater, boards 

64 Winter [dike 

Mills John, sugar refinery, house 139 Thorn- 
Mills Samuel J., clerk, Inman Square 

Hotel, boards do. 
Mills William, carpenter, h. 35 Willard 
Milne George Duncan, cashier (95 Milk, 

B.), house 6 Pemberton 
Milne Helen, widow of Robert, house 201 

North avenue 
Milton Henry, house 174 Columbia 
Milton James, tinsmith, bds. 174 Columbia 
Milton Joseph, gardener Botanic Garden, 

Raymond, house do. 
Milton Robert B., cabinet maker (38 Char- 
don, B.), boards 56 Second 
Mimneugh James, house 298 Cambridge 
Mimnaeugh Thomas, brakeman B. & A. R. 

R., house 33 Warren 
Minane John, laborer, h. 7 Maynard place 
Minane Thomas H. , granite polisher, |bds. 

7 Maynard place 
Minard A. S. Mrs., dressmhker, 32 Pros- 
pect, house do. 
Minding Jane, wid. of Philip, h. 20 Murdock 
Minehan John, laborer, house 36 Reed 
Miner Augusta A., widow of Charles, house 

80 Thorndike [Hastings 

Miner Catherine, widow of Henry, house 39 
Miner Edward F. , machinist, 72 Main, house 

152 Pearl [29 Ash 

Miner Everett L., elk. 458 Harvard, boards 
Miner Fred L., clerk, 161 Cambridge, bds. 

80 Thorndike 
Miner Henry A., apothecary, 161 Cam- 
bridge, house 80 Thorndike 
Miner Wm. , laborer, house 34 Hastings 
Minnigh Michael, laborer, h. 8 Stevens ct. 
Minot Elizabeth, widow of George, house 

38 Concord avenue 
Minott James M. , apothecary, 415 and 528 

Cambridge, house at Somerville 
Minton P., trackman, Cambridge R. R. 


H. Wm. Tupoer. Manager. 




Mirick Augusta G. Mrs., teacher, Putnam 

grammar school, house 139 Thcmdike 
Mirick George A. , student, b. 139 Thorndike 
Mirick Lelia A. Miss, teajtfier Thorndike 

grammar school, b. 139 Thorndike 
Mitchell Albert, expressman, h. 10 Norton 
Mitchell Charles, box maker, boards 134 

Mitchell Eliza J., teacher Sargent primary- 
school, boards 116 Winsor 
Mitchell Elizabeth, widow of William, h. 

60 Hastings 
Mitchell Elizabeth H., widow of William 

S., house 89 Plymouth 
Mitchell Erastus C, box maker, boards 134 

Mitchell Frank H., foreman, h. 64 River 
Mitchell Frank L., bookbinder Riverside 

Press, boards 221 Pearl 
Mitchell Frederic M., B. & A. R. R., bds. 

28 Front 
Mitchell Fred. R. B., drug clerk, boards 68 

Mitchell George, teamster, rooms 43 Wash- 
Mitchell George E., carpenter, h. School, 

corner Moore 
Mitchell George E., stereotyper, bds. 105 

Putnam avenue [Thorndike 

Mitchell George L., glass cutter, house 113 
MitchellJames V. B., clerk, 92 Pleasant, 

house 68 Fairmont 
"Mitchell Jesse, watchmau, 120 Portland, 

boards 53 Cherry 
Mitchell John, laborer, boards 8 Hastings 
Mitchell J., machinist, 72 Main 
Mitchell J. Frank, foreman of stereotype 

room, Riverside Press, house 221 Pearl 
Mitchell Mary, widow of John, house 8 

Mitchell Mary E., widow of Henry A., h. 

28 Front [place 

Mitchell Samuel S., laborer, h. 4 Cogswell 
Mitchell Sarah P., widow of George, nurse, 

house School, cor. Moore [do. 

Mitchell Thomas, grocer, 18 Hancock, h. 
Mitchell William, harness maker, Cam- 
bridge, junc. Bridge, h. 116 Winsor 
Mitchell William D., tinsmith, house 8 

Mitchell Wm. R., moulder, h. 180 Green 
Mitivier James, tutor, boards 16 Shepard 
Mitton Edward J. , supt. (450 Washington, 

B.), house 18 Lee [bia 

Mixon Frederick H., cooper, h. 174 Colum- 
Modeste Chas. E., laborer, h. 1 Inman pi. 
Moeser Philip, cigar maker, h. 20 Hastings 
Mogridge Samuel, wool sorter, b. 9 Frank 
Mohwinkel Fritz, laborer, h. rear 6 Lopez 
Moller A. B. Mrs., modeste, 762 Main, 

house do. 
Moller Christian B., furniture, etc., 449 

Main, house 449£ do. 

Moller Gustave, clerk, 449£ Main, house 36 
Cherry [Sidney 

Moller Gustave, furniture repairer, h. 25 
Molloy Mary, of Martin, b. 283 Cambridge 
Molloy Michael, hostler, h. 283 Cambridge 
Moloney Daniel, tinsmith, h. 283 Camb. 
Moloney William A., printer University 

Press, house 19 Baldwin 
Moltman Robert H. , gardener, City Hospi- 
tal, (814 Harrison av., B.), house Hoi- 
worthy, near Locust 
Moltman William J., bookkeeper (Broad, 
cor. Central, B.), bds. Robert H. Molt- 
man's, Holworthy 
Monaghan Bridget Miss, house 8 Fifth 
Monaghan Hugh J. , moulder, bds. Second, 

cor. Vine 
Monahan Catherine widow of Fran- 
cis, h. rear 19 Bolton 
Monahan Henry, brakeman F. R. R., house 
6G Waverly [Cambridge 

Monahan John J., steam fitter, house 504 
Monahan Patrick, laborer, house Rolling 

Mill block, Bristol 
Moeahan Patrick, laborer, h. 20 Willow 
Monblo Francis T. N. , stoves, 188 Cam- 
bridge, house 87 Vine 
Monihan Abby Mrs., house rear 6 North 
Monoghan Patrick, tube maker (Somer- 

ville), h. 171 Dublin 
Monroe Amos, house 63 Auburn 
Monroe Charles W. Mrs., h. 11 Farwell pi. 
Monroe Eunice M. , widow of Henry P. , h. 

64 Pearl 
Monroe, see Munro and Munroe 
Montague Charles Hibbard, clerk (52 India, 

B.), boards 26 Fayette 
Montague Edward, key maker, 139 Broad- 
way, boards 28 Cherry 
Montague Samuel L., com. merchant (309 

Atlantic avenue, B.), h. 26 Fayette 
Montague Sarah A. Mrs., fancy goods, 12 

Inman square, house 70 Antrim 
Monte Louis, tinsmith, house 193 Main 
Monte Octave, at Am. Rubber Co., b. 193 

Montgomery Andrew, slater, h. 188 Norfolk 
Montgomery Edward, sawyer, 162 Broad- 
way, boards 52 Winsor 
Montgomery Geo., city lamplighter, h. 40 

Montgomery Geo., teamster, b. 69 Spring 
Montgomery G. W., driver Cambridge R. 

R. Co. 
Montgomery James A., laborer, h. 42 Fifth 
Montgomery Mark, gluer, 162 Broadway, 

boards 93 Winsor 
Montgomery Robert A., pressman "Globe" 
(238 Washington, B.), house 11 Rog- 
ers' block, Main [h. 69 Spring 
Montgomery Thomas, city lamplighter, 
Montgomery Thomas A., express driver, 
195 Broadway, boards 40 Hampshire 


0'BH.IEN c*5 SON 




Montgomery William G., soap maker, h. 

32 Davis 
Montgomery William H. Mrs., express, 506 

and 614 Main, and (10 F. H. square, 

B.), house 22 Brookline 
Montgomery William J., driver Montgom- 
ery express, 644 Main, b. 22 Brookline 
Montvil Joseph, laborer, boards Mansion 

House, Gore [10 Elm 

Monzan Joseph, clerk (20 Federal, B.), h. 
Moody John, laborer, house 23 Hastings 
Moody John F., machinist, house 8 Eighth, 

near railroad crossing 
Moody John H., foreman pressroom (238 

Washington, B.), house 330 Broadway 
Moody William, machinist (53 Beverly, 

B.), house 487 Main [183 Columbia 
Mooney Alice, widow of William J., house 
Mooney Bernard, laborer, bds. 179 Bridge 
Mooney Bernard F., plumber, h. 179 Bridge 
Mooney Charles S., architect (32 Femb. sq., 

B.), boards 23 Lancaster 
Mooney Daniel, house 107 Tremont 
Mooney George F., boiler maker, boards 

10 Davis 
Mooney John, boiler maker, 92 Main, 

boards 10 Davis 
Mooney John, laborer, h. 6 Hastings 
Mooney John, shipping clerk, h. 133 Spring 
Mooney John, laborer, h. 118 Dublin 
Mooney John E., boarding-house, 5 Linden 
Mooney John M., boots and shoes, 177 

Cambridge, house 73 Third 
Mooney Mary A., widow of William M., 

house 2 Hastings' square 
Mooney Fatrick, brass worker, house 6 

Mooney William, machinist, 72 Main, house 

at Boston 
Mooney William L. , tinsmith, h. 456 Camb. 
Moor Clark R. Rev. , house 5 Walnut av. 
Moor Daniel, tinsmith, house 121 Third 
Moor James C, grocer, 192 Cambridge 

rooms 141 Otis 
Moor, see Moors 
Moore Arthur, fly finisher, 162 Broadway, 

boards 229 do. 
Moore Augustus S., foreman, 282 Broad- 
way, boards 12 Elm 
Moore Charles (Charles Moore] & Co.), 

hardware, etc., 8 Brattle, house Lang- 
don, near North avenue 
Moore Charles A., hostler, house Harvey, 

corner Jackson 

(Charles and Edward R. Moore), hard- 
ware, cutlery, etc., 8 Brattle 
Moore Charles H., instructor in Drawing 
and Principles of Design H. U., house 
19 Follen 
Moore Clarence A. (C. A. Moore & Co.), 
confectionery mnfr., 282 Broadway, 
and (37 Union, B.), rooms 12 Elm 
Moore Cyrus J., clothes cleaner, etc., 430£ 
Main, house 36 Hastings 

MOORE C. A. & CO. (Clarence 
A. Moore and George T. Perry), con- 
fectionery mnfrs., 282 Broadway, and 
(37 Union, Boston) 
Moore C, hostler, Cambridge R.R., Co. 
Moore Daniel, teamster, 168 Main, house 

39 Hastings 
Moore David H., musician, h. 3 Allston ct. 
Moore Edward R. (Charles Moore & Co.), 

hardware, etc., 8 Brattle, h. 24 Mellen 
Moore Ellen, widow of Wm., h. 92 Harvard 
Moore Ephraim M., provisions, house 31 

Moore Frank R., packer, 203 Bridge, bds. 

at Waltham 
Moore Frederick, physician (Maverick sq., 

E. B.), house 1 Sparks 
Moore George, laborer, h. 29 Harvard 
Moore George A., architect (9 Pemberton 

square, B.), boards 132 Mt. Auburn 
Moore George F. jr., wood turner, bds. 10 

Moore Hannah E. Miss, h. 47 Magazine 
Moore Hopkins E., wire worker, house 17 

Moore Hugh A., laborer, bds. 10 Davis 
Moore James, grease collector, house 3 

Essex court [r. 41 Clark 

Moore Jane, widow of Alexander, house 
Moore Jane, widow of John, house rear 

131 Columbia 
Moore Jane, wid. of Nicholas, h. 17 Gerry 
Moore Jane Miss, dressmaker, 17 Gerry, 

house do. 
Moore Joanna, widow of John, house 98 

Moore Joaquin, marble polisher, 70 Bridge, 

boards at Boston 
Moore John, polisher, bds. 39 Charles 
Moore John A., piano action maker, 113 

Broadway, house 4 Elm 
Moore John A., painter, house 10 Jay 
Moore Joseph W., provisions (147 Lever- 

ett, B.), house 31 Antrim 
Moore Kittie A., bds. 291 Broadway 
Moore Martha E., widow of Patrick, nurse, 

house 17 Western av. 
Moore Martin, laborerj John Reardon & 

Sons, h. 269 Putnam av. 
Moore Marv, widow of Edmond J., house 

159 Franklin [h. 135 Otis 

Moore Matthew R., police station 3, 
Moore Nancy, widow, house 11 Jay 
Moore Nathaniel, stevedore, h. 173 Elm 
Moore Nicholas, waiter, bds. 445J Main 
Moore Perley D., leather (172 and 178 Pur- 
chase, B.), house 6 River 
Moore Richard F., clerk, b. 127 Harvard 
Moore Thomas, laborer, h. 16 North 
Moore [Thomas A., carpenter, house 4 

Austin place 
Moore Thos. W., farmer, h. Crescent av. 
Moore William, laborer, bds. 9 Revere 
Moore William C, engineer (21 Haverhill, 

B.), h. 3 Rogers' block, Main 


All kinds of HARDWARE GOODS at 
Lowest Prices. 20 Dock Square. 



Moorehead John, laborer John Reardon & 

Sons, h. 39 Blackstone 
Moorehouse Daniel, pressman Riverside 

Press, house 34 Fairmont 
Moores Albion J., clerk (518 Washington, 

B.), boards 65 Pleasant 
Moors Frank B., conductor, Camb. R.R., 

boards Baldwin-st. station 
Mora Frank, carpenter, house 28 Baldwin 
Moran Bridget, widow, h. 176 Green 
Moran Catherine, widow of Thomas, house 

222 Franklin [b. 236 do. 

Moran Clias. P., furniture, 238 Cambridge, 
Moran Edward, dramatic property man, 

house 16 East 
Moran Ellen, widow of John, h. 16 East 
Moran Ellen, widow, house 73 Third 
Moran Frank, laborer, house 34 Boylston 
Moran Henry, moulder, 354 Main 
Moran James, laborer, bds. 164 Gore 
Moran John, boarding-house, 164 Gore 
Moran John, laborer, bds. 53 Vine 
Moran John J., clerk, h. 34 Clark 
Moran Joseph, glass-blower, N. E. Glass 

Works, house 23 Winter 
Moran Jos. jr., glass worker, h. 36 Winter 
Moran Lucy, widow of Daniel, house 139 

Brookline [from Harvey 

Moran Martin, hen dealer, house Clay, 2d 
Moran Mary, widow of Francis, house rear 

38 Boylston [next Harvey 

Moran Mary, widow of Martin, h. Clay, 
Moran Patrick, marble cutter, house rear 

152 Bridge [Harvey 

Moran Thomas, hen dealer, house Clay, n. 
Moran Thomas, tinsmith, 12 Brattle 
Moran Thomas, at Am. Tube Works (Som- 

erville), house Holworthy place 
Moran William, coachman William Read, 

house 9 Tuttle [Winter 

Moran William H., glass worker, boards 23 
Moranda A., 203 Bridge, h. 26 Winter 
Morandus George D. , hairdresser (56 Dover, 

West Somerville), h. 15 Reed [do. 

Morandus John O., hairdresser, r. 41 Reed 
Morehouse D. J., assistant foreman, Press 

Room Riverside Press, h. 34 Fairmont 
Moreland Fred A., clerk, 472 Harvard, b. 

at Allston 
Moreland Jas. H. , box maker, 3 Hampshire 
Morey Philemon, salesman (10 India, B.), 

rooms 40 Prospect 
Morgan Alfred, picture frames, 434 Har- 
vard, house 16 Winthrop 
Morgan Charles, mariner, h. 6 Cherry 
Morgan Emma, wid. of Wm., h. Bristol, n. 

Webster av. 
Morgan George F., conveyancer Registry 

of Deeds, Otis, c. Second, b.,59 Third 
Morgan Harriet Mrs., h. 97 Mt. Auburn 
Morgan Henry, blacksmith, 368 Main, h. 

31 Carson 
Morgan James, clerk, 145 Pleasant, bds. 3 

Gordon pi. 

Morgan Julia A., widow of Joshua, house 

46 Trem'ont 
Morgan Midhael, shoemaker, 23 Gore, h. do. 
Morgan Thfomas H., jig-sawyer, 162 Broad- 
way, house 9 Suffolk 
Moriarty Bridget, widow, h. 1 George 
Moriarty Charles A., painter, boards 452 

Moriarty Henry M., action maker, 162 

Broadway, house 6 Sumner 

Moriarty John P., blacksmith, 72 Main, h. 

4 Foster's blk., 87 Main [Broadway 

Moriarty Mary, widow of Daniel, house 452 

Moriarty Patrick H., salesman, 7 Harvard 

square, house 14 Farwell place 
Moring Anna L. Mrs., house 12 Quincy 
Moring Charles F., house 12 Quincy 
Morley J., watchman 8th st. stable, Cam- 
bridge R. R. [23 Irving 
Morley Mary A., widow of Thomas, house 
Moroney Johannah, wid. h. 174 Thorndike 
Morrill Alfred (Morrill & Allen), machin- 
ists and steam engines, 356 Main, bds. 
10 Village 
Morrill Dexter J., express, h. 25 Banks 
Morrill George A., woolen waste (B. &. P. 

R. R. depot, B.),h. 61 Green 
Morrill Henry T., clerk (Somerville), bds. 

1 Dover 
Morrill Leonard, house 35 Front 
Morrill Henry S., student H. U., rooms 58 

Mt. Auburn 
Morrill William F. , shoemaker 10 Franklin 
av., B.), house 58 Mt, Auburn 

Morrill and Albert F. Allen), machi- 
nists and steam engines, etc., 356 Main 
Morris Chas. P., laborer, b. 162 Hampshire 
Morris Emery T., porter (107 Milk, B.), 

bds. 162 Hampshire 
Morris George, carpenter, h. 9 Jay 
Morris George H,, cabinet maker, house 
Hotel Clark [Pleasant 

Morris James H., in-door man, rooms 43 
Morris Jennie, widow of Henry, house 180 
Hampshire [ster av. 

Morris John, baker, h. Bristol, near Web- 
Morris Letty Mrs., dressmaker, 39 Gore, 
house do. [rooms rear 96 Gore 

Morris Manwell, brush maker, 32 First, 
Morris Mary J., widow of William R., 

dressmaker, 162 Hampshire, h. do. 
Morris Michael, confectioner, h. 39 Gore 
Morris Thomas F., brass finisher, h. Bristol, 

near Webster avenue 
Morris William, hostler Cambridge R. R. 
Co. , house Auburn pi. , 3d on right 

Morris , tinsmith, 502 Main 

Morrison Alexander, laborer, h. 32 Vine 
Morrison Asa L., machine hand, 162 Broad- 
way, b. 57 Sixth 
Morrison Bayard H. , clerk C. R. Wood 
(Congress sq., B.), b. 9 Felton 




Morrison Daniel W., collector Adams Ex- 
press (40 Court, B.), rooms 101 West- 
ern av. 
Morrison George A. (Whorf & Morrison) , 
fish and oysters, 28 Central square, h. 
58 Green 
Morrison Gordon, -waiter, h. 114 Columbia 
Morrison Harland P., butter and cheese 
(14 New F. H. market, B.),h. 18 Avon 
Morrison James, brass finisher (Oliver, B.), 
h. 8 Douglass [house 18 Avon 

Morrison James, grocer (41 Portland, B.), 
Morrison John, foreman, 169 Gore, house 
162 do. [at Boston 

Morrison John, porter, 162 Broadway, h. 
Morrison John P., machinist, h. 2 Ninth 
Morrison Norman, laborer, bds. 9 Revere 
Morrison Sarah C, widow of John, house 
18 Avon [Main 

Morrison William, wood turner, boards 374 
Morrison William A., house 9 Felton 
Morrissey Andrew, bricklayer, h. 12 Eighth 
Morrissey Elizabeth A., widow of John S., 
house 174 Gore [Montgomery 

Morrissey Michael, laborer, house 24 
Morrissey Richard, carriage painter, boards 
172 Columbia [174 Gore 

Morrissey Sarah, widow of Thos., house 
Morrow Francis A., printer, house rear 7 
Cowperthwaite [56 Second 

Morrow Harry, driver 203 Bridge, boards 
Morrow James, at Dover Stamping Co., b. 
5 Rockwell [Russell 

Morse Albert D., paper hanger, house 2 

MORSE ASA P., pres. Cambridge, 
port National Bank, 585 Main, also 

shook mnfr. (19 Exchange pi., B.), h. 

81 Magazine 
Morse Charles E., bookbinder Riverside 

bindery, house 103 Pleasant 
Morse Cyrus B, at University Press, house 

17 DeWolf 
Morse Cyrns E., bookbinder Riverside 

Press, rooms 20 Watson 
Morse Edward H., conductor Chas. R. R. 

Co., bds. 62 Wright 
Morse Edwin T., photographer, Main, c. 

Brewery, honse do. 
Morse Ellen Mrs., h. 11 Flagg st. court 
Morse Francis A., harness maker, Cam- 
bridge R. R. Co., Dunster, b. 62 Wright 
Morse George, carriage trimmer, rear 10 

Brattle, house 11 Flagg st. court 
Morse George A., harness maker, 5 Palmer, 

house 62 Wright 
Morse George A., lawyer (209 Washington. 

B.), boards 371 Harvard 
Morse George E., house 99 Auburn 
Morse George H., laborer, h. 149 Main 
Morse Henry L. , salesman (42 Summer, 

B.), house 75 North avenue [Main 

Morse Henry M., travelling salesman,, 502 
Morse Horace A., express driver, Lyceum 

building, Harvard square, h. 9 Charles 


Morse Isaac S., attorney (209 Washington, 

B.), house 371 Harvard 
Morse James B., house 17 DeWolf 
Morse James Drummond, book finisher 
Riverside Press, house 13£ Franklin 
Morse John, student H. U. , bds. 347 Harvrrd 
Morse Kate E., widow of F. H., house 28 
Dunster [20 Jay 

Morse Kendall, hostler, 70 Norfolk, house 
Morse Orrin A., salesman (450 Washing- 
ton, B.), house 103 Cambridge 
Morse Peter, brick maker, house Walden, 

between Garden and Dublin 
Morse Sarah, widow, dressmaker, boards 9 

Charles River 
Morse Timothy D., umbrella maker, 508 

Main, house 30 Eighth 
Morse William A., h- 239 Broadway 
Morse William H., bds. 239 Broadway 
Morse Wm. Frank, clerk, h. 99 Auburn 
Morson Charles R., carpenter, house 120 

"Webster av. 
Mortell Maurice, teamster, h. 63 Spruce 
Morton Clara A., widow of IraB., house 7 
Pleasant place [avenue 

Morton Frank, butcher, boards 310 North 
Morton Frank J. , clerk (33 Bowker. B.), 
house 18 Front [27 Mellen 

Morton Frederick W., student H. U., h. 
Morton Geo. B., action maker, 137 Broad- 
way' house 38 Sacramento 
Morton Mary, widow of Thos. h. 18 Front 
Morton Sarah H. Mrs., widow of Sullivan, 

bds. 37 Mellen 
Morton Walter, carpenter, house 26 Eighth 
Moses Charles W., student, bds. 137 Pearl 
Moses Jacob, salesman, h. 137 Pearl 
Mosher Alfred, cooper, 130 Gore, house 347 

Mosher A. M. Mrs., house 7 Ware 
Mossey Mary, widow of Edward, house 3 

Webster avenue 
Moulton Chas. Howard, bds. 9 Garden 
Moulton Charles H. (Moulton & Sadler) , 
clocks, etc., 190 Cambridge, house 57 
Sixth [Main 

Moulton Charles J. B., collector, house 872 
Moulton Charles W. H. (C. W. H. Moul- 
ton & Co.), ladders, etc., Gore, near 
Sixth, house 131 Thorndiko 
Moulton Claudius B., shirt and overall 
manufacturer (85 Water, B.), house 
Mt. Pleasant, corner Walden 
Moulton C. Warren, trav. salesman (2 Lib- 
erty sq.,B.), h. 19Inman 
Moulton C. W. H. & Co. (Charles W. H. 

Moulton), ladders, Gore near Sixth 
Moulton Elizabeth C, widow of Joel, h. 

44 Holyoke 
Moulton Fred L. , printer, h. 55 Winsor 
Moulton John G., piano maker (B.), house 

150 Prospect 
Moulton W. True, foreman C. W. H., 
Moulton & Co., b. 125 Thorndike 

DAPU DDflTUCDC main street, 

rAUH DnUlrlLno, next beck hall, 

H. "Win. Tupper, Manager, 



Lithographers, Block and Albertype 


Commercial Work, 






MAX CREMNITZ, Paris, France, 



sX3^^ ? 


The Albertype process, as now perfected, stands pre-eminent 
amongst the numerous photo-mechanical methods for the 



-^Scientific, Hietnrical and Medical SnciEtiEB^ 

Will find it specially adapted to the illustration of their 

I \eports, P'ac-^pimiles of Wbiects of Scientific Yalue, 


It is Extensivelv used by PUBLISHERS for the Illustration of 


Commercial Catalogues, 


In all cases, as when Steel Engravings, Paintings, Photographs, 
&c, are re-produced, the prints wiil be found to combine all the finish 
of the original, in detail, with the permanency and equality of an ink 

Specimens and Estimates furnished on application. 

\ Forbes Company, $ 




Moulton & Sadler (Chas. II. Moulton and 

James M. Sadler), clocks, etc., 190 

Mountford Warren, carpenter, (450 Wash., 

B.), h. 520 Main 
Mt. Auburn Cemetery, Mt. Auburn, near 

Watertown line, office (16 Pemberton 

square, 'Boston [Mt. Auburn 

Mt. Auburn Conservatory, Brattle, near 
Mt Auburn Marble and Granite Works, opp. 

Mt. Auburn cemetery, A. McDonald, 

Mowinkel August, house 137 Pleasant 
Mowll Charles F., foreman 243 Broadway, 

house 124 Otis [4 River 

Mowry Lottie C, widow of Albert E., h. 
Mowry Smith A., boards 4 River 
Moy James W., pressman, h. 41 Garden 
Moy Lor, laundryman, 560 Main, bds. do. 
Moylan Mary, widow of Michael, house 

Spring, corner Eighth 
Moynahan Abbey, widow of Patrick, house 

rear 6 North 
Moynahan Daniel, laborer, h. r. 7 Fifth 
Moynahan Humphrey, laborer, b. 6 North 
Moynahan Jeremiah, house 193 Norfolk 
Moynahan Jeremiah jr., (Moynahan & Co.), 

stoves, etc., 467 Cambridge, house 

193 Norfolk [193 Norfolk 

Moynahan Michael J., tin peddler, house 
Moynahan Patrick, laborer, b. 6 North 
Moynahan & Co. (Jere. Moynahan jr. and 

Thos. F., Rafferty), stoves, etc., 467 

Mukes Burrill, laborer, house 53 Portland 
Mulcahay Jeremiah, tailor, 18 Boylston, h. 

Murray near Eliot 
Mulcahy John, currier, h. 194 Dublin 
Mulcahy John F., liquors, 188 Norfolk, 

house do. 
Mulcahy Michael, laborer, b. 3 Porter 
Mulcahy Nicholas, currier h. 45 Reed 
Mulcahy Patrick, currier, boards 45 Reed 
Mulcahy Patrick, currier, h. r. 45 Reed 
Mulcahy Thos. J., currier, bds. 45 Reed 
Muldoon Mary, widow, h. 13^ Warren 
Mulford Elisha Rev., lecturer in Theology, 

Episcopal Theo. school, Brattle, house 

41 Bowdoin 
Mulhall George J., bookkeeper, (36 Pearl, 

B.), boards 17 Magazine 
Mulhall Henry P., clerk, (10 Central, B.), 

house 17 Magazine 
Mulhearn John F., cigar maker, house 88 

Webster avenue [Bow 

Mulheriu Eliza Miss, dressmaker, h. 25 
Mulhern Chas., carpenter, b. 23 Hunting 
Mulhern Chas. R., lab., bds. Rogers' ct. 
Mulhern Ellen, widow of Patrick, house 

Rogers' court 
Mulhern James, carpenter, b. 23 Hunting 
Mulhern Mary, wid. of Geo. h. 23 Hunting 
Mulholland Michael, confectioner, 150 

Broadwav, house 40 Brookline 

Mull Frederick, restaurant, (B.), house 
150 Spring [Mt. Auburn 

Mullan Edgar, driver Camb. R. R. bds. 88 
Mullany John, clerk, 1 Webster av., h. do. 
Mullany Patrick, laborer, h. 36 Warren 
Mullen Ann, w. of Robert, h. 8 Jefferson 
Mullen Dominick, laborer, h. 35 Flagg 
Mullen David, house 9 Bow 
Mullen E., driver Car». R. R. Co. 
Mullen Geo., machinist, h. 476 Cambridge 
Mullen Geo. J., plasterer, h. 30 Rice 
Mullen Jam3s H., key mkr., 139 Broadway, 

boards 41 Winsor 
Mullen Jas. J., cabinet mkr. b. 34 Harding 
Mullen James J., printer (32 Hawley, B.), 

house 156 Green 
Mullen James W., carpenter, B. & L. R. 

ft., house at Wilmington 
Mullen John, laborer, house 3 Porter 
Mullen John, laborer, house 19 Third 
Mullen John, laborer, house 16 Vine 
Mullen Joseph, peddler, h. 34 Jefferson 
Mullen Julia M. Miss, bookkeeper, 908 

Main. bds. 9 Bow 
Mullen J. Edward, clerk (477 Washington, 

B.), boards 9 Bow 
Mullen Malachi, watchman, h. 196 Green 
Mullen Margaret, widow of James, house 

34 Harding 
Mullen Michael, laborer, h. 6 Hayes ct. 
Mullen Nicholas, at N. E. Glass Works, h. 

177 Cambridge 
Mullen Patrick, pressman, h. 168 Franklin 
Mullen Robert, laborer, house 93 Spring 
Mullen Thomas, boiler maker, 72 Main 
Mullen Thomas teamster, 28 Bridge, boards 
23 Fourth [177 Cambridge 

Mullen Thomas F., brush maker, boards 
Mullen William, fresco painter, house 41 
Brookline [Jefferson 

Mullen William H., at 54 Bridge, house 8 
Mullen, see Mullin 

Miiller Bros. (William Henry, Christian & 
Edward A. Miiller), tanners and cur- 
riers, Tannery (26 South, B.) 
Miiller Christian (Miiller Bros.), tanner, 

Tannery, house Tannery. 1st. on left 
Miiller Edward A. (Miiller Bros.), Tannery, 

boards Slioam Muller's, Tannery 
Miiller Henry (Miiller Bros.), tanner, Tan- 
nery, house 388 North av. 
Miiller Slioam, widow of William, house 

Tannery, 4th on left 
Miiller William (Miiller Bros.), tanner, 

Tannery, house at Arlington 
Mullett Angenett Mrs. , h. 9 Charles River 
Mullett Frank B., teamster, 113 Broadway, 

house Bristol near Webster av. 
Mullett Frank C, confectioner, (B.), h. 

15 Suffolk 
Mullett George A., ice cream and confec- 
tionery, 150 Harvard, rooms 136 do. 
Mullett Walter A,, confectioner, 503 Main, 
rooms 47 Austin 


P. O'BBIEN & SOX, 820 Main and 89 Sparka Streets 




Mullett William, sergeant of police, station 

3, house 177 Otis 
Mullett William H., engineer University 

Press, boards Miss Margaret Wheeler's 

Winthrop square 
Mullholland John, bds. 84 Cambridge 
Mulligan Catherine, widow of Thomas, h. 

10 North [24 Decatur 

Mulligan John, laborer, 172 Pearl, h. rear 
Mulligan John, laborer, bds. 176 Gore 
Mulligan John jr., laborer, boards rear 24 

Decatur [r. 24 Decatur 

Mulligan Thomas E., laborer, 172 Pearl, h. 
Mulliken Harriet, widow of Edward, house 

1 Davenport 
Mulliken John E. A., clerk, 28 Bridge, 

boards at Somerville 
Mulliken Nelson C, clerk (264 Devonshire, 

B.), bds. 1 Davenport 
Mulliken William H., bookkeeper, 68 

Bridge, boards at Lexington 
Mullin Christopher, watchman, house 267 

Putnam avenue [Winsor 

Mullin George I., polisher, (B.), boards 41 
Mullin John, car inspector B. & L. R. R., 

house 10 East 
Mullin Patrick, laborer, h. 5 Squire's court 
Mullin Peter, salesman (204 State, B.), h. 

249 Putnam avenue 
Mullin William, laborer, 54 Bridge 
Mullin Wm. B., key maker, 139 Broadway'*, 

boards 41 Winsor 
Mullin Wm. H., key maker, 139 Broadway, 

house 41 Winsor 
Mullin, see Mullen 

Mullins Hugh J., hack driver, h. 60 Vine 
Mullins John, laborer, h. 7 Murdock [do. 
Mullins Thomas, grocer, 17 .Third, h. 21 
Mullins W., laborer, N. E. Glass Works, 

North [12 Brookline 

Mulloney Ellen T., Avidow of John, house 
Mulloney James T., bookkeeper (62 Sud- 
bury, B.), boards 12 Brookline 
Mulloney John D., telegraph operator, 

boards 12 Brookline 
Mulloney Mary E. Miss, teacher Gore pri- 
mary school, bds. 12 Brookline 
Mulrey John, laborer, boards 20 Foster 
Mulrey Michael, laborer, house 20 Foster 
Mulrey Patrick J., stone cutter (Brighton), 

house foot of Holworthy 
Mulvahill Jeremiah, lab., h. 203 Franklin 
Mulvahill Joseph, clerk, bds. 252 Franklin 
Mulvahill Kate, widow, h. 239 Franklin 
Mulvaney Morris, laborer, house 42 Gore 
Mulvaney Simon, laborer, b. 42 Gore 
Mumler Chester F., bds. 12 Wendell 
Mumler John F., electrotype finisher 

University Press, h. 12 Wendell 
Munday James, stone cutter, b. 109 Spring 
Monday Matthew J., granite worker John 

McNamee. Mt. Auburn, b. 109 Spring 
Munday Patrick, stone cult?r, h. 109 Spring 
Munday Patrick jr., machinist, boards 

109 Spring 

Munday Thomas, mason, b. 109 Spring 
Mundy John F. Rev., asst. pastor Saint 

Mary's church, h. 55 Norfolk 
Munns James, laborer, h. 59 Hastings 
Munroe Charles, h. 11 Webster av. 
Munroe Charles, janitor City building, 

Brattle sq., house 19 Eliot [Fairmont 
Munroe Charles H., provisions, house 60 
Munroe Charles W., treas., Russ Moulding 

Co., house Kirkland, near Sumner 
Munroe Emma F. Miss, teacher High 

school, boards 409 Broadway 
Munroe Enoch, wheelwright, 52 Cambridge 

house 409 Broadway 
Mnnroe Eunice M., widow of Henry P., 

house 64 Pearl 
Munroe Francis E., boards 64 Pearl 
Munroe George H., reed maker, 162 Broad- 
way, house 24 Prospect 
Munroe George H., salesman, b. 35 Dunster 
Munroe Hannah F., widow of William W., 

house 53 Austin 
Munroe Henry A., bds. Ill Cambridge 
Munroe James A., bookkeeper (20 Dock 

sq., B.), b. Philip Nutting's, Nutting pi. 
Munroe Nathaniel, asst. Cambridge R.R. 

Co., house 16 Wallace 
Munroe Nathaniel W., saloon, 111 Cam- 
bridge, house do. 
Munroe Philip C, express, order box 

(Faneuil Hall sq., B.), and grocer, 11 

Webster avenne, house do. 
Mnnroe Susan Mrs., h. 35 Dunster 
Munroe Wm. A., lawyer (35 Court, room 

2, B.), h. Chestnut, cor. Acorn 
Munroe, see also Monroe 
Munsil Milton R., lineman B. & A. R.R., 

house Hotel Cambridge, Crescent av. 
Murch Charles W., teamster, house 142 

Murdoch Elspeth, Miss, dressmaker, 131 

Franklin, boards do, [Western avenue 
Murdock Frank R., carpenter, house 89 
Murdock Frank R., confectionery, and 

fruit, 155 Cambridge, house do. 
Murdock George W. T., clerk, 854 Main, 

boards 223 Green 
Murdock Maria Miss, house 661 Main 
Murdock Robert A., clerk (87 Summer, 

B.), boards 223 Green 
Murdock Walter H., florist. 46 Grigg, h. do. 
Murdock William J., bricklayer, house 

rear 52 Spruce 
Murley David, laborer, house 7 Hastings 
Murnigham Patrick, switchman, F. R.R., 

h. 132 Dublin [21 Porter 

Murnighan James, grease peddler, house 
Murnighan Michael, laborer, house 124 

Murphy Arthur, plasterer, b. 44 Boylston 
Murphy Bridget, widow of John, house 

Montgomery, 2d from Spruce 
Murphv Catherine, widow of Michael, h. 



Established 1860. 30 DOCK SQUARE. 



Murphy Cornelius, laborer, h. 22 Carson 
Murphy Cornelius, laborer, h. 22 Hayes ct. 
Murphy Cornelius, laborer, h. 8 Harding 
Murphy Cornelius, city laborer, h. 8 Lopez 
Murphy Cornelius, teamster, 256 Bridge, 

house Third 
Murphy Cornelius A., policeman, station 5, 

house 48 Montgomery [75 Hastings 

Murphy Daniel, engineer, 92 Main, house 
Murphy Daniel, laborer, 169 Gore house 14 

Murphy Daniel, carpenter, house 11 West 
Murphy Daniel, laborer, bds. 8 Harding 
Murphy Daniel, laborer, bds., 16 McCabe 
Murphy Daniel, laborer, house 54 North 
Murphy Daniel P., action maker, 162 Broad- 
way, house 110 Antrim 
Murphy Da\i 1, laborer, house 133 Portland 
Murphy Dennis, coachman, h. 95 Kinnaird 
Murphy Dennis, laborer, bds. 139 Bridge 
Murphy Dennis, sexton Church of the Sa- 
cred Heard, house 78 Vine 
Murphy Edward, in rolling mill, h. 30 Davis 
Murphv Edward W., upholsterer (B.), h. 

Murphy Ellen, wid. of Michael, h. GG Spring 
Murphy Ellen, widow of John, house rear 

14 Seventh 
Murphy Ellen Miss, house 55 Cedar 
Murphy Francis C. , waiter, house 188 

Hampshire [hoards Koss House 

Murphy Frederick, boiler maker, 92 Main, 
Murphy George, teamster, 28 Bridge, house 

2 Linehan's court 
Murphy George T., newsdealer, 92 Third, 

boards do. [Portland 

Murphy Hannah, widow of John, house 105 
Murphy Hattie M. Miss, house 19 Forest 
Murphy Hugh, laborer, bds. 163 Broadway 
Murphy James, boards 5 Potter 
Murphy James, coachman, 8 Highland, 

boards do. 
Murphy James, furniture mover, Prospect, 

cor. Main, house 251 Franklin 
Murphy James, laborer, house rear 25 

Murphy James, laborer, h. rear 10 Third 
Murphy James, house 27 Banks 
Murphy James, teamster, house 19 Harvard 
Murphy James H., salesman, boards 110 

Fourth [Franklin 

Murphy James H., student, boards 163 
Murphy James I,, constable and collector, 

house 110 Fourth 
Murphy James J., laborer, h. 162 Norfolk 
Murphy Jeremiah, city teamster, house 89 

Murphy Jeremiah, laborer, bds. 16 McCabe 
Murphy Jeremiah, safe maker, 17 Main 
Murphy Jeremiah, watchman, 502 Main, h. 

166£ Norfolk [house do. 

Murphy Jeremiah, grocer, 187 Dublin, 
Murphy Jeremiah, house 8 Harding 
Murphy Jeremiah, laborer, house 8 Reed 

Murphy Jeremiah, paver, h. 93 Tremont 
Murphy Jeremiah, tailor, 18 Boylston, h. 

99 Kinnaird 
Murphy Jeremiah jr., teamster, boards 89 

Murphy John, laborer, boards 8 North 
Mnrphy John, laborer, h. 2 Norfolk court 
Murphy John, house 200 Dublin 
Murphy John, foreman, J. Bolger, Palmer, 

near Church, h. rear 249 Franklin 
Murphy John, laborer, 211 Bridge, house 

8 North 
Murphy John, cotton sampler (33 Federal, 

B.), house 109 Third 
Murphy John, provisions, h. 241 Mt. Auburn 
Murphy John, carpenter, house 18 Union 
Murphy John, laborer, bds. Bridget Mur- 
phy's, Montgomery 
Murphy John, laborer, boards 31 "Warren 
j Murphy John, planer, boards 12 Ninth 
I Murphy John, stone cutter, 53 Main, bds. 

99 do. 
Murphy John, gardener Edmund Reardon, 

house 104 Sparks 
Murphy John, boiler maker,bds. 8 Broadway 
Murphy John, laborer, h. 30 Bay 
Murphy John, laborer, h. 36 Bay 
Murphy John, laborer, b. 10 Squire's ct. 
Murphy John, painter, bds. 8 Davis 
Murphy John, laborer, boards 16 McCabe 
Murphy John, hostler, Dr. Nichols, house 

59 Brattle 
Murphy John, shade painter, 15 Blanche 
Murphy John, laborer, house 3 Tuttle 
Murphy John, laborer, house 41 Bolton 
Murphy John, laborer, h. 163 Franklin 
Murphy John, hostler, h. rear 23 Harvard 
Murphy John, teamster, boards 12 Dins- 
more court 
Murphy John, blacksmith, house Athens, 

near Mt. Auburn [rear 6 Lopez 

Murphy John, shoemaker, 577 Main, house 
Murphy John jr., laborer, house 8 North 
Murphy John F., hairdresser, 218 North 

avenue, boards 39 Harvey 
Murphy John H., butcher, h. 10 Squire's ct. 
Murphy John H., butcher, 168 Gore, house 

29 Seventh [Franklin 

Murphy John J. , brass finisher, house 240 
Murphy John J., clerk (B.), boards 127£ 

Murphy John T., laborer, bds. 9 Porter 
Murphy John J., house 27 Third 
Murphy J. J. , planer, 162 Broadway, house 

Otis, corner Ninth 
Murphy John J. , gilder, h. rear 6 Lopez 
Murphy John J., harness maker, 132 

Bridge, house do. [132 Bridge 

Murphy John M., harness maker, boards 
Murphy John P., glass maker, boards 9 

Hunting [Auburn 

Murphy John P., peddler, house 231 Mt. 
Murphy John T., cooper, h. 418 Cambridge 
Murphy John W., cooper, h. 9 Porter 




Murphy Jos., student, b. 10 Squire's ct. 
Murphy Joseph, lab,, bds. 200 Eranklin 
Murphy Joseph E., clerk (18 Arch, B.), 

boards 259 Sidney 
Murphy Julia Mrs., house 17 "Warren 
Murphy J., boiler maker, 92 Main 
Murphy J., at Cambridge R. R. repair shop 
Murphy M., boiler maker, 72 Main 
Murphy Margaret, widow, h. rear 20 Third 
Murphy Margaret, widow of James, house 

12 Dinsmore court 
Murphy Mark, safe maker, 17 Main 
Murphy Martin, laborer, house 124 Spruce 
Murphy Mary Miss, h. 151 Franklin 
Murphy Mary, dressmaker, boards 3 Lech- 
mere place 
Murphy Mary, widow, h. 20G Franklin 
Murphy Mary, widow, house 31 Winthrop 
Murphy Mary, widow of John, house 32 

Charles [31 Warren 

Murphy Alary, widow of Patrick, house 
Murphy Mary, widow of William, house r. 

428 Cambridge 
Murphy Mary T. (Kennedy &, Murphy), 

251 Broadway, house do. 
Murphy Matthew, cabinet maker, rear 

Rhoades' building, State, h. 9G Spring 
Murphy Maurice, laborer, house 49 Cedar 
Murphy Michael, laborer, house 15 Vine 
Murdhy Michael, laborer, house 24 Warren 
Murphy Michael, laborer, house 39 Willow 
Murphy Michael, molder, h. 25 Mt. Auburn 
Murphy Michael, safe maker, 17 Main 
Murphy Michael, laborer, h. 24 Warren 
Murphy Michael J., gardener, house 243 

Murphy Michael W., h. 177^ Harvard 
Murphy Murphy, laborer, h. 24 Hayes ct. 
Murphy Patrick, laborer, h. 192 Bridge 
Murphy Patrick, house 9 Hunting 
Murphy Patrick, laborer, h. 3 Ninth 
Murphv Patrick, laborer, 113 Broadway, h. 

108 Third 
Murphy Patrick, laborer, b. 10 Squire's ct. 
Murphy Patrick, machinist, 72 Main 
Murphy Patrick, milkman, boards 41 Pine 
Murphy Patrick, teamster, 195 Broadway, 

rooms do 
Murphy Patrick A., glass maker, house 

118 Fourth 
Murphy Patrick B. Rev., asst. pastor St. 

Mary's church, house 55 Norfolk 
Murphv Patrick C, tailor,, h. 2 Svmonds 

block, DeWolf [14 East 

Murphy Patrick II., laborer, E. E. R. h. 
Murphy Patrick H., roofer, h. 126 Spring 
Murphy Patrick J., lab., b. 12 Dinsmore ct. 
Murphy Peter laborer, h. 30 Charles 
Murphy Peter P., cabinet maker, house 8 

Murphy Phillip F. (Brown. Murphy & Co.), 

window shades, Blanche and (27 Arch, 

B.), house 259 Sidney 
Murphy Simon, laborer, house 4 Water 

Murphy Thomas, molder, 350 Main 
Murphy Mhomas, lithographer, Riverside 

Press, house 33 Blackstone 
Murphy Thos. laborer, house 8 Harding 
Murphy Thomas, laborer, house G Hunting 
Murphy Thomas, laborer, h. 24 Porter 
Murphy Thomas, painter, h. 113£ Pleasant 
Murphy Thomas, safe maker, 17 Main 
Murphy Thomas, stone mason, house 15 
Hayes court [house 127i do. 

Murphy Thomas, teamster, 125 Bridge, 
Murphy Thomas J., laborer, h. 92 Third 
Murphy Thomas J. , painter, h. 5 Bristol 
Murphy Thomas J., clerk, 84 Bridge, bds. 
127£ do. [b. 56 Second 

Murphy Thos. M.,brushmaker, 124 Harvard 
Murphy Timothy, butcher, bds 19 Seventh 
Murphy Timothy, mason, h. 10 Antrim 
Murphy Timothy, lab.,h. 90Kinnaird, c. Bay 
Murphy Valentine, boiler maker, 72 Main, 

boards 8 Broadway 
Murphy William, currier, b. Bridget Mur- 
phy's, Montgomery 
Murphy William, laborer Cambridge R. R. 

Co., house 151 Franklin 
Murphy William, laborer Camb. Gas Works 

boards 10 Broadway 
Murphy Wm., glass blower, h. 91 Tremont 
Murphy William, laborer, b. r. 36 Harvard 
Murphy William J., harness maker, G Cam- 
bridge, house 15 Third 
Murphy William J., metal maker, 153 Put- 
nam av., house 126^ Green 
Murphy W., trackman, Camb. R. R. Co. 
Murray A., at Camb. R. R. Co., repair shop 
Murray Allan G., (Fraser & Murray), car- 
riage builder, 248 Mt. Auburn, house 
15 Sparks 
Murray Daniel, painter, John P. Squire, 

house 137 Webster avenue 
Murray David, blacksmith, h. 7 Sparks 
Murray Edward J., express driver, (33 

Court sq., B.), bds. rear 140 Spring 
Murray Eliza, wid. of Charles, boards 137 
Webster avenue [Pelham 

Murray Eliza H., widow of James, house 28 
Murray George, engineer, h. 29 Brookline 
Murray George, carpenter, 634 Main, h. 

4 Sands 
Murray Geo. jr., machinist, h. 3 Grotto pi. 
Murray Howard, harness maker, boards 

383 Cambridge 
Murray Hugh, iron worker, 17 Main, bds. 

28 Harvard 
Murray Jacob L., waiter, b. 39 Washington 
Murray James A., pattern maker, h. 5 Pine 
Murray James E., police, station 2, h. 134 

Murray James II., tinsmith, 153 Putnam 

avenue, house 273 do. 
Murray Jeremiah, piano varnishcr, 162 

Broadway, house 22 Howard 
Murray John, cabinet maker, h. '36 Tremont 

DAPU BBnTUEQ? MA1N street, 
rAUn Dnuiniino, next beck hall, 

H. "Wm.. Tupper, Manager, 




Murray John, sand paperer, 54 Bridge, 

house 172 Columbia 
Murray John, teamster, h. 6$ Vine 
Murray John F., captain of police, station 

3, house 121 Winsor 
Murray John J., blacksmith, 17 Main h. 

28 Harvard 
Murray John L., roofer, b. 29 Brookline 
Murray John M., machinist. 72 Main 
Murray Julia, widow of Thomas, house 5 

Linehan block. Third 
Murray J. 81, mason, (B.), h. Crescent av. 
Murray Kate Miss, dressmaker, 498 Cam- 
Murray Kittie M. Mrs., boards 3 Brewer's 

block. Brattle sq. [Columbia 

Murray Michael, baker, 31 Elm, h. r. 143 
Murray Michael veterinary surgeon, 1 

Vine, boards 3 do. 
Murray Patrick, laborer, h. 33 Winter 
Murray Patrick F., plumber, 5 Brattle, 

house 72 Gore 
Murray Peter, laborer, h. rear 52 Charles 
Murray Richard T., sawyer, house 498 

Cambridge [Boston 

Murray Thos. helper, 17 Main, house at 
Murray Thomas, clerk F. R. R., house 1G2 

Norfolk [20 North 

Murray Thomas, teamster, 28 Bridge, h. 
Murray Wm., cabinet maker Ivers & Pond 

Piano Co., house at Melrose 
Murray William; express, b. 8 Mt. Auburn 
Murray Wm. H., clerk, 279 Cambridge, h. 

291 do. [26 Ash 

Murry Howard, laborer Camb. R. R.. bds. 
Mnrtaugh Daniel, furniture polisher, house 

93 Fifth [Brattle 

Muzzey Artemus B.. clergyman, boards 00 
Muzzey David P., Secretary Overseers 

of Poor, Central sq.. building, Western 

avenue, boards 18 Magazine 
Muzzev George E., driver Daniel Webster 

S/F. E. Co. No. 4, h. 9 Lambert av. 
Muzzey Henry W., lawyer ((52 Sears bldg., 

B.), house Mt. Auburn, c. Coolidge av. 
Myers August, baker, Fourth, corner Vine 

house do. [5 East 

Myers George B., clerk, 71 Cambridge, h. 
Myers James J., lawyer (39 Court, B.), 

rms. 3 Wadsworth House, Harvard sq. 
Myers Mary E., widow of Godfrey, saloon, 

71 Cambridge, house do. 
Myers, see Meyer 
Myles Thomas F., tailor, 430 Harvard, h. 

33 Bow 
Myles, see Miles 

NAGLE EDWARD, laborer, h. 23 Warren 
Nagle Elizabeth Mrs., house 815 Main 
Nagle Garrett, harness cleaner, 565o Main, 

house 18 Lopez 
Nagle Garrett Edward, law student H. U., 

boards 815 Main 
Nagle James, piano maker, bds. 18 Lopez 

Nagle James, spring-bed maker, 386 Main, 

house rear 44 Washington 
Nagle Philip, wheelwright, Boston Ice Co., 

Prison Point road 
Nagle William H., organ polisher, boards 

18 Lopez 
Nain John, laborer (B. & L. R. R., house 

127-S Bridge 
Nalty Michael, driver Cambridge R. R. Co., 

house Montgomery, 2d from Spruce 
Nash Elizabeth Mrs., dressmaker, house 23 

Trowbridge [Trowbridge 

Nash George, florist, 3G5 Harvard, house 23 
Nash George, physician, boards 23 Trow- 
Nash George A., bookkeeper (GG State, B.). 

rooms 130 Washington 
Nash Henry S-, Rev., instructor Epis. 

Theo. School. Brattle, h. at Waltham 
Nash James (U. S. N.), h. 322 North ave. 
Nash John H.. bookkeeper. 8 Brattle, bds. 

23 Trowbridge 
Nash Samuel, house 63 Prospect 
Nash Thomas C. W., clerk (14 Exchange 

place. B.), boards 23 Trowbridge 
Nash Walter (Thomas Smith & Co.), 

butcher, Jackson, boards 31 Harvey 
Nason Arthur H.. printer (255 Washington, 

B.), house 19 DeWolf 
Nason Zachariah, carpenter, h. 10 Front 
Natale Emma, widow of John, house 14 

Natale Joseph, bookbinder (Federal, B.) 

boards 14 Rockwell 
Natale Wm.. bookbinder, b. 14 Rockwell 
Nathan Moses, cigar maker, h. S2h Green 
_i> CAMBRIDGE, Henry B. Davis, 

cashier. 558 Main 
Navin Philip, carpenter, h. r. 18 Railroad 
Nay Frank T., clerk, 330 Main, house 36 

Nay Isaac A., provisions (25 South Market, 

B.), house 35 Inman 
Nay Mary J.. Avidow of Samuel F., h. 127 

Nay William F. , bds. 35 Inman 
Naylon Edward, house 144 Thorndike 
Nazro Charles G., broker (54 Kilby, B.), 

house 34 Lee 
Nazro Julius M., notary public (20 Eastern 

avenue, B.), house 34 Lee 
Neal Frederick M., tinman, bds. 9 Sidney 
Neal John, harness maker, 7 Pearl, h. at 

Neal J. W.. supt. N. E. Telephone & Tele- 
graph office, 623 Main h 113 Auburn 
Neal Luther, machinist Dover Stamping 

Co., house 9 Sidney 
Neal Theodore A., upholsterer, house 2 

Ballord place 
Neal William H,. woolens (459 Washing- 
ton, B.), house 23 Sacramento 

MT. AUBURN CEMETERY, p fl'B'RTTPTtf ft CJflVT 8-° Main and 

Lot* Bought, Sold, and Cared for. ■■ V JjawAJaJiLN (& WWlN j 89 Sparks Sts. 



Neale Addison M., stereotyper Riverside 

Press, b. 219 Pearl 
Neale Nathaniel, mason, house 219 Pearl 
Neale Nathaniel M., drawtender, boards 

219 Pearl 
Nealley Daniel Mrs., house 2G0 Sidney 
Nealley James, watchman Cambridge R. R. 

Co. stable, Mt. Auburn, house Hol- 

worthy place 
Nealley James D., provisions, 92 Pleasant, 

house 2G0 Sidney 
Neatby James, moulder, 354 Main 
Neddy Martin, boards 198 Cambridge 
Neddy Richard, laborer, house 5 Carson 
Needham Almira P. Miss, house 47 Garden 
Needham Sarah F. Miss, seamstress, h. 4 

Needham Sarah E. Miss, house 47 Garden 
Neeley J., driver Cambridge R. R. 
Neill George W. , bookkeeper A. McDonald, 

Mt. Auburn, boards Nathaniel Neill's, 

Neill Joseph, mason, boards Nathaniel 

Neill's, Cushing 
Neill Nathaniel, farmer, house Cushing, 

n. Woodlawn 
Neill Samuel W., marble worker A. Mc- 
Donald, Mt. Auburn, boards Nathaniel 

Neill's, Cushing 
Neill, see McNeil and McNeill 
Neily Samuel, carpenter, Palmer, near 

Church, boards 88 Mt. Auburn 
Neligan Bridget, widow of Patrick, house 

22 Portland 
Neligan Philip H., tailor, 8 Prospect, h. 60 

Nelligan Joanna, widow of Maurice, house 

Montgomery, 1st from Spruce on the 

Nelligan John P., laborer, boards Mrs. Jo- 
anna Nelligan's, Montgomery 
Nelligan Maurice M., laborer, boards Mrs. 

Joanna Nelligan's, Montgomery 
Neligan Thomas, laborer, h. 163 Dublin 
Nelligan David, house 91 Elm 
Nelligan Edward J., marble-cutter, bds. 44 

Nelligan Elizabeth, widoAv of Peter, house 

44 Foster 
Nelligan John H-, stone-cutter, boards 44 

Nelligan Maurice, laborer, h. 168 Dublin 
Nelligan Patrick, stone-cutter, b. 44 Foster 
Nelligan Peter, sexton Catholic cemetery, 

Spruce, house Montgomery, 3d on 

right from Spruce 
Nelligan Peter F., dry pressman University 

Press, boards 44 Foster 
Nellson Augustus W., janitor, h. 27 Sixth 
Nelson Ai H., foreman sawyers, 3 Hamp- 
shire, house 62 Cherry 
Nelson Andreas, carpenter, bds. 36 Cherry 
Nelson August, safe-maker, 17 Main 
Nelson Augustus, moulder, 356 Main 

Nelson Charles A., carriagesmith, 246 Main, 

boards 3 Seckel 
Nelson Cumberland, lab., house 37 Cow- 

Nelson E., boiler maker, 92 Main 
Nelson Fred L., clerk (219 Washington, 

B.), bds. 27 Sixth 
Nelson George, cooper, h. 273 Putnam av. 
Nelson George, shoemaker, h. 4 Suffolk 
Nelson James H., gilder, bds. 101 Spring 
Nelson Jane, widow of John, h. 101 Spring 
Nelson J. W., carpenter, h. 126 Kinnaird 
Nelson Nancy, widow, h. 41 Hastings 
Nelson N. B,, safe maker, 17 Main 
Nelson Pierre, safemaker, 17 Main, house 

29 Harvard 
Nelson Samuel N., physician, 690 Main, 

house do. 
Nelson Sarah Mrs., nurse, 146 North av., 

boards do. 
Nelson Silas, hostler, bds. 7 Laurel 
Nesbitt Janette D. Mrs., nurse 26£ River, 

house do 
Nesdell Frank F., confectionery, 391 Cam- 
bridge, bds. 17 Washington 
Nesmith Charles J., bookkeeper, (15 Pro- 
vince, B.), h. Hotel Wentworth, 7 

Nettles John R., oil peddler, h. 122 Elm 
Neundorff Louis, action maker, house 12 

Nevens Antone, furniture finisher, house 1 

Lowland av. 
Nevers Abel R., boards 55 Magazine 
Neville Maurice, laborer, h. 24 Jefferson 
Neville Michael, clerk, 187 Dublin, boards 

191 Dublin 
Neville Patrick, laborer, h. 191 Dublin 
Neville Thomas, potter, A. H. Hews &Co., 

boards 191 Dublin 
Nevons Charles H., bookkeeper (8 Canal, 

B.), bds. 23 Boardman 
Nevons Hiram, supt. C. W. W., office City 

Hall, house 23 Boardman 
Newbert Alvin, cabinet maker, bds. Spring, 

cor. Eighth 
Newbert Charles, cabinet maker, h. Spring 

cor. Eighth 
Newcomb Charles S., carpenter, 113 Broad. 

way, house 12 Gardner 
Newcomb Sarah A., widow of William A., 

house 2314 Broadway 
Newcomb Theophilus J., clerk (5 Court 

av., B.), house 15 State 
Newell Calvin E., express driver, 600 Main, 

house 38 Washington 
Newell Kittie, press feeder, bds. 9 Charles 

Newell Robert J., press feeder Univ. Press, 

Ids. 6 Pine 
i_N WORKS, North, corner Water, 
W. L. Libbey & Sons, props., office 
(67 Federal, B.) 


Assortment of Bronze Hardware in New England 





New England Telephone & Telegraph Co., 

13 Harvard row and 623 Main 
Newgent Fred A., canvasser, b. 10 Fairmont 
Newgent Thomas G., designer (80 and 84 

Summer, B.), h. 10 Fairmont 
Newgent, see Nugent 
Newhoff Chas., moulder, 356 Main, boards 

44 Washington 
Newman Christopher, porter (31 and 33 

Commercial, B.), h. Auburn pi. 
Newman Cornelius, saloon, 267 Cambridge, 

house do. 
Newman Edward B., clerk, 168 Gore, h. 3 

Mullins ct. 
Newman Eliza Mrs., house 89 Elm 
Newman Elizabeth R., widow of John B., 

house 93 Gore 
Newman Ellen, widow of Edward, h. 45 

Newman George W., electrician, h. 162 

Newman Henry, varnisher, 162 Broadway, 

house 26 Park 
Newman Henry A., woodworker, b. 26 Park 
Newman Jas. H., teamster, b. 6 Hunting 
Newman John, at 169 Gore, h. 265 Camb. , 
Newman Joseph, clerk (31 Federal, B.), h. 

4 Beech 
Newman Julius F., fancy goods, 182 Cam- 
bridge, boards 109 Thorndike 
Newman Michael, laborer, h. 2 Ninth 
Newman Patrick, teamster, h. 51 Gore 
Newman Stephen I., musician and cigar- 
maker, 21 Walnut court, house do. 
Newman Maria L. Miss, house 120 Brattle 
Newman Thomas, boiler maker, 92 Main, 

house 97 Elm 
Newman William C, bookbinder, bds. 21 

Walnut court 
Newman William F., cabinet maker, h. 42 

Newman Wlliiam J., shoemaker, 11 Brattle, 

h. 50 DeWolf 
Newmarch Joseph, baker, 151 Harvard, h. 

149 do. 
Newmyer Frank, laborer, h. 39 Sargent 
Newmyer Martin D., laborer, h. Harvey, 

cor. Jackson 
Newton Catherine B., widow of Orion H., 

house 87 Elver 
Newton John, baker (648 Washington, B.), 

b. 157 Main 
Newton Lucy, widow of George E., nurse, 

h. 43 Blackstone 
Newton William M., clerk U. S. & C. Ex. 

Co. (43 Franklin, B.), h. 66 Inman 
Neylan Michael, teamster J. Reardon & 

Sons. h. 52 Waverly 
Nicholas John, hairdresser, b. 12 Dunster 
Nichols Albert, teamster, b. 44 Tre'mont 
Nichols Charles B., salesman, house 60 

Nichols Curtis C, treasurer Boston Five 

Cents Saving Bank (38 School, B.), 

house 11 Magazine 

Nichols Demus S., painter, h. 63 Brookline 
Nichols Edgar H., teacher boys school 11 

Appian Way, h. 33 Kirkland 
Nichols Edward L., hardware (659 Wash- 
ington, B.), boards 40 Columbia 
Nichols Edward T., house 40 Columbia 
Nichols George L., (Avery & Nichols), 

com. mer., hay and grain (109 Atlantic 

av., B.), b. 40 Columbia 
Nichols Henry, waiter, h. r. 54 Washington 
Nichols Henry E., teamster, h. 44 Tremont 
Nichols Henry J., manager, The Singer 

Mnfg. Co., 647 Main, h. 189 Pearl 
Nichols Hiram L., sawyer, 91 Broadway, 

house 19 Suffolk 
Nichols Ichabod Mrs., house 33 Kirkland 
Nichols J. Curtis, clerk, (38 School, B.), 

bds. 11 Magazine [12 Dunster 

Nichols John hairdresser l£ Brattle, rooms 
Nichols John C, printer, Riverside Press, 

rooms 51 Erie 
Nichols John T. G., physician, office and 

house 63 Brattle [Magazine 

Nichols J. Thomas, student, H. U., b. 11 
Nichols Leonard B., carrage mnfr, (103 

Chestnut, B.), house 103 Hancock 
Nichols Mary A., widow of William, h. 62 

Nichols Robert H., chair maker, house 23 

Nichols Stephen, laborer, h. r. 32 Hastings 
Nichols Susan, widow of George, house 

159 Brattle 
Nichols William, h. 16 Ellery 
Nicholson Andrew S., produce, b. 14 Green 
Nicholson Frances, widow of Charles H., 

house 84 Pearl 
Nicholson George, blacksmith 168 North 

ave., bds. at Somerville 
Nicholson Jas. C, blacksmith, 168 North 

avenue, boards at Somerville 
Nicholson Joseph, hostler, 198 North ave- 
nue, house at Somerville [Dublin 
Nicholson Mary, widow of John, house 20 
Nicholson Sylvanus, house 14 Green 
Nicholson Sylvanus W., pilot (120 Atlantic 

av., B.), h. 17 Franklin 
Nickels Abbie B. Miss, private school, 84 

Hancock, bds. do. 
Nickels Clara J. Miss, dressmaker, 84 

Hancock, boards do. 
Nickelson William, police, station 2, house 

6 Village 
Nickerson Daniel E., carpenter, house 3 

Pioneer place [R. Co. 

Nickerson F. E., conductor Cambridge R. 
Nickerson Jennie, widow of Samuel, h. 39 

Washington [69 Moore 

Nickerson Mary A., widow of I. F., house 
Nickerson Seth L., boots and shoes, 577 

Main, house 78 Columbia 
Nicol Elizabeth, Avid, of Geo., h. 75 Gore 
Nicol James, restaurant, 122 Cambridge, 

boards 54 Fourth [mouth 

Nicol John F., cabinet maker, h. 79 Ply- 




Nightingale Sarah A., widow of George 

B., house 8 Worcester 

_X_N P., bookkeeper (264 Washington, 

B.), b. 8 Worcester 
Nihan Jas., teamster, 28 Bridge, b. 20 do. 
Nihan Mary, wid. of Thos., h. 149 Bridge 
Niles Bros. (Sullivan, J. Harris, and Lou- 

ville V. Niles), pork packers and 

slaughter-house, Concord avenue, be- 
yond Alewife brook, and provisions 

(31 New F. H. market, B.) 
Niles Edward, cooper, h. 391.^ Cambridge 
Niles J. Harris (Niles Bros.), pork packer, 

Concord avenue, house at Belmont 
Niles Louville V. (Niles Bros.), pork pack- 
er, Concord avenue, house at Boston 
Niles Nathaniel, printer (115 State, B.), h. 

Mt. Pleasant, 2d on right fm. Walden 
Niles Sullivan (Niles Bros.), pork packer, 

Concord avenue, and (31 New F. H. 

market, B.), house Washington av. 
Niles William H., professor (Institute of 

Technology, B), house 10 Linden 
Nilsson Johan August, telescope maker 

Alvan Clark & Sons, Henry, bds. 96 

Ninen Daniel, peddler, house 176 Gore 
Ninhan Daniel, pedler, h. 176 Gore 
Nixon Alex., hackman, house 5 Harding 
Nixon Edward, laborer John Reardon & 

Sons, house 91 Brookline 
Nixon John, grocer and hack stable, 133 

Brookline, house do. 
Nixon John A., teamster, bds. 2 Grotto pi. 
Nixon Margaret, widow of George, house 

18 Mavnard place 
Nixon Robert G. (R. G. Nixon & Co.), 

roofer order box 622 Main, house 11 

Nixon R. G. & Co. (Robert G. Nixon), 

Slaters, order box 622 Main 
Nixon William carpenter, h. 378 Camb. 
Nixon William, grocer and hackman, 11 

McCabe h. do. 
Noble Charles 0., cabinet maker, house 

443£ Cambridge 
Noble David A., mason, house 13 Amory 
Noble George W. C, private school (40 

Winter, B.), house 21 Concord avenue 
Noble John, bds. 21 Concord avenue 
Noera Frank P., stamper, Otis, near First, 

house 74 Otis 
Noera Joseph F., gents furnishing, goods, 

436 Harvard, house 44 Mt. Auburn 
Nolan Charles, laborer, b. 8 Willow 
Nolan Edward, laborer, b. 8 Willow 
Nolan Edw. J., glass worker, h. 103 Spring 
Nolan James H., marble cutter, h. rear, 13 

Charles River 
Nolan James P., teamster, 26 Boylston, h. 

47 Sacramento 
Nolan Jeremiah, electrotyper, University 

Press, b. rear 13 Charles River 

Nolan John, expressman, h. 22 Plymouth 
Nolan John, machinist, b. 12 Lincoln. 
Nolan Martin F., furniture finisher, 002 

Main, house 7 Porter 
Nolan Mary A. Miss, clerk, 151 Harvard 

boards 22 Plymouth 
Nolan Michael, laborer, h. 8 Willow 
Nolan Michael, laborer, 77 Spruce 
Nolan Michael J., police station 1, boards 

N. Nolan's, Holworthy 
Nolan Nicholas, gardener, house Hol- 
worthy, near Corbett school 
Nolan Patrick, b. Patrick Follen's, Jackson 
Nolan Thomas, laborer, house 1, rear 13 

Charles River 
Nolan Thomas, painter, house 11 Carson 
Nolden Edward L., foreman, boards 122 

Nolden William, shade painter, 15 Blanche, 

house 122 Brookline 
Nolden Wm. jr., shade painter, 15, Blanche, 

boards 122 Brookline 
Nolden Wm. F., dyer, h. 122 Brookline 
Noonan Abbie, widow of Dennis, house 

29 Winthrop 
Neonan Ellen, widow of Bartholomew, 
boards 14 Warren [Winthrop 

Noonan Hanora, Avidow of Patrick, h. 29 
Noonan James, plumber, b. 29 Winthrop 
Noonan Jeremiah, laborer, b. 28 Boylston 
Noonan John, junk, house o2 Fifth 
Noonan John F., carpenter, b. 37 Willow 
Noonan John P., bread store, 315 Cam- 
bridge, house do. 
Noonan Mary, widow of Jeremiah, house 

40 Winthrop 
Noonan Patrick, hostler, h. 29 Winthrop 
Noonan Patrick, laborer, h. 28 Boylston 
Noonan Peter, hairdresser, 531 Main, rooms 

56£ Green 
Norcross W. Rowland, crockery, etc. (18 

Merchants' row, B.), h. 34 Kirkland 

Norman Albert F., candy maker, boards 19 

Suffolk [Thorndike 

Norman A., cabinet maker, house 141 

Norman Charles J., planer, 139 Broadway, 

house 19 Suffolk 
Norman Geo. E., steam fitter, b. 19 Suffolk 
Norman Victor, cabinet maker, 44 Cam- 
bridge, house 34 Cherry 
Normile Michael, hostler, 14 Dana, b. do. 
Normile Patrick, laborer, 21 Irving, house 

at Somerville 
Normile Thomas, laborer (B.), house rear 

36 Ellery 
Normoyle Michael C, sewing-machine 

agent, 647 Main, h. 3 Madison av. 
Norrby G., cali:ut maker, 44 Cambridge 
Norris Albert (Albert Norris & Co.), car- 
penter, 9 Western avenue, h. 34 do. 


JAr (Albert Norris), carpenters, 9 Western 



H. Wm. Tupper, Manager. 




Norris Albert L., physician and surgeon, 

674 Main, house do. 
"VTOBRIS EDMND H., messen- 
_i_l| ger Charles foyer National Bank, bds. 

10 Mason 
Norris Ellis, restaurant (101 Commercial, 

B.), house Cushing, near Belmont 
Norris James D., clerk, 5 and 6 Harvard 

row, house 18 Mason 
Norris Nahum F., key finisher, 139 Broad- 
way, house 91 Plymouth 
Norris Wm. A., wood and coal, 6 Western 

avenue, house 23 Portland 
Norris Wm. H., carpenter, 9 Western ave., 

house 33 Pleasant 
Norris Wm. H. T., carpenter, 9 Western 

avenue, house 31 Pleasant [avenue 

North Avenue Savings Bank, 173 North 
North Cambridge P. O. , 150 North av. 
Northland Lawrence A., machinist, 356 

Main, house 4 Davis 
Norton Charles Eliot, Professor of the His- 
tory of Art H. U., house Shady hill, 

off Kirkland 
Norton Charles E., soap mnfr. (Water, 

Somerville, house 46 Union 
Norton Charles J., boarding-house, 141 

Gore [Winsor, h. do. 

Norton Edward H., soap mnfr., 128 
Norton Fanny Mrs., house 172 Franklin 
Norton George W., soap maker, boards 

128 Winsor 
Norton Grace Miss, h. 59 Kirkland 
Norton Henry, boards 102 Kinnaird 
Norton James E., ice man, h. r. 105 Spring 
Norton James J., laborer Reardon & Sons, 

house 54 Waverly 
Norton John H., clerk, 337 Main, boards 

172 Franklin 
Norton Julius, piano action maker, house 

10 Pogers' block, Main 
Norton Michael, laborer, h. 102 Kinnaird 
Norton Michael, laborer, h. 8 McCabe 
Norton Nancy, widow of Michael, house 

25 North avenue 
Norton Naomi F., widow of Richmond, h. 

132 Washington 
Norton Patrick, hostler Cambridge R.R. 

Co., 201 Main, h. 34 Harvard 
Norton Patrick, horse shoer Cambridge 

E.R. Co., Mt. Auburn, house Vineyard, 

cor. May 
Norton Peter, laborer, h. r. 261 Franklin 
Norval Charles, terra cotta worker, house 

420 Main 
VTOTMAN JAMES, photographer, 
J3I (99 Boylston, B.), h. Harrison sq., 

Nott Richard, clerk, 12 Brattle, house 

16 Madison 
Nott William, laborer, bds. 16 Madison 
Nourse Benjamin E., supt. of lamps, and 
sealer of weights and measures, office 
Central square building, Western av- 
enue house 45 William 

Nourse Benj. F. jr., letter collector P. O., 

611 Main, house 45 William 
Nourse Charles C. P., fancy goods, 354 

North avenue, house do. 
Nourse Rufus J. (R. J. Nourse & Son), 
gas and steam fitter, h. 9 Greenough 
Nourse Rufus J. jr. (R. J. Nourse & Son), 
gas and steam fitter 9 Greenough ave., 
boards 9 do. 
Nourse R. J. & Son (Rufus J. and Rufus 
J. jr.), gas and steam fitters 9 Green- 
ough avenue 
Novak Charles, locksmith, h. r. 6 Gore 
Nowell Francis S., carpenter, h. Chestnut, 

corner Hastings square 
Nowell George W., bds. 40 Chestnut 
Nowell Melvin A., action maker, 162 

Broadway, h. 52 Fairmont 
Nowell Moses S., at Riverside Press, bds., 

40 Chestnut 
Nowell Thos. F., teamster, b. 40 Chestnut 
Nowell William F., apothecary, (192 Merri- 

mac, B.), h. 343 Broadway 
Noyes Caroline B., widow of Isaac L., h. 

4 Sacramento place 
Noyes Edward I. K., student H. U., bds., 

4 Sacramento place 

Noyes Frank W., machinist, 72 Main, h. 

175 do. [h. 71 Western av. 

Noyes George W., teacher of Penmanship, 

Noyes Samuel, foreman (72 Franklin, B.) 

house 123 Prospect 
Noyes Samuel jr., tailors trimmings (43 

Summer, B.), h, 13 Bigelow 
Noyes Thomas M. , salesman (43 Chauncy, 

B.), boards 123 Prospect 
Nudd Charles H., pain! shop B. & L. R.R., 

house at Lexington 
Nudd Wm. H., hairdresser and boarding- 

ing house, 387 and 389 Main 
Nugent Barney, engineer, h. 82 Third 
Nugent Denn's W. , mariner, h. 31 Market 
Nugent John A., blacksmith, Palmer, bds. 

88 Mt Auburn 
Nugent John J. , rubber maker, b. 108 Otis 
Nugent Joseph J., clerk (264 Wash., B.), 

boards £3 Spruce 
Nugent Margaret, widow of Michael, house 

53 Spruce 
Nugent Patrick, farmer, h. 65 Spring 
Nugent Thomas, laborer, h. 108 Otis 
Nugent Thomas F., salesman (450 Wash- 
ington, B.), bds. 108 Otis 
Nunis de Pote Manuel, hairdresser, 3 

Nute Hannah W., widow of James C, h. 

1 Central place 
Nute James, starter Charles River R.R. 

Co., 107 Hampshire, h. at Boston 
Nute Nellie F. Mrs., house 30 Tremont 
Nutter Abbie R. Mrs., dressmaker, house 

9 Broadway 
Nutter Smith E., teamster, 220 Portland, 
rooms 104 Hampshire 



S2© IHiara and 89 Spas-ks Streets. 

p. ram & soi 



Nutting Charles O., machinist, 454 Main, 
boards 34 Pearl 

Nutting Eliza S., widow, h. 01 Auburn 

Nutting Ephraim M., carriage painter, 
Palmer, near Brattle, h. 712 Camb. 

Nutting Jonathan D., hardware mnfr., 
454 Main, h. 34 Pearl 

Nutting Leander J., sawyer, 162 Broad- 
way, house 186 do. 

Nutting Philip (P. Nutting & Co.), black- 
smith, Palmer, h. Nutting place 

Nutting P. & Co. (Philip Nutting and Joel 
H. Prescott), blacksmiths and wheel- 
wright?, Palmer, near Brattle 

Nye Wiliiam E., jeweler, 458 Harvard, 
boards 29 Ash 

Nystrom Charles, safemaker, 17 Main 

Nystrom Gustavus, safemaker, 17 Main, 
house 51 Clark 

OAKES ADDIE M., widow of Samuel, 

house 65 Oxford 
Oakes Aloysius J., clerk (365 Washington, 

B.), house 12 Elm 
Oakes Charles A., hairdresser, 173 North 

av., bds., Hotel Cambridge, Crescent 

Oakes Electrious, laborer, b. 166 Main 
Oakes Samuel, carpenter, h. 8 Dinsmore ct. 
Oakey John, boiler maker, 92 Main, house 

239 do. 
Oakey Talbot, laborer, h. 92 Harvard 
Ober I. Frank, com. salesman, h. 85 Pearl 
Oberg Andrew G., machinist, h. 50 Pine 
O'Brien Bernard, mason, h. 35 Winter 
O'Brien Cornelius, laborer, house 4 Lech- 
mere place 
O'Brien Cornelius, laborer, b. 20 Hayes ct. 
O'Brien Dennis, horseshoer, 9 Church, 

house rear 20 Foster 
O'Brien Dennis, laborer, h. 2 Water 
O'Brien Dennis, laborer, h. 362 Broadway 
O'Brien Dennis J., bookbinder, boards 12 

Hayes ct. 
O'Brien Donald, laborer, h. 32 North 
O'Brien D. S., sawyer, 162 Broadway, 

house at Boston 
O'Brien D T., driver, Cambridge R.R. 
O'Brien Edmund jr., engineer, house 

55 Fairmont 
O'Brien Edward B., peddler, h. 86 Sparks 
O'Brien Edward B., florist P. O'Brien & 

Son, 820 Main, bds. 11 Wyeth 
O'Brien Elizabeth, Avidow of Patrick, house 

88 Searks 
O'Brien Ellen, widow, h. 265 Cambridge 
O'Brien Harriet Mrs., variety store, house 

21 Decatur 
O'Brien Hatiora. wid. of John, h. 68 Harvard 
O'Brien Hugh J., flagman G. J. R. R., h. 

271 Main 
O'Brien James, laborer, Lewis Pickle fac- 
tory bds. 7 Water 
O'Brien James, teamster, h. 47 Spruce 

O'Brien James, laborer, house 3 Linehan 

block, Third 
O'Brien James, laborer, h. 159 Green 
O'Brien Jas. E., grocer, 2 Gore, h. 6 Short 
O'Brien James E. Rev., pastor St. Peter's 

church, house 29 Buckingham 
O'Brien James F., brass finisher, house 18 

O'Brien James H., driver, Charles River 

R.R. Co.,h. 14 Wyeth 
O'Brien James H., shosmaker, 37 Clark, 

house 14 Hastings 
O'Brien Jas. H., carpenter, h. 164 Norfolk 
O'Brien James H., carpenter, B. &L. R.R., 

house 15 Winter 
O'Brien James M., book gilder Riverside 

Press, house 16 Flagg 
O'Brien James S., cabinet maker, 203 

Bridge, house 6 Winter 
O'Brien James W., painter, bds. 47 Spruce 
O'Brien Jeffrey, laborer, h. 11 Wyeth 
O'Brien Jeremiah, gilder, house 44 Wash- 
O'Brien Jeremiah (O'Brien & Gurry), 

horse shoer, 498 Main, h. 37 Bristol 
O'Brien Jeremiaah J., grocer, 37 Bristol, 

house do. 
O'Brien John, telegraph operator, 169 Gore, 

boards at Somerville 
O'Brien John, pastor St. John's church, 

house 83 Otis 
O'Brien John, laborer, h. 37 Warren 
O'Brien John, shoemaker, b. 138 Hampshire 
O'Brien John, laborer, h. 248 Franklin 
O'Brien John, painter, h. 73 River 
O'Brien John, carpenter, 203 Bridge, house 

at Somerville 
O'Brien John, laborer, house 39 Charles 
O'Brien John E., machinist, 356 Main, h. 

at Boston 
O'Brien John F. (P. O'Brien & Son), flor- 
ists, 820 Main and 88 Sparks, and gar- 
dener Mt. Auburn cemetery, boards 88 
Sparks [b. 10 East 

O'Brien John J., teamster Holt & Bugbee, 
O'Brien John L., brass moulder (33 Haw- 
kins, B.), boards rear 58 Charles 
O'Brien Lawrence, laborer, house 24 Vine 
O'Brien Mary, widow of Dennis, house 20 
Hayes court [ct. 

O'Brien Michael, iron roller, b. 20 Hayes's 
O'Brien Michael, laborer, h. 200 Norfolk 
O'Brien Michael, teamster, 166 River, h. 12 
Hayes's court [Mullin's court 

O'Brien Michael, stone cutter, house 7 
O'Brien Michael, hostler, h. 29 Baldwin 
O'Brien Patrick, bricklayer, boards 139 

O'Brien Patrick, tailor, h. 116 Inman 

O'BRSEN P. & SON, (John F. 
O'Brien), floral conservatories 820 
Main and 88 Sparks, and gardeners 
and contractors Mt. Auburn cemetery 


MONUMENTS & CURBINGS, Designed and Constructed 

P. O'BBIEN & SON, 820 Main and 89 SparJcs Streets. 



O'Brien Patrick J., junk dealer, house 53 

O'Brien Patrick J., wood turner, b. 10 East 
O'Brien Patrick J., upholsterer, boards 265 
Cambridge [do. ! 

O'Brien Rose Mrs., grocer, 25 Harvey, h. 
O'Brien Terrence, plumber, b. 190 Green 
O'Brien Thomas, laborer, house rear 428 
Cambridge perthwaite 

O'Brien Thomas, laborer, honse 25 Cow- j 
O'Brien Thomas, laborer, house 190 Green 
O'Brien Thomas, glass worker, h, 83 Vine j 
O'Brien Thomas jr., pressman (117 Frank- 
lin, B.), boards 190 Green 
O'Brien Timothy, laborer, h. 12 Short 
O'Brien Timothy, clerk. 2 Gore, b. 6 Short 
O'Brien Wm., driver Middlesex R. R. Co., 

house 25 Harvey 
O'Brien Wm., junk "dealer, h. 53 Charles 
O'Brien Wm., shoemaker, h. 23 Cambridge 
O'Brien Wm., shank maker, h. 148 Third 
O'Brien William, at John Reardon & 

Sons, h. 10 Somerset 
O'Brien & Gurry (Jeremiah O'Brien and 
John F. Gurry), horseshoers, 498 Main 
Obst Augustine, cabinet maker, house 38 
Howard [38 Howlrd 

Obst Joseph A., tuner, 162 Broadway, h. 
Obst Lizzie M., boards 38 Howard 
O'Connell Andrew, laborer, h. 10 Conlon's 

O'Connell Ann Miss, house 143 Elm 
O'Connell Charles, rope maker, house 85 
Spruce [h. do. 

O'Connell Charles J., clerk, 52 Broadway, 
O'Connell Daniel, dry goods, 219 North 

avenne, house 221 do. 
O'Connell Daniel, laborer, h. 15 Railroad 
O'Connell Daniel, laborer, h. Ill Dublin 
O'Connell Jane, widow of Daniel, house 2 

O'Connell James, baker, 502 Main 
O'Connell James E., tin worker, 163 Pleas- 
ant, house 59 Fairmont 
O'Connell James T., baker, 502 Main, h. 16 

O'Connell Jennie Miss, dressmaker, boards 

111 Dublin 
O'Connell Jeremiah, laborer, h. 142 Elm 
O'Connell Jeremiah, laborer, h. 10 McCabe 
O'Connell John laborer, house 6 Third 
O'Connell John J., currier, house 371 

North avenne 
O'Connell John Mrs., house 45 Cedar 
O'Connell Michael, carpenter, house 214 

O'Connell Michael, laborer, h. 129 Dublin 
O'Connell Michael, laborer, h. 21 McCabe 
O Connell Patrick, tailor, h. 6 Lopez 
O Connell Peter, laborer, h. rear 53 Vine 
O Connell Timothy, laborer, h. 13 Warren 
O'Connell Timothy, laborer, h. 47 Jefferson 
O Connell William, laborer, house 31 Rice 




house 236 

boards 364 

lab. h. 94 Kinnaird 
of Jeremiah, h. 

O Connell William 

H., hairdresser, h. 3 

O'Conner Thomas, hostler, Joseph Pike, 

Cnurch, house 1 Sparks 
O'Connor Ann, widow, h. rear 67 Moore 
O'Connor Cornelius, hostler, 677 Main, h. 

147 Franklin 
O'Connor Cornelius, laborer, b. 20 Sparks 
O'Connor Cornelius jr., b. 147 Franklin 
O'Connor D., trackman Cambridge R. R. 
OConnor Ellen, widow of Jeremiah, house 

12 Bow 
O'Connor James, carver, house 96 Gore 
O'Connor James, gardener, house 265 

O'Connor James, laborer, 184 

boards 42 Clark 
O'Connor Jeremiah, 
O'Connor Jeremiah, 

North avenue 
O'Connor Jeremiah T. 
O'Connor Joanna, widow 

73 Elm 
O'Connor John, agent, h. 143 Gore 
O'Connor John, laborer, h. r. 38 Boylston 
O'Connor John, hostler, house 14 Eighth 
O'Connor John, shoemaker, 17 Warren, h. 

O'Connor John, printer, bds. 46 Boylston 
O'Connor John, laborer, house 29 Seventh 
O'Connor John, laborer, b. 22 Foster 
O'Connor John B., action maker, 162 

Broadway, boards 52 Trowbridge 
O'Connor John F.. rubber maker, h. 25 

School street court 
O'Conner John H., saloon 364 North ave., 

house do. 
O'Conner Julia, widow of Patrick, house 8 

; O'Conner Margaret Mrs., dressmaker, 7 
AVinter, house do. 
O'Connor Martin E., sub-carrier P. O., 611 

Main, boards 11 School 
O'Connor Mary, widow of Martin, house 

11 School" 
O'Connor Mary, widow of William, board- 
ing-house. 364 North avenue 
O'Connor Michael, carpenter, house 214 

O'Connor Michael A., clerk, 267 Cam- 
bridge, bds. do 
O'Connor Michael, laborer, h. 29 Seventh 
O'Connor Morris, laborer, h. 76 Spruce 
O'Connor Morris, teamster, h. 36 Ellery 
O'Counor Patrick, h. 103 Spruce 
O'Connor Patrick, laborer, h. 69 Spruce 
O'Connor Patrick, fisherman, house r. 67 

O'Connor Patrick, contractor, h. 11 Sparks 
O'Connor Richard, laborer, h. 99 Sixth 
O'Connor Stephen F., tinman, boards rear 

167 Franklin 
O'Connor Thomas, marble cutter, house 52 

O'Connor Thomas, laborer, h. 62 Amory 
O'Connor Thomas, driver Cambridge R. R. 
Co., h. Cushing, n. Woodlawn 




O'Connor Thomas H., clerk, action clept., 

162 Broadway, b. 52 Trowbridge 
O'Connor Timothy, laborer, h. 3 Porter 
O'Connor Timothy, laborer, h. 20 Sparks 
O'Connor William P., baker, 502 Main, b. 

73 Elm 
O'Connor Wm. P., clerk, 346 North ay., 

bds. 364 do. 
O'Connor, see Connor 

Odd'e John A. L., carpenter, h. 45 Tremont 
O'Dcwyer Maurice, laborer, b. 8 Eighth 
Odin Hugh, safe maker, 17 Main, boards" 1 

Odin Hugo, safe maker, 17 Main 
Odiorne Frederick, bookkeeper (220 Dev- 
onshire, B.), house 287 Harvard 
Odiorne Sarah B., house 1 Dana 
O'Donnell Francts, painter, boards James 

O'Donnell's foot of Third 
O'Donnell Fred, cooper, house 41 Charles 
O'Donnell Jas., blacksmith, h. 15 McCabe 
O'Donnell James, depot master B. & L. 

R. R., foot of Third, house do. 
O'Donnell James P., painter, bds. James 

O'Donnell's, Third 
O'Donnell John, painter, 83 Bridge, b. do. 
O'Donnell John, tinsmith, 502 Main, house 

149 Elm 
O'Donnell Peter, laborer, h. 17 Grant 
O'Donnell Philip J. Rev., asst. pastor, 

church of the Sacred Heart, h. 83 Otis 
O'Donnell Robert, boiler maker, 72 Main 
O'Donnell William, laborer, h. 17 Grant 
O'Donnell William, laborer, h. 34 Foster 
O'Dowd Patrick, laborer, h. 470 Cambridge 
Offenger Johanna, wid. of Chas., h. 13 Vine 
O'Flanagan Charles, shoemaker, house 15 

O'Gara Thomas, teamster, 256 Bridge, h. 

at Somerville 
Ogle Thomas Mrs., house 46 Hastings 
O'Hair Edward J., liquors, 347£ Main, h. 

17 Sidney 
O'Haire Patrick, plasterer, h. 87 Spruce 
O'Halloran P. A., driver Cambridge R.R.Co. 
O'Hara Abbie, wid. of John, h. 12 Hancock 
O'Hara Daniel, laborer, h. 26 Brookline 
O'Hara James J., electrotype finisher Uni- 
versity Press, b. John O'Hara's, Murray 
O'Hara John, laborer, h. Murray, n. Eliot 
O'Hara Patrick, veneerer, 162 Broadway, 

h. at Boston 
O'Hara Rosa, wid. of Edward, h. 195 Spruce 
O'Hara Thos., teamster, 204 Sidney, h. do. 
O'Hara Thos. jr., teamster, b. 204 Sidney 
O'Hara Thos., janitor, h. 896 Main 
O'Hara Thomas, laborer, h. 13£ Warren 
O'Hare John, laborer, 28 North 
O'Hare Martin, gardener, Edw. W. Hooper, 

h. Reservoir, below the reservoir 
O'Hare Stephen, laborer, h. 172 Winsor 
O Hearn Celia, widow, h. rear 123 Third 
O'Hearn Eugene, laborer, house 3 Line- 

han's block, Third 

O'Hearn Maurice, gardener, 121 Brattle, h. 

Foster, near Willard 
O'Hearn Timothy, laborer, h. 30 Reed 
O'Hearn, see A hearn 
O'Henley Daniel, cooper, h. 10 Harding 
O'Keefe Bridget, widow, bds. 7 Athens 
O'Keefe Cornelius, currier, house 7 Reed 
O'Keefe Daniel, currier, house 1 George 
O'Keefe Daniel tinman, h. 203 Franklin 
O'Keefe Dennis, currier, house Reed 
O'Keefe Elizabeth, widow of Joseph, h. 

203 Franklin 
O'Keefe Feagus, peddler, house 7 Athens 
O'Keefe James, laborer, bds. 54 Bolton 
O'Keefe Jeremiah, laborer Cambridge R.R. 

Co., house 106 Tremont 
O'Keefe John, laborer, h. 234 Franklin 
O'Keefe Mary, wid. of James, h. 54 Bolton 
O'Keefe Patrick, currier, h. 67 Spruce 
O'Keefe Thomas, pressman Univer. Press, 

house 36 Charles River 
O'Keese Timothy, laborer, h. 27 Warren 
Okerlund A. G., molder, 356 Main, house 

at Boston 
Okerlund Gustave A., moulder, house 112 

Harvard [waite 

Oks Michal, boiler maker, h. 4 Cowperth- 
Olander Alfred, safe maker, 17 Main 
O'Leary Daniel, laborer, h. 167 Franklin 
O'Leary Dennis, burnisher, 153 Putnam 

avenue, house 2 Sands 
O'Learv Dennis, teamster, 84 Bridge, house 

27 Gore 


453 Main, h. 52 Pine 
O'Leary Humphrey, laborer, 17 Main, h. 

55 North 
O'Leary John, carpenter, house 197 Dublin 
O'Leary John, hostler Cambridge R. R. Co., 

Dunster, house 59 Boylston 
O'Leary John, laborer, house 20 Carson 
O'Leary John, laborer, h. 5 Lechmere pi. 
O'Leary Mary, widow of Jeremiah, house 

10 Hancock 
O'Leary William, laborer, h. 16 McCabe 
Olive Charles, case maker, 162 Broadway, 

house 122 Winsor 
Olive Douglass, apothecary, 169 Harvard 

and 475 Main, house 11 Boardman 
Olive E. Percy, photo printer (School, B.), 

boards 1 Dover [h. 1 Dover 

Olive Geo. M., apothecary, 288 North av., 
Olive James W., fly finisher, 162 Broadway, 

house 15 Union [n. do. 

Oliver Antonio R., hairdresser, 237 Main, 
Oliver Charles, telephone inspector, (40 

Pearl, B.), bds. 116 Norfolk 
Oliver David M., provisions (26 F. H. Mar- 
ket, B.), house 11 Linnjean 
Oliver Frank M., clerk (26 F. M. market, 

B.), boards 11 Linnaean [108 Norfolk 
Oliver Geo. P., piano case maker, house 
Oliver George R. (Oliver & Rowe), stoves, 

525 Main, house 116 Norfolk 



H, Wm. Tupper. Manager. 




Oliver Hubbard, harness maker, (150 Tre- 
raont, B.), liouse 111 Prospect 

Oliver John, carpenter and floor-layer, h. 
16 Mill 

Oliver Robert H., carpenter, h. 24 Warren 

Oliver Sarah H. Mrs., house 7 Appiar.-way 

OL.IVER & ROWE (George R. 
Oliver and Reuben B. Rowe), stoves 
and timvare, 525 Main 
Olmstead Chaney Mrs., h. r. 358 Broadway 
Olmstead Susan H. Mrs., house 70 Dana 
O'Loughlin John J., shoemaker, 425 Cam- 
bridge, house rear 172 Columbia 
Olson Carl G., machine hand, 162 Broad- 
way, house 21 Sidney 
Olsen Charles, salesman, 151 Pearl, house 

1 Douglas court 
Olsen Charles A., safe maker, 17 Main 
Olsen Conrad, laborer, bds. 10 Union 
Olsen Gustavo, cabinet mkr., 44 Cambridge 
Olsen Homer, clergyman, h. 33^ Inman 
Olsen John T., safe maker, 17 Main, house 
37 Washington [bds. do. 

Olson Augustus, gardener, 329 Morth ave., 
Olson Harry, piano maker, Albany, boards 

3Si Inman 
Olson John, printer, bds. 33^ Inman 
Olson John T., grainer, 203 Bridge, bds, 
41 Tremont [41 Tremont 

Olson Jonas, grainer, 203 Bridge, house 
Olson Otto W.. printer, bds. 23^ Inman 

OL.SSON JOHN F., picture frames, 
8 Harvard sq., house 8 Brewer 
Olsson Louise M. Miss, clerk, Harvard 

sq., bds. 8 Brewer [at Boston 

Olsson Nils, blacksmith. 113 Main, house 
Olsson Victor A., cabinet maker, 162 

Broadway, house 51 Clark 
Olsson W. A., case maker, 162 Broadway, 

liouse 51 Clark 
Olys Thomas J., merchant tailor (19 Elm, 

B.), house 297 North av. [Gore 

O'Malley Ann, widow of Francis, house 71 
O'Malley Mary Miss, dressmaker, 71 Gore, 

house do. [man 

O'Malley Thomas P., rectifier, h. 17 Braod- 
O'Mara David, laborer, h. 273 Putnam av. 
O'Mara David, vegetables, h. 4 Bell 
O'Mara David A., tailor, 423 Cambridge, 

house do. 
O'Neil Alice Mrs., bds. 1 Cowperthwaite 
O'Neil Bridget, w. of James, h. 137 Portland 
O'Neil Charles, laborer, house 55 North 
O'Neil Daniel, carriagesmith, b. 14 Railroad 
O'Neil Daniel, wire weaver, h. 212 Third 
O'Neil Felix, laborer W. T. Richardson & 

Co., house 10 Charles River 
O'Neil James, wool sorter, b. 364 North av. 
O'Neil James, laborer, liouse 2 Dickinson 
O'Neil James, laborer, h. 117 Pleasant 
O'Neil James D., foreman, 37 Clark, house 

at Boston 
O'Neil Jeremiah, laborer, house 3 Brown's 

block, Third 

O'Neil John, baker, 8 Rogers block, 

Brewery, h. do. 
O'Neil John, carver, 44 Cambridge, house 

at Brighton 
O'Neil John, potter, boards 14 Railroad 
O'Neil Joseph, helper, 356 Main, house at 

O'Neil Lawrence, spring bed maker, 386 

Main, house 30 Sidney 
O'Neil Mary, widow of Patrick, house 

Bristol, near Webster avenue 
O'Neil Mary Miss, dressmaker, 51 Moore, 

boards do. 
O'Neil Michael, laborer, h. 23 Donnell 
O'Neil Michael, laborer, h. 14 Railroad 
O'Neil Patrick, laborer, house 9 Railroad 
O'Neil Patrick, stone cutter 29 Main, bds. 

172 Third 
O'Neil Peter, baker, 502 Main, b. 464 Main 
O'Neil Peter 2nd, stone cutter, h. 172 Third 
O'Neil Thomas, engineer, 37 Clark, house 
49 Washington [24 Plymouth 

O'Neil Thomas, teamster 195 Broadway, h. 
O'Neil Walter, laborer, house 9 Vine 
O'Neil William, laborer, bds. 1 Washington 
O'Neil William J., salesman, (450 Washing- 
ton, B.), bds. 62 Amory 
O'Neil Wm., brass founder, b. 9 Railroad 
O'Neil Wm., lab. 610 Main, h. 62 Amory 
O'Neil W., conductor Camb. 11. R. Co. 
O'Neill Dennis, teamster, 221 Bridge 
O'Neill Eliza Miss, groceries, 26 Hunting 

liouse do. 
O'Neill James E., salesman (129 Milk, B.), 

boards 17 Fifth 
O'Neill John, gardener, h. 214 Columbia 
O'Neill Michael laborer, h. 29 Warren 
O'Neill Peter, stone cutter, 29 Main, house 

172 Third 
O'Neill Sarah, wid, of James, h. 17 Fifth 
O'Neill Sarah Miss, clerk, 159 Cambridge, 

boards 17 Fifth 
O'Neill, see O'Neil and Neill 
Orcutt David H., bookfinisher, b. 13 Union 
Orcutt Henry J., mason, rooms 26 Mount 

Auburn, bds. Brattle sq., Hotel 
Orcutt Jane H., Avidow of William H., h. 

13 Union 
Orcutt John W., clerk, bds. 148 Brookline 
Orcutt Mary A., widow of Alfred H., house 

148 Brookline 
Orcutt Mary W., w. of Ira B., h, 17 Upton 
Orcutt Wallace A., baker, 502 Main, bds. 

464 do. 
Orcutt William H., justice Third District 
Court, Eastern Middlesex, City build- 
ing, Brattle square, and attorney-at- 
law (82 Devonshirs, room 10, B.), h. 
17 Upton 
Ordway Edward, cashier Nat. Bank (Town- 
send), h. 12 Garden 
O'Reagan John, laborer, house Lexington 
avenue, 2d from North avenue 





O'Reilley Francis J., mason, house 19 

Sparks street place 
Organ J. , driver Cambridge R. R. 
O'Riley Catharine, widow, h. 11 Grant 
O'Riley John, laborer, house 121 Spruce 
Orne Caroline F. Miss, house 49 Auburn 
Orne Charles P., apothecary, 837 Main, 

house do. 
Orne Joel S., apothecary, 493 Main, house 

495 do. 
Orne John jr., teacher physical department 

High school, house 104 Ellery 
O'Rourke Edward, peddler, h. 52 Charles 
O'Rourke, see Rourke 
Orphans' Home, Avon hill street, near Lin- 

Orr John, proof-reader University Press, 

house 54 Mt. Auburn 
Orr Wm. Rev., pastor St. Paul's church, h. 

34 Holyoke 
Osborn Adolphus, soap makers' supplies 

(25 Central wharf, B.), h. 141 Anstin 
Osborn Anna M. Miss, private school, 35 

Norfolk, house do. 
Osborn Charles A., clerk (25 Central whf., 

B.), house 85 Fsanklin 
Osborn Eldorado, confectionery, h. 16 Park 
Osborn Francis A., com. mer. (25 Central 

wharf, B.), house 70 Green 
Osborn Fred. E., salesman (38 Essex, B.), 

bds. 130 Washington 
Osborn Ira, house 22 Inman 
Osborn, Jennie I)., widow of James D., h. 

130 Washington 

OSBORN JAMES H., furniture, 
etc., 564 Main, h. 138 Pearl 
Osborn Jesse, messenger Shawmut National 
Bank (60 Congress, B.), house 202 
Putnam a v. 
Osborn J. Albert, copyist, bds. 141 Austin 
Osborn Mary A. Mrs. house 35 Norfolk 
Osborn Mary F. Mrs. house 50 Columbia 
Osborn Minnie, music teacher, 410 Harvard 
Osborn Moses. hairdresser, 182 Green, h. do. 
Osborn Nancy, wid. of Jos. h. 6 William 
Osborne Horace K., com. mer. (235 Con- 
gress, B.), house 17 Lee 
Osborne Susan O., widow of John, house 

410 Harvard 
Osgood Edward S., house 102 Ellery 
Osgood Julia H., Miss, teacher Shepard 

grammar school, h. 19 Walden 
Osgood Rebecca P.. widow of Samuel, h. 

1 Hadley place 
Osgood Sarah H., widow of Nathaniel, h. 

42 Essex 
Osgood William N., clerk (113 Devonshire, 

B.), hoards 102 Ellery 
O'Shaughnessy Nicholas J., tailor, 566 

Main, h. 124 Brookline 
O'Shea D., glass blower N. E. Glass 

Works, North 
O'Shea William H., provisions, 480 Cam- 
bridge, house at Somerville 

O'Shea, see Shea 

Ostberg Ola, tailor, house 451 Main 

Osterbreuk Henry, watchman, house 159 

Osthnes Henry G., h. 61 Sixth 
O'Sullivan Eugene E., liquors, 26 Charles 

River, n. 14 Mill 
O'Sullivan George, laborer, h. r. 52 Spruce 
O'Sullivan Michael, gardener, h. 14 Mill 
O'Sullivan Michael J., tailor, 18 Boylston, 

house 20 do. 
Otis Charles, spring roller maker, bds. 102 

Otis Emma C. Mrs., teacher Willard p.i- 

mary school, house 175 Putnam av. 
Otis James K., furniture mnfr. (58 Char- 

pon, B.), house 36 Bigelow 
Otis J. F., driver Cambridge R. R. 
Otis Louis, brick maker, h. 125 Dublin 
O'Toole Patrick, shoemaker, 57 Charles, 

house do. 
Ottignon Augusjus W., piano action maker, 

137 Broadway, p. Hotel Holly 
Otto Catherine, widow of William, house 62 

Otto John, machinist, h. 116 Harvard 
Otto William, hairdresser, h. 6Q Harvard 
Ottoson Paul, safe maker, h. 8 Rogers' blk. 
Ouimette Max, polisher, b. 83 Broadway 
Ouimette Magee, polisher, b. 27 Second 
Outhwaite Charlotte Mrs., h. 2 Central pi. 
Overton B., feeder Cambridge R. R. 
Owen D. E. & Co. (Frasier & Smith), 

Eureka hitch, 330 Main 
Owen Nathaniel L., hammer coverer, 330 

Main, bds. Hi Norfolk 
Owens James, watchman, 126 Portland, h. 

Rolling mill block, Bristol 
Owens James, plasterer, h. 15 Warren 
Owens James J., laborer, 126 Port'aud, h. 

35 Hampshire 
Owens John, helper, 71 Main, h. at Beston 
Owens N., hostler, Cambridge R. R. 
Owens William, fruit and trav. salesman, 

546 Main, h. do. 
Owler William, printer Riverside Press, h. 

25 Blackstone 
Owlton James, blacksmith, h. 58£ Camb. 
Oxford Charles F., boards 24 Cottage 
Oxford Charles W. (Oxford Bros.), furni- 
ture, 529 Main, h. 42 Magazine 
Oxford Joseph M. (Oxford Bros.), furni- 
ture, 529 Main, house 24 Cottage 
Oxford Bros. (Joseph M. and Chas. W. 

Oxford), furniture, etc., 529 Main 

PACH O. W. & BROS., photo- 
graphers, Main next Beck Hall, H. 
William Tupper, manager 
Pacifico John, laborer, house 95 Winsor 
Packard Alonzo (Packard & Burrill), brush 
mnfr. (8 Union, B.), h. 101 Thorndike 
Packard Emery J., carpenter and builder, 
18 Elm, house 90 Norfolk 

PACH BROTHERS, nSISll, photocraphers 

H. w m . Tupjer, Manner. FOR HARVARD UNIVERSITY 



Packard Flavius J., machinist, h. 109 Elm 
Packard Frederick A., paper (24 Hawley, 

B.), house 7 White 
Packard J., wood worker. M. E. Rideout & 

Co., State [ket 

Packard Leonard H., carpenter, h. 17 Mar- 
Packard Luman B., cabinet maker, house 

1 Grotto place [Cogswell avenue 

Packard N. Lincoln, carpenter, boards 37 
Packer Clinton ML, builder, boards 28 

Chestnut [nut 

Packer James W., builder, house 28 Chest- 
Packwood John, glass cutter N. E. Glass 

Co., house 76 Spring 
Paddack Eliza S. Miss, teacher Putnam 

grammar school, bds. 342 Broadway 
Page Abby Miss, h. at 29 Everett 
Page Arline F., widow of Ovando G., bds. 

8G Ausrin [house 119 Winsor 

Page Austin A., box maker, 3 Hampshire, 
Page Carlos L., treas., Geo. G. Page Box 

Co., boards 445 Cambridge 
Page Francis E. (Parker & Page), lumber, 

First, hoards at Boston 
Page George G. , house 445 Cambridge 

ley L. Page, pres., C. L. Page, treas., 
C. L. Pike, si-p:., box mnfrs., 3 to 13 
Hampshire, junction Broadway 
Page Julia A., wid. of Asa. h. 37 Pleasant 
Page Lucy A , wid. of Orlando, h. 5 Dover 
Page Mary, wid. of John, n. 181 Harvard 
Page Orlando A., egg merchant, 525 Main, 

boards do. 
Pa?e Paul T., house 113 Jnman 

PAGE PERKINS C, butter and 
cheese (24 Suffolk market, B.), house 
21 Prospect 

Page Sarah G., widow of Charles A., h. 49 
Auburn [erett, bds. do. 

Page Sarah H. Miss, private school, 29 Ev- 

Page Wesley L., pres., Geo. G. Page Box 
Co., 3 Hampshire, b. 1 Worcester 

Page Wm., Cambridgeport Savings Bank, 
G35 Main, house 23 Lee 

Page William C. D., machinist, 72 Main, 
house rear 13 Pine 

Paige Caroline E.. widow, h. 67 Magazine 

Paige David F. (70 Sudbury, B.), house 67 

Paige Dennis A. (Paige & Gove), cheese 
maker, rear 43 Bridge, h. at Somerville 

Paige Frank, furniture mnfr. (70 Sudbury, 
B.), house 67 Magazine 

PaigeLucius R. Rev., h. 112 Washington 

Paige William A., salesman, boards 67 

Paige & Gove (Dennis A. Paige and Ar- 
chibald R. Gove) , wholesale milk deal- 
ers and cheese mnfrs., rear 43 Bridge 

Painchand Apollinarie, finisher F. Gel- 
dowsky Furniture Co., h. 2 Conlon ct. 

Paine Calvin C. teamster, 3 Hampshire, h. 
138 Harvard 

Paine Charles H.. action maker, 162 Broad- 
way, boards 60 Harvard 

Paine Charles M., optician (544 Washing- 
ton, B.), house 84 Washington 

Paine Ellen, widow, house 6 Houghton 

Paine Francis T., driver, 15 Perry, h. 13 do. 

Paine Frederick M., clerk, 17 Brattle, h. 
40 Holyoke [ Washington 

Paine Frederick W., clerk, boards 84 

Paine Henry W., counselor (209 Washing- 
ton, rooms 1 and 2, B.), h. QG Sparks 

Paine Isaac (Norfolk. Va.). h. 40 Austin 

PAINE JAUIES E., at (48 Canal, 
B.), boards 8 Dana 
Paine John K.. professor of music H. U., 
house 22 Berkeley 

PAINE JOHN §., furniture (48 
Canal, B.], house 8 Dana 
Paine John S., machinist, boards 40 Austin 
Paine Lizzie A., wid. of Rufus A., house 

40 Austin 
Paine Olin B., trav. salesman (Federal, 
B.), house 11 Dover 

PAINE OSCAR W., treas. Ameri- 
can Rubber Co., Potter and (59 Frank- 
lin, B.). h. at Boston 

Paine Robert S., bookkeeper (72 South 
Market. B.], house 167 Prospect 

Paine Walter K., machine hand, 162 Broad- 
way, house 138 Harvard 

Paine AVilliam boards 84 Austin 

Paine William L., peddler, bds. 40 Sidney 

Paine, see Payne 

Palfrey Cazneau Rev., house 94 Oxford 

Palfrey Marv A., widow of John G., house 
30 Oxford 

Palmas Charles, laborer, house Crescent, 3d 
on right from Oxford 

Palmer Allison H., organ tuner, 162 Broad- 
way, house at Chelsea 

Palmer Chas. P., mason (75 Haverhill, B.), 
house 38 Bigelow 

Palmer Clara Miss, teacher (Marlboro, B.), 
boards 308 Harvard 

Palmer Benjamin, driver,Cambridge R. R., 
boards at Somerville 

Palmer Bennett F.. provisions (371-iMain), 
boards 13 Clark 

Palmer Fred M., train dispatcher N. E. R. 
R., house 6 Warland 

Palmer Geo. M., asst. in chemistry, Tufts 
College, boards 9 Plympton 

Palmer Harriet, widow of Granville, house 
111^ Inman 

Palmer James Iff., president National Car- 
bureter Co. (1 Pemberton sq. B.), h. 
9 Plympton 

Palmer James S., printer (52 Bromfield), 
house 34 Broadway 

Palmer John Mrs., house SG Gore 

Palmer Judson, helper, 502 Main 

Palmer J. R., clerk, Riverside Press, house 
at Brighton 

Palmer Nancy C. Miss, house 89 Gore 




Palmer Patrick, laborer, h. 188 Norfolk 
Palmer William, horseshoer, h. 16 Oak 
Palmer Win., laborer, h. 15 Leighton ct. 
Palmstrom Nels, safe-maker, 17 Main 
Pancoast Benj., tinman, 153 Putnam ave- 
nue, house 20 Howard 
Pancoast Charles W., bookkeeper, 600 

Main, house 11 Tremont 
Pancoast Geo. E., compositor, boards 28 

Pannell Marshall H., hostler, Cambridge 

R. R. Co., boards 31 Jay 
Panning J. Fred., varnisher, h. 19 Fifth 
Parent Anthony, broom maker, h. 75 Spruce 
Parent Peter, broom maker, b. 75 Spruce 
Paris Antoine, shoemaker, 6 Rogers' block, 

Main, house do. 
Park Catherine B., widow of Robert, 

nurse, house rear 186 Green 
Park George W., lawyer (48 Congress, B.), 

house 24 Arlington 
Park John, carpenter, house 6 Lopez 
Park Jonathan, house 465 Main 
Parker Abbott, newspapers, etc., 534 Cam- 
bridge, house 105 Inman 
Parker Alice R., boards 83 Auburn 
Parker Alice W., widow of John D. jr., h. 

20 Quincy 
Parker Anson H., salesman (400 Washing- 
ton, B.), boards 38 Second 
Parker Bridget, widow of John T., bouse 

rear 249 Franklin 
Parker Carlton Mrs., house 24 Bigelow 
Parker Charles H., mechanical engineer, 

92 Main, house 302 Harvard 
Parker diaries W. f clerk, 627 Main, house 

3 Ashburton place 
Parker Christopher, waiter, bds. 20 Flagg 
Parker Daniel, W., foreman (25 Washing- 
ton, B.), house 262 Pearl 
Parker Edmund M., lawyer, (40 State, room 

20, B.), boards 5 Craigie 
Parker Edward II., salesman (518 Wash- 
ington, B.), boards 24 Bigelow 
Parker Eliza C. Miss, house 23 Garden 
Parker Ellen, widow of Thomas B., house 

16 Farwell place 
Parker Frank II.. clerk, (23 Summer, B.), 

boards 24 Bigelow 
Parker Frank H., machinist, h. r. 72 Allston 
Parker Fred C. (Aaron & Parker), cigar 

maker, 513 Main, house 40 Winsor 
Parker Francis E., salesman (13 Federal, 

B.), house 112 Inman 
Parker Galen A. (Parker & Page), lumber, 

First, house at Reading 
Parker Geo. C, boards 24 Bigelow 
Parker George E., brush maker, h. 89 Vine 
Parker George E., jr., machinist, 169 Gore, 

house 101 Thorndike 
Parker G.. driver Cambridge R. R. Co. 
Parker G. H., student H. U., b. 686 Main 
Parker Harleston, h. 22 Appian-way 

yer (43 and 44 Sears building, B.), h. 
29 Concord avenue 

Parker John E., laborer, h. 28 Charles 

Parker John H., peddler, house 39 Union 
Parker Leland X., salesman (450 Washing- 
ton. B,), house Harris, opp. Frost 
Parker Levi W., clerk (147 Milk, B.), bds. 

38 Second 
Parker Lilla Mrs., house 3 Essex court 
Parker Louisa P., Miss, teacher High 

school, boards 38 Second 
Parker Luther L. , deputy sheriff, office 
Lechmere Bank building, E. C, house 
38 Second 
Parker Luther L. jr., engineer B. & L. R. 

R., house 7 East 
Parker Marcellus B., clerk, 131 Pearl, h. 

Acorn, corner Chestnut 
Parker Mary, widow of Richard, house 18 

Parker Mary M. , widow of Joel, house 5 

Parker Milton A., clerk T. H. Brewer, 

Brattle square, boards 19 Winthrop 
Parker Newell O., house 93 Chestnut 
Parker Robert E., laborer, house 440 Main 
Parker Sarah, wid. of Oliver, h. Hadley pi. 
Parker Susan Miss, house 23 Garden 
Parker Susan S., widow of David, boards 

21 Cogswell avenue 
Parker Thomas, hay and grain, 240 and 242 

Main, house at West Somerville 
Parker Willard, clerk (61 Franklin, B.), 

boards 24 Bigelow 
Parker William, carver, house 52 Sixth 
Parker William F., student H. U., rooms 

5 DeWolf 
Parker Willie H., clerk (301 Washington, 

B.), boards 3 Essex court 
Parker & Page (Galen A. Parker and Fran- 
cis E. Page), lumber yard opp. Russ 

Moulding Co., First, office (24 Canal, 


printer, (218 Franklin, B.), boards 100 

printer (218 Franklin, B.), house 100 

Parkhurst Chas. F., foreman paint shop, 
169 Gore, house 2 Squire's court 

Parkhurst George E., engineer, house 127 

Parkin W. N., driver Cambridge R. R. Co. 

Parkinson Charles A., butcher Niles Bros., 
boards J. F. Parkinson's Concord ave. 

Parkinson Henry A., teamster, house Con- 
cord avenue, near Belmont line 

Parkinson John Fred, butcher Niles Bros., 
Concord avenue, house near do. 

Parkinson Richard G., teamster 253 Cam- 
bridge, house 46 Winter 

Parkman John, machinist, house 48 Union 

Parks Elizabeth C, widow of Japtha, h. 
408 Main 

' Parks James, laborer, 502 Main 





Parks James H., diamond polisher, boards 

School cor. Moore 
Parks Jane, widow of James, h. 58 Amory 
Parks Joseph L., clerk (Custom House, 

B.), boards 408 Main 
Parks Joseph W., laborer, bds. 58 Amory 
Parks Maggie Miss, nurse, h. 10 Lake 
Parks Otis B., painter, boards 408 Main 
Parks William, moulder, 356 Main, house 

School, corner Moore 
Parlin Frank E., telegraph operator, (109 

State, B.), b. 93 Austin 
Parlin Frank H., lawyer, 583 Main, b. 84 

Parmelee Edward F., salesman, 211 Bridge, 

h. Winchester 
Parmenter Albert F., trimming dept, 162 

Broadway, h. 40l£ Main 
Parmenter Mary Miss, h. 37 Second 
Parmenter William H., salesman, 31 Elm, 

house 12 Essex [471 Main 

Parnell Margaret A., widow of Wm., h. 
Parnell Wm. H., clerk (432 Washington, 

B.), house 471 Main [court 

Paronovost Augustus, cooper, h. 18 Squires 
Parr Wallace E., (Parr & Beardsley), 9 

Palmer, house 87 Concord av. 
Parr William H. Mrs., h. 3 Prospect 
Parr & Beardsley (Wallace E. Parr and 

Chas. H. Beardsley), painters, 9 Palmer 
Parrish Kobert W., sawyer, 3 Hampshire, 

h. 14 Suffolk 
Parrock Isabella, widow of William H., h. 

134 Pleasant 
Parrow Nice, broommaker, bds. 75 Spruce 
Parrow Peter, broommaker, h. 75 Spruce 
Parry Bros. & Co., (John E. and Wm. A. 

Parry, and Alonzo R. Smith), brick 

mnfrs., foot Raymond, office 220 

North avenue 
Parry Geo. E., brick maker, bds. 29 Rice 
Parry John E. (Parry Bros. & Co.), brick 

mnfr., house 27 Rice 
Parry Richard H. , brick maker, h. 29 Rice 
Parry Robert A., (Parry Bros. & Co.), b. 

29 Rice [Rice 

Parry Susan, widow of C. Ephraim, h. 29 
Parry Wm. A. (Parry Bros & Co.), brick 

mnfr., foot Raymond, h. Mt. Pleasant 
Parsons Albert S., treasurer Cambridgeport 

Diary Co., 105 Magazine, house 27 

Ellsworth avenue [do. 

Parsons Alexander, grocer, 18 River, h. 
Parsons Allen B., carpenter, 5 Palmer, h. 

35 Mellen 
Parsons Carrier L. Miss, artist (30 Studio 

bldg., B.), bds. 29 Shepard 
Parsons Catharine A., wid. of Theophilus, 

h. 29 Shepard 
Parsons Charles E., gas fitter 12 Harvard 

Row, bds. 1 Winthrop sq. 
Parsons Elizabeth, widow, h. 18 River 
Parsons George, mason, hi. 122 Auburn 

Parsons Henry K., stable, also hay and 
straw, 198 North avenue, boards 10 

Parsons Joseph, chain maker (Old State 
Prison), h. Holworthy, near Locust 

Parsons Josiah P., carpenter, 200£ North 
avenue, boards Porter's Hotel 

Parsons Lydia A. Miss, artist (28 School, 
B.), boards 10 Russell 

Parsons S. Celina, widow of Cyrus M., h. 
foot Avon Hill street 

Parsons Sylvanus M., cattle broker, house 
10 Russell 

Parsons Theophilus Mrs., h. 29 Shepard 

Partridge Arthur E., machinist, 72 Main 

Partridge David, case maker, 162 Broad- 
way, house 56 Webster avenue 

Partridge James 0., molder, h. 119 West- 
ern avenue 

Partridge John W., h. 17 Ellsworth ave. 

Patch Helen E. Miss, h. 13 Shepard 

Patch Howard W., printer, h. 127 Auburn 

Patch Matilda S., widow of Joseph, house 
4 Upton 

Patchett James, in Cambridge Rolling Mill, 
house 1 Berkshire place [block 

Patenaude Andrew, carpenter, h. Hawkins, 

Paton James, student, bds. 154 Brattle 

Paton Thomas C. M,, upholsterer (B.), 
h. 134 Brattle 

Patrick George A., contractor, h. 32 Hub- 
bard avenue 

Patrick Ralph, printer, h. 7 Lambert av. 

Patrick Thomas, watchman Cambridge R. 
R. Co. , North av. h. 67 Spruce 

Patriquin George, clerk (Summer, B.), 
boards 7 Hamilton 

Patriquin John M., salesman (30 Winter, 
B.), house 7 Hamilton 

Patt Julia, widow, house 196 Franklin 

Patten A. W., clerk 150 Bridge, bds Hotel 
Cambridge, Otis 

Patten Ephraim H., clerk, 153 Bridge, bds. 
Hotel Cambridge [Boston 

Patten E. S., laundry, 135 Main, h. at 

Patten Eva Mrs., laundry, 369 Main, h. at 

Patten John, laborer, house 56 Charles 

Patterson Albert L. C, clerk, r. 43 Bridge, 
bds. at Charlestown 

Patterson Emil, cook, h. rear 172 Columbia 

Patterson Franklin, steam fitter (80 Sud- 
bury, B.), house 5 Lambert avenue 

Patterson George, blacksmith, house 63 

Patterson George E., carpenter, boards 63 

Patterson James, bds. Porter's Hotel 

Patterson James, stone cutter, house 24 

Patterson James W., stone cutter, 70 
Bridge, h. 24 Dudley 

Patterson Jghn, s^one cutter, h. r. 45 Reed 


P. O'BItlEN & S^N. 82Q Afein **nd 89 Sparks Streets 



Patterson John E., carpenter, boards 63 

Patterson Joseph, sawyer (B.), boards 20 

Patterson Robert J., saloon 73 Cedar, h. 

50 do. 
Patterson William, carpenter, Rhoades 

bldg. State, house 426 Cambridge 
Pattison William B., cabinet maker, 17 

Main, house 4 Hotel Clark 
Paul Ivory C, cutter (167 Court, B.), 

house 17 Pleasant pi. 
Paul N. Clifford, carrier (Brookline P. O.), 

house 15 Florence 
Pawlowski August, butcher Niles' Bros., 

house Concord avenue 
Pawlowski Julius, butcher Niles' Bros., 

house Concord avenue 
Payette Albert, clerk (162 Court, B.), h. 

9 Rogers' block, Main 
Payette Alfred, laborer, b. 34 Washington 
Payette Charles Mrs., house 9 Rogers' 

block, Main 
Payette J., boiler maker, 92 Main 
Payne Richard, laborer, h. rear 45 Amory 
Payne, see Paine 
Payson Joseph H., boxmaker, 3 Hampshire, 

house 117 Winsor 
Payzant Robert, laborer, h. 22 Watson 
Peabody Andrew P. Rev., h. 11 Quincy 
Peabody Francis G., house Shepard, near 

Peace James William, file cutter, house 

3 Cogswell place 

PEAK HOWARD F., slater, foot 
of Charles River, order box Lyceum 

bldg, Harvard sq., house 2 Chas. River 
Pear Charles M., clerk, b. 17 Worcester 
Pear Isaac S., spring bed mnfr., Rhoades' 

bldg., State, store (35 Brattle, B.), 

house 7 Howard 
Pear Lucy A., widow of William B., house 

28 Norfolk 
Pear Sarah A. Miss, reg. Asso. Charities, 

Central sq. building, house 28 Front 
Pear Sarah R., widow of John S., house 

17 Worcester [42 Essex 

Pear Thomas, jeweler [27 Avery, B.), h. 
Pearson Albert L., laborer, h. 57 Pleasant 
Pearson Alexander C, paper-hanger, 12 

Prospect, house do. 
Pearson Augusta, widow of Thomas, house 

507 Main [507 do. 

Pearson Geo. H., clerk, 595 Main, boards 
Pearson George L., at 139 Broadway, 

boards 229 do. 
Pearson Henry, salesman, h. 507 Main 
Pearson Henry C, piano maker, 624 Main, 

house 23 Lawrence 
Pearson Legh R., printer, University 

Press, house 880 Main 
Pearson Manuel, machinist, 17 Main, h. 2 

Baldwin place 
Pearson Martha J. M., widow, h. 48 Dana 

Pearson Mary D., widow of William, 

house 2 Austin place 
Pearson Mary S., widow, h. 23 Lawrence 
Pearson Sarah, widow of Charles S., 

house 125 Washington 
Pearson Swen, tailor, bds. 2 Bristol 
Pearson T., glass cutter, N. E. Glass 

Works, North 
Pearson William, clerk (88 Pearl, B.), 

house 2 Austin place 
Pease Alfred R., clerk (B.), boards 141 

North avenue 
Pease Curtis S., bookkeeper Boston Ice 

Co., Prison Point road, h. at Maiden 
Pease Matthew, carpenter, b. 27 Warland 
Peaslee Cyrus, provisions (40 F. H. square, 

B.), house 54 Pleasant 
Peaslee Elizabeth A. Mrs., h. 8 Howard 
Peaslee Winfred I., clerk (40 F. H. square, 

B.), boards 438 Main 
Peck William F., machinist, 17 Main, 

house 17 Claak 
Peirce Charlotte E. Miss, h. 4 Kirkland pi. 
Peirce James Mills, Professor of Mathe- 
matics H. U. , h. 4 Kirkland place 
Peirce Mary F. Miss, teacher High school, 

boards 91 Magazine 
Peirce Sarah M., widow of Benjamin, h. 

4 Kirkland place 
Peirce W. Wallace, 452 Harvard, rms. do. 
Peiroe, see Pierce 
Pelkey Francis, broom mnfr., Crescent 

avenue, house 2 Mt. Pleasant 
Pellaquin Gilbert, engineer Sands' brick 

yard, house 106 Concord avenue 
Pelonsky Nathan, dry and fancy goods, 403 

Cambridge, h. at Somerville 
Peltier Fred E., engineer, 12 Harvard, 

house 128 do. 
Peltier Joseph O., organ builder (Cam- 
bridge, B.), house 51 Market 
Peltier Louis O., piano regulator (Vose & 

Son B.), bds. 51 Market 
Pemetler Joseph, currier Mtiller Bros. 
Pendexter Frances E. Miss, teacher Gore 

primary school, house 80 Fourth 
Pendlebury Mary A., widow of Peter, h. 

20 Worcester [Norfolk 

Penery Julia, widow of Warren, house 186 
Penfield John S. F., potter, h. 499 Main 
Penfield William B. Mrs., house 499 Main 
Penfield William J., potter, b. 499 Main 
Penke Frederick, shoemaker, 161 Broad- 
way, house do. 
Pennell Ellington hardware, 57 Camb- 
ridge, house 11 Sixth 
Pennell Frank H., clerk, 57 Cambridge, 

boards 11 Sixth 
Pennell James F., hardware, 57 Cambridge, 

house 34 Second [Washington 

Pennay Edward, waiter (B.), rooms 41 
Penney John D., farmer Richard Penney, 

foot Harvey, h. 352 North avenue 



Established 1860. 20 DOCK SQUARE. 



Penney Margaret J. Miss, teacher, boards 

Kichard Penney 's, foot Harvey 
Penney Kichard, farmer, house foot Har- 
vey, at Arlington line 
Penney Kichard jr., farmer Richard Penney, 

foot Harvey, bds. do. 
Penney Thomas W., farmer, house Elm, 

corner Russell 
Penniman Benjamin F., printer University 

press, house 6 Daniels court 
Penniman Martha A., widow of Albert B., 

house 297 Broadway 
Penniman Thomas J., carriage painter, 446 

Main, house 9 State 
Pennington George H., bds. 53 Cherry 
Penniman Walter L., clerk, h. 6 Daniels ct. 
Pennock Nathaniel A., jeweler, 188 North 

avenue, house 20 Orchard 
Pentz Charles, sausage maker, h. 75 Sixth 
Pentz George, sausage maker, bds. 75 Sixth 
Pepper Rosanna, widow of Thomas, house 

4 Sacramento 
Percival Edmund A., tailor, h. 393 Main 
Perham John Mrs., house 97 Columbia 
Perham Richard P., laborer, h. 27 Brewery 
Perie Manuel, hairdresser 7 Brattle, b. atB. 
Perkins Augustus Iff., painter, house 11 

Perkins Charles H., laborer, 162 Broadway, 

house 2 Gray place 
Perkins Edmund, carpenter, b. 271 Br'dw'y 
Perkins Edwin, carpenter, 350 Main 
Perkins Elisha K., cooper (Boston wharf, 

First, South Boston), house 107 Pearl 
Perkins Eva A. Miss, music teacher, bds. 

11 Amory 

7 Brattle, and (75 State, B.), house 7 

Perkins George D., conductor Camb. R. R. 

Perkins Hamilton H., clerk (33 North Mar- 
ket, B.), house 104 Auburn 

Perkins Harry W., organ tuner, 162 Broad- 
way, house at Somerville 

Perkins Henry B., clerk, 288 North avenue, 
boards 1 Dover 

Perkins Jennie Estelle Miss, music teacher, 
boards 11 Amory 

Perkins Jesse, laborer, h. 53 Vine 

Perkins John jr., house 23 Ellery 

Perkins John B., carpenter, house rear 174^ 

Perkins John F. ? organ tuner, 162 Broad- 
way, house at Medford 

Perkins John K., cooper (Boston wharf, 
First, South Boston), boards 107 Pearl 

Perkins Levi Mrs., house 7 Everett 

Perkins Napoleon, laborer, h. 32 Spring 

Perkins Oliver L., slipper mnfr. (Beach, 
B.), house 45 Magazine 

Perkins Oliver L. Jr,, salesman (477 Wash- 
ington, B.), h. Avon, opp. Norton 

Perkins Susan S., wid. of H. H.. h. 16 Lake 

Perkins Walter S., salesman (4 Chauncy, 

B.), house 23 Ellery 
Pero John, tinsmith, house 3 Broadway 
Perre Antonia, cabinet maker, 79 Main, h. 

at Charleston 
Perrin Arthur (254 Washington, B.), bds. 

Franklin Perrin's, Arsenal square 
Perrin Franklin city auditor, office City 

Hall, house Arsenal square 
Perry Alexander H., carriage painter, rear 

10 Brattle, house at Allston 

Perry Benjamin G., cutter (28 West B.), 

h. 9 Boardman 
Perry Charles E., blacksmith, Gore's whf., 

Third, house 117 Otis 
Perry Charles F., fireman, b. 19 Winthrop 
Perry Charles P., boards 117 Otis 
Perry Charles T., chair painter (B.), bds. 

11 Front 

wright, 354 Camb., h. 95 Webster av. 
Perry Eben F., furniture packer, house 4 

Rogers' block, Main 
Perry Eben F., newsdealer (E. R. R. depot, 

B.), house rear 131 Thorndike 
Perry Eliza A., widow of Benjamin F., h. 

19 Winthrop 
Perry Eugene, painter, 3 Sargent, h. do. 
Perry Foster, carpenter, h. 15 Fairmont av. 
Perry Franklin W., bookkeeper (25 South 

Market. B.). house 11 River 
Perry George, tinman, 153 Putnam av., b. 

42 Fairmont 
Perry George T. (C. A. Moore & Co.), 

confectionery, 282 Broadway, and (37 

Union, B.), h. 861 Main 
Perry James, hostler, house 6 Gray place 
Perry John H., chair painter (B.), boards 

11 Front 
Perry John W., chair painter (B.), house 

11 Front 
Perry Joseph L. , salesman (35 F. H. mar- 
ket, B.), house 44 Market 
Perry Jountho, house 130 Bridge 
Perry Manuel, laborer, h. 36 Cambridge 
Perry Manuel, laborer, h. 128 Bridge 
Perry Melvin W., carpenter, h. 19 Green 
Perry Simon, painter, house 15 Tine 
Perry William H., clerk, 17 Brattle, boards 

19 Winthrop 
Perry William P., horse trainer, h. 236 

Perry William T., chair painter (B.)boards 

11 Front 
Person E., machinist, 72 Main 
Person Elwin F., officer House of Correc- 
tion, house 129 Thorndike 
Pervere C. N. Mrs., house 27 Lee 
Pervere David N., boards 27 Lee 
Pervere, see Pevear 
Pesett Charles E., sewing machine agent, 

h. 107 Elm 
Pesong Andrew J., waiter, b. 445£ Main 
Pesong Zeda, waiter, b. 445£ Main 




Peters Charles J., stereotyper (73 Federal, 

B.), house 110 Austin 
Peters Charles J. jr., stereotyper (4 Pearl, 

B), house 12 Fayette 
Peters George E., stereotyper (73 Federal, 

B.), house 107 Austin 
Peters Henry P., clerk (P. O., B.), house 

132 Prospeet 
Peters Samuel S., clerk, (34 F. H. sq., B.), 

house 38 Pine 
Peters William, tinsmith, 502 Main, house 

86 Allston 
Petersen Carl, laborer, 22 School, house 6 

Foster's blk.. Baldwin place 
Petersen John, tailor, house 3 Foster's 

block, 87 Main 
Petersen Lewis, varnisher, boards 71 

Petersen A., cabinet maker, 44 Cambridge 
Petersen Thorvald N., architect 602 Main, 

house at Boston 
Peterson Andrew, cabinet maker, Wood- 
bury, bldg., Otis, h. 203 Cambridge 
Peterson Carl S., clerk 8£ Mt. Auburn, 

rooms 10 do. 
Peterson Edmund, proof reader Riverside 

Press, boards 15 Magazine 
Peterson Gustavus A., boards 2 Rogers' 

block, Washington 
Peterson Hans, cabinet maker, 23 Brattle, 

house 157 Green 
Peterson John, cigar maker, h. r. 6 Cherry 
Peterson John F., house 136 Harvard 
Peterson John P., carriage body maker, 

house 1 Webster avenue 
Peterson Lewis, clerk, 502 Main, boards 

70 Franklin 
Peterson Thomas A., case maker Ivers & 

Pond Piano Co., house 40 Clark 
Pettengill Joel C, Watchman Riverside 

Press, house 8 Hamilton 
Pettengill Joseph R., house 886 Main 
Pettes Hartwell S., printer, Main, house 17 

Pettingill & Pear (Isaac S. Pear), Spring 

bed mnfrs., Rhoades bldg., State, sales- 
room (35 Brattle, B.) 
Pevear Warren E., ins, agent (31 Milk, 

room 4, B.), house 5 Pleasant place 
Pevear, see Pervere 

Peverelly George A., house 3 Amory place 
Peverelly Rebecca, widow of Anthony, h. 

3 Amory place 

PEVEY GILBERT A. A., lawyer, 
notary public and justice of peace, 555 

Main, and (27 Tremont Row, B.), h. 

32 Cottage 
Pfaeffle Wm., machinist, rms. 43 Market 
Pfaff George, cracker pedler, rooms 16 

Pfleger Gotlieb, laborer, bds. 12£ Winter 
Phalon Hannah, widow of Michael, house 1 

Symonds block, De Wolf 

Phalen William, case maker, 162 Broadway, 

house 72 Washington 
Phelan Annie Miss, dressmaker, house 198 

Phelan Daniel, hostler Cambridge R. R. 
Phelan Edmund M., cooper (Hoosac Tun- 
nel Elevator Dock Co., Charlestown). 

house 110 Magazine 
Phelan Edmund T., foreman bindery, 105 

Magazine, house 76 Chestnut 
Phelan Ellen Miss, dressmaker, house 198 

Phelan George, mason, house 123 Elm 
Phelan James, coachman, 263 Harvard, b. 

Cambridge, corner Baldwin 
Phelan James, lithographer, h. 25 Banks 
Phelan Jeremiah J., switchman F. R. R., 

boards 40 Bolton 
Phelan Patrick, furniture, stoves, etc., 383 

Main, house do. 
Phelan Richard, laborer, h. 18 Willow 
Phelan Richard, lumper 162 Broadway, h. 

137 Elm 
Phelan Thomas J., stone cutter, house 

140 Dublin 
Phelan Timothy A., house 30 Mt. Auburn 
Phelan W., case maker, 162 Broadway, h. 

72 Washington 
Phelan William, gardener, Jas. R. Lowell, 

h. Mt. Auburn, cor. Elmwood av. 
Phelan Wm., laborer, house 40 Bolton 
Phelan Wm. T. jr., glazier, 10 Arrow, bds. 

Mt. Aaburn, cor. Elmwood avenue 
Phelps Albert S., at University Press, 

house 22 Lowell 
Phelps Ella G. Miss, rooms 12 Farwell pi. 
Phelps S. Decatur, conductor Cambridge 

R. R. Co., house 85 Putnam avenue 
Phelps Wm. H., electrographist University 

Press, house 81 Green 

Phelps , house 8 Walden 

Philbrick Edward, driver Cambridge R. R. 

boards 108 Cambridge [Hotel 

Philbrick G. G., carpenter, boards Porter's 
Philbrick Hattie N. G., action maker, 162 

Broadway, house 4 Rogers' block, Main 
Philbrick Louisa D., widow of Ira R., house 

4 Rogers' block, Main 
Phillips Benjamin H., piano maker, house 

77 Washington 
Phillips Bernard C, clerk, 394 Cambridge, 

house at Somervill? [ington 

Phillips Charles, painter, house 109 Wash- 
Phillips Charles A., bds. 6 Andrew 
Phillips Charles A., bar tender, 2 Winter, 

boards 7 do. 
Phillips Charles W., station agent, Cam- 
bridge R, R. Co. (Bowdoin sq., Bos- 
ton), house 8 State 
Phillips Clarissa, widow of Thomas, house 

7.'!.") Cambridge 
Phillips David, laborer, house 8 Antrim 
Phillips Edward S., furrier, 593£ Main, 

boards Prospect House 


H. "Wm. Tupper 







Philips Edwin W., boards 18 Green 
Phillips Elizabeth M., widow of Timothy, 

house 5 Ericsson court 
Phillips Ellen, widow of Charles, house 

7 Winter 
Phillips E. Burt, shoe mnfr., 37 and 39 

Clark, and (153 Summer, B.), house 

41 Inman 
Phillips Frederick A., clerk, 588 Main, bds. 

11 State 
Phillips Harriet C, widow of Ivers C, h. 

19 Orchard 
Phillips James, printer, house 26 Union 
Phillips James H., plasterer, 548 Main, b. 

59 Franklin 
Phillips Jennie Miss, milliner, 468 Cam- 
bridge, boards do. 
Phillips Joseph S. , cigar mkr. , h. 59 Pleasant 
Phillips Richard, keeper (Court House, 

B.), bds. 5 Ericsson ct. 
Phillips Thomas, boards 5 Ericsson ct. 
Phillips Thomas E., trunk maker, rear 382 

Main, house 6 Andrew 
Phillpot A., printer University Press, h. 

4 Charles River 
Phinney Alice C. Miss, teacher Webster 

grammar school, boards 7 Prince 
Phinney Asa H., house 240 Braodway 
Phinney Charles, helper, 72 Main 
Phinney Edward H., roller in Cambridge 

rolling mill, boards 64 Hampshire 
Phinney Elizabeth, widow of James E., h. 

148 Green 
Phinney Everett A., salesman (97 North, 

B.), house 240 Broadway 
Phinney Hubbard, laborer, b. 64 Hampshire 
Phinney Hugh M., stoves, etc., 244 Broad- 
way, house 240 do. 
Phinney Malford E., in Cambridge rolling 

mill, house 53 Clark 
Phipps George A., confectioner, 75 Cam- 
bridge, honse at Charlestown [Holly 
Phipps Joseph P., clerk, h. Hotel Holly, 
Phipps William R., salesman (134 Sum- 
mer, B.), house Foxcroft 
Pichette Charles E., sewing machine agt., 

1 Columbia, house rear 84 Elm 
Pickard Elbridge, machinist, b. 30 Russell 
Pickard Joseph, laborer, house 5 Rogers' 

block, Washington 
Picker Chas. C, glass cutter, N. E. glass 

works, North 
Pickering Edward Charles, Phillips Prof. 

of Astronomy, Porf. of Geodesy, and 

Director of the Observatory, Garden, 

house do. 
Pickering Frank A., bds. 110 Prospect 
Pickering Frederick A., clerk (S9 F. H. 

market, B.), boards 110 Prospect 
Pickering Mark, house 110 Prospect 
Pickering McLaurin F., ship broker, (8 

Exchange place B.), h. 71 Magazine 
Pickering McLaurin J., (8 Exchange place, 

B.), bds. 71 Magazine 

Pickering Sarah W. Mrs., milliner, 110 
Prospect, house do. 

Pickett George F., stone pointer (35 Haw- 
ley, B.), bds. 21 Western avenue 

Pickett Isabella, widow of Abiel H., house 
2 Buck's block 

Pickett Joseph J., stone pointer (35 Hawley, 
B.), house 21 Western av. 

Pickett Mary E. Miss, bds. 21 Shepard 

Pickett Nancy, widow of Samuel, h. 21 

Pickett Orrin, carpenter, bds. 14 Rockwell 

Pickett N. Ella Miss, boards 21 Shepard 

Pidgeon George H., bricklayer, b. 9 Salem 

Pierce Albert H., clerk (169 Washington, 
B.), house 26 Worcester 

Pierce Alex. McLeod, printer Riverside 
Press, house 105 Putnam av. 

Pierce Benj. J., teamster, 180 Main, h. do. 

Pierce Charles E., tin and sheet iron work- 
er and supt. can dept., 502 Main, h. 
67 Inman 

Pierce Clara W., widow of Andrew, house 
Mt. Auburn, above McDonald 

Pierce Edwin J., trav. salesman, house 
38 River 

Pierce Eliza T., w. of Abner, h. 9 Walden 

Pierce Elmer G., bds. 515 Main 

Pierce Eugene W., carpenter, (B.), house 
65 Mt. Auburn 

Pierce Ezekiel P. (11 Exchange, B.), h. 
279 Broadway 

Pierce Francis E., restaurant, 203 North 
av., house 9 Walden 

Pierce George, carpenter, house 88 Fifth 

Pierce George W., engineer, boards 174 

Pierce Henry A. (Pierce & Buttrick), fish 
dealer, bds. Cogswell pi. 

Pierce Jas. P., carpenter, h. 65 Mt. Auburn 

Pierce James W., treas. (126 Milk, B.), 
house 235 Harvard 

Pierce Joseph S., h. 2 Riverside place 

Pierce Josephine L. Mrs., millinery (Wash- 
ington, near Avon, B,), h. 281 Pearl 

Pierce J. A., boards 105 Putnam av. 

Pierce J. P. Mrs., dressmaker, house 65 
Mount Auburn 

Pierce Lillian E., wid. of Geo. b. 686 Main 

Pierce Mary E., widow of Austin, house 
22 Cogswell avenue 

Pierce Robert T. B., express driver, house 
1 Walker's court 

Pierce R., cabinet maker, 54 Bridge 

Pierce Sarah E., widow of James W., h. 
94 Norfolk 

Pierce Thomas F., laborer, h. 42 Fairmont 

Pierce Wm., laborer Cambridge laundry, 
house 25 Decatur [do. 

Pierce Wm. C, clerk 85 Mt. Auburn, b. 65 

Pierce William D., leader Pierce's Quad- 
rille band, h. 25 Park 


Lots Bought, Sold, and Cared for. *■ VBiVAJlllN Cfc WWll j 

8-0 Main and 

89 Sparks 8U. 



Pierce & Buttrick, (Henry A. Pierce & 
Charles E. Buttrick), fish, etc., 115 
North avenue 

Pierce, see Peirce 

Pierpont William, furniture finisher, 602 
Main, house 40 School 

Pieterse John J., music teacher (541 "Wash- 
ington, B.), house Crescent av. 

Pigott Richard, mill hand, 44 Cambridge, 
house at Charlestown 

Pigott William B., compositor, h. 81 Inman 

Pike Annie S. Mrs., dressmaker, 416 Main, 
house do. 

Pike Alfred C, house 416 Main 

Pike Carlos L., supt., Geo. G. Page Box 
Co., 3 Hampshire, bds. 2 Prospect 

Pike Charles, house 20 Front 

Pike Charles L., police station 2, house 4 
Percy place 

Pike Eben W. , clerk Charles River Street 
Railway, 117 Hampshire, b. 13 Green 

Pike Henry E., bookkeeper (B.), boards 
524 Sacremento 

Pike Frederick M., driver ice wagon, bds. 
62 Cherry 

Pike George S., carpenter, h. 62 Cherry 

Pike Henry H., contractor, house 52£ Sac- 

Pike James, livery stable, 565£ Main and 
70 Norfolk, house 7 Norfolk 

PIKE JOEL S., livery stable, 
Church, opp. Palmer, h. 24 Church 
Pike John, night watchman Joel S. Pike, 

Church, h. 22 Farwell place 
Pike John N., watchman, B. & L. R. R., 

house 150 Thorndike 
Pike Joseph A., laborer, b. 22 Farwell pi. 
Pike Joseph S., foreman and shipping 

agent, 169 Gore, house 138 Otis 
Pike Nellie L. Miss, teacher Gore primary 

school, boards 138 Otis 
Pike Summer C, engineer, 332 Main, h. 

418 do. 
Pike Theodore L., inspector of sewers, 

City Hall, house 52 Sacramento 
Pike Walter W., asst. city clerk,, office 

City Hall, bds. 22 Winter 
Pike William F., sawyer, 3 Hampshire, 

boards 119 Winsor 
Pillard Oliver E., supt. Isham Lock Co., 

17 Main, house 127 Norfolk 
Pillekey Gilbert, engineer, house 106 Con- 
cord avenue [ave. 
Pillekey Nasro, laborer, bds. 106 Concord 
Piller Emanuel, cigar maker, h. 14 Decatur 
Pillsbury Samuel, salesman (150 Portland, 

B.), house 207 Harvard 
Pindall Nathaniel, laborer, h. 34 Hastings 
Pingree Carrie Miss, clerk, 216 North ave- 
nue, boards 217 do. 
Pingree Charles A., pattern maker, 356 

Main, h. at Boston [Washington 

Pinkerton James, steam fitter, house 109 
Pinkham Frederic B. C. , carpenter, house 

49 Elm 

Pinkham George G., tinsmith, 552 Main, 

h. 119 Green 
Piper Annie M. Miss, boards 27 Hudson 
Piper Carrie L., proof-reader University 

Press, boards 27 Hudson 
Piper Caroline T., widow of Thomas, house 

27 Hudson 
Piper Geo. F., clergyman, h. 61 Ellery 
Piper George F., lawyer (48 Congress, 

room 23, B.), house 12 Shepard 
Piper Henry A., account adjuster (40 

Water, room 60, B.), house 45 Lang- 
Piper Henry C, clerk, boards 45 Langdon 
Piper Mary E., widow of Wm. T., house 

22 Concord avenue 
Piper Susan Mrs., widow, h. 32 Shepard 
Piper Wm. C, clerk, 9 Brattle, h. 7 Wallace 
Pitkin Emily R. , teacher Allston grammar 

school, boards 16 Prospect 
Pitman John F., coal (Somerville avenue, 

West Somerville), house 19 Beech 
Pitt Hermen6gile, brick maker, house 152 

Pitts Michael, house Vassal lane 
Place Charles, box maker (32 Green, B.), 

house 218 Broadway 
Plancich Peter H. (V. Plancich & Son), 

grocer, 78 Harvard, boards do. 
Plancich Vincent (V. Plancich & Son), 

grocer, 78 Harvard, house do. 
Plancich V. & Son (Vincent and Peter H. 

Plancich), 78 Harvard 
Plandin John, cabinet maker, 44 Cam- 
bridge, house at Charlestown 
Plean Louis, baker, house 38 School 
Plummer Alfred F., piano key maker, 137 

Broadway, house 104 Norfolk 
Plnmmer Bard, house 77 Lake View avenue 
Plummer Carrie H. Mrs., dressmaker, h. 19 

Plummer Frederick W., clerk (26 Sum- 
mer, B.), house 27 Essex 
Plummer Henry, egg dealer, bds. 559 Main 
Plummer Horatio N. , house 254 North av. 
Plummer John W., watchmaker, (Wal- 

tham), boards 64 Dana 
Plummer Rufus B., carpenter, house 41 

Baldwin [Winsor 

Plummer Wm. E., bookbinder, boards 42 
Plummer William H., house 95 Green 
Plummer William H. P. , carpenter, house 

42 Winsor 
Plumridge Geo., printer Riverside Press, 

bds. G6 Fairmont 
Plunkett Richard, painter, 356 Main, house 

at Charlestown 
Poehlman Andrew, laborer, house rear 426 

Cambridge [coin 

Poehlmann Geo., cabinetmaker, h. 8 Lin- 
Pohlman Z., cabinet maker, 44 Cambridge 
Poindexter A., hostler, Cambridge. R. R- 
Poindexter John T. , waiter Memorial Hall, 

house 11 Elmer 


Assortment of Bronze Hardware in New England 




Poirier Philias, brick maker, house foot of 

Poland Edward W., foreman J. S. Pike, 

Church, rooms 46 Winthrop 
Police Court, City building, Brattle square 
Polk Daniel B., laborer, h. 254 Franklin 
Pollard Edwerd, glass etcher N. E. Glass 

Works, house 22 Sixth 
Pollard Frederic W. Rev., boards 1 Pine 
Pollard George, carpenter, h. 44 Norfolk 
Pollard Geo, Mrs., milliner, h. 44 Norfolk 
Pollard John S.. house 9 Bigelow 
Polley John, teamster, house 35 Somerset 
Pollock William, laborer, b. 21 McCabe 
Ponce John H., lawyer, 89 Cambridge and 

(198 Washington, B.), boards Hotel 

Pond Alexander G., hairdresser, 4 Pearl, h. 

54 Franklin 
Pond Fred A., apothecary, 152 Harvard, b. 

276 Broadway 
Pond Fred E., hairdresser, 4 Pearl, boards 

54 Franklin 
Pond J. M., sewing machine agent, 647 

Main, boards Essex 
Pondexter Foote, lab., h. 63 Washington 
Pool Isaac K., grocer, 3 Rogers' block, 

Main, house Hotel School 
Poole Calvin, mason, boarding-house, 

house 9 Norfolk 
Poole Fred L., travelling salesman, 503 

Main, house 125 Austin 
Poole George S., machinist, h. 179 Main 
Poole Melville L., machinist, b. 179 Main 
Poor Chas. H., teamster (33 Castle, B.), 

house 43 Cedar 
Poor Edward R., sailmaker (B.), house 1 

Sacramento place 
Poor Edward R. jr., sailmaker (B.), bds., 

1 Sacramento place 
Poor John, machinist (Utica, B.), boards 

1 Sacramento place [ramento pi. 

Poor Robert, sailmaker (B.), boards 1 Sac. 
Poor William A., celluloid layer, house 

225 Broadway 
Pope Charles, organ maker, h. 15 Tufts 
Pope Charles G. (Hammond & Pope), law- 
yer, 623 Main, and (27 Tremont row, 

row, B.), h. at E. Somerville 
Pope Eugene A., bookkeeper (9 Tremont, 

B.), house 21 Clinton 
Pope Frank G., stencil maker (8 Dock sq., 

B.), house 98 River 

POPE FREDERIC, architect and 
builder (209 Washington, rooms 35 

and 36, B.), bds. 136 Austin 
Pope John, stencils (8 Dock sq., B.), h. 

45 Cottage 
Pope Samuel (8 Dock sq.,B.), h. 136 Austin 
Pope Samuel M., student, bds. 19 Erie 
Pope Walter H., salesman (130 Federal, 

B.), h. at Boston Highlands 
Pope William, hairdresser l£ Brattle, bds. 

12 Dunster 

Popkin Mary R. Miss, house 25 North av. 
Poratt Albert, safemaker, 17 Main 
Porcellian Club, 444 Harvard 
Porter Benjamin F., stair builder, 74 Boyl- 

ston, h. 7 Mt. Auburn 
Porter David F., travelling salesman, 128 

Winsor, house 89 Tremont 
Porter David S., hulled corn, 400 Main, 

house 400 do. 
Porter Edward O., boards 35 Essex 
Porter Frank, safemaker, 17 Main 
Porter Franklin, furniture mover (Charles, 

cor. Mt, Vernon, B.), b. 52 River 
Porter George W., clerk, 114 Cambridge, 

boaads 95 Spring 
Porter Hamilton, machinist, h. 136 Harvard 
Porter Harry G., clerk (19 Central, B.), 

house 50 Buckingham 
Porter Horace L., clerk, 5 Broadway, h. 

153 Brookline 
Porter James W., clerk, Inman square 

Hotel, boards do. 

PORTER EINIV B., editor and 
proprietor Cambridge Chronicle, 573 

Main, house 42 Pearl 
Porter Nellie Mrs., house 42 Cogswell av. 
Porter Patrick H., machinist (B.), house 9 

Fifth [h. 68 Prospect 

Porter Perez G., salesman (32 Broad, B.), 
Porter Roland R., packer, 162 Broadway, 

way, house 63 School 
Porter William, furniture mover (Charles, 

cor. Mt. Vernon, B.), h. 52 River 
Porter Wm. H., salesman, h. 45 Erie 
Porter Wm. N., glass-cutter N. E. Glass 

Co., house 95 Spring 
Porter Wm. R. house 28 North av. 
Porter's Hotel, Davis Locke, manager, 

185 North avenue 
Pestawka Louis (L. Postawka & Co.), 

piano taboret mnfr., Rhoades' build- 
ing, State 
Postawka L. & Co. (L. Postawka), piano 

taboret mnfrs., Rhoades' bldg., State 
Potter A. B., furniture, etc., 193 North av., 

house at West Newton 
Potter Addie J. Mrs., h. 17 Lawrence 
Potter Frank S., slater, h. 124 Green 
Potter Henry Mrs. , house 1 Potter park 
Potter Henry M., tailor (B.), house 240 

Potter Thos., carpenter, h. Walker's court 
Potter Thomas, foreman (107 Milk, B.), 

house 9 Fairmont avenue 
Potter Warren C, furniture mover, 13 

Harvard row, house at Brighton 
Potter, William, painter, h. r. 65 Western 

avenue [97 River 

Potts James H., justice of the peace, house 
Pousland William F., engineer 169 Gore, 

house 119 Otis 
Powell Charles, paper-hanger, 512 Main, 

house do. 
Powell Thomas, laborer, h. 22 Harvard 




Powell Walter E., prihter, 10 Dunster,